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Trends Impacting Business

and Education
Lets Talk
Ground Rules
About Me
A Brief History
Current Trends
The Near Future
My Brain My Thoughts
Physical World View
Human Brains and Behavior
Education System Experiences
Education Deliverables
Physical World
Human Behavior
Left vs. Right
From the Gut
Gut instinct is pattern
recognition based on past
-Jack Welch, CEO
Instinct is the gift of
experience. The first question
you have to ask yourself is, 'On
what basis am I making a
judgment?' ... If you have no
experience, then your instincts
aren't any good.
- Malcom Gladwell
The Social Brain
"how exquisitely sensitive our minds
are to the goings-on of the minds
around us by suggesting that our
brains spontaneously mirror the
patternof activity of other brainsin
our vicinity.
-Jason P. Mitchell
Newer Thought
What I See as School Deliverables
Then vs. Now
Personal Computer
Then Now
Internet Access
Then Now
Portable Music
Then Now
Watching Video
Then Now
Gaming Systems
Then Now
Mobile Phone
Then Now
Then vs. Now
Digital Native Digital Immigrants
Journeys open humankind to accelerating
information, knowledge, progress
Map of the Ancient Silk Road
The Silk Road Journey
YEARS via Walking
Marco Polos Journeys
Traveled Silk Road routes
between 1260 to 1269 and 1271
to 1295
Veniceto Beijingon land is
approximately 10000 km
Few traveled the entire way
The Silk Road Journey
MONTHSvia the Sea
Mediterranean Sea,
Red Sea and Indian
About 9000 nautical
miles one way
Portuguese reached
the East by sea via
Atlantic in 1498
The Silk Road Journey
WEEKSvia the Mechanical
Railroad tracks not
completed until 1900
Truck and automobile
still predominant for
The Silk Road Journey
DAYvia Aircraft
First China Clipper
flights in 1935
Daily Flights between
Italy and Beijing today
12 to 14 hour flight time
The NEW Silk Road
HOURS via Wired
First telegraph line across
theEnglish Channel in 1850
First 36 channel transatlantic
cable in 1955
Now 1.263 billion phones
Approx 18 per 100 inhabitants
The NEW Silk Road
MINUTESvia Wireless
Terrestrial wireless
requires microwave
towers every 25 miles
Satellite relay 0.25 of a
second to reach and
return from the satellite
Carries only 1 percent of
international traffic due to
limited bandwidth
The NEW Silk Road
SECONDSvia Fiber Optics
Internet Protocol
100 km between repeaters
First transatlantic cable
installed in 1988
Submarine cables carry
terabits per second vs.
megabytes per second via
The NEW Silk Road
UBIQUITOUSvia Wireless Devices
4.3 billion mobile subscriptions
57 phones per 100 inhabitants globally
Approaching 5 billion by the end of
Outpacing all other forms of
4G and WiMax
Comparison chart of subscriber types per 100 inhabitants
Communication Innovation
Between wirelessdevice penetration, transcontinental fiber
optic cable, IPconnectivity, and cloud services
Two people can talk any time, anywhere, on demand
Drasticallyreduced time and cost of messaging
Human interaction increases geometrically
World Wide Webof Networksand Interconnections
Anyone can now learn anythingfrom anyoneat anytime
Rockford Lisbon Connection
Internet Diagram based on the January 15, 2005 data
My Social Graph
The Ultimate Network of Networks
How is Technology Easier?
Social-based learning
Un-tethered learning
Digitally-rich learning
Students Speak Up about their Vision
When Asked, Students
want to use their own cell phones, smart phones, or mp3
would like to use their ownlaptops or netbooks;
said unlimited internet access throughout schools is
reported that social networking access is desirable; and
said they would like tools to help them communicate with
Hole in the Wall Project
Science fiction does not
remain fiction for long. And
certainly not on the
Vinton Cerf
The Internet is just a
world passing around
notes in a classroom.
Jon Stewart
What are the Current Trends?
Everything is Digital Everything
All businesses and economies are affected
Social and Collaborative Networks in the Clouds
Students are Social and Collaborative Beings
Rise of Devices
The Internet of Things is coming, get on board
Current Trend:
Everything is Digital Everything
Audio / Video
Encyclopedia / Books
Even DNA Sequences
Audio, Video, Books, Conversation
What is the use of a book,
thought Alice, without pictures
or conversations?
