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Watch Who You Give Sympathy To

By Sharon Brisco

While I was in prayer God began to show me a clear view of where I was along my destiny path.
I was residing in the land of Ziklag, which means that I was faced with one troubling situation
after another. God had just broken a long-term relationship off of my life. It reminded me of
the story of David when his wives were taken from him and he was about to pursue the
Amalekites when his soldier gave out. God told me that this was the place that I was in and all
you have to do is to keep running.

My heart started to get heavy, because I knew that I
was fighting in a battle, but I didnt know the name of
my enemies. God told me that I was fighting the
Amalekites. You must understand that when God
reveals names to you he is telling you the purpose. So if
God ever tells you the purpose of a thing it means that
you have passed the test. Purpose is only revealed at
the end of a test.

So my next question was who are the Amalekites? Then
God began to share with me that the Amalekites is the spirit that fights against the anointing. It
is the Spirit of a lion. See before David could be king he had to fight with the lion again. From
the time when David was in the field until he was king he had three lion fights: The first lion
fight was in the field when the Lion came after his sheep, The next lion fight was when the
Amalekite took his wives, and the last fight was when the Amalekite came and told him that
Saul was dead. What would have happened if David would have showed sympathy to the
Amalekite who came with the crown? It meant that David would have never been the king.
Why is that, because he gave sympathy to an enemy?

The spirit of an Amalekite they seek to steal the anointing in your life. It happens in two phases:
the first phase they steal the anointing, when you show sympathy to them. The next phase the
want the crown they want your kingship. Notice that it was the Amalekite that stole Saul crown
and bracelet, and then he brought it to David. He wanted David to have sympathy on him.
David told his soldier to kill him, because he has touched the Lords anointing.

Then the Lord showed me that there is a reason why you have to watch sympathy, because
when you show sympathy it means that you respect that person. When you show respect it
means that you see the anointing, so if you respect a curse thing you will become a curse thing
like it. Here is how you know you have lost the anointing in your life you will become at war
with the anointed one which is Jesus, When can you show sympathy only where you see the
anointing is present in someone life.
Be blessed God loves you.
Scriptures to Study
1 Samuel 28:17-1
1Samuel 30:1-3
1 Samuel 31:4
1 Samuel 30:18
2 Samuel 1-11