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Master the Pancake Master the Pancake

1. L1: Skandasana

Maintain arch shape on support leg, with
weight evenly across front of foot
Have trunk as far forward as possible
Hold both ankles
Have back as straight as possible
2. E1AE1B: Tailor pose part one
E1A: Tailor pose - solo

Back against solid support
Heels as close to body as possible
Use glutes to pull legs to floor
Cr (1): press heels together
Cr (2): lift knees away from floor, while
holding knees down
E1B: Tailor pose w/butt lift and partner assist

Do not use too thick a support
Same contractions as solo version
Use glutes to pull legs to floor
Roll top of pelvis away from support

Master the Pancake Master the Pancake
3. L2AL2B: Standing wide leg limbers
L2A: Reaching triangle

Turn hips towards the leg you are bending
Maintain foot arch shape
Keep tension in quadriceps
'Reach' the hands away from hips
Keep back straight

L2B: Wide elephant walk

Keep knees bent
Get trunk close to vertical
Apply small single leg-straightening actions
Relax as much as possible
4. E2: The "underbutt"

To get trunk into position, bend knees
Get trunk as close to floor as possible, then
apply small leg-straightening movements
without letting trunk position change
Add small movements if desired
Explore angles
5. L3: Chinese hip grinder

Keep tension in thighs (co-contract
hamstrings and quadriceps)
Turn feet inwards
Interlace fingers; turn palms away
Actively reach hands and arms as far off the
body as you can
Hold position 510

Master the Pancake Master the Pancake
6. E3: Flat frog

Bottom on floor (or as close as possible)
Trunk and back straight
Partner assistance on hips
Spread knees apart maximally
7. L4: Half pancake

Hips as close to floor as possible
Hold foot of straight leg
Keep trunk as straight as you can
Use other arm as support
8. E4: Tailor pose part two

Heels against body
Keep back as straight as you can
Cr: pull back away from support as you lift
your chest
Partner holds hips down
9. E5: Bench weighted straddles

Knees bent to begin
Do not use heavy weight at start
Move trunk inside thigh
Small leg-straightening actions
Use weight to increase stretch

Master the Pancake Master the Pancake
10. L5: Lying leg circles

Keep working leg straight
Make circles as large as possible
Hold other hip on the floor
Actively pull leg towards body, or towards
the floor
11. E6AE6D: Side splits props variations
E6A: Cushions under lower legs

Use soft, deformable cushions
Place under lower legs only
Explore all possible movements
Cr: try to squeeze legs together (both into
the floor and together)
E6B: Bolster under hips

Use firm, but deformable, support
Use arm support (chair or bench)
Cr: scissor legs together, gently at first, then
more strongly
Multiple Cr for men
Feet pointing to sky easier for most
Do feet-flat version as well
E6C: Rolling the pelvis, floor support

Legs moderately wide
Use arms as weights to increase intensity
Ensure pelvis moves with trunk
Cr (1): try to squeeze legs together
Cr (2): press heels down onto floor
Explore intermediate angles between trunk
and each leg

Master the Pancake Master the Pancake
E6D: Weighted side splits

Start with modest width to warm up
Co-contract hamstrings and quadriceps
Use small movements
Slide feet apart under control as you feel
muscles lengthening
Tuck tail under
12. L6: Lying pendulum

Both legs work hard
Pull legs apart as well as towards the body
Use arms to stabilise body
Actively try to widen legs to the max
Try to let muscles under stretch relax
13. E7AE7C: Hanging pancake variations
E7A: Solo

Make sure weight is fully supported
Keep legs actively straight
Arch lower back forwards before lowering
Small pulses can be effective
Lift the chest
E7B: Partner assist

Support some of partner's weight on thigh
Pulses are effective
Cr (1): try to squeeze legs together
Cr (2): lift chest; try to pull hands away from
Let body's weight lengthen spine
Hang, and relax as much as possible

Master the Pancake Master the Pancake
E7C: Pelvic movement variation

Make sure you have a reserve of grip
Tilt pelvis forwards before lowering to your
full depth
Cr: if needed, same as above
14. E8: Fascial release, and pancake variations

Force is not necessary
The key muscles are gracilis and the inner
hamstring (semimembranosus)
Try bent and straight leg versions
Partner: gently separate the muscles
Have a support to hand, to rest chest on
15. E9: Pancake

Make sure pelvis and trunk move together
Explore intermediate angles
Pulses and movements effective
Check video for partner assistance details
before attempting a deeper position