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Frequently Asked Questions

Kiosk Banking web page is not available.

The site has been moved to new URL. Please type the following URL in address bar and save it to
FOR KO !ub"KO #an$ offi%er&:
For #' !ub"#' (dmins& )'ir%le admin #ran%h admin*: /admin/Admin.jsp
& #an$ offi%ials %an also a%%ess the site on intranet using the above URLs.
What operating system and browser are required for smooth operations?
+indows ,P -. /nternet e0plorer )/1* - to 2 version.
What user id and password are to be used to login?
(ll #%s !ub"#'s KO s %an %ontinue to use their e0isting ids and passwords. The 'ir%le admins
#ran%h F/' admins will be %reated with their PF nos. These offi%ials %an not use the e0siting
generi% ids
KO is unable to login as fingerprint device initialization has failed though his! her user id "
password is correct.
Please %he%$ whether !#/ #3( %lient version 4.5.6 has been installed properly in the %omputer. For
any assistan%e regarding installation7 %onta%t pre%ision biometri% pvt ltd.
844"49:226497 844"49:22645. 1"mail: biometri%
KOs are unable to find some menus.
The menus and sub"menus have been rearranged. (ll the a%tivities related to enrolment have been
pla%ed under ; %ustomer %reation<.
=on"$ios$ %ash deposit menu is not visible. The menu has been repla%ed with ;3oney Transfer;.
# new page for cash deposit withdrawal money transfer is appearing with a list of
denominations. $ow to key in the transaction amount?
The prin%iple amount of transa%tion has to be entered in the field appearing on the top of the
denomination pane. /n the denomination details7 enter denomination wise %ash amount h.)eg. For
one Rs.:88 note enter ;:;against the field :88. Please note for all %ash re%eipts irrespe%tive of the
servi%e7 the amount re%eived from %ustomer has be entered in ;denomination in; )left hand side*
and refund7 if any7 has to be entered in ;denomination out; )right hand side*. /n the %ase of
withdrawals7 the denomination panes appear in reverse order and the ;denomination out; pane
needs to be used for the amount to be paid to %ustomer and enter the %ash refund7 if any7 in
;denomination out; pane. =ote to enter the denomination details %orre%tly. This will help in tallying
%ash at the end of the day.
#t the time of capturing finger prints the system is not indicating the finger on the %hand%
/n the upgraded version7 this has been %hanged. The finger for whi%h fingerprint is %aptured needs
to be sele%ted by %li%$ing on the respe%tive finger on the image.
&he system is taking only one image for each finger instead of three times.
Please %he%$ the type of fingerprint devi%e installed. /f it is %ogent '!> 9887 it will ta$e only one
image for ea%h finger.
'an any finger print of the customer be used for authentication?
?es. (ny of the fingerprints stored in the system %an be used and the system will prompt the finger
randomly to be authenti%ated.
B' is unable to create a group of his choice of services for KOs ! sub(B's as user group service is
not appearing?
The right to %reate a group by #'s has been done away with. The groups have been %reated
%entrally. #' %an sele%t the relevant group at the time of %reation of sub"#' KO. /f the #' doesn;t
want to assign all the rights of a group to sub"#' KO7 the rights %an be %urtailed by disabling
%ertain rights to the parti%ular user. This %an be done by invo$ing ;User servi%es; menu and disable
the servi%es for that parti%ular sub"#' KO.
)or creation of KO by B' three new fields have been added in addition to KO cash holding
amount. $ow much limit has to be entered in these three fields?
'ash deposit7 withdrawal7 transfer limits have been provided for. These are the ma0imum limits up
to whi%h a KO %an transa%t in a day sub@e%t7 of %ourse7 to KO %ash holding limit.
