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Meas Sokchea and Daniel Pye
the crucial ninth
posi t i on of a
reformed National
Election Committee will like-
ly be announced today,
roughly 24 hours after an
opposition party congress
involving members from
across the country took place
in Phnom Penh.
Oppos i t i on s our ces
refrained from revealing the
name of the candidate who is
the subject of ongoing dis-
cussions between the Cam-
bodia National Rescue Party
and the ruling Cambodian
Peoples Party.
But CNRP president Sam
Rainsy said it was likely that
the candidate, who will hold
the balance of power in the
bipartisan election body, will
be announced following a
meeting between the negotiat-
ing teams today.
I think the ninth member
will be made public [today],
he said, adding that it was
not certain that a final deci-
sion would be made at the
Laignee Barron
IN CAMBODIA, the margin-
alisation and under-educa-
tion of women remains
among the worst in the
world, a new report says.
Development organisa-
tions have long recognised
the centrality of women and
girls in the fight to eradicate
poverty. But in practice, the
pace of poverty alleviation
in the region is slacking,
mired in a rut of inequality,
according to the latest Unit-
ed Nations Human Devel-
opment Report.
Despite improvements
in health, and incremental
progress on education and
parliamentary representa-
tion, womens empower-
ment is still lagging,
the reports researchers
The latest Human Devel-
opment Report bumps Cam-
bodia up one ranking place
to 136th out of the 187 coun-
tries rated, but the Kingdoms
development index which
HAMAS continued firing
rockets at Israel yesterday,
despite claiming it had
accepted a UN request for
a 24-hour extension of a
humanitarian truce in war-
torn Gaza.
The Islamist movements
belated acceptance of
diplomatic calls for a tem-
porary ceasefire was
announced several hours
after Israel resumed a dev-
astating military assault on
the enclave after a pause of
more than 24 hours.
Although Hamas said its
militants would halt their
fire from 1100 GMT in
response to a request from
the UN, there was no
response from Israel.
Rockets continued to fall,
with 11 striking Israel in the
two hours after the reported
truce went into effect,
prompting a derisive
response from Prime Min-
ister Benjamin Netanyahu.
They are violating their
own ceasefire, he said.
In a separate interview,
Netanyahu said that Israel
would not allow a ruthless
terror organisation . . . to
decide when its convenient
for them to stop for a
moment, rearm, and con-
tinue firing on our citizens
and our people.
The abortive announce-
ment came shortly after
Israel said it would no long-
er abide by a unilateral
ceasefire while coming
under incessant fire
from Hamas.
Shortly afterwards, Israe-
li troops resumed their
punishing airstrikes and
tank shelling, killing 10
people across the territory,
still lag:
In Gaza,
go up in
A ninth candidate is eyed
Final member of NEC may be named today
A reghter examines the damage caused by a blaze that gutted about 35 homes in the capitals Meanchey district
yesterday. ELI MEIXLER
Meanchey misfortune
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meeting. Party spokesman Yim
Sovann dismissed suggestions
that choosing the ninth mem-
ber would lead to a stalemate
in which both sides proposed
partisan candidates.
I am very sure that an agree-
ment will be reached, he said.
There may be some indication
after the meeting.
Council of Ministers spokes-
man Phay Siphan declined to
comment on the proposals for
a ninth NEC member, while
Prum Sokha, secretary of state
at the Interior Ministry, and
National Assembly spokesman
Chheang Vun, could not be
reached yesterday.
Speaking to thousands of
supporters in the capitals Wat
Botum Park yesterday morn-
ing, CNRP vice president Kem
Sokha said that while Prime
Minister Hun Sen had indicat-
ed a willingness to come to an
agreement over the ninth mem-
ber, the CNRP wouldnt take its
seats in parliament until a nal
decision had been made.
If we cannot nd the ninth
individual for the NEC by agree-
ment together, the CNRP law-
makers-elect will not take their
seats in parliament, he said.
Hun Sen, Sokha added, had
suggested during negotiations
last Tuesday that the two par-
ties were more than capable of
nding consensus.
As todays anniversary of the
disputed July 2013 national
election approached, the op-
position on Tuesday agreed to
end its 10-month-long parlia-
mentary boycott and work to-
gether with the ruling CPP.
Sokha added that coming to
an accord with the CPP would
herald a new phase of pressure
on the authorities.
From now on, the Cambo-
dian Peoples Party cannot do
whatever it wishes, he said.
The opposition used yester-
days congress to gain approval
for a seven-point platform, in-
cluding policy priorities it will
pursue once its elected mem-
bers become lawmakers. Some
of these policies resembled the
CNRPs pre-election promises,
which included higher salaries
for civil servants and the armed
forces, state pensions for the el-
derly and free medical care for
the poor.
Government spokesman
Siphan, however, said the con-
gress was more of a public rela-
tions stunt than an exercise in
democratic freedom.
It is part of their campaign
for popularity, he said. The
government has already been
working on a number of re-
forms, and the CNRP now has
to work through parliament to
achieve what it wants. We work
through the system we dont
try to be popular.
The expected arrival of the
CNRP in the National Assembly
prompted some reshufing of
leadership positions within the
CPP yesterday.
Senior CPP lawmaker Cheam
Yeap said that the assemblys
current deputy president,
Nguon Nhel, who as part of the
deal will relinquish that posi-
tion to the CNRP, will become
second deputy president. The
current second deputy and the
heads of the four commissions
offered to the CNRP will be
bumped back down to regu-
lar members of parliament.
Minister of Information and
sometimes-CPP spokesman
Khieu Kanharith conrmed the
moves yesterday.
At the congress yesterday, the
opposition leaders pledged to
supporters they would seek jus-
tice for the victims of land dis-
putes and take strong measures
to weed out graft at the helm
of a planned anti-corruption
commission in parliament.
Rainsy said the practicalities
of establishing the commission
were yet to be decided.
We cannot say how it will
operate yet We have the
CPP-aligned Anti-Corruption
Unit, but its far from effec-
tive. We will take the initiative
to investigate all ministries, all
departments. I have put a lot of
hope in this project.
The party leader will attend
an extraordinary session of
parliament today to be of-
cially conrmed as an opposi-
tion lawmaker, replacing Kuoy
Bunroeun, who was elected to
a seat in Kampong Cham prov-
ince and is one of four mem-
bers chosen by the CNRP to sit
on the reformed NEC.
The congress also proved an
opportunity for party members
to express their mixed feelings
about joining a parliament
dominated by the CPP follow-
ing more than 10 months of
protest since an election the
opposition believes was rigged.
Kem Vuthy, 53, an activist
from Siem Reap city, said he did
not know if this decision will be
good or not in the long term.
We will need to wait and
see, but I hope the leaders stay
strong and stick to their prin-
ciples. I dont know if there are
deep divisions in the party.
Now more than ever we should
be united.
Other activists said they were
not satised.
We need to wait and see the
result. I am disappointed about
some things [in the agree-
ment], said Eang Vannath, 31,
from Battambang city.
Kuch Vandy, 24, a CNRP ac-
tivist from Phnom Penh, said
the party should have held out
for a better deal.
I think they gave too much
away. We should have waited
longer and gone back to the
street if we must. Now we will
have to wait for years before
the government changes. A lot
can happen before that. ADDI-
Job Announcement
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Cambodia National Rescue Party president Sam Rainsy addresses supporters at a party congress in Wat Botum Park yesterday. HONG MENEA
Wearing hats with the Cambodia National Rescue Party logo, supporters of the opposition listen to speeches
at a party congress yesterday at Wat Botum Park. PHA LINA
Final member of NEC
may be named today
Fire destroys dozens of homes
Pech Sotheary and Eli Meixler

SLUM re in Phnom
Penhs Meanchey
district gutted some
35 homes yesterday,
launching a frantic rescue
effort and ultimately displac-
ing scores of families, ofcials
and aid workers said at the
scene yesterday.
According to Net Vantha,
director of the municipal re
police department, the blaze
burned in Stung Meanchey
commune from around
11:30am until 1:10pm, and
consumed homes mostly con-
structed of wood resting on
concrete foundations. There
were no deaths or injuries.
According to residents in-
formation, it was caused by an
electrical fault, but we cannot
make a conclusion because we
are still investigating, Vantha
said, adding that it took 27 re
trucks, each lling up twice, to
extinguish the re.
Meanchey district governor
Pich Keomony said yesterday
that he had initially heard the
re started in a welding shop,
but added that he too was still
unsure of the actual cause.
Keomony said authorities
are seeking unoccupied land
nearby where the displaced
residents can put up tempo-
rary shelter.
Today I will go down to
meet with them and bring
them some materials, such as
tents and rice. And the district
has also reported it to the Cam-
bodian Red Cross, he said.
Though Vantha put the
number of destroyed homes
at about 35, Rith Theary, a
staffer at Pour Un Sourire
dEnfant the ofces of which
are a stones throw from the
scene of the re said that
the number could be even
higher, given the haphazard
construction of dwellings in
the slum.
Of the houses that were de-
stroyed, Theary said, some 90
per cent belonged to PSE staff
and those to whom they of-
fered vocational training.
Some people are slightly in-
jured, and our organisation is
helping with some clothes and
by letting them stay in the cen-
tre for a while, he said.
One aid worker on the scene
who asked not to be named
said the neighbourhood was
among Phnom Penhs neediest
and most vulnerable.
The attempts to put out
the re were at times chaotic,
with onlookers scrambling to
help reghters by grabbing
their own buckets and collect-
ing runoff from re engines to
douse residual are-ups. Some
young men climbed on roofs
to help reghters stabilise
hoses and spray the scorched
area from above.
One of the victims, Pich
Chenda, half of whose house
was gutted in the re, said she
had no idea about the cause
of the re, and that she would
move in with her brother for
the time being.
According to Vantha, the
re police director, yester-
days blaze was the 49th in
Phnom Penh so far this year.
These res have caused three
deaths and three injuries, as
well as the destruction of sev-
en motorbikes, six cars and
79 houses.
Residents help direct a hose toward smouldering buildings in the capitals Meanchey district yesterday. A re
gutted some 35 homes, and was believed to have started because of an electrical fault. ELI MEIXLER
Workers duped
Five arrested
over border
IVE human trafckers
allegedly masquerad-
ing as representatives
of a recruitment agency were
arrested on Friday for attempt-
ing to smuggle 51 Cambodian
workers to Thailand.
Three of the five people
arrested at OSmach inter-
national border checkpoint
claimed to work for 168
Manpower Supply Company,
said Lam Poly, director of the
Oddar Meanchey anti-human
trafficking police.
The company took $250 to
$300 per person, Poly said,
adding that legal documents
were not procured prior to the
failed border crossing.
But the recruitment agencys
general manager denied the
suspects worked for him.
[We] flatly reject the news.
They are not my staff, so please
investigate more clearly, said
Sothearith, who declined to
give his full name.
Meanwhile, the Bangkok
Post reported yesterday that
Thai authorities rounded up
106 undocumented Cambo-
dian workers across the border
from Banteay Meanchey. They
will be repatriated. PECHSOTHEARY
According to
information, [the
fire] was caused by
an electrical fault
Phak Seangly
A YOUNG mother was the
victim of a gunght between
Kratie police and alleged tim-
ber smugglers in Snuol district
on Friday.
El Ry, a mother of 23, was
sleeping in her home as she
breastfed her 2-month-old
baby when she was seriously
injured by two bullets in the
left shoulder and right arm.
Ry, whose baby was un-
harmed, was taken to hospital
by the police. She is expected
to recover in 10 days, accord-
ing to Keang Hong, provincial
hospital director.
The gunght erupted near
Rys home following a 90-
minute nighttime chase be-
tween police and a van car-
rying nine pieces of timber,
which nally stopped after it
got mired in mud.
The driver escaped the van
and opened re on the police,
Nhan Soyun, Snuol district
deputy police chief, said.
The vans driver and passen-
ger, two men known as Meng
Hong and Mr Mab, were ar-
rested and sent to the provin-
cial military police station.
Horn Hak, the deputy pros-
ecutor who initially spotted
the van, said a Toyota Camry
driven by two army ofcers,
known as Pov and Sy, tried to
block police vehicles during
the chase.
The ofcers own the tim-
ber, Hak said. They hired Mr
Hong to transport timber for
them. We risked our lives to
crack down on this at night. It
is very dangerous for us.
Hak said after the gunre, a
man appeared and told him
that his wife was injured by
the bullets.
We do not know if she was
injured from our bullets or
those of the timber transport-
er, Hak said.
Regardless, we sent the
woman to hospital, and I con-
sider myself responsible for
the injuries.
The provincial authorities
and Hak donated more than
$325 to the woman, along with
some milk.
Meng Hong was charged
with illegally transporting for-
est products and put under
pretrial detention, while Mab
was released because he was
just employed to drive the car,
said Horn Hak and prosecu-
tory chief Ty Sovin Thal.
The army ofcers disap-
peared after the incident and
were charged in absentia with
interfering in ofcials work.
Mother injured in the
crossre of shootout
Live screenings of KR verdict
Stuart White

HE Documentation
Center of Cambodia
will hold live screen-
ings of the August 7
verdict in the rst segment of
the Khmer Rouge tribunals
agship case against the re-
gimes senior-most surviving
leaders, representatives of the
organisation said yesterday.
According to material from
DC-Cam, the events will take
place in 20 locations across 12
provinces and the capital to
ensure the Cambodian public
in rural areas have access to
information and news about
the verdict pronouncement.
The live screenings and fo-
rums will provide ethnic mi-
norities, marginalized people,
former Khmer Rouge soldiers
and cadres, and villagers living
in rural and mountainous ar-
eas with access to information
they would otherwise have no
access to, the DC-Cam an-
nouncement reads.
Ly Sok-Kheang, the DC-Cam
project leader in charge of the
program, said that, in addition
to news of the verdict in the
case against Nuon Chea and
Khieu Samphan, the forums
offered Cambodians a level of
interaction they wouldnt get
from listening to the radio.
Its a way to engage them,
and for them to engage each
other. So they get a better
sense of justice, he said. And
they can express their satisfac-
tion or not. So its a way to cre-
ate a dialogue.
A number of the screen-
ings will be held in areas
that remained Khmer Rouge
strongholds well into the
1990s, and as such, could
help open a discussion be-
tween the victims and the
perpetrators, he added.
Its a way to reconcile our
nation, he said. Only the
most senior leaders of the
Khmer Rouge are going to be
sentenced, but the victims and
the low-level cadres have to
live together.
Em Sokha, governor of the
former Khmer Rouge holdout
of Malai district in Banteay
Meanchey province, said that
about 80 per cent of those in
his district were former Khmer
Rouge and that many of them
have kept abreast of proceed-
ings at the court.
Social researcher Kem Ley
said yesterday that while fos-
tering dialogue at the local
level was a good start, govern-
ment engagement would be
essential for Cambodia to fully
absorb the tribunals lessons.
They should start not just
the debate but also how to
transfer the procedures of the
Khmer Rouge tribunal into
[local courts], he said. Cam-
bodia and the UN need to talk
about mainstreaming this [his-
tory] in the national education
Villagers watch a live screening of the Khmer Rouge tribunal testimony of Kaing Guek Eav, better known as
Duch, at a DC-Cam event in Kandal provinces Khsach Kandal district in 2012. SAVINA SIRIK/DC-CAM
Mom Kunthear and Sean Teehan
THE government is closely ex-
amining the deaths of two gar-
ment workers that occurred
this month, including one who
died on company grounds, of-
cials said yesterday.
Sam Onn, of the Labour Min-
istrys National Social Security
Fund, said it was investigating
the death of Vorn Sitha, 39, on
July 19, and Nov Pas, 35, ve
days later.
Sithas body was found in-
side Kandal provinces New Ar-
chid garment factory, where he
worked. Sitha slept on factory
grounds the night of his death
after working from 7am until
10pm, said co-worker Pum
Noun, 35, who discovered his
body the next morning.
We worked overtime from
4pm until 10pm [after starting
at 7am] every day because we
need the money, Noun said.
Before he died, his health
seemed ne; I never heard him
complain about being sick.
Ofcials from the factory
could not be reached.
On Thursday, management
at the Sangwoo factory in Kam-
pong Speu province sent Pas,
an employee, to the provincial
hospital about 10 kilometres
away after she fainted at about
8am, said HR manager Cheav
Sok Theng.
Medical staff discovered Pas
had a disease that caused her
lungs to ll up with uid. She
died at the hospital at about
5:30 that afternoon.
The government hospital
[doesnt have] enough equip-
ment, not enough medicine,
and not enough skilled doc-
tors, said Sok Theng, adding
that those injured at work are
normally sent to the provincial
hospital because it is the clos-
est one. I really regret when
my workers die like this.
But the condition from
which Pas suffered may not
have been fatal if treated early,
said Dr Kong Bunly, direc-
tor of the technical section at
the Kampong Speu Provincial
In Pass condition, she should
not have been performing ar-
duous tasks for long periods of
time, Bunly added.
Pas had been working in the
factory for about a year. Em-
ployees are required to have
medical tests before being em-
ployed in garment factories.
Separately, about 139 em-
ployees at Sixplus Industry in
Kandal province fainted over
the weekend, the Labour Min-
istry conrmed.
Ofcials looking into
deaths of two workers
Hospital discharges guards
Khouth Sophak Chakrya
and Alice Cuddy

