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What are the
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Business & Management
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Business and Management Collections
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Our Business & Management Collections publish high quality, innovative and inuential books, bringing
together the latest cutting-edge thoughts and analyses from business experts, leading scholars, practitioners,
researchers, thought-leaders and commentators. These books are rigorous yet accessible, designed to provide
inspiration, solutions and tools to improve business, written for academics and professionals involved in
executive development and MBA courses.
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St. Jamess Place Tax Guide 2013-2014
42nd edition
Walter Sinclair, E. Barry Lipkin, both independent tax
specialists, UK
Reviews of previous editions:
'No other manual compares...the complete A-Z on
Tax.' - The Times
'The best book ever written on taxation.' - The Daily
'Acknowledged among consumers and professionals
alike as the best book on the subject.' - The
'Provides a complete guide to UK taxation...includes
clear examples and explanations, tables and a
glossary, with all items fully referenced and indexed
for ease of use.' - Tax Journal
Including editions of the book prior to it being published as the St. James's Place
Tax Guide
The 42nd annual edition of the leading guide to taxation in Britain. This practical
and user-friendly guide is a bestseller with students, professionals, accountants
and private individuals, explaining in simple terms how the UK tax system works
and how best to minimise tax liabilities.
Contents: Preface; Sir Mark Weinberg * Abbreviations * Introduction * 1. This Years Tax
Changes * 2. The Basis of Your Tax Liability * 3. Personal Reliefs * 4. Annual Payments and
Interest * 5. Computing Your Income Tax Bill * 6. Husband, Wife, Civil Partners and Children *
7. Income from Land and Property * 8. Income from Dividends and Interest * 9. Life Assurance
* 10. Income from Employments and PAYE * 11. Income from Businesses and Professions *
12. Partnerships * 13. Companies * 14. Pensions * 15. Miscellaneous Aspects * 16. Returns,
Assessments and Repayment Claims * 17. Domicile and Residence * 18. Tax on Foreign Income
* 19. Non-residents, Visitors and Immigrants * 20. Capital Gains Tax * 21. The Taxation of Trusts
and Estates * 22. Inheritance Tax * 23. An Outline of VAT * 24. Stamp Duty * 25. Social Security
* 26. Tax Saving Hints * Tax Tables * Glossary * Index
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
Hardback 34.99 / $53.00 / CN$61.00 9780230280038
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Regulating Capitalism?
The Evolution of Transnational Accounting Governance
Jochen Zimmermann, Jrg R. Werner, both at
University of Bremen, Germany
By exploring how financial, legal and wider socio-
economic systems can accelerate or decelerate the
harmonization in financial markets, this book connects
issues both of contemporary political science and
accounting research.

Transformations of the State
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
272pp 34 b/w tables, 19 gures, 6 diagrams
Hardback 55.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 9780230279841
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Myth-Busting Chinas Numbers
Understanding and Using China's Business Statistics
Matthew Crabbe, Mintel, UK
A good understanding of Chinese data gathering
methods and reporting structures is invaluable to
anyone with business or investment plans in China. This
book tackles the veracity of Chinese statistics, raising
awareness of abuses and problems in real-life examples
that have occurred, and provides practical strategies to
reduce risk in the future.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Big Numbers * 2. Population
and Employment * 3. Retail Sales * 4. Debt * 5. Property * 6.
Accounting Stats * 7. Manufacturing * 8. Tax * 9. Social Stats *
10. Monetary Policy * Conclusion

Palgrave Pocket Consultants
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
304pp 49 b/w tables
Paperback 14.99 / $24.00 / CN$30.00 9781137353191
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Asian Inward and Outward FDI
New Challenges in the Global Economy
Edited by Claes-Gran Alvstam, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Harald
Dolles, Molde University College, Norway, and University of Gothenburg, Sweden,
Patrik Strom, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Asian Inward and Outward FDI brings together both works from researchers in
international business and economic geography. The book is aimed for both
scholars with interest in macro and micro economic impact of new flows of FDI.
Contents: 1. Asian Inward and Outward FDI: New Challenges in the Global Economy An
Introduction; Claes Alvstam, Harald Dolles and Patrik Strm * 2. Changing Faces of MNCs in
China: Subsidiary Strategy in Corporate Strategic Reorientation; Yu Zheng * 3. Sponsoring as
a Strategy to Enter, Develop and Defend Markets: Advertising Patterns of the Beijing Olympic
Games Sponsoring Partners; Harald Dolles and Sten Sderman * 4. Global Innovation and R
and D for Knowledge Creation: The Case of P and G, Unilever and Kao; Chie Iguchi, Takabumi
Hayashi and Atsuho Nakayama * 5. The New Face of Talent Management in Multinational
Corporations: Responding to the Challenges of Searching and Developing Talent in Emerging
Economies; Christian Schmidt, Sebastian Mansson and Harald Dolles * 6. Preferences and
Intercultural Networking for Globalizing Practices of Successful Leaders in the Intercultural
Workplace; Rolf D. Schlunze, Weiwei Ji and Will Baber * 7. Foreign Direct Investment and
Economic Revitalization in Japan: The Role of the Foreign Firm in Niseko; Andrew Staples * 8.
Exploring Thick Description in Business System Analysis: The Korean Business System from a
European Corporate Perception; Flora Bendt, Joakim Sanne and Harald Dolles * 9. Samsung
Electronics: From national champion to global leader; Sang-Chul Park, Claes G. Alvstam,
Harald Dolles and Patrik Strm * 10. A Business Tale on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the
Corporate World: a Conceptual Framework of Firms Disintegration Process; Roger Schweizer
and Katarina Lagerstrm: * 11. The Hybrid Emerging Market Multinational Enterprise The
Ownership Transfer of Volvo Cars to China; Claes G. Alvstam and Inge Ivarsson * 12. Concluding
Remarks on Asian Inward and Ooutward FDI: New Challenges in the Global Eeconomy; Claes
Alvstam, Harald Dolles and Patrik Strm
The Palgrave Macmillan Asian Business Series
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
256pp 14 b/w tables, 28 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137312204
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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China Goes West
Everything You Need to Know About Chinese
Companies Going Global
Joel Backaler, Frontier Strategy Group, USA
"Smart, practical and highly readable In China Goes
West, Joel Backaler brings an important, accelerating
global business trend into timely focus." - Mark
Duval, American Chamber of Commerce in China
'Joel Backaler's book is a real eye-opener. Written in
a clear, precise, and ready-to-use manner, it tells the
tale of contemporary China's 'Journey to the West.''
- Davide Cucino, EU Chamber of Commerce in China
'Joel Backaler's comprehensive China Goes West will
be the go-to-guide for those looking to get up to
speed quickly on the greatest business story of our
time.' - Julian Chang, Harvard Kennedy School
"Joel Backaler's China Goes West is a true must-read
for business leaders, researchers, and anyone interested in China's rapid
economic growth. Backaler details numerous real life business examples
and unlocks key cultural and governmental differences in a style that is both
refreshing and engaging." - Ken Newell, PepsiCo Greater China (2008-2012)
"In China Goes West, Joel Backaler gives a concise and highly informative
overview of Chinese companies' experiences abroad and in their home market.
The book is an invaluable introduction to a critical emerging global trend and
is both a useful and stimulating reference.' - Vincent Chang, Ph.D., Peking
University HSBC Business School
Presenting an unrivalled perspective into the inner-workings of Chinese
corporations and their expansion plans for international markets, this book
combines executive interviews and first-hand accounts providing the sorely
needed context to the rise of Chinese companies in home and overseas markets
and how the West can successfully compete.
Contents: 1. An Introduction to Chinese Companies * 2. Fleeing the Great Game * 3. The
Unprepared * 4. The Assets * 5. The Explorers and Buyers * 6. The Danger * 7. The Opportunity
* 8. The Response
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
208pp 15 b/w tables, 8 gures
Hardback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137293923
Canadian Rights
Competitiveness of Firms in China
Richard Li-Hua, Global Higher Education Consulting (GHEC), UK
Competitiveness of Firms in China addresses the multi-facet competitiveness
of firms in China from an angle of strategic management of technology and
innovation. The Chinese vanguard companies have been excellent in identifying
strategic position and appropriately making strategic decisions, and effectively
making strategy in action.
Contents: Introduction * Redening Competitiveness and its Multi-facets * Chinese
Business Environment - Chinas Legacy * Technology Strategy and Sustainability * Chinese
Entrepreneurship and Political Motivation * Innovation is Life-blood of Competitiveness *
Conversation with CEOs of Vanguard Companies * Road Ahead
June 2014 UK June 2014 US
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230222465
Canadian Rights
Managing a Chinese Partner
Insights from Four Global Companies
Lub Bun Chong, C Consultancy Limited, China
"Doing business in China is exciting. Whether you
take on a local partner or go it alone will depend
on circumstance and this book will help answer
many of your questions. Both ways can work. Use
your instincts, watch the body language, learn
their customs and give respect. Remember the
fundamental of business are the same everywhere.
Stability in your relationship management team is
vital and more important than contracts, because
you can fix a bad contract if you have a good
relationship. I don't believe in multiple Chinese
partners, pick one and run hard. Lub Bun has
witnessed both success and failure in China. Enjoy
the read." - Peter Cosgrove, APN News & Media
Limited, Buspak Hong Kong, GlobeCast Australia Pty Limited and Clear Media
Limited; and Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 1988
By drawing on the experiences of Danone, Nestl, Coca-Cola and SABMiller, this
book provides an insight into why and how the managing a Chinese Partner can
deliver value for a joint venture in China, a goal shared by many but achieved by
Contents: 1. The Case for Laying the Cornerstones * 2. Danones Bitter Split-up With Hangzhou
Wahaha * 3. Nestls Nurturing Care of Totole * 4. Coca-Colas Long Courtship of COFCO *
5. SABMillers Leap of Faith with China Resources * 6. Lonely Journey of an Ice Cream Peddler
in China * 7. Catering To Every Palate in China (almost) * 8. Three Steps to Laying the
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137005816
Canadian Rights