Lewis Carroll
TED Talks
Encyclopedia Britannica > Encarta > Wikipedia
Project Gutenberg
Google Books
Synthetic Life Computer generated DNA
Current Trend:
Networking and Collaboration In the Clouds
Cloud Computing
Social Networks
Crowdsourcing Education
The Internet is the Cloud
"The Internet is the first thing that
humanity has built that humanity doesn't
understand, the largest experiment in
anarchy that we have ever had.
Eric Schmidt, CEO
The Net treats censorship as a defect and
routes around it.
John Gilmore, Activist
Internet of Things - Kevin Kelly
Social Media Landscape
Google CloudCourse
MIT Open Courseware Initiative
Open Source Curriculum
Scitable: Democratizing Science
Current Trend:
Rise of Mobile Devices
Progression of Devices
Devices in Classrooms
Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
Devices in the workplace
Paperless Society?
"If civilization has risen from
the Stone Age, it can rise
again from the Wastepaper
Jacques Barzun
Progression of Computing Devices
WolframAlpha on iPad
Sky Map on Android
iTunes University on iPod
Textbooks on Kindle
Google on SMS (466453)
define dna sequence 1 us pint in liters web hubble telescope
Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
What students want most from ed tech
its all about mobile, mobile, mobile with todays
Theyre interested in using the computerstheyre
carrying around in their pocketsthe smart phones
for learning
Students are interested in replacing their traditional
textbookswith a truly interactive learning experience
Devices in the Workplace
Mobile Devices in Your School?
The Near Future
Shift Happens
Are The Students Ready?
Factory Workers vs. Artists
Borderless Classrooms
Teachers or Facilitators?
Wireless Internet
Year of the Smartphone
Netbooks and Tablets and Pad, Oh My
2010 Horizon Report
Technologyis increasingly a means for
empowering students, a method for
communication and socializing, and a
ubiquitous, transparent part of their
Technology continues to profoundly
affect the way we work, collaborate,
communicate, and succeed.
The perceived valueof innovationand
creativityis increasing.
There is increasing interest in just-in-
time, alternate, or non- formal avenues
of education, such as online learning,
mentoring, and independent study.
The way we think of learning
environments is changing.
Are Students Prepared? Not Really
This time the shift is from an
Industrial Age to an Information and
Knowledge Age where information,
knowledge, expertise, and innovation
are increasingly the main engines of
our economy.
Our education system, well-tuned for
the Industrial Age, now needs to sync
with the demands of our times and
focus on building the 21st century
knowledge, skills, and expertise we
need for success.
Would You Hire Your Own Kids?
7 Skills Schools Should be Teaching
Critical Thinking and Problem-solving
CollaborationAcross Networks and
Leading By Influence
Agilityand Adaptability
Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
Effective Oral and Written
Accessingand Analyzing Information
Curiosity and Imagination
Wanted: Question Asking Skills
First and foremost I look for
someone who asks good
questionsI want people that can
engage in good discussion. Who
can look me in the eye and have a
give and take.
- Clay Parker, CEO
Its not how much youretain but
how much they can explore. Its
how you ask the next question. I
can look up anything but I cant
take it to the next level w/o
pushing and exploring
Christy Pedra, CEO
And so generations of students turned
into generations of cogs, factory
workersin search of a sinecure. We
were brainwashedinto fitting in, and
then discoveredthat the economy
wantedpeople who stood out instead
Our culture needed compliant
workers, people who would contribute
without complaint, and we set out to
create as many of them as we could.
-Seth Godin, Author
Are You Lizard Brain? Or a Linchpin?
Most of us were brainwashedinto
believing that the safe thing to do is
listento the lizard, keepour heads
down and fit in. Nonsense!
That might have been true when there
were saber tooth tigers, but not now.
In fact, now the way we succeedand
thriveand reach our goals is to do
precisely the oppositeof what the
Is this your Classroom?
Or This? Classrooms in Second Life
Ready for the Future?
"The future is already hereit's just
not very evenly distributed.
-William Gibson, Author
Its In Our DNA to be Social
Historical Acceleration of Change
Patterns are a Key to Success
Devices are Just Tools For Social Communication
Its Not What You Know What Can You Do?
Everything isDigital andAlways available
On Demand byEveryone who are
Inter-Connected viaThe Cloud which is Everywhere.
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