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Behavioral science

Assignment 'A'
Case Study

Ques-1 Analyze the case with regards to your knowledge of emotional intelligence?
Ans- Emotional intelligence refers to emotional awareness and emotional management
skills which provide the ability to balance emotion and reason so as to maximize long
term happiness.
Emotional intelligence includes components like self awareness, ability to
manage moods, motivation, empathy and social such as cooperation and leadership.

Importance of emotional intelligence

• General happiness:- emotional intelligence leads to general happiness. This
prevents the feature of a person’s feelings with high and low EQ. high EQ
generates positive feelings and low EQ generates negative feelings which results
in to general unhappiness.
In the case study, there is a low emotional intelligence (EQ) from the
side of senior executive.

• Rationality in behavior:- rationality is defined as the capacity for objective action

it Is usually characterized by behavioral nexus between ends and means. Thus, if
appropriate means have been chosen to reach desired ends, the behaviour is
In the case study, general manager perceives the situation in a wrong
manner which may enhances conflict among canteen supervisor and general manager.

• Fulfilling social objectives:- while living in a society, a person takes something

from it and give something to it.
In the case study, general manager behaves very rood with the canteen
supervisor among others. He may not fulfill his social obligations in this case.

Ques-2 What according to you should have been the Sr. executives action?
Ans- according to me, senior executive action in this situation is to be:-
1. He must control his Emotion: It is necessary that he should control those
emotions which are dysfunctional like anger, fear, sadness, etc . These emotions
may be channelised to positive ones by continuous practices. One of the better
way to overcome these feeling is to refrain from taking any action when an
individual is in grip of such emotions.
2. Empathy: Empathy is the act of "pulling one’s leg in another shoes," i.e.
understanding the feelings & emotion of others without getting carried away by
one’s own operational emotions. Empathy helps in understanding any situation in
a better way.
3. Resolving the conflict : senior executives must try to put efforts to resolve the
conflicts emerges behind him and supervisor.
4. Coping with anger : Anger is one of the most common negative emotions.
Everyone gets angry at some point of time. Anger is major departure from
normal behavior caused by situational variables. Anger is dysfunctional.
Therefore, there is need for overcoming anger.
5. He talk to supervisor about cockroach in his rasam privately where no one hears
their conversation and supervisor not feel ashamed in front of others.

Assignment 'B'
Case Study

Q.1 What in your opinion was ravi khanna’s main problem? What other problems did he
have? What was his coping style?
Ans. Ravi khanna is a 36 year old man who work as a senior executive in a foreign bank
at Bombay. The main problem which he recently facing was that the subordinates
working under him are not performing as much as he expects from them which cause a
huge disappointment to him.

Some other problems ravi have are :-

1. There Is a lot of burden of unfinished work.
2. Year end was coming closer and he has to finalise the annual accounts and
balance sheet plus his usual routine work.
3. there are lot pending papers and files.

Ravi coping style

He cope with situation by:-
• managing his time in a proper manner
• physical exercise
• relaxation

Q.2 how could he cope with his personal and professional life to be more effective?
1. he separate both the life:-
2. give proper time to his both life:-
3. he always ensures that conflict in one life doen’t interrupt the flow of other life.
Industrial relations and labour law

Q.1 What are the issues involved and what lessons can be learnt from this incident?
A.1 PCL was a marketing organization dealing in communication equipment. It had a
large customer base in both govt. as well as private sector.

Issues involved in the case study

• kirpal, an office assistant of hr deptt. came late in the office
• he signed the register without taking permission to any senior executive.
• Madhu ,hr manager, unaware about why kirpal came late in the office starts
shouting on him.
• She ignore his reply about why he is coming late in the office she starts
whispering on him and say firs of all yor are coming late and sign on the without
permission and now you are telling lie that you get late because you had some
work which was given to you by general manager.
• At the last when they both go in the GM room madhu got to know that mr. kirpal
was not lie. He Is really go for the work given by him by GM. Madhu apologies
for his confusion.


1. enhances conflict
2. mental stress is to be increased
3. frustration emerges for front person
4. negative appeal against company

Ans. to control these kind of situation it is