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Administrative Assistant, School of Business (Ref !"#$%&

'ear (" or e)uivalent com*etenc+
I successfully completed Year 12 in 1998. I am currently studying part-time
towards a Diploma in Business Administration at TA!.
E,cellent ver-al and inter*ersonal communication s.ills
In t"e positions I "a#e "eld o#er t"e past ten years I "a#e $een t"e first point of
contact for internal and e%ternal clients& $ot" on t"e p"one and face-to-face. At
present I liaise wit" staff at all le#els in t"e 'ni#ersity& including mem$ers of t"e
!%ecuti#e& deans& "eads of sc"ool& academic and professional staff mem$ers& and
students. I answer general en(uiries& pro#ide information on t"e section)s policies
and procedures and welcome #isitors to t"e centre. In 2**2 I attended an
interpersonal s+ills wor+s"op w"ic" assisted me in dealing wit" sensiti#e
situations. I "a#e $een complimented $y clients and colleagues on my "elpful
manner and tactful "andling of difficult situations.
Relevant office e,*erience
I "a#e wor+ed at t"e 'ni#ersity for t"e past si% years& and pre#iously in
administrati#e positions in t"e pri#ate sector. ,y e%perience wor+ing in a "uman
resources department is particularly rele#ant to t"is position. I "a#e effecti#ely
performed t"e full range of office duties& including "andling en(uiries& word
processing& arranging meetings and #enues& managing diaries& filing&
p"otocopying& sorting mail& etc.
/ood or0anisational s.ills
-ood organisational a$ility is essential in my present position& as I fre(uently
arrange meetings& seminars and presentations& as well as tra#el and
accommodation for o#erseas #isitors. I en.oy "andling a wide range of tas+s and
meet daily and wee+ly deadlines& including payment of casual times"eets and
in#oices. In 2**/ I was responsi$le for assisting in organising a conference
attended $y 2** delegates. ,y role in#ol#ed arranging ad#ertising& "andling
registrations& $oo+ing #enues& accommodation& catering and entertainment& and
ensuring t"at t"e conference ran smoot"ly. T"e e#ent was successful and se#eral
delegates commented on "ow well it "ad $een organised. I "a#e since $een as+ed
to organise anot"er conference.
/ood 1ritten communication s.ills
In my current .o$ I write and respond to emails from staff and students on a daily
$asis. I regularly produce letters and memos on $e"alf of my super#isor. I "a#e
also written two reports on t"e use of computers wit"in t"e sc"ool. 0ast year I
de#eloped a leaflet a$out t"e sc"ool to "elp in t"e induction of new staff.
1olleagues "a#e said t"at t"ey found t"e leaflet clear& concise and easy to read. I
also assisted in writing a procedures manual for t"e sc"ool& w"ic" "as $een well
recei#ed $y staff. T"e one-day wor+s"op I attended recently on )2riting for
Impact3 4ow to write clearly& concisely and forecefully) "as furt"er en"anced my
A-ilit+ to use initiative
As my super#isor is re(uired to $e away from t"e office se#eral times a wee+& I
fre(uently wor+ independently and use my initiati#e to "andle situations in "er
a$sence. !%amples of t"ings I "a#e initiated in t"e past include a new system for
"andling course enrolments& w"ic" "as resulted in less paperwor+ and (uic+er
processing of applications5 and a spreads"eet system for monitoring e%penditure
of departmental accounts. Bot" systems "a#e $een operating successfully for t"e
last two years.
A-ilit+ to 1or. as *art of a team
I "a#e wor+ed in teams as large as 6* and ot"ers as small as t"ree. I "a#e
always wor+ed well wit" ot"er team mem$ers and en.oyed a good rapport wit"
t"em& $ot" at wor+ and socially. I wor+ closely wit" ot"er team mem$ers to
ensure t"at seminars are organised effecti#ely& t"at reports are distri$uted on
time and t"at t"e office runs smoot"ly. I often #olunteer to assist ot"ers in t"e
team w"en t"ere are deadlines to $e met& and ensure t"at I +eep ot"ers informed
of issued t"at may $e rele#ant to t"em.
Accounts e,*erience
I am currently responsi$le for t"e payment of all accounts in my sc"ool and "a#e
$een for t"e past t"ree years. T"is includes raising purc"ase orders and electronic
T orms& payment of in#oices& c"ec+ing of mont"ly account printouts& and
monitoring e%penditure against t"e $udget. I am proficient in t"e use of
Peoplesoft& t"e 'ni#ersity)s financial records system& w"ic" I access electronically
on a wee+ly $asis to monitor account transactions and to run reports.
2roficienc+ in a ran0e of com*utin0 s.ills
I "a#e used computers& $ot" at wor+ and "ome for o#er ten years and am
e%perienced in using a wide range of software pac+ages& including t"e full suite of
,icrosoft 7ffice products. I use ,icrosoft 2ord on a daily $asis to produce letters&
reports& mail merge documents& and ta$les. I "a#e set up spreads"eets in
,icrosoft !%cel for $udgets and can create formulas and pi#ot ta$les. I "a#e set
up two large data$ases using ,icrosoft Access& and regularly create ta$les&
(ueries and reports. I use ,icrosoft 7utloo+ on a daily $asis for all my email&
calendar and diary needs. I regularly set up and maintain distri$ution lists and
filters. I use !%plorer to searc" for information& $ot" wit"in t"e 'ni#ersity and
$eyond& and "a#e e%perience of editing we$ pages using 4T,0 editor and
,y8ource. I recently attended a ,y8ource wor+s"op.
Additional information
I regularly use a range of ot"er 'ni#ersity computer systems& including Alesco&
T9I,& and t"e student records system.
I am familiar wit" t"e 'ni#ersity)s policies and procedures in relation to safety
and "ealt"& and e(uity and di#ersity& including family-friendly policies& wor+force
di#ersity& "arassment and wor+place $ullying.