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The Strange Story Of Darkangnon Estates is a RAVENLOFT adventure designed for four to five

PCs, levels 5-6 eac! "t#s set in te Old $out version of Ar%andale &no' Ver(re%), (ut can fit
'erever *ou envision a classic +otic stor* trans,iring! Toug all te infor-ation needed to ,la*
tis adventure is included in -* transcri,t, ./s -a* find te RL Pla*ers 0and(oo% 1!5, te
/onstrous Co-,endiu- A,,endi2 """3 Creatures Of .ar%ness &4E), .eni5ens of .read &1!6), te
7oo% of Vile .ar%ness and -a*(e even Cildren of te Nigt3 +osts &4E) to (e valua(le additions!
Tis tale ta%es ,lace on te grounds of .ar%angnon Estates, 'ere te Lord and Pro,rietor of te
-anor as re8uested te ,la*ers aid in unraveling a -*ster*! A -*ster* tat ,recedes even is o'n
arrival! Te Lord of .ar%angnon Estates ,ro-ises to ,a* ver* andso-el*!
N.P.C. Roster
Lord Alexus Darkangnon: Lord and ,ro,rietor of .ar%angnon estates! "t is e 'o as ,ro-ised
to re'ard te ,la*ers for teir el, in cleansing is grounds! Altoug e 'ears te tra,,ings of a
refined $outern gentle-en, it is not unco--on for is true 7arovian roots to sine troug at te
-ost ino,,ortune -o-ents! 0e can gro' to (eco-e gruff and sus,icious, 9ust as -uc as e can (e
,olite and reassuring! Es,eciall* 'it is servants &and later is 'ife), te ,la*ers 'ill find i- to (e
no-nonsense and severe! 0e -a%es sure te servants loc% all 'indo's and doors (* nigtfall!
Lady Violet Anne Membrose-Darkangnon: :oung 'ife to te Lord, Violet Anne is a si-,le (eaut*
'o 'ears a veil of tainted innocence! $e is 8uiet and ,olite, (ut -a* so-eti-es co-e off as self-
centered and aloof! Te ,la*ers sould gro' to find er s,ac*, ic* de-eanor rater unsettling as it
sould see- tat so-eting is 9ust not rigt 'it te ,oor girl! 7ear in -ind, er s*-,to-s are
designed as a side-(ar 8uest 'itin te -ain adventure, to serve as a ,otential red erring or anoter
(i5arre angle for te ,la*ers to ,ursue!
Gurt!en and "smedla: T'o *oung servant girls e-,lo*ed (* te Lord! 7ot are a,,ro2i-atel* te
sa-e age &;<-;=) (ut even te* couldn#t give *ou s,ecifics! Teir education and %no'ledge is
li-ited, ence te* cannot read or 'rite! 7ut te* serve to %ee, te -anor ouse i--aculate and in
,ristine condition! Te* also 'or% closel* 'it Mamma Carnitine in te %itcen! "t is not
unco--on for Gurtchen to (urst out into u,roarious laugter, even at te -ost ino,,ortune
-o-ents! 0er out(ursts ave led to trasings fro- te Lord and ars re,ri-anding fro- /a--a
Carnitine, (ut te* continue to ,ersist!
Mamma Carnitine: Te a(rasive, eav*-set coo% 'o also serves as surrogate guardian over te
servant girls, +urtcen and "s-edla! $e 'ill el, te ,la*ers as -uc as se can, (ut refuses to
(elieve all tat >-*stic -u-(o-9u-(o>!
#!omas Landry: Older grounds%ee,er 'o also -aintains te gardens and sta(le! 0is a tall, gaunt
-an 'it gra*ing 'is,s in is air and creases of 'orr* e-(edded in is foreead! To-as Landr* is
in is -id-56s &as is te coo% /a--a Carnitine) (ut te t'o are not involved! 0e is a si-,le -an,
'o can easil* (e -isled (* a sar, tongue or 8uic% 'it! Te ,la*ers 'ill find To-as is a ver* %ind,
al(eit si-,le--inded -an 'o is ,rone to (elieve far-fetced stories of gosts or curses!
Vanderbilt and Duke: Te t'o (ig +undara%ian 'ild dogs te Lord %ee,s as is ,ersonal ,ets!
Te* are tended to (* To-as Landr*, and serve teir role as stoic and sinister 'atcdogs! Te* ,la*
a (ig ,art in te tale!
C!atruse: Te (ig, fluff* 'ite Persian ousecat! $e (elongs to Violet Anne, (ut even te lad* of
te ouse as (egun neglecting er latel*! Caring for te %itt* as fallen (* default to te t'o servant
girls, +urtcen and "s-edla! Chatruse too ,la*s a (ig ,art in te stor*!!!
Te adventure (egins once te ,la*ers finall* reac .ar%angnon Estates! Tis can (e acco-,lised in
-an* different 'a*s! Pera,s te ,arties cleric as (een re8uested to >,urge te Estates of teir
taint>, 'ile te -one* to -ade 'ould (enefit ever*(od* in te ,art*! Te ,art*?s -agic-users could
(e co--issioned to investigate an* arcane distur(ances, 'ile a (ard -igt si-,l* (e loo%ing to see
if te stories a(out te Estates are true!
"t could also (e assu-ed te ,art* are strangers to one anoter, eac res,onding se,aratel* to te
Lord#s re8uest! "n tis case, gost-unting or investigative ,restige classes -igt (e -ost
a,,ro,riate! Re-e-(er, te goal is to use a PC#s class a(ilities against them in tis t'isted
,s*cological dra-a!
0o'ever *ou coose to (egin te adventure, it -ust (e noted tat a dark and dangerous storm is
(re'ing! Tis can (e foresado'ed (* te o-inous (lac% clouds cree,ing in as te ,la*ers ,ass over
te ,lains! Or tat unnatural stillness in te air, 'en te 'ole 'orld see-s to (e olding its (reat!
As a last resort to te ./ &assu-ing te PCs don#t ,ic% an* of alternate (eginnings, and *ou really
'ant to ,la* tis adventure) *ou can force te PCs to ta%e selter fro- te stor- in te >'ar- and
inviting> -anor ouse of Lord .ar%angnon! Ligt rainfall 'ill (egin as soon as te -anor ouse is in
vie' of te ,la*ers!
Te ,la*ers 'ill find te uge &i--aculatel* %e,t) iron gates o,en and a'aiting teir arrival! Te
-anor ouse and surrounding estates are s,acious and elegant, 'it ig vaunted arces, 'ell-
-aintained sutters and a tediousl* la*ered red tile roof! A fountain filled 'it floating red roses
rests in te center of te court*ard! $ta(les can also (e seen on te grounds, 'it a ,lace for te
coac 'agons to te 'est! As te* ,roceed to'ards te front doors of .ar%angnon Estates, te* can
see te ouse overloo%s a large, still (od* of ,ond 'ater! A tin la*er of -ist constantl* rests on te
'aters surface!
@atever our of te da* te ,la*ers arrive, te* 'ill find te Lord as ,re,ared for teir arrival!
Te* 'ill (e greeted at te door (* te sligtl* diseveled To-as Landr*, 'o 'ill introduce i-self
and tan% te ,la*ers ,rofusel* for acce,ting /aster .ar%angnons re8uest for el,!
0e 'ill lead te- fro- te ,orc area &la(eled as >/ain Floor>) into te -ain entrance 'a*! As te*
'al% do'n te long corridor, descri(e to te- te various stone statues as 'ell as te ,ortrait of te
Lad* and te Lord &loo%ing al-ost uneartl* regal)! /a%e sure at least one of te ,la*ers sees te
fluff* 'ite (all tat is Chatruse 'atcing te- fro- er s,ot ato, a sitting cair! Pera,s *ou can
sli, a ranger or a caracter 'it ani-al %no'ledge a note tat ints at te cat?s eerie cogni5ance, li%e
tere is a flec% of intelligence in er e*es! "f a ,la*er cooses to ,et te cat, or ,ic% er u, se 'ill
8uic%l* tro' a issing fit (efore lea,ing a'a* fro- te ,la*ers &if a ,la*er ,ets te cat assign te- a
;5A cance of contracting te illness, and e2,and it to 45A if te* tr* to ,ic% er u,)! Eiter 'a*,
te adventure asn#t even started *et, so %ee, te effects &'eter it (e success or failure) a secret!
Te scene 'it Catruse is designed to loo% li%e a tro'-a'a* seg-ent, (ut in fact it is one of te
stories -ost i-,ortant! O(viousl* tere is noting arcane or -agical at 'or% ere!
Te ,la*ers 'ill find Lord Ale2us .ar%angnon 'aiting for te- as te* arrive at te .ining Roo-
fro- te nortern door &do'n anoter all'a* 'it tat sa-e air* $outern feel to it)! 0e is still at
is introductor* stage, so ,la* te Lord as (eing e2tre-el* ,olite and cordial! Bse tis in con9unction
'it is ;C Caris-a to ,aint te Lord as te ,ersonification of 0ig $ociet*! 0e 'ill tan% te
,la*ers for traveling all tis 'a*, and insists te* 9oin i- for dinner &(eing served as e s,ea%s)! Te
,la*ers 'ill see te t'o servant girls +urtcen and "s-elda setting u, te dining roo-, 'it ,laces set
for eac of te ,la*ers! An ela(orate (an8uet of ,easant and roasted duc% a'aits te-, tic%ling teir
noses and 'atering teir -outs 'it desire! Pera,s Gurtchen 'ill (urst into one of er
trade-ar%ed lauging fits 9ust as te PCs are in te -idst of discussing so-eting of grave
7efore te* sit do'n to dine, te Lord 'ill a,ologi5e for is 'ife?s a(sence, citing er as (eing >under
te 'eater> &cue o-inous rolling tunder)!
Te ,la*ers 'ill dine 'it te Lord 'ile +urtcen, "s-edla and occasionall* (ig /o--a scuttle in
and out of te roo- clearing and re,lacing te various side dises! Te Lord of .ar%agnon Estates
'ill -a%e ,leasant s-all-tal%, en8uiring a(out te ,la*ers 9ourne*s &,ri-e o,,ortunit* to introduce
te Pla*er Caracters if te* don#t alread* %no' eac oter) as 'ell as discussing te (re'ing stor-
clouds gatering outside! Te* dine eart* and drin% (ountifull* as te Lord regales te- 'it a tale
fro- is Revolution da*s &an* Civil War t*,e-clicD *ou can tin% of)! 7* te ti-e +urtcen and
"s-edla are (ringing on te cu,s of /oagan* coffee and ,astr* ca%es, Lord Ale2us .ar%angnon
sould see- li%e a ,rett* decent, res,ecta(le gu*! @en te last dessert cart is 'eeled out, te Lord
stands to address is audience!