*n the case of %time out% transaction does the KO need to verify customer%s balance to check
whether the transaction is successful in 'B+ and accept or pay cash from ! to the customer
=o. KO need not enAuire the status of su%h transa%tion as the system will reverse the same if it is
posted su%%essfully in '#!. The ;time out; transa%tion is treated as a failure transa%tion by $ios$
# new menu %B)% activity is appearing. What is the use of it?
KO is e0pe%ted to sour%e various types of ban$ing business to the lin$ bran%hes whi%h does not
involve %ustomer enrolment and %ash transa%tions at '!P. For eg. KO %an sour%e a loan proposal of
an e0isting prospe%tive %ustomer. (s #' KO is entitled to %ommission on su%h business7 there
has to be re%ord of proposals appli%ations. Ben%e a new menu for su%h a%tivity has been
introdu%ed. KO need to invo$e the menu and enter the %ustomer;s basi% details and sele%t the
produ%t type et%. The other fields are dynami% depending on the produ%t type.
'+, -KO. ledger report is not available for the period prior to /0.10.0/12.
This report is available only for transa%tions on or after 89.:9.98:5 )i.e. Laun%h of upgraded
version of Kios$ #an$ing* as this has been newly introdu%ed and reAuired data was not available
for the earlier period for generation of su%h report.
3nder money transfer service some customers are charged 4/.056 instead of remittance
charge of 06.
/f the benefi%iary;s home bran%h and '!P lin$ bran%h is same7 the %harge as appli%able to deposit
servi%e is levied. 'urrently7 %harge on deposits )in urban7 metro areas* is 8.96C sub@e%t to a
minimum of Rs. :" and ma0imum of Rs. :9". /n RU!U areas7 %harges on deposits7 withdrawals are
waived till 5:.5.98:4.
# wrong photo of customer was inadvertently uploaded by KO. $ow can it be rectified?
The KO should inform the #ran%h %ir%le admin7 giving the referen%e number of the %ustomer
where wrong photo was uploaded7 who will reset the %ustomer re%ord. #y using ;Photo re"upload;
menu7 the KO %an re upload the %orre%t photo of the %ustomer.
# new search " select field %B' organisation% is found in the B' configuration. On search all the
e7isting B's appear. $ow is a new B' configured?
The first step in new #' %onfiguration is to %reate #' organisation. For %orporate institutional #'s7
add the name of %ompany organisation. /n the %ase of individual #'s7 add the name of the person
who signed the #' agreement.
KO cash holding limit amount e7ceeded.
The respe%tive #' %an reset the holding limit amount by using KO limit 'onfiguration s%reen.
8ou are not authorized to login from this kiosk
(dmin has the rights to reset the terminal mapping for the $ios$ using Kios$ terminal mapping
s%reen so that KO %an a%%ess from the new system.
$ow to reset the password of a KO?
#' %an use the U!1R P/= !tatus 'hange s%reen7 to reset the password to default password of a
KO)both logon password and transa%tion password*.
KO!sub ko not authorized to login.
(t any point of time only KO or only !ub KO is authoriDed to login in to the same terminal. /f a KO is
authoriDed in the system then the !U# KO would re%eive this error. /n this %ase the KO %an use the
authoriDe sub KO s%reen to authoriDe the !U# KO to use the system.
/f a !U# KO is authoriDed to login to the system then the KO would re%eive this error. /n this %ase
the #' %an use KO!ub KO authoriDation s%reen to authoriDe the KO to login.
#fter initializing the finger print device -legend scanner. is getting failed.
The '!P has to un"install the %urrent running Legend drivers7 and then install the 4.5.6.: version
of the legend %lient installable and follow the steps written in the manual for installation.
*f B'9s password is forgotten who will reset the same.
(dmin has rights to reset a #' password to default7 by using User Pin !tatus 'hange s%reen.
',3 id is not fetched.
The browser settings )(%tive 0 %ontrol settings* need to be done. Please ensure to disable Eonly
approved domains to use a%tive 0 %ontrol with out prompt.F
8ou are not authorized for this service.
/f a KO is getting this error then he has to %onta%t #' (dmin to enable this servi%e.