To Beijing and Beyond
Strategies for Multinational Corporations to Succeed In China
Saurabh Sharma, Ogilvy and Mathers, China
A balanced account of modern China, To Beijing
and Beyond shows why China is on the path to
global success. The author dispels the myths and
misunderstandings about China's economic and
cultural development and gives practical advice for
MNCs wanting to thrive when trading and investing in
multi-billion dollar Chinese market.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Are MNCs Facing Challenges
in China? * 3. Stages Of Chinas Evolution Focus On Past 30
Years (1978-2012) * 4. Chinas Challenges and Strategies -
Today and Tomorrow * 5. Principles for MNC Engagement in
China * 6. Thinking Pragmatically in China Pillars to Develop a
Fresh Perspective
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137286758
Canadian Rights ebooks available
What Chinese Want
Culture, Communism, and China's Modern Consumer
Tom Doctoroff
"Brilliantly written, colourful, witty and well
signposted, so that readers know the lessons they
are meant to draw from each chapter before moving
on to the next one." - Financial Times (selected as one
of the best 'Business and Economics' books of the
year so far)
"A fascinating account of the new Chinese
consumerism, written with great verve and sparkling
with real gems of insight. Bookstore shelves
currently groan under the weight of books aimed at
those hoping to crack this huge and growing market,
but Doctoroff's really stands out." - British Airways
Business Life
"An invaluable primer on the culture and buying
patterns of the Chinese." - Fortune
Tom Doctoroff marshals his 20 years of experience navigating this fascinating
intersection of commerce and culture to explain the mysteries of China. He
explores the many cultural, political, and economic forces shaping the twenty-
first-century Chinese and their implications for businesspeople, marketers, and
October 2013 UK September 2013 US
Paperback 10.99 / $16.00 / CN$18.50 9781137278357
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Challenge for Japanese Multinationals
Strategic Issues for Global Management
Hiroo Takahashi, Graduate University, Japan
The Challenge for Japanese Multinationals is about
strategic issues of modern management from the
view of global business practice. With the maturing
of the domestic market, Japanese MNCs - not only in
manufacturing industries but in non-manufacturing
industries as well - will continue to globalize, with
overseas expansion accelerating in emerging countries
such as BRICs.
Contents: 1. Regional Headquarter as MNCs Global Strategies
* 2. Issues Reform of Corporate Governance * 3. Business Ethics
for Global Business * 4. Global R D Network * 5. International
Competitiveness of the Japanese Service Industry * 6.
Educational Development and Qualication for Global Business
Leaders: Communication Skill * 7. Case Examples of Educational
Development for Global Business Leaders
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137307590
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Coca-Cola and the Transformation of the
Chinese Business System
Peter Nolan, Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, and
Jesus College, Cambridge, UK
Few subjects in recent years have generated as fierce debate as the impact of
globalization upon developing countries. This book analyses the impact of the
Coca-Cola company on China's business system. This study investigates the
whole value chain of Coca-Cola, and offers an insight into the process of capitalist
Contents: Introduction * Globalisation, Multinational Firms and Developing Countries * Catch
up in the Chinese Economy * Coca-Cola and the Chinese Business System * Industrial Policy
and the Chinese Beverage Industry * Coca-Cola Bottlers * Competition in the Chinese Non
Carbonated Beverages (NCBs) Market * Procurement * Marketing * Logistics * Coca-Colas
Customers and Sales Channels * Summary * Conclusion * Epilogue: China at the Crossroads
December 2014 UK December 2014 US
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230013575
Canadian Rights
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The International Handbook
of Public Financial Management
Edited by Richard Allen, International Monetary Fund,
World Bank, Overseas Development Institute, London,
UK, Richard Hemming, Duke University, USA, Barry
Potter, IMF, USA
'The Handbook is a welcome addition to the literature
on public finance, not least because it draws on
multiple disciplines in the social sciences to provide
a rigorous and up-to-date analysis of all facets of
this important subject. As such it will surely prove
to be an invaluable resource for both academics
and practitioners of public finance.' - Emmanuel
Tumusiime-Mutebile, Bank of Uganda
'This Handbook brings together an extraordinary
array of public financial management experts
and their collective experience to provide a
comprehensive repository of cutting-edge knowledge. It is a must read for
students and practitioners especially after the global financial and Eurozone
crises have rudely awakened the world to the importance of the linkages
between public financial and macro-fiscal management and their influence
on constructing rules and institutions that can be implemented in specific
political economy contexts.' - Sanjay Pradhan, World Bank Institute
'This extremely comprehensive and well-researched volume covers topics
of tremendously broad and practical interest, written by many of the
world's leading experts on these subjects. I know of no other collection that
comes anywhere close to addressing the whole of international financial
management, from initial budget planning through adoption, execution, and
evaluation. This book represents an invaluable contribution to the field, and
will benefit students and government officials alike.' - Philip Joyce, University
of Maryland School of Public Policy and Public Budgeting & Finance
The International Handbook of Public Financial Management is essential reading
for governmental policy-makers, and practitioners and consultants working in
this field, whose importance has been highlighted by the global financial crisis.
It is a primary source for academics and students of economics, public finance,
accountancy and public policy.
Macroeconomic Framework for Managing Public Finances in a Global Environment * Fiscal
Rules and Public Financial Management * The Legal Framework for Public Finances and Budget
Systems * Political Economy Aspects of Managing Public Finances * Role, Responsibilities
and Structure of Central Finance Agencies * Role of the Legislature in Budget Processes *
Strengthening Performance in Public Financial Management * PART II: ALLOCATION OF
RESOURCES * The Coverage and Classication of the Budget * Policy Formulation and the
Budget Process * Medium-term Fiscal and Expenditure Frameworks * Managing for Results and
Performance Budgeting * Fiscal Federalism and Intergovernmental Financial Relations * PART
III: MANAGING BUDGET EXECUTION * The Budget Execution Cycle * Public Procurement
* Managing Government Payroll * The Treasury Function and Treasury Single Accounts *
Internal Control and Internal Audit * Managing Extra-budgetary Funds * PART IV: MANAGING
GOVERNMENT REVENUES * Tax Design from a Fiscal Management Perspective * Revenue
Forecasting * Efcient Revenue Administration * Customs Administration * User Charges
and Earmarking * Managing Natural Resource Revenues * Managing External Aid * PART V:
LIABILITY AND ASSET MANAGEMENT * Government Balance Sheets * Public Investment
Management and PPPs * Managing Fiscal Risks * Sovereign Wealth Funds * Long-term
Obligations and Generational Accounting * Cash Management and Debt Management *
OF PUBLIC FINANCES * Strengthening Fiscal Transparency * Government Accounting
Standards and Policies * Government Financial Reporting Standards and Practices * Financial
Management Information Systems * External Audit * Role of Independent Fiscal Agencies *
About the Editors and Contributors * Glossary * References * Index
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
928pp 32 b/w tables, 151 gures
Hardback 165.00 / $240.00 / CN$276.00 9780230300248
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Euro Crash
How Asset Price Inflation Destroys the Wealth of Nations
3rd edition
Brendan Brown, Mitsuibishi (UFJ) Securities International plc, UK
'Nobody is better at diagnosing and dissecting these central bank games than
Brendan Brown, whether it is the Federal Reserve (The Global Curse of the
Federal Reserve) or the European Central Bank. It will give you a healthy boost
in your skepticism about those who pretend to be the Platonic guardians
of the financial system.' - Alex J. Pollock, American Enterprise Institute,
Washington, DC; former president and chief executive officer, Federal Home
Loan Bank of Chicago
Euro Crash is a unique analysis of the European Monetary Union, arguing that
it was not sub-optimal currency areas or profligate government spending but
instead fatal flaws in monetary design and an appalling series of policy mistakes
by the European Central Bank that lead to the current and ongoing Eurozone
Contents: Foreword; Professor Joseph Salerno * 1. Asset Price Ination What Do We Know
About This Virus? * 2. The Franco-German Dollar Union Which Never Took Place * 3. How the
Virus of Asset Price Ination Infected EMU * 4. How the Deutsche Bundesbank Failed Europe
and Germany * 5. The Bursting of Europes Bubble * 6. Guilty Verdict on the European Central
Bank * 7. From Fed Curse to Merkel-Draghi Coup * 8. EMU is Dead, Long Live EMU
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
Hardback 19.99 / $29.99 / CN$29.99 9781137371485
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Executive Guide to Enterprise Risk
Linking Strategy, Risk and Value Creation
Christopher Chappell, actuary and risk management
consultant, UK
An executive level guide to implementing or extending
an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework in an
organization. Avoiding complex modeling topics, and
unnecessary theory, this book cuts to the heart of the
topic, describing what ERM is, why it is important, what
constitutes ERM and how it can be implemented to add
value to an organization.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Dening an Enterprise Risk
Management Framework * 3. Developing a Business Strategy *
4. Performance Management * 5. Risk and Capital Modelling * 6.
Risk Culture * 7. The Board and the New Chief Risk Ofcer
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
200pp 8 b/w tables, 12 gures
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137374530
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Models at Work
A Practitioner's Guide to Risk Management
Jawwad Farid, Alchemy Technologies and SP Jain
Global School of Management, Dubai and Singapore
Models at Work provides a much needed 'middle
ground' for risk practitioners who need an in-depth
understanding of risk management without excessive
formulae or theory. Written to appeal to a broad but
financially-minded audience, it provides coverage of
risk management and the frameworks commonly
applied in the financial services industry.
Contents: PART I: RISK * 1. What is Risk? * 2. Measuring Risk * 3.
Stress Testing, Bank Regulations and Risk * 4. Managing Risks * 5.
6. Monte Carlo Simulators in Excel * 7. Simulation Applications
DISSECTING PRICING * 8. Identifying Drivers for Projecting
Crude Oil Prices * 9. Gold and the Australian Dollar * 10. Relative Value and the Gold - Silver
Ratio * 11. Correlations: Crude Oil and Other Commodities * 12. Crude Palm Oil Futures * 13.
Crude Oil and Ination * 14. Historical Spreads in Bond Yealds in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent
* 15. Volatility Trends in Commodity Prices * 16. Energy Insights * PART IV: DERIVATIVE
SECURITIES * 17. Derivatives Terminology * 18. Products and Pricing * 19. Variations * 20.
Derivative Pricing * 21. Advanced Fixed Income Securities * 22. The Treasury Function * 23.
Advanced Products
Global Financial Markets
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
656pp 634 gures
Hardback 45.00 / $70.00 / CN$81.00 9781137371638
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Intelligent Investing
A Guide to the Practical and Behavioural Aspects of Investment
Guy Fraser-Sampson, Cass Business School, UK
'A fantastic guide to setting investment strategy,
based on the practical experience of one of the
world's leading experts in the field.' - Askar
Karimullin, Kazakhstan Sovereign Wealth Fund
'Shows all too clearly how organisational and
behavioural issues often get in the way of clear
strategic thinking. A great read for anyone
attempting to drive change or innovation in the
investment field.' - Mark Baumgartner, PhD , The
Ford Foundation
Intelligent Investing is the first ever practical guide for
investors on how to initiate and conduct a strategic
planning exercise. Guy Fraser-Sampson explains the
concepts and behavioural factors likely to be encountered, and shows how a clear
understanding of an investor's strategic positioning flows naturally into good
asset allocation practice.
Contents: 1. What is Strategy? * 2. Strategy and Investment * 3. Conducting the Process *
4. What sort of investor are we? Different perspectives on liquidity and volatility * 5. SWOT
analysis for investors * 6. What are we Trying to Achieve? * 7. Asset Allocation: Theory and
Practice * 8. Asset Allocation in Practice * 9. How to Access Asset Types: Selecting Passive and
Active Managers * 10. New Developments: Trend and Risk Factor Investing * 11. Ten Do and
Dont Guidelines * 12. Concluding Thoughts: Where are we Going?
Global Financial Markets
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
184pp 2 gures
Hardback 34.99 / $50.00 / CN$57.50 9781137264084
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The International Corporate Governance
Audit Roles and Board Oversight
Felix I. Lessambo, St. Johns University, USA
The International Corporate Governance System
provides a comprehensive approach to Corporate
Governance, Audit Process and Risk Management.
Furthermore, it provides an analytical and
comprehensive approach of the issues facing
governance directors, internal and external auditors,
risk managers, and public officials conducting
assessments based upon the Report on Standards and
Contents: 1. Corporate Governance Framework * 2. The OECD
Corporate Governance Principles * 3. Corporate Governance and
the International Monetary Fund * 4. Corporate Governance and
the World Bank * 5. Corporate Governance in the United States
* 6. Corporate Governance in the United Kingdom * 7. Corporate
Governance in Canada * 8. Corporate Governance in Australasia * 9. Corporate Governance
in Japan * 10. Corporate Governance in Continental Europe * 11. Corporate Governance in
the Developing Countries (BRICS) * 12. Corporate Governance in Saudi Arabia * 13. Internal
Audit Process * 14. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Audit Profession * 15. The Integrated
Audit Process * 16. Audit of Group Financial Statements * 17. The European Union Statutory
Audit Directive * 18. The Accounting & Auditing ROSC * 19. Corporate Governance Scandals
* 20. Auditor Legal Liability * 21. The Future of the Auditing * 22. Risk Management * 23.
Management Fraud * 24. The Audit Committee and Management Fraud
Global Financial Markets
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
488pp 16 gures
Hardback 39.99 / $60.00 / CN$69.00 9781137360007
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Safe Investor
How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy
Tim McCarthy, Nikko Asset Management Co.,
Goodmorning Securities, and Jardine Fleming UT, Japan
Drawing on his 30 years' experience providing
investment solutions to individuals and their advisors,
expert investor Tim McCarthy, explains how to create
a globally diverse portfolio to help navigate risky
markets. Through engaging real-life stories and his
seven key lessons, McCarthy plots a straightforward
path to investment success.
March 2014 UK February 2014 US
Hardback 18.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137279101
Canadian Rights
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Disorganized Crimes
Why Corporate Governance and Government Intervention
Failed, and What We Can Do About It
Bernard E. Munk, Munk Advisory Services, USA
'Bernard Munk brings one of the most incisive
minds in the world of business to the analysis of
modern-day corporate governance. He is a master at
critiquing the people and process weaknesses in the
system and pointing the way to a more constructive
higher ground, one in which all stakeholders of a 21st
century corporation will benefit. His book should
be high on the reading list in global boardrooms and
investment firms.' - James Kristie, Directors & Boards
'It is not often in the history of economic thought
that a book emerges which is a cross between a
Dostoyevskeite analysis of crime and punishment
and a well-reasoned assault on established doctrine.
Dr. Munk has accomplished that feat with this
monograph on corporate mis-governance. As a one time graduate student of
the University of Chicago he is dismayed that the real world of the corporate
boardroom seems to operate often in sinister fashion inconsistent with the
benign working of the invisible hands and worse still, the capital markets fail
miserably on occasion to exert any discipline. Most of the time these failures
are hidden from view but during the asset and credit bubble busts which have
become a regular feature in our age of monetary instability there have been a
series of spectacular corporate scandals. With great precision, drawing on his
own considerable business experience, Dr. Munk shows how these remained
for so long undetected and what changes in institutional arrangements are
essential to containing this on-going menace to our economic prosperity.' -
Brendan Brown, economist and The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve
Corporate misgovernance and the failure of government regulation have led to
major financial fiascos. 'Disorganized crimes' are disruptive and costly. Munk links
the two major eras of corporate misgovernance during the last decade to explain
how these events occur and what can be done to prevent them from re-occurring.
Contents: 1. Whos the Fish? * 2. Behind Every Great Fortune is a Great Crime * 3. Seeing
Ones Friends Getting Rich is Upsetting * 4. Round Up the Usual Suspects * 5. Carrots for Good
Governance * 6. The Conicts of Managerial Capitalism * 7. Call Them Disorganized Crimes *
8. Connecting the Dots * 9. The Corporate Governance Dilemma * 10. Micro Risks and Macro
Disturbances * 11. Crime and Punishment * 12. Foolish Bankers and Burdened Taxpayers * 13.
No Place to Hide * 14. Remediation * 15. Financial Alchemy
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
336pp 17 gures
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137330260
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Value-Based Working Capital Management
Determining Liquid Asset Levels in Entrepreneurial Environments
Grzegorz M. Michalski, Wroclaw University of Economics, Warclaw, Poland
Value-Based Working Capital Management analyzes the causes and effects of
improper cash flow management between entrepreneurial organizations with
varying levels of risk.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Working Capital Management in Context * 2. Understanding
and Measuring Financial Liquidity Levels * 3. Intrinsic and External Values of Liquidity and
Optimization * 4. Net Working Capital Management Strategies * Conclusion
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
200pp 31 gures, 20 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137397997
Canadian Rights
The Investors Paradox
The Power of Simplicity in a World of Overwhelming Choice
Brian Portnoy, Chicago Equity Partners, USA
In The Investor's Paradox, hedge fund expert Brian
Portnoy explains how to sift through today's diverse
investment choices. Drawing on cutting-edge research
in behavioral economics and social psychology,
Portnoy demystifies hedge funds, debunks popular
myths, and gives readers the basic tools they can use to
tell the good investment from the bad.
Contents: Preface: The Trillion Dollar Job No One Talks About
* PART I. CONTEXTS * 1. Introduction: Picking Winners * 2. The
Science (and Art) of Being Wrong * 3. Alternative States * PART
II. TOOLS * 4. Managing Expectations * 5. Madoffs Hobgoblins
* 6. The Devil(s) You Know * 7. Touring Lake Wobegon * PART III.
EXTENSIONS * 8. The Social Network * 9. Gorillas in the Mist *
10. Mirror, Mirror * 11. Conclusion: More
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 17.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137278487
Canadian Rights
OTC Derivatives: Bilateral Trading
and Central Clearing
An Introduction to Regulatory Policy, Market Impact and
Systemic Risk
David Murphy, Rivast Consulting, US
After the credit crisis, supervisors enacted a range of
financial reforms. In particular, they radically changed
the nature of the OTC derivatives market via a number
of measures, notably mandatory central clearing. This
book discusses the market before the crisis, explains
what central clearing is, and outlines the consequences
of the new rules.
RELATIONSHIPS * 1. Over-the-Counter Derivatives and
Repurchase Agreements * 2. Bilateral Relationships * 3. Risks in
Bilateral Relationships * 4. Bilateral Relationships in the Crisis
* PART II * 5. The New Model * 6. Relationships in a Trilateral
World * 7. Risks * 8. Design Choices and Financial Stability * 9.
The Future
Global Financial Markets
August 2013 UK September 2013 US
Hardback 39.99 / $70.00 / CN$81.00 9781137293855
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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The Money Trap
Escaping the Grip of Global Finance
Robert Pringle, Central Banking Publications, UK
'Robert Pringle's The Money Trap looks deeply
at the fundamental problems of reforming the
international monetary system to expand the
politically feasible and economically viable
alternatives open to countries. Since the end of
Bretton Woods, the world economy has not had
rules that guided markets toward an efficient
equilibrium that benefitted large and small
countries. Pringle shows why current international
arrangements repeatedly bring crises.' - Allan
Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
The Money Trap, now in paperback and with an
extended new preface, examines the policies of central
banks, financial regulators and private sector financial
institutions in the development and management of the global financial crisis.
Contents: Preface * PART I: IN THE TRAP * 1. Into the Danger Zone * 2. Why Players Need a
New Rulebook * 3. How Monetary Systems are Born * 4. World Money without an Anchor *
PART II: SEARCHING FOR WAYS OUT * 5. Improving National Policies * 6. A Solution for the
Eurozone * 7. Money International * PART III: FOUR KEY ISSUES * 8. Those Global Imbalances
* 9. The Reserve Currency Overhang * 10. Can Banks Be Made Safe? * 11. Markets, States
Currency Plans * 13. The Choice of the Standard * 14. Towards a Real Global Currency * 15. The
Emerging Global Financial System
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Paperback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137366900
Canadian Rights
Money, Banking, and the Business Cycle
Volume I: Integrating Theory and Practice
Brian P. Simpson, National University, USA
Money, Banking, and the Business Cycle provides a comprehensive framework
for analyzing these mechanisms, and offers a robust prescription for reducing
financial instability over the long-term. Volume I bridges tough economic theory
with empirical evidence.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: THEORY * 1. Money, Banking, and Ination * 2. How Does the
Government Cause Ination? * 3. What Causes the Business Cycle? * 4. In Defense of Austrian
Business Cycle Theory * PART II: PRACTICE * 5. The Recession of the Early 1980s * 6. The
Business Cycle in Late Twentieth/Early Twenty-First Century America * 7. John Laws Financial
Scam and the South Sea Bubble * 8. The Great Depression * 9. The Business Cycle in America
from 1900 to 1965 * Epilogue
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
328pp 16 b/w tables, 6 gures, 43 graphs
Hardback 72.50 / $110.00 / CN$132.00 9781137335319
Canadian Rights
The Gold Cartel
Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and
What This Means for Your Future
Dimitri Speck, Staedel Hanseatic, Germany
'From my studies in economic history I am not
familiar with a single instance where a market
manipulation has been successful in the long-term.
Governments and their Agencies always impose
price support or price suppression measures (for
instance price and wage controls) but market forces
always dispose of these interventions by prices
collapsing through support levels or soaring though
the temporary controlled prices. It is my opinion that
soaring gold prices in future will completely destroy
the little credibility central banks still enjoy. This is
a very good and well researched read.' - Marc Faber,
The Gloom Boom & Doom Report
'The Gold Cartel is a brisk, articulate and convincing
read. Even so, it remains extremely sound. A miracle!' - Heinz Christian Hafke,
former German Bundesbank director
The Gold Cartel is an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of the world
market for gold, how it works, and what influences gold price. But it also lends
insight into something more disturbing the organized intervention in the gold
markets by Central Banks.
September 2013 UK October 2013 US
328pp 114 gures
Hardback 19.99 / $29.99 / CN$34.50 9781137286420
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Understanding Alternative Investments
Creating Diversified Portfolios that Ride the Wave of Investment
Stephen Todd Walker, Oppenheimer and Co. Inc. , USA
One of the top wealth managers in the world, Stephen
Todd Walker, draws on examples of 'smart money'
institutions, as well as his revolutionary theory 'Modern
Portfolio Allocation' to show how any investor can use
alternatives to diversify their portfolio, decrease risk
and increase return.
Contents: Introduction: That Was Then, This is Now * 1. Does
the Universe Move in Waves? * 2. Not All Financial Advisors
Are Created Equal * 3. Access to Alternative Investments and
Competitive Advantages * 4. Knowledge Really is Power * 5.
The Changing Financial Landscape * 6. I Hate To Say, It But
I Told You So * 7. The Market and Alternative Investments
* 8. Diversication is Not Limited * 9. The Smart Money
Is Global * 10. Are All Hedge Funds Evil or Are They Really
Angels in Disguise? * 11. The Fools Gold or the Real Deal? * 12. Venture Capital is Back * 13.
Asset Allocation and Alternative Investments * 14. Modern Portfolio Allocation * 15. There is
Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself * 16. Devising Portfolios with Alternative Investments and
Comparables * 17. Alternative Investments Over the Past 20 Years * 18. The Asset Allocation
Process and Sample Portfolios
July 2014 UK June 2014 US
340pp 86 gures, 41 b/w tables
Hardback 40.00 / $50.00 / CN$63.00 9781137370181
Canadian Rights
Investing in Energy
Creating a New Investment Strategy to Maximize Your Portfolio's
Michael C. Thomsett, New York Institute of Finance,
'Michael C. Thomsett has eloquently written an
energy bible for the ages! His apolitical insight
on why energy prices paradoxically remain high,
transcends the mainstream myths and explores
the classic battle between perception and reality. A
mandatory read for all traders.' Al Bicoff, C.T.A.,
Technical Analytics, Inc.
The energy sector has more trading volume than any
other commodity. Broken into four sections, Investing
in Energy is an essential primer on this lucrative market.
It guides the reader through the basics of getting
started in energy trading, before outlining specific
trading and investing strategies.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: OILING UP ON THE BASICS * 1. A Brief History - Black
Gold, Texas T * 2. The Big Picture - Energy, the Biggest Market Sector * 3. The Many Uses of
Energy Products * 4. Opportunities and Risks * PART II: MANY WAYS TO INVEST OR TRADE
* 5. Trading in Energy Futures * 6. Energy Stocks * 7. ETFs and Index Funds * 8. Options *
PART III: INVESTMENT AND TRADING STRATEGIES * 9. Knowing Your Risk Tolerance * 10.
Using a Broker versus Going on Your Own * 11. Fundamental Analysis of the Energy Market
* 12. Technical Analysis of the Energy Market * 13. How Energy Trades are Taxed * PART IV:
SUMMARIZING THE MARKET * 14. Ten Mistakes Investors and Traders Make * 15. Ten Myths
of the Energy Industry and Futures Market * 16. Ten Ideas to Launch Your Investment Plan *
Notes * Index
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
336pp 62 gures, 17 b/w tables
Hardback 50.00 / $75.00 / CN$86.00 9781137357168
Canadian Rights
Options for Swing Trading
Leverage and Low Risk to Maximize Short-Term Trading
Michael C. Thomsett, New York Institute of Finance,
Options traders know all about leverage, and swing
traders are keenly aware of entry and exit timing as
the key to profits. Options for Swing Trading shows the
experienced trader at an intermediate or advanced
level how to combine these two trading skills into a
single, powerful set of strategies to maximize leverage
while minimizing risk.
Contents: Introduction: Problems of Risk in Most Trading
Systems * 1. Options: Trading Basics * 2. Swing Trading: The
Basics * 3. Dangerous Waters: Risk Inherent in Comprehensive
Swing-Based Strategies * 4. Marginal Potential: Leverage
Limitations in Swing Trading with Stock * 5. Elegant Solutions:
Options to Address the Risk and Leverage Issues * 6. In and Out:
Entry and Exit Criteria for Swing Trading * 7. Powerful Timing Tools: Expanding Swing Signals
with Candlestick Reversals * 8. Flexing Your Muscle: The Power of Options Close to Expiration *
9. Swings Maximized: Timing the Swing with Ex-dividend Date * 10. Strategy # 1: Long Option
Approach, a Basic Solution * 11. Strategy # 2: Long/Short Call Strategy, Uncovered Short Side
* 12. Strategy # 3: Long/Short Call Strategy, Covered Short Side * 13. Strategy # 4: Long/Short
Call Strategy, Ratio Writing on the Short Side * 14. Strategy # 5: Long/Short Put Strategy * 15.
Strategy # 6: Short Option Strategy * 16. Strategy # 7: Synthetic Option Positions Strategy *
17. Strategy # 8: Multiple Contracts and Weighting with Ratio Calendar Spreads * 18. Strategy
#9: Expanded Iron Buttery Swing Trading * Epilogue - The Big Picture: Swing Trading and Your
Portfolio * End Notes
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
368pp 90 gures, 16 b/w tables
Hardback 35.99 / $55.00 / CN$63.00 9781137282569
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Defending Your Brand
How Smart Companies use Defensive Strategy to Deal with
Competitive Attacks
Tim Calkins, Northwestern University, USA
"It's a brutally competitive world out there. Tim
Calkins outlines the weapons and strategies
available to defend against the big guys, while
exploring how and when to defend against a guerilla
insurgency. Wear a flak jacket." - Andy England,
"A well thought-out and articulated defense plan
is not reactive, but rather a proactive strategy
to protecting your business. Tim's principles and
practices are for those exceptional managers who
have both the courage and discipline to deliver
against the non-negotiable of defending their brand
. . . no matter what." - Richard H. Lenny, former
chairman & CEO, The Hershey Company
Marketing expert Tim Calkins shows businesses how to create and maintain a
defensive strategy including: how to understand and get competitive intelligence;
how to determine if your brand or company is at risk; how to create a defensive
strategy; limiting risk and preventing a trial; understanding your own IP as a
weapon - and much more.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Threat * 3. The Financial Challenge * 4. Know Your Enemy *
5. Competitive Intelligence * 6. The Key Question * 7. Planning the Defense * 8. Stopping the
Launch * 9. Blocking Distribution * 10. Limiting Awareness * 11. Preventing Trial * 12. Fighting
Repeat * 13. Defense Never Ends * 14. Defensive Strategy for Innovators * 15. A Cautionary
Word about Competition Law
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
304pp 20 gures
Paperback 11.99 / $18.00 / CN$20.00 9781137278753
Canadian Rights
Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets
Edited by Glyn Atwal, ESC Rennes School of Business, France, Douglas Bryson,
Burgundy School of Business, France
Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets is an invaluable repository of knowledge that
brings clarity to key issues and trends for practitioners, academics and students of
luxury brands. It sets out to decode the luxury markets in the primary emerging
markets (BRICs) and provide a rich resume of the key factors that influence the
effectiveness of luxury brand strategies.
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
240pp 1 b/w table, 24 gures
Hardback 62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137330529
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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The Four Stages of Market-Focused Reinvention
Gregory S. Carpenter, Northwestern University,USA,
Gary F. Gebhardt, HEC Montreal, Canada, John F.
Sherry, University of Notre Dame, USA
Based on fascinating insider accounts with leaders
from Motorola, Alberto Culver, Harley-Davidson, and
others, Resurgence explores the change process and
reveals how some of the most interesting and notable
brands in the world have managed to stage remarkably
successful comebacks following periods of decline.
Contents: 1. The Beginning * Step I: Recognize * 2. My Name
is Motorola and I Have a Problem: Recognizing the Need for
Change * 3. Teams Make Change: Building a Coalition * Step II:
Reinvent * 4. A Vision for Change * 5. Going Public * 6. Walking
the Talk * 7. Dear Customer: Reconnecting with the Market * 8.
Collaborative Strategy Development and Implementation * 9.
Pink Slips for Dissenters, Offers for Believers * Step III: Formalize * 10. Make it Ofcial: Formalize,
Reward, and Indoctrinate * 11. Power to the Masses * Step IV: Maintain * 12. Sticking with
Change: Employee, Market, and Cultural Maintenance * 13. Reaping the Benets of Change
March 2014 UK February 2014 US
256pp 1 table, 17 gs
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278616
Canadian Rights
The Meaningful Brand
How Strong Brands Make More Money
Nigel Hollis, Millward Brown, USA
Instilling brand loyalty among consumers is the
key to long-term success, and requires focusing on
meaningful differentiation: functional, emotional,
or societal. Supported by data analyses, case studies
and interviews, The Meaningful Brand explores the
four components of a distinguished brand: purpose,
delivery, resonance, and difference.
Contents: Foreword * Acknowledgements * Preface * PART
I: WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? * Chapter 1: How Marketing
Adds Financial Value To A Business * Chapter 2: How Brands
Inuence Purchase Decisions * Chapter 3: What Makes Your
Brand Meaningfully Different? * Chapter 4: Linking Meaningful
Difference To Financial Outcomes * PART II: CREATING A
Purpose * Chapter 6: Effective Delivery * Chapter 7: Resonance * Chapter 8: Differentiation
* Chapter 9: Dening A Meaningfully Different Experience * PART III: AMPLIFYING A
MEANINGFULLY DIFFERENT BRAND * Chapter 10: Findability * Chapter 11: Credibility *
Chapter 12: vVtality * Chapter 13: Affordability at a Price Point * Chapter 14: Extendability *
Chapter 15: Make the Most of Your Brand
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
240pp 10pp b&w photos
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9780230342262
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Brand Breakout
How Emerging Market Brands Will Go Global
Nirmalya Kumar, London Business School, UK,
Jan-Benedict E.M Steenkamp, University of North
Carolina, USA
"Anyone with more than a passing interest in
how global brands develop should take note...
with its summaries and excellent case studies it is
a worthwhile read for anyone with an interest in
how brands are formed and perceptions changed" -
Financial Times
"Products made in China are everywhere in the
West, but Chinese brands are rarely seen. Chinese
companies now aspire to change this situation. I am
excited to read Brand Breakout, and hope more and
more Chinese companies can work smart (not just
hard) to build Chinese brands on a global scale." -
Zhuo (Joe) Wang, Shanghai Jahwa United and Herborist Cosmetics
'I loved the central idea of the book and the eight ideas on brand building...
Brands are after all more about human appeal than just being a product or
service with great features. They need to have mystery and enigma to be able
to get consumers to love them. That is the secret sauce I recommend this
book for all those who dream of crafting global brands especially for large
Indian firms that operate globally.' - Times of India
"As two most well-known marketing scholars on emerging markets in the
world, Nirmalya Kumar and JB Steenkamp provide a definitive guideline for
emerging market brands here. The eight routes proposed in this book lay out
a comprehensive roadmap for those aspiring companies and countries to
effectively enter global markets, and will have a far-reaching impact in the
years to come. It also provides great insights on the transition of the economic
development mode of China. A novel and thought-provoking masterpiece!" -
Yubo CHEN, Professor & Deputy Chair of Marketing, Tsinghua University
Written by the world's leading thinkers on brand strategy, Brand Breakout looks
at what Asian and emerging market brands need to do to succeed in international
markets and the challenges they face when competing with western brands.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Asian Tortoise Route: Migrating to higher quality and brand
premium * 2. The Business to Consumer Route: Leveraging B2B strengths in B2C markets
* 3. The Diaspora Route: Following emigrants into the world * 4. The Brand Acquisition
Route: Buying global brands from Western multinationals * 5. The Positive Campaign Route:
Overcoming negative country of origin associations * 6. The Cultural Resources Route:
Positioning on positive cultural myths * 7. The Natural Resources Route: Branding Commodities
in four steps * 8. The National Champions Route: Leveraging strong support from the state *
Conclusion: Looking Ahead
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
272pp 15 gures, 11 b/w tables, 2 b/w photos
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137276612
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Hit Brands
How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands
Daniel Jackson, CORD Worldwide LTD, UK, Richard
Jankovich, B(R)ANDS Music Branding Group, USA, Eric
Sheinkop, Music Dealers, USA
'Music done right can instantly stir consumer passion
and deepen their connection to brands. It can
transcend cultures, demographics and geographic
borders. That's why Hit Brands is a must-read. Three
of the best music branding experts in the business
offer excellent advice that can literally make your
brand sing and drive sales at the same time.' -
Howard Draft, Draftfcb
"Music is the most efficient and meaningful way to
engage consumers, and thanks to Hit Brands, both
the seasoned professional and the newbie brand
manager will learn how to harness the social power
of this universal passion." - Lucien Boyer, Havas Sports & Entertainment
Companies and agencies spend vast amounts of money to advertise and brand
products and music has been an important part of this. Hit Brands assesses how
from selecting sound and music for individual products and adverts many large
companies have moved to develop a music strategy to align their brand and
create emotional impact.
Contents: Foreword * History of Music and Brand Relationship * Brands at the New Majors
* Introduction to 3 Strategic Models * Music as Identity: Case Studies and Interviews * Music
as Engagement: Case Studies and Interviews * Music as Revenue: Case Studies and Interviews
* Multimodal Strategies: Best Practice for Brands and Music * Flipping the Equation: Brand
Strategies for Music * Mapping the Future
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
212pp 12 gures, 4 b/w tables
Hardback 24.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137271471
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Brand Romance
Using the Power of High Design to Build a Lifelong Relationship
with Your Audience
Yasushi Kusume, Electrolux Group Design, Sweden,
Neil Gridley, design and innovation consultant, UK
"Brand Romance is the blueprint for harnessing the
power of high design and for winning the hearts
and minds of your customers."- Stefano Marzano,
For brands to succeed in a competitive environment
they need to build a 'loving' relationship with their
customers. Brands need to construct an emotional
engagement with customers so that they feel
genuinely connected to it and what it has to offer.
Through 15 steps this books reveals how to use High
Design principles to build a truly loved brand.
Contents: Acknowledgements * Preface * Know Who
You Are * Commitment 1: Think Of Your Brand As A Person * Know Your Audience *
Commitment 2: Understand Short And Long-Term Needs * Commitment 3: Co-Create With
People * Commitment 4: Understand How People Experience * Commitment 5: Measure
And Optimize * Commitment 6: Introduce A Love Tester * Know What You Will Bring
Your AudienceCommitment 7: Build A Clear Brand Design Architecture * Commitment 8:
Continuously Innovate * Commitment 9: Give Your Value Proposition The Four Design
Drivers * Know How You Will Bring It To Your Audience * Commitment 10: Create A Clearly
Recognizable Identity * Commitment 11: Embrace Three Design Principles * Commitment 12:
Create One Vocabulary For The Whole Organization * Commitment 13: Recognize The Maestro
And The Virtuoso * Commitment 14: Nurture Your Talent * Commitment 15: Create A Shared
Culture * In Closing * Bibliography
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
246pp 8 diagrams
Hardback 29.99 / $47.00 / CN$54.00 9781137369000
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Power Branding
Leveraging the Success of the World's Best Brands
Steve McKee, McKee Wallwork & Company, USA
Ignoring conventional marketing wisdom has
enabled many startups to develop into international
corporations. Drawing on case studies from iconic
brands Coca-Cola, General Motors and Google,
amongst others, Power Branding shows how counter-
intuitive strategies used by the biggest brands can also
best serve small and mid-sized companies.
Contents: WHO * 1. Who Comes First * 2. Small Means Big *
3. Happy are the Hunted * 4. Uncommon is Common * 5. Its
Not About You * 6. Heart Beats Wallet * 7. Relationships are
Reciprocal * 8. Irrational is Rational * 9. Customers are Wrong *
10. Research can be Deceiving * 11. Its Not the Shoes * 12. Self-
Expression Doesnt Sell * 13. B2B is P2P * 14. Brands R Us * 15.
Your Brand is TheirsWHAT * 16. Brands Belong * 17. Consensus
is Good * 18. Ideas are It * 19. Margins Take Money * 20. Relevance Rules * 21. Simplicity Sells
* 22. Bad can be Good * 23. Different is Refreshing * 24. Feelings Come First * 25. Conventions
can be Challenged * 26. Counterbranding Works * 27. Scarcity Drives Value * 28. Copycats
Never Cease * 29. Innovation Prevents Liquidation * 30. Form Can Top FunctionHOW * 31.
First Impressions Matter * 32. Words Count * 33. Testing may Fail * 34. Giving Gets * 35. Less
is Often More * 36. Gaps are Good * 37. Not All Bells are Equal * 38. Promises are Problematic
* 39. Creativity Sells * 40. Partnerships Pay * 41. Boring is Criminal * 42. Humor Helps * 43.
Manners Matter * 44. Behavior isnt Belief * 45. Discounting is DangerousWHERE AND WHEN
* 46. Convergence Spells Opportunity * 47. Branding is Everything * 48. Credibility is Critical *
49. Sales and Marketing Mix * 50. Integration is Power * 51. Social can be Slippery * 52. Data is
Big * 53. CRM can Backre * 54. Analog is Awesome * 55. Investing Returns * 56. ROI may be
Deceiving * 57. Accretion is Amazing * 58. Patience is a Virtue * 59. Visibility Brings Credibility
* 60. Harmony is HardWHOOPS * 61. Its OK to be Uncomfortable * 62. Entropy Happens
* 63. Size Wont Save You * 64. You Cant Fake Authenticity * 65. Free is Costly * 66. Doing
Good Might Hurt * 67. Tactics are Deceiving * 68. Price is a Product Feature * 69. Focus can
be Fleeting * 70. Aspirations may Backre * 71. Celebrities Bite * 72. Nobody Likes a Bully * 73.
Christmas isnt Uncool * 74. Speed can Kill * 75. The Mirror cant be Trusted
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
256pp 10 b&w illustrations
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278845
Canadian Rights
Managing Online Reputation
How to Protect Your Company on Social Media
Charlie Pownall, WATATAWA and Puretech, Mumbai
Managing Online Reputation is a comprehensive
look at online reputation management. Drawing on
recent examples of organizations managing their
online reputations effectively and ineffectively, it
provides a practical and visual tool-kit of processes
and techniques to help limit and respond effectively to
negative situations on social media.
Understanding Weaknesses * 2. Developing Strategy * 3.
Aligning the Organisation * 4. Protecting the Brand * PART II:
* 6. Manning the Barricadess * 7. Guarding the Gateposts * 8.
Planning Campaigns * 9. Handling Firestorms and Crises
Palgrave Pocket Consultants
July 2014 UK August 2014 US
Paperback 14.99 / $24.00 / CN$30.00 9781137382290
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Tribal Marketing, Tribal Branding
An expert guide to the brand co-creation process
Brendan Richardson, University College Cork, Ireland
Tribal branding allows marketers to benefit from
greatly enhanced levels of consumer devotion to
brands. Richardson incorporates the approach of
ethno-marketing to expertly explain the opportunities
for marketing and branding professionals to co-create
brands with, and develop new ways of marketing to,
tribal groups and brand communities.
Contents: 1. Tribes, Tribal Marketing, and Tribal Branding * 2.
What is Tribal Marketing, and why hasnt it been more widely
implemented? * 3. Tribal Origins and Idiosyncracies Why
Brand Tribes form and why they need to see themselves as
unique * 4. Understanding Tribal Dynamics: Beginning to Engage
with the Art of Ethno-Marketing * 5. Collecting Tribal Data *
6. Interpreting Tribal Data: Analysing Ethnographic Data and
using it to build and maintain Tribal Brands * 7. Meet the Tribes * 8. Towards an Ethics of Tribal
Marketing * 9. Tribes and Tribal Branding where do we go from here? * Bibliography * Index
July 2013 UK August 2013 US
198pp 15 b/w tables, 2 diagrams
Hardback 24.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9780230368828
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Asian Brand Strategy 2nd Edition
Lessons for the Future from Asia's Best Brands
2nd edition
Martin Roll, VentureRepublic Pte.Ltd., Singapore
A new edition of the bestselling, comprehensive framework for understanding
Asian branding strategies and Asian brands, including a user-friendly strategic
model and examples of success stories and challenges. The author offers trusted
insights, knowledge and perspectives supported by brand new research and case
Contents: Introduction * 1. Branding - The Driver of a Successful Business Strategy * 2.
Transforming How We Understand Asian Cultures and Consumers * 3. Asian Country Branding
* 4. Celebrity Branding in Asia * 5. Asian Brand Strategy * 6. The Digital Revolution and How
It Reshapes Asian Brands Path to Global * 7. Successful Asian Brand Cases * 8. Aspiring Asian
Brand Cases * 9. 10 Steps to Build a Successful Asian and Emerging Market Brand * 10. Asian
Brands Towards 2020: A New Condence in the Asian Boardroom * Conclusion
May 2014 UK June 2014 US
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137359162
Canadian Rights
Luxury, Lies and Marketing
Shattering the Illusions of the Luxury Brand
Marie-Claude Sicard, Paris IV-Sorbonne University,
France, New York University, USA, and EM-Lyon,
Shanghai, China
'Luxury, Lies and Marketing isn't just one more
book about luxury marketing, it's THE book that
challenges all the others, thanks to its indispensable
critical approach, its capacity for overturning our
preconceived notions, the effectiveness of its
analytical methods, and its salutary critical spirit.' -
Inma Urream Brand Meaning Management Director,
Pompeu Fabra Universitat Barcelona, Spain
Luxury, Lies and Marketing uncovers the truth about
luxury brand marketing and shows that like any other
commercial brand, they manipulate and influence their
customers with traditional commercial techniques. Full
of case studies and practical tools for understanding luxury brand marketing the
author provides frameworks to help companies with their own branding strategy.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: DOING AWAY WITH SOME RECEIVED IDEAS * French Luxury
: An Ego as Big as the Ritz * A Neglected History * On the Art of Denying Ones Mother * Going
Back Still Further * The Origin of European Luxury : Court Society * And on the Paternal Side? *
Luxurys Quest for Meaning * False Ancestors * The Limping Devil * Luxury is Always a Swerve *
* The PyramidThe Galaxy * Two Models, Two Societies * The Classical and the Baroque * A
Work in Progress * When the Erosion of the Industrial Model Reaches Luxury Brands * Invisible
Luxury * New Brands on the Horizon? * PART III: HOW LUXURY BRANDS WORK * Dening
Luxury : Insufcient Criteria * One Luxury, or Three Luxuries? * A Brand is an Impression * The
Fingerprint Method * The Physical Pole * The Temporal Pole * The Spatial Pole * The Norms Pole
* The Positions Pole * The Projects Pole * The Relations Pole * What does the Future Hold? *
The Slider Console * Ralph Lauren : a Luxury Brand? * The Summaries of Summaries * The Brand
Ladder of Values * Descending and Rising * Marketing and Luxury : the Big Misunderstanding * A
Paradoxical Form of Marketing * Down with Luxury Marketing? * Conclusion
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
224pp 2 diagrams
Hardback 24.99 / $45.00 / CN$46.00 9781137264688
Canadian Rights
How your reputation is at risk from brand pirates
and what to do about it
Quentin Langley, UK
Containing 90+ case studies including BP, Beyonc, Pizza Hut and Chrysler, this is
the first book to analyze brandjacking - when organizations lose control of their
brand's image online. Combining crisis communication and social media, this book
charts the trend's growth, offering advice to those who find themselves at the
mercy of brand pirates.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Proto Brandjacks, 2000-2004 * 2. Early Brandjacks, 2005-2007
* 3. The Brandjack Takes Shape, 2008-09 * 4. The Brandjack Matures - 2010 * 5. 2011: The Year
The World Caught Fire
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 22.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137375353
Canadian Rights
The Brand Strategists Guide to Desire
How to give consumers what they actually want
Anna Simpson, Green Futures, UK
Blending emotional branding and sustainable thinking,
this book will help brands understand the foundations
of desire to create sustainable brand loyalty, healthier
societies, and more fulfilled customers. Supported
by interviews and case studies, Simpson explores five
primary desires: self-worth, social life, culture, comfort,
and exploration.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Community * 2. Adventure * 3.
Aesthetics * 4. Vitality * 5. Purpose
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137351814
Canadian Rights ebooks available
From Chinese Brand Culture to Global Brands
Insights from aesthetics, fashion and history
Wu Zhiyan, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, China,
Janet Borgerson, Rochester Institute of Technology,
USA, Jonathan Schroeder, Rochester Institute of
Technology, USA
From Chinese Brand Culture to Global Brands examines
branding from the Chinese perspective, and predicts
that China's greatest brands are poised for global
Contents: Introduction - Chinese Branding in the Global Market
Place * 1. Global Branding, Fashion Sytems, and Historical
Culture * 2. Jay Chou, Pop Star: Chinese Aesthetics and
Contemporary Trends * 3. The 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening
Ceremony: Branding China for the World * 4. Shanghai Tang: A
Chinese Luxury Brand with Global Ambitions * 5. From Chinese
Brand Culture to Global Brands
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
232pp 10 gures, 2 b/w tables
Hardback 29.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137276346
Canadian Rights
A Giant Cow-Tipping by Savages
The Boom, Bust, and Boom Culture of M&A
John Weir Close, The M&A Journal, USA
Mergers and acquisitions is a trillion dollar industry
with a reputation for excess. Despite this notoriety, the
culture of M&A remains largely unexplored, until now.
From coke-filled offices to nightclubs and summer
palaces, A Giant Cow-Tipping by Savages exposes the
world of M&A and those who created it.
Contents: Chapter 1: The Temple of Dendur * Chapter 2:
WASPs, Jews, and M&A * Chapter 3: The Hellre Club * Chapter
4: The Land of the Screamers * Chapter 5: The Size of Their Toys
* Chapter 6: The Visit of the British Company Man * Chapter
7: Rubber Phobia * Chapter 8: The Guns of Aqaba * Chapter
9: Erectile Dysfunction * Chapter 10: A Bondian Death Ray *
Chapter 11: Up, Up, and Away! * Chapter 12: The Beggars Purse
* Chapter 13: Foul Dust * Chapter 14: Fat Man and Little Boy *
Chapter 15: A Big Bloody Outcry * Chapter 16: Orion and the Wolves * Chapter 17: The Heart of
Hollywood * Chapter 18: Icarus Falling * Chapter 19: Birds of America * Chapter 20: Return to
the Temple * Notes * Index
November 2013 UK October 2013 US
320pp 8pp b&w photos
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9780230341814
Canadian Rights ebooks available
SMEs as the Unknown Stakeholder
Entrepreneurship in the Political Arena
Edited by Massimiliano Di Bitetto, National Research
Council of Italy, GianMarco Gilardoni, Cisl, Italy, Paolo
DAnselmi, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
Investigates how and to what extent the self-employed
and micro-enterprise workers can be represented in the
social arena. A cross-sector approach to responsibility
for government as well as private businesses.
Contents: Foreword; Lez Michael Rayman-Bacchus * Foreword;
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff * Introduction; Massimiliano Di Bitetto,
GianMarco Gilardoni and Paolo DAnselmi * PART I: THE
as the Unknown Worker; Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco
Gilardoni and Paolo DAnselmi * PART II: FIELD WORK BEST
PRACTICE * 2. Legal Status and Working Conditions of
Self-employed Persons in Bulgaria; Vesselin Mitov * 3. Three
Layers Across the Board in France; Laurent Labrot * 4. Lawyers and Engineers in Greece; Soa
Lampousaki * 5. Tax Simplication in Hungary; Boglrka Bata * 6. Upstream Negotiation of
Newspaper Vendors in Italy; GianMarco Gilardoni * 7. Taxi Cab Deregulation in Poland; Robert
Geisler * 8. Emerging Farmers Markets in Slovakia; Peter Dzupka * 9. The Legal Status of the
Self-employed in Spain; Alexis Serra * PART III: LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE * 10. Towards
an Ecology of Industrial Relations; Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni and Paolo
DAnselmi * 11. SMEs as the Unknown Stakeholder of European Social Dialogue; Massimiliano
Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni and Paolo DAnselmi 12. Understanding the Unknown
Stakeholder; Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni and Paolo DAnselmi * PART IV:
ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE POLITICAL ARENA * 13. Separating the Useful from the Beautiful;
Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni and Paolo DAnselmi * Conclusions: The Cultural
Effort of Separating the Useful from the Beautiful; Massimiliano Di Bitetto, GianMarco Gilardoni
and Paolo DAnselmi
May 2013 UK May 2013 US
232pp 15 b/w tables, 12 gures
Hardback 60.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137331199
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Black Women in Management
Paid Work and Family Formations
Diane Chilangwa Farmer, Kingston University Business
School, UK, and African Revival, UK
Black Women in Management identifies some of the
differences and/or similarities that exist between
these women's career choices and progression
and explores how they address socio-cultural and
gendered expectations of domestic, social and caring
commitments as career women living and working in
two urban cities one African, the other European.
Contents: 1. Feminist Theory, Organisational Theory and Black
African Women * 2. Feminism and the Intersection of Gender,
Race/Ethnicity and Class in Black Womens Lives * 3. Women
in Professional and Managerial Occupations: An Overview
* 4. Feminist Theory and Researching the Other * 5. South
African Employment Equity Policies: Success or Failure? * 6. UK
Employment Equity Policies and Their Transnational Recipients * 7. Career Woman, Mother,
Wife or Daughter: Untangling the Web and Finding a Balance * 8. Where to From Here
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
240pp 4 gures, 2 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137335425
Canadian Rights
A Better World, Inc.
How Companies Profit by Solving Global ProblemsWhere
Governments Cannot
Alice Korngold, Korngold Consulting LLC, USA
"Through rich examples and a thorough analysis, A
Better World, Inc. illustrates that it's not only possible
for companies to do well while doing good, but it is
increasingly essential." Kenneth B. Mehlman, KKR
"A Better World, Inc. clearly demonstrates that a
company and its investors all benefit when they
are attentive to economic, environmental, and
social factors. Korngold shows the power of market
mechanisms in achieving a better world." George L.
Majoros, Jr., Wasserstein & Co., LP
"A Better World, Inc. is a treasure chest of great
examples of how business is turning challenges into
opportunities." Georg Kell, UN Global Compact
This unique book shows companies and their executives how to profit by
developing solutions to the world's most daunting challenges those that
governments cannot, and have not yet addressed. Using case studies, A Better
World, Inc. delineates best practices for businesses to maximize revenues and
reduce costs.
Contents: 1. Only Global Corporations Have the Resources, Global Reach, and Self-Interest
to Build A Better World * 2. Economic Development * 3. Climate Change and Energy * 4.
Ecosystems * 5. Education * 6. Healthcare * 7. Human Rights * 8. Successful Companies Ensure
Effective Board Governance, Engage Stakeholders, and Collaborate with NGOs and Each Other
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 19.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137327659
Canadian Rights
Environmental Debt
The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy
Amy Larkin, Greenpeace International, USA
'Larkin offers a comprehensive framework to
connect the causes of [the environmental and
financial] crises to ensure businesses are not derailed
by environmental problems' - The Irish Times
In Environmental Debt, award-winning
environmentalist Amy Larkin issues a call to recalculate
financial contributions of the natural world and the
hidden costs of environmental damage. As companies
struggle to strategize in these uncertain times, this
important book will transform how leaders approach
the future of commerce.
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
Hardback 17.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137278555
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The Ethics of Creativity
Edited by Seana Moran, Clark University, USA, David
Cropley, University of South Australia, James Kaufman,
California State University at San Bernardino, USA
The Ethics of Creativity illuminates the thorny issues
that arise when novel creative ideas collide with what
we believe to be 'right' or 'good.' This book tackles
questions of when creativity and ethics tend to coincide
and when conflict, and how both might be harnessed to
support a brighter future for all.
Contents: Introduction: The Crossroads of Creativity and
THEY DEVELOP? * 1. The Development of Moral Imagination;
Darcia Narvaez and Kellen Mrkva * 2. Moral Craftsmanship;
Mark Coekelbergh * 3. Creativity in Ethical Reasoning; Robert
J. Sternberg * 4. Moral Creativity and Creative Morality; Qin Li and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
* 5. Creative Artists and Creative Scientists: Where Does the Buck Stop?; James Noonan and
OR NEGATIVE ETHICAL IMPACTS - OR BOTH? * 6. A Creativity Alchemy; Ruth Richards * 7.
License to Steal: How the Creative Identity Entitles Dishonesty; Lynne C. Vincent and Jack A.
Goncalo * 8. Engineering, Ethics, and Creativity: Ner the Twain Shall Meet?; David H. Cropley
* 9. Construction or Demolition: Does Problem Construction Inuence the Ethicality of
Creativity?; Daniel J. Harris, Roni Reiter-Palmon, and Gina Scott Ligon * 10. Intelligent Decision-
Making Technology and Computational Ethics; Anthony Finn * PART III: WHAT ROLE DOES
of Ethical Challenges; Vera John-Steiner and Reuben Hersh * 12. The Hacker Ethic for Gifted
Scientists; Kirsi Tirri * 13. The Dialogic Witness: New Metaphors of Creative and Ethical Work
in Documentary Photography; Charlotte Dixon and Helen Haste * 14. Neglect of Creativity
in Education: A Moral Issue; Arthur Cropley * 15. The Ethical Demands Made on Leaders of
Creative Efforts; Michael D. Mumford, David R. Peterson, Alexandra E. MacDougall, Thomas A.
Zeni, and Seana Moran * Horizons: An Ethics of Possibility; Seana Moran * Summary: Creativity
and Ethics: Two Golden Eggs; David H. Cropley, James C. Kaufman, Michelle Murphy, and Seana
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
320pp 4 b/w tables, 11 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137333537
Paperback 22.99 / $33.00 / CN$40.00 9781137333520
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Taking Down the Lion
The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski
Catherine S. Neal, Northern Kentucky University, USA
Dennis Kozlowski is an icon of an era of excess and
greed: a convicted corporate criminal. With exclusive
access to Kozlowski, his papers and key figures in his
private and public life, Catherine Neal reveals the
extraordinary story behind his meteoric rise, his public
fall and humiliation, and Tyco's continued success.
Contents: Preface* Acknowledgments * PART ONE: MOGUL
STYLE * Chapter One: Six Women and Six Men * Chapter Two:
BA 0.043 * Chapter Three: 950 Fifth Avenue * Chapter Four:
Executive Perquisites * Chapter Five: Behind the Elephant
* Chapter Six: Becoming CEO * PART TWO: TIMING IS
EVERYTHING * Chapter Seven: Big Time Scrutiny * Chapter
Eight: The Good Old Days * Chapter Nine: Extraordinary Times
* Chapter Ten: You Say You Want a Resolution * Chapter
Eleven: When the CIT Hit the Fan * Chapter Twelve: Oh God, what now? * PART THREE: RING
les autres * Chapter Fourteen: Internal Investigation * Chapter Fifteen: People v. Kozlowski I
* Chapter Sixteen: People v. Kozlowski II * Chapter Seventeen: Cut From Whole Cloth * PART
FOUR: INGLORIOUS ENDING * Chapter Eighteen: 05A4820 * Chapter Nineteen: Observations
* Bibliography * Notes
January 2014 UK January 2014 US
288pp Glossy/BW: 10-12 images
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278913
Canadian Rights
The Role of Institutional Investors in Corporate
An Empirical Study
Petra Nix, University of Applied Sciences of
Northwestern Switzerland, Jean Jinghan Chen, Surrey
Business School, UK
What role do independent institutional investors
play in the corporate governance of listed German
companies? The authors provide insight into an
empirical and qualitative research study, exploring
the importance of communication and the role,
independence and expertise, responsibilities, influence
and monitoring of institutional investors.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Fundamentals of Corporate
Governance * 3. Methodology * 4. Description of Interview
Partners and Categories * 5. Study Results * 6. Study Findings
and Analysis * 7. Conclusions and Implications
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
304pp 96 gures, 44 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137327024
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Trust and Organizations
Confidence across Borders
Edited by Marta Reuter, Stockholm University, Sweden,
Filip Wijkstrom, Stockholm University, Sweden, Bengt
Kristensson Uggla, bo Akademi University, Finland
Trust Regimes contributes to a further discussion of
the conflicts and dilemmas arising as a result of the
transformation trust undergoes when it is concretised
in varying institutional contexts.
Contents: 1. Trust Contextualized: Condence in Theory
and Practice; Bengt Kristensson Uggla, Marta Reuter and Filip
Wijkstrm * 2. Currency for Europe: Monetary Solidity, Trust
and Identication across National Borders; Johan Forns * 3. Can
Auditing Generate Trust? The Organisation of Auditing and the
Quality of Government; Maria Gustavson and Bo Rothstein * 4.
From Global Consumer Power to Local Worker Power; Niklas
Egels-Zandn * 5. The Certication Paradox: Monitoring as a
Solution and a Problem; Ingrid Gustafsson and Kristina Tamm Hallstrm * 6. The Triumph of
Feelings: On the Power of Imagery in Business; Lars Strannegrd * 7. The Creation of a Crisis of
Condence: A Study of the Mediatization of the Red Cross; Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg, Maria
Grafstrm and Karolina Windell * 8. Trust in the Monitoring of Publicly Funded Services: A
Case Study of Two Outsourced Care Homes for the Elderly; Eva Hagbjer, Johnny Lind and
Ebba Sjgren * 9. The Grammar of Trust as Ethical Challenge; Bengt Kristensson Uggla * 10.
The Historical Incubators of Trust in Sweden: From the Rule of Blood to the Rule of Law; Lars
Trgrdh * List of Contributors * Index
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
224pp 6 gures, 2 graphs, 2 illustrations
Hardback 69.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137370747
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair
Trade and Justice
Managing a Global Industry
Tamara L. Stenn, Keene State University, USA
The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade
and Justice is an ethnographic study of the effects of
Fair Trade on indigenous women, as reported by the
women themselves, and seeks to develop a deeper
understanding of Fair Trade, globalization, culture, and
policy in building justice.
Contents: 1. The Four Pillars of Fair Trade: Institutions,
Consumers, Producers, and Governments * 2. The Justice of
Trade * 3. The Andes Today * 4. Meet the Knitters * 5. The
Gender of Fair * 6. Indigenous Women and Leadership *
Epilogue Is Fair Trade Fair?