"It is only under times of great duress and ersonal tragedy that I seek you for your !orth" "egins
the racticed gentleman charm# $ord %le&us Darkangnon moves from the head of his ta"le to
stand "eside you# "I fear I may have inherited a little "ad luck along !ith my '( acres"# "Come)
I imlore you to *oin me in my lounge for a cigar and glass of +leeding ,oices" -if any"ody asks
!hat that is) it.s "like a "randy) only much) much s!eeter"/# 0e 'ill ten ta%e te- to te s,ot
la(eled te Great 0oom! Tis is 'ere e entertains is guests and 'ill get te Pla*er Caracters
settled in for a nigt of gost stories#
Lord .ar%agnon leads te ,la*ers fro- te .ining Roo- to te +reat Roo-, 'ere te* 'ill
alread* find te fire,lace lit &if 'inter)! Te tree great 'indo's to te nort are (arred and loc%ed
tigt, in ,re,aration for te stor-! To te east, a long couc and t'o cairs sit in (et'een t'o
'ooden nigt ta(les! Ato, te s-all ta(les rest a cand* dis and an astra*! To te 'est, a
-ounted 'olves ead is -ost ,ro-inent on te 'all, 'it a tuft of ouse,lants 9ust (elo' it at floor
level! Lord .ar%agnon 'ill saunter over to te ,ersonal (ar in te sout'est corner, 'ile
e2,laining te significance (eind is ,ri5ed 'olves ead tro,* &e single-andedl* sle' tis (east
tat once stal%ed is village)! 0e 'ill -i2 u, a fe' glasses of 7leeding Voices &'ic 9ust consists
of a tu-(ler, ice and tat s%*-(lue tinted (ottle) for an*(od* 'o 'ants one!
+leeding ,oices is a "rand li1uor created "y the $ord and his "usiness associate# It is one of the
many enterrises he uses to suort himself) his family and his ha"its# It is indeed a thick) s!eetish
li1uor that leaves the alate !ith a honey aftertaste# +ut make no mistake) the drink can "e otent#
That.s !hy the $ord doesn.t ersonally offer more than one) "ut is hay to o"lige any other
re1uests# 2or every drink a layer takes -one full glass) reared "y the $ord/ they temorarily gain
one oint of charisma# If your 3C is a "ig stocky fighter or any other heavyset character) it may
take t!o drinks to get this effect# The Charisma "onus lasts a total of 4( minutes minus your
constitution score -score) not modifier/# 5ou can consume as many drinks as you !ant) as the
charisma "onuses do stack) "ut only to a ma&imum of 67# If you drink three or more -dou"le that if
your "igger/ !ithin a single hour you risk getting nauseous -fortitude vs# 89 6 drinks consumed/#
Of course for some) the s!eet suckling of the $ords +leeding ,oices !ill have him them coming "ack
for more# Every drink consumed leads to a !ill o!er check at "ase DC 89 6 drinks consumed# If a
layer fails this save) he or she really likes the li1uor and !ill automatically consume another drink
-!hich incurs all the same saves again "ut !ith :8 enalty) !hich accumulates/# The ne&t day
-aro&imately 97 hours later/ the layer-s/ !ith the failed checks !ill actively seek out +leeding
,oices to si on# If that can.t "e accomlished) they !ill go into minor !ithdra!al) !ith a temorary
minus to their charisma e1ual to the amount of drinks consumed -the night rior/ and a temorary
loss to their !isdom of half their drinks consumed -rounded do!n/# +leeding ,oices !ithdra!al
lasts for 9( hours minus the layers Constitution score -score) not modifier/# $ord Darkangnon
could surely arrange a !ay for the layers to "ecome ermanent customers#
A tin cloud of cigar s-o%e angs la5il* in te air, 'ile te sutters outside te 'indo' treaten to
,ull loose fro- te 'inds! Te Lord ta%es a dee, ,ull as e stands (efore te roaring &or dor-ant)
fire,lace, and (lo's a circle to'ards te 'olf?s ead! >" curse te da* " didn#t dice te (od* and (ur*
te ,ieces>! 0e tro's a condescending s-ir% to'ards te -ounted tro,*, and gestures 'it is
glass! >For if " ad, surel* tis -isfortune 'ould not ave (efallen -* (eloved grounds>!
Te Lord goes on to s,ea% in lengt a(out te legend of te Eoson fa-il*! A fa-il* tat lived in tis
ouse and 'as -urdered, teir (odies idden in te ,ond out (ac%! Lord Ale2us .ar%angnon
e2,lains o' e ,ut te sattered souls to rest and so confident 'as e of is success, e -oved is
ne' 'ife into te o-e sortl* tereafter &and recristened it >.ar%angnon Estates>)! 2or a much
more thoro:look at the ;oson family and their history) consult the Children of the Night: Ghosts
adventure entitled %nd Wilt Thou $eave Me Thus<!
$adl*, it a,,ears to te Lord tat taint of te Eoson tragedies as *et to fade co-,letel* fro- is
,re-ises! 0e e2,lains o' after returning o-e fro- a (usiness tri, a(road, e 'as (o-(arded 'it
stories and tales of strange sounds, ligts and sigts fro- is 'or%ers! $o-e 'o even 8uit teir 9o(s
in ,rotest! Tat#s '* is staff see-s so sort-anded! 0e fears tat te -alevolent s,irits -a* ave
returned and see%s a final solution to teir destruction!
Mean!hile) as the layers are engaged in their fluffy conversations !ith the $ord) the truly devious
crunch mechanics are taking lace "ehind the DM Screen# Make sure in assing) that you mention
the "lue velvet cat "ed that rests "efore the !estern !all -right near the houselants/# %lthough
Chatruse is not in it) the layers should gather that this is !here she slees# The Great 0oom is
infested "y "the illness" -kee in mind) due to his =n!holesome Ichor) $ord %le&us Darkangnon is
immune to the effects/# 2or each hour -or ortion thereof/ sent in an infested area -or in the
comany of an infested creature/ there is a >?@ chance of suffering 8d7 flea "ites# Each "ite has a
9?@ chance of immediately causing the victim to e&erience effects similar to either the 9nd level
!iAard sell Tasa#s Bncontrolla(le 0ideous Laugter or the 'th level !iAard sell Otto#s "rresisti(le
.ance! The effects of these "sells" !ill only last long enough to aint the victim as a fool) or
someone !ho shouldn.t "e taken seriously! Bo magic can "e detected# +ut once the effects have
taken hold of the layer) they can reaear at any time#
"MP$R#AN# N$#%3 @en te ,la*ers (egin to graduall* lose 0it Points at te ands of te
FillnessG, secretl* su(tract te- fro- te total on teir caracter seets! Tat 'a*, 'en *ou as% for
teir seets and set a(out doing so-e FrevisionG 'or% (eind te $creen, te* 'ill find teir 0P totals
are dece,tivel* lo'er tan te*?ve originall* (een trac%ing!
In addition) the victim must make a 2ortitude Save -DC 8C/ for each "ite suffered# 2ailure of any
saving thro! means the victim slis into madness over a eriod of 8:9 hours# When these effects
have "een "esto!ed uon the layers) the 0E%$ fun "egins for the DM###
Fro- ere 'e (egin OerationD Mind2EEk! Te goal of te adventure fro- tis ,oint on is to ro*all*
scre' 'it te ,la*er?s eads! $o-e of te- -ust (e infused 'it te illness at tis ,oint to -a%e
te -ood 'or%, (ut %ee, tose lil# red (ite -ar%s unnoticea(le for no'! Tese ,la*ers ave a >gost>
to catc! M!ah:ha:ha:haF After sociali5ing in te +reat Roo- 'it te Lord, te ,la*ers are free to
(egin teir o'n investigations of te grounds! /eaning 'e let te cildren loose to run te aisles
'ile 'e &as ./s) dangle te ,ieces of cand* in front of te- to entice te- furter!
;ust as te ,la*ers are e2cused (* te Lord to ,erfor- teir investigations, a loud 7OO/ of tunder
eralds te arrival of te $tor-! /a%e sure *ou stress to te ,la*ers te destructive ,o'er of tis
stor-, as gale 'inds 'ill (egin to ri, tiles fro- te roof and te constant ,ounding rain -a%es it ard
to see ver* far out te 'indo's! "t sould loo% li%e te ,la*ers are >tra,,ed> or at least detained for
a little 'ile! Plent* of ti-e to en9o* te co-forta(le a-enities of .ar%angnon Estates, 'ile te*
dig dee,er to uncover te -*ster*!
:our 9o( as ./ is to listen ver* closel* to te Pla*ers tougts and teories! @en te* ave an
idea, or a tougt 'ort ,ondering, 3$%5 IT =3 &assu-ing of course, *our victi- is one tat failed at
least one Fortitude save)! @e 'ant te- to case ,anto-s and s,ecters of teir o'n ,aranoia!
First tings first, 'e 'ant to -a%e te ,la*ers (elieve te ,ro(le-s at te Estates are related to
gosts! @ile it#s true tat te ouse once eld a Ran% T'o Resonance, Lord .ar%angnon 'as
correct 'en e told te ,la*ers e ,ut te s,irits to rest! Tus, if a ,la*er 'it Ethereal Emathy
atte-,ts to use teir feat, te* 'ill find it fluctuating (et'een Ran% one and Ran% t'o! Tis sould
o,efull* >,rove> to te ,la*ers te ,lace is aunted! @ic it is NOT!
7e ,re,ared to counter te ,la*er actions 'it a suita(le reaction! "f te PCs (elieve an effect is
needed, desired or even feared, -a%e it so! $lo'l* (uild to a crescendo, or ,seudo-cli-a2 'ile te
nigt ages! "f te ,la*ers are casing gosts on te first nigt, (uild to tat first sigting! "f te
,la*ers tin% te grounds are cursed, slo'l* lead to te revelation tat te* -ust focus te s,ell u,on
a s,ecific ,art of te ouse! E2a-,les include3
Casting a 0emove Curse s,ell or so-eting si-ilar! Te ,la*ers 'ill need to %no' te e2act 'ording
used (* te vistani /aster Of Curses, and onl* ten 'ill te* %no' te* >need> to cast te s,ell in te
Fdungeon areaG (elo' te ouse &read Mama CarnitineGs "ntervie' A(out +osts for furter detail)!
Hee,ing in -ind te stor- is orrendous! Pera,s te caster &assu-ing te*#ve (een affected (* te
illness) 'ill (egin to ear (its and ,ieces of te vistani curse! /a*(e 'ile alone in a roo-, or
investigating 'it a co-,anion, te ollo' eco of te 'o-an?s 'ords co-e clearl* to te afflicted
caracter! $li, te- notes, 'is,er in teir ear or even descri(e te a,t terror of te caracter as te*
feel te 'ords affecting them!
"f a caracter as te 3ortents or Ghostsight feats, no' is te ti-e to (uild teir scene! Assu-ing
again tis caracter as (een afflicted (* te illness &%ee,ing in -ind oter afflicted caracters count
as infested creatures for te sa%e of trans-ition), (egin to encourage teir i-aginations 'it te
su(tle and 8uir%* effects of teir ,o'ers! Te* 'ill see te curtains -oving, 'ile oters -a* see
noting! /a*(e te* can ear te ,oor 'ife cr*ing out in agon*, or see visions of teir co-,anions
after deat! .on#t actuall* let te- see a >gost> 8uite *et, or %no' te true reason of teir ,ligt!
7ut te -ore te* (elieve it -igt (e gosts, te -ore it 'ill a,,ear tat 'a*!
