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DC Power or

8usiness-CriLical ConLinuiLy
Cost and space effective system
confgurations thanks to smart and
fexible Multi Function Unit, MFU.
(The MFU houses the controller,
DC and Battery breakers, shunts,
alarm boards and optionally discon-
nection of loads and/or batteries.
Wide AC input window with high
rectifer DC output.
AC current input limitation possible
on rectifers. This function enables the
user to employ 10A AC breakers, or
smaller, if desired.
DC Power System, -48 V DC, 1.7 20.4 kW, 35 420 A
NetSure 501 is the new more compact, and yet more fexible,
DC power system from Emerson. It is especially developed for
the needs of typical telecom applications in the range between
1.7-20.4 kW.
The packaging of the NetSure 501 system confgurations gives the
possibility to very space effectively house both batteries and DC
power system in 400 mm deep confgurations.
Based upon factory pretested units, subrack and complete
confgurations, new customer confgurations and adaptations can
quickly, easily and cost effectively be created with NetSure 501,
and you can trust that the telecom norms and standards specifed
for the product are always adhered to.
As the business grows, NetSure 501 is easily extended with
additional capacity and can be upgraded with supplementary
features and functions during live operation.
With NetSure 501 the process of fnding a suitable location for an
application and its power supply is facilitated, thanks to the wide
tolerance window of NetSure 501 when it e.g. comes to operating
temperature, AC input window of AC input breaker size.
6.8 kW
15.3 kW
17.0 kW
Emerson NeLwork Power and Lhe Emerson
NeLwork Power logo are Lrademarks and
service marks o Emerson ElecLric Co.
2006 Emerson ElecLric Co.
Fmerson Network
Fmerson Network Power.
The global leader in enabling
8usiness-CriLical ConLinuiLy
AC Power
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DC Power or
8usiness-CriLical ConLinuiLy
A Cabling space
B DC distribution unit (extension, optional)
C Cabling space (incl. AC terminals if no distribution)
D Multi function unit
E Connection board
F Controller
G Rectifer rack
H Rectifer rack (extension)
I AC distribution unit (optional)
Emerson Network Power
Energy Systems AB
SE-141 82 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 721 60 00
Fax: +46 8 721 71 77
Emerson Network Power
Energy Systems, North America
1122 F Street, Lorain, OH 44052
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Fax: 440-246-4876
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Co Ltd., China
No. 1 Kefa Rd., Science &
Industry Park
Nanshan District 518057,
Shenzhen, China
Phone: 86-755-860 108 08
For global contact, visit:
EN/LZT 145 279 RA
Emerson Network Power Energy Systems 2006
Technical Specifcations
Typical Applications
Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and Node B Fiber repeaters
Small Microwave units Point of Presence (PoP)
Digital Subscriber line (DSL) Digital Loop Carrier
Electrical System Specifcation
Nominal system voltage: -48 V DC
Adjustable range for operating voltage: -42 V DC to 58 V DC
Output power, system: 20.4kW @ Vout > 48 V DC
Input voltage, nominal: 200 250 V AC, 1 phase 20%
Input voltage, permitted variation: 85 300 V AC 10%
Line frequency: 45 65 Hz
Maximum AC input fuse: normally 16A, but the rectifer can limit
the maximum input AC if smaller AC input fuse
is required
Mechanical system Specifcation
Dimensions: (HxDxW),
wall/battery rack mounted cabinet: 360/450x400x600 mm
Dimensions (HxDxW),
stand-alone power cabinet: 800/1200/1600/1800x400x600 mm
Dimensions (HxDxW),
stand-alone power cabinet: 1200/1600/1800/2000/2200x600x600 mm
Details: Front access and top cabling
Environmental System Specifcation
Temperature range, operating -5C to +65C (full power up to +45C)
Relative humidity, operating <90%
EMC EN 300 386-2 class B, FCC part 15 class B
Safety IEC 60950, EN 60950-1
Cabinet IP 20
System units
Cabinet(s) Wall mounted, battery rack mounted or standard
stand-alone cabinets
Control units available Standard Control Unit (see separate SCU datasheet)
Advanced Control Unit (see separate ACU datasheet)
AC terminals AC terminals for up to 12 rectifers
Various connection types
Rectifers / Power Supply Units R48-1700 (see separate rectifer data sheet)
Up to 12x R48-1700 rectifers (20.4 kW) per cabinet
Multi Function Unit, 3U high 1 position for controller housing SCU or ACU, size 2x3 U)
32x13mm circuit breaker positions OR
23x18mm circuit breaker positions
for DC distribution breakers and battery breakers
0 2 contactors for optional disconnection levels of
loads and/or batteries
Optional units
Extension DC distribution unit 40x13 mm circuit breaker positions OR
28x18 mm circuit breaker positions
AC distribution AC distribution for up to 12 rectifers
Optional surge protection, RCD and service outlets
SM-AC (Supervision Module AC) See separate data sheet
SM-BAT (Supervision Module Batteries) See separate data sheet
SM-IO (Supervision Module
for generic equipment) See separate data sheet
DC Power System, -48 V DC, 1.7 20.4 kW, 35 420 A