October 2013 UK October 2013 US
288pp 9 graphs, 25 b/w illustrations
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137335272
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Embedding CSR into Corporate Culture
Challenging the Executive Mind
Diane L. Swanson, Kansas State University, USA
"A highly innovative, easily absorbed, practically useful approach to CSR
leadership. Swanson has written one of those rare books that speaks directly
to experienced corporate practitioners, seasoned academic theorists,
and business school students. The book is peppered with tantalizing,
creative pairings: 'executive myopia' versus 'normative receptivity,' 'value
neglect' versus 'value attunement,' and 'discovery leadership versus
amoral leadership.' Swanson's goal is to persuade corporate leaders that
CSR practices can enhance economic operations and improve community
relations simultaneously. Her message to CSR scholars is to expand, enrich,
and operationalize academic understanding of business-and-community
relations. No other CSR book displays the practical appeal and theoretical
sophistication of this one." - William C. Frederick, Katz Graduate School of
Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Embedding CSR into Corporate Culture demonstrates that a new frontier for
corporate social responsibility is possible in theory and practice. The key idea
- discovery leadership - enables corporate managers to deal effectively with
problems, issues, and value clashes occurring at the corporation-society interface.
Contents: 1. A Call for Socially Responsible Corporate Leadership * 2. Images of the Self:
Toward a Model of CSR Leadership * 3. Corporate Social Performance: The Context for CSR
Leadership * 4. Leading Socially-Neglectful Alienated Organizations * 5. Leading Socially-
Attuned, Value Cohesive Organizations * 6. The Practice of Value-Attuned Discovery Leadership
* 7. The Road Ahead For Research and Education
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
176pp 2 b/w tables, 5 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137300072
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Corporate Social Responsibility and
Regulatory Governance
Towards Inclusive Development?
Edited by Peter Utting, United Nations Research
Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Switzerland,
Jos Carlos Marques, McGill University, Canada
'Ongoing and recent crises have raised profound
questions about the effectiveness and virtues of
corporate social responsibility and deregulation.
However, concerns about the difficulties and costs
of developing adequate, appropriate and effective
regulation continue to command attention. This
volume sheds much light on these complex issues.'
- Jomo Kwame Sundaram, United Nations Assistant
Secretary-General for Economic Development
With a new foreword and preface, this IPE Classic
assesses the potential and limits of CSR in developing
countries, by focusing on aspects that are often
ignored in the CSR literature: historical experience, theoretical perspectives, and
institutional and political dimensions of change.
International Political Economy Series
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
344pp 14 b/w tables, 4 gures, 1 table
Paperback 21.99 / $34.99 / CN$39.99 9781137355218
Canadian Rights
Globalizing Beauty
Consumerism and Body Aesthetics in the Twentieth Century
Edited by Hartmut Berghoff, German Historical
Institute, USA, Thomas Khne, Clark University, USA
'Chock full of useful information and marvelous
counterintuitive insights alike, this spectacular
collection demonstrates the enormous cultural
and economic ramifications of the global pursuit
of beauty. Ranging from Jewish pageant queens
and the Nazi cosmetics industry through Kikuyu
headshavings in Kenya, lipstick in Sumatra, and
muscle-men in the postwar U.S. to Muslim male
nose jobs in present-day Tehran, the essays scramble
all our assumptions about what is traditional and
what is modern. This is a fabulous and compelling
book.' - Dagmar Herzog, Graduate Center, City
University of New York, USA, and author of Sexuality
in Europe: A Twentieth-Century History
This volume aims to advance our understanding of beauty's role in modern
consumer societies by bringing together fresh scholarship that addresses a
common set of questions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including
especially history, but also black studies, women's studies, German studies,
sociology, and anthropology.
Worlds of Consumption
October 2013 UK September 2013 US
296pp 18 b/w illustrations, 1 gure
Hardback 55.00 / $85.00 / CN$98.00 9781137299703
Canadian Rights
Churnalism, Complacency and Collusion
A Critical Introduction to Business and Financial Journalism
Keith J. Butterick, University of Huddersfield, UK
Shedding light on an area of journalism which is little
understood, this is a definitive analysis of financial
and business journalism - its origins, how and why it
developed and how it shapes and influences political
Contents: 1. Business Reporting and the History of Business
Journalism * 2. The Business Story * 3. Newspapers * 4. TV/
Radio/Electronic Channels of Communication * 5. Business,
Financial and Trade Magazines * 6. The Business Journalist
* 7. Reporting Labour: Strikes and Industrial Disputes * 8.
Reporting the City * 9. Public Relations, Business Journalism and
Commercial Pressures * 10. Scandals, Crises and Crashes * 11.
Business Journalism and Society * Notes * Bibliography * Index
June 2014 US
Hardback $110.00 9780745332048
Paperback $35.00 9780745332031
Published by Pluto Press
Leadership and Elizabethan Culture
Edited by Peter Iver Kaufman, University of North
Carolina, USA
"This fascinating collection of essays assesses the
role of leadership in Elizabethan England across
a range of spheres, from church and state to the
economy and the theatre. A series of inter- and
cross-disciplinary interventions re-evaluate the
relative significance of personal rulership and of
popular participation in the process of governing
the late Tudor polity in international, national,
and regional contexts. Kaufman has brought
together a hugely impressive team of scholars
whose contributions cumulatively encourage a
rethink about just how 'republican' the 'monarchical
republic' of Elizabeth I could ever really have been." -
Steve Hindle, The Huntington Library, USA
Leadership an Elizabethan Culture studies the challenges confronted by
government and church leaders (local and central), the counsel given them, the
consequences of their decisions, and the views of leadership circulating in late
Tudor literature and drama.
Jepson Studies in Leadership
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
Hardback 60.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137343352
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Housework and Housewives in American
Married to the Mop
Jessamyn Neuhaus, SUNY Plattsburgh, USA
"Extensively researched in advertising archives,
mass magazines, and scholarly studies, this book
persuasively argues that advertising for cleaning,
food, and other household products has changed
only modestly over the past 110 years." - CHOICE
"Thorough and interesting ... Neuhaus offers keen
observations, and the book is well-written." -
Journalism History
"This deeply researched analysis makes a valuable
contribution to our understanding of how the
cultural figure of the housewife in modern American
advertising continues to perform the same function
as the symbol did at the end of the 1800s, despite
the widespread critique of the 1970s." - Juliann
Sivulka, Waseda University and author of Ad Women: How They Impact What
We Need, Want, and Buy
From mop-wielding turn-of-the-century housewives to modern soccer moms,
American advertising from the late 1800s to today has been consistently depicted
housework as women's work. This book analyzes print and TV ads, ad agency
documents, and trade journals to show how the housewife framed household
work as exclusively feminine care for the family.
Contents: 1. The Laundry Room * 2. The Bathroom * 3. The Kitchen * 4. The Living Room
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
288pp 5 b/w illustrations
Paperback 20.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137347237
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Business of Electronics
A Concise History
Anand Kumar Sethi, India
The Business of Electronics explores the vibrant history
of electronics and uses case studies to examine the
companies and people that made history, and explain
how we ended up where we are today.
Contents: Preface * 1. Introduction * 2. The Early Years * 3. The
People: Inventors, Scientists, Engineers, and Odd Balls * 4. The
Components: From the Diode to a System on a Chip * 5. The
Equipment: Consumer Electronics, Computers & Computing,
Industrial Electronics, Instrumentation, Defense and Aerospace
Electronics * 6. The Materials and Supplies * 7. The Companies *
8. The Research Establishments * 9. The Growth Clusters: From
New Jersey to Silicon Valley, Silicon Glen (Scotland), Bangalore
(India), Shanghai, to Skolkovo (Russia) * 10. Electronics around
the Globe: Japan, South Korea, Israel, Soviet Union, East Europe,
China, India, The Asian Tigers, Brazil et al * Index
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137330420
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Advertising in the Age of Persuasion
Building Brand America, 1941-1961
Dawn Spring, independent scholar
"Spring's account is intriguing and makes extensive
use of primary sources . . . the book offers useful
information to those interested in exploring the
interconnections between advertising, domestic
politics, and public diplomacy in postwar America." -
American Historical Review
"Opens new territory for examining the
manipulation of domestic and foreign public
opinion during the Cold War . . . Spring's work will
certainly spark a greater understanding of, and a
more sophisticated appreciation for, the nature of
America's unique public information programs." -
The Journal of American History
"Thoroughly researched . . . This volume adds
another layer to an understanding of the ad-intensive society in which
Americans live and positions readers to reflect on the ultimate success of a
century of global business expansion. Recommended." - CHOICE
In the 1940s and 1950s, American advertisers began an unprecedented
collaboration with corporations, media, the government, and organized religion.
This history traces the remarkable story of how advertisers ensured that
they remained significant players in the postwar global order, developing the
influential media infrastructure of today.
Contents: 1. Persuaders in the Public Interest * 2. Miracle, USA * 3. The Brand Names
Foundations Worthwhile Community Activity * 4. Advertising - A New Weapon in the
Worldwide Fight for Freedom * 5. Saving the World through Religious Revival * 6. The
Crusade for Freedom * 7. One Nation, One World with Television * 8. The Conscience of
America and The Arsenal of Persuasion
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
Paperback 20.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137347176
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Ferranti. A History
Volume 3: Management, Mergers and Fraud 19871993
John F. Wilson, University of Liverpool, UK
This study of Ferranti in its last six years of a long
history provides a detailed exposition of the British and
American businessmen who combined to terminate
one of the UK's leading defence electronics firms.
Contents: 1. Ferranti by the Mid-1980s * 2. The Rise of ISC * 3. A
Step too Far? Merger with ISC * 4. From Honeymoon to Divorce
* 5. Investigations and Court Cases * 6. The Rescue Strategy *
7. The New Ferranti International * 8. Demise and Epilogue *
Appendix A: The Financing of Ferranti, 18901993 * Appendix
B: Protability and Return on Capital Employed at Ferranti,
18921993 * Appendix C: Turnover and Employment at Ferranti,
18901993 * Appendix D: Chairmen and Directors of Ferranti,
190593 * Bibliography
June 2013 US
336pp 10 b&w halftones & 14 b&w tables
Hardback $115.00 9780719088391
Published by Manchester University Press
Economics for the Curious
Inside the Minds of 12 Nobel Laureates
Edited by Robert M. Solow, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA
Twelve Nobel Laureates take readers on a tour of some
of the everyday issues that can be explored using basic
economic principles. Topics include how economic
tools can be used to rebuild nations in the aftermath of
a war; financing retirement as longevity increases and
what governments should really be doing to boost the
Contents: 1. Depressions are Different; Paul Krugman * 2.
Rethinking Economics: A Classical Perspective; Vernon L. Smith
* 3. Employment and Unemployment; Peter Diamond * 4.
Unemployment During and After the Great Recession; Dale T.
Mortensen * 5. Long Term Trends and Stuctural Change in the
Global Economy; Michael Spence * 6. On Policy Consistency;
Finn E. Kydland * 7. Natural Resources and Sustainability; Robert Solow * 8. Research Studies
Approaching Cooperative Games with New Methods; John F. Nash, Jr * 9. Interdisciplinary
Social Science: The Transaction Cost Economics Project; Oliver E. Williamson * 10. Financing
Retirement; William F. Sharpe * 11. How Should We Elect Our Leaders?; Eric Maskin * 12.
Standards for State-Building Interventions; Roger Myerson
January 2014 UK January 2014 US
208pp 14 gures, 4 tables
Hardback 12.99 / $20.00 / CN$20.00 9781137383587
Canadian Rights