Sanity feat still allo's te I4 (onus to /adness saves, even toug te roll is -ade 'it a fortitude
cec% and not a 'ill,o'er cec%!
"f te visions and allucinations ave te desired effects on te ,la*ers, *ou can a,,l* oter'ise false
-ecanics to furter -islead te-! For e2a-,le, an %ura of Desair -0$4#?/ can ,er-eate te
(uilding, giving all tose 'o fail teir 'ill save &.C ;6) a -4 -oral ,enalt* on all attac% rolls, s%ill
cec%s and saves! Tis ,o'er onl* 'or%s on te ,la*ers 'o 'ould (elieve it, and lasts for as long
as te* tin% a(out it! Ghostly Writing -0$4#?/ can a,,ear to te ,la*ers, 'arning te- to sta* a'a*
or die! Oter caracters -igt not (e a(le to see te 'riting!
An*ting te ,la*ers (elieve 'ill (e (eneficial in te searc and destruction of a gost &or te
unraveling of a curse) 'ill a,,ear to (egin >'or%ing> for te ,la*ers! Continue to -a%e >infestation
cec%s> for all te unaffected ,la*ers, until all (ut one or t'o of te- ave (een (itten!
"nter&ie's about G!osts (and other su)ernatural )!enomenon*
Gurt!en and "smedla3 Te girls can (e found in te Hitchen %rea 'it /a--a Carnitine for an
our or so after dinner! Ten, te* can (e found in te servant?s 8uarters &la(eled Master +edroom on
floor ;)! @en 8uestioned, "s-edla 'ill (e stone-faced and frigtened, 'ile +urtcen 'ill
,eriodicall* (urst into *sterics u,on 8uestioning! +urtcen 'ill s'ear se as seen te gostl* for-
of a -an stal%ing te $iving 0oom area of Floor One! 7ut te constant s-ile on er face sould
-a%e te ,la*ers 'ear* of er stor*! Also, "s-edla 'ill add tat strange sounds at nigt co-e fro-
te +uest 7edroo-s on te 4nd floor! Collectivel*, te t'o girls are not sure if te* (elieve in te
gost stories, or tat tere are s,irits aunting te grounds! 7ut of course, te -ore te
>,rofessionals> &te ,la*ers) ar, on te ,ossi(ilit*, te -ore te* 'ill co-e to (elieve it! $o if te
,la*ers continue teir unt for a gost trougout te nigt, +urtcen and "s-edla 'ill (eco-e -ore
,aranoid te-selves! Tus, even te fla,,ing of a loose sutter fro- te 'ind 'ill (e attri(uted to a
>gostl* s,irit>!
#!omas Landry3 0o,efull* te ,la*ers are 'ise enoug to s,lit u, for teir researc, as te
o,,ortunit* to s,ea% 'it To-as 'ould (e ,erfect for one or t'o ,la*ers alone! :ou see, tere 'as
a ,art of te Eoson fa-il* stor* tat Lord .ar%angnon neglected to tell te ,la*ers! 7ut To-as
Landr* 'on#t esitate to sare it! @en te ,la*ers (egin teir searc for To-as, -a%e i- ard to
find! Te oter servants aven#t seen i-, and e#s not an*'ere near(*! "f te* loo% ard enoug,
te* can find i- outside during te stor-, tending to te dogs in te sta(le! "n te -eanti-e, %ee,
te ,la*ers tin%ing te*#re loo%ing for gosts!
Later in te nigt, e can (e found canging is -udd*, sogg* cloting in te $ervants Juarters area
&la(eled Master +edroom on te first floor)! 0e 'ill 9u-, 'en te ,la*ers a,,roac, ten e2,lain e
'as 9ust ta%ing te Lords dogs &.u%e and Vander(ilt) for teir constitutionals! @en as%ed a(out
gosts, is e*es 'ill 'iden and e 'ill (egin to stutter! 0e 'ill ad-it e is fa-iliar 'it te gost
stories of te area, (ut ,ersonall* e feels tere is a dee,er -eaning (eind te goings-on ere! @en
,ressed furter, e 'ill nervousl* as% te ,la*ers to sut te door, effectivel* closing te- in te dan%
servants 8uarters!
Fro- tere, e 'ill ,roceed to tell te- a stor* a(out a Curse on te ouse#s for-er o'ner, "saac
"Well) sir# 5ah see master) there used to "e some"ody o!ning this lace "efore $ord Darkangnon# %
rich guy) Master Isaac ;oson) !ho had a "ee:yoo:tiful !ife) t!o strong sons and a fair young lass:
of:a:daughter# +ut one day) !hile Master ;oson !as right in the to!ns s1uare) a vistani !ench
aeared from the MistA and sit a curse uon Master ;oson# Iis name and his family too# The
vistani Master of Curses disaeared *uss. as fast as she came# +ut her !ords stayed "ehind forever#
$ater that night) Master Isaac ;oson !as gone# Bever to "e seen "efore# Iis !ife) and his t!o sons
disaeared too# Even his youngest daughter and her ne! hus"and vanished at the hands of that
!icked gysy Curse# Some say) the stain remains on the ;oson grounds even to this day###"
"f 8uestioned furter a(out te tale, To-as Landr* 'ill refuse to ela(orate, citing is o'n
disco-fort! A,,arentl*, e s,oo%ed i-self out 'it te stor*! 0e 'ill sa*, o'ever, it 'as Lord
.ar%angnon 'o sa*s e rid te ouse of te s,irits! 7ut &and To-as# voice 'ill lo'er to a 'is,er
as e sa*s it) "not even the great $ord %le&us Darkangnon has the o!er to cleanse a gysy curse"#
Te ,ur,ose of te dialogue 'it To-as is to get some of te ,la*ers tin%ing te ,ro(le-s -igt
NOT (e lin%ed to gosts, rater te results of a 'ic%ed ,istani curse!
+ig Mamma Carnitine3 $e can (e found in te %itcen al-ost all nigt long! $e 'ill u-or te
,la*ers and teir 8uestions, (ut al'a*s a,,ear too (us* to deal 'it teir ,ett* re8uests! $e 'ill
ad-it to (eing fa-iliar 'it te Eoson gosts, (ut 'on#t (elieve te stories are true! $e 'ill soo off
te ,la*ers if te* continue 'it teir 8uestioning for too long! $e 'ill urriedl* e2,lain se as
'or% to do and te* are distracting er!
"f (* cance te ,la*ers ave alread* s,o%en to To-as Landr* &and no! "elieve the effect to "e
related to a curse and NOT to ghosts) and if te ,la*ers are ada-ant enoug, se -igt even tell tis
Well they say one of the "oys in the family had a lil gam"ling ro"lem) and he made a "et he
couldn.t kee !ith a !ild gysy trader# They "e sayin the ;oson "oy !as cursed to lose his family
one:"y:one until his de"t !ith the vistani !as aid off# %nd .da family started disaearing tooF
One:"y:one they vanished) *ust like the gysy said .dey !ould# +ut that ;oson "oy *ust ket on
gam"ling .derre lives a!ay) until the curse finally s!allo!ed him !here he sat###"
According to te rest of /a--a Carnatine#s tall-tale, te ga-(ling Eoson (o* 'as sitting in is
(ase-ent lounge 'en te vistani#s curse finall* devoured i- 'ole! $e doesn#t actuall* (elieve te
stor*, (ut 'ill cuc%le at te reaction it gets fro- te ,la*ers! $e sa*s tat te Eoson#s (o*
>(ase-ent lounge> 'as long ago converted into a dungeon (* Lord Ale2us .ar%angnon! Not even
te servants go do'n tere!
Violet Anne Membrose-Darkangnon
Lad* /e-( is te *oung (ride to te Lord of .ar%angnon estates, is first! "f te
,la*ers ,r* Mamma Carnitine or Thomas $andry enoug, te* can tell *ou te Lad*#s fater is a ver*
ric, ,o'erful to(acco and cotton (aron in te area!
After $ord %le&us Darkagnon strode fort fro- te /ist5 and (anised te s,irits aunting er to'n,
e too% te *oung lad*#s and in -arriage! $ortl* tereafter, e (ougt te old Eoson grounds and
re-cristened te- >.ar%agnon Estates>! Te* ave (een -arried for si2 -onts!
Conversation tat -a* (e overead or glea-ed fro- te t'o servant girls, Gurtchen and Ismedla 'ill
allo' te ,la*ers to learn tat te Lord is a ver* (us* -an, 'o ta%es long-(usiness tri,s a(road! 0is
,oor, fragile 'ife enters a great state of de,ression in is a(sence! $till, te* ave eard ru-(lings te
*oung lass is finding co-fort in te ar-s of anoter suitor!!!
Actual sigtings of Violet Anne sould (e rare, and onl* occur to tose 'o ave succu-(ed to te
>illness>! Hee, er vague, and indiscreet 'it a sligtl* aunted loo% a(out er! $e is stunningl*
(eautiful, es,eciall* fro- afar! @it soft 'ite ro(es tat flo' a(out er and -ists tat see- to alo
er ead, se 'ill a,,ear to so-e as te gost te* see%!
After te ,la*ers ave (een convinced to carge out into te stor- (randising teir roses, descri(e
er face as se ,eers do'n u,on te- fro- a second floor 'indo'! Rain (eating do'n on te
'indo',ane 'ill -a%e er face al-ost indistinguisa(le3 9ust a faint angelic visual! Oter ti-es, se
-a* (e s,otted standing (lissfull* at te to, of te stairs as te PCs ,eer u, fro- te first floor!
7efore se can (e a,,roaced or solicited, so-eting distracts te ,la*ers, and 'en te* return teir
stares to te stairs Lad* Violet Anne /e-( is gone again!
"f and 'en a ,la*er ever confronts te Lad*, teir interaction 'ill (e (rief! 0er de-eanor is ic* and
far-out! Juiet and unsettling! $e 'ill not ans'er -an* in8uiries, (ut 'ill (ristle at te tougt of er
(eing dislo*al! $e 'ill angril* denounce tose ru-ors (efore de-anding ,rivac*! Gurtchen or
Ismedla 'ill 8uic%l* user te Lad* (ac% to (ed if se calls out! Te idea is to get te ,la*ers tin%ing
te *oung lad* is aunted or cursed erself!
At a(out te sa-e ti-e so-e ,la*ers are casing gosts and oters are dungeon delving for curses,
still oter ,la*ers can find Violet Anne in area K43 Te Living Roo- &co5* old li(rar*)! $e 'ill (e
seated in one of te cairs, 'ile er ousecat Chatruse rests in te oter! On te ta(le (efore Violet
Anne 'ill (e a cildren#s fair*-tale (oo%, 'ic se e2,lains is er 'a* of >%ee,ing sane in tis
orri(le stor-> &cue o-inous tundercla,)! $e 'ill resu-e er ,eaceful reading 'eter te ,la*ers
sta* or leave!
It is entirely ossi"le for the layers to notice that the $adyGs lis -as !ell as her dainty fingertis/
are a light "lue in color! "t gives er an uneartl* 8ualit*, and te ,la*ers sould assu-e se is a cold
one or -ar%ed fro- (e*ond te grave! Of course te truth is a (it stranger tan fiction, and te
,la*ers can learn er secrets if te* coose to investigate te Lord?s secret dungeons (elo' te ouse!
