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Qn :What all component you worked ?

Qn : How webMethods know database is updated in notification step.

Qn : How webMethods talks with database
Qn : Deifference between reprocess and resubmit
Qn :how does processing rule works in webmethods
Qn: why GXS used in your project if EDI module is already there ?
Qn : how two broker server connect with each other if both will be in different broker ?
Qn : Important part of SAP adaptor ?
Qn :ever worked on process model ?
Qn :Worked on migration project ?
Qn : why we use TPA if processing rule is there ?
Qn : what is activation ID how it is used in Join condition ?
Qn what is the TAG value in bizdoc invelope ?
What is stateless service ?
Qn : what is startup service ,shutdown service ?
Qn : what is AS1 and AS2 protocol ?
Qn :what is the specifaication you are receiving for interface design ?
Qn : what quality should be there in team lead ?
Qn : did you worked on pub-sub model ?
Qn : what is transient error handling property in trigger ?
Qn : how to show messege in trigger which property is used ?
Qn : what is document resolver service ?
Qn : how publish and wait works what are the input in this service ?
Qn :how you can use repeat as a loop ?
Qn : how you can use switch as if else condition ?
Qn :How we are receiving files in webMEthods ?
Qn : Which all step you follow once you receive to devlope new interface ?
Qn :How to create try catch block in webmethods ?
Qn : where does driver stays in webmethods ?
Qn : what is pipeline how we add pipeline ?
Qn : Why we use transformer .pros and cons ?
Qn : How XA transaction work .How you can use in your project ?
Qn :why we use statless and statfull service property .
Qn : why we use evaluate lebel property in switch ?
Qn :How we can submit files to TN.Specify service ?
Qn : How TN Recognize ,validate and verify documents ?
Qn : What are the processing rule ?
Qn : what are the options in deliver document by processing rule ?
Qn : what is public queue and private queue ?
Qn : How to register public queue .what all the input field required in service.
Qn: how to deliver a document through public queue .what is delivery service.
Qn : How you can update activity log in TN
Qn :how can change user status
Qn : what is no,local and XA transaction ?
Qn : what are the different flow step in webMethods ?
Qn: Difference between loop and Repeat ?
Qn :What are the property in which repeat occurs ?
Qn Describe pub-sub model ?
Qn : what is volatile and gauranted doc where does these document stored ?
Qn: when a broker is disconnected from IS .what will happen to document ?
Qn : what is Dead letter Queue ?
Qn : How you can debug a interface which is not running if you dont have IS access ?
Qn :How to debug your code
Qn : what is ASN,PO ,DESAV ?
Qn :How Trding network process flat file .what is TN_PARAM variable ?
Qn : how trading network identifies sender and receiver of a document .Which filed is configured in
partner profile .
Qn : How may Enterprise Field setup we can do in TN ?
Qn : how document type extract document information ?
Qn ; What will happen if multiple doc type matched for a document ?
Qn :What will happen if more that on processing rule will match for a document ?
Qn:Did you ever setup security settings in TN ?
Qn : How to start webmethods server ?
Qn : what is clustering which all required filed for clustring ?
Qn : what is server allias and webservice aliase ?
Qn : What all is there in Extra tab in webmethods IS ?
Qn : what all there in Security TAB ?
Qn : which all logs are ther in IS ?
Qn : where does build file reside when we are using wmDeployer ?
Qn : what are the steps in Deployer ?
Qn : how you can do deployment ?Difference between deployer and normal package deployment ?
Qn : what is Lock .Difference between system lock and user lock ?
Qn : where does flow service resides and what is the name it has ?
Qn : how to unlock system lock ?
Qn : explain EAI concept ?
Qn : Can we have multiple borker configured in single webmethods server ?
Qn : how can we publish document to other broker ?
Qn : How to install IS ?
Qn :which all document type TN can process ?
Qn : How you are parshing XML and flat files ?explain services ?
Qn : ,pub.string , services needs to read ?
Qn : What is the difference between 6.5,7.1,8.2 ?
Qn : Difference between 6.5,7.1 and 8.2 with respect to webservices ?
Qn : How you are using MWS ?
Qn : which all task generally we assign to startup and shutdown services ?
Qn : How transaction manager works ?
Qn : Did you worked on webservices ?
Qn : Did you developed Java services ? what is the predefined code comes when we create it using
developer ?
Qn : what is the basis difference of 8.2 and 7.1 ?with respect to services ?
Qn : when does pre-processing rule execute ?
Qn : What all the fields you required when creating new JDBC adapter alias ?
Qn : what is transaction Type ?
Qn : what is expire timeout and block time out ?
Qn : what is min ,max and pool increment size ?
Qn :What is program ID in SAP adaptor ?
Qn :How does ACL work ?
Qn :What should we do if some one executing a service without username and password and it
should execute ?
Qn :tell me good practise of development ?
Qn : what all standard rule we should follow for development ?
Qn :How we can validate input output ?
Qn : what is encoding in a service input variable you can find it /
Qn : what is input of ?
Qn : What is input of converToValue ?
Qn : what is inbound and outbound parshing services ?
Qn : what is Dictonary why we use ?
Qn : what is flat file schema ?and type of schema ?
Qn : what is max Repeat field in flat file schema ?
Qn : tell us about publishing services ?
Qn : How save and restore pipeline service works.
Qn : how we can retry trigger service?what is use of pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry
Qn : what is reverse HTTP Gateway ?
Qn : which all component can be deployed with Deployer ?Can scheduler be deployed ?
Qn :What will happen when database goes down at the mid of three local transaction first one
executed successfully ?
Qn : What will happen when in clustered server if one transaction is picked up by a server other will
pick it or not ?
Qn : two triggers subscribing same document what will happen ?
Qn :What is RFC and what is BAPI .why we use BAPI ?
Qn : MWS can be used for resubmit broker document ,services ?
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