Fiscal and Debt Policies for the Future
Edited by Philip Arestis, University of Cambridge, UK, and University of the Basque
Country, Spain, Malcolm Sawyer, University of Leeds, UK
Fiscal and Debt Policies for the Future offers a detailed analysis and informed
comment on the future of emerging economic policies. It is essential reading for
all postgraduates and scholars looking for expert discussion and debate on the
issues surrounding economic policy.
Contents: 1. The Formulation of Debt and Decit Policies: Democracy, Technocracy and Public
Policymaking; Y.Kitromilides * 2. Prospects of Future Fiscal and Debt Policies in the UK; P.Arestis
and M.Sawyer * 3. Future Fiscal and Debt Policies: Germany in the Context of the European
Monetary Union; E.Hein and A.Truger * 4. Sustainable Future Fiscal and Debt Policies for Spain;
J.Ferreiro, C.Gomez and F.Serrano * 5. Prospects of Debt and Decits in the New French Political
Era; J.Creel, P.Hubert and F.Saraceno * 6. Fiscal Federalism and Debt-Financing in China; Y.He,
Kun-Chin Lin and R.Tao * 7. Fiscal and Debt Policies for Sustainable US Growth; G.Zezza
International Papers in Political Economy
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137269522
Canadian Rights
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Capital and the Debt Trap
Learning from Cooperatives in the Global Crisis
Claudia Sanchez Bajo, expert in development studies,
Belgium, Bruno Roelants, CICOPA, Belgium
'This elegant and deeply-informed inquiry weaves
together several themes, each significant in itself,
even more so as their relations are developed:
the deep and persistent crises of capitalism, in
the current phase highly financialized, and the
fundamental issue of decision-making in social and
economic institutions, with special attention to the
elaborate growth of cooperatives of many varieties,
the forms they have taken, the problems they face,
and their great promise in overcoming economic
crises, social malaise, and democratic dysfunction.'
- Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA
The financial crisis is destroying wealth but is also a remarkable opportunity to
uncover the ways by which debt can be used to regulate the economic system.
This book uses four case studies of cooperatives to give an in-depth analysis on
how they have braved the crisis and continued to generate wealth.
Contents: Introduction * The Mother Of All Crises? * Causes And Mechanisms * Shifting
Control versus Ownership * Cooperatives: Importance, Resilience and Rationality * Natividad
Island Fishermens and Divers Cooperative, Mexico: Managing Natural Resources to Generate
Wealth * Ceralep Socit Nouvelle, France: David and Goliath in the Glocal Economy * The
Desjardins Cooperative Group: A Financial Movement For Quebecs Development * The
Mondragon Cooperative Group: Local Development With A Global Vision * The Global Crisis:
Mother of all Warnings
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
300pp 2 b/w tables, 1 diagram
Paperback 18.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137372352
Canadian Rights
Monetary Policies, Banking Systems,
Regulatory Convergence, Efficiency and
Growth in the Mediterranean
Rym Ayadi, Centre for European Policy Studies,
Belgium, Sami Mouley, University of Tunis, Tunisia
Monetary Policies, Banking Systems, Regulatory
Convergence, Efficiency and Growth in the
Mediterranean assesses the challenges facing monetary
policies and the independence of central banks. It
explores banking systems and examines the impact
of monetary policy and banking sector regulations
on bank efficiency and economic growth in the
Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, at the same time
investigating the level of convergence of regulatory
practices and efficiency to EU Mediterranean
Contents: 1. Monetary Policy and Central Banking
Independence * 2. Overview of the National Banking Systems
and Reforms * 3. Convergence of Banking Sectors Regulations * 4. Analysis of Banking Efciency
and Convergence * 5. Impact of Monetary Policy and Bank Regulations on Efciency * 6. Impact
of Bank Regulations on Growth * 7. Conclusions
Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
296pp 54 b/w tables, 49 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137003478
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Free Market Revolution
How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government
Yaron Brook, Don Watkins, both at Ayn Rand Institute,
Free Market Revolution argues that the answer
to our current economic woes lies not in "trickle-
down government" but in Ayn Rand's philosophy of
capitalism and self-interest. The authors apply Rand's
ideas to today's political events addressing key issues
including the debt crisis, inflation, regulation, and the
welfare state.
Contents: Introduction * The Incredible Unshrinking
Government * Why Government Grows * With Friends
Like These... * The 2008 Housing Meltdown: A Crisis That
Government Built * Rethinking Selshness * The Morality of
Success * The Business of Business * The Nobility of the Prot
Motive * Selshness Unleashed * The Dynamism of the Market
* The Regulatory State and Its Victims * The Immoral Entitlement State * You Are Not Your
Brothers Health Care Provider * Stopping the Growth of the State * Index
October 2013 UK September 2013 US
Paperback 10.99 / $17.00 / CN$19.00 9781137278388
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Economic Reform Now
A Global Manifesto to Rescue our Sinking Economies
Heiner Flassbeck, UN Conferece on Trade and
Development, Germany, Paul Davidson, University of
Tennessee Knoxville, USA, James K. Galbraith,
University of Texas Austin, USA, Richard Koo, Nomura
Research Institute, Japan, Jayati Ghosh, Jawaharlal
Nehru University, India
In Economic Reform Now, some of the world's leading
economists issue a strong warning on the grave errors
that are threatening to force the global economy over
the brink. As Europe moves closer to economic disaster,
and America fights double-digit unemployment, this
is a must-read for policy makers and those concerned
with the economy.
Contents: Preface * Paul Davidson: Uncertainty and scal
austerity policy * James Galbraith: New Thinking and a strategic
Policy Agenda * Heiner Flassbeck: Labour markets and economic development * Richard Koo:
Balance Sheet Recessions and the Global Economic Crisis * Jayati Ghosh: Economic integration
and global crises: A perspective from the developing world * Act now! The Manifesto: A new
agenda for global economic policies * About the authors * References
November 2013 UK October 2013 US
192pp 19 gures
Hardback 17.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137361653
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Morals and Markets
The Dangerous Balance
2nd edition
Daniel Friedman, University of California Santa Cruz,
USA, Daniel McNeill, author, USA
Friedman and McNeill draw on recent research in
evolutionary game theory and behavioral economics
to explore the relationship between our moral codes
and our market systems. They show how imbalance
between morals and markets is at the root of the
recent corporate scandals in the US as well as the
global financial crisis the world continues to face.
Contents: Table of Contents * Prologue: A Tale of Two Tilts
Code: What Good Are Morals? * 2. The Rise of Wealth: How We
Became Civilized and Started Shopping * PART II. WORLDS OUT
OF KILTER * 3. From Melqart to Zombieworld: Adventures in
Imbalance * 4. Madness, Lies, and Crashes: When Prices Run Free
* 5. Blundering Back To Balance: TARP and Tear Gas * 6. China: Morals and the Rush to Wealth
* PART III. LIFE AROUND US * 7. From Hudsons Bay to eBay: Why Some People Like Going to
Work * 8. Markets and Sin: Murder, Mega-Casinos, and Drug Wars * 9. Underworlds: The Tao of
Gangs * 10. Cooling the Earth: The Preservation Markets * 11. The World Ahead
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
Paperback 13.99 / $22.00 / CN$25.00 9781137282583
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Supermodel and the Brillo Box
Back Stories and Peculiar Economics from the World of
Contemporary Art
Don Thompson, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada
Acquiring contemporary art is about passion and lust, but it is also about branding,
the back story, the relationship of money and status, and sometimes, about
celebrity. The Supermodel and the Brillo Box offers an inside look the economics
and psychology of the contemporary art market from the 2008 crash to today.
May 2014 UK May 2014 US
288pp 8 pages color photos
Hardback 16.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137279088
Canadian Rights
The Reckoning
Debt, Democracy, and the Future of American Power
Michael Moran, Renaissance Insight, USA
The Reckoning explores the forces that are converging
to challenge US global leadership, a shift that will have
serious consequences for the wider world as well;
countries that depend on the US will have to fend
for themselves, and revolutions will succeed or fail

