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Wrath of the Squirrels

By : chicago
This poem encompasses man's experiences with our urban tree-dwelling neighbor, the squirrel.
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Copyright chicago, 2014
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Wrath of the Squirrels
Wrath of the Squirrels 1
Wrath of the Squirrels
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Just yesterday
It was a sunny day
I had to pay
For some very gay
What more can I say
From some place far away
If you would may
Listen to the wrath of the squirrels.
So the plant was a tomato plant
Built right on top on the house of an ant
More green than the colour of the military pant
The site so pretty, one would not rant
Qip pe dee doo exclaimed my friend Kent
Ka baam came the jump of the
A squirrel whose colour of was a Sant-a
Just gnawed of the head of the tomato plant.
Oh my God, I cried in despair
My lung for some time was without air
Wrath of the Squirrels
Wrath of the Squirrels 2
The squirrel nearly killed the gayer
Of the two plant pair
The squirrel as fast as a hare
Jumped from here to there
More than a pogo stick would dare
Went away from my sight in a second.
The plant tilt on one side
I instantly came to its aide
With a glass for drinking Kool-Aid
On the way I nearly died
For I had skid
Oops I have just lied
Because I watched and hid
The rainy weather made it hard to get out.
The sun rose again
And I looked in vain
The suffering and pain
A second later it began to rain
There the plant lay
Some more degrees it gain-ed
Still looking like a swain
Somehow without any help the plant stood up!
Then came winter
Wrath of the Squirrels
I felt a bit kinder
As I became fatter
All the squirrels suffered from hunger
There was some bread left over
I threw it out for the squirrels to gather
Waiting for any notices further
Seems like the squirrel just did not show up.
For the piece of bread to be taken
By the squirrel who attitude was like satan
One day the bread was stolen
Escaping my attention
Could the piece of bread gone to heaven?
I again looking through the den
There they were at lest some squirrels ten
Myself feeling like an angel.
Kaboom kaboom kaboom
There was an odd knock on the door
To the door I took a soar
Faster than the cars on the 404
Upon my arrival the knocker went back to its lore
High above the second floor
I could not help myself, but to shout
What a whore!!
Wrath of the Squirrels
Lo and behold on my window sills
While I was watching The Hills
A second before the loss of the Buffalo Bills
After five consequent days of time kills
Another squirrel was eating the dills
Which I purchased from No Frills
Crunch, crunch, crunch
The sounds of my beloved plants.
Once again the season arrived for the squirrels to breed
It s dark eyes told my its creed
Which is to pay no heed
To plants arranged like beads
Or anything that can be used to feed
Oh, what bad deed
What do I see?
Holy cow, that animal is chewing on my house deed.
Forget about food
It s prime time dude
I am no Robin Hood
Nor do I intend to be that good
Alors, zut!
The squirrel just stole another piece of wood
From my mom s favourite statue of Budd-ha
Ha, ha ha, she deserved it.
Wrath of the Squirrels
One morn was a job interview
The alarm clock was put to snooze
Consumed a lot of booze
Comparing myself to Cooze
Good news
A squirrel let loose
Squeaking whooooz
I woke up just in time.
My apologies for this rambling
All animals have a purpose
Just was we live our life
They live theirs.
Wrath of the Squirrels
Wrath of the Squirrels
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Wrath of the Squirrels