$e 'ill NOT ans'er an* in8uiries a(out te strange stains, as if se never even ears te 8uestion!
N"G,# $N% $N #,% GR$-ND.
/: Dining Room- Tis is te roo- te ,la*ers dined in 'it te Lord! An* ti-e of da* te* 'ill find
tis roo- in i--aculate condition! Te Lord as a se,arate eating roo- for (rea%fast and lunc, so
onl* dinner#s are eld ere! 0ig a(ove te long, ,olised 'ooden ta(le angs an ela(orate cr*stal
candelier! Lantern and candle ligt reflects off te sards, sending -ulticolored ,ris-s (ouncing off
te 'alls! Tis can (e ver* unsettling to a ,la*er in te troes of -adness, or tose 'o are (us*
casing gosts!
0: Li&ing Room- Tis is te old Eoson fa-il* li(rar*! Lord .ar%angnon i-self is ,racticall*
illiterate, so e cares little a(out te ,ortents of te roo-! Even Lad* Violet Anne /e-(rose-
.ar%angnon as done little to %ee, te roo- current, oter tan ordering te servants to dust it once
a da*! Te (oo%selves along te 'alls are filled 'it dust* (oo%s and -anuscri,ts, all of 'ic see-
to (e at least a decade old! T'o large stuffed cairs rest to te eastern 'all, 'it a 'ooden ta(le in
(et'een te-! B,on closer o(servation, te ,la*ers 'ill find te ousecat Chatruse (alled u, aslee,
in one of te cairs! Tis is anoter o,,ortunit* to infect a caracter tat as tus far esca,ed te
illness! "f a ,la*er ,eacefull* distur(s te cat, or tries to ,et it, te* 'ill find er e2tre-el* rece,tive
to teir affection! $e 'ill ,urr, and curl u, to slee, eiter at teir feet or in teir la,!
"f te ,la*ers investigate te roo- furter, te* 'ill find tat -ost of te (oo%s are fiction in nature!
Te* deal 'it a 'ide variet* of stories and tales, (ut noting tat 'ould interest a PC &e2ce,t
,era,s a (ard)! A (ard 'o dedicates an our or -ore to anal*5ing te roo-, and ten ,asses a
successful Gather Information cec% &.C ;4) can add a ,er-anent I4 to an* +ardic Hno!ledge or
3erform cec% 'ile in te area &Old $out, in -* ga-e)!
"f te ,la*ers (elieve te* are unting gosts, ,era,s te* -a* see floating (oo%s out of te corner
of teir e*e, or s-ell te s'eet aro-a of "saac Eoson#s cigar s-o%e, even toug tere is no one
,resent! $ooner or later, te ousecat Chatruse 'ill get in on te act! $e 'ill stare, iss or s,it at
i-aginar* tings in te roo-! Pera,s se stares at te door'a*, (efore lasing out at te air 'it er
cla's! 0er air 'ill (ristle along er (ac%, and soon se 'ill dart out of te roo- and to, s,eed and
disa,,ear do'n te all! Tis scene sould serve as furter >,roof> of te ouses gostl* ,resence!
1: #!e 2it!en3 /a--a Carnitine can (e found ere, cleaning u, fro- dinner &see er entr* a(ove
under Intervie!s a"out Ghosts### to get er reaction)! Te %itcen is 'ell-used, (ut ver* clean! A
closed 'ooden door to te norteast leads to te ,antr* and $aundry area! "nside te ,antr*, te*
'ill find all %inds of cans and sac%s of goods! Te ,lace is full* stoc%ed! /a%e sure te ,la*ers
notice te collection of large carving %nives %e,t in te ,antr* area!
3: +reak4ast3 Tis is a s-aller, co5* roo- 'it large 'indo's along (ot 'alls! Tese 'indo's
overloo% te side *ard 'ere te fa-il* ga5e(o sits! A round ta(le rests in te center of te roo-,
surrounded (* -atcing cairs and decorated 'it a 'ar--colored ta(leclot! Te door to te east
&leading to te Great 0oom) and te door to te sout &leading to The Hitchen) are %e,t closed at all
ti-es, even 'en (rea%fast is served in te -orning! "f te ,la*ers investigate tis roo- furter, use
te inerent claustro,o(ia 'ill cause te ,la*ers to suffer te effects of a +lindness s,ell &fort vs! .C
;1)! "f te* suffer te effects of tis s,ell, and tr* to flee &or o,en te doors) te* 'ill find te*
cannot! Te doors 'ill (e >loc%ed>! Of course, an*one 'o is unaffected (* tis >s,ell> 'ill find te*
can easil* o,en te doors! For ever* caracter affected (* tis >s,ell>, te ne2t ,la*er to enter tis
roo- suffers a -4 effect to teir save! Tis ,enalt* is cu-ulative, so if t'o ,la*ers suffer te effects of
tis >s,ell>, te ne2t ,erson to -a%e a save suffers a -L ,enalt*! Pla*ers 'o ,ass teir cec% can
investigate te roo- freel*! Te +linded ones find tat te effect lasts onl* as long as te* are in te
roo-! An* %ind of 0emove s,ell 'ill NOT nullif* te effects!
"f te ,la*ers loo% out te 'indo's, te* -igt see gostl* visions troug te ,ounding rain!
Visions tat -igt dra' te- out into te relentless stor-, 'ere te* ris% catcing a cold or oter
5: #!e Great Room- Tis is te roo- te ,la*ers sared an after-dinner drin% and s-o%e 'it Lord
Ale2us .ar%angnon! Tis roo- is also infested, so continue to use te sa-e rules on an* unaffected
Pla*er Caracters! Te -ost cilling as,ect of te roo- is of course te -ounted 'olves ead on te
'all, 'it its large ga,ing -a' and dagger-lengt teet! $ave tis effect for 9ust te rigt ti-e, for
o,ti-u- efficienc*! "deall*, it sould (e late at nigt and 'ile tere are onl* a fe' ,la*ers in te
roo-! Te* 'ill (e attac%ed (* a vision of te >gostl* 'olf>! Bse te stats for a @inter @olf, as
found in te core /onster /anual!
G!ost 6ol4
Large >-agical (east>!
0it .ice3 6d;6I;C &5; ,)
"niative3 I5 &I; de2, IL i-,roved init)
$,eed3 56 ft
AC3 ;5
Attac%s3 7ite I= -elee
.a-age3 7ite ;dCI6
FaceMReac3 5 ft (* ;6 ft M 5 ft
$,ecial Attac%s3 7reat 'ea,on, tri,
$,ecial Jualities3 $cent, cold su(t*,e
$aves3 Fort IC, Ref I6, @ill I1
Te >gostl* 'olf> 'ill continue to attac% te ,la*ers 'ile te* are in te Great 0oom, and -a*
even case te- trougout te ouse! "f te ,la*ers are dangerousl* lo' in it,oints, or anoter
caracter co-es to teir rescue, te 'olf 'ill -*steriousl* >vanis>, and all tat 'ill re-ain is tat
sa-e, uncanged 'olves ead -ounted on te 'all in te Great 0oom! Onl* caracters affected (*
or 'o >sa'> te gostl* 'olf can see te grueso-e 'ounds on teir (odies! An* oter caracter
'ill see noting!
7: .er&ants 8uarters (labeled 9Master +edroom9*3 Tis is te ,lace 'ere te servants %ee, to
te-selves! Te roo- itself is se,arated (* dr*'all into tree different ca-(ers! One for /a--a
Carnitine, one for To-as Landr* and te tird for te servant girls, +urtcen and "s-edla!
"f an*(od* investigates tis roo- after all te servants are slee,ing, te* can ear 7ig /a--a
Carnitine and To-as Landr* snoring soundl* in teir res,ective (eds! 7ut a successful $isten cec%
&.C ;4) 'ill allo' te ,la*ers to discern a conversation (et'een te servant girls, +urtcen and
"s-edla! +urtcen is telling "s-edla of a >-*sterious dar%-s%inned> gentle-an se as seen ,ro'ling
te estates latel*! Tis >dar%-faced andso-e devil> tells +urtcen o' (eautiful se is, and caresses
er (od* 'it is ands! "f te ,la*ers (urst in, or interru,t te stor*, (ot girls 'ill o'l in fear!
Te* 'on#t even get a cance to as% te- an* furter 8uestions, as (ot girls 'ill (eco-e *sterical
and cannot (e cal-ed do'n! To-as Landr* 'ill a'a%en, and so too 'ill 7ig /a--a Carnitine 'o
'ill treaten te girls 'it a 'i,,ing if te* don#t us u,! +urtcen 'ill NOT s,ea% furter a(out
tis >-*sterious dar%s%inned gentle-an>!
%nounters 'it! Vanderbilt and Duke:
Te t'o uge +undara%ian 'ild dogs tat te Lord %ee,s as is ,ersonal ,ets 'ill not (e seen in te
ouse! "deall*, one or t'o infected ,la*ers sould s,ot te- as te dogs stand at attention in te *ard
out (ac%! .es,ite te stor- raging around te-, te t'o trained 'atc dogs are staring straigt
aead 'it teir ears folded (ac%! Perced u,on teir aunces, te* sould a,,ear as if read* to
attac% at an* -o-ent! Of course, te ,la*ers 'on?t (e a(le to see troug te stor- 'ell enoug to
%no' 'at te dogs are staring at! "f te ,la*ers -ove to'ards te dogs in te stor-, te dogs 'on?t
even notice te a,,roacing ,la*ers! Te* 'ill continue to gro'l and stare at an Funseen -enaceG!
Trut is, li%e te ousecat Chatruse tese dogs are carriers of te FillnessG! Te* are indeed staring
and gro'ling at FnotingG (ut don?t let te ,la*ers %no' tat! Te* -a* (elieve te dogs can sense
gosts or s,irits, and tat?s '* te* are acting strangel*! @enever a ,la*er touces or ,ets te
dogs, te Finfestation rulesG go into effect &see Area 5: #!e Great Room for furter infor-ation)!
"f te dogs are allo'ed to co-e into te ouse, te* 'ill (e 'ell (eaved (ut still ave a roug,
sinister edge to te-! Teir ears 'ill s,ontaneousl* fold (ac%, and te* 'ill gro'l at 'alls or e-,t*
Pera,s te ,la*ers 'ill find te t'o dogs curled into a (all and 'i-,ering in one of te dar%ened
roo-s! @at could ,ossi(l* (e toug enoug to scare t'o uge guard dogsN
Te* can (e found gro'ling at 'alls and sna,,ing at tin air! /a*(e te ,la*ers 'ill (e alerted (* te
(ar%ing dogs, onl* to find te- figting eac oter or 'restling around 'it i-aginar* foes! Tese
t'o dogs &as 'ell as Chatruse) are -ad, -ad, -ad!
Eust as easil*, te t'o uge dogs can sna, on te ,la*ers and s,ontaneousl* attac% te-! "n tat case,
use te stats for 'ar dogs or dire ani-als! "f te dogs get too 'ild and fris%* inside te ouse, Lord
.ar%angnon 'ill de-and tat To-as Landr* ta%e te- (ac% outside!,-arge.asp?
