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LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Automatic Image

Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 4.9.19, a feature update to its popular
workflow automation solution for Adoe !n"esi#n. LinkOptimizer allows to reduce
!n"esi#n link size, speed up processin# and reduce packa#ed files sent to printer
$ eliminatin# excess ima#e data. %&e software also performs ima#e ad'ustments,
converts file formats and &elps repurpose !n"esi#n files for we and moile
devices. %&e new version supports t&e Automatic ima#e resamplin# met&od in
(&otos&op )) and later.
Toronto (ON! "anada (#ul$ %&! %'() -- Zevrix Solutions today announces
LinkOptimizer 4.9.17, a compatiility update to its popular !ork"lo! automation solution
"or #doe $n%esi&n. #!arded 4 out o" ' stars y (omputer #rts ma&azine, LinkOptimizer
automates complex ima&e manipulation tasks allo!in& to si&ni"icantly reduce t)e size o"
$n%esi&n links, save processin& time and reduce production costs.
*)e ne! version lets users c)oose t)e #utomatic resamplin& met)od "or ima&e
processin& in +)otos)op (( and later. ,it) t)is selection +)otos)op !ill al!ays c)oose
t)e est resamplin& met)od "rom all t)e availale ones, !)ic) simpli"ies t)e processin&
dramatically and improves t)e resultin& ima&e -uality a"ter ot) do!nsamplin& and
upsamplin& operations.
.LinkOptimizer makes me extremely )appy., says /ynke *iekstra, t)e o!ner o" desi&n
studio (olts"oot0edia in 1riesland, /et)erlands. .$t converted 12,222 ima&es in a 1322
pa&es pro4ect savin& us at least 42 )ours !ork, and it proved to e 1225 accurate..
LinkOptimizer !orks automatically !it) +)otos)op to eliminate t)e excess ima&e data o"
$n%esi&n links, per"orm essential ima&e ad4ustments and convert ima&e "ormats. 1or
example, !it) 4ust a click o" a utton users can6
-scale and crop ima&es to matc) t)eir dimensions in $n%esi&n,
-c)an&e t)eir resolution to 722 dpi,
-convert 89: ima&es to (0;,
-resave <+=9 ima&es as *$11,
-run a +)otos)op #ction on eac) ima&e.
#t t)e end o" processin&, LinkOptimizer reimports ima&es to $n%esi&n at 1225 in t)eir
precise position. #s a result, users can save &i&aytes o" disk space, reduce packa&ed
"iles sent to printer, accelerate document output, reduce 4o turnaround and cut costs
t)rou&) "aster processin&.
*ricing and A+ailabilit$,
LinkOptimizer can e purc)ased "rom Zevrix !esite "or >S?@'9.9' ALi&)t version6
?179.9'B as !ell as "rom aut)orized resellers. *rial is also availale "or do!nload. *)e
update is "ree "or LinkOptimizer 4.x users and ?172 to up&rade "rom previous versions.
LinkOptimizer is availale "or 0ac OS C 12.D-12.9 and !orks !it) #doe $n%esi&n and
+)otos)op (S7-(( @214.
About -e+ri. Solutions
Located in *oronto, (anada, Zevrix Solutions provides productivity solutions "or #doe
(reative Suite so"t!are, +%1 and &rap)ic "ile dia&nostics, as !ell as 0icroso"t O""ice on
0ac OS. Zevrix Solutions is dedicated to )elpin& pro"essionals increase t)eir pro"its
t)rou&) automatin& t)eir everyday tasks, producin& error-"ree documents, savin& disk
space and cuttin& production costs. 1or more in"ormation, visit )ttp6EE!!!
Leo 8evzin
Zevrix Solutions
12' 0c(#>L St, Suite 721
*oronto Ontario 0'* @C4 (anada