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Subject: Your personalised Financial Plan

This is in reference to our talks in regards to your Financial Planning.
I am sure that you must be now convinced that proper financial planning followed by disciplined way
of investments can alone help you realise your precious goals and dreams in life. In my effort to help
you to do so, I have prepared a detailed Financial Plan for you from the details disclosed by you.
In the said Financial Plan I have considered all your financial goals, as disclosed by you. I have taken
a return on investments of 12% as indicated
I have attached the detailed plan herewith for your consideration. Just to give you a brief summary, you
need to save a monthly amount of Rs. 15,317 or invest a lumpsum amount of Rs. 803,960
Dear Sir, I thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts with you. The Financial
Plan that I propose should help you in achieving your goals and keep you in touch with your goals and
dreams in life. In case you need any help, explanation, please feel free to contact me.
Sir, for the successful implementation of the Financial Plan it has to be reviewed on a very regular basis
Lastly, I wish you and your family a very secure and prosperous life ahead.
Yours' sincerely,

We offer our investors exclusive services like online access/over phone, the latest valuation reports of
all his mutual fund investments, the current asset allocations and Profit and Loss Reports which helps
us and the investors in reviewing their financial plan on an ongoing basis. For free sample of such reports
please feel free to contact me.
Financial Planning for : Date:
Age 40
Client's Address: Phone no.
Child's Name
AGE - yrs Present 12
Higher Edu. 18 Higher Education Marriage
Marriage 0 1,000,000 0
Child's Name Vidur
AGE - yrs Present 0
Higher Edu. 0 Higher Education Marriage
Marriage 0 0 0
Financial Plan
Planning for your Children
Present Cost - Rs. /-
Present Cost - Rs. /-
Planning for Yourself
Your Retirement Planning Present Cost - Rs. /-
Retirement Age Monthly expenses
Expected Rate of Return After retirement
Estimated Rate of Return - New Investments
Inflation Rate - Current
Inflation Rate - Post Retirement
Monthly Lumpsum
0 1,000,000 1,586,874 6 15,317 803960
Vidur 0 0 7 0 0
0 0 0 -12 0 0
Vidur 0 0 0 0 0
Monthly Expenses 0 0 -40 0 0
Retirement Corpus Required 0
1,000,000 1,586,874 15,317 803,960
Monthly Investment
Lumpsum Invetment
Inflation rate assumed at 8%
Returns on investments assumed at 12%
Post Retirement returns assumed at 0%
Life expectancy assumed at 75 years
Higher Education
Financial Plan
Your Goals Current Cost Future Cost Time to save
Investment Required