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Leading to Engage Workshop


Unit 404 VGP Center
6772 Ayala Avenue Makati City
Leading to Engage
Great managers recognize the
importance of employee engagement in
achieving organizational success. When
employees are engaged, they feel
profound connection with the company,
take ownership of its goals and do their best
to contribute to its success. When they are
disengaged, they sleep-walk through the
day or act out their unhappiness.
Keeping employees engaged is an
everyday challenge that managers must
succeed in to get the most out of each
employee. In order to do this, they need to
recognize that factors including their
behavior in the workplace impact on
employee engagement.
This is the reason why employee
engagement surveys feature questions
about how members perceive their supervisors. The questions might as well be a checklist for
behaviors that leaders must demonstrate if they are to engage employees. ExeQserve Consultants
used it as a basis for the framework of this proposed intervention as demonstrated above.
This one-day workshop aims to help Managers appreciate the factors and create action plans
to create a work environment that promotes engagement.

Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the workshop, the learners will be able to:
Identify key leadership qualities and attributes that drive employee engagement
Use communication tactics to clarify goals, generate ideas and challenge the team to
pursue higher performance
Demonstrate behaviors that show concern for employees success in the organization
Create action plan to apply learning in the workplace


In order to ensure deeper appreciation of the concept and application of learning, we shall
utilize the following learning methodologies:
Structured Learning Experiences
Self Assessment
Technology of Participation
Re-entry Action Planning

Workshop Outline
Time Activity Process Objectives
30 minutes Getting Ready
Leveling of expectations
Icebreaker: Leaders wear many hats
Presentation of program framework
Be aware of the
administrative details
and program
2 hours Session 1: Recognizing the Role of Managers in
Keeping Employees Engaged
The price of disengagement Review of
research on impact of disengagement on
company performance
Leadership-related factors that drive
Concern for employee welfare and
Explain the importance
of employee
engagement in
managerial and
organizational success
Enumerate the
leadership activities
and initiatives that drive
3 hours Session 2: Building a Collaborative and Engaged
Community in the Workplace
SLE: Card Sorting emphasizing factors that
enhance peoples confidence to
Creating a safe environment for communication
Strengthening Trust
Removing barriers to upward
Identify the factors that
promote open
communication in the
Identify initiatives that
leaders can take to
build the needed trust
and confidence for
open communication
3 hours Session 3: Minding Employee Motivation
Intersecting the companys and employees
definition of success
SLE: Destinations highlighting the
symbiosis that exists between
company and employees
Theories on motivation and leadership actions
Maslows Hiearchy of needs
Herzbergs two-factor theory
Dan Pinks the Puzzle of Motivation
Workshop on identifying tactics that positively
affect employee motivation
Describe the needed
balance between the
companys need for
productivity and
employees need for
job satisfaction
Apply motivation
theories in the
30 minutes Re-entry Action Planning
Developing a personal action plan to begin
ones success journey
Develop a personal
l e a d e r s h i p
development plan for
applying learning in the
Lead Facilitator
Edwin C. Ebreo
President, ExeQserve, Corporation

Edwin is the founder and President of ExeQserve, Corporation, an HR Solutions Company. He is also the
companys head consultant for Organization Development and Human Resource Development.

Ed developed his skills in training, recruitment, human resource management, organization development
and management consulting through twenty years of collective experience in the retail, financial, BPO
and HR consulting business.

Before his founding of ExeQserve, Ed was HR Director/Manager for CheQ Systems, Athena E-Services and
PET Plans Subsidiary Companies. He was also Head of Training for SPI Technologies, Inc. and Philippine
Seven Corporation, the local franchise owner of 7-Eleven Convenience Stores.

HRMD Strategies Development and Implementation
Ed facilitated a number of strategy formulation, policy writing and change management for the
implementation of employee handbooks, compensation programs, performance management system,
competency-based HRD, incentive schemes and retention programs for companies like CORE, Mobext,
Numlock, ALC holdings, SEARCA, Tenkiebox, Provincial Governments of Bohol and Guimaras.

Learning Activity Design and Implementation
Ed developed dozens of courses and workshops on topics like high performance leadership, supervision,
management, change, creativity, coaching, personal effectiveness, values alignment, career planning,
maintaining discipline in the workplace, trainers training, presentation skills enhancement, assertive
communication, strategic planning and team building. His creativity and skill in learning activity design
enables Ed to customize programs based on the identified needs of clients.

Industry Experience
Ed has worked with organizations in various industries and sectors. He is an accredited learning service
provider of Philippine-Australia Human Resource and Organization Development Facility (PAHRODF) and
has done work for OPAPP, NEDA, NAMRIA, DILG and two provincial governments through the facility. He
worked closely with companies in the IT, Financial, Marketing, Manufacturing and other service industries
in identifying their needs, formulating, customizing and delivering solutions that lead to desired results.

Personal Advocacies
Ed is particularly passionate about helping develop skills of the HR practitioners in the country and
develop the careers of individuals through his blogs and http:// He is also an active member of Toastmasters where he helps mentor
members who wish to enhance their public speaking skills.

Ed took up Mass Communication at New Era University and has completed various training programs that helped
him develop his competence in leading and training. His most important education is his experience as human

As we move forward to the new era, training & development is now evolving into what we call WLP or
Workplace Learning and Performance which is defined as the integrated use of learning and other
interventions for the purpose of improving individual and organizational performance. (Rothwell,
Sanders and Soper 1999) This means that the field goes beyond the traditionally singular focus on
individual knowledge, skill and attitudes (KSA) acquisition.

Why WLP? If you think about it, organizations invest time and resources for training and development in
the assumption that it will directly translate to improved business results. However, that is not always the
case. Trainers also realized that classroom training alone will not change behavior if the work
environment is not supportive of desired behaviors. WLP offers a holistic approach to training wherein,
they align the intervention to organizational goals.

The ultimate tests of success for the learning intervention are improved performance back in the
workplace and measurable business outcomes.

Source: Excerpts from A Competency Framework for the Filipino WLP Practitioners Today by Maribel


Our trainers and consultants expertise cover HR, Leadership & Management, Information Technology,
and Communication. They are eager to share with you their knowledge, experience, tools, techniques,
and formula for excellent performance.

Adhering to the principles of WLP, we are committed to become your strategic partner in making
training an initiative that is aligned to organizational goals and objectives.

ExeQserve training is not just another training, it is a solution. We recognize our responsibility in helping
you get the most out of your investment and recommend a comprehensive solution that will help you
achieve your objectives.

Heres how we propose to proceed:
1. Conduct an Executive Briefing to help you and your top management to understand and
appreciate the benefits of our program
2. Pre-workshop Assessment to further enhance the contents of the workshop and make it more tailor
-fitted to your organizations needs and objective
3. Conduct of Workshop using various learning methodologies including coaching and mentoring,
knowledge management, structured learning exercises, focused group discussions and action
planning. A unique feature we have during workshop is the personal best leadership project for
leadership workshops or the R.E.A.P (Re-entry Action Plan) for other workshops; where the
participants are encouraged to contextualize concepts and create their own projects to be
implemented back in the workplace. This will ensure that learning will be brought back and
applied to the workplace.
4. Submission of Post-workshop Report which includes a comprehensive account of the highlights of
the training intervention so as the facilitators observations and recommendations
5. Conduct a half-day follow thru session months after the workshop to reinforce participants

ExeQserve Corporation started its operations in April 2007 and has, since then, grown and served a
number of clients belonging to different industries such as IT, Pharma, Retail. Finance and Service
Industries, among others.

Our services include Recruitment, Training, and HR Consulting. We believe that in having these 3
strategic business units will give organizations a wide-range of various HR solutions to choose from
under one roof.
Our people are committed to give value adding service through teamwork, customer intimacy, pursuit
of excellence, creativity and resourcefulness, and fun.
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