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Prof. Sanjay Srivastav Rohit Mittal
Prof. Sonika Sharma FT-12-MM-523

Ques.1 How would the RESDEX service change the nature of recruitment?
Ans.1 The RESDEX service changes the nature of recruitment as follows:
RESDEX services are very cheaper as online advertising costs very less as compare to
print advertising.
It helps in better navigation and provides improved features with a view to optimize the
time spent online.
By subscribing RESDEX, it helps employers to shortlist, reject and download resumes.
Profiles which are registered on RESDEX spread across industries, functions and
experience levels.
The database has candidates both from national as well as international locations.
RESDEX is one of the largest and most fast growing data bases of jobseekers.
With a RESDEX subscription the employer not only gets access to the database but also
easy to use search tools that help in searching for the right candidate with utmost
Candidates can be contacted real time either through E-mail or SMS.
Online advertising takes less time for processing as compared to print.
Conversion rate is high (60%) in online advertisement of jobs offered than print
advertisement of jobs offered.

Ques.2 How should deal with the competition after the acquisition of Jobs
ahead by Monster, especially since the combined entity had a market share (of resumes and
jobs) close to that of
Ans.2 needs to reduce resource use in client acquisition as it moves forward and cut
down on the client acquisition cost.
It needs to acquire clients who will transact with the firm on a longer-term basis.
It also needs more clients who use naukri.coms higher priced products such as the top
employer and the best places to work.
In order to develop high value clients, needs to follow a key account strategy.
This strategy will require the dedication of well trained, sufficiently senior level sales
persons to major clients.
The key account executives or managers would be responsible for all client acquisition
and servicing activities and would need to be supported within by a cross-
functional, cross-geography team.
Increasing the site traffic by gaining mindshare. That is, the company should ensure that
the site has a high recall and is considered first for recruitment advertising.
Increase resume data base (RESDEX) services contribution to total revenues from 40 per
cent to 80 per cent.
There are other avenues which the company could explore for increasing the traffic and
market share such as:
organizing job fairs in different metros
Voice-assisted sales and registration over the phone.
Expanding to other Asian markets.
It is suggested that should start looking for a strategic alliance with a business
house/company that can supplement naukri.coms operations financially.
The need of the hour for is to expand, advertise, and also increase its sales
force to capture the market that are either emerging or are left out.

Ques .3 Why did it seem necessary to develop Work Out? On what assumptions about GE
is it based?
Ans.3 It seems necessary to develop workout because:
To make the employees ready to take decisive and immediate action.
To focus on being productive, not being busy.
To make logical, informed decisions.
To avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.
To work outside of their comfort zone.
To keep things simple.
To focus on making small, continuous improvements.
To measure and track their progress.
To maintain a positive outlook as they learn from their mistakes.
To spent time with right people.
It is based on:
To redefine the relationship between boss and subordinate.
To expose the leaders to the vibrations of their business-opinions, feelings, emotions,
resentments, not abstract theories of organization and management.
To get rid of thousands of bad habit habits accumulated since the creation of general
To put the leaders of each business in front of 100 or more, eight to ten times a year so
that they can listen to what people think about the company, what they like and dont like
about their work, about how they are evaluated, about how they spend their time.

Ques.4 What are the organizational challenges that Dr Sarmah is likely to face if he goes
ahead with his thoughts?
Ans.4 The organizational challenges that Dr.Sarmah is likely to face if he goes ahead with his
thoughts are:
Lack of coordination among management and rickshaw pullers due to large network.
As project is expanding, the scarcity of fund is increasing.
Management or human capital ( a new set of advisors, responsive systems and processes)
Technology issue is a problem for them as with passage of time they have to update
Cost is increasing of making rickshaw which put more pressure on rickshaw pullers.
If they expand in different regions of country, there will be issue of cultural and regional
effect which will be a big challenge to management to handle it in appropriate manner.
To create awareness among rickshaw pullers and their families about education, health,
and AIDS.
As they expand there is much need of research and development department.
Lack of support from other NGOs, govt. and entrepreneurs is challenge for organization.
Improve the livelihood of rickshaw pullers and their family.
Ques.5 Should Rajeev Samant lower his growth targets and consequently decrease funding
requirement, or should he go along with his instincts of high growth?
Ans.5 He should go along with his instincts of high growth. Because of:
The Indian government planned to showcase Wines of India across the globe.
The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)
was developing a strategy and a campaign to support these initiatives.
Exports were also going to France, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and Singapore, primary
from production in Maharashtra.
APEDAs country wine promotion strategies included easing trade barriers and
developing an awareness of Indian wine.
Changing life styles of the middle class in India, frequent travel abroad.
The growth of women in the labor force, growing per capita income.
International research on the health benefits of wine, consumed in moderation.
Awareness of wine as a beverage of choice, especially table wine with meals, as well as
the growing supply of domestic premium reds and whites, were contributing to the rapid
acceptance and consumption.
The state government declared wine making a food processing industry, thus exempting
it from excise duties as well as slashing sales taxes.
Production costs of imported items (glass bottles, corks, yeast, etc) were reduced along
with the wholesale and retail prices of wine. Growth of quantity demanded accelerated,
along with the other factors contributing to growing domestic consumption.

Ques.6 Can a person with no formal authority or expertise be a leader? Explain different
levels at which leadership was exercised & challenges faced by Mr. Samant in Sula
Ans.6 The formal authority of a manager can only force others to provide a minimal level of
performance or compliance. Leadership, as opposed to management, can help people achieve
great things.
Rapport. Build rapport with others before trying to lead a specific project; get to know
colleagues personally as well as find out about their personal interests and family;
demonstrate that you care about your colleagues.
Passion. Demonstrate your own enthusiasm and passion for the challenge or project.
Positive Opportunities. Help the work group focus on the positive opportunities posed by
the problem or issue, instead of emphasizing all the obstacles.
Quiet Expertise. Lead with quiet expertise, whatever your expertise or knowledge entails.
Resources. Offer any resources that you may have (e.g., your contacts, computer or
writing skills, facilitation skills for a community meeting) to help your team members,
not only on the team project but for any other effort in which they may be involved
Listen. Ask questions and be inquisitive of the perspectives of others; listen and then
listen some more; help integrate the views and interests of other team members into the
goals and strategies of the team; emphasize win/win opportunities; dont become overly
invested in specific outcomes (leadership is a journey for which the end-point is often
Trust. Trust other team members and they will tend to reciprocate that trust.
Accountability. Hold yourself accountable for the work of the team; meet your
obligations and others will tend to do so as well.
Serious Fun. Make meetings serious fun; for example, bring bagels or cookies to a
meeting or plan an offsite session at a downtown caf.
Celebration. Help the group celebrate milestones along the way, thus building
momentum, confidence, and group capacity. You must reflect on your leadership
experience. It is also helpful to ask a trusted colleague, mentor or coach to assist you in
critiquing your leadership efforts. Learning anything, including leadership skills, requires
self-awareness and critique.
Challenges faced by Mr. Samant in Sula Vineyards:
Securing new funds at a reasonable cost
Little knowledge of wine grape growing or the production of wine
The peculiarities of the climate were a major challenge.
Irrigation of the fields
The world the best wines were usually made from grapes grown at higher latitudes, at
least 35 degrees from the equator. The Nasik region was situated just 20 degrees north, so
grapes were grown in the winter months, after the monsoon season ended.
Adequate drainage problem during the monsoon season
Hidden cost of doing business in a country where baksheesh (bribery) was practiced.
Challenges in obtaining licensing and planning permission