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Imam Abu Hatim, Muhammad ibn Idris Ar-Razi ( ) was born in Ray (!hran "Iran) in th! y!ar #$% A&H&
and h! 'ass!d away in th! y!ar ()) A&H&
*!n+thy ,o-ourn
H! .irst s!t out in s!ar/h o. 0now1!d+! at th! a+! o. #2&
H! stat!s in this r!+ard3 4 h! .irst tim! that I had s!t out to a/5uir! 0now1!d+! I r!main!d away .rom
hom! .or ) y!ars& I had /omm!n/!d /ountin+ th! mi1!a+! that I had /o6!r!d on .oot ti11 it r!a/h!d #777
8arsa0h&9#: h!r!a.t!r I sto''!d /ountin+4;;
H! .urth!r stat!s3 <I do not r!m!mb!r how many tim!s I had tra6!1!d .rom =u.ah to >a+hdad and .rom
Ma00ah to Madinah&
I a1so w!nt .rom Moro//o to ?+y't on .oot& And .rom ?+y't to Rama11ah, .rom Rama11ah to >aitu1 Ma5dis
and to abariyyah th!n to @amas/us& And .rom @amas/us to Hims, to Anta5iyyah & And .rom Anta5iyyah to
arasoos & h!r!a.t!r I r!turn!d to Hims& h!n .rom Hims to >aisaan to Ra55ah& And .rom th!r! I /ross!d
th! ?u'hrat!s to >a+hdadA a11 o. this I did wa10in+;;;& his was my .irst -ourn!y whi/h 1ast!d ) y!ars& I had
1!.t Ray (!hran) in th! y!ar (#B A&H& and I r!turn!d in ((# A&H&
I w!nt out on/! mor! in th! y!ar (C( A&H& and r!turn!d in (C% A&H&"(B y!ars)& My a+! at th! tim! was3
Hair-raisin+ in/id!nts
His son Imam Abu Muhammad Abdur Rahman ibn Abi Hatim Ar-Razi (rahimahu11ah) r!1at!s th! .o11owin+
hair raisin+ , stran+! in/id!nts that too0 '1a/! whi1! Imam Abu Hatim ( ) was on -ourn!y&
H! says 3 4 My .ath!r m!ntion!d3 <I was in >asrah in th! y!ar3 (#C& I had b!!n th!r! .or 2 months and I
initia11y int!nd!d to stay .or a y!ar but my a11owan/! had !D'ir!d& ,o I b!+an to s!11 my /1oth!s on! a.t!r
th! oth!r;; Enti1 I did not ha6! any mor! /1oth!s to s!11& ,o I r!main!d without any !D'!nditur!& How!6!r I
/ontinu!d to att!nd th! +ath!rin+s o. th! FE1ama with on! o. my /om'anions& At th! !nd o. th! .irst day I
r!turn!d hun+ry to my room& h! on1y thin+ I had was wat!r& h! n!Dt day I -oin!d my /om'anion to th!
+ath!rin+s o. th! FE1ama d!s'it! my !Dtr!m! hun+!r& How!6!r on th! third day, wh!n my /om'anion /am!
by to /a11 m! to th! +ath!rin+s o. th! FE1ama, I said to him3 <IGm unab1! to a//om'any you du! to !Dtr!m!
w!a0n!ss&4 H! !n5uir!d th! r!ason .or my w!a0n!ss u'on whi/h I said to him3 <two days ha6! 'ass!d and
I ha6! not !at!n anythin+&4 H! r!'1i!d3 4 I ha6! on! dinaar o. whi/h I /an shar! ha1. with you&4 hats how
w! 1!.t >asrah&4
*ost at ,!a
His son .urth!r stat!s3 <I h!ard my .ath!r m!ntion3 <Hh!n w! 1!.t Madinah Munawwarah and board!d a
shi' at A1-Iar ( whi/h is a days -ourn!y .rom Madinah and is a shor! to th! r!d s!a ) w! w!r! thr!! '!o'1!3
mys!1., Abu Juhair A1-Marwarruzhi ( ) and anoth!r ,h!i0h .rom Kisha'ur&
LHhi1st w! w!r! at s!a on! ni+ht I !D'!ri!n/!d a w!t dr!am& I in.orm!d my /o11!a+u!s in th! mornin+ and
th!y su++!st!d that I di6! into th! s!a but I /ou1d not swim& h!y th!n d!/id!d to ti! m! u' with a ro'! and
di' m! into th! wat!r and in this way I had to ha6! a +hus1;;
H! w!r! 1ost at s!a .or thr!! months unti1 w! r!a/h!d a stran+! 1and& H! wa10!d on th! 1and .or a .!w
days unti1 a11 our .ood and wat!r b!/am! !Dhaust!d& H! 0!'t wa10in+ .or two .u11 days in this /ondition o.