June 2013 UK June 2013 US
Paperback 11.99 / $17.00 / CN$19.00 9781137278333
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Zero Marginal Cost Society
The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the
Eclipse of Capitalism
Jeremy Rifkin, University of Pennsylvania and Foundation on Economic Trends, USA
The Zero Marginal Cost Society examines how the shift to an extremely
interconnected world is making the core values and institutions upon which
we've based our lives, including private property, representative democracy, and
national boundaries, obsolete, and looks to the new values and institutions that
will propel the next great economic era.
Contents: 1. The Great Paradigm Shift from Capitalism to Collaboratism * PART I: THE
UNTOLD HISTORY OF CAPITALISM * 2. The European Enclosures and the Birth of the Market
Economy * 3. The Courtship of Capitalism and Economies of Scale * 4. Human Nature Through
a Capitalist Lens * PART II: THE NEAR ZERO MARGINAL COST SOCIETY * 5. The Exponential
Race to a Free Economy * 6. 3D Printing: From Mass Production to Production by the Masses
* 7. MOOCs and a Zero Marginal Cost Education * 8. The Birth of the Prosumer * PART III:
THE RISE OF THE COLLABORATIVE COMMONS * 9. The Comedy of the Commons * 10.
The Collabortists Prepare for Battle * 11. The Struggle to Dene and Control the Intelligent
Transformation from Ownership to Access * 13. Crowdsourcing Capital, Democratizing
Currency, and Humanizing Entrepreneurship * PART V: THE ECONOMY OF ABUNDANCE * 14.
Sustaining Abundance * 15. The Three Wilds Cards of the Apocalypse * 16. A Biosphere Lifestyle
* Afterward: A Personal Note
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278463
Canadian Rights
The Heretics Guide to Global Finance
Hacking the Future of Money
Brett Scott, Finance Innovation Lab, UK
The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance is a practical
handbook for campaigners, academics and students
who wish to deepen their understanding of the inner
workings of the financial sector. It shows how financial
knowledge can be used to build effective social and
environmental campaigns.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: EXPLORING * 1. Putting on
Financial Goggles * 2. Getting Technical * PART II: JAMMING * 3.
Financial Culture-Hacking * 4. Economic Circuit-bending * PART
III: BUILDING * 5. Building Trojan Horses * 6. #DIY Finance *
Conclusion * References * Index
May 2013 US
240pp 5-10 b/w illustrations
Hardback $80.00 9780745333519
Paperback $21.00 9780745333502
Published by Pluto Press
Crucible of Resistance
Greece, the Eurozone and the World Economy
Euclid Tsakalotos, University of Kent at Canterbury,
UK, Christos Laskos, based in Greece
Crucible of Resistance seeks to challenge the
mainstream account of the 'Greek Crisis' and situate
it within a broader regional context and ultimately a
critique of the world economic system.
Contents: List of gures and tables * Introduction: The Greek
Crisis In Context * 1. Neo-Liberalism As Modernization * 2.
The Greek Economy And Society On The Eve Of The Crisis * 3.
The Eurozone Crisis In Context * 4 From Crisis To Permanent
Austerity * 5. The Underdogs Strike Back * 6. Out Of The Mire:
Arguments Within The Greek Left * Notes * Index
September 2013 US
Hardback $95.00 9780745333816
Paperback $27.00 9780745333809
Published by Pluto Press
The Digital Currency Challenge
Shaping Online Payment Systems Through U.S. Financial
Philip Mullan, PDX Currency Corporation, USA
Private online digital currency systems around the globe offer all people
accessible, convenient, and inexpensive everyday financial tools which do not
require a bank. Digital currency systems facilitate local and international fund
transfers, online and offline payments, plus simple cash-to-digital everyday
financial products without the need for a conventional bank account or any
retail bank product. Through the eyes and experiences of an industry insider, this
book will detail more than a decade inside the digital currency business. Also
included will be the creation of popular online digital currency systems during
the late 1990s plus growth and changes to the industry until present day; and
how tightening US regulations in the online payments industry halted the use of
any digital currency products in the U.S, while at the same time stimulating the
creation of new and innovative digital currency products in other countries. The
book will show what people or groups use digital currency and why, plus changes
to this demographic over the past decade.
Contents: SECTION I THE BIRTH OF AN INDUSTRY * 1. Introduction - Solving global payment
issues with private digital currency * 2. Pros and cons of early ecash products * 3. Getting
started with digital currency * 4. Conventional bank payments vs private digital currency * 5.
The economics & theory behind new digital currency systems * 6. Building better money * 6.1.
e-gold Ltd. * 7. Establishing the environment for community and commercial applications *
7.1. Russian economy * 7.2. Webmoney Transfer * 8. Integrating new digital currency nancial
products into retail consumer markets * 9. Scaling existing digital currency payment systems
10. Introduction - The developing social, technological and global trends that are reshaping
personal nancial services * 11. How proactive regulatory action can improve the development
of future systems * 12. Pros and cons of regulatory changes in global digital currency systems
* 13. The outcome of interaction with U.S. regulatory agencies * 14. Software and technology
operating behind the regulatory curve * 14.1. GoldMoney case study * 15. Benets of new
software structures in retail commercial markets * 15.1. Bitcoin case study * 16. The high cost
of ignoring regulations * 16.1. Liberty Reserve case study * SECTION III EMERGING MARKETS
* 17. Building the perfect digital payment system * 18. Dening the core design elements that
will drive future growth * 18.1. Group dynamic of Open Source alternative currency * 18.2.
Business objectives of implementing a new digital currency * 19. New product marketing for
personal and commercial customers * 20. Avoiding past issues and regulatory pitfalls * 21.
Employing a person-2-person approach in creating new digital currency structures * 22. How
previous business outcomes can change the implementation of any new digital currency system
* 23. Practical currency system designs for future commercial markets * 24. The economics and
theory of future digital currency systems

May 2014 UK May 2014 US
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$115.00 9781137382542
Canadian Rights
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Secrets of Silicon Valley
What Everyone Else Can Learn From the Innovation
Capital of the World
Deborah Perry Piscione, Alley to the Valley, USA
"A powerful combination of history, original
reporting and anthropological observation, Secrets
of Silicon Valley dares every politician in America
- or better, the world - to not learn from Silicon
Valley's success and its continuous cycles of
innovation. Perry Piscione pulls back the curtain for
policymakers, revealing the answers we've all been
waiting for." - Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman of
the House Foreign Affairs Committee
"A valuable glimpse of a mecca of innovation." -
Kirkus Reviews
In Secrets of Silicon Valley, entrepreneur and media
commentator Deborah Perry Piscione takes us inside
this vibrant ecosystem where meritocracy rules the day. She explores Silicon
Valley's exceptionally risk-tolerant culture, and why it thrives despite the many
laws that make California one of the worst states in the union for business.
April 2013 UK April 2013 US
256pp 10 b/w photos
Hardback 17.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9780230342118
Canadian Rights ebooks available
How to Create Innovative Global Businesses and Transform
Human Societies
Peter Andrews, Australian Academy of Technological
Sciences and Engineering and the Australian Institute of
Company Directors, Fiona Wood, science and
innovation policy analyst, Australia
'This is a book packed with energy, hope, and power.
By focusing on the trajectories of some of the most
extraordinary entrepreneurs of our time, Andrews
and Wood remind us of the immense transformative
power of individuals relative to governments and
other institutions.' - Yves Tiberghien, Institute of
Asian Research, University of British Columbia
Exploring the lives and achievements of 36
extraordinary individuals from across 18 nations and
every continent, this books champions innovators:
the disruptive individuals whose heroic visions and
indomitable spirits are redefining the economic and social structure of our world.
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
338pp 14 colour tables
Hardback 22.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137376145
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Gender and Entrepreneurship in Iran
Microenterprise and the Informal Sector
Roksana Bahramitash, University of Montreal, Canada
Gender and Entrepreneurship in Iran provides insight
into the role of informal networks in employment
creation in Iran.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Social Capital, Social Net Work
and Micro Enterprise * 2. Women and the Informal Economy:
A Literature Review * 3. Womens Employment in Iran: An
Overview * 4. Gender and Informal Economy in Iran: A Review of
Previous work * 5. Field Work: Female Workers * 6. Field Work:
Male Workers: Comparing the Two Sample (Male with Female)
* Conclusion