.%C$ND :L$$R
; < =: Guest +edrooms (labeled 9+R 0 and +R 19 on seond 4loor ma)*- Tis is 'ere te
,la*ers 'ill sta* overnigt! "f tere are too -an* ,la*ers for t'o guest (edroo-s, so-e of te- -a*
(un% in J?D The Great 0oom on floor one! 7ot of te guest (edroo-s on te second floor are clean
and 'ell-,re,ared! Te* 'ill find one or t'o (eds in eac roo- &de,ending on o' -an* ,la*ers
need guest acco--odations)! Tere is a (ureau and closet included in eac roo-! Re-e-(er, an
infested caracter tat (eds ere for te nigt can turn an entire roo- into an infested 5one!
KC &7R1) as a 'indo' on te soutern 'all tat overloo%s te front court*ard &including te
fountain)! $o-eti-e during te eat of teir -adness, te* -a* see gostl* figures -oving in and
out of te (lan%ets of rain! 7* staring out tis 'indo', te 'orld 'ill a,,ear star%-ravingl* gre* (ut
te roses in te tur(ulent fountain 'ill a,,ear in full vivid color! Te* 'ill rese-(le (rigt floating
dro,lets of (lood!
K< &7R4) as 'indo's on te nortern and 'estern 'alls tat overloo% te dar%ened Eoson ,ond! "n
te ,ouring rain, PCs -a* see images of their comanions locked in struggle !ith ghostly
aaritions! Of course, if te* call out for teir friend, or investigate te sogg* grounds furter, te*
'ill find no evidence of (attle! Te caracters tat te afflicted ,erson >sa'> in tose visions 'ill
recall no suc encounter &(ut te convinced ,la*er -a* see >'ounds> on is l*ing friends (od*,
leading i- to (elieve is friend is ,ur,osel* -isleading i-)! Tric%s li%e tis can (e orcestrated (*
,assing notes or telling te afflicted ,la*er se,aratel*!
>: Master +edroom (M+R*- Tese are te ,rivate ca-(ers of Lord .ar%angnon and is 'ife
Violet Anne! A large, 8ueen-si5ed cano,* (ed rest in te center of te eastern 'all! A ,ortrait of te
ouse, and of its o'ners &Ale2us and Violet) ang fro- te 'alls, and a cr*stal candelier dangles
fro- te ceiling! Co-forta(le cairs, (ureau?s, and s-all (oo%selves co-,lete te setting! To te
nort, dou(le doors o,en to a ,rivate (at for te Lord and is lad*! Along te 'estern 'all, te*
ave teir o'n fire,lace! "n te sout'est corner, t'o s'inging doors o,en into a ,rivate stud*
ca-(er, 'ere te* can dine alone on tea and (iscuits! Tis sitting roo- overloo%s te front
Te /aster 7edroo- as a ,er-anent Guards and Wards s,ell cast u,on te eav* 'ooden door!
@en it is distur(ed &(* a carging soulder 9ust as -uc as a loc% ,ic%ing), a silent alar- goes off
for te Lord of .ar%angnon Estates! @ile e is on te 'a*, tic% fog 8uic%l* (egins filling te
all'a*, li-iting all vision to 5 feet! Te Lord is i--une to tis effect, so 'ile engulfed in te
o(scuring -ists e can coose to stri%e! 0e can eli-inate a foe 'it one of is -*riad assassin s%ills!
Te ,la*ers sould not (e allo'ed eas* access to tis roo-, as te Lord can (e 8uic%l* su--oned if
tere is an* ruc%us! "f te ,la*ers are loo%ing to s,ea% furter 'it te Lord te* sould as% a
servant or %noc% at te door of is /aster 7edroo-! Te Lord 'ill dra-aticall* ,us te uge
dou(le doors out'ard and stride for'ard to -eet te-!
"My friends) listen" "egins the $ord solemnly# "Time is a very ressing issue for me) and I trust you
understand that I am a very "usy man# I had my susicions the lace may "e haunted) !hich is !hy
I sent for you# So do as I asked of you and rid us of this menaceF" $ord %le&us Darkangnon
imlores# "+ut I don.t !ish you good luck) I !ish you good skill# I good friend of mine !ho !as
once very skilled in the art of ghost:hunting told me that "allergens are reulsive to sirits# In some
cases ho!ever) they can create a sense of fascination in the ghost# This effect can only "e likened to
the effect a flame has on a moth"# I "elieve the sirits that haunt this home resond in that fashion
to the "randishing of a red rose# 3erhas using a red rose in con*unction !ith your attack !ill
destroy the resence forever# Bo! go# Once the sirits have "een distur"ed they !ill not rest until
!e *oin them#"
#o #!ose 6!o C!ase P!antoms o4 t!e "magination?
Eventuall*, so-e of te ,la*ers sould (e convinced that they must !ield their red roses !hile
confronting the malevolent sirits that !ill aear out "y the ;oson ond! 0o' te ./ goes a(out
convincing te PCs of tis is entirel* u, to i-Mer and te PC?s individual class features! To tose
'it a sred of sanit* left, it 'ill a,,ear as if tese 'ould-(e gost unters tore out te ouse into te
vicious stor-, ri,,ing teir clotes, s-earing -ud u,on teir (odies and screa-ing to te eavens! "f
an* oter Pla*er Caracters, or an* of te four servants didn#t %no' tese 'ould-(e unters 'ere
going out into te stor-, te* do no'! Teir *ells rever(erate troug te ouse!
"t is i-,ortant to note, tat an* encounter te ,la*ers -a* ave outside cannot outrigt >%ill> te-!
All da-age dealt is illusionar* in nature! @en te ,la*ers return to te ouse sogg* and (eat, tose
'o 'eren#t tere to (ear 'itness to te >(attle> -a* (elieve te caracters lost teir -inds!
Regardless, /a--a Carnitine and To-as Landr* &'o 'ill -ost li%el* ave (een a'o%en (* te
distur(ance) 'ill user te 'et ,la*ers (ac% into roo- K5 the Great 0oom! 0ere, te* can re-ove
teir soa%ing cloting and dr* off (efore te fire,lace 'it a 'ar- cu, of tea or -aogan* coffee &if
te*#re in te -ood for li8uor)! /a--a Carnitine 'ill see to it tat te ,la*ers are ,ro,erl* settled in
(efore retiring (ac% to (ed! Te Lord, is 'ife and te t'o servant girls do not enter tis scene!
Tose ,la*ers tat >(attled> te evil s,irit outside in te ,ouring rain sould (e convinced te treat is
over! An* te-,orar* >-agic> effects or oter >'ounds> te* suffered can (egin to eal at an
unnatural rate &seeing as o' te* aren#t reall* >in9ured> and 'ill 8uic%l* forget a(out teir
#o #!ose 6!o .ear! 4or .tains o4 Corru)tion?
Tose 'o decide to searc te Lord?s secret (ase-ent 'ill indeed find te stenc of corru,tion! 7ut
it 'on?t (e in te for- of dar% curses or arcane ritualsO it 'ill (e of a -ore fiendish nature!
Te -a, ,ictured a(ove indicates te Lord?s cellar as te PCs &no' assu-ed to (e alf--ad) 'ill
vie' it! Te acco-,an*ing te2t 'ill contain t'o vastl* different vantage ,oints, as it is assu-ed so-e
,la*ers 'ill ave succu-(ed to te illness 'ile so-e oters -igt ave resisted!
/: .tair'ay to Doom- Te ,la*ers enter te FdungeonG fro- te stair'a* -ar%ed FBPG on te first
floor -a,! Te* 'ill descend a stone staircase rougl* one (ends lengt! To te afflicted caracters,
descri(e te descent as (eing e2ce,tionall* ,recarious, 'it stairs tat see- to (end in'ard! Te
Fstee, declineG is enoug to activate an* PCs fear of eigts or -otion!
0: 6it!@s Lair- Tis sligtl* cra-,ed alcove (ends to te 'est 'ere it a(ru,tl* ends at te
tresold of a large, sturd* 'ooden door! Afflicted caracters 'ill ear teir (reats ecoing fro- te
stone 'alls in tis area, causing te- to react as if voices are calling out for el,! "f te ,la*ers ave
(een led to strongl* (elieve in te ,resence of a curse or an* oter vile taint, te* -a* ear te
cac%ling laugter of 'itces 'o taunt and tease te PCs! Te large, sturd* 'ooden door as 46 0P
and an Oen $ocks .C of 46!
1: Radioati&e Room- Te F@itc?s LairG s,ills out into te FRadioactive Roo-G fro- te eastern
door! Te ,la*ers can glance to te nort or te sout and see te large roo- unfolding (efore te-!
Te FRadioactive Roo-G is la(eled as suc, (ecause te faint flic%ering fla-es of te torces along
te 'all give te roo- an etereall* (luis tinge!
"--ediatel* to te sout'est rests a ,ersonal (ar 'it t'o acco-,an*ing stools and a (enc to te
'estern 'all! Caracters under te influence 'ill easil* -ista%e te ,rivate stas of -ulti-colored
li8uor (ottles to (e ,oisons, ,otions or oter t*,es of to2ins! To so-e, te -eticulous 'a* te Lord
arranges is collection -a* re-ind te- of a F-add ,rofessor and is science la(G!
.ar%ness calls out to te- fro- te eastern corridor, as all torcligt as (een e2tinguised ere! Te
diagra- on te -a, indicates a loveseat for t'o ne2t to an anti8ue sofa along te soutern 'all! A
fe' ta(les occu,* tese tigt 8uarters, (ut allo' enoug s,ace to co-forta(l* (reate in! Of course
te afflicted caracters 'ill find tat teir torces don?t ligt and tat te sado's ta%e for-s! An*
afflicted ,la*er 9ourne*ing into tis s-all sitting roo- -a* find i-self (attling sado's or s,ecters!
Oters -a* onl* ear is struggle, and rus to find i- on te floor ,anting 8uic%l* 'it terror in is
e*es! No sane or FuninflectedG caracter 'ill ever see tese visions (ut oter afflicted caracters can
all sare te sa-e sigt!
Follo'ing te FRadioactive Roo-G furtest to te nort, te ,la*ers 'ill find tat t'o doors (loc%
te 'a*! One door leads to te area -ar%ed F7utcerG, 'ile te oter leads to te FClosetG! 7ot
doors are loc%ed, (ut onl* contain ;6 0P and an O,en Loc%s .C of ;4!
3: +ut!erACloset- Te F7utcerG area is actuall* te storage roo- for To-as Landr*, 'ere all te
tools are %e,t! Ever*ting fro- gardening i-,le-ents to (ales of a* and sac%s of flour can (e found
in te 7utcerMCloset area! 7ut te F7utcer?sG area is na-ed as suc for te tic% red ,aint stains
tat cover te 'alls and floors &a (*-,roduct of a clu-s* (u-(le (* To-as Landr* a fe' -onts
(ac%)! Cans of ,aint &(ot red, 'ite and green) can still (e found in storage, altoug te red ,aint
is considera(l* lo'! O(viousl*, afflicted caracters 'ill vie' tis ,lace as a orri(le ouse of
slaugter! Te sounds of teir o'n screa-s 'ill -a%e te- tin% ,risoners are (eing tortured and
cr*ing out for -erc*! To te-, te ,aint s,lotces are actuall* (loodstains!