LL of the security
guards who were in-
jured during a violent
protest next to Free-
dom Park earlier this month,
many of whom were said by
the government to be in criti-
cal condition less than two
weeks ago, have now been dis-
charged from hospital.
Daun Penh District Gover-
nor Kouch Chamroeun said
most of the injured Daun
Penh district security guards
were released last Tuesday, the
same day that the Cambodian
Peoples Party and the opposi-
tion Cambodia National Res-
cue Party reached a deal to end
the political deadlock.
Right now, all of the victims
have gone home and will get
better. There is just one who
continues to receive treatment
from home.
According to Chamroe-
un, payment for the injured
guards stay in hospital was
footed by the government
and other authorities.
Meas Phoeun, 58, said he
was discharged from Calmette
just hours before opposition
members charged over their
alleged role in the violence
were released from prison.
My head still feels dizzy and
I have been sick because one
of the wounds on my head still
hurts, he said.
Phoeun said that his fam-
ily has received more than
$1,000 from the Cambodian
Red Cross and other generous
Norm Palla, a deputy village
chief also injured in the vio-
lence, said he was unsure who
paid for his treatment.
I dont know if it was the
government or City Hall or
Daun Penh authorities, but I
didnt pay, he said.
Opposition leader Sam
Rainsy said that while the CPP
looks after them [the security
guards] very well, the same
treatment has not been af-
forded in the past to injured
What I deplore is that, on
Veng Sreng [Boulevard], doz-
ens were wounded and the
Red Cross never visited them,
he said, referring to the deadly
crackdown on a garment strike
in January.
Council of Ministers spokes-
man Phay Siphan said he had
no idea whether national
or municipal authorities
had covered the costs of the
guards treatment but said: In
theory, the hospital has a right
to claim this money.
Civilians face off against government security guards during a violent clash on July 15. Guards injured in the
violence have since recovered. HONG MENEA
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takes into account standard of
living, knowledge and the ability
to live a long healthy life clocked
in well below the regional aver-
age (0.584 compared to 0.703).
And when factoring in inequali-
ties in education and income
too, Cambodia drops towards
the bottom of the low develop-
ment category.
For females especially, the
education index for the King-
dom lags woefully behind the
rest of ASEAN.
Only some 9.9 per cent of
Cambodian females 25 and
older have had some secondary
school education, among the
lowest in the world, on a par
with Afghanistan, Rwanda and
Sierra Leone.
Within Cambodian families,
most girls are told they have to
work while the boys get to study,
said Ros Salin, spokesman for
the Ministry of Education. Many
[parents] see a choice between
sending their girls to school or
feeding their family.
According to Salin, part of the
reason the burden of support-
ing the family falls on the girls
shoulders is because factories,
the most plentiful source of
work for unskilled labourers,
prefer women.
Most of the girls have the
opportunity to find jobs in high
school, so theyre pushed to
make financial contributions
rather than finish their studies,
Salin continued.
But their families would ben-
efit more if [the girls] finished
their studies and got a baccalau-
reate; they would have a lot more
economic opportunities.
The ministry largely credits
food assistance programs,
which provide students with
meals, as well as rice to take
home to their families, with
recent gains made in female
primary student enrolment.
The initial increase fails, how-
ever, to translate into long-term
retention: Cambodia has the
highest dropout rate in ASEAN,
with less than a third of the stu-
dents continuing studies
beyond the sixth grade.
There needs to be significant-
ly more money put into girls
education, said Ros Sopheap,
executive director of Gender and
Development for Cambodia.
While the minister of educa-
tion has previously told the
Post that thousands of dollars
are put towards female schol-
arships every year, spending is
limited by the allocated budg-
et: Cambodia puts only 2.6 per
cent of its GDP towards educa-
tion, drastically lower than
almost every other country in
the region.
Reliable villagers save
old man from robbery
A COUPLE of brave villagers
foiled a robbery attempt on a
70-year-old farmer in Prey
Vengs Preah Sdech district on
Saturday. Police say four men,
aged between 26 and 50, cor-
nered the old man while he
was waiting to cross a river on
a ferry with his motorbike,
shouting at him to hand over
his money. Local villagers
came to his aid. The police then
arrested two of the robbers.
The men confessed, saying
they needed money after visit-
ing the provinces. Police are on
the lookout for the two remain-
ing suspects. KOHSANTEPHEAP
Short bathroom break
leads to short-lived theft
CALL me maybe? A 20-year-old
man was arrested for stealing
two mobile phones in Kampong
Chhnang town on Saturday. The
victim of the theft, 25, had
placed the phones on his bed
near a window while he went to
the bathroom. The alleged thief
took off after grabbing the
phones through the window, but
the owner and villagers caught
him. The owner did not want to
file charges against the suspect,
but police arrested him the fol-
lowing morning. KOHSANTEPHEAP
Lorry collides with van,
one driver flees scene
A 27-YEAR-OLD man was badly
injured after the lorry he was
driving crashed into a van hur-
tling through a crossroads on
Sunday in Phnom Penhs Tuol
Kork district. The vans driver
quickly fled the scene, leaving
the lorry driver unconscious
with severe injuries on his head,
legs, and other parts of his body.
The lorry was totalled and its
driver hospitalised, while the
van driver was uninjured. Police
are searching for the suspect.
Bust was byproduct of
paying with $100 note
WHO pays a motodop with a
$100 bill? Counterfeiters. Two
Vietnamese men and a woman
were arrested on Friday for
using fake currency in Kampong
Chhnang town. The group took
a motodop from a bus stop to a
hotel, paying the driver $100 for
the $15 ride. When the motodop
went for change at a nearby
market, he found it was a fake,
and reported it to police. The
three, aged between 17 and 28,
were arrested at the hotel
where police discovered motor-
bike keys, credit cards, and
Police say local dealer
finally put of business
PROVINCIAL police in Kam-
pong Cham apprehended an
alleged drug dealer on Friday
after finding 10 small packs of
yama, a potent mix of meth
and caffeine, in his home.
Police say the suspect, 25, was
notorious for dealing drugs in
the town. The suspect con-
fessed to the charges, saying
he bought the drugs from
another man and had been
selling them to local addicts
for several months. He
claimed he did not know the
other man, whom police are
looking for. NOKORWAT
Translated by Phak Seangly
Dud bomb
to business
Kim Sarom
CAFE in Phnom Penhs
Tuol Kork district
received a disconcert-
ing gift on Saturday
when an unidentified man
hand-delivered a package con-
taining an empty grenade,
police said yesterday.
According to Khan Khun-
thith, a Boeung Kak II com-
mune police officer, at around
11am on Saturday a man arrived
at Prime Cafe and handed a
package to one of the businesss
security guards, 29-year-old
Soeun Bunthoeun, to pass on
to the owner.
But, Kunthith said, Bunthoeun
opened the package himself.
It was an empty bomb shell
and didnt cause an explosion or
harm anyone . . . the suspect was
just playing around, he said.
Kunthith went on to say that
although the grenade did not
explode, police were still
searching for suspects.
After questioning employees
at the cafe, Kunthith said police
suspected a former supervisor
who was recently fired had
arranged the unwanted deliv-
ery in an attempt to threaten
the owner.
Report highlights gender disparities
A woman and her son wash dishes on the side of a dirt road in Srah Chak commune in Phnom Penhs Daun
Penh district last year. HONG MENEA
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 25/7/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
look rosy
THIS years export outlook for
Thailand suddenly improved
after shipments increased by
7.33 per cent year-on-year last
month to surpass $20 billion.
Thailands Commerce Minis-
try is due to release exact June
trade data today, but Permanent
Secretary Chutima Bunyaprap-
hasara last week revealed the
June figure, which shows the
first year-on-year increase since
February, to $20.5 billion from
$19.1 billion in June 2013.
In June, the first full month
under the junta, shipments
rose due to a recovery in major
markets, especially the US and
Europe, plus the ministrys
measures to boost trade.
This is a good sign for Thai
exports, which are moving in a
better direction, said Chutima,
who was recently named by the
junta as the new commerce
permanent secretary to replace
Srirat Rastapana.
Thai exports had been weak
this year even though months
of political unrest did not dis-
rupt factories, while the global
economy improved slightly.
Shipments contracted by
1.98 per cent year-on-year in
January before increasing 2.43
per cent in February. They
slumped again in March, by
3.12 per cent year-on-year,
then 0.87 per cent in April and
2.14 per cent in May.
As a result, exports for the
first five months fell by 1.2 per
cent from a year earlier to $92.9
billion. Imports for the period
amounted to $94.4 billion,
leading Thailand to register a
trade deficit of $1.55 billion
over the first five months.
Ms Chutima attributed the
drop mainly to lower ship-
ments in the agricultural and
industrial segments.
Despite the contraction in the
first five months, the ministry is
sticking to its export growth fore-
cast of 3.5 per cent for all of
2014, said Ms Chutima. In the
second half there are still driv-
ers, particularly the global eco-
nomic recovery and increasing
exports in the industrial seg-
A Philippine Airlines airplane sits on the tarmac at Terminal 2 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. BLOOMBERG
The Royal Groups proposed
airline remains grounded
Eddie Morton

