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Worksoft Certify

Created Date: 6/1/2011
Author: Ram.S
Location: Dallas,TX
> Enables Faster functional testing
> resembles Outlook
> No scripting requirement.
You have the following tabs below on LHS:
a. Requirements
b. Maps
c. Processes
d. Data
e. Variables
f. Results
g. Reports
h. Applications
i. Projects
Steps to create a new process
a. On the 'Processes' area (block area #1) - under SAP
b. Click on 'Business Processes'
c. On right hand side - processes > block - click right inside the 'Name' area.
d. Select 'New process' which will open a new GUI window - which is the 'Process
Editor' window.
e. The process has to be linked to a SAP t-code - so give the name 'VA01' (for S
ales order creation).
Since the Processes are built on test wise fashion, you need to:
f. Tab over to 'Steps' which shows a series of steps going up/down (next to proc
ess details tab) (default).
g. since we have to link it to 'VA01' from SAP - right click on the 'Steps' area
h. Click on 'New' (for new step).

Now every field from the SAP screen can be included in this.
i. Select the drop down under 'Application Version' and select 'Select using liv
Result: you will now see the SAP t-code loaded screen.
j. select the field - example 'order type' and in the inside popup 'Certify live
Touch' click on 'Done',
so that it is brought into the 'Process Editor'.
Alternate if i need all fields to be selected then -
k. Click on the entire 'Step line'.
l. Right click on the selected line.
m. Click on 'Insert step below using liveTouch' - and select all the fields that
you need,
one after the other and click on 'Done'.
Note: You can include any type of app (Java,XML,HTML, .net,VN, MF etc)..
Related action - component action is automatically determined.
Narrative field - is for documentation
How is the narrative pulled in - this is done via 'Maps'.
Maps - is gathered via metadata from SAP database OR manually on an agile develo
pment process.
> now the very first field is 'Order type' - which is a variable.
> Click on order type line.
> click inside 'value to input'
> on the right side of the same box - you can see the 'select' button - click on
to select the 'sales organization' which will popup the window to select
VA01 > Va01-Initial > Sales Organization
Similarly other variables can be linked here.