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ScaleIt 1.

Thank you for trying ScaleIt. ScaleIt is an application that allows you to conve
rt between diffent scales.
You can also calculate photocopier enlargment and reduction values.
ScaleIt is meant for the scale model hobbyist but will be of value to architects
, draftsmen, crafters, and anyone
who wants to figure out what photocopier setting they need.
ScaleIt is released as fully functional shareware because I believe that users w
ant to try the entire application
before they register.
ScaleIt is a scale values converter. It is meant primarily for scale model
but will be of use to architects, draftsmen, crafters, and anyone else who needs
to convert
between various scales. It can also be used to arrive at the correct photocopier
The first screen is the welcome. From here you can access registration informati
on or start the application.
On the scales page you will find the heart of ScaleIt. Here you can enter your I
nput Scale.
This is the scale you are starting with for example 1/48. Next enter the Measure
d Value ie: 1.25.
You will notice that there are no units of measure in ScaleIt. This is so the us
er can work in either
imperial or metric units without having to convert.Once you have your Input Scale
and Measured Value entered,
you can specify your Ouput Scale. This is the scale you want your project to be
in. Press the Calc button and
you will get the correct measurement.You will also see what the Copier Setting i
s for enlarging or reducing your
plans or diagrams in order to arrive a the proper size.
The second half of the ScaleIt programme will help you determine what photocopie
r setting you need in
order to make enlargements or reductions. How many times have you played with t
he photocopier
settings trying to get a properly sized copy? Well no more. All you need here is
to enter the size of the
original, enter the size that you want, and press the Calc button.
Pressing the I button on either of the first two screens will take you to the ti
ps screen.
Here you will find information on making photocopier reductions below 50%.Most, i
f not all copiers
will not reduce below 50%, so you have to do a little math to get what you want.
Take the
copier setting from either of the first two screens, and find its square root. C
onvert the ensuing
decimal value to a percent. For example; you need to make a copy that is a 46% r
1. Take 46% and convert to decimal -- 0.46
2. Find the square root -- 0.46 sqrt = 0.67
3. Convert back to percent -- 0.67 = 67%
4. Make one copy at 67%, then feed that through the copier at 67% and this secon
d copy will now be a 46% reduction.
I hope to implement this as an automatic feature in future editions.
Please take the time to register ScaleIt.
Registration is only $7.00 USD and contributes to the continued development of t
he application.
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Registration Information
Name: _____________________________________
Address: _________________________________
State/Prov: _______________________
Zip/Postal Code: _________________________
email: ______________________________
Send $7.00 USD Money order to:
Michael Cuell
16528-100 Street
Edmonton AB
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