"n te closet area, stuffed -anne8uins and scarecro's of var*ing deca* can (e found! To te sane
-ind, tese 'ill onl* (e unsettling i-ages! 7ut to ,la*ers 'o ave succu-(ed to te illness, tese
F-onstersG are ver*--uc alive and igl* ca,a(le of staging a ferocious attac%!
Dread .arero'
Medium .iBe Construt
,it Die3 1d;6 &46 ,)
"nitiati&e3 I6
.)eed3 16 ft
AC3 ;4 &I4 natural)
Attaks3 4 sla-s I1 -eleeO or sc*te I1 -elee
Damage3 $la- ;dLI; and stinging curseO sc*te 4dLI; &2L critical) and stinging curse
:aeARea!3 5 ft! ( 5 ft! M 5 ft!
.)eial Attaks3 $tinging Curse
.)eial 8ualities3 Construct, cold i--unit*, electricit* resistance 46, da-age reduction ;6MI;, fire
.a&es3 Fort I;, Ref I;, @ill I1
Abilities3 $tr ;4, .e2 ;6, Con -, "nt -, @is ;L, Ca ;L
.tinging Curse3 A foe it (* a scarecro'#s -elee attac%s -ust succeed at a Fortitude save &.C ;1)
or (e cursed 'it an odor tat causes s'ar-s of insects to attac% te caracter! Te first round of
insect stings auto-aticall* deals ;dL ,oints of da-age! Te da-age increases (* a cu-ulative ;dL ,er
round! Also, te caracter suffers an effective, cu-ulative -; circu-stance ,enalt* to attac% and
da-age rolls eac round te insects attac%! Te insects attac% until te victi- receives a re-ove curse
s,ell of until te victi- dies!
"n tis case, te recentl* >(itten> caracter 'ill descri(e is 'ounds as tin*, festering little (oils tat
,o, s,ontaneousl* and lea% ,uss! Of course, an* unaffected or >sane> caracter 'ill notice noting!
Caracters e2a-ined for Stinging Curse 'ounds 'ill onl* (ear te s-all, ,i-,le-li%e -ar%s of Fte
illnessG &seeing as o' onl* infected caracters can see tese -addening i-ages)! $o even toug te
insane caracter can co-,lain of is grueso-e (ite -ar%s all e 'ants, te sane caracters 'ill onl*
see te- as te s-all, nearl* insignificant red dots te* are!
5: ,all $4 ,orrors- Tis is a long, dan% stone corridor tat stretces to te east! "t is a,tl* na-ed,
as (* no' te infected caracters sould (e totall* (ugging out, and te sounds of ForrorG 'ill (e all
around te-! Te 'alls 'ill 'rite 'it -aggots and 'or-s &tric%s of te ligt) 'ile strange e*es
'ill 'atc te- fro- te sado's &tric%s of te retina)! "f a ,la*er as gostsigt or etereal
e-,at* ,la* it u,! "f te* ave detection s,ells or a(ilities te* find tese ,o'ers 'ill (egin to go off
'it alar-ing fre8uenc*! Lead te ,la*ers to (elieve teir 'orst fears or nigt-ares can (e found at
te end of tis all!
7: +ones Alley- Te FentranceG to 7ones Alle* is rigt at te -out of te 0all of 0orrors, (ut it can
(e easil* overloo%ed (* ,la*ers not activel* searcing for it! Trut it, F7ones Alle*G is idden (* a
tra, door in te stone'all tat onl* ,la*ers 'o loo% for it can find! Elvin or .'arfis caracters
-a* receive a note fro- te ./ indicating tat so-eting odd is afoot, alluding to te ,resence of
te tra, door! "f te ,la*ers do not searc for te tra, door, or ave oter reasons to (elieve it -a*
e2ist, te* (ree5e rigt on (* it and ,roceed to te end of te 0all of 0orrors &'ere Fte +aller*G
a'aits te-)!
7ones Alle* is even longer, dar%er, dan%er and dustier tan te 0all Of 0orrors! Te* -ust 'al% te
entire lengt to te east, (efore te* see tat it continues on to te nort! An* -ind tric%s *ou as ./
,la*ed 'it te PCs during teir tre% do'n te F0all of 0orrorsG sould (e aug-ented at tis ti-e!
/a%e te encounters -ore intense, -ore surreal and far scarier! Te insane e*e 'ill vie' tis old
corridor as (eing straigt out of a torture ca-(er! Te (ra5iers along te 'alls 'ill no' rese-(le
-anacles, and te dust-ca%ed floors sould co%e te- 'it Fte stenc of deatG!
"t is -ost i-,ortant to te .ungeon /aster to %no' tat ,iolet %nne Mem"rose:Darkangnon is at
te far end of 7ones Alle* &in te area la(eled F.ungeonG)! A clever ./ can (egin to foresado'
tis eventual discover* (* descri(ing te &ver*) faint glo' of ligt at te end of te all, as 'ell as te
s'eet aro-a of a ladies ,erfu-e tat angs ligtl* in te air! An infected caracter -a* find tat e is
e2ce,tionall* sensitive to te faint ligt source, and is driven to'ards it li%e a -ot to te fla-e! Te
,erfu-e -a* affect an infected caracter so adversel* te* could (e ,rone to nausea and vo-iting! "
%no' tat?s a (it e2tre-e, (ut reall* tr* to -ess 'it teir eads at tis ,oint! No olds (arred, *ou
-ust acco-,lis tis tas% (* an* -eans necessar*! .oes te caracter ave a ,o(ia of (atsN
$na%esN $,idersN @ell te*?ll (e cra'ling all over te floor and 'alls! @ant a s%eleton to suddenl*
s,ring fort and frigten te ,la*ersN
/ediu--si5ed Bndead
0it .ice3 ;d;4 &6 0P)
"nitiative3 I5 &I; .e2, IL "-,roved "nitiative)
$,eed3 16 feet
AC3 ;1 &I; .e2, I4 Natural)
Attac%s3 4 cla's I6 /elee
.a-age3 Cla' ;dL
FaceMReac3 5ft! (* 5ft! M 5 ft!
$,ecial Jualities3 Bndead, i--unities
$aves3 Fort I6, Ref I;, @ill I4
Te F.)ider DenG is na-ed as suc for te uge, tic% s,ider 'e(s tat cover te ceiling and dra,e
fro- te alcoves! An* infected caracter -a* (egin (attle 'it te trongs of giant s,iders tat
descend fro- te ceiling, (ut to te sane PCs te* 'ill si-,l* a,,ear to (e 'ildl* flailing around in
te 'e(s! Tis entire dungeon area of Lord .ar%angnon is so dust* and diseveled &as o,,osed to
te i--aculate a,,earance of te rest of te ouse) (ecause none of te servants &'it te occasional
e2ce,tion of To-as Landr*) are ever allo'ed do'n ere! 0ence, it as never (een dusted or
Te 'inding, t'ist* F+at Ca&eG carries on 'it te s,ider 'e( -otif! 7ut ere, te ,la*ers 'ill find
te stone floor as 'ell as te 'alls ca%ed 'it so-e %ind of (ro'n, stic%* residue! Astute ,la*ers 'ill
%no' it?s (at guano, (ut te* 'on?t %no' '* it?s ere! Once &and onl* 'en) te -ad ,la*ers ave
(een alerted to F(at cra,G on te floor, 'ill te* tin% to ave (at visuals! Bnleas te fluttering of a
tousand leater 'ings and let te -o( of (ats surge troug te air and attac% te -ad ,la*ers &to
sane caracters, it 'ill a,,ear teir co-,anions are 'ildl* flailing around at nothing)!
Eourne*ing do'n te F,all $4 .)iritsG, flood te ,la*er?s (rains 'it tougts of gosts, aunts and
oter su,ernatural ,eno-enon! $li, te- notes inting at strange, cr*,tic riddles or voices te*
ear in teir ead! +osts can (e seen 9ust outside te e*es ,eri,eral, and dise-(odied sounds see-
to egg te PCs on furter! RE/E/7ER, onl* infected caracters are ,rone to tese t*,es of visuals
and sounds! $ane caracters 'ill find NOT0"N+ out of te ordinar* &e2ce,t te strange actions of
teir co-,anions)!
;: #!e Dungeon- Finall*, te ,la*ers 'ill stu-(le u,on a door to te nort as te* reac te
FdungeonG area! Tis door is securel* loc%ed and ,rotected 'it various -agic%s! Onl* sorcerers,
'i5ards or caracters 'it arcane %no'ledge can dis,el te 'ards on te door! 7eneat tis door te
soft glo' of a do5en torces lea%! Caracters 'it an acute sense of s-ell &or even tose tat find
teir senses enanced (* -adness) 'ill note tis is 'ere te aro-a of 'o-an?s ,erfu-e e-anates
fro-! Tis is te final roo- *ou as ./ ave (een (uilding to ever since te ,la*ers first entered te
(ase-ent! All signs sould ,oint ere!
@en te ,la*ers finall* (urst into te roo-, te* 'ill find te* are not alone! $eated at a large
'ooden ta(le, and surrounded (* a do5en or so torces 'ill (* $ady ,iolet %nn Mem"rose:
Darkangnon! Te ,la*ers ave un'ittingl* stu-(led into te Lord?s secret drug la"P
:ou see, te Lad* of .ar%angnon Estates is NOT aunted! $e?s NOT cursed or e-(attled! $e?s
NOT an adulteress! $e?s a fire-truc%in .RB+ F"EN.! Bn(e%no'nst to te Lord er us(and,
Lad* Violet Ann discovered te Lord?s secret ca-(ers and as (een oled u, ere ever sinceP "n is
long a(sences fro- o-e &Fa'a* on (usiness tri,sG e sa*s) is 'ife Violet Ann loc%s erself in tese
ca-(ers and gets iger tan a roc%et si,P @en te ,la*ers (arge in, te* can?t even distur( er
fro- er stu,or! Te* 'ill find er seated at te ta(le, face do'n in a ,ile of cal%*, 'ite ,o'der! "f
er (lue li,s and (lue fingerti,s 'eren?t a,,arent (efore, te* sure are no'!
Te Lad* is unconscious 'ere se la*!

Te ,ast* su(stance is dried and %e,t as a ,o'der or so-eti-es left as a ,aste! Te ingredients are
nu-erous and difficult to attain!
"nitial e44et- ;dL strengt da-age!
.eondary e44et- ;dLI; enance-ent (onus to 'isdo- for ;d;6 I;5 -inutes!
.ide e44et- Tose under te effect of "accaran ta%e a QL circu-stance ,enalt* on saves involving
illusion for 4dL ours after consu-ing tis -ild allucination!
$&erdose- "f -ore tan one dose is ta%en in a 4L-our ,eriod, te user i--ediatel* ta%es 4d6 it
,oints of da-age and te side effect dou(les!