hun+!r& Mn th! third day w! /ontinu!d wa10in+ thou+h w! w!r! abso1ut!1y !Dhaust!d unti1 th! ,hay0h A1-
Marwarruzhi .!11 un/ons/ious& H! tri!d r!6i6in+ him in 6ain and th!r!a.t!r /ontinu!d .or # or ( 8arsa0hs (%
" #7 0i1om!tr!s) unti1 I mys!1. 1ost my .ootin+ and .!11 un/ons/ious& ,o th! ,hay0h .rom Kisha'ur 1!.t m!
and /ontinu!d .or a whi1! unti1 h! mana+!d to s'ot som! '!o'1! who had arri6!d .rom s!a& A.t!r th!y +a6!
him wat!r h! said to th!m3 <No and s!ar/h .or two o. my /om'anions who ha6! .a11!n un/ons/ious b!hind
A.t!r som! tim! I /ou1d .!!1 som!on! s'rin01in+ wat!r on my .a/!& A.t!r I r!+ain!d /ons/iousn!ss I as0!d
.or wat!r to drin0& h!n I m!ntion!d to th!m about our third /om'anion& h!y r!'1i!d that th!r! is som!on!
att!ndin+ to him& h!y th!n dra++!d m! ti11 I r!a/h!d th!ir shi' wh!r! th!y att!nd!d to us& H! stay!d with
th!m .or a .!w days ti11 w! r!+ain!d our str!n+th& h!y had r!a11y ta0!n +ood /ar! o. us& h!r!a.t!r th!y
+a6! us som! 'ro6isions and a 1!tt!r o. r!/omm!ndation .or th! +o6!rnor o. th! n!Dt town whi/h was
/a11!d3 <Rayah4 H! /ontinu!d in this mann!r ti11 thos! 'ro6isions a1so !D'ir!d& H! sti11 /ontinu!d to wa10 in
that /ondition o. thirst and hun+!r ti11 w! .ound a turt1! 1yin+ on th! shor!& H! too0 som! sh!11s and b!+an
to s/oo' o.. th! insid! o. th! urt1! unti1 our hun+!r and thirst was r!mo6!d&
H! /ontinu!d ti11 w! r!a/h!d th! town o. Rayah and w! +a6! that not! to th! +o6!rnor& H! too0 us into his
hous! and too0 +ood /ar! o. us .!!din+ us m!at and br!ad !t/&
A.t!r a .!w days wh!n w! d!/id!d to 1!a6! h! +a6! us .ood and 'ro6ision .or th! road ti11 w! r!a/h!d

Extracted from the book:
OPQRS TU VWS XPYZ[ \Y] ^_^` aYZ[ bcdQe[f
Incidents of the sacrifices of the Ulama in their quest for knowledge
By haykh !bdul "attah !bu #huddah $rahimahullah%

gon/1udin+ Kot!s
It is said that Imam !bu &atim $rahimahullah% knew '(( ((( ahadith by heart))
Imam !bu &atim* son $rahimahumallah% has authored the famous reference book on the credibility of the
&adith narrators entitled: +itab !l ,arhu -at .a*deel in which he has documented the /erdicts of his
well renown father0 .his book is 1rinted in 2 /ols0 3ay !llah .a*ala reward both4 "ather and on for their
sacrifices 5 may he allow us to benefit from their legacy0 !meen0
-hen one looks into the life of such great cholars6 and at their sincere sacrifice for deen6 des1ite the 1oor
mode of trans1ort and their meager means6 their /alue for knowledge and their tolerance together with
their courage6 one tends to reali7e that the only way for success is to emulate them in the closest 1ossible
way0 Imagine selling your clothes ,ust for the sake of sur/i/al and to be able to continue with the search for
knowledge)))0 3ay !llah guide us all0
9#: # .arsa0h is !5ua1 to a''roDimat!1y % 0i1om!t!rs , so #777 8arsa0h !5ua1s a''roDimat!1y %777 0ms&i
B777 mi1!s;
9(: ,ubhana11ah ; *oo0 at th!r thirst .or 0now1!d+! !6!n at this a+!&