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Worship 07.06.

09 CORNERSTONE Sermon Notes

Songs of Worship community church

All Heaven Declares
Be Exalted O God
Every Promise Of God
Proclamation of the Word of God to all first time visitors.
The Marks Of A True Disciple - Part 1 Please sign
John 8:31-41 our guest book
and fill in the ‘Ministry Card’
Songs of Worship
found on the information
Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus table in the foyer and
Knowing You place it in the offering box.
We would like to acknowledge
Postlude your presence and provide
some information about

 If you do not own a Bible and would

like one, please let us know - we
would like to give one to you as a gift
and our ministry to you.

All our announcements are online:
(under c3 contents 2008) or call the
church. In addition our growth
group materials can be
found here.

Devote Yourselves To Prayer - Colossians 4.2

 Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are looking for work; have loved ones
who are sick; on going trials  Remember the courses and students that are in Theologica. May
the Lord direct us to commit to learning more for the Glory of Christ. Pray for the development of
the institute.  Pray that we may humbly seek Christ by faithfully giving our all to Him, as a
response to His salvation and daily blessings.  Pray that the knowledge of Jesus Christ spread in
our church neighbourhood among those who are not saved in Marpole. May we each take
seriously the stewardship of the Great Commission.  Continue to pray for the Lord’s provision
and direction/leading for this part of His church in Marpole. May we each seek to have a serious
stewardship of the gifts and resources He’s given so that they be used here at C3.


 Invite A Friend - please pray for family, friends, and neighbours that do not
know the Lord and invite them to our church worship or Bible studies. If you
would like others to pray for these individuals please use the ‘Ministry Card’ and
place it in the offering box.  Pastor’s Library - contains a selection of books
that you can borrow to build your faith. A list of books are available online on our
‘web resources ’page under downloadable files.  Theologica - the next courses offered will
be Church Administration and also Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, in conjunction with GCBS
starting Thursday June 25th. Please go online at
WALKING IN THE TRUTH: As Christians we are responsible to live out God’s Word in our daily life (John 13:17; James 1:22-
Leadership: Pastor Tim Champ - Elder, Pastor Steve Van Vleck - Elder, Pastor Keon Lum - Pastor-Teacher 25). Upon studying and being taught God’s Word we need to ask: ‘How can I apply, in a practical way, the divine truths and
Sunday Worship 2:30pm . 8886 Hudson Street . Vancouver . British Columbia . V6P 4N2 . phone: 604. 842.77.C3 (23) principles of God’s Word that I have learned today?’ ‘What changes do I need to make in my attitude and actions, in order to
email: . web: . good news: be more Christ-like?’ Please turn over for more..