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Brief user manual for EF access control and attendance record system

Brief introduction to functions of the system:

ELFIN8.0 version is the single license software integrating the functions of access control and attendance record, with three versions available including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese
and English. The software consists of three parts: Setting up parameter for access controller, card allocating and attendance recording.

I. Software installing:
1、 Insert the accessory CD into CD-ROM, find “setup” from file “EL ENGLISH (simplified Chinese)”, double click and start the installing program. Complete the installing process by
following “Next step” prompt from the software.
2、 Log on with company sequence number, with initial password being 555
3、 Procedure of modifying administrator name: Profile of personnel/operator Enter personal information of administrator
4、 Procedure of modifying password: Personnel/updating password Old password: 555, enter new password twice with maximum 6 digits

II. Procedure of connecting EF hardware with software:

1、 EF communication port is connected to PC via RS232/RS485 converter
2、 .Card allocation\controller initialization Selecting sequence number for access controller, optional from 000 to 254
3、 System\setting up communication port Selecting sequence number for serial port, optional from 1 to 8
4、 System\setting up baud rate Selecting baud rate, optional from 2400 to 19200
5、 System\setting up clock Selecting device number to box on the right and decide if time adjustment can be realized. If not, check
step [1] [3] [4].

.III. Setting up parameter for access controller:

1、 System\setting up title Company name can be custom set up as title
2、 System\setting up default device number Software custom set up as: [000 main controller 000 door] serves as card allocating device
3、 System\issuing SMS Issuing of public or personal SMS is available. For message containing more than 7 Chinese characters,
it will be roll-displayed automatically.
4、 System\setting up parameter for door or controller Parameters such as in/out time access, menu password within main controller and custom group access
can be set up
5、 System\parameter of allocating door or controller After setting up any of the above parameters, door or controller parameter shall be allocated, otherwise it is considered
void to EF main controller.
Remarks: The above parameters can be defined as default parameters of software.

IV. Card allocating:

1、 Card allocating\initialization of new cards Read sequence number of cards to software for registration.
2、 Personnel\user profile Setting up personal file. Filling in HR information
3.1 Card allocating\registering\logout\supplementing clause\registering all Registering shall be performed by combining card and personnel, with simultaneous multiple door registering
available. [Personnel access door clause can be selected]
3.2 Card allocating\registering\logout\registering in one lot Fast registering in lots

V. Attendance record for HR department

1、Setup for attendance\holidays Setting up holidays or working hours
2、Setup for attendance\late arrival\early leave\overtime Setting up time for late arrival, early leave and overtime
3、Custom setup for list of diplomas Setting up diploma such as technical secondary school, junior college, undergraduate and bachelor degree
4、Custom setup for list of positions Setting up positions such as clerk, manager, general manager and director of board etc.
5、Custom setup for personnel categories Setting up personnel categories such as casual laborers, workers of two-year contract and workers of ten-year contract etc.
6、Custom setup for list of departments Setting up departments such as Production Department, Printing Department, Designing Department and Engineering Department
7、Attendance record\custom setup for shift categories Setting up shifts such as Shift One, Shift A, Early Shift, Afternoon Shift and Night Shift etc.
Remarks: Upon completion of the above procedures, select corresponding diploma, position, personnel category, department shift category from “User profile” to satisfy demand from parameter
of attendance record.
2、Attendance record:
2.1、 Collecting\collecting original data Collecting data in EF main controller to software database
2.2、 Collecting\inducing original data Retaining part of the original data as data for attendance processing
2.3、 Attendance record\recording for user leave Prior recording for leave, overtime, business trip and being away on official business, which will serve as basis for abnormal
condition of attendance record
2.4-1、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\adjusting pre-arranged time for shift Pre-setting attendance time (software pre-set as 0 day), custom setup to adjust attendance time
2.4-2、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\pre-arrangement for original shift Shift arrangement according to shift allocated within user profile
2.4-3、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\uniformed shift arrangement When there is work in shifts and shift adjustment, adjustment in lots can be done by application of
“Uniformed shift arrangement” method so as to minimize workload of administrative staff (If
there is only one shift for the whole company, this procedure is unnecessary)
2.4-4、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\confirming shift pre-arrangement If shift pre-arrangement is not confirmed, software takes it as uncompleted shift pre-arrangement by
administrator, and will become void upon verification for user attendance record.
2.5、Attendance record\user attendance record verification\auto verification Software will perform pre-arrangement according to original data induced and shift confirmed by
administrator. Then the data is analyzed for fully correct outcome.
2.6、Attendance record\monthly attendance record data processing\backup for current attendance record data After administrator has performed analysis on personnel report, it can serve as
monthly attendance record data processing so as to avoid repeating the data
analysis process which has been performed
2.7、File\report printing out Administrator can print out report according to demand from the company, which serve as proof for staff payroll
Remarks: The above procedure for shift pre-arrangement is not interchangeable and no single procedure can be missed out.

VI. Deleting personnel user profile

1.1、Card allocating\registering\logout\logout all Make sure this user or card cannot be applied in EF access control system
1.2、File\delete Deleting user profile in current statue
1.3、Collecting\inducing original data Make adjustment on collecting commence time and finishing time to one day later, for example, today is 2005/03/05, then
collecting commence time and finishing time shall be adjusted to 2005/03/06 and 2005/03/06,
making the number of induced original data as 0.
1.4、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\adjusting pre-arrangement time Pre-set attendance record time is the same, for example, commence as 2005/03/06 and finishing as
1.5、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\pre-arrangement for original shift Shift arrangement according to shift allocated within user profile
1.6、Attendance record\pre-arrangement for user shift\confirming shift pre-arrangement If shift pre-arrangement is not confirmed, software takes it as uncompleted shift pre-arrangement by
1.7、Personnel\user profile Find personnel list to be deleted
1.8、File\delete Deleting user profile in current statue

VII. Data backup:

1. Personnel\data backup\select data backup directory\backup basic system data\backup original data of attendance record Software custom backup directory as C:\ELFIN\DATABAK
Remarks: Administrator shall perform regular data backup to avoid damage to software due to unpredictable causes such as virus or error operation. Otherwise, when the software is damaged, and
the administrator failed to perform data backup, our company will not be able to recover the lost or damaged database for you, and our company shall not be held responsible for such damage or