AMBODIA Airlines,
Royal Groups air-
line start-up venture
with partner Philip-
pine Airlines (PAL), has again
been thrown into doubt with
Cambodias aviation author-
ity yesterday saying neither
party had yet applied for the
necessary certicate and
questioning whether the $10
million deal is still in play.
Keo Sivorn, director gen-
eral at the State Secretariat
for Civil Aviation (SSCA) said
neither rm had initiated
the application process for
an Airline Operations Cer-
ticate (AOC) Cambodias
foremost qualication for
airline operations for the
proposed joint venture.
Sivorn added that the fu-
ture of the project was in
question altogether.
Cambodia Airlines AOC
is not in the process because
we do not know if the two
partners even still want to
continue or not, Sivorn said.
It depends on them and we
are still waiting.
Cambodia Airlines in 2012
initially aimed to become the
countrys second full-service
carrier after Cambodia Angkor
Air (CAA), which currently holds
a monopoly of the market.
Royal Group and PALs joint
venture, which promised both
domestic and international
ights from Cambodias main
international airports, was slat-
ed to launch in mid-2013 with
an initial $1 million investment
from PAL. But after missing
closing dates in both June and
October last year, the venture
has yet to get off the ground.
Mark Hanna, chief nan-
cial ofcer of RGC, denied
that there was heightened
uncertainty over the PAL
deal saying that the two
companies were in fact in
the process of applying for
an AOC from the SSCA.
The project is not being
abandoned. We are working
on getting an AOC with Phil-
ippine Airlines, it is just up to
the Civil Aviation Authority of
Cambodia, Hanna told the
Post, declining to detail where
in the application process
they were or how long the
process might take. When
we get the AOC, we will move
on the project, he added.
The renewed uncertainty
around the Cambodia Air-
lines deal comes as more
foreign-owned, especially
Chinese airlines, continue to
penetrate Cambodias ripe
tourism market.
In a report published on July
24, Brendan Sobie, chief ana-
lyst and Singapore represen-
tative at the Australian-based
Centre for Aviation (CAPA),
stated that Chinese-backed
Bassaka Air is now poised to
become the next full-service
international carrier based in
Cambodia, joining CAA.
Bassaka Air reportedly has
two Airbus A320 aircraft sitting
idly at Phnom Penhs Interna-
tional Airport ready to com-
mence regular ights to and
from China as early as Sep-
tember this year, pending the
SSCAs regulatory approval.
The start-up activity in
Cambodia is impressive and
its all about Cambodia-Chi-
na, Sobie said.
A slight delay is possible,
but Bassaka should be op-
erating multiple routes to
mainland China by the start
of the peak season.
Aggressive Chinese invest-
ment in Cambodias aviation
sector comes as little sur-
prise to Sobie, with the num-
ber of Chinese tourists vis-
iting Cambodia during the
rst ve months of the year
reaching more than 240,000,
up 19 per cent from 202,000
during the same ve-month
period in 2013.
The prospect of the Royal
Group and PAL deal being
abandoned and instead a rise
of Chinese investment in Cam-
bodias aviation sector has
been reluctantly welcomed
by Ang kim Eang, president of
the Cambodia Association of
Travel Agents (CATA).
If the two businesses [RGC
and PAL] cannot reach an
agreement, what can we do?
We need more airlines to re-
spond to the growing tour-
ism sector here, Eang told
the Post.
We do not enjoy a free
market here in Cambodia
with just one ag carrier. If
there are competitors, two
good things will happen; rst
airfares will potentially drop
and the second is that servic-
es will improve.
Cambodia's business community
is antcipatng keen interest from
overseas investors as registraton
for the countrys internatonal
investment conference opens.
The Internatonal Business
Chamber (IBC) of Cambodia
investment conference will take
place on October 6th and 7th
at the Intercontnental Hotel in
Phnom Penh.
When it comes to economic
growth, Cambodia is an unparal-
leled success story in Southeast
Asia,said IBC Chairman Breton
Sciaroni. And now, with the 8th
Internatonal Investment Confer-
ence, the Internatonal Business
Chamber of Cambodia is ofer-
ing the opportunity for overseas
companies to come together
with Cambodian politcal and
economic leaders to explore the
countrys contnuing economic
Cambodia's Prime Minister
Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo
Hun Sen will ofcially open the
event. Prudental Corporaton
Asia Chairman Donald Kanak
has been named as a keynote
Main sponsors are Prudental
Cambodia, Jardine Matheson
Limited, Sciaroni and Associates,
ACLEDA Bank and ANZ Royal.
The South East Asia Globe and
Focus ASEAN are media partners
of the event.
For further details about registra-
ton visit
Sponsored by IBC
WHO Cambodia is inviting applications for one position as
(Gender, Equity and Human Rights)
The World Health Organization has been providing technical support to the Government of the
Kingdom of Cambodia to support the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Womens Affairs
activities in implementing a study project on violation against women (VAW) in Cambodia. This
is a full-time position for 11 months beginning as soon as possible with a possibility of extension.
The incumbent will be part of the HSD Team and s/he is working closely with Gender, Equity and
Human Rights based in Phnom Penh. Applications from women are encouraged.
Deadline for applications: 01 August 2014
Terms of reference
A Temporary Secretary will provide the administrative and logistical supports as the following:
Screens and routes incoming mail, documents and reports to the supervisors with full 1.
background information; ensures its distribution and follow up on deadlines;
Arranges appointments and maintains supervisors calendar, receives visitors, places and 2.
screens telephone calls and answers queries with discretion;
Drafts routine non-technical correspondence based on written/verbal instructions from 3.
supervisors, prepares informal translations, takes notes at meetings;
Prepares and maintains daily arrangement for vehicle and driver; 4.
Assists in organizing routine administrative aspects of conferences, workshops and training 5.
courses including travel arrangements for the supervisors and performs liaison duties as
Keeps lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers of government ofcials, non- 6.
governmental partners, and other relevant agencies and individuals;
Maintains ofce records, lling and reference systems on various subjects; 7.
Assists in searching, compiling and maintaining information relevant to the programme; 8.
Assists Project Assistant in drafting agreements (DFCs, APWsetc.) and preparing procurement 9.
documents for bidding in accordance with WHO guidelines and procedures;
Assists Supervisor and Project Assistant in monitoring in-ow and outow programmes grants 10.
and allocating funds to the work plan for implementation;
Assists Supervisor and Project Assistant in preparing nancial reports to donors; 11.
Performs other related duties as and may be required 12.
Qualications required
Equivalent to completion of secondary education with thorough training in secretarial or
administrative duties.
Experience and skills
At least 3 years of progressively responsible secretarial or administrative work including one
year experience related to programme activities or similar duties.
Experiencein WHO and other international organizations is an advantage.
Fluent in written and spoken English and theCambodian/Khmer language.
Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Languages: Fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Khmer.
Salary: Attractive remuneration package.
Interested applicants are required to send a CV to the WHO Representative Ofce before the
deadline. Smoking is not allowed in WHO premises.
The mission of WHO is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of
For additional information and full ToR please contact the WHO ofce in Phnom Penh located at
177-179 Pasteur Street, by email under, or by telephone under
Bose hits Beats with lawsuit
UDIO technology
veteran Bose Corpo-
ration has sued Beats
Electronics over pat-
ented technology for cancel-
ling noise in earphones.
The suit led in federal
court in the US state of Dela-
ware pits the 50-year-old rm
against an Internet Age young-
ster being bought by Apple in
a deal valued at $3 billion.
Bose brings this action
against Beats to protect its
valuable patented technol-
ogy for noise-cancelling head-
phones, lawyers for the com-
pany said in a copy of the suit
obtained by AFP.
Attorneys said that they had
also led a complaint with
the US International Trade
Commission, which has the
power to block imports of
headsets found to infringe on
patented technology.
Bose accused Beats of in-
fringing on ve of its patents
for cutting out unwanted
noise in headphones, par-
ticularly by cancelling it out
with other sound waves.
The technology is referred to
as active noise reduction.
Beats has designed the
infringing noise cancelling
functionality to be used au-
tomatically when a user is
listening to music, and Beats
instructs users on how to
implement noise cancelling
functionality when a user
only desires noise reduction,
the lawsuit maintained.
Bose called on the court to
order Beats to stop using the
patented technology and to
pay unspecied damages.
The suit comes at a time
when Beats is being bought by
a technology titan well experi-
ence in patent litigation.
Apple has been waging
battles in courts around the
world with Samsung over
patented technology used in
iPhones and iPads.
Apple in May said it is buy-
ing Beats Music and Beats
Electronics in a much-hyped
deal worth $3 billion. The ac-
quisition has yet to close.
Buying Beats was expected
to help Cupertino, California-
based Apple, a pioneer in digi-
tal music with its wildly popu-
lar iTunes platform, ramp up
its efforts to counter successful
models of streaming services
like Pandora and Spotify
The deal for the maker of
high-end audio equipment
and operator of a subscription
streaming music service is Ap-
ples largest acquisition ever.
It calls for Beats co-found-
ers Dr. Dre, a Grammy-win-
ning hip-hop pioneer, and
Jimmy Iovine, a veteran mu-
sic executive, to join the Cali-
fornia company.
Since launching the busi-
ness ve years ago, Beats has
become a popular brand for
audio equipment and has at-
tracted the likes of Lady Gaga,
Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj,
who have designed their own
customised Beats headphones
and speakers. Fashion design-
ers and street artists such as
Alexander Wang, Futura and
Snarkitecture have collabo-
rated on some products.
The deal, which has been
rumored for weeks, is subject
to regulatory approvals and
is expected to be completed
later this year.
Beats was reported to have
claimed 60 per cent of the
billion dollars spent on top-
end earphones in the US last
year. AFP
Industry veteran Bose has led a lawsuit against Beats Electronics over
technology used for noise-cancelling headphones. AFP
Brazil bank
to free up
$20 billion
BRAZILS central bank is mak-
ing available an estimated 45
billion reais ($20.2 billion) with
measures including reduced
reserve requirements as it looks
to boost economic activity.
The bank will allow as much
as 50 per cent of deposit require-
ments, or 30 billion reais, to be
used on new loans and the
acquisition of loan portfolios, a
statement said.
The monetary authority also
changed the risk calculation for
payroll and auto loans, releas-
ing another 15 billion reais,
Sergio Odilon, central banks
head of financial regulation,
told reporters.
President Dilma Rousseff is
seeking to boost growth while
reining in above-target infla-
tion. Policy makers left rates
on hold for the second straight
monetary policy meeting end-
ing July 16 following the longest
rate-raising cycle in the world,
as expectations for 2014 eco-
nomic growth plummeted.
Minutes from the meeting that
signalled the bank would leave
rates on hold have been com-
promised by the measures,
according to Andre Perfeito,
chief economist at Gradual
Investimentos. BLOOMBERG
Banks face silver-fixing lawsuit
SBC, Deutsche Bank
and Canadas Bank
of Nova Scotia have
been accused of
conspiring to x the price of
silver in a US lawsuit led in
federal court in New York.
Plaintiff Scott Nicholson,
an investor from the state of
Washington, said the three
banks had abused their po-
sition to rig silver prices to the
detriment of investors, accord-
ing to the suit.
The extreme level of secrecy
creates an environment that is
ripe for manipulation, Nich-
olsons lawsuit, seen by AFP on
Saturday, alleges.
Defendants have a strong
nancial incentive to establish
positions in both physical sil-
ver and silver derivatives prior
to the public release of silver
xing results, allowing them to
reap large illegitimate prots.
The lawsuit accuses the three
banks of malpractice stretch-
ing back to January 1, 2007.
Nicholson is hoping other
investors who feel they may
have been wronged will come
forward in order to launch a
class-action lawsuit.
Deutsche Bank, HSBC and
Bank of Nova Scotia set bench-
mark prices for silver once ev-
ery day during a conference
call. The benchmark is used
by central banks to assess the
value of metals, impacting the
price of jewellery as well as
revenues from mining com-
panies. Deutsche Bank had
already announced earlier this
year it plans to withdraw from
the system used to set bench-
marks, citing a reduction of in-
volvement in commodities.
Banking sources believe
the lawsuit will be dismissed,
pointing to a 2013 investiga-
tion by the US Commodity Fu-
tures Trading Commission.
According to sources, the
CFTC probe found no evidence
of wrongdoing and concluded
that precious metal pricing
was conducted transparently.
However the New York lawsuit
comes against a backdrop of
several legal disputes involv-
ing large banks.
In March, an individual led
a suit in New York including
ve banks Societe Gener-
ale, HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche
Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia
of manipulating gold prices
for their advantage.
Germanys Federal Financial
Supervisory Authority (BAFIN)
has also been probing poten-
tial price manipulation of gold
and silver in London.
Other banks are meanwhile
being investigated for possible
manipulation of the Libor and
Euribor interbank lending
rates. Investigations are ongo-
ing in several countries. AFP
A group of leading banks stand accused of conspiring to x the price of silver stretching back to January
2007, a US lawsuit alleges. BLOOMBERG
Embassy of J apan
<Administrative staff in accounting and culture section>
J ob description 1.
Delivery of documents (1)
Other maintenance and/or miscellaneous jobs (2)
Support to organize various events such as receptions, cultural events (3)
and so on
Drafting documents (4)
Secretariat job (5)
Requirements 2.
Khmer nationality (1)
High school graduate or higher degree (2)
Fluent in English (3)
Command of J apanese language is strong advantage (4)
Strong computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point (5)
Driving license (6)
Energetic, honest and self-motivated individual who can work well (7)
in a team
Highest level of integrity in all aspects of work (8)
Working hours : Monday-Friday, 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:45 (overtime 3.
with pay)
How to apply 4.
Application should be submitted to the Culture and Information Section (1)
of the Embassy of J apan by email (
Application must include the following; (2)
- A personal statement (one-page) in English or J apanese of his/her ca-
reer accomplishments
- A CV with photo (within 2 pages)
- Specication of expected salary range
Application Deadline: August 22, 2014 5.
*Only short-listed candidate will be contacted for interviews.
GOOGLE more than tripled
spending on acquisitions in
the rst half of the year to $4.2
billion, as the Internet com-
pany ramps up investments to
expand its services.
The worlds largest online
advertiser spent $3.2 billion
for thermostat company Nest
Labs Inc in February and an
additional $1 billion on oth-
er purchases in the rst six
months of 2014, the Moun-
tain View, California-based
Web company said in a ling
on Friday. Thats up from $1.3
billion for the same period a
year ago, according to a pre-
vious ling.
The 2014 numbers exclude
the more than $1 billion that
Google has announced its
paying for home-camera
company DropCam Inc and
satellite service Skybox Im-
aging Inc; those deals didnt
close in the rst half.
Googles scale of deal spend-
ing is climbing as it works to
bolster its core search-adver-
tising business and extend its
reach into new markets such
as mobile, telecommunica-
tions and driverless cars. The
companys smaller acquisi-
tions this year have covered
everything from drones to
video advertising.
These acquisitions gen-
erally enhance the breadth
and depth of our expertise in
engineering and other func-
tional areas, our technolo-
gies, and our product offer-
ings, the company said in
Fridays ling.
Google also said in the l-
ing that an antitrust investi-
gation into its business prac-
tices by the Texas Attorney
Generals ofce has ended.
The attorney generals ofce
had started an investiga-
tion into the Web company
in July 2010 to look into
whether Google was thwart-
ing competition. The state
had sought information from
the company including the
search engines formula for
setting advertising rates.
The investigations end fol-
lows the US Federal Trade
Commission dropping a simi-
lar probe last year. The Euro-
pean Union Antitrust Com-
missioner Joaquin Almunia
in February also made a deal
to resolve a dispute over how
Google uses its market lead-
ership to deal with competi-
tors. Under the plan, Google
pledged to display results
from rival search services. The
agreement has since come
under criticism. BLOOMBERG
Googles sees spending
on deals triple to $4.2B
JAPANESE carmaker Nissan
said on Saturday it was recall-
ing 226,326 additional vehicles
in the United States due to
faulty airbags.
The move brings the total
number of vehicles recalled
for this reason to 664,628, the
company said, adding that the
defective airbags were made
by Japans Takata Corp.
Nissan, which notied the
National Highway Trafc Safe-
ty Administration about the
recall, said it was working to
promptly address the issue.
The affected vehicles were
built between 2001 and 2003.
These include the Inniti I35,
Nissan Maxima and the FX35
and FX45 Inniti SUVs, the
4X4 Inniti QX42, as well as
Pathnder and Sentra models.
In the affected vehicles, the
software activation of the air-
bags is defective, which can
prevent the protective cush-
ions from deploying.
In total, more than 10 mil-
lion vehicles around the
world are currently subject
to recalls by leading manu-
facturers, including Toyota,
Nissan, Honda, Mazda, BMW,
Chrysler, Ford, BMW and
General Motors. AFP
Nissan recalls more autos
Fixed Deposit Interest Rates
Financial Institutions
On Deposits
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
PRASAC 5.50% 6.50% 6.50% 7.50% 8.00% 9.75%
ABA Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
ACLEDA Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.75% 6.00% 5.00% 7.00%
ANZ Royal Bank 1.35% 3.50% 2.50% 4.00% 3.50% 5.50%
Bank of India 2.25% N/A 3.00% N/A 4.00% N/A
Cambodia Asia Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
Cambodia Mekong Bank 2.75% N/A 3.25% N/A 3.50% N/A
Cambodian Public Bank 1.75% N/A 2.75% N/A 3.50% N/A
Canadia Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.50% 6.00% 4.75% 7.00%
Maybank 2.25% N/A 3.25% N/A 4.25% N/A
MARUHAN Japan Bank 2.00% 2.00% 3.00% 3.00% 4.50% 4.50%
RHB Indochina Bank 2.75% 4.00% 3.50% 5.00% 4.75% 6.00%
SBC Bank 3.00% N/A 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A
Union Commercial Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
TWO grandmothers mysti-
ed by computer tablets have
inspired a French-Romanian
startup to develop an appli-
cation and service to help the
elderly stay in touch with their
relatives through the internet.
The system the work of a
startup called Hubert began
operating in the United States
and in Europe on crowd-
funding website Indiegogo
this month.
Everything started after one
of my grandmothers died in a
home for dependent seniors
in France, Stephane Lucon, a
Frenchman who co-founded
Hubert, said. I was living with
my wife and children 2,000
kilometres away from her, in
Romania. I went to visit her
whenever I could, but I would
have liked her to be able to see
her grandchildren every day
via Skype or any video confer-
ence application.
However, like many octo-
genarians or older, his grand-
mother did not know how to
use a tablet or a PC.
Around the world, popula-
tions are ageing quickly. The
number of over 80s will have
almost quadrupled between
2000 and 2050 to 395 million,
according to the UN World
Health Organization.
Many seniors understand-
ably have difculty with digi-
tal communications, having
spent most of their lives in the
pre-internet era.
After the death of one of his
grandmothers, Lucon was de-
termined to help the other one
benet from video link-ups.
I realised that many elderly
people are intimidated by the
big number of applications on
the tablet screen, he says.
From his house in the Roma-
nian countryside, he worked
for months on a new screen
launcher with the help of a
UK-based Romanian IT de-
signer, Petre Nicolescu.
His 87-year-old grandmoth-
er was consulted on every step
and asked for her opinion.
I wanted to build a new in-
terface so that she could see
only one or two buttons on her
screen with the application she
uses: Skype, games, he said.
The result is a simplied
screen on which all unused
applications are hidden.
But as tablets can still puzzle
new users, Lucon and his team
created a support service that
can take remote control of the
device to x problems or in-
stall new apps.
Retailers usually consider
that the family is here to help
the seniors with the device,
but relatives often do not have
the knowledge or the time to
do it, Lucon said.
By pressing a help button on
their screen, users will be con-
nected vocally to a real person
for help.
The support line will be ac-
cessible for a basic monthly
subscription of $20 (15).
Last year, US retail giant Am-
azon added a Mayday alarm
button to its Kindle tablets for
live technical support.
A major difference with
Amazon Mayday is that our
interface can be used on any
Android tablet, Lucon said.
Initiatives like Mayday or
Hubert help as they give a
human face which is more
important for the older gen-
eration than the younger one
who is comfortable Googling
questions, Carolina Milane-
si, chief of Research of KAN-
TAR Worldpanel Comtech
Cell, said Hubert has chosen
to base its research and de-
velopment in France.
The call centre will be based
in Romania, which has be-
come a European hub for IT
Helping seniors to connect
is not only an economic issue,
its rst and foremost a social
issue as technologies can help
less mobile people to maintain
social connections, Thomas
Husson, an analyst at inter-
national IT survey group For-
rester Research, said. AFP
Technophobes, have no
fear, grandmothers here
Demonstrators march in Buenos Aires to mark the 12th anniversary of the Argentine crisis, when Argentina declared the biggest debt default
ever, in December 2013. There are fears of another crisis should the current issue with Argetinas debt not be solved by Wednesday. AFP
Effects of an Argentine default
NDER a US court
order, Argentina
has until Wednes-
day to either pay
hedge funds demanding full
payment on of its bad debts,
or face a default that could
have serious economic con-
With the July 30 deadline
looming ever closer, the South
American country has just
days to deal with the fallout
of its previous 2001 default,
which plunged Latin Amer-
icas third-largest economy
into a crisis it is still battling
to bounce back from.
It has persuaded 92 per
cent of its creditors to accept
writeoffs of up to 70 per cent,
but is now facing a catch-22:
Under a ruling by a US judge,
it cannot pay its other credi-
tors without also paying the
hedge funds; and under the
restructuring deal, it is sup-
posed to pay all its creditors
the same.
If Argentina pays the so-
called holdout groups which
it has branded vulture funds
100 per cent of the $1.3 bil-
lion it owes them, it could be
forced to pay all remaining
creditors in full, as well.
The hedge funds, led by Au-
relius Capital and NML Capi-
tal, bought up Argentine debt
when it was already in default,
then sued the country to stop
it from carrying out its re-
structuring plan, with an ini-
tial payment of $539 million
scheduled for last month.
What would a default mean?
On a day-to-day basis, it
would be felt much less than
in 2001, said economist Juan
Pablo Ronderos from Abeceb.
com. However, he added, the
situation would become
more complicated for com-
panies seeking to nance and
pay for imports.
According to Ronderos, Ar-
gentina would continue to
pay the rest of its debt since it
would be a selective default.
Another consequence of a
default would be to prolong
Argentinas exclusion from
international capital markets.
Argentina has been locked
out of these markets since its
2001 default but hopes to be
able to access them again.
What is a default?
A country enters into de-
fault when bondholders, for
whatever reason, cannot get
to what is owed to them, said
former economics minister
Guillermo Nielsen.
President Cristina Kirch-
ner maintains that Argentina
wont enter into default be-
cause it has already depos-
ited more than $500 million
in an Argentine account of a
US bank to make a principal
and interest payment due on
the restructured bonds.
But US District Judge
Thomas Griesa has said the
bank in question, Bank of
New York Mellon, cannot pro-
cess the transaction because
there was no simultaneous
payment for the holdouts.
Consequences for Argen-
Argentina nished 2013
with an ination rate of 28
per cent and began 2014 with
a currency devaluation of
18.6 per cent, as well as an in-
crease in public service costs
and scal pressure.
The threat of a default, how-
ever, doesnt seem to be the
main focus of concern in the
country, where citizens seem
more worried about crime
and ination.
The country currently faces
a recession with a 0.8 per cent
drop in GDP in the rst quar-
ter of 2014 compared with the
same period a year earlier.
Still, in the event of a de-
fault, everything going on
in Argentina today could get
worse, warned Fausto Spo-
torno, director of the Orlando
Ferreres Center for Economic
Studies. The main concern is
layoffs in a country with un-
employment at 7.1 per cent.
Spotorno warned that a de-
fault could force up interest
rates for Argentinian entities
borrowing US dollars and
would reduce access to credit
to support domestic com-
merce, slowing the economy.
International impact of a de-
The IMFs chief economist
warned on Thursday that
a default by Argentina in
its battle with holders of its
defaulted debt may hurt its
economy and the global -
nancial system.
If it goes into default and
doesnt pay the holdouts,
there might be substantial
costs, being basically un-
able to access markets for
some time, said Olivier
Blanchard, head of the In-
ternational Monetary Funds
team of economists.
Blanchard, speaking at a
news conference on the lat-
est IMF growth forecasts
for the global economy, also
emphasised that theres a
cost to the world in the sense
that we need resolution sys-
tems which work well when
countries are in trouble.
Blanchard said the Argen-
tina case means theres
much more uncertainty as to
how well be able to restruc-
ture debt for others countries
in the future.
So this really tells us that
we need to work on improv-
ing resolution mechanisms.
The IMF proposed an in-
ternational debt restructur-
ing mechanism back in 2003,
however, the plan was later
abandoned, coming under
pressure from the United
States, the institutions larg-
est stakeholder, and the ma-
jor emerging-market econo-
mies. AFP
In Gaza, attempts for
truce go up in smoke
Continued from page 1
including an elderly Christian
woman, medics said.
Another three people also
succumbed to their wounds,
hiking the toll on day 20 of
Israels devastating military
campaign to 1,062.
The renewed violence came
after a rare 12-hour break in
the hostilities on Saturday,
which was respected by both
sides, with world powers urg-
ing both Israel and Hamas to
extend the temporary truce by
another 24 hours.
Saturdays relative calm,
however, quickly became a dis-
tant memory
I was praying at church
when my father called me and
told me to go home quickly,
said Antonio Ayad, a Christian
whose elderly mother was
killed when a missile struck
their western Gaza City home.
They are targeting Chris-
tians in Gaza, he said.
Im not Hamas, Im not Fatah
I dont belong to any Palestin-
ian faction. Where is the world?
Where is the pope?
From the pulpit in Rome,
Pope Francis issued his own
call, pleading for an end to the
bloodshed, which has killed
over a thousand victims, about
a quarter of them children.
Stop, please stop! I beg you
with all my heart, he said in
the weekly Angelus prayer.
After Saturdays humanitari-
an lull, Israels security cabinet
agreed to extend the calm by 24
hours, but Hamas rejected the
move, firing rockets over the
border, one of which killed a
After 12 hours of holding its
fire, Israel said it was resuming
its operations following inces-
sant rocket fire from Hamas.
Shortly afterwards, the skies
over Gaza were filled with the
familiar sound of explosions, as
plumes of black smoke quickly
rose on the horizon.
Ambulance sirens wailed as
medics sprang into action, cars
racing down the streets which
quickly emptied of people who
had ventured out to make the
most of the lull.
For Israelis, the quiet skies
had ended late on Saturday
with sirens sounding up the
coastal plain as rockets fell on
the south and centre, killing a
soldier and raising to 43 the
number of troops killed since
the July 17 start of a ground
operation to destroy a sophis-
ticated network of tunnels
leading from Gaza to Israel.
By yesterday morning, there
appeared to be little appetite
in Israel to prolong the one-
sided truce, with 86.5 per cent
of Israelis opposing any truce
in the current climate, army
radio said, quoting pollsters
Mina Tzemah.
It is clear that Hamas isnt
interested in this ceasefire so I
think we should renew the
fighting and maybe even more
so, said Interior Minister Gilad
Erdan, a security cabinet mem-
ber who had voted late on Sat-
urday in favour of extending
the truce by 24 hours.
After what weve seen last
night and this morning, Im
fairly certain that we should
renew our fire even stronger,
he said, while Israel was ini-
tially observing a ceasefire.
Meanwhile yesterday, one of
two Palestinians who had
claimed to have been savage-
ly beaten by a Jewish mob in
east Jerusalem was still in
intensive care in an Israeli
hospital, two days after the
alleged attack. AFP
Smoke billows from an area near Tripolis international airport late last week during ghting between rival factions. AFP
Foreigners warned to flee as
Libya teeters on knifes edge
RITAIN and Germany
yesterday joined a
host of countries ad-
vising all citizens in
Libya to immediately leave the
strife-torn country, following
the USs dramatic evacuation
of its embassy staff.
The situation is extremely
unpredictable and uncertain,
the German foreign ministry
said. German nationals are at
increased risk of kidnapping
and attacks.
The Dutch government also
updated its travel advice yes-
terday, making an urgent call
for its citizens in the country
to leave by their own means.
Two weeks of clashes be-
tween rival Libyan militias
battling for control of Tripolis
international airport have left
more than 97 people dead and
400 wounded, that countrys
Health Ministry said.
The ministrys toll was based
on casualty reports from eight
public hospitals in the capital
and its suburbs, and did not
include those taken to medi-
cal facilities outside the city.
The airport was closed
on July 13 following clashes
between armed groups.
The State Department on
Saturday evacuated all US per-
sonnel from its embassy there.
The operation by land lasted
ve hours and was carried out
with US military aircraft pro-
viding security from the air, of-
cials said.
Rear Admiral John Kirby, a
Pentagon spokesman, said
the US military provided F-16
planes, surveillance aircraft
and an airborne response force
with MV-22 Osprey aircraft.
Saturdays closure of the
embassy in Tripoli marked the
second time the State Depart-
ment has shuttered its Libya
mission since 2011, when US
personnel left as the countrys
civil war broke out.
The decision was rich in
symbolism, coming less than
two years after militants in
the eastern city of Benghazi
stormed two US govern-
ment compounds, killing the
American ambassador, Chris-
topher Stevens, and three of
his colleagues.
Britain earlier yesterday up-
dated its advice to warn against
travel to Libya, and told those
already there to leave.
Due to the ongoing and
greater intensity of ghting in
Tripoli and wider instability
throughout Libya, the Foreign
and Commonwealth Ofce
(FCO) advise against all travel
to Libya, the ministrys web-
site said. British nationals
in Libya should leave now by
commercial means.
Britains embassy will remain
open but with reduced staff,
and its ability to provide con-
sular assistance is very lim-
ited, the Foreign Ofce said.
The ministry warned of a
high threat of terrorism, not-
ing that a number of foreign
nationals have been shot dead
in recent months.
It told those still in Libya, be-
lieved to number between 100
and 300, to avoid demonstra-
tions or large crowds and to
keep a low prole.
The US announcement that
it was evacuating its embassy
came hours after Libyas inter-
im government warned that
the clashes between militia
vying for control of the strate-
gic airport were threatening to
tear the country apart.
France has told its nation-
als to remain cautious and
strongly advised against travel
to Benghazi, while the Czech,
Maltese and Austrian foreign
ministries have ongoing ad-
vice not to travel to Libya.
Sweden, Denmark, Finland
and Norway have all also ad-
vised against travel, while
Sweden has also told its citi-
zens to leave Benghazi.
Spains foreign ministry
very strongly recommends
that all Spaniards leave Libya
immediately and Switzer-
land has warned citizens that
it would nd it difcult to res-
cue them should the situation
Belgium on July 16 told
nationals to leave the coun-
try immediately and Turk-
ish citizens were advised to
leave on July 24, a day before
its government suspended
operations at the embassy
in Tripoli.
The clashes across Libya
the most violent since the
overthrow of dictator Moam-
mar Gadda in 2011 started
with an assault on the airport
by a coalition of groups, main-
ly Islamists, which has since
been backed by ghters from
third city Misrata. AFP/THE WASH-
Palestinians carry the cofn of Jalila Ayad, a Christian woman whose
body was found in the rubble of her home after an Israeli airstrike, in
Gaza City during her funeral yesterday. AFP