Tis is te -ound of cal%*, 'ite ,o'der te ,la*ers 'ill find te Lad*?s face (uried in! 0er nostrils
are ringed 'it te stuff!
A (luis li8uid distilled for- 'olves -il% and ,o'dered desert ,lants, tis concoction is ver* ,o,ular!
Addicts are easil* found (* te ,er-anent (lue stains on teir li,s!
"nitial e44et- ;,oint of @isdo- da-age
.eondary e44et- Te user (eco-es nu-( to ,ain for ;dL ours, and i--une to ,ain induced
,enalties &suc as a sym"ol of ain)
.ide e44ets- Sannish causes eu,oria! @ile te drug is in effect te user ta%es Q4 ,enalt* to all
initiative cec%s!
$&erdose- A second dose ta%e 'ile te first does is still in effect, causes a nu-(ing stu,or for 4dL
ours! Te user can onl* ta%e ,artial actions till te stu,or 'ears off! A fe' vials of tis (luis li8uid
can (e found scattered a-ongst te drug ,ara,ernalia on te ta(le!
-+oth drugs can "e found in The Book of Vile Darkness/!
Te Lad* is not dead, 9ust (arel* coerent! $e drifts in and out of a eu,oric unconsciousness, and
'ill (e dead-'eigt if te ,la*ers tr* to -ove er! "n er -u-(led, s,aced-out s,eec se 'ill (eg
te ,la*ers not to tell er us(and! Please, don?t tell er us(and! /ore tan an*ting, se 9ust 'ants
to go to (ed! Te ,la*ers can eiter el, er (ac% to er roo-, or leave er 'ere se la*s! "f
an*ting gets too out of and, te Lord i-self can 8uic%l* arrive on te scene &snea%ing u, on even
te -ost *,er-a'are PC)! 0e 'ill (e -oc%--ortified at is 'ife?s ,ligt, and order te PCs to leave
te- (e! 0e insists te* tell NO7O.: a(out 'at te* sa'!
=: #!e Gallery- Te last and largest of all te (ase-ent roo-s, te +aller* can (e reaced (*
follo'ing te 0all of 0orrors all te 'a* to te east &and ignoring te secret door tat leads to 7ones
Alle*)! Tis uge roo- is si-ilar to te +reat Roo- on Floor one! Tis is te ,rivate lounge and den
of te Lord 'ere e entertains is guests! Onl* tose 'o receive a ,ersonal invitation fro- te
Lord i-self are ever allo'ed do'n ere! Also, tis is te Fga-(ling denG tat once (elonged to te
Eoson (o* &see "nter&ie's About G!osts: Mamma Carnitine for -ore info)! Of course, te 'ar-
co-forta(le environ-ent 'ill see- sinister and evil to an infected PC! @atever te* may ave
sus,ected or e2,ected to find in te (ase-ent, te* can find it ere! Re-e-(er, onl* an infected
caracter 'ill encounter tis Fde-onG or F-onsterG! $ane caracters 'ill see noting!
Late $ne Nig!t $n Darkangnon %states...
+ive te ,la*ers a cance to catc teir (reat! 7* tis ,oint in ti-e, so-e of te ,la*ers 'ill ave
gone on a cra5ed gost-unt in te -iddle of a raging stor-, 'ile oters -igt ave entered te
>for(idden dungeons> of Ale2us .ar%angnon! @atever te ,la*ers ave done or feel te* ave
acco-,lised, te ne2t interlude 'ill onl* ta%e ,lace after te*#ve gotten a -o-ent to e2ale!
$o-e ,la*ers -a* ave retired to (ed, 'ile oters -a* re-ain in Area K5 &Te +reat Roo-)! Te
stor- outside continues to rage, (ut inside te -anor ouse tings are ,rett* 8uiet! Te Lord &and te
Lad*) are aslee,, as are te servants! Even te ,la*ers sould (e aslee,! Regardless of teir ,osition
in te ouse, tis ne2t scene ta%es ,lace in Area K1 &Te Hitcen) 'en no oter PC is around!
"Suddenly) a shrill screech cuts through the stale night air like a knife# It is shocking in its
suddenness and horrifying in its longevity# The scream carries long through the house and echoes off
the !alls#" &assu-ing te ,la*ers ,ursue te sound) "5ou "egin to ursue the !ail) it.s origins
aarently emanating from the kitchen area# +efore you can reach the kitchen) the cry is *oined in
unison "y a second) "oth of them melting into a symhony of terror# Outside) the storm continues to
Rusing into Area K1 &Te Hitcen) te ,la*ers 'ill (e startled (* te grueso-e scene tat a'aits
te-! Te servant girl Gurtchen lies dead on te floor, a single %itcen %nife ,lunged andle-dee,
into er a(do-en! 7ut tere?s -ore (lood in te %itcen tan fro- a single 'ound!
Te* 'ill also see te second servant girl Ismedla curled into a (all in a corner of te roo-, softl*
so((ing to erself and roc%ing (ac% and fort! Alerted (* te screa-s &as te ,la*ers 'ere) To-as
Landr* and /a--a Carnitine 'ill 8uic%l* rus into te scene, and nearl* retc fro- te orror! @at
'ill ever*one doN Te stor- outside is so (ad tere is no 'a* to get a doctor or a consta(le to te
location tonigt!
#rut! o4 t!e Matter?
Te t'o servant girls +urtcen and "s-edla ave (een suffering fro- Fte illnessG for 8uite a 'ile
no'! Te* 'ere te first to ac8uire te disease, and a-ongst te first to start s,reading stories a(out
strange ligts and sigts! "t all ca-e to a ead tonigt!
@it te ,la*ers out Funting gostsG and Fcasing cursesG te inerent ,aranoia of te t'o servant
girls overca-e te-! Li%e ALL victi-s of Fte illnessG teir (odies are dotted 'it te tin*, red (ites!
Little red (ites tat can itc li%e ell! "n tis case, te servant girl Gurtchen too% te scratcing a (it
too far!
Bsing a %itcen %nife to scratc te (ite -ar%s, +urtcen 8uic%l* sliced er ar-s and legs to ri((ons!
0ence, all te e2tra (lood tat can (e found at te scene! $e doesn?t even ave to (e e2a-ined
closel* to see evidence of tese cuts! Te*?re all over er (od*! Once er -o-entar* flas of
-adness su(sided, and se actuall* sa! 'at se did to erself se cried out in orror &te first
screa- te ,la*ers eard)! Tis (rougt te second servant girl Ismedla to te scene first, and se
8uic%l* 9oined in te corus of screa-s &te second cr* te ,la*ers eard)! @en +urtcen sa' er
friend staring at er and screa-ing in orror, se 8uic%l* ,lunged te %itcen %nife into herself and
(led to deat as ever*(od* else rused to te scene! Tis caused Ismedla to colla,se on te floor into
a so((ing, sa%ing -ess! "s-edla is no' officiall* a $ost One &rendered du-( and -ute (* te
orrors se 'itnessed)!
A Murderer Amongst -s?
Te ,ur,ose of tis ,lot t'ist is to add anoter la*er of -adness to te alread* unsta(le ,la*ers!
Feast u,on teir ,aranoia and dine u,on teir ,anic! "t sould NOT (e clearl* evident tat te girl
%illed erself! "t sould loo% li%e se 'as te victi- of a (rutal -urder, and onl* "s-edla 'as 'itness
to te cri-e! Of course, 'it "s-edla?s -ind sattered se turned into a $ost One and can no longer
co--unicate 'it an* of te ,la*ers! $e 'ill onl* sa%e, so(, cr* and stare dead aead!
Te Lord of .ar%angnon Estates, Ale2us .ar%angnon 'ill 8uic%l* rus to te scene after ever*(od*
as ad a cance to digest it! 0is 'ife 'ill NOT (e 'it i-! 0e 'ill (e agast (* te site, and order
To-as Landr* to co-fort te *sterical /a-a Carnitine! Tis leaves 9ust te ,la*ers and Ale2us on
te scene!
Lord .ar%angnon 'ill sole-nl* e2,lain to te ,la*ers tat due to te raging stor-, no el, can (e
su--oned to te grounds tonigt! Tis leaves te ,la*ers alone for te nigt 'it a 7O.: and a
,otential /BR.ERER in te ouseP 0o,efull*, tis is enoug to activate te ,la*er?s -adness and
,aranoia! @e 'ant te- to fl* into a fren5* of finger ,ointing and accusations, loo%ing for a
-urderer 'ere none e&ist &re-e-(er, +urtcen?s 'ounds and eventual deat 'as self-inflicted)!
Te Lord 'ill e2,lain to te ,la*ers tat is 'ife -ust (e tended to, for se as (eco-e dreadfull* ill!
0e 'ill as% tat te ,la*ers solve tis -*ster* on teir o'n &for 'ic te* 'ill ALL (e generousl*
For tis ne2t scene, te ./ sould ave s,eciall*-,re,ared Pla*er 0andouts custo--designed for
eac of is ,la*ers! Tese one-,age seets sould contain a collection of (ullet-,oints eac uni8uel*
tailored to tat caracter, is s,ecific class a(ilities and an* s*-,to-s of -adness te* -a* ave
e2i(ited! E2a-,les include3
R Te 'itnessing of a rogue ,la*er caracter sul%ing and cree,ing troug te dar% alls of
.ar%angnon Estates 'en e tougt Fno(od* 'as 'atcingG!
R Pera,s a 'arrior or figter 'as seen Fungril* e*eingG te servant girls as te* ,re,ared te
nigtl* -eal! Tis -igt not ave -eant -uc at te ti-e, (ut in ligt of recent eventsS
R One of te ,la*ers eard a 'i5ard or sorcerer caracter tal%ing a(out Fode-sG and
FinfestationsG! /a*(e e too% is e2orcis-s a (it too farS
R /a*(e t'o clerical caracters 'ere overead discussing te ,ro,er 'a* of Fridding te cursed
stainG! An act tat involves de-on-traffic%ing and u-an sacrificeS
R Pla*er T 'as last seen conversing 'it te servant girls, and no' one of te- is dead and te
oter?s -ind as (een sattered! @at could te* ave ossi"ly (een tal%ing a(outN
R Re-e-(er te Fdar% s%inned gentle-anG +urtcen -a* ave (een overeard discussingN &see
Area C7: .er&ants 8uarters for -ore info on tis discussion)! /a*(e te descri,tion of tat
Fdar%-s%inned gentle-anG -atces te descri,tion of one of te ,la*ersS
R An* caracter tat is %no'n to (e evil or ,rone to violence can easil* (* fingered as te %iller!
Tose are 9ust a fe' e2a-,les to get te gra*--atter -oving! "t is assu-ed te ./ 'ill (e fa-iliar
enoug 'it is ,la*ers and teir caracters to create a uni8ue clue seet for eac of te-! Te goal
is to -a%e it loo% li%e one of te layers is res,onsi(le for te -urder, and not te Lord, is 'ife or
te oter servants! Hee, it 'itin te circle! Allo' (luff and sense -otive cec%s to run a*'ire! A
sane caracter is reall* te onl* o,e te ,art* as of discerning te trut (eind GurtchenGs deat!