October 2013 UK October 2013 US
236pp 26 b/w tables
Hardback 62.50 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137342867
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Beyond the Business Plan
10 Principles for New Venture Explorers
Simon Bridge, University of Ulster, UK, Cecilia Hegarty,
PLATO EBR, N. Ireland and Ireland
This insightful practical guide argues that the
traditional business plan may not be appropriate
for many new ventures and presents an alternative,
effectual approach that encourages flexibility and
development through exploration and experience.
10 principles demonstrate how to respond better to
uncertainty during the business development process.
* 1. The purpose of this book * 2. Business plans - why are they
advocated? * 3. Are business plans appropriate? * 4. Business
plans are not the only option * 5. Enterprise and exploration *
6. A guide for explorers? * PART II THE TEN PRINCIPLES * 7.
The starting point: understanding how to explore * 8. Principle
1 - An enterprise is a means not an end * 9. Principle 2 - Dont commit more than you can afford
to lose * 10. Principle 3 - Start from where you are * 11. Principle 4 - Carry out reality checks and
make appropriate plans * 12. Principle 5 - The only reliable test is a real one * 13. Principle 6 - Get
started and get some momentum * 14. Principle 7 - Accept uncertainty * 15. Principle 8 - Look
for opportunities * 16. Principle 9 - Build and use social capital * 17. Principle 10 - Acquire the
relevant skills * 18. Following the Principles * PART III SEEKING A BALANCED PERSPECTIVE *
19. Striking a balance * 20. Comparing approaches * 21. Some reections and implications * 22.
Postscript - The relevance of exploring * PART IV - FURTHER INFORMATION
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
294pp 14 gures, 2 b/w line drawings
Hardback 19.99 / $32.00 / CN$37.00 9781137332868
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries
No Free Ride
Nicole Etchart, Loic Comolli, both at NESsT
International, USA
Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries provides
a clear picture of where impact enterprises are,
where they need to go, who the players in the impact
enterprise field are, and how they can take the bold
steps needed to facilitate the growth and impact of
unique models.
Contents: Foreword * About NESsT * Preface *
Acknowledgments * 1. The Opportunity for Social Enterprise
in Emerging Markets * PART I: REGULATION AND POLICY * 2.
The Regulatory and Policy Vacuum for Social Enterprise in Latin
America * 3. Trade-offs Between Regulation and Fostering of
Social Enterprise: the Case of European Union Policies * PART
Enterprises: the Emergence and Evolution of Support Structures * 5. First-Stage Scaling: Moving
* 6. Donor Giving and Social Enterprise in Latin America - A Fragmented Landscape * 7. Betting
on Higher Social Returns Pioneer Donors Show the Way * 8. The (Stair)case for Mixed
Financial Instruments * 9. Early Stage Impact Investing in Latin America * 10. The Road is Worth
Going Down * Appendix 1.1- Research Approach and Methodology * NESsT Glossary of Terms
* Bibliography
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
268pp 32 b/w tables, 7 graphs, 4 b/w line drawings, 5 b/w illus
Hardback 69.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137373274
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Craft Beer Revolution
How a Band of Microbrewers Is Transforming the World's
Favorite Drink
Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery, USA
Over the past 30 years craft beer has exploded in
growth. Today, there are over 2,400 craft breweries
in the US, and their influence is spreading globally.
Steve Hindy, co-founder of the Brooklyn Brewery,
tells the inside story of how a band of microbrewers
came together to become one of America's great
entrepreneurial triumphs.
May 2014 UK April 2014 US
272pp 8-page reg stock, more images interpsersed
Hardback 16.99 / $25.00 / CN$29.00 9781137278760
Canadian Rights
Family Business Succession
Your Roadmap to Continuity
Kelly LeCouvie, Jennifer Pendergast, both at Family
Business Consulting Group, USA
'All too often, family businesses rely on the success
of the past and are unprepared for the future.
Finally, we have an all-in-one guide to running
this unique type of organization from two highly
respected pioneers in the field, with a particularly
valuable emphasis on leading transition and change.'
Marshall Goldsmith, author/editor of 34 books,
including New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and
What Got You Here Won't Get You There
'If you want your family business to succeed, this
book is for you! Great for all shareholders from
those new to family business to the veterans.
The authors ask the questions you may not have
thought to ask yourself, verifying that you have covered all your bases from
shareholder agreements to leadership succession. Family Business Succession
is a must read for all who want the best for their family business.' Phil
Clemens, The Clemens Family Corporation
Drawing on original research, case studies, and white papers, this book offers a
comprehensive look at family business continuity planning, which is critical to the
success of every family business.
Contents: 1. The Opportunities and Challenges of Continuity * 2. The Foundation of Continuity:
A Vision for the Future * 3. Ownership Continuity * 4. Leadership Continuity * 5. The Role of
Business Governance in Continuity Planning * 6. The Role of Family Governance in Continuity
Planning * 7. The Critical Role of Organizational Culture in Continuity * 8. The Road Ahead *
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 22.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137280893
Canadian Rights
Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
The Role of Clusters
Hctor O. Rocha, IAE Business School, Argentina
Entrepreneurship and Regional Development aims
to make a theoretical and practical contribution
meeting the need for studies on the impact of
clusters on entrepreneurship and societal outcomes.
This book aims to answer the following research
question: Do clusters matter to entrepreneurship and
entrepreneurship outcomes at the societal level?
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Reviewing and Discovering the
Concepts * 3. Elaborating a Socio-economic Theory of the
Impact of Clusters on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship
Regional Outcomes * 4. Preparing the Terrain for Empirical
Testing * 5. Getting Results * 6. Making an Academic and Policy
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
360pp 19 gures, 36 b/w tables, 3 b/w illustrations
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137298256
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Startup Rising
The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East
Christopher M. Schroeder, entrepreneur and angel
investor, USA
'[Schroeder] paints a remarkable picture of the
entrepreneurial shift going on in Dubai, Egypt,
Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other regions
illuminating.'Publishers Weekly
'Entrepreneurship isn't about just starting a business
- it's a way of looking at the world. In this terrific
book, Schroeder profiles dozens of innovators in the
Middle East who are world class exemplars of this
way of thinking. They're taking control of their lives,
starting amazing businesses, and changing the world.
There's no better guide to the Middle East's own
Silicon Valley than Christopher M. Schroeder. Highly
recommended.'Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn and The
Start-up of You
In the midst of the Arab Spring, another revolution emerged which promises to
reinvent the region as a centre of innovation and progress: entrepreneurship.
Seasoned investor Christopher Schroeder met thousands of talented, successful
entrepreneurs and the companies willing to invest in them to understand this
fertile business ground.
Contents: Foreword by Marc Andreessen * Chapter 1: Celebration of Entrepreneurship *
Chapter 2: Work-Around Entrepreneurship Isnt New to the Middle East * Chapter 3: The
New Breed * Chapter 4: Leap Frog * Chapter 5: The Ecosystem Builders * Chapter 6: Start-Up/
Turn-Around - The Education of a New Generation * Chapter 7: The New Middle East: Women
at the Startup Helm * Chapter 8: Religion and the Ecosystem * Chapter 9: Not a Matter of
Whether, But When
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
256pp 8 b/w photos
Hardback 17.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9780230342224
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Second Stage Entrepreneurship
Ten Proven Strategies for Driving Aggressive Growth
Daniel J. Weinfurter, Chicago Growth Consultants,
'In an era where it seems everyone is focused
on 'launching' new ventures, finally someone is
highlighting the issues around 'growing' a new
business. Weinfurter provides practical advice on
how to address the challenges of growth to insure a
business scales.' - Linda Darragh, Kellogg Innovation
& Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI), and Kellogg
School of Management, Northwestern University
Second Stage Entrepreneurship shows the aspiring
entrepreneur how to create significant growth as
their company scales its way to the top through the
development of organizational structure; from setting
up an effective company culture; to structuring an
effective sales team; to helping create stand out customer interactions.
Contents: Table Of Contents * Foreword by Gary Loveman, Chairman and CEO of Caesars
Entertainment * Introduction * 1. Grow or Die * 2. New Capital Sources * 3. Install a Board of
Directors * 4. Create, Dont Compete * 5. Hiring Smart! * 6. The New Model for Selling * 7. Just
Do It! Managing Beyond Metrics * 8. The Total Customer Experience * 9. Culture Matters * 10.
The Keys to Effective Leadership * Appendix - Exit Strategy: Moving On
November 2013 UK October 2013 US
224pp 4 gures
Hardback 20.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137302588
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The Entrepreneur in History
From Medieval Merchant to Modern Business Leader
Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK, Catherine
Casson, University of Birmingham, UK
Covering the period c.1200-c.2000, this book provides
an innovative investigation of entrepreneurship in a
long-run historical perspective, presenting new insights
into the personal characteristics of successful business
people and deepening our understanding of the roots
of industrialization and economic growth.
Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements * 1. A New
Research Agenda * 2. Perspectives on Entrepreneurship * 3. The
Historical Signicance of the Entrepreneur * 4. Case Studies:
The Entrepreneur in Context * 5. The Social Embeddedness of
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
148pp 7 b/w tables
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137305817
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A Guide to SME Financing
David Munro, Maxwell Stamp Consultancy, Saudi
A Guide to SME Finance is a brief guide to designing
and implementing a SME finance program within a
commercial bank or other financial institution, such as
an NGO.
Contents: 1. Introduction: The Actuality and Potential of SMEs in
Developing Economies * 2. What is an SME? And How do SMEs
Differ from Microenterprises? * 3. Why Are SMEs Appropriate
for Bank Financing * 4. How May Banks Address the Constraints
and Perceived Drawbacks to Financing SMEs? * 5. An Outline of
the Application, Analysis and Approval Process: The Centrality
of Credit Analysis * 6. Streamlining and Templatizing the Credit
Analysis Process * 7. Staff Training * 8. Documentation: Loan
Agreements and Documentary Requirements * 9. Marketing
and Creating a Portfolio * 10. Monitoring SME Loan Income/Performance Monitoring of Credit/
Marketing Ofcers * 11. Reports, Repayment Monitoring and Collections * 12. Setting Up an
SME Unit Is It a Good Idea? * 13. Value Propositions/Types of Products * 14. Role of Loan
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
112pp 13 b/w tables, 1 b/w line drawing
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137375759
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Germanys Economic Renaissance
Lessons for the United States
Jack Ewing, The International New York Times, Germany
Can American companies learn to operate like German Mittelstand
manufacturers? Find the answer to this question in Germany's Economic
Contents: 1. A Brief History of Made in Germany * 2. Revival * 3. The Seeds of Complacency
* 4. Renaissance * 5. The Soul of the German Economy * 6. Boldly Cautious * 7. Were Never
the Cheapest * 8. Mini Multinationals * 9. Little Swabia and the Art of Global Manufacturing *
10. Cars, Engineers, and the Internet * 11. Azubis and the Skills Pipeline * 12. The Education of a
German Manager * 13. The Seeds of Complacency (II) * 14. Lessons for the Rest of the World
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 31.50 / $50.00 / CN$57.50 9781137349736
Canadian Rights
Re-Examining EU Policies from a Global
Scenarios for Future Developments
Edited by Monica Raileanu-Szeles, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
New perspectives and analyses of key European policies through their past
successes and failures, present challenges such as the global financial crisis and
future developments. This book captures a critical turning point in the functioning
of European policies and highlights the necessity of quick adjustments for critical
new global developments.
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
184pp 3 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137307057
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Work With Me
The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business
Barbara Annis, John Gray
Work With Me is the timely collaboration of two of
the worlds foremost authorities on gender relations.
Barbara Annis, world-renowned expert on gender
issues in the workplace, and John Gray, author of the
number one relationship book of all time, Men Are
from Mars, Women Are from Venus, team up to resolve
the most stressful and confusing challenges facing
men and women at work. Annis and Gray reveal, for
the first time, survey results of over 100,000 in-depth
interviews of men and women executives in over 60
Fortune 500 companies. Readers will discover the Eight
Gender Blind Spots, the false assumptions and opinions
men and women have of each other, and in many ways,
believe of themselves.
May 2013 UK May 2013 US
Hardback 16.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9780230341906
Canadian Rights
The End of the Performance Review
A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance
Tim Baker, WINNERS-AT-WORK Pty Ltd, Australia
'Tim Baker's new book revolutionizes the way to
view and conduct employee appraisals. His method
is brilliant in its simplicity and highly effective in its
approach. 'The End' for the traditional performance
review but just the beginning for a groundbreaking
new model.' - Marshall Goldsmith, global leadership
thinker and million-selling author or editor of 32
books, including the New York Times bestsellers,
MOJO and What Got You Here Won't get You There
A thoroughly tested, distinctive alternative to the
appraisal process that draws on well-established
principles of organizational behavior. Based around Tim
Baker's '5 Conversations' approach, and with a timely
focus on fostering innovation, this book is practical and
easy to use featuring case studies, interviews and useful templates.
Contents: 1. Abolish the Standard Performance Review * 2. The 5 Conversations Framework
* 3. The Climate Review Conversation * 4. Moving from Job-Focus to Performance-Focus * 5.
Bye Bye Job Description * 6. The Strengths and Talents Conversation * 7. The Opportunities for
Growth Conversation * 8. The Learning and Development Conversation * 9. The Innovation and
Continuous Improvement Conversation * 10. Implementing the 5 Conversations Framework *
11. The Final Conversation
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
256pp 2 b/w tables, 1 diagram
Paperback 19.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137347497
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Beyond the Job Description
How Managers and Employees Can Navigate the
True Demands of the Job
Jesse Sostrin, Sostrin Consulting, USA
'Jesse Sostrin provides a powerful performance
tool, Nav-Maps, to help employee's resolve
everyday challenges that threaten individual and
organizational success. Beyond the Job Description
presents effective, easy to follow methods that
reveal the hidden, ill-defined, individual performance
expectations shared by most organizations.'
Maclynn R. Brinton, InfoGard Laboratories, Inc.
When work becomes messy and complicated, we stop
getting good work done, we lose sight of the things
that inspire us, and sometimes we disengage. This book
helps you translate your challenges at work into useful
insights that boost learning and performance, and
make your time spent at work a little better.
Contents: Dedication * Preface * Introduction * PART I: THE HIDDEN PATH TO SUCCESS AT
WORK * 1. The Myth of Your Working Life * 2. Re-Thinking the Way We Work * 3. Average Is
YOUR PATH TO BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE * 6. Transforming Hidden Challenges with
Nav-Maps * 7. Success Stories from the Hidden Side of Work * 8. Making Your Own Nav-Maps
* 10. The Answer to Overworked and Disengaged * 11. Create Your Own Future-Proof Plan
* 12. Your Daily Compass for Solo Navigation * PART V: ESTABLISHING FUTURE-PROOF
LEADERS, TEAMS, AND ORGANIZATIONS * 13. A Guide to Team Navigation * 14. Managing
to the Hidden Side of Work * 15. Cultivating Future-Proof Leaders & Organizational Cultures
* Appendix 1: Self-Assessment: How Future-Proof Are You? * Appendix 2: The 40-Statement
BLP Assessment * Appendix 3: The Story and Science Behind the Hidden Curriculum of Work
* Appendix 4: Additional Resources to Navigate the Hidden Curriculum of Work * About the
Author * Bibliography
January 2014 UK December 2013 US
256pp 32 gures
Hardback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137337405
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The Talent Mandate
Why Smart Companies Put People First
Andrew Benett, Havas Worldwide, USA
Based on original research and interviews with leading
talent-driven organizations Zappos, DreamWorks
Animation SKG, and Nestle, among others, The Talent
Mandate uncovers emerging trends and benchmarks
as well as arguing that talent must be the top business
priority of the most senior people in the company
including the CEO.

September 2013 UK September 2013 US
256pp test illustrations and photos
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9780230340879
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Preparing for Todays Global Job Market
From the Lens of Color
Christopher Robinson-Easley, Governors State
University, USA
Preparing for Today's Global Job Market identifies and
delineates a methodology for effectively positioning
and/or repositioning oneself in today's global job
market that moves significantly beyond strategies
associated with simply developing a resume, cover
letter or business plan.
* 1.The Realities of a New Organizational Psychological
Contract-Your Career; Your Responsibility; Your Personal
Development Strategy * 2. The Revised Relationship Between
Employer and Employee: Why New Rules of Engagement and
Revised Psychological Contracts are Globally Required * 3.
The Realities of Joblessness in Todays Global Market: The Impact Upon the Employee and
Employer * 4. Foundational Praxes for Personal Re-engineering in Todays Global Job Market *
5. Stress Management Controls: Strategies for Evoking a Less Stressful Job Entry and/or Re-entry
Process * 6. The Nuances of Effective Human Capital Performance Strategies: Deconstructing
the Dynamics of Inter and Intra-personal Change * 7. Todays Required Competencies, Skills
PROCESS * 8. As Corporations Set Forth a Vision - So Should An Employee * 9. The Alignment
of Your Personal Vision to Your Mission and Career Strategy: Implementation Now Begins
* 10. Research and Analysis: Critically Deconstruct the Nuances of Todays Global Market
* 11. Developing an Effective Resume * 12. The Criticality of a Cover Letter: What Strengths
Do You Bring To An Organization? * 13. The Foundations of Effective Interviewing * 14.
Follow-up and Persistence: The Dynamics of Effectively Marketing What You Can Do To Make
An Organizational Difference * 15. Exploring the Landscape of Options - The Mindset Of An
Entrepreneur * 16. The Global Application of this Book * 17. Engaging in a Conversation Between
Both Parties Of Todays Working World: The Need for a Different Dialogue Between Employers
and the Workforce * 18. Concluding Thoughts
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
224pp 1 chart
Hardback 37.50 / $60.00 / CN$69.00 9781137354051
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Human Resource Management in
Project-Based Organizations
The HR Quadriad Framework
Karin Bredin, Linkping University, Sweden, Jonas
Sderlund, BI Norwegian School of Management
Presenting findings from research into Sweden's
leading multinationals this book focuses on
engineering companies operating in global industries
such as pharmaceutical, aerospace, packing systems
and automotive. It explores research and practice
within the area of HRM focusing on project-based
Contents: 1. Projectication on the Way * 2. Project-Based
Organizations * 3. Human Resource Management in Context *
4. Reframing HRM: The HR Quadriad * 5. Line Managers in the
HR Quadriad * 6. Project Managers in HRM * 7. Project Workers
in Project-based Firms * 8. HR Specialists in Project-based
Organizations * 9. Comparisons and Contrasts
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
256pp 9 gures
Hardback 66.00 / $105.00 / CN$132.00 9780230231900
Canadian Rights ebooks available

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The Rise of the Naked Economy
How to Benefit from the Changing Workplace
Ryan Coonerty, Jeremy Neuner, both at NextSpace,
The Rise of the Naked Economy covers how the
rise in non-traditional employment calls for a new
infrastructure, strategy, and attitude for workers,
companies and communities alike. Through interviews
with those who are leading the change, this book
provides an inspirational vision of the future of work.

