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Application- Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 5 Taskforce:

As the ofcial voice of the UC students, UCSA appoints students to sit on UC system-wide committees and special
committees. These committees deal with critical policy issues that afect every student in the UC system (e..
admissions policy, !udet prioriti"ation and technoloy investments#. $t is vital that UC students have stron
representatives on these committees. System-wide Committee %epresentatives are e&pected to serve one-year terms.
At the time of application, a candidate must !e an underraduate, raduate, or professional student in ood academic
and disciplinary standin enrolled at one of the University's ten campuses and remain in ood standin throuhout
their appointment as a representative.
Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 5 Taskforce:
SCA + proposes a constitutional amendment !e placed !efore the CA voters that deletes provisions implemented
throuh the enactment of ,roposition -./ that prohi!it the State from rantin preferential treatment to individuals or
roups on the !asis of race, se&, color, ethnicity, or national oriin, in the operation of pu!lic education.
Currently, SCA + does not have the two-thirds vote needed in the Assem!ly to et on the !allot. Assem!ly Spea)er
0ohn ,1re" has sent the !ill !ac) to the Senate for rewor)in and toether, with Senate ,resident ,ro-Tem 2arrell
Stein!er, are callin for a tas) force that will loo) at ways to e&pand access to a pu!lic university system that has
underone ma3or !udet cuts and how to update the lanuae of SCA + to address all the concerns around the return
of afrmative action.
4&perience in university admissions preferred. The tas)force will !e wor)in throuh the ne&t election cycle, the
Student %epresentative must !e enrolled at a UC for the -.56-5+ school year.
Please submit your application with the le name: !"our #ull $ame-SCA taskforce% and a copy of your
latest resume with the le name: !"our #ull $ame-&esume%
9ear in school*
Student Status (underraduate, raduate, or professional student#*
:rani"ation Afliation(s#*
,lease answer the followin ;uestions*
5. <hy do you want to !e a student representative on the SCA + tas)force=
-. <hat ma)es you the most ;uali>ed candidate=
?. ,lease ela!orate on any e&perience you have (if any# with University admissions and@or afrmative action.
'(A')*$( #+& APP)*CAT*+$S: &ollin,- applications will be considered as they are recei.ed
Send completed application(s) and a current resume to:
8arcy Straw
UCSA 4&ecutive 2irector