7ut if onl* one or t'o FsaneG caracters re-ain, te* 'ill ave a ard ti-e convincing te oters
'at te* s,ea% is true! /atter of fact, te* can 9ust as easil* find te ta(les turned and they are te
ones accused of -urder!
$ane and careful investigation of te -urder scene 'ill uncover te F%illersG last ste,s! +urtcen
'itdre' into te ,antr* area, 'ere se gra((ed te (iggest %nife availa(le &tese %nives 'ere
,reviousl* foresado'ed in Area 1: #!e 2it!en)! 0er first s'i,es 'it te %nife occurred in te
,antr* area, so astute ,la*ers -a* find a fe' dro,s of (lood! Follo'ing te trail, it 'ill lead to te
%itcen 'ere se co--itted -ost of te cuts to er ar-s and legs &tr*ing to eli-inate tat itc)!
Tis is 'ere -ost of te (lood 'ill (e ,ooled, and te s,ot 'ere se finall* ,lunged te %nife into
er o'n gut! $e colla,sed on te floor and (led to deat 'it o,en e*es! Onl* after careful stud*
&(* a $ANE caracter onl*) 'ill te ,la*ers learn tat te 'ounds 'ere self-inflicted and te deat
'as a suicide! Of course, even after te* learn tis infor-ation te* -ust as% te-selves @0: se
%illed erself!
#!e :inal Re&elation
Closer e2a-ination of te dead girls (od* 'ill reveal several of tose, tin* red (ites! Te sa-e Ftin*,
red (itesG tat -a* loo% fa-iliar to so-e of te ,la*ers! Particularl* te ones tat ave succu-(ed to
te FillnessG! ALL carriers of te illness (ear tese sa-e red (ite -ar%s! 0o'ever, in te case of
infected ,la*ers, te ./ sould ta%e te li(ert* of concealing te- so te*?re not readil* a,,arent!
Pera,s te*?re on te soulder, or nec% area! $o-e,lace te infected ,la*ers 'on?t notice right
a!ay! 7ut es,eciall* after +urtcen?s dead (od* 'as found covered 'it tese (ites, te ,la*ers
sould (eco-e a (it 'ar*! Pera,s an infected caracter 'ill ,oint to'ards anoter caracter and sa*
F5ouGve got the same "ite marks on your neckFG "n turn, tat caracter can sa* F5ou do tooPG
@0ERE are te (ite -ar%s co-ing fro-N @0AT is te FillnessG " s,ea% ofN @0: ave te ,la*ers
(een casing gosts, fiends, -onsters and cursesN What is going on here<<<<
:leas o4 Madness (Monstrous Com)endium Volume """: 0%*
While the normal flea is a arasitic est that has lagued mankind since the da!n of time) its
0avenloft cousin is a terri"le curse# +y comarison) the mundane flea is a "lessing#
2leas of Madness resem"le any other fleaD tiny -smaller than a grain of rice/) "lack) and difficult to
get rid of once an infestation has occurred# $ike normal fleas) they feed on "lood and usually reside
!ithin the fur or hair of mammals# They transfer themselves from one creature to the ne&t "y
leaing to any ne! host !ho touches the fur or hair of the original# They also lurk in carets and
"edding) !here they can go !ithout food for several days !hile !aiting for a ne! host to infest#
Combat: Te (ite of a Flea of /adness is al-ost insignificant! Te victi- -a* feel a sligt sting and
after'ard develo, a s-all red 'elt, (ut oter'ise ta%es no real da-age! +ut for this sake of this
adventure) and for the sake of the +lack +o&) consider the 2leas as taking 8d7 hit oints !orth of
damage each time there is a successful infestation# Therefore) !hen you ask for their sheets and set
a"out doing some KrevisionL !ork "ehind the Screen) they !ill find their I3 totals are decetively
lo!er than theyGve originally "een tracking#
For eac our &or ,ortion of) s,ent in an infested area &or in te co-,an* of an infested creature),
tere is a <5A cance of suffering ;dL flea (ites! Eac (ite as a 45A cance of i--ediatel* causing
te victi- to e2,erience effects si-ilar to eiter TashaGs =ncontrolla"le Iideous $aughter or OttoGs
Irresisti"le Dance!
"n addition, te victi- -ust -a%e a Fortitude cec% for eac (ite suffered &.C ;6)! Failure of an*
saving tro' -eans te victi- sli,s into -adness over a ,eriod of ;dL da*s! 2or the sake of this
adventure) consider the eriod of gestation as 8d7 ours#
"f te victi- is an ani-al, te -adness ta%es te for- of si-,le delusions! "f te victi- is a u-an,
allucinations result! A victi- -igt see a setting different fro- te one tat actuall* e2ists &for
e2a-,le, a 9ungle as o,,osed to a stone corridor), -igt see fello' u-ans as -onsters, or -igt see
creatures or ite-s tat do not actuall* e2ist! Erratic, ine2,lica(le (eavior results!
Note: Once -adness as set in, te victi- no longer needs to -a%e additional Fortitude cec%s as no
intensification of te madness ta%es ,lace! +ut for this adventure) I encourage you to lay !ith
multile variations of failed madness rolls# It adds a great deal of variety#
Te Madness caused (* te fleas can (e cured (* suc s,ells as !ish) cure disease) heal and
restoration! Te ,sionic science ,s*cic surger* can also (e used! Once te victi- is cured, o'ever,
tere is a good cance tat te madness 'ill recur 'it furter flea (ites! Te onl* 'a* to act as
e2ter-inators, using suc s,ells as stinking cloud) cloudkill) or deathfog to fu-igate a (uilding!
$,ells li%e anti:vermin "arrier or reel insects to cleanse an individual!
2or a discussion on the Ia"itatMSociety of the fleas) as !ell as a comlete ecology and history)
check 0%,EB$O2T Monstrous Comendium %endi& IIID Creatures of Darkness#
"t@s A 6ra).
@ile Lord Ale2us .ar%angnon 'as a(road on (usiness, e left is (usiness and affairs to is 'ife
(ac% o-e! .uring is ti-e a'a*, is t'o dogs Duke and ,ander"ilt as 'ell as te ousecat
Chatruse 'ere infested 'it Fleas of /adness &a (*-,roduct of teir old countr* o-e)! Te ani-als
8uic%l* s,read te FillnessG to te various ouse servants, 'o served to furter conta-inate te
-anor ouse furter! $oon, al-ost te entire ouse 'as cra'ling 'it te cree,ies!
$ervants and 'or%ers of te estates slo'l* (egin to feel te effects of madness, tus resulting in 'ild
visuals and allucinations! Tese strange sights 'ere attri(uted to te 0ouse itself, and te legends it
gave (irt to! $oon ,eo,le 'ere sa*ing te ouse 'as aunted, and tose 'o sta*ed tere 'ere
doo-ed to die! /an* left or esca,ed te grounds, resulting in a sorter staff to -aintain it! To to, it
all off, so-eting 'as 'rong 'it te Lad* of te Estates, Violet Anne /e-(! $e
see-ed to enter a great de,ression during er us(ands a(sence! $e -o,ed silentl* a(out te
grounds, and sle,t -ost of er da*s a'a*! A fe' stead* and lo*al el,ers sta*ed (eind to tend te
grounds! /ean'ile, te Fleas of /adness continued to feast!
@en te Lord returned fro- is vo*age, e learned of te -ass ,anic out(rea%! 0e set a(out
finding te cause of tis alar-! 0e %ne' e ad ac8uired te grounds troug less tan ,ro,er
enter,rise, and an*ting 'as ,ossi(le in te grand sce-e of tings! Enter te Pla*er Caracters!
Te Lord is due to leave on anoter (usiness venture ver* soon, and e 'ants tis -ess at o-e
cleaned u, 8uietl* and efficientl*! 0e ires te ,la*ers to find te cause of tese strange sights and
sounds and eli-inate it!
@en te ,la*ers co-e to te Estates, rigt off te (at tere are -ulti,le 'a*s of getting te-
infected! Teir first encounter 'it te ousecat Chatruse# An* ,*sical contact 'it te servants, as
'ell as te ti-e s,ent in an* infested area! Te ,la*ers ave NO idea te ouse is conta-inated!
Te* co-e ere tin%ing teir going to find gosts!
$o as te madness effects slo'l* cree, in on te-, teir 'ildest tougts and dar%est fears (eco-e
realit*! Te acco-,an*ing visuals and allucinations are for all accounts real to te infected
caracter! Tus, 'eter te* are Funting gostsG or casing curses, te* 'ill find !hat they are
looking for! Eust as 8uic%l* as te* are to create a treat, so too can te* end tat treat! Caracters
in tis state can (e easil* fooled or -isled!
Te ./ is encouraged to create an* actual FtreatG te* -a* face (* listening to te caracters
e2,ectations! :ou -ust (uild fro- te-! After te ,la*ers tin% te*?ve van8uised te original
treat, so-eting else 'ic%ed occurs!
Te F-urderG of te servant girl +urtcen! Tis allo's te ./ to tro' in a little 'odunit for te
,la*ers, 9ust as teir ,aranoia is ,ea%ing! @o %no's, -a*(e te*?ll destro* eac oter! 7ut *ou
can?t force an* actions u,on te ,la*ers! :ou -ust suggest it in suc a 'a* te* (elieve it is teir
o'n decision!
After te reali5ation of a ,ossi(le infestation as occurred, an* druid, ranger or oter caracter 'it
%no'ledge of tis nature can atte-,t to identif* te (ites! Te* -igt not even catc te connection
*et, and not reali5e te (ites are related to te strange visions! Tis de,ends u,on %ee,ing at least
one or t'o ,la*ers FsaneG troug te adventure! Prefera(l* te stronger role-,la*ers 'o can
andle ,la*ing te r ole of an o,,ressed underdog a'as in a sea of -adness! And 'en te final
trut is o(served &that fleas of madness are the root cause), tese ,la*ers sould (e strong enoug to
convince te oters ,la*ers of its validit*!
"f 'orse co-es to 'orse, and ever*(od* is reduced to a 8uivering, drooling -ess, read te- te
follo'ing outro3
The room around you sins uncontrolla"ly) yet you feel the solid safety of the floor "ehind you#
Sounds rush through your ears) and you feel the sonic s!irls through your arms and legs# 5ou canGt
call out "ecause your voice is gone# +ut if you remain real still) the !ind !ill "ring it "ack#
Suddenly) t!o figures loom over you# The darkly:attired $ord of Darkangnon Estates) %le&us
Darkangnon) along !ith another gentleman# % taller man !ith a thick head of hair and a "eard to
match# In his eye he !ears a monocle) over his tailored suit he !ears a dark overcoat# Iis
accessories identify him as a doctor#
KThis one too) I resumeL he "egins) staring do!n uon 5O=# K5es Doctor Ieinfroth)L the $ord
"egins# KIGm afraid he has it tooL#
K,ery !ell then)L the one called Doctor Ieinfroth returns# KIGll see to it he is roerly confinedL#
K5es) Doctor# See to it that this matter is handled 1uickly and efficiently# There is no reason anyone
must ever hear of !hat has transired here#L
K5es) milordL# The good doctor relies# KI kno! a lace !here they can "e roerly cared forL#