July 2013 UK July 2013 US
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9780230342194
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Building Resilience for Success
A Resource for Managers and Organizations
Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University, UK, Jill
Flint-Taylor, Robertson Cooper Ltd, UK, Michael
Pearn, Pearn Consulting LLC, USA
'As the pace and complexity of life, work, and
information flow increases, the demands on
people to think, process, and act are increasing
tremendously. Though we may embrace the
technological advances, those advances bring
with them significant challenges to our coping
mechanisms. This book offers practical strategies
for building resilience - a much needed resource to
help build capacity for managing stress and being
fulfilled.' - Karen May, Google
"The understanding of resilience is growing in
importance in today's always on hyper connected
world which gives employees at all levels less time to naturally recover from
and cope with the stress induced by organisations, rapid change and life in
general. This book provides a wealth of practical tips on building personal
resilience based on solid research and the experience of the authors. This is
a 'must read' for those wishing to achieve high levels of performance from
themselves and their teams while ensuring each person has an enjoyable
fulfilling experience throughout their careers." - Gerry Collins, Janssen Supply
Chain, a Johnson & Johnson Company
Resilience is a word that is used in many different ways in different contexts, this
new and innovative book focuses on psychological resilience in the workplace,
examining other key aspects such as physical health and resilient teams, drawing
from the latest research and the authors own practical experience.
Contents: Introduction * PART I * 1. Understanding Resilience * 2. The Individual + The
Situation - Personal Resilience at Work * 3. Resilience Building Over the Years: From Remedial
to Performance-enhancing * PART II * 4. What Individuals Can Do To Build Their Resilience
* 5. What Individuals Can Do: Stregthening the Four Personal Resilience Resources * 6.
Organizational Approaches: The Individual at Work * 7. Organizational Interventions: The
Workplace Situation * PART III * 8. The Future of Resilience and its Role in Achieving Wider
Organizational Objectives
July 2013 UK August 2013 US
244pp 30 gures, 1 b/w photo
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9780230361287
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Adjudicating Employment Rights
A Cross-National Approach
Susan Corby, University of Greenwich Business School, UK, Pete Burgess,
University of Greenwich, UK
Adjudicating Employment Rights compares and analyses institutions for resolving
employment rights disputes in ten countries. In addition to detailed individual
chapters, the study offers a theoretical perspective and an evaluation of national
institutions against key yardsticks.
Contents: 1 Introduction: Issues and Overview * 2 Employment Adjudication: Comparisons
and Anomalies * 3 France * 4 Germany * 5 Great Britain * 6 Ireland * 7 Italy * 8 Netherlands * 9
New Zealand * 10 South Africa * 11 Sweden * 12 USA * 13 Evaluation: Applying Yardsticks
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
272pp 19 b/w tables, 10 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137269195
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Coaching with Colleagues 2nd Edition
An Action Guide for One-to-One Learning
2nd edition
Erik de Haan, Ashridge Management School, UK,
Yvonne Burger, Sioo Business School, The Netherlands
"A comprehensive and authoritative overview of
authentic, reflective coaching, this is an essential
volume for anyone who is serious about the quality
and continuous development of their coaching." -
David Clutterbuck, David Clutterbuck Partnership
"Benjamin Disraeli once said, 'the greatest good you
can do for another is not just to share your riches but
to reveal to him his own.' Erik de Haan and Yvonne
Burger have done the coaching community a great
service by offering a much needed panoramic view of
the field. Reading this book is a must." -Manfred F. R.
Kets de Vries, INSEAD
A new up-to-date overview of coaching effectiveness with practical case studies
to demonstrate how these techniques are applied in real businesses. Using
well-known coaching approaches in business and devoting additional attention
to internal coaching practices this is a distinct, rigorous yet accessible guide to
coaching approaches and practice.
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
272pp 3 gures
Paperback 29.99 / $39.99 / CN$45.99 9781137359193
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1
The Theory and Research on Occupational Stress and Wellbeing
Edited by Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University, UK
A comprehensive collection by Professor Cary Cooper
and his colleagues in the field of workplace stress and
wellbeing, which draws on research in a number of
areas including stress-strain relationships, sources of
workplace stress and stressful occupations. Volume 1
of 2.
May 2013 UK May 2013 US
488pp 86 b/w tables, 14 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230300576
Canadian Rights ebooks available
From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 2
Stress Management and Enhancing Wellbeing
Edited by Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University, UK
A comprehensive collection by Professor Cary Cooper
and his colleagues in the field of workplace stress and
wellbeing, which draws on research in a number of
areas including stress-strain relationships, sources of
workplace stress and stressful occupations. Volume 2
of 2.

May 2013 UK May 2013 US
312pp 26 b/w tables, 15 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9780230300583
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Therapy Talk
Conversation Analysis in Practice
Pamela Fitzgerald, University of Manchester, UK
"Dr Fitzgerald is both an experienced counselling
psychologist/psychotherapist and a conversation
analyst. The book is an excellent contribution to the
studies of psychotherapy and will be invaluable to
any psychotherapist wanting to reflect more sharply
on their practice and to develop it. Intriguingly, it
will also make a very interesting reading to anyone
interested in what can be done with language." - Ivan
Leudar, University of Manchester, UK
Therapy Talk aims to help those who apply 'the talking
cure' become better at their jobs by enabling them to
understand how their verbal responses may channel
the conversation partner into a particular direction,
promoting conversation analysis as a useful tool to
study and enhance the therapeutic alliance between client and practitioner.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Interaction Issues in Short-Term Psychotherapy * 3. Conversation
Analysis and Psychotherapy * 4. A Note on Methodology * 5. On Active Listening in Short-Term
Psychotherapy * 6. On the Use of Formulations in Short-Term Psychotherapy * 7. Sequencing
in Short-Term Psychotherapy * 8. Employee Assistance Programmes - A Management Tool * 9.
Conclusions and Implications
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 58.00 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 9781137329516
Paperback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137329523
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Mental Illness at Work
A managers guide to identifying, managing and preventing
psychological problems in the workplace
Mary-Clare Race, ARUP, UK, Adrian Furnham,
University College London, UK
It is argued that the incidence of mental illness in the
workplace is more common than many realize, ranging
from stress to schizophrenia. In this book leading
psychologists Adrian Furnham and Mary-Clare Race
explore the psychiatric classification of illness and how
symptoms can be identified to help develop mental
health literate organizations.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Basics * 3. Identication * 4.
Sector Specic Illnesses * 5. Illness at the Top: the Paradox of
Illness * 6. Work Induced Mental Illness * 7. Coping with Illness *
8. Educating the Workforce * 9. Creating a Healthy Environment
* 10. Conclusion
May 2014 UK June 2014 US
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137272041
Canadian Rights
Do We Need HR?
Repositioning People Management for Success
Paul Sparrow, Martin Hird, Cary L. Cooper, all at
Lancaster University, UK
Written by a leading team of authors with
contributions from top HR professionals, Do We Need
HR? is an important book which addresses issues
surrounding the role, structure and challenges for HR
departments and how the eld may be affected by
new types of organizations, networks and methods of

September 2014 UK October 2014 US
Hardback 30.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137002327
Canadian Rights
Lives in Peril
Profit or Safety in the Global Maritime Industry?
David Walters, Nick Bailey, both at Cardiff University
of Social Sciences, UK
Highlights how vulnerable seafarers are as a group of
workers and that they are made so by the structure and
organisation of their employment and the limits of the
maritime regulatory system.

September 2013 UK September 2013 US
280pp 2 gures, 6 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9780230573833
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Luxury Sales Force Management
Strategies for Winning Over Your Brand Ambassadors
Michaela Merk, Business Woman, France
The sales team can often make or break the success
of new brands or products. This comprehensive guide
provides strategies, models and checklists to help
managers and directors strengthen the relationships of
their firm's sales force with their own or other brands,
maximizing turnover and profit in the long run.
Contents: 1. How brand relationships inuence daily business
operations * 2. How relationships between salespeople and
brands become emotional * 3. How top management can win
salespeoples heart the four strategies * 4.How brands can
make frontline salespeoples heart beat * 5. Top 10 heart-
winners through brand perception * 6. How brands can benet
from strong sales force brand relationships * 7. Why retailers
should establish strong relationships between salespeople
and private brands * 8. How salesperson characteristics inuence their relationships with
brands * 9. Do managers think like salespeople? * 10. Sales force brand relationships: a given
phenomenon or a building process? * 11. Implications for brands and retailers
February 2014 UK March 2014 US
300pp 27 gures, 3 b/w tables
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137347435
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Untapped Talent
Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce
Dani Monroe, Center Focus International, USA
A practical guide packed with examples of
organizations that have successfully tapped into
the hidden talents of their workforce. Managers will
learn to recognize and mine some key, fundamental
leadership traits that are essential for a competitive
Contents: 1. Introduction: Living Linsanity * 2. When Lightning
Strikes * 3. The Hidden Workforce * 4. Why Talent Goes
Tapped * 5. Blame the Brain * 6. The Cultural Catapult: Finding
and Launching Untapped Talent * 7. Creating Budds: The
Serendipitous Skills of Untapped Talent * 8. Personally Sound:
Tapping into Your Talents * 9. The Three Rs: Emerging from
the Hidden Workforce * 10. Seeing Solutions: The Role of
Resourcefulness * 11. Failing Forward: The Role of Resilience * 12.
Standing Firm: The Role of Resolve * 13. The Future of Tapped Talent
April 2013 UK April 2013 US
192pp 2 b/w tables, 1 gure
Hardback 18.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137282224
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Relationships in Organizations
A Work Psychology Perspective
Edited by Rachel Morrison, AUT University, New
Zealand, Helena Cooper-Thomas, University of
Auckland, New Zealand
Relationships in Organizations is an exploration into
the current world of relationships in the workplace.
It focuses on the ways in which organizational
relationships be they friendships, superior-
subordinate relationships, negative relationships,
romantic liaisons or simply membership to a social
network can influence and affect our experience of
Contents: 1. Maximising the Good Minimising the Bad (Intro);
Helena Cooper-Thomas and Rachel Morrison * 2. Romantic
Relationships at Work; Fiona Wilson * 3. Guan-xi; Shaohui Chen,
Marie Wilson and Kevin Lo * 4. Political Skill and Social Inuence
in Workplace Relationships; Darren C. Treadway, Jeffrey R. Bentley, Angela S. Wallace, Stephanie
R. Seitz and Brooke A. Shaughnessy * 5. Subordinate Upward Inuence; Susan Geertshuis,
Rachel Morrison and Helena Cooper-Thomas * 6. Proactive Behaviour and the Impact of
Relationships at Work; Karoline Strauss and Jennifer Farrell * 7. Gender and Relationships and
Work; Barbara Winstead and Valerie Streets * 8. Virtual work - Perceived Proximity (near but
far); Darl Kolb * 9. Social Support/ Coping in Workplace Relationships; Terry Beehr and Misty
Bennet * 10. When Workplaces Go Sour - Bullying at Work; Dianne Gardner, Michael ODriscoll,
Tim Bentley, Bevan Catley, Helena Cooper-Thomas and Linda Trenberth * 11. Relationships of
Leaders; Flora Chiang and Thomas Birtch * 12. Relationships Within Family Run Venture; Marcus
Ho, Christine Woods and Deborah Shepherd
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
328pp 3 b/w tables, 3 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137280633
Canadian Rights
The Invisible Cost to Organizations
Hesan Quazi, Nanyang Business School, Singapore
Presenteeism presents the important issues related
to the nature and extent of presenteeism and cited
examples from different studies. The book discusses in
depth why employees come to work despite being sick,
strategies to manage presenteeism behavior and who
should be taking the lead in managing such employee
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Presenteeism: A Costly Affair For
Employers * 3. Absenteeism And Presenteeism * 4. Why Do
People Go To Work Even When Unwell? * 5. Nature And Extent
Of Presenteeism In Singapore * 6. Impact Of Chronic And Non-Chronic Health Conditions On
Presenteeism: A Study In Singapore * 7. Why Do Employees Go To Work Despite Being Sick:
An Exploratory Study In Singapore * 8. How Should Presenteeism Behavior Be Managed? * 9.
Measuring The Costs Of Presenteeism * 10. Summary And Discussions
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
216pp 11 gures, 7 b/w illus, 19 b/w tables, 20 line drawings
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137275660
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Future-Proof Your Organization for the 21st Century
Jason Morwick, teleworker and writer, USA, Robyn
Bews, WORKshift, Canada, Emily Klein, Flextime Global,
LLC, USA, Tim Lorman, Serco-NA, USA
'A must read for any business leader who is looking
to implement more flexible working arrangements.
The step by step approach and accompanying
case studies provide excellent tools to help an
organization make the cultural shift.' Laura
Croucher, National Leader, KPMG People & Change
'At last, a practical and user-friendly book about
one of the most exciting and profound changes
in today's workplaces. This diverse team of
authors has highlighted many inspiring business
case studies spanning multiple industries and
countries, supported by cutting edge research findings. This book is a must for
organizations at any stage of adopting and enriching flexible and mobile work
initiatives.' Laura Hambley, Ph.D., University of Calgary, Canada and The
Leadership Store
Workshift is a blueprint for organizations transitioning into the virtual workplace,
where employees are always connected, and work is no longer a destination. This
book provides practical lessons on why (and how) some companies are further
ahead, and actionable steps to realize the potential of the virtual workplace.
Contents: Acknowledgements * Introduction * 1. The Workshift Spectrum * 2. Investigate *
3. Discover * 4. Design * 5. Engage * 6. Launch * 7. Measure * 8. Leverage * 9. The Future of
January 2014 UK December 2013 US
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Global Anti-Unionism
Nature, Dynamics, Trajectories and Outcomes
Edited by Gregor Gall, University of Bradford, UK, Tony
Dundon, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics,
National University of Ireland
One of the major obstacles unions face in building
influence in the workplace is the opposition and
resistance from those that own those workplaces,
namely, the employers. This volume examines the
nature of this anti-unionism, and in doing so explains
the ways and means by which employers have
successfully maintained their right to manage.

August 2013 UK August 2013 US
264pp 16 b/w tables, 1 chart, 4 gures
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Organizational Culture and Commitment
Transmission in Multinationals
Victoria Miroshnik, Ritsumeikan University, Japan and
American University, Dubai
Organizational Culture and Commitment aims to find
out the international strategy of the multinational
companies in terms of creation of commitment among
the people of diverse cultural background.
Contents: Preface * List Of Tables * List Of Figures * List
Of Abbreviations * 1. Organizational Culture and Company
Citizenship * 2. Organizational Culture as Resource * 3.
Multinational Company and its Subsidiaries * 4. Methodology
* 5. Models and Measurement * 6. Organizational Culture
and Organizational Commitment in the Parent Unit in Japan
* 7. Analysis of the Organizational Culture and Organizational
Commitment in the Thai Subsidiary * 8. Analysis of
Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment in the
Indian Subsidiary * 9. Multilevel Research Model. Hqs, Japan, Thai and Indian Subsidiaries * 10.
Discussion * 11. Conclusion * Appendices * References
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
360pp 132 b/w tables, 17 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137361622
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Statutory Regulation and Employment
The Impact of Statutory Trade Union Recognition
Sian Moore, Working Lives Research Institute, London
Metropolitan University, UK, Sonia McKay, London
Metropolitan University, UK, Working Lives Research
Institute, Sarah Veale, Trade Union Congress, UK
A comprehensive socio-legal evaluation of the 2000
statutory recognition procedure over ten years of its
operation. Whilst exploring its implications for the so-
called UK 'voluntarist' approach to regulating industrial
relations, the authors argue that the effectiveness of
the procedure was constrained by its design.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Locating the 2000 Statutory
Recognition Procedure * 2. A Legislative Prompt? The TUC
Perspective on the 2000 Recognition Procedure * 3. Third
Time Lucky? - The Operation and Outcomes of the Statutory
Recognition Procedure * 4. Challenging Recognition The
Legitimacy of Employer Behaviour * 5. Organising for Recognition - Union Strategies * 6.
Be Careful What You Wish For - Unfair Practices and the Law * 7. The Fragmentation of
Representation Contract-based Recognition * 8. The Future for Statutory Recognition
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
280pp 19 b/w tables, 11 gures
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Talent Management of Self-Initiated
A Neglected Source of Global Talent
Edited by Vlad Vaiman, Reykjavik University, Iceland,
Arno Haslberger, Webster University Vienna, Austria
A collection of research papers about self-initiated
expatriates and their experiences. As traditional talent
management can no longer fulfil the needs of globally
operating organisations, self-initiated expatriates have
become an ever more important, albeit neglected
source of the global talent flow.
Contents: 1. Self-initiated Expatriates: A Neglected Source of
the Global Talent Flow; Arno Haslberger and Vlad Vaiman * 2.
Global Self-initiated Corporate Careerists: What Drives Them,
and Implications for HRM; Yehuda Baruch and Yochanan Altman
* 3. Are Self-Initiated Expatriates Born or Made? Exploring
the Relationship between SIE Orientation and Individual
ROI; Yvonne McNulty * 4. The Organizational Self-Initiated
Expatriate: A Case Study of a Professional Services Firm; Julia Richardson, Steve McKenna
and Nadia de Gama * 5. Could International Volunteers be Considered Ethical Consumers?
A Cross-discipline Approach to Understanding Motivations of Self-initiated Expatriates;
Eliane Karsaklian nd Anthony Fee * 6. Female Self-initiated Expatriates in the United Arab
Emirates: An Unexpected Trifecta; Snejina Michailova and Edelweiss Harrison * 7. Self-initiated
Expatriate Adjustment: A Neglected Terrain; Anthony McDonnell and Hugh Scullion * 8. The
Careers of Self-initiated Expatriates; Vesa Suutari, Chris Brewster and Christelle Tornikoski * 9.
Self-initiated Expatriate Academics: Personal Characteristics and Work Outcomes; Jan Selmer
and Jakob Lauring * 10. Self-initiated Expatriate Womens Careers Reections, Experiences
and Choices; Riana Van Der Bergh and Yvonne Du Plessis * 11. Self-initiated and Assigned
Expatriates: Talent Management and Career Considerations; Noeleen Doherty and Michael
Dickmann * 12. Social Capital of Traditional and Self-initiated Expatriates; Kristiina Makela and
Vesa Suutari * 13. Work-Life Interface of Self-Initiated Expatriates: Conicts and Enrichment;
Liisa Makela and Vesa Suutari
June 2013 UK June 2013 US
336pp 8 gures, 22 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9780230392793
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Traditional Chinese Thinking on HRM Practices
Heritage and Transformation in China
Li Yuan, Renmin University, China
Suggests important ramifications for both Western
and Eastern Human Resources Practices and is the first
research of its kind to empirically investigate the effect
of Chinese core values, which originated from Chinese
traditional thinking, on HRM practices in China.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Western HRM and HRM in
China * 3. Philosophical Underpinnings of HRM Theory * 4. Re-
examining Traditional Chinese Thinking * 5. Chinese traditional
valuesimplication for HRM in China * 6. Research ndings and
analyses 209 * 7. Conclusion

Palgrave Studies in Chinese Management Research
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
280pp 8 b/w tables, 13 gures, 4 colour illustrations
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137304117
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Coaching for Innovation
Tools and Techniques for Encouraging New Ideas in the
Cristina Bianchi, Enhance Training and Development,
Switzerland, Maureen Steele, The Training Box Ltd,
Making innovation in the workplace highly accessible,
Coaching for Innovation presents a step-by-step
guide which is full of practical tips, models, exercises
and interviews with HR and business professionals. It
demonstrates the integral role that coaching plays in
idea generation and the innovation process.
Contents: 1. Bringing Out the Coach Inside * 2. Coaching First
Steps * 3. A Guide to Powerful Questions * 4. Mindful Listening
* 5. Sparking the Relationship Level * 6. Navigating the Process *
7. Implementation and Beyond * 8. Why 1+1=3 * 9. The Creative
Coaching Session * 10. The Coaching Toolkit for Teams
May 2014 UK June 2013 US
240pp 10 gures, 14 b/w tables, 3 diagrams
Hardback 22.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137353252
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The 10 Principles of Open Business
Building Success in Today's Open Economy
David Cushman, Jamie Burke, both at 9010 Group,
Worldwide, UK
"The concept of an open business isn't a fad, it's a
long-term business philosophy to connect with
connected customers and employees and ultimately
survive Digital Darwinism," - Brian Solis, author of
What's the Future of Business (WTF)
"With giants such as Tesco getting involved you'd
be mad not to take the ideas in this book seriously,"
- Euan Semple, author of Organizations Don't Tweet,
People Do
The 10 Principles of Open Business is a practical guide
to organizational design for the twenty-first century.
Using case studies, the authors define the 10 principles
of open businsss that organisations must adopt to both survive and thrive, and
provide a practical method to assess the reader's own organization.
Contents: Dedication: * Contents: * Preface: * Introduction: * I Starting from a different place
* ii Dening Open Business and its Benets * iii Tesco PLC An Open Business * The Principles
* Chapter 1: Purpose * Chapter 2: Open Capital * Chapter 3: The Networked Organisation *
Chapter 4. Sharability * Chapter 5. Connectedness * Chapter 6. Open Innovation * Chapter 7.
Open Data * Chapter 8. Transparency * Chapter 9. Open Data (and Government) * Chapter 10.
Trust * Summary and Next Steps * About the author * Acknowledgements
January 2014 UK February 2014 US
280pp 1 b/w table, 1 gure
Hardback 19.99 / $32.00 / CN$34.50 9781137347039
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Re-Making Communication at Work
Jesse Sostrin, Sostrin Consulting, USA
Re-Making Communication at Work argues that the
transmission model of communication needs to be
replaced by a new approach to communication.
Contents: Dedication * Prologue * PART I: FORGET
WORK * 1. The Changing World of Work * 2. Communication:
The Competitive Advantage of the 21st Century * 3. Why
Leaders Should Care About Re-Making Communication and
AT WORK * 4. Old Myths and New Principles * 5. Taking a
Communication Perspective * 6. Workplace Culture: The
Ecosystem of Our Patterns of Communication and Interaction
* 7. Organizational Leaders: Architects of Their Patterns of
Communication and Interaction * PART III: A GUIDE FOR
Communication * 9. Learning to See Patterns of Interaction * 10. Common Communication
Pitfalls and Unwanted Repetitive Patterns * 11. The Top-10 Patterns of Communication
Leaders Must Get Right * 12. The SEAVA Process * 13. Applying SEAVA to Common Pitfalls and
Unwanted Repetitive Patterns * 14. Using SEAVA One-on-One * 15. Using SEAVA with Teams
* PART IV: CREATING BIG CHANGE BY STARTING SMALL * 16. Where to Begin with Yourself,
Your Team and Your Organization * 17. Guided Coaching: Seeing Patterns of Interaction,
Noticing Critical Moments of Communication, and Operationalizing the Communication
Perspective * 18. Three-Minute Summary: How to Effectively Share the Books Lessons with the
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
290pp 1 b/w photo, 22 b/w tables
Hardback 31.50 / $60.00 / CN$69.00 9781137337061
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Unpacking Open Innovation
Highlights from a Co-Evolutionary Inquiry
Manlio Del Giudice, Second University of Naples, Italy,
Maria Rosaria Della Peruta, Second University of
Naples, Italy, Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington
University, USA
Unpacking Open Innovation aims at giving an overview
of the emerging research field of open innovation in a
phase that is still very fluid.
Contents: Introduction; Elias G. Carayannis, Manlio Del
Giudice and Maria Rosaria Della Peruta * 1. Open Innovation
in Management Science; Elias G. Carayannis * 2. Open vs.
Closed Innovation: Speculating about the Future of Technology
Management; Elias G. Carayannis * 3. Invention, Inventiveness
and Open Innovation; Manlio Del Giudice * 4. Open Innovation
or Collective Invention? Conceptualizing the Debate; Manlio
Del Giudice * 5. Openness that Matters. Net Generation, Higher
Education and Student Entrepreneurship; Manlio Del Giudice * 6. On the External Dimension of
Business Knowledge Flows: Markets for Knowledge Resources; Maria Rosaria Della Peruta * 7.
What Open Innovation is: Local Search, Technological Boundaries and Sustainable Performance
in Biopharmaceutical Experimentation; Maria Rosaria Della Peruta * Index
Palgrave Studies in Democracy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for Growth
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
204pp 12 gures, 1 diagram
Hardback 69.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137359322
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The Power of Customer Misbehavior
Drive Growth and Innovation by Learning from Your Customers
Michael Fisher, AKF Partners, USA, Martin Abbott, AKF
Partners, USA, Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve
University, USA
'Fisher, Abbott and Lyytinen have written a
fascinating and engaging book on the new era of
customer empowerment. Executives are now more
challenged than ever to understand customer
behavior and the drivers for market growth. This
book offers key insights for executives who desire to
embark on a journey of discovery with customers,
as they innovate on behalf of customers to
transform their organizations and industries.' -Lynda
Applegate, Harvard Business School
To stay competitive, firms need to build great products
but they also need to lend these products to the uses
and misuses of their customers and learn extensively from them. This is the first
book to explore the idea that allowing customers to adapt features in online
products or services to suit their needs is the key to viral growth.
Contents: 1. Why is Viral Growth Important? * 2. The Viral Model * 3. Technological Factors *
4. Demonstrating Skills, Prociency, Taste and Accomplishments * 5. Seeing and Being Seen * 6.
Getting It Right * 7. Getting It Wrong * 8. Conclusion
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
200pp 22 gures, 4 b/w tables
Hardback 19.99 / $32.00 / CN$37.00 9781137348913
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Corporate Foresight and Strategic Decisions
Lessons from a European Bank
Claudio Gomez Portaleoni, Siemens Healthcare,
Germany, Svetla Marinova, Aalborg University,
Denmark, Rehan Ul-Haq, Marin Marinov, University of
Gloucestershire, UK
This study investigates the relationships between
corporate foresight and management decision-making
processes in organizations. It provides an extensive
analysis of extant theories of corporate foresight
and strategic management, brings in new insights,
and presents an in-depth case study exploration of
corporate foresight of a European bank.
Contents: 1. Literature Review * 2. Conceptual Framework And
Theoretical Considerations * 3. Methodology * 4. The European
Banking Sector * 5. The Bank * 6. Data Analysis And Findings * 7.
Discussion, Contributions And Directions For Future Research
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
376pp 32 b/w tables, 76 gures
Hardback 75.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137326966
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Climate Innovation
Liberal Capitalism and Climate Change
Edited by Neil E. Harrison, Sustainable Development Institute, USA, John Mikler,
University of Sydney, Australia
A comprehensive examination of the inability of liberal capitalism to generate
the technological innovations necessary to prevent dangerous climate
change. The case is made for the need for institutional evolution to drive the
climate innovation, and the potential for climate innovation in an increasingly
economically interconnected world.
Energy, Climate and the Environment
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
288pp 25 b/w tables, 2 b/w photos
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137319876
Paperback 20.99 / $30.00 / CN$.00 9781137319883
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The Frugal Innovator
Creating Change on a Shoestring Budget
Charles Leadbeater, Demos, UK
This insightful book looks at the phenomenon of low-cost innovation and
explores what we can learn from the innovators in developing nations who are
making amazing technical and social advances with scarce capital and resources.
Charles Leadbeater shows how these methods can be applied and used wherever
you are and whatever your capital.
Contents: 1. The Groundswell * 2. Design Principles * 3. Frugal Places * 4. Frugal Methods * 5.
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 16.99 / $27.00 / CN$31.00 9781137335364
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Port Focal Logistics and Global Supply Chains
Adolf K Y Ng, University of Manitoba, Canada, John Liu, City University of Hong
Kong, China
Port Focal Logistics and Global Supply Chains investigates the trends and
challenges that ports, logistics and supply chains have tackled in recent decades
and the way forward. A new concept, port focal logistics is introduced which
appreciates the efforts by previous studies in this field, but simultaneously
recognize the limitations, and the need for further improvements.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Contemporary Development of Shipping and Impacts on Ports
* 3. Global Supply Chains and Trade Logistics: From Firm Focal to Port Focal * 4. Logistics,
Supply Chain and Port Evolution * 5. Port and Trade Industrial Organization * 6. Government
Policies and the Role of Institutions * 7. Case Study India * 8. Case Study Brazil * 9. Port Focal
Logistics: The Idealism for Future Global Supply Chains?
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
224pp 35 gures, 16 b/w tables, 12 b/w illustrations
Hardback 62.50 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137273680
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Foresight and Innovation
How Companies are Coping with the Future
Elina Hiltunen, What's Next Consulting, and Aalto
University, School of Arts and Design, Finland
Foresight and Innovation is a guide for readers that
are interested about the future. The book introduces
a concept of futurist thinking, which includes
anticipating, innovating and communicating about
the futures. These concepts show how various
organizations, all over the world are thinking,
communicating and creating a better future.
Contents: 1. Change * 2. Some Thoughts about Predicting the
Future, its Ease and Difculty * 3. Blindness and Seeing * 4.
Cornerstones of Anticipation * 5. Strategy * 6. How and Why is
Anticipation Done in Organizations? * 7. How do we Innovate
the Future? * 8. Future Methods for Innovation * 9. Examples of
Creating the Future and iInnovation Activity
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
272pp 10 charts, 34 b/w illustrations
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137337696
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Changing the Rules of the Game
Economic, Management and Emerging Issues in the Computer
Games Industry
Edited by Sabine Hotho, Neil McGregor, both at
Dundee Business School, UK
The computer games industry is one of the most
vibrant industries today whose potential for growth
seems inexhaustible. This book adopts a multi-
disciplinary approach and captures emerging trends as
well as the issues and challenges faced by businesses,
their managers and their workforce in the games
Contents: Introduction: Hotho, McGregor Emerging
Perspectives * Chapter 1: Champion Problematizing a
Homogenous Spatial Logic * Chapter 2: White and Searle
Commercial Business Models * Chapter 3: Zackariasson and
Wilson The Role of the Consumer * Chapter 4: McGregor
Business Growth, the Internet and Risk Management * Chapter
5: Hotho Some Companies are Fine One Day and Gone the next * Chapter 6: Zackariasson The
Role of Creativity * Chapter 7: Shaw and Homan HR Issues in the Computer Games Industry *
Chapter 8: Stacey, Thomas and Nandhakumar How Funny Are Games * Chapter 9: McNeish
Critical Perspectives on the Games Industry * Chapter 10: Comas and Tschang Brief History,
Tumultuous Present, and Uncertain Future of Virtual Worlds
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
232pp 9 b/w tables, 11 gures
Hardback 60.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230303539
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Swarm Intelligence
What Nature Teaches Us about Shaping Creative Leadership
James Haywood Rolling, Syracuse University, USA
Swarm Intelligence argues that we need to turn our
classrooms - and workplaces - into crucibles for
collective creativity. Drawing on cutting-edge research
in the realms of biological swarm theory, systems
theory, and complexity theory, Rolling shows why
working in groups makes us both smarter and more
Contents: Introduction: Ancient Secret Societies, Underground
Cities, and Snoopys Doghouse * Chapter One: How to
Underdevelop Creativity * Chapter Two: Social Networks:
A Swarm Theory of Creativity * Chapter Three: Systems:
How Swarm Intelligence Shapes our Social Worlds * Chapter
Four: Swarms: Collaborative Leadership * Chapter Five:
Superorganisms: The Self-Organizing Complexity of Creative
Swarms * Chapter Six: Stories: The Hidden Rules of Swarm Intelligence at Work and at Play *
Chapter Seven: Schools: Arts & Design Education, Social Innovation, and New Partnerships
December 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 16.99 / $26.00 / CN$30.00 9781137278470
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Innovative Management and Firm
An Interdisciplinary Approach and Cases
Edited by Maja Levi Jaki, Slaana Barjaktarovi Rakoevi, Milan Marti, all at
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Innovative Management and Firm Performance focuses on business firms as
catalysts and agents of social and economic change, and explores the argument
that sustainable development is the perfect opportunity for businesses to
strengthen the evolving notion of corporate social responsibility, while achieving
long-term growth through innovation, research and development.
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
400pp 60 b/w tables, 78 gures
Hardback 75.00 / $120.00 / CN$138.00 9781137402202
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The Rise and Fall of COMSAT
Technology, Business and Government in Satellite
David Whalen, University of North Dakota, USA
After pioneering this technology and growing the market, COMSAT fell prey to
changes in government policy and to its own lack of entrepreneurial talent. The
author explores the factors which contributed to this rise and fall of COMSAT.
Contents: Introduction: A Technological Camelot * 1. The Communications Satellite Act of
1962 * 2. Creating COMSAT * 3. Creating Intelsat * 4. Rising to the Peak * 5. Mobile Satellite
Communications * 6. Technology * 7. DOMSATs (COMSTAR and SBS) * 8. Direct Broadcast
Satellites * 9. The Old Guard Retires * 10. Fadeout * Epilog: Post-Mortem
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
288pp 6 b/w tables, 4 gures, 1 b/w line drawing
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137396914
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Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets
How Psychology Influences Investors and Corporations
Adam Szyszka, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets reveals the
main foundations underpinning neoclassical capital
market and asset pricing theory, as filtered through the
lens of behavioral finance.
Contents: 1. Behavioral Approach Versus Neoclassical Theory
of Finance * 2. Psychological Aspects of Decision Making * 3.
Investor Behavior * 4. Asset Pricing Anomalies and Investment
Strategies * 5. Market-wide Consequences of Behavioral
Biases * 6. Behavioral Insights into Financial Crisis * 7. Rational
Corporations in Irrational Markets * 8. Managerial Biases in
Corporate Policy * 9. Empirical Evidence on Managerial Practice
* 10. Heuristics and Biases Among Corporate Managers
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
348pp 3 charts, 7 b/w line drawings, 36 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137338747
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The New Geography of Innovation
Clusters, Competitiveness and Theory
Xavier Tinguely, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Innovation is the main engine of competitiveness.
However, in a world in which everything goes faster,
the inherent nature of the innovation process has
changed. This book assesses both the theoretically
and empirically intertwined relationship between
innovation, clusters and multinational enterprises in
today's economy.
to the Study of Innovation * 2. Innovation and Economic
Performance * 3. The Measurement of Innovation * THE
GEOGRAPHY OF INNOVATION * 4. The Cognitive Nature of
the Innovation Process * 5. The Clustering of Innovative Activity
* 6. The Geography of Innovation in a Globalized Economy
Distribution of Inventive Activities and Inventive Performance in Switzerland * 8. Sectoral
Distribution of Inventive Activities and Specialization Patterns Towards an Identication of
Switzerlands Main Inventive Clusters * 9. Clusters and the New Geography of Invention An
Empirical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Patents demanded in the Basel Employment Basin
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
328pp 34 gures, 25 b/w tables, 32 maps
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137367129
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Game Based Organization Design
New tools for complex organizational systems
Jeroen van Bree, management consultant and
researcher, Netherlands
There is a widening gap between the current
organizational reality and the tools and methods
available to managers for addressing its challenges.
Game Based Organization Design shows that one of
the ways to bridge this gap is to introduce insights and
approaches from video game design into the design of
organizational systems.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Systems * 3. Games * 4. Play * 5.
Rules * 6. Design * 7. Strategy
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
160pp 7 b/w tables, 18 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137351470
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Competitive Dynamics in the Mobile Phone
Claudio Giachetti, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Competitive Dynamics in the Mobile Phone Industry
explores which kind of competitive moves and
countermoves have been taken by mobile phone
vendors like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Apple, as
well as emerging rivals from developing countries, to
defend their competitive position over the industry life
cycle, and which factors have driven these actions.
Contents: List of Tables * List of Figures * Acknowledgements
* Introduction * PART 1: COMPETITIVE DYNAMICS * 1.
Competitive dynamics research * PART 2: COMPATITIVE
industrial leadership over the life cycle of technology intensive
industries: the role of technological discontinuities and rms
action aggressiveness * 3. Competitive intensity and product line
strategies in technology-based industries * 4. Time to competitors new technology imitation:
Who is copied more quickly? * 5. Lining up with competitors: Inuence of multiple benchmarks
on the adoption of new product technologies * 6. Concluding remarks and new direction for
competitive dynamics research in technology-based industries.
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
150pp 13 gures, 5 b/w tables
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137373694
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Bending the Arc of Innovation
Public Support of R&D in Small, Entrepreneurial Firms
Albert N. Link, University of North Carolina at
Greensboro, USA, John Scott, Dartmouth University,
Bending the Arc of Innovation offers a theoretical model
of the effects of the SBIR program
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Market Failure and Public Support
of R&D * 3. The Productivity Slowdown in the United States *
4. An Emphasis on Small, Entrepreneurial Firms * 5. The SBIR
Program * 6. The Economic Role of the SBIR Program * 7. The
National Research Council Database * 8. Studies Conducted
Using the National Research Council Database * 9. Toward an
Evaluation of the SBIR Program * 10. Concluding Observations
about Public Support of R&D in Small, Entrepreneurial Firms *
References * Appendices
Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
104pp 16 b/w tables, 7 b/w line drawings
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137371584
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Congresss Own Think Tank
Learning from the Legacy of the Office of Technology Assessment
Peter Blair, Natoinal Academy of Sciences, USA
"There has been no time since OTA's defunding in
1995 that the Congress needed more an institution
through which both parties could jointly base their
policy debates on the best scientifically established
facts. As Peter Blair knows from experience at
both OTA and the National Academies, the key to
informing policy alternatives by the best technical
knowledge requires scientific analysis that is
dependable, understandable, and pertinent to the
political context. Blair offers three institutional
options; without one of them our democracy will
continue to erode." - Lewis M. Branscomb, Harvard
University, USA
Congress' Own Think Tank recaps the OTA experience,
its creation, operation, and circumstances of its closure and that of organizations
attempting to fill the gap since the closure. It also covers a number of new forces
shaping the current context for science and technology issues facing the Congress.
Contents: 1. Pre-History: Meeting the Need for Science Advice to the U.S. Congress * 2. Key
Features of the Technology Assessment Act of 1972 * 3. Startup: Setting the Agenda in OTAs
Early Years * 4. Growing Pains: Evolution of OTAs Process of Technology Assessment * 5. After
the Fall: Strengths and Weaknesses of Post OTA Efforts to Fill the Gap * 6. Looking Forward:
Comparing Future Options * 7. Conclusions: Restoring Independent, Authoritative, and
Objective Science and Technology Advice to the U.S. Congress
Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
142pp 9 b/w tables, 1 gure
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137360892
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Innovation in Business Education
in Emerging Markets
Edited by Ilan Alon, Rollins College, Florida, USA,
Victoria Jones, Seattle University, USA, John R.
McIntyre, Georgia Tech Centre for International
Business, Education and Research, USA
Emerging market economies account for 