Disagreement suspends
Afghan vote count again
commission on Saturday once
again suspended the auditing
process of 8.1 million votes
cast in the presidential run-off
poll, after the two candidates
failed to agree on the
procedure for invalidating
fraudulent votes. The
Independent Election
Commission has decided to
suspend temporarily the vote
audit until the fourth day of
Eid, IEC chairman Ahmad
Yusuf Nuristani said. The Eid
festival is expected to begin on
Monday or Tuesday. It marks
the end of Ramadan. AFP
Five get flogged in Iran
for intentionally eating
FIVE people were publicly
flogged in Iran as punishment
for eating in public in violation
of the rules of the Muslim
fasting month of Ramadan,
state media reported. The
offenders ignored warnings
from police and ate
intentionally in the western
city of Kermanshah, the
provinces chief justice Ali
Mozafari said. Iranian
authorities issue warnings
every year to respect Ramadan
by not eating or drinking in
public. However, the fast is
often ignored, especially in hot
weather with people drinking
water in the street. AFP
Gaiety in the US
States losing
battle to stop
gay marriage
LORIDAS ban on same-sex
marriage has been thrown
out by a state court judge,
adding to the list of 13 states where
such laws have been invalidated in
the past year.
Colorados ban was also voided
this month, rst by a state judge and
then by a federal judge.
The battle lines for same-sex
marriage, now deemed legal in 30
US states by court ruling, legislation
or popular vote, are shifting from
trial courts to state and federal ap-
pellate courts.
A US Court of Appeals panel in
Denver issued back-to-back rulings
last month and this month declining
to revive bans that were struck
down in Utah and Oklahoma. Ap-
peals are also before courts in Chi-
cago, Cincinnati, San Francisco and
Richmond, Virginia. One or more of
those cases could be accepted for
review by the US Supreme Court.
Sarah Zabel ruled that Floridas
ban was discriminatory under the
constitution. If the ruling is upheld,
Florida is required to issue mar-
riage licenses to the plaintiffs and
to all otherwise qualied same-sex
couples who apply for marriage li-
censes, subject to the same restric-
tions and limitations applicable to
opposite-sex couples. BLOOMBERG
Now docked,
Concordia to
be scrapped
John Hooper

HE rusting hulk of
the Costa Concor-
dia arrived at a port
on the outskirts of
Genoa yesterday afternoon
at the end of a 200-nautical-
mile journey from the island
of Giglio, where it sank more
than two and half years ago.
By late morning, Genoas
most powerful tug, the 698-
tonne Messico, had taken
over the cable attached to
the bows of the liner and was
dragging the giant, 13-deck
vessel towards its nal desti-
nation for scrapping.
Giovanni Calvelli, a spokes-
man for the Genoa har-
bourmaster, said it was like
moving a . . . lorry with the
handbrake on. It needs a lot
of power and prudence.
He added: The hulk is
without engines and, above
all, it is slowed down by the
30 sponsons [air-lled tanks]
that make it oat, which make
it difcult to manoeuvre.
Altogether, eight tugs from
Genoas port were helping
guide the liner, which until
yesterday morning was towed
by two ocean-going tugs.
Fears had been expressed
that by bringing the vessel up
to Genoa to be broken, the
owners were risking an envi-
ronmental disaster. But Italys
environment minister, Gian
Luca Galletti, declared the
transportation a success.
With the Italian media giv-
ing the nal, delicate stages of
the operation extensive, and
generally jubilant, coverage,
Galletti cautioned: Today is
not a celebration. Behind this
arrival, there is a tragedy and
33 victims.
Once it is fastened in place,
interior furnishings and t-
tings will be stripped out of the
ship to make it light enough to
tow into the scrapping area,
where it will be divided into
three parts for dismantling.
Thirty two passengers and
crew died in the chaotic evac-
uation of the liner after it hit a
rock off the island on January
13, 2013. A diver at work on
the wreck died in February.
Captain Francesco Schet-
tino, who took the Costa
Concordia to within a few
hundred metres of the shore
to give a salute on the night
of the tragedy, is currently on
trial charged with manslaugh-
ter, causing a maritime disas-
ter and abandoning his ship.
He denies any wrongdoing.
The reoated wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner is towed to the
Italian port of Genova, where it will be scrapped. AFP
UN warns of
in Myanmar
MYANMARS plans for the
future of a western region torn
apart by Buddhist-Muslim
unrest could result in perma-
nent segregation of the two
religious groups, a UN expert
warned on Saturday.
The UNs human rights envoy
to the country, Yanghee Lee,
said there was a deplorable
situation in displacement
camps in Rakhine, where dead-
ly clashes two years ago have left
some 140,000 homeless, mostly
stateless Rohingya Muslims.
Speaking as she ended her
first official visit to Myanmar,
Lee warned that the govern-
ments plan for long-term
peaceful coexistence may likely
result in a permanent segrega-
tion of the two communities.
As an immediate priority,
more must be done to reduce
tensions and hostility, and pro-
mote reconciliation between
the two communities.
Myanmars government has
long considered the Rohingya
foreigners, while many citizens
see them as illegal immigrants.
Attacks against Muslims have
spread to other parts of the
country, raising fears that they
could destabilise the transition
from military rule. AFP
Balis dog cull angers activists
AMONG the white-sand
beaches, villas and temples,
authorities on the Indonesian
island of Bali are carrying out
mass culls of dogs in an anti-
rabies campaign, an official
confirmed yesterday.
Despite a stomach-churn-
ing 16-minute video posted
on YouTube of a mass
slaughter that has prompted
outrage from animal welfare
groups, Bali Animal Hus-
bandry Department chief
Putu Sumantra said that
there were no plans to end
the practice.
The dogs culled were
smuggled illegally. When that
happens, we try to find the
owners to return them, and
ensure they are vaccinated.
But if they have no owners,
we have to cull them,
Sumantra said, adding that
the persistent problem
requires firm action.
The footage shows more
than 30 dogs squealing be-
fore they are given lethal
injections to the heart and
piled on top of each other as
they convulse and die.
A uniformed employee is
seen smiling at a small fluffy
Pomeranian as she takes pic-
ture of it on her smartphone
seconds before it is injected,
along with Siberian huskies,
collie dogs and pugs.
PETA condemned the
inhumane slaughter.
Since 2008, 147 people
have died after contracting
rabies on Bali, but numbers
have fallen rapidly over the
years, with 10 deaths report-
ed since 2012. AFP
NK in missile push
ORTH Korean lead-
er Kim Jong-un
guided the mili-
tarys latest rocket-
ring drill, state media report-
ed yesterday, conrming the
missile launch was conducted
in deance of UN censure.
Saturdays launch was the
rst since the UN Security
Council on July 17 condemned
Pyongyang for its recent se-
ries of ballistic missile tests, in
violation of UN resolutions.
The Norths state news
agency KCNA described the
missile launch by the army as
a rocket-ring drill to simu-
late a strike on military bases
in South Korea where 28,500
US troops are stationed.
[Kim] examined a ring
plan mapped out in consid-
eration of the present location
of the US imperialist aggressor
forces bases . . . and under the
simulated conditions of the
battle to strike and destroy
them before guiding the drill,
the KCNA report said.
The launch was intended to
mark the July 27 anniversary
of the ceasere agreement at
the end of the 1950-53 Korean
War, KCNA said. It did not say
where the drill took place.
Seouls army said earlier
the North had red a short-
range missile into the sea on
Saturday night the latest in
a recent series of launches
that heightened tension on
the peninsula. The North of-
ten res missiles and rockets
as a show of force or to express
anger at perceived provoca-
tions, but the frequency of the
recent tests six in the past
month is unusual.
The North red . . . a short-
range ballistic missile into
the East Sea [Sea of Japan] at
9:40pm, a spokesman for
Seouls Defence Ministry said.
The missile, with an estimat-
ed range of 500 kilometres, was
red in the northeastern direc-
tion from Jangsan Cape in the
Norths western coast only 12
miles from the tense sea bor-
der with the South, he said.
Pyongyangs recent missile
launches were carried out in-
creasingly close to the border
with the South a move ana-
lysts say is aimed at stepping
up threats against Seoul.
The launch came as Pyong-
yang has been playing hawk
and dove in recent weeks,
mixing its tests with peace
gestures that have been large-
ly dismissed by Seoul. AFP
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has a smoke after the countrys
latest successful missile launch. AFP
A video shows more than 30 dogs being left
in a pile to convulse and nally die. YOUTUBE
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HEAVY shelling yesterday
near the crash site of Malay-
sia Airlines ight MH17 forced
Dutch and Australian police
to scrap a planned visit as they
sought to secure the scene 10
days after the disaster.
The unarmed contingent
of law enforcement ofcers
were due to head to the loca-
tion after a deal was struck
with rebels aimed at allowing
a long-delayed probe into the
tragedy to go ahead.
But international observ-
ers overseeing the trip had to
abruptly ditch their plans after
clashes shattered a supposed
truce between government
forces and insurgents in the
area around the site, where
some remains of the 298 vic-
tims still lie decomposing un-
der the summer sun.
There is ghting going on.
We cant take the risk, said
Alexander Hug, deputy chief
monitor of the European se-
curity body OSCEs special
mission in Ukraine.
The security situation on
the way to the site and on the
site itself is unacceptable for
our unarmed observer mis-
sion, he told reporters in the
insurgent stronghold Donetsk,
the biggest city in the region.
An AFP photographer heard
artillery bombardments just
a kilometre from the rebel-
held town of Grabove next to
the crash site and saw black
smoke billowing into the sky.
Terried local residents
were eeing and checkpoints
controlled by separatist ght-
ers were abandoned.
Earlier Australian Prime
Minister Tony Abbott said 49
ofcers from the Netherlands
and Australia which together
lost some 221 citizens in the
crash were due at the scene
and that there would be con-
siderably more on site in com-
ing days.
That came after Malaysian
Prime Minister Najib Razak
said he had reached an agree-
ment with the pro-Russian in-
surgents controlling the site to
allow the police deployment.
I hope that this agreement
. . . will ensure security on the
ground, so the international
investigators can conduct
their work, Razak said, add-
ing that 68 Malaysian police
personnel would leave Kuala
Lumpur for the crash site on
So far investigators have
been able to visit the site only
sporadically because of secu-
rity concerns. AFP
Shelling puts MH17 crash
site off limits as bodies rot
Black boxes found, families wiped out
Ahamadou Cisse

RENCH investigators
yesterday scoured the
debris of a shattered Air
Algerie plane in Malis
remote desert north to get to
the cause of the third global air
disaster in eight days.
The second black box from
the jetliner was recovered at
the crash site on Saturday.
French President Francois
Hollande, who met families of
some of the victims in Paris,
said the bodies of all 118 vic-
tims would be repatriated to
France and a memorial would
be erected at the site.
Ofcials who had already
reached Malis remote, barren
Gossi area described a scene
of total devastation littered
with twisted and burnt frag-
ments of the plane.
No one survived the impact
and entire families were wiped
out, with France bearing the
brunt of the disaster as 54 na-
tionals were killed in the crash
of the McDonnell Douglas 83,
which had taken off from Oua-
gadougou in Burkina Faso and
was bound for Algiers.
Travellers from Burkina
Faso, Lebanon, Algeria, Spain,
Canada, Germany and Luxem-
bourg also died in the crash,
increasingly being blamed on
bad weather that forced the
pilots to change course.
Hollande said ags would y
half-mast from government
buildings for three days from
Monday to mourn the victims,
and all bodies would be repa-
triated as soon as was possible.
A memorial will be put up
A French soldier looks at the debris at the crash site of Air Algerie ight AH 5017 in Malis Gossi region, west of Gao, on Saturday. AFP
Jerzy Dyczynski and Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski of Australia look around
the MH17 crash site on Saturday for their late daughter Fatima. AFP
FTER three major air
disasters in one week,
with planes coming
down in Ukraine, Tai-
wan and Mali without a single
survivor, passengers can be
forgiven for feeling a little pang
of panic boarding their ights.
Waiting to check in at Pariss
Charles De Gaulle Airport on
Friday, Hadjera Akli, 24, who had
come to meet her family from
Algeria, said: Three crashes in
one week, thats quite a lot.
But it is just a convergence
of circumstances, isnt it? she
said, not entirely convinced.
But on web forums people
are not quite so calm fear of
ying is rampant.
Yoco, who is ying to Seoul in
August, was rather zen until
now, but she confessed on the
French site
that with the latest accidents
the panic has returned.
So theres another conr-
mation of a plane crash? Im
ying to Chicago tomorrow
from Atlanta. Not sure if I can
make it, wrote a passenger on Ive done all
my exercises but this is put-
ting me over the top . . . Help!
My hands are shaking so
much right now its hard to
type, another person wrote.
Every time a plane crashes,
the phones at the French Cen-
tre for the Treatment of the
Fear of Flying start ringing.
Our former clients ring us
because they are anxious, and
they have questions they want
answered, Xavier Tytelman,
the centres president, said.
Several hundred people a
year pass through the centre.
Each course of treatment costs
430 ($578), often paid by their
employers. Fear of ying can
be a real brake on profession-
al advancement, Tytelman
added. Some people even
quit their jobs because they
have to y for work.
Psychologists help clients
manage their fears, particu-
larly their negative thoughts,
usually with breathing exer-
cises. We have to chip away
at all the things they have seen
in lms, Tytelman said.
At Charles De Gaulle Airport,
Parisian student Gabriel Dul-
becco is keeping his cool before
his ight to China: Its true,
you could become paranoid.
But at the same time there are
thousands of ights every day
now without problems.
Others are more fatalistic,
like Zohra, a 52-year-old Alge-
rian. We have to put our faith
in God, she said. If a plane
crashes, it crashes. AFP
Got a ight? Breathe deeply
Black boxes found, families wiped out
so that no one forgets that 118
people perished in this area,
he told reporters.
But the identication of
bodies could be an arduous
task given the violent impact
of the crash.
It is difcult to retrieve any-
thing, even victims bodies,
because we have only seen
body parts on the ground,
said General Gilbert Diend-
iere, chief of the military staff
of Burkina Fasos presidency.
Diendiere added that de-
bris was scattered over an
area of 500 metres, which is
due to the fact that the plane
hit the ground and then prob-
ably rebounded.
Meanwhile, the scale of
the tragedy for some com-
munities became clear as it
emerged that 10 members
of one French family died in
the crash.
Its brutal. It has wiped an
entire family from the earth,
said Patrice Dunard, mayor
of Gex, where four of the
Reynaud family lived.
And the small town of Menet
in central France was left dev-
astated when residents discov-
ered that a local family of four
a couple, their 10-year-old
daughter, Chloe, and their 14-
year-old son, Elno had died.
In Lebanon, one family in
the southern El-Kharayeb vil-
lage died too the third time
that residents there had been
involved in a plane disaster.
This year has already seen
Algeria mourn the loss of
more than 70 people in the
crash of a C-130 military air-
craft in February. AFP
A French soldier looks at the debris at the crash site of Air Algerie ight AH 5017 in Malis Gossi region, west of Gao, on Saturday. AFP
Civil aviation crashes 2005 - 2014
Source: International Air Transport Association
Fatal accidents Deaths
Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17
TransAsia Airways GE222
Air Algerie AH5017
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2005
July 24
Islamic State jihadists
turn shrines to rubble
SUNNI militants from the
Islamic State (IS) group that
controls large parts of Iraq have
blown up a Shiite shrine in the
city of Mosul, an official and
witnesses said on Saturday.
Jihadists destroyed the Nabi
Shiyt (Prophet Seth) shrine in
Mosul, the de facto Iraqi capital
of the caliphate proclaimed
last month by IS leader Abu
Bakr al-Baghdadi.
IS militants stopped people
from coming close, set explo-
sives in and around the shrine
and then detonated them as a
crowd looked on, a resident
who saw the demolition said.
Seth is revered in Christianity,
Islam and Judaism as the third
son of Adam and Eve.
Sami al-Massoudi, deputy
head of the Shiite endowment
agency that oversees holy sites,
confirmed that militants blew
up the shrine and added that
they took some of the artefacts
to an unknown location.
These people follow this
impossible religious doctrine
according to which they must
destroy or kill anything or any-
body deviating from their
views, he said. That simply
has nothing to do with Islam.
The latest destruction comes
a day after IS militants com-
pletely levelled the reputed
tomb of Jonah (Nabi Yunus) in
Mosul, sparking an outcry
among religious officials.
IS militants had destroyed or
damaged dozens of shrines
and halls in and around Mosul
since they overran part of the
country six weeks ago. AFP
One week from catastrophe
Jason Samenow

ARTH missed a po-
tentially catastrophic
encounter with a so-
lar storm by one week
in 2012, physicists report.
I have come away from our
recent studies more convinced
than ever that Earth and its in-
habitants were incredibly for-
tunate that the 2012 eruption
happened when it did, physi-
cist Daniel Baker of the Uni-
versity of Colorado said in a
NASA Science online release.
If the eruption had oc-
curred only one week earlier,
Earth would have been in the
line of re.
On July 23, 2012, the sun un-
leashed two massive clouds of
plasma that barely missed a
catastrophic encounter with
the Earths atmosphere. These
plasma clouds, known as cor-
onal mass ejections (CMEs),
made up a solar storm thought
to be the most powerful in at
least 150 years.
If it had hit, we would still
be picking up the pieces,
Baker said.
Fortunately, the blast site
of the CMEs was not directed at
Earth. Had this event occurred
a week earlier when the point
of eruption was Earth-facing,
the outcome could have been
disastrous. A CME double
whammy of this potency strik-
ing Earth would probably crip-
ple satellite communications
and could severely damage
the power grid. NASA offers
this sobering assessment:
Analysts believe that a direct
hit . . . could cause widespread
power blackouts, disabling ev-
erything that plugs into a wall
socket. Most people wouldnt
even be able to ush their
toilet because urban water
supplies largely rely on elec-
tric pumps . . . [T]he total eco-
nomic impact could exceed
$2 trillion or 20 times greater
than the costs of a Hurricane
Katrina. Multi-ton transform-
ers damaged by such a storm
might take years to repair.
Solar physicists compare the
2012 storm to the Carrington
solar storm of September
1859, named after English as-
tronomer Richard Carrington,
who documented the event.
In my view, the July 2012
storm was in all respects at
least as strong as the 1859
Carrington event, Baker told
NASA. The only difference is,
it missed.
In the Carrington event, the
northern lights were seen as far
south as Cuba and Hawaii, ac-
cording to historical accounts.
The solar eruption caused
global telegraph lines to spark,
setting re to some telegraph
ofces, NASA noted.
NASA said the July 2012
storm was particularly intense
because a CME had travelled
along the same path just days
before the July 23 double
whammy, clearing the way for
maximum effect.
This double-CME traveled
through a region of space that
had been cleared out by yet
another CME four days ear-
lier, NASA said. As a result,
the storm clouds were not de-
celerated as much as usual by
their transit through the inter-
planetary medium.
NASA said there is a 12 per
cent chance of a Carrington-
type event on Earth in the next
10 years, according to Pete Ri-
ley of Predictive Science.
Initially, I was quite sur-
prised that the odds were so
high, but the statistics ap-
pear to be correct, Riley told
NASA. It is a sobering gure.
Scientists say Earth narrowly avoided a disastrous solar storm in 2012.
If it had hit, one says, we would still be picking up the pieces. AFP
People stand in the rubble of the tomb of Jonah in Mosul, Iraq. TWITTER
100 million mouths to feed
Newborn baby girl Jennalyn Sentino, who has been designated as the
Philippines 100 millionth baby, sleeps during a presentation at
a government hospital in Manila yesterday. Sentino was one of 100
babies born in state hospitals all over the archipelago who received
the symbolic designation. Juan Antonio Perez, executive director
of the ofcial Commission on Population, said that while a growing
population means a larger workforce, it also means more dependents
in a country where about 25 per cent of people live in poverty. AFP
Alarm sounded over
murderous anteaters
IANT anteaters in
Brazil have killed
two hunters in
separate incidents,
raising concerns about the
animals loss of habitat and
the growing risk of dangerous
encounters with people, re-
searchers said.
The long-nosed, hairy
mammals are not typically ag-
gressive towards people and
are considered a vulnerable
species by the International
Union for the Conservation
of Nature (IUCN), largely due
to deforestation and human
settlements that encroach on
their territory.
However, they have poor
vision and if frightened, they
may defend themselves with
long front claws that are as
long as pocketknives.
The case studies of two fa-
tal attacks by giant anteaters
were described in the journal
Wilderness and Environmen-
tal Medicine, which released
the paper online this month,
ahead of its publication in the
December print issue.
Both were farmers, were
hunting and were attacked
by wounded or cornered ani-
mals, lead author Vidal Hadd-
ad of the Botucatu School of
Medicine at Sao Paulo State
University said.
In the rst case, a 47-year-
old man was hunting with his
two sons and his dogs when
they came upon a giant ant-
eater in northern Brazil. The
hunter did not shoot at the
animal, but he approached it
with his knife drawn.
The anteater stood on its
hind legs and grabbed the
man with its forelimbs, caus-
ing deep puncture wounds in
his thighs and upper arms.
The hunter bled to death
at the scene, said the report,
which noted that the encoun-
ter happened on August 1,
2012, but had not been de-
scribed in scientic literature
until now.
The other case involved a 75-
year-old man who died in 2010
when an anteater used its long
front claws which typically
help it dig into anthills to
puncture his femoral arteries,
located in the groin and thigh.
These injuries are very se-
rious and we have no way of
knowing whether it is a de-
fence behaviour acquired by
the animals, Haddad said.
He stressed that such at-
tacks are rare but said they are
important because they show
the need for people to give
wild animals plenty of space.
Giant anteaters (Myrme-
cophaga tridactyla) are be-
lieved to be extinct in Belize, El
Salvador, Guatemala and Uru-
guay. Some 5,000 exist in the
wild and can be found in parts
of Central and South America.
They range in length from
1.2 to 2 metres and may weigh
as much as 45 kilograms.
Giant anteaters eat mainly
insects, but they also enjoy
citrus and avocados. AFP
Tank you dearly
Rebels visit
for weapons
ISITING a museum may be
the last thing on the minds
of hardened insurgents in
east Ukraine, but a group of them
turned up at one in Donetsk only
to make off with a World War II
tank and two howitzers.
They had written authorisa-
tion to take them away, said a
bewildered guard outside the
immense World War II museum
in the insurgent-held city.
They loaded them into a big
truck. They took the tank that was
least damaged. I think theyre go-
ing to use them to ght, he said.
When an AFP journalist visited
the museum there were still
markings on the ground from
where the separatist ghters had
revved up their vintage loot and
made off. A father and son the
only visitors to the normally bus-
tling complex gaped in disbelief.
Can you believe it? Theyre
even stealing museum exhibits
now, the father said, before tak-
ing a picture of his son swinging
from the gun turret of one of the
remaining tanks.
It wasnt unprecedented. Earlier
this month video emerged of reb-
els purportedly ring up a WWII
Stalin tank on a pedestal where it
had stood for decades. AFP
Anteaters: Cute one minute, a
murderer the next. AFP
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HESE thoughts were put
together while in Prey Sar
prison, under a dim light
and to the sound of rain
drops coming down from the ceil-
ing. It is my opinion as I develop my
plan of action for the future.
Tables violently turn: that was the
front-page headline of The Phnom
Penh Post on July 16, with a half-page
picture of a security guard with a
bloodied face. He is down on the
ground. He is in pain. I feel his pain.
His blood is Khmer blood, the same
as mine. I will continue to call for
peaceful protests and will continue
to condemn violence.
Cambodia must stop being a
divided nation. We must find peace-
ful solutions to achieve real democ-
racy and to respect the human
rights, freedoms and liberties of our
citizens. Our grand mission is to fos-
ter national reconciliation and pros-
perity that is sustainable and that
does not further separate the haves
from the have-nots.
In the notorious Prey Sar prison in
the outskirts of Phnom Penh, I
shared life behind bars with 500
other women who opened my eyes
to a justice system that is rotten to
the core. I heard women cry out for
justice, even those who recognised
that they had committed a crime.
Each and every one of them had to
pay those in the justice system
who set a price at each step of the
court process.
It all begins at the police station at
the time of arrest with or without a
court order paying for the small
privilege of staying in Prey Sar.
Many remain in pretrial detention
far longer than the legal time limit.
From arrest to charging to sentenc-
ing, its very rare for a female inmate
to have contact with a female
authority. There are only two female
deputy chiefs among all 25 prisons
in Cambodia.
There is no peace without justice.
There are no human rights without
freedom of speech and assembly.
My campaign since April to Free
Freedom Park led to violence, to the
arrest of seven opposition lawmak-
ers-elect and a youth leader, and to a
high-level summit to end the
12-month political deadlock. Fol-
lowing the summit, an agreement
based on the national interest was
reached, signed and reported to His
Majesty the King. The deal will allow
us 55 Cambodia National Rescue
Party lawmakers-elect to take our
oaths at the Throne Hall inside the
Royal Palace and to claim our seats
at the National Assembly. The ruling
party wants the process to be com-
plete within three to four days. The
opposition is taking a close look at
the technical details.
A new chance to build true democ-
racy for the Cambodian people is
opening up once again. The signed
agreement is morally biding. The
work has just begun. The road to
peace still stretches far ahead.
The road to democratic governance
Let us begin with mechanisms for
checks and balances that will recog-
nise the CNRP as an opposition party
loyal to Cambodia, with a commit-
ment to true reform. Our obligation
to the people is them having a fair
share of power, therefore building a
strong and dynamic civil society is a
crucial part of our mission.
Open the gate of the National
Assembly for the people to enter the
house as its legitimate owners and
not as unwanted guests. Let there be
public hearings, let the public galler-
ies be occupied and let there be pas-
sionate debates based on democratic
principles not to protect party
interests alone. We must learn to live
side by side and accept our differ-
ences. We must end the culture of
impunity, corruption and nepotism,
and solidify the rule of law.
I am willing to accept the out-
pouring sense of betrayal by our
supporters when they heard the
result of the negotiations. They mis-
takenly believe that the CNRP is now
sleeping with the devil. With each
and every action taken, however, we
fulfil our duty to the people: to
ensure transparency and accounta-
bility with the full protection of
human rights and freedoms.
One thing is for sure: opposition
lawmakers will not be stripped of
their immunity while serving the
interests of the nation, as that would
require two-thirds of the votes of the
National Assembly.
We must not forget that we have
chosen a very long and winding
road. We must agree to disagree and
we must learn the rules of nonvio-
lence and to guarantee nonviolence
in order to walk towards peace.
Mu Sochua
Rebuilding a divided nation
Lawmaker-elect and senior opposition member Mu Sochua shouts slogans after being released on bail from Prey Sar prison on July 22. AFP
Mu Sochua is a lawmaker-elect with the
Cambodia National Rescue Party.
In brief
Malkovich hits out at
Sydney Opera House
US ACTOR John Malkovich has
hit out at Sydneys famous
Opera House, saying the
acoustics were so hideous they
would do an aeroplane hangar
a disservice. The thespian and
star of movies including Burn
After Reading and Dangerous
Liaisons performed at the iconic
building in the 2011 Sydney
Festival production The
Giacomo Variations, which was
booed and critically savaged.
Its lovely to drive by on a motor
boat and it has a very nice crew,
and very capable, but the
acoustics are hideous, the
veteran actor told the Sydney
Daily Telegraph. I mean, I dont
know, I have only played in about
200 opera houses, and it
certainly has acoustics that
would do an aeroplane hangar a
disservice. For a catholicity of
reasons, its not the wisest place
to put on anything . . . with the
possible exception of maybe a
circus. AFP
Olympic design dispute
settled out of court
ORGANISERS of the London
Olympics have reached an out-
of-court settlement over the
disputed origins of the cauldron
design that formed the
centrepiece of its opening
ceremony. The startling
cauldron of copper petals that
rose up to form a flaming
flower at the climax of the
ceremony had been hailed as
one of the most original in the
history of the games, and
another triumph for the highly
regarded British designer
Thomas Heatherwick. But two
years on, Locog has acknow-
ledged in a statement that New
York-based practice Atopia
came up with five design
principles that would go on to
become defining character-
istics of the cauldron. AFP
Picassos daughter to
donate fathers works
PICASSOS eldest daughter has
promised to donate one of her
fathers drawings and a
notebook of sketches to the
newly renovated Paris museum
dedicated to his lifes work.
Maya Widmaier Picasso said
the works would be handed
over for the reopening of the
museum on October 23, the
133rd anniversary of the artists
birth in Spain. The museum
already has 5,000 works by
Picasso, including 300
paintings and a similar number
of sculptures. Widmaier
Picasso, 78, appears in several
of her fathers works, including
the celebrated series Maya with
her Doll. She announced her
donation through her lawyer.
Hamlet set in Kashmir likely
to stir some anger in India
PHELIA is a young
journalist, Polonius
a sinister police-
man and Laertes
works for a multinational. The
climactic duel is a reght in
a snowy graveyard, and the
famous play within a play
features rows of synchronised
dancers and much singing.
Welcome to Haider, a Bolly-
wood version of Hamlet set
for a controversial, much an-
ticipated release this autumn.
The lm is the work of direc-
tor Vishal Bhardwaj, whose vi-
sion of Macbeth as an Indian
gang boss won international
praise. His latest Shakespear-
ian adaptation turns the prince
of Denmark into a philosophy
student from Kashmir, the
former Himalayan prince-
dom, who returns home from
university after hearing that
his doctor father has disap-
peared and his mother is in a
new relationship.
Shakespeare is the most
dramatic writer for hundreds
of years. His stories of conicts
are relevant today and relevant
everywhere, said Bhardwaj,
48, who has also directed an
adaptation of Othello.
The lm stars some of In-
dias biggest names, including
Irrfan Khan, who played a po-
liceman in the Oscar-winning
Slumdog Millionaire, and
Tabu, known internationally
for her role in Life of Pi.
It is likely to be controversial
however. Set during the 1990s,
the most intense years of the
ongoing insurgency which
has pitted Kashmiri mili-
tants and separatists against
security forces and their lo-
cal auxiliaries for more than
two decades, Haider includes
graphic scenes of torture in
Indian army camps and other
human rights abuses by In-
dian ofcials. The father of
Hamlet, or Haider, turns out
to have been killed by para-
militaries recruited by the
Indian authorities and run by
his uncle. Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern are local men
who are paid informants for
police intelligence.
Violence in Kashmir, disput-
ed by India and Pakistan since
the two countries won their
independence from Britain
in 1947, has ebbed in recent
years, but extreme sensitivi-
ties remain in India about the
conict and its history.
What happened in Kashmir
is a very human tragedy, but no
one is talking about it. But once
you talk of it, you are released
from it. What I am saying is the
truth. It should be like a balm
on a wound, Bhardwaj said.
The lm will have to pass
Indias government censors
and could prompt a backlash
from right-wing organisations,
which have previously tar-
geted artists whose work they
believe to be unpatriotic.
The adaptation has been
written by Basharat Peer, a
Kashmir-born author and
journalist. Hamlets famous
soliloquies have had to be
largely omitted, but the most
famous scenes remain. Haider
asks to be or not to be as he
points a handgun to his own
head, and as a Muslim decides
not to kill his uncle while he is
kneeling in prayer, rather than
before an altar.
Peer said he hoped the lm
would challenge the narra-
tive constructed by previous
mainstream cinema about the
Kashmir conict and give an
alternative point of view.
Kashmiris have always
been portrayed as crazy fanat-
ics or Kashmir simply seen as
a picturesque tourist destina-
tion. This is a very different
view, he said.
Bollywood directors have
frequently turned to Shake-
speare for inspiration. One
recent blockbuster was based
on Romeo and Juliet, and an-
other on A Midsummer Nights
Dream. The 1982 lm Angoor
adapted A Comedy of Errors.
The contemporary inter-
est in Shakespeare in India is
part of a long tradition reach-
ing back to the 19th century,
when popular theatre troupes
performed his plays, said Ra-
chel Dwyer, professor of Indi-
an cultures and cinema at the
University of London. Film-
makers also adapted his work
during the colonial period of
British rule.
The more realistic lms
[such as this Hamlet] with
more narrative appeal more
to the Indian elite and a lot
of them will have read Shake-
speare. The tragedies particu-
larly are about people facing
these very big, very universal
dilemmas and that speaks to
everyone, Dwyer said.
Adapting a play set in Den-
mark and written by an Eng-
lish playwright four centuries
ago to contemporary India
was not easy, Peer said.
There were lots of difcul-
ties. You cant just transpose a
play. You have to do it justice,
but also do justice to the con-
text, he said.
Social as well as political sub-
jects in the play, and the lm,
may raise eyebrows, particu-
larly the relationship between
Gertrude and her son, played
by rising star Shahid Kapoor.
Coming back to Oedipus
. . . the characters of Shahid
and Tabu will be having a very
complex sexual relationship.
Giving this situation, it will
be interesting to see how the
audience react to this kind
of a relationship on-screen,
said the Deccan Chronicle, a
regional Indian newspaper.
Opera on art, Holocaust to debut in Austria
THE prestigious Salzburg Festival is known
for its classical performances of Mozart
and Bach, but this year the spotlight is on
a new modern opera telling the story of
German artist and Holocaust victim Char-
lotte Salomon.
Salomons short life is depicted in hun-
dreds of paintings she did while in exile in
the south of France before she was deport-
ed and killed by the Nazis in Auschwitz in
1943, aged just 26.
Now her paintings with subjects rang-
ing from Berlin society dinners to the
Nazis power grab and the resulting Jewish
exodus have been given new life on
the stage.
Charlotte Salomon, created by French
composer Marc-Andre Dalbavie and direct-
ed by acclaimed Swiss director Luc Bondy,
will have its world premiere tonight.
Translating her artwork into music was
almost self-evident, says Dalbavie, who
will also conduct the opera in Salzburg.
Charlotte Salomons whole artistic work
began with music. She always sang when
she painted and its this singing that
inspired her painting. So there is a very
strong relationship between the singing,
the painting and her story, he told AFP.
Music by Georges Bizet and Johann
Sebastian Bach as well as even nursery
rhymes that were referenced in the paint-
ings dip in and out of Dalbavies mod-
ern score.
Salomons art often featured text and
commentaries about events and these
have also been incorporated into the
libretto, crafted by German writer Barbara
Not just a chronicle of political develop-
ments in Germany and France in the
1930s and 1940s, Charlotte Salomon fol-
lows a young womans search for her iden-
tity and efforts to escape a family curse
that had seen several of her relatives
including her mother and grandmother
kill themselves.
She creates these works to rebuild her
identity and also to save herself . . . she
doesnt want to kill herself, she wants to
live, 53-year-old Dalbavie said.
These works are really what will allow
her eventually to free herself from her
family. AFP
Vishal Bhardwajs Haider turns the prince of Denmark, played by Shahid Kapoor (right), into a philosophy student from Kashmir. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Singer Johanna Wokalek as
Charlotte Salomon performs at
a dress rehearsal of Charlotte
Salomon last week. AFP
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PG 936 Daily 19:10 20:20 TG 584 Daily 18:25 19:40
TG 585 Daily 20:40 21:45 PG 937 Daily 21:20 22:30
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 16:05 CZ 323 Daily 14:30 20:50
QR 965 Daily 16:30 23:05 QR 964 Daily 01:00 15:05
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 11:40 CZ 6059 2.4.7 12:00 13:45
CZ 6060 2.4.7 14:45 18:10 CZ 323 Daily 19:05 20:50
VN 840 Daily 17:30 20:35 VN 841 Daily 09:40 13:00
QR 965 Daily 16:30 17:30 QR 964 Daily 14:05 15:05
VN 841 Daily 14:00 14:45 VN 920 Daily 15:50 16:30
VN 3856 Daily 19:20 20:05 VN 3857 Daily 18:00 18:45
KA 207 11:25 15:05 KA 208 08:50 10:25
KA 207 6 11:45 22:25 KA 206 3.5.7 14:30 16:05
KA 209 1 18:30 22:05 KA 206 1 15:25 17:00
KA 209 3.5.7 17:25 21:00 KA 206 2 15:50 17:25
KA 205 2 19:00 22:35 - - - -
KE 690 Daily 23:40 06:40 KE 689 Daily 18:30 22:20
OZ 740 Daily 23:50 06:50 OZ 739 Daily 19:10 22:50
AK 1473 Daily 08:35 11:20 AK 1474 Daily 15:15 16:00
MH 755 Daily 11:10 14:00 MH 754 Daily 09:30 10:20
MH 763 Daily 17:10 20:00 MH 762 Daily 3:20 4:10
AF 273 2 20:05 06:05 AF 273 2 20:05 06:05
FM 833 19:50 23:05 FM 833 19:30 22:40
MI 601 09:30 12:30 MI 602 07:40 08:40
MI 622 2.4 12:20 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 11:25
3K 594 1234..7 15:25 18:20 3K 593 Daily 13:30 14:40
3K 594 ....56. 15:25 18:10 - - - -
MI 607 Daily 18:10 21:10 MI 608 Daily 16:20 17:15
2817 1.3 16:40 19:40 2816 1.3 15:00 15:50
2817 2.4.5 09:10 12:00 2816 2.4.5 07:20 08:10
2817 6 14:50 17:50 2816 6 13:00 14:00
2817 7 13:20 16:10 2816 7 11:30 12:30
BR 266 Daily 12:45 17:05 BR 265 Daily 09:10 11:35
VN 840 Daily 17:30 18:50 VN 841 Daily 11:30 13:00
QV 920 Daily 17:50 19:10 QV 921 Daily 11:45 13:15
8M 402 1.3.6 13:30 14:55 8M 401 1.3.6 08:20 10:45
8M 401 1.3.6 11:45 12:30
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 700 Daily 12:50 2:00 K6 701 Daily 02:55 04:05
PG 924 Daily 09:45 11:00 PG 903 Daily 08:00 09:10
PG 906 Daily 12:20 13:35 PG 905 Daily 10:35 11:45
PG 914 Daily 15:50 17:00 PG 913 Daily 14:05 15:15
PG 908 Daily 19:05 20:10 PG 907 Daily 17:20 18:15
PG 910 Daily 20:30 21:45 PG 909 Daily 18:45 19:55
CZ 3054 2.4.6 11:25 15:35 CZ 3053 2.4.6 08:45 10:30
CZ 3054 19:25 23:20 CZ 3053 16:35 18:30
K6 850 Daily 06:50 08:30 K6 851 Daily 19:30 21:15
VN 868 12:40 15:35 VN 843 Daily 15:25 17:10
VN 842 Daily 18:05 19:45 VN 845 Daily 17:05 18:50
VN 844 Daily 19:45 21:25 VN 845 Daily 17:45 19:30
VN 800 Daily 21:00 22:40 VN 801 Daily 18:20 20:00
VN 3818 Daily 11:10 12:30 VN 3809 Daily 09:15 10:35
VN 826 Daily 13:30 14:40 VN 827 Daily 11:35 12:35
VN 3820 Daily 17:45 18:45 VN 3821 Daily 15:55 16:55
VN 828 Daily 18:20 19:20 VN 829 Daily 16:20 17:40
VN 3822 Daily 21:35 22:35 VN 3823 Daily 19:45 20:45
KE 688 Daily 23:15 06:10 KE 687 Daily 18:30 22:15
OZ 738 Daily 23:40 07:10 OZ 737 Daily 19:20 22:40
AK 281 Daily 08:35 11:35 AK 280 Daily 06:50 07:50
MH 765 3.5.7 14:15 17:25 MH 764 3.5.7 12:10 13:15
5J 258 2.4.7 22:30 02:11 5J 257 2.4.7 19:45 21:30
#90+92+94Eo, St. 217, Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel 023 881 178 | Fax 023 886 677 |
1 Wed, 08:00 - Thu 16:00 1 Call/week SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN
2 Thu, 14:00 - Fri 22:00 1 Call/week
3 Fri, 20:00 - Sat 23:59 1 Call/week SIN-SHV-SGZ-SIN
(4 calls/moth)
1 Th, 08:00 - 20:00 1 Call/week
2 Fri, 22:00- Sun 00:01 1 Call/week
(4 calls/onth)
Sun 09:00-23:00 1 Call/week
(4 calls/month)
Sat 06:00 - Sun 08:00 1 Call/week SGZ-SHV-SIN-SGZ
(4 calls/month)
Fri, 08:00 - Sun, 06:00 1 call/week SIN-SHV-SIN
(2 calls/month)
Irregula 2 calls/month BBK-SHV-BKK-(LZP)
34 call/month
BUS= Busan, Korea
HKG= HongKong
kao=Kaoshiung, Taiwan ROC
Kob= Kebe, Japan
KUN= Kuantan, Malaysia
LZP= Leam Chabang, Thailand
NBO= Ningbo, China
OSA= Osaka, Japan
SGN= Saigon, Vietnam
SGZ= Songkhla, Thailand
SHV= Sihanoukville Port Cambodia
SIN= Singapore
TPP= TanjungPelapas, Malaysia
TYO= Tokyo, Japan
TXG= Taichung, Taiwan
YAT= Yantian, China
YOK= Yokohama, Japan
Air Asia (AK)
Room T6, PP International
Airport. Tel: 023 6666 555
Fax: 023 890 071
Cambodia Angkor Air (K6)
PP Ofce, #206A, Preah
Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassac
+855 23 6666 786, 788, 789,
+855 23 21 25 64
Fax:+855 23-22 41 64
Qatar Airways (Newaddress)
VattanacCapital Tower, Level7,
No.66, PreahMonivongBlvd,
Sangkat wat Phnom, KhanDaun
Penh. PP, P: (023) 963800.
#90+92+94Eo, St. 217,
Sk. Orussey4, Kh. 7 Makara,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
T:023 881 178 | F:023 886 677
Dragon Air (KA)
#168, Monireth, PP
Tel: 023 424 300
Fax: 023 424 304
Tiger airways
G. oor, Regency square,
Suare, Suite #68/79, St.205,
Sk Chamkarmorn, PP
Tel: (855) 95 969 888
(855) 23 5515 888/5525888

Koreanair (KE)
Room.F3-R03, Intelligent Ofce
Center, Monivong Blvd,PP
Tel: (855) 23 224 047-9
Cebu Pacic (5J)
Phnom Penh: No. 333B
Monivong Blvd. Tel: 023 219161
SiemReap: No. 50,Sivatha Blvd.
Tel: 063 965487
SilkAir (MI)
Regency C,Unit 2-4, Tumnorb
Teuk, Chamkarmorn
Phnom Penh
Tel:023 988 629
2817 - 16 Tigerairways KA - Dragon Air 1 Monday
5J - CEBU Airways. MH - Malaysia Airlines 2 Tuesday
AK - Air Asia MI - SilkAir 3 Wednesday
BR - EVA Airways OZ - Asiana Airlines 4 Thursday
CI - China Airlines PG - Bangkok Airways 5 Friday
CZ - China Southern QR - Qatar Airways 6 Saturday
FD - Thai Air Asia QV - Lao Airlines 7 Sunday
FM - Shanghai Air SQ - Singapore Airlines
K6- Cambodia Angkor Air TG - Thai Airways | VN - Vietnam Airlines
This ight schedule information is updated about once a month. Further information,
please contact direct to airline or a travel agent for ight schedule information.
MI 633 1, 6, 7 16:35 22:15 MI 633 1, 6, 7 14:35 15:45
MI 622 2.4 10:40 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 09:50
MI 630 5 12:25 15:40 MI 616 7 10:40 11:50
MI 615 7 12:45 16:05 MI 636 3, 2 13:55 17:40
MI 636 3, 2 18:30 21:35 MI 630 5 07:55 11:35
MI 617 5 18:35 21:55 MI 618 5 16:35 17:45
3K 598 .2....7 15:35 18:40 3K 597 .2....7 13:45 14:50
3K 598 ...4... 15:35 18:30 3K 597 ...4... 13:45 14:50
QV 522 10:05 13:00 QV 512 06:30 09:25
8M 402 1. 5 20:15 21:25 8M 401 1. 5 17:05 19:15
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 130 1-3-5 12:55 13:55 K6 131 1-3-5 11:20 12:20
A member of the Catalan Federation of Cannabis Association prepares
a joint in Barcelona. Hundreds of cannabis clubs throughout Catalonia
are making Barcelona rival Amsterdam as a smokers haven. AFP
Is Barcelona
now the new
FAINT smell of can-
nabis smoke hangs
in the air as Susana
relaxes on the sofa
with her mother, Juana, and
lights up a joint.
Welcome to Pachamama
one of the hundreds of can-
nabis clubs that are making
Barcelona rival Amsterdam as
a smokers haven.
With shelves full of books
and games the place could be
someones sitting room, but
for a hookah pipe and photo-
graphs of hemp plants like the
ones the club grows.
This is the safest way to
know what I am smoking and
at the same time avoid partici-
pating in the black market,
says Susana, a 27-year-old
shop assistant.
Smokers groups say some
700 such associations have
sprung up in Spain due to a
legal loophole.
Dealing in cannabis is illegal
in Spain but the law does not
penalise growing it for private
consumption nor setting up
smokers associations.
Now authorities are getting
concerned, however.
Barcelona has imposed a
moratorium on associations
opening premises for smok-
ing the drug and regional au-
thorities also want new rules
on cannabis.
These clubs have spread
due to a lack of regulation,
said Antoni Mateu, head of
public health in the Catalonia
regional government.
Our priority is to discour-
age consumption, but a regu-
lation is required to curb it.
There are also many clubs
in the northwestern Basque
region, whose regional gov-
ernment has announced it is
drawing up new regulations
for cannabis use.
Since it is not regulated, it
is not legal, said Jaume Xaus,
spokesman for the Catalonia
Federation of Cannabis Asso-
ciations. But no one knows
either what paperwork you
have to have nor how to prove
to the police, if they come,
that what we are doing is not
breaking the law.
For two years now Susana
has come once a week to Pa-
chamama to buy 5 grams of
marijuana. She sometimes
brings her parents along too.
You have to consume re-
sponsibly and be conscious of
what it entails, she says. But
it is the same with medicine,
alcohol and tobacco.
Would-be members must be
over 18 and be recommended
by an existing member. They
must be able to show they are
habitual smokers.
This is not a potheads club,
says Patricia, 28, who founded
Pachamama in 2012 in Barce-
lonas trendy Gracia district.
Like the other members, she
asked not to be identied by
her surname.
Here we control the con-
sumption, she said. We
inform members about the
effects of smoking and we
ensure a quality product,
she adds.
A cannabis club is legal as
long as it controls consump-
tion and refrains from adver-
tising and distributing the
drug for prot, penal law spe-
cialist Juan Munoz said.
Some clubs, however, are
suspected of stepping over the
line, venturing beyond their
nonprot association activities
into full-blown drug-dealing.
Some cases have been dis-
covered of clubs promoting
consumption among tourists,
supplying to trafckers and
minors, Mateu said. Some
have also had problems with
the neighbours.
Martin Barriuso, spokesman
for the Spanish Federation of
Cannabis Associations, ac-
knowledged that some bad
practices have emerged.
We have reported them,
he said. But it is hard to con-
trol without a clear regulation
that separates the wheat from
the chaff. AFP
Thinking caps
Saturdays solution Saturdays solution
A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by
Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors
of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier.
They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived,
as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that
will determine who will emerge as Earths dominant
City Mall: 9:15am, 1:45pm, 4:20pm, 6:55pm, 9:30pm
Tuol Kork: 9:15am, 2pm, 4:35pm, 7:25pm, 9:25pm
Meanchey: 9:10am, 1:55pm, 6:40pm, 9:15pm
New York police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates
a series of crimes. He joins forces with an
unconventional priest, schooled in the rituals of
exorcism, to combat the possessions terrorising their
City Mall: 11:30am
Tuol Kork: 9:15am
Meanchey: 7:15pm
When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave
that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and
the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find
themselves at the centre of a battle to protect the
City Mall: 11:10am
An automobile mechanic and his daughter make a
discovery that brings the Autobots and Decepticons
on them, as well as a dangerously paranoid
government official.
City Mall: 1:55pm, 9:55pm
Tuol Kork: 9:15am, 4:15pm
Meanchey: 9:10am, 8:50pm
A young couple works to survive on the streets after
their car breaks down right as the annual purge
City Mall: 3:15pm, 9:50pm
Toul Kork: 11:50am, 1:35pm, 3:45pm, 7:50pm, 10pm
Meanchey: 9:10am, 11:45am, 3:10pm, 9:40pm
Open mic @ Slur Bar
All music styles are welcome.
Drums, bass, guitar and microphone
are provided, and performers are
welcome to bring their instruments.
Performers get free drinks.
Slur Bar, #28 Street 172.
Ballet @ Central School
Class is attended for adults who danced
when they were younger, or have a lot
of experience in a dierent style of
dance. Cost is $12.
Central School of Ballet, #10 Street 183.
Pizza @ Show Box
The Katy Peri Peri Peri Chicken and
Pizza chefs served their wood-red
pizza from their mobile kitchen in
front of Show Box. Reggae music will
be played all night.
Show Box, #11 Street 330.
Nerd Night @
Featuring lectures ranging from last
years election to badminton. Inspired
by the world renowned Pecha Kucha
presentation format, all talks consist
of 20 slides, with 20 seconds for each
CodeRED, opposite NagaWorld. 8pm
1 Junker of a car
5 See 35-Across
10 Poker action
14 Unwanted outbreak
15 Domesticates
16 Buck follower
17 Slimed people
20 Shes a real hog
21 Former NFL receiver Randy
22 Scottish lord
23 Barbers symbol
24 Daring baserunner
26 Richard III offered his kingdom
for it
29 Skeptical
30 Italys capital
31 Plant bristles
32 Scottish John
35 Andrew Lloyd Webber work (with
39 Awfully long time
40 Join with others
41 All in the Family producer
42 Prefix with plasm
43 Hands-on-hips position
45 Replaceable shoe parts
48 Big shot in hockey
49 March king
50 Thiefs retreat
51 Floating zoo
54 Sci-fi classic
58 Gold diggers quest
59 Yemenis neighbor
60 Napa Valley sight
61 Some sheep
62 One of the Rolling Stones
63 Little advantage
1 Ring-tossed items?
2 Comeback of a kind
3 Starting fresh
4 Projection on many coatracks
5 My Favorite Year star
6 Out of style
7 They may save your life
8 Union opponent
9 Tempe sch.
10 Literary name for China
11 ... ___ live nephew of my Uncle
12 Greene of Bonanza
13 Typical Las Vegas gambler
18 Managed care grps.
19 Dorm room staple, once
23 Kind of school
24 Have ones heart ___ (desire
25 Wagon puller
26 Commedia dell___
27 A couple of words from Santa
28 A comet, to the superstitious
29 Relinquish ones hold
31 Piqued states
32 Nugget of news
33 Moby Dick chaser
34 Infamous emperor
36 WWII Chief Justice Stone
37 Shaving-cream ingredient
38 Geraldine creator Wilson
42 Nosegays
43 Common defenses
44 Communism co-founder Marx
45 Fiber used in basketmaking
46 With zero chance, informally
47 Soft leather
48 Actress Eva Marie
50 Would-be lawyers exam
51 During the course of
52 Tolled, as a bell
53 ___-jerk reaction
55 Promise
56 ___ little confused
57 First grandmother
Nerd Night features random Phnom Penh residents discussing their interests. ANNA CLARE
Jeremy Renner stars in The Bourne Legacy.
12:40pm - PLANES: A cropdusting plane with a fear
of heights lives his dream of competing in a famous
around-the-world aerial race. FOX MOVIES
3:45pm - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: An American agent,
under false suspicion of disloyalty, must discover
and expose the real spy without the help of his
organization. HBO
4:25pm - EPIC: A teenager finds herself transported to
a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces
of good and the forces of evil is taking place. HBO
9:35pm - THE BOURNE LEGACY: An expansion of the
universe from Robert Ludlums novels, centred on a
new hero whose stakes have been triggered by the
events of the previous three films. HBO
Socheata and Sontery
Social Life Team
KFCs new Colonel Burger @ Aeon Mall
SEMBONIA opens @ Aeon Mall
Kampuchea Food Corporation, the franchise operator of the world-renowned KFC fast-food chain in Cambodia, launched its latest
product. The Colonel Burger is a new chicken sandwich that uses 100 per cent fresh and juicy chicken llet blended with the famous KFC
recipe of 11 herbs and spices. For this launching, singer Meas Sok Sophea, KFC brand ambassador for this year, performed her latest song
composition. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
launched its rst bou-
tique at Aeon Mall.
SEMBONIA is one of
the worlds top brands
of leatherwear, with
an extensive range of
products that includes
shoes, bags and other
accessories. The brands
modern lifestyle collec-
tion targets the young and
fashion conscious. For the
Aeon launch, models dem-
onstrated the goods on the
catwalk for a fashion show.
Afterwards, all the guests en-
joyed shopping at the store
with special discounts. Photos
by Hong Menea.
Kong Socheat and Ta Bui
Yem Samoun, singer Chorn Chanlekhena and Tim Ratha
Ribbon cutting ceremony
KFC staff shows off the Colonel Burger Heang Sreyoun Singer Meas Sok Sophea
Chhim Sreyneang
Social Life Manager
Launching Hiya Mobile Cambodia @ Sotel Phokeethra
Key Real Estate Gala dinner
@ Cambodiana Hotel
On July 25, Hiya Moblie
Cambodia launched the
new smartphone Hiya
Xone at Sotel Phnom
Penh Phokeethra. The
new phone, which is
produced in Hong
Kong, costs $120
and has a one-year
warranty. The prod-
uct, which uses the
Android operating
system and is available
in multiple colours, is a
newcomer to Cambodias
low-cost smartphone mar-
ket, which also includes
the lower-end models
of the Huawei brand.
Guests from Hiya dealer-
ships in Phnom Penh and
throughout the provinces
attended the celebration
for a dinner and lucky draw
at the hotel.
Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
On July 18, Key Real Es-
tate Co Ltd held a gala
dinner at the Cambodi-
ana Hotel that explored
the theme of creating
real estate value in the
context of integration
into the ASEAN econom-
ic community. Keys real
estate services include
property management,
marketing research, prop-
erty marketing, real estate
brokerage and other con-
sulting services related to
the real estate trade. The pur-
pose of the event was to build
bridges with potential business
partners, including banks and
other real estate consulting services. Before dinner, Sok Siphanna, adviser to the government
of Cambodia, gave a speech to open the event. The guests were mostly from banks and mi-
cronance institutions, government agencies, law rms and other businesspeople. Photos
by Chhim Sreyneang.
Models Mao Kim Thyda, Leang Nary, Chaly, Dara Van
Kevin Lim, chairman of Key Real Estate; Om Visal; Sorn Seap, director, Ung Marady; director for Key
real estate.
Models pose with Sok Siphana, adviser to the gov-
ernmen, and Daron HY Wong
Kevin Lim, chairman of Key Real Estate; and
Chhor Chhun Hong, brand manager of ABA Bank
Charles C Villar, GM of Key Real Estate; Sem
Narorthnay; and Nay Sok Samnang, vice presi-
dent and head of protocol of Acleda Bank
Heng Rattana and Chheng Chhayhong, executive as-
sistant to the general manager of Key Real Estate
Tran Nhat Linh, deputy head of individual depart-
ments, and Tran Trung Hieu, deputy director of MB Bank
Chhuon Chhen, manager of credit assessment
department; Cheng Sreylin; and Kem Thaly from
Touch Pisal, GM of Mekong View Tower, and Korn
Chavbopha, account executive of Prim Services
Chea Kimhuy, Nut Moch, Morm Chanthearith,
sales executive of Hung Hiep Cambodia.
Kieng Pheng, Doan Duy Lam Jeff Ng Seng Wai, Ly Tech Srun, Ly Long, Ly Ny, Ivann Lin
Kong Sophal, Thy Phi Nou
Sou Soksangvar and Him Makara, risk analyst for
ANZ Royal Bank
Sothy Linna, Usagi, Ly Yanin
Chhor Penghuy, Ung Hok Ung Leng, Chan Daneth Ieng Toung Srun, Chhuo Sok Chean
Nak Sreynoch, Ngun Punleu

Waratahs ready to face
nemesis in Super final
THE New South Wales
Waratahs face their nemesis the
Canterbury Crusaders in this
seasons Super Rugby final after
a Herculean defensive effort to
overcome the ACT Brumbies
this weekend. The Waratahs
displayed a solid backbone to
resist the two-time champion
Brumbies 26-8 in their home
semifinal and set up a
championship decider against
the New Zealand conference
champions at Sydneys Olympic
stadium on Saturday. While the
Crusaders have won the
Southern Hemisphere provincial
series seven times and are into
their 11th final after brushing
aside South Africas Coastal
Sharks 38-6 in Christchurch, the
Waratahs are still chasing their
first title. AFP
No Love for US stars in

defending world crown
MINNESOTA Timberwolves star
forward Kevin Love, being
sought in trade deals by several
NBA clubs, will not play for the
United States in this years
Basketball World Cup. USA
Basketball announced Saturday
in a statement that Love, a
member of the 2012 London
Olympic gold-medal US team,
will not participate in the world
squads training camp that
opens Monday in Las Vegas
because of his current status.
That status is very uncertain of
where he will play next season
and not playing for the
Americans reduces the chances
of an injury that might scuttle a
potential deal for the
Timberwolves. For the
Americans, losing a star big
man is a huge deal as the five-
day camp will start the roster
trimming process ahead of the
FIBA World Cup, a 24-team
event from August 30 to
September 14 in Spain. AFP
Tyson Fury withdraws

from Ustinov match-up
BRITAINS Tyson Fury withdrew
from his heavyweight fight
against Belarusian Alexander
Ustinov on Saturday after his
uncle fell seriously ill,
organisers announced. Ustinov,
37, had stepped in at the last
minute to face 25-year-old Fury
after Dereck Chisora was
forced to pull out of their fight
in Manchester due to injury.
Promoter Frank Warren is due
to announce a new date for the
Fury-Chisora fight in the
coming days. The night went
ahead with the Billy Joe
Saunders-Emanuele Blanda-
mura fight for the vacant Euro-
pean middleweight title top of
the bill. The British and Common-
wealth champion, 24, struggled
to dominate a previously
unbeaten opponent but
produced a superb right hook
in the eighth round to end the
contest, BBC Sport reported.
Also on Saturday, unbeaten
Kazakh star Gennady Golovkin
stopped Australian Daniel
Geale in three brutal rounds to
retain his World Boxing
Association middleweight world
title. Golovkin improved to 30-0
with 27 knockouts. AFP
Point taken
Ysaora Thibus of France (right)
competes against Hyun Hee-nam
of South Korea during the womens
team foil bout for bronze medal
at the 2014 World Fencing
Championships in Kazan last
week. Russia and Italy topped the
medals rankings with eight
medals three gold, one silver
and four bronze apiece. Russia
won the event as they amassed
the greater points total, 378 to
Italys 352. France came third
with seven medals (3-1-3). AFP
Taghrooda beats Telescope to win King George
TAGHROODA pipped the much-fan-
cied Telescope in the King George VI
and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot
on Saturday to claim a thrilling and
historic victory.
Trained by Michael Stoute and fresh
from a stunning win at Royal Ascot last
month, Telescope was the 5/2 favour-
ite, but he had no answer as Taghrooda
burst past him in the final furlong of
the Group One race. Three-year-old
Taghrooda, trained by John Gosden,
streaked away from Telescope and
Eclipse Stakes-winner Mukhadram to
win by three lengths in the mid-season
showpiece at a sun-soaked Ascot.
Its such a buzz, something you nev-
er think would happen, said jockey
Paul Hanagan. Im just so delighted for
the whole team. It was a great job.
Victory followed Taghroodas success
in the Epsom Oaks and made her only
the second filly to complete the Oaks-
King George double in the same sea-
son, after Pawneese in 1976.
Hanagan held Taghrooda, daughter
of Sea The Stars, at the back of the field
before allowing her to make her move
in the straight. Mukhadram had over-
taken pace-setter Leitir Mor on the
turn and soon found Telescope on his
shoulder, but Taghrooda cut them both
down to win going away.
They went hard, and I didnt plan to
sit that far back, but you can only go as
fast as you can and she adapted really
well, added Hanagan, who was
competing in the King George for the
first time.
Taghroodas owner, Sheikh Hamdan
Al Maktoum, elected to keep her out of
last weekends Irish Oaks and trainer
Gosden felt that her performance at
Ascot fully vindicated the call.
It was a special performance and
Im very glad Sheikh Hamdan made the
correct decision, he said. I thought it
was a bold and good plan. I thought it
was a bit defensive going for the other
race [Irish Oaks]. I think Sheikh Ham-
dan will place all of my horses now.
Asked if Taghrooda would now race
in Octobers Prix de lArc de Triomphe,
Gosden replied: It would make some
sense, but its entirely up to the own-
er. AFP
Aussies top Games medals chase
stars sent their coun-
try top of the Com-
monwealth Games
medals table on Saturday
while Jamaican sprint sensa-
tion Usain Bolt sprinkled a
little stardust on Glasgow.
The womens 4x200m free-
style relay team took Austra-
lias gold haul to 11 from a
possible 21 after three days
at the Tollcross International
Swimming Centre as they
smashed the previous Games
record by nearly four seconds.
There was an Australian
one-two in the womens
200m breaststroke as Taylor
McKeown sealed gold ahead
of teammate Sally Hunter be-
fore Emily Seebohm set a new
Games record in retaining her
100m backstroke title.
Daniel Fox got another Aus-
tralian gold in the mens para-
sport 200m freestyle to add
to his new world record time
from qualifying.
South Africas Chad le Clos
solidied his status as the
worlds best 200m buttery
swimmer as he retained his
title, but he almost came a
cropper before he even got
into the pool after twisting
his ankle when slipping off a
bus as he arrived back at the
athletes village on Friday.
However, once he was in
the water he sped clear of the
eld in the nal 50 metres.
Last night I slipped off the
bus, so I was a bit worried, my
ankle was a bit swollen, said
Le Clos.
This morning it was quite
bad in the heats so I was a bit
worried, but we had 10 hours
to strap it up and needle it
a little bit, so thanks to the
The most impressive indi-
vidual performance in the
pool was by Englands Fran
Halsall as she broke two
Games records in winning the
womens 50m freestyle and
qualifying fastest for Sundays
50m buttery nal.
There was more joy for Eng-
land as 19-year-old Adam
Peaty beat Olympic cham-
pion Cameron van der Burgh
of South Africa into second in
the mens 100m breaststroke.
In track cycling, Australia
took their medals tally to 15
with Annette Edmondson win-
ning the womens scratch race
and Scott Sunderland landing
the mens 1km time trial.
The 22-year-old Edmond-
son, who was silver medal-
list in the individual pursuit,
matched brother Alexs tally
of team gold and individual
pursuit silver.
Australian duo Jason Niblett
and Kieran Modra missed out
in the mens Para Sprint B tan-
dem as Scotlands Neil Fachie
and Craig Maclean claimed
a second gold of the Games
with a 2-1 victory.
New Zealand shone in the
mens 40km points race with
Thomas Scully claiming
gold and Aaron Gate win-
ning bronze. Peter Kennaugh
claimed Isle of Mans rst
medal of the Games, nish-
ing second.

Bolt to race in heats

The action on the third day
of the Games was dominated
in the afternoon by the arrival
of Bolt, who will race in the
4x100m relay heats in what
will be his rst outing of an
injury-hit season.
Yes Im here to run. Ill be
running, denitely, said Bolt,
the world record holder and
Olympic champion in the
100m and 200m.
Canadas Patricia Bez-
zoubenko completed a
ve-gold haul in rhythmic
gymnastics. Bezzoubenko had
already won two golds in the
team and all-around events
and she added three more on
Saturday in the clubs, ball and
hoop individual disciplines.
The one gold that escaped
her grasp was in the ribbon,
which went to Francesca
Jones giving Wales their rst
gold medal of the Games.
Australian shooter Daniel
Repacholi won the mens 10m
air pistol, but the toast of the
town in that event was third-
placed Mick Gault of England,
who at 60 won a record-equal-
ling 18th Commonwealth
Games medal. Job done, n-
ished, dont care anymore. I
got the record and I can just
relax now, Gault said.
In weightlifting, Englands
Zoe Smith claimed the wom-
ens 58kg while Malaysias
Mohammed Ha Mansor
took gold in the mens 69kg
On the nal day of judo,
Scotland took three of the ve
golds thanks to Euan Burton
in the mens -100kg, Royal Ma-
rine Christopher Sherrington
in the +100kg and Sarah Ad-
lington in the womens +78kg.
Burtons wife, Gemma Gib-
bons, who represents Eng-
land, was a silver medallist in
the womens -78kg.
Four-time rugby sevens
champions New Zealand re-
mained on track for an un-
precedented fth title by win-
ning their three pool games.
However, Scotland gave them
a wake-up call in a narrow 17-
14 encounter.
Womens world number
one squash star Nicol David
of Malaysia dropped her rst
game of the tournament but
made it safely through to the
seminals by beating Eng-
lands Jenny Duncalf.
Singapores women will face
Malaysia in the nal of the
team table tennis on Sunday
despite losing a match for the
rst time since 2002 in their
3-1 win over India. AFP
H S Manjunath
IN THE only Angkor Beer
Cambodian Basketball League
game played on Saturday at
the Olympic Stadium indoor
arena, Davies Paints pipped
Pate 310 at the post 83-80.
The organisers were left
with no choice but to resched-
ule some of the other matches
this week to make way for a
volleyball event.
Any dismay caused by the
shortened program was made
up for the fans by the thriller
that Pate and Paints delivered.
It was evident Paints were
under huge pressure to make
amends for their loss to the
Emperors a week ago.
With a refurbished Pate
pitching themselves this sea-
son as one of the fancies for
the title, it came as no sur-
prise that the intensity on
the court often touched fren-
zied levels.
The return of Aimar Sabayo,
who missed the Emperors
game, was a boost to Paints.
Yet Pate remained unfazed and
battled on equal terms till they
slipped up in the dying mo-
ments of the fourth quarter.
Paints led 67-55 in the last 10
minutes of the game, but Pate
were in no mood to let their
rivals skip away. With Sok Tour
producing a few easy lay-ups
from several steals, Paints lead
began to shrink by the minute.
With 50 seconds to go Ouch
Phanat knotted the score at 80
with his second three-pointer
moments after he had landed
one with a dash of luck.
In the frenzy of the last 20
seconds, Janna Cunanan was
on the foul line for Paints. His
rst free throw was in, but his
second rimmed out. To Paints
good fortune, however, Cu-
nanan was fouled again by
Pate on the rebound.
He could only convert one
of the two free throws, but in
a desperate attempt to wrest
the initiative Pate committed
an infraction on Sabayo, who
promptly found the basket
with his one free throw, leav-
ing Pate with the task of ring
a three-pointer in ve frustrat-
ing seconds to save themselves
from defeat. They couldnt.
Cunanan 22, Aimar Sabayo 18,
John Cornito 18)
PATE: 80 (Ouch Phanat 22, Sok
Tour 20)
Paints, Pate put
hearts pulsating
US women humbled at Crown
Jim Slater
stars, hoping to re-
store their glory in
team events, suffered
a shocking setback on Satur-
day, being eliminated before
the nal stage of the Interna-
tional Crown matches.
The top-seeded Americans,
boasting four of the worlds
top 12 players, went 3-3 in
four-ball matches and lost a
playoff to second seed South
Korea for the last spot in yes-
erdays singles matches on a
tie-breaker when Lexi Thomp-
son only parred the par-5 16th
while Cristie Kerr and two Ko-
reans made birdies.
I never thought we wouldnt
be playing tomorrow, world
number one Stacy Lewis said.
Its just crazy to think were
two points out of the lead of
this thing and were not able
to play tomorrow. Thats re-
ally what is the most disap-
pointing part.
The humbling ousting in
the inaugural global show-
down of eight four-woman
teams follows crushing loss-
es to Europe in the past two
Solheim Cups.
Europeans edged the US
Solheim Cup team 15-13 in
2011 in Ireland, then kept
the trophy with a largest-ever
18-10 rout last year, their rst
win on US soil.
Well take the positives out
of it and look forward to other
team events in the next few
years, Thompson said.
The Asian teams, who
lacked a Solheim-like event,
proved the Americans un-
doing. Taiwan swept two
matches from the hosts on
Thursday and the US women
could only split with Thai-
land, sending them into the
playoff with the Koreans.
And Japan led all nations
with eight points but never
faced the US women.
We learned a little bit on
Thursday, Lewis said. We
learned we had to be a little
tougher and to support our
partners out there. Thats
something all of us are going
to take into Solheims and this
event in the future.
The second International
Crown is set for 2016 at Rich
Harvest Farms near Chicago,
where the US women last
won the Solheim Cup over
Europe, in 2009.
Germanys St Leon-Rot
course will host next years
14th Solheim Cup, offering
the next chance for US wom-
en to end their losing streak.
Its tough losing, but I think
we learned a lot as a team, tak-
ing that into Germany, said
12th-ranked Paula Creamer, a
ve-time Solheim Cupper.
Kerr and Creamer lost 4 and
3 on Thursday and switched
partners for the last two days.
South Koreans have domi-
nated the LPGA Tour in past
years but US women have
battled back this season, with
Americans winning all three
majors contested so far.
But because of March
roster deadlines just after
Thompson won the Kraft
Nabisco major title, the
Americans lacked Junes US
Womens Open winner, Mi-
chelle Wie, and this months
Womens British Open
champion, Mo Martin.
I dont think I do have the
answer, Kerr said. I think
you have to look at the over-
all body of work and what the
Americans have done the last
couple of years on tour, espe-
cially this year.
Match play is a different
animal. Its very serious com-
petition. Germany is just a
year away so well see what
happens there. AFP
Stacy Lewis of the US reacts after her birdie putt came up short during
round three of the International Crown on Saturday. AFP
Cook wins toss
England bat
against India
in third Test
NGLAND captain Alas-
tair Cook won the toss
and elected to bat in
the third Test against India at
Southampton yesterday.
England made three chan-
ges from the side beaten by
95 runs in the second Test at
Lords last Monday, a result
that put India 1-0 up in the
five-match series after the
drawn opener at Trent Bridge.
As expected, Lancashire
wicketkeeper Jos Buttler
was given his Test debut,
having already made 69
international limited overs
appearances for England.
Buttlers debut was all
but assured after experien-
ced gloveman Matt Prior
withdrew from internatio-
nal duty for the rest of the
season, citing the need
to regain full fitness from
various injuries following the
Lords Test.
England are looking to end
a run of 10 Tests without a
win their worst for more
than 20 years while Cook
was trying to overcome a run
drought that had seen him go
27 innings without scoring a
Test hundred. AFP
South Africa set target of 369
OUTH Africa were set
a target of 369 to win
the series-deciding
second Test after Sri
Lanka declared their second
innings at 229-8 on the fourth
day yesterday.
Kumar Sangakkara cracked
his 50th Test half-century,
top-scoring with 72, while
Morne Morkel was the most
successful bowler with gures
of 4-45 as Sri Lanka consoli-
dated their lead on the fourth
day of the series-deciding
second Test against South Af-
rica yesterday.
Elegant left-hander San-
gakkara hit eight fours in his
90-ball 72 to take Sri Lanka to
203-6 at tea for an overall lead
of 342 runs. Skipper Angelo
Mathews was batting on 48
with Niroshan Dickwella be-
ing dismissed for 16 just be-
fore the break.
Sri Lanka had scored 421
in their rst innings before
bowling out the Proteas for
282 to take a 139-run rst in-
nings lead. The Sri Lankan
batsmen started off con-
dently after rain interrupted
play for an hour.
Sangakkara unleashed his
trademark silken pulls and
drives to race to the 50-run
mark with a boundary off
leg-spinner Imran Tahir. Just
when he was looking good
for a bigger score, he edged
to wicketkeeper Quinton de
Kock off Morne Morkel (3-38),
bringing an end to his enter-
prising knock.
Kithruwan Vithanage (sev-
en) was superbly caught by
Faf du Plessis who ran back-
wards without taking his eyes
off the ball and then dived
forward to pluck the ball
inches off the ground.
Test debutant Dickwella,
who scored a ne 72 in the
rst innings, top-edged to
AB de Villiers off Dale Steyn
(2-49) after hitting two fours
in his 21-ball effort. But de-
spite the loss of wickets, Sri
Lanka looked well-placed to
take a commanding lead in
the game.
Earlier, Sri Lanka added a
healthy 97 runs in the rst
session while losing their
openers and the prolic Ma-
hela Jayawardene.
Opener Upul Tharanga (30)
looked in good nick but he
edged behind to the keeper
while trying to drive Steyn in
the sixth over of the morning.
Kaushal Silva welcomed Ta-
hir (1-67) with a neat sweep to
the fence in the bowlers rst
over, setting the tone for the
rest of the session that saw the
hosts score at a quick pace.
Silva had made 26 when he
scooped a drive, offering an
easy catch to Vernon Philan-
der at point off Morkel.
Jayawardene, who cracked
a solid 165 in the rst innings,
was out for a duck in bizarre
fashion off Tahir.
The stylish right-hander
played the reverse sweep but
the ball popped up and Dean
Elgar rushed across from
short leg to pouch the ball be-
fore crashing into de Kock.
Jayawardene was given out
but he sought a review be-
lieving that the ball had not
touched his glove. However,
the decision of the on-eld
umpire was upheld and the
batsman walked away shaking
his head in disappointment.
South Africa lead the series
1-0 after winning the opening
Test in Galle by 153 runs. AFP
Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara plays a shot on his way to 72 in the fourth day of the second cricket
Test match between Sri Lanka and South Africa yesterday. AFP
Job Announcement
The Phnom Penh Post is an independent media company in Cambodia and is seeking a fulltime qualied
candidate to ll a position as follows:
Marketing Executive: 1 position
Duties and responsibilities:
To createmaking campaign and incentive
To drivecirculation across thechannel
To extend and optimize distribution network
To takeplan and incentiveto reinforceall thebranches notoriety of thecompany
To monitoring and report on circulation
Management of supply/sales gures based on internal budgets;
Working closely with Distribution Manager to ensure smooth operations daily;
Drive circulation growth through sound trade marketing plans;
Liaising with the production department to ensure transition of newspaper from printer to newsstand;
Updating various weekly and monthly internal reports;
Overseeing the operations of the Bike squad and sustaining growth in sales;
Developing small project proposals targeting direct consumers;
Ad hoc work issued by the Circulation Director.
Job requirements:
Bachelors Degree in Sales & Marketing or an equivalent degree
At least 2 years experience in Sales & Marketing
Very good in Khmer and English, Speaking and Writing
Pleasant personality , positiveattitudeand open minded
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Self condent and hardworking
Computer literacy -MS word, Excel
Interested candidates are requested to submit a covering letter, expected salary and detailed CVs with current
photos, not later than 5:00 p.m. Of July 31, 2014 to Human Resources & Administration Department.
Present address: Phnom Penh Center, building F,Unit:888, 8th oor, Corner Sihanouk & Sothearos Blvd,
Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855- (0) 23 214 311-17
Fax: +855-(0)23-214 318
Post Media Co., Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for
interview. Application documents will not be returned.
Successful People Read The Post.
BPL youngsters face loan lottery
Tom Williams
S THE British Pre-
mier Leagues top
clubs step up their
preparations in an-
ticipation of the 2014-15 sea-
son kicking off next month,
some of their most promising
young talents are stepping
out into the unknown.
With teams like Chelsea and
champions Manchester City
boasting huge, star-studded
squads, their younger players
have no option but to go out
on loan in search of playing
time and development. For
some players it can prove a
richly rewarding experience.
Belgiums Thibaut Cour-
tois has returned to Chelsea
after a three-year period at
Atletico Madrid that saw him
emerge as one of the worlds
nest goalkeepers.
Courtois club and inter-
national colleague Romelu
Lukaku has also beneted
from time on loan, excelling
at West Bromwich Albion and
Everton, although it seems he
has yet to convince manager
Jose Mourinho of his worth.
Joel Campbell harbours
hopes of breaking into the
rst team at Arsenal, mean-
while, after an impressive
season with Olympiakos that
provided a launchpad for
an excellent World Cup with
Costa Rica.
For others, however, the
loan system can feel like being
trapped in a revolving door.
Gael Kakuta, a precociously
skilful attacking midelder,
joined Chelsea from French
club Lens at the age of 16
back in 2007, sparking a row
that momentarily saw the
English side banned from
signing players.
After he made an eye-catch-
ing debut against Wolver-
hampton Wanderers in
November 2009, then coach
Carlo Ancelotti was moved
to declare: At that age I have
never seen a player with
this talent.
However, with established
players such as Joe Cole and
Florent Malouda cemented in
Chelseas starting XI, Kakuta
found his route to the rst
team blocked.
There followed a succession
of underwhelming loan moves
to Fulham, Bolton Wander-
ers, French club Dijon, Dutch
side Vitesse Arnhem, and
Lazio and at 23, his career is
still awaiting take-off.
I dont dream about Chel-
sea anymore. I used to, but
now I know better, Kakuta
complained last year.
Chelsea have far too many
players. At my age, I need
to play regularly, but if I go
back Ill just get 10 minutes a
month, and I dont want that.
Chelsea loaned out 27 play-
ers last season with six go-
ing to Dutch side Vitesse, with
whom the London club have
a strategic partnership but
technical director Michael
Emenalo says the policy is
The loan process at Chel-
sea has become very pro-
fessional and a good deal of
thought has gone into it, he
told the clubs website.
We dont send players out
because we are trying to re-
cover some money. We send
them because we want them
to play and develop and we
want to monitor them.
Eight Chelsea youngsters
have already agreed loan
moves for the coming season.
They include the Nigeria in-
ternational Kenneth Omeruo,
who has returned to Middles-
brough, and Thorgan Hazard,
younger brother of rst-team
star Eden, who has joined Bo-
russia Moenchengladbach.
At Arsenal, 21-year-old for-
ward Wellington Silva who
played alongside Neymar for
Brazils under-17s is gear-
ing up for a fth consecutive
loan spell, this time at Span-
ish side Almeria.
It is a path similar to the one
trodden by Mexican forward
Carlos Vela, who was succes-
sively loaned out to four clubs
by Arsenal before nally leav-
ing for Real Sociedad in 2012.
Andros Townsend knows
more than most about be-
ing a perpetual loanee, hav-
ing played for nine different
clubs before nally getting a
chance to shine at Tottenham
Hotspur, but he says the expe-
rience was worthwhile.
At a massive club like Tot-
tenham opportunities will
come, but not straight away,
he told the Daily Telegraph
earlier this year.
You have to get out there
and prove that you deserve to
have them coming your way.
The only way thats going to
happen is if people see you
playing. It makes you. AFP
Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtois makes a save during extra-time in
the Belgium-USA match at Brazils 2014 World Cup on July 1. AFP
Kirivong exit with a sigh, Svay
Riengs reign ends on a high
Norwich sorry for rout report
H S Manjunath
IT WAS a sad exit from the Metfone C League for
Kirivong Sok Sen Chey, who dropped to a 3-1
defeat at the hands of Asia Europe University at
the Old Stadium on Saturday to finish second
bottom in the league.
The visitors from Takeo havent had such a
miserable campaign before and will now join
Albirex Niigata as the two who will have to fight
another promotion battle next year.
AEU finished eighth after the win, with 26
points from six wins, eight draws and as many
defeats. Badawi Afawin netted a brace on top of
Mon Naras goal for AEU, while Nop Chanbora
Reasmey got Kirivongs consolation goal.
Svay Riengs one-year reign as champions
ended on a winning note, 2-1 victory over Min-
istry of National Defence Having failed to
defend their throne from Phnom Penh Crown,
Svay Rieng had to reconcile themselves with
the fact that they are a respectable distance
away from the top two this season.
Nen Sothearath and Neb Tola got into the
scoresheet for Svay Rieng, while Peuo Phearith
pulled one back for the Armymen who finished
ninth in the overall standings.
TriAsia rounded off an impressive campaign
by beating Hun Sen Cup winners National Police
2-0, the goals coming in the second half through
Kihara Masakazu and sub Kouch Dany.
As first seasoners, TriAsia earned a reputation
as a team with a never-say-die spirit and gave
quite a hard time to some of the well established
teams during the season. The side is obviously
happy with a fifth-place finish though the team
management is of the view that with a slice of
fortune on their side, especially against heavy
weights, they could have finished higher up.
Western University caused a mild flutter by
beating Hun Sen Cup runners-up Build Bright
United 4-0 at the Olympic Stadium. The Western
goals came from M Privat, Ly Saroth and Goze
Dneudonne, who nailed a brace.
While BBU ended up seventh, Western placed
10th out of the 12 teams that made up the league
this season.
ENGLISH second-tier side
Norwich City issued an apol-
ogy on Friday after claiming
to have won a pre-season
friendly 13-0 against an Ital-
ian team that they had not
actually played.
After a match against Italian
third-division team Novara was
cancelled, Norwich thought
they had set up a game against
Serie D outfit Saint-Christo-
phe Vallee dAoste.
However, when a match
report appeared on the Nor-
wich website, the Italian club
complained that they had not
been involved, and that the
real opponents had been a
select XI of local non-profes-
sional players.
In our original match report
for this warm-up fixture, acting
in good faith on the basis of
information given to the club,
we incorrectly reported that we
had played against local club
side SC Vallee dAoste, Nor-
wich said in a statement on
their website. In fact the game
was against an Aosta regional
select side and we are happy to
put the record straight and
apologise to SC Vallee dAoste
and their fans for the misun-
Norwich were relegated from
the Premier League last season
after a three-year spell in the
top flight and will start the
2014-15 campaign in the
Championship. AFP

Medical fears scupper
Remy Kop move: media
QUEENS Park Rangers French
striker Loic Remys proposed
move to Liverpool has collapsed
due to concerns stemming from
his medical examination,
according to British media
reports yesterday. Remy, 27,
flew out to join Liverpool on their
pre-season tour of the United
States last Monday after QPR
reportedly agreed to sell him for
a fee of around 8 million ($13.6
million). The France
international was also thought
to have agreed personal terms.
But several British media
outlets, including the BBC,
claimed yesterday that Liverpool
had pulled out of the transfer
due to worries about Remys
physical condition. AFP
Lallana ligament injury
a concern for Liverpool
NEW signing Adam Lallana
could miss the start of the
season for Liverpool after
sustaining a knee injury in
training in the United States, the
club said on Saturday. The
26-year-old midfielder, who
moved to Anfield from
Southampton earlier this month
strained a ligament during a
session at the Reds Harvard
University training base in
Boston. There was no word on
how long he would be sidelined
for, but such injuries can result
in a spell of anywhere up to six
weeks out of action. AFP
TriAsias Friday Nwakuna challenges Polices Ieng
Tin at Old Stadium on Saturday. SRENG MENG SRUN
Barnaby Chesterman
was able to sit back,
sip champagne and
pose for photos on
the nal day of the Tour de
France yesterday as the pelo-
ton rolled into Paris.
The 29-year-old Italian all
but secured his rst Tour title
on Saturday with an impres-
sive fourth-placed nish in
the 54km individual timetrial
from Bergerac to Perigueux.
And after three weeks of rid-
ing at the front of the peloton
in his race leaders yellow jer-
sey, for once the Sicilian was
able to take a back seat and let
the sprinters have their day.
Since the rst week of the
race, chances for the sprinters
to shine have been few and far
between and German Mar-
cel Kittel, winner of three of
the rst four stages in bunch
sprints, has been inconspicu-
ous since.
The only television shots of
him have been as the burly
Giant-Shimano rider slowly
lost contact with the back of
the peloton on climbs.
Yet he was to come into the
136km dash from Evry to Paris
as the favourite to add to his
three victories from earlier in
the Tour. Although he was far
from the kind of dead-cert he
might have been.
Since that rst week, his
main sprint rival, German
Andre Greipel, has won one
sprint while Norways Alexan-
der Kristoff has come home
rst on two occasions.
In the case of Kristoff it was
at the end of stages with a few
lumps in the run-in that shed
some of the heftier sprinters
such as Kittel out the back.
But the German will surely
be there on the at Champs
Elysees, where he won last
year. In fact if he wins again
in Paris he will match, exactly,
his achievement from last year
in which he won four stages
and held the yellow jersey for
a day.
The sprinters have been tak-
ing to social media such as
Twitter to express their delight
at having another day in the
sun after the trials and tribula-
tions of the Alps, Pyrenees and
Saturdays timetrial.
Time trial done, massage
done, shaved the legs, suitcase
packed looks like Im ready
for Paris! #onemoresprint,
wrote an upbeat Kittel, who
added a picture of the view
from his hotel just outside
Our last hotel is also my fav:
Chateau les Merles. Awesome
location & very charming. Felt
almost like holiday . . . ;)
Greipel was thankful that
Saturdays winner Tony Mar-
tin, the three-time world time-
trial champion, had not gone
so fast that some of the other
riders nished outside the
time limit cut off point.
Martin, 29, won the race
against the clock by 1min 39
from Dutch timetrial cham-
pion Tom Dumoulin and even
Nibali nished almost two
minutes behind.
Thanks @tonymartin85
for going not faster otherwise
some of us could go to Paris
already 2day.Congrats you
machine!!!! said Greipel after
Saturdays race.
Meanwhile, the host nation
were gearing up to welcome
their rst podium nish-
ers since Richard Virenque
in 1997.
In fact, with Jean-Christophe
Peraud due to nish second
and Thibaut Pinot third, it was
the rst time since 1984 when
Laurent Fignon beat the great
Bernanrd Hinault into second
that two Frenchmen were to
have stood on the podium
together. LEquipe sports
newspaper said the two home
heroes made the hair stand
up on the back of the neck
and dedicated its front page
to Peraud and Pinot.
But no matter how happy
the home nation were to be
on the Champs Elysees, the
day was to belong to Nibali,
who described this achieve-
ment as eclipsing his Vuelta
a Espana win in 2010 and his
Giro dItalia success last year.
What makes the Tour so
much bigger is the interna-
tional attention it demands.
Its different, its bigger, its
more beautiful, he said.
The level of competition is
also higher than the others, al-
though I had great rivals in the
Giro and the Vuelta. AFP
Ricciardo wins thriller in wet Hungary
AUSTRALIAN Daniel Ricciardo charged
to a thrilling Hungarian Grand Prix vic-
tory yesterday, his second Formula One
win for Red Bull, as a drenched track
caused chaos among world champion-
ship leaders.
The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and
his Mercedes teammate and champion-
ship leader Nico Rosberg reached a new
peak as Hamilton rebuffed team orders to
let Rosberg by into third place.
Mercedes said it would hold a team
inquiry. But Hamiltons success trimmed
Rosbergs lead in the title race from 14
points to 11. The German now leads with
202, Hamilton has 191 and Ricciardo is
third with 131.
Ricciardo, 25, held off Ferraris Fernando
Alonso to take first place in a race that saw
several high-speed crashes after a heavy
downpour just before the start changed
the course of the race.
Ricciardo led twice before he fought back
to recapture the lead with three laps
remaining, following a series of daring
passes. Ricciardos win was executed with
great elan and confirmed him as a driver
with the potential to be a future champion.
Ricciardo won the Canadian Grand Prix in
June and is the only non-Mercedes driver
to have won a race this year.
This feels just as good as the first one,
said Ricciardo. It was a lot of fun in the
last few laps, with the passing. I had to go
for it.
Hamilton and Rosberg had a fierce battle
on the track and via the Mercedes team
radio as they tried to make the most of
contrasting strategies in the changeable
conditions. Hamilton started from the pit
lane along with rookies Daniil Kvyat of Toro
Rosso, who had stalled on the formation
grid, and Dane Kevin Magnussen, who
crashed his McLaren in qualifying.
Hamilton was running with cold brakes
in a car rebuilt overnight following the
blaze, caused by a fuel leak.
Pushing to make up places, he spun on
his opening lap and brushed the barriers
at turn two. My front left hit the wall. The
brakes just gave up, said Hamilton.
Another crash, when Swedish rookie
Marcus Ericsson lost control of his Cater-
ham, on lap eight brought out the safety
car. Jenson Button in a McLaren took the
lead for a while but as the conditions
changed he had to pit. This put Ricciardo
back on top again.
Hamilton, sensibly, had pitted and was
soon back up to ninth, within two cars of
Rosberg, as the field, shuffled heavily by
the rain and the Safety Car, began to settle
again. Both Force Indias were soon among
the list of retirements. German Nico
Hulkenberg crashed out at turn one, after
clipping teammate Mexican Sergio Perez,
and soon after Perez lost control at the final
corner and spun heavily into the walls.
The safety car came out for a second time
and Ricciardo pitted again from the lead,
gifting Alonso the rarity of running at the
front for Ferrari as the beleaguered Italian
team struggled to end their poor form.
On lap 33, Sebastian Vettels Red Bull car
spun at the final corner and down the
straight, saving himself from disaster by
kissing the wall. Rosberg pitted, endured
a problematic stop, and rejoined 13th.
Offered his chance, Hamilton seized it.
On lap 34, he delivered a sublime pass
round Jean-Eric Vergne in a Torro Rosso to
take second and begin the chase after
Alonso finally pitted again after lap 38
and Hamilton, from a pit lane start, took
the lead. It lasted one lap before he pitted
again, for medium tyres, rejoining fifth
behind Alonso with Ricciardo leading.
On lap 47, Hamiltons race engineer Pete
Bonnington warned him Nico is behind
and on the option tyres so dont hold him
up. Further warnings followed but Ham-
ilton declined to heed them. Ill let him
through if he gets closer, he said. Im not
slowing down for Nico.
Rosberg pitted again with 13 laps remain-
ing. He rejoined seventh and battled his
way to fourth and finished half a second
behind Hamilton. AFP
Italys Vincenzo Nibali drinks a glass of champagne as he rides with Kazakhstans Astana teammates at the
start of the nal stage of the 101st edition of the Tour de France cycling race yesterday. AFP
Nibali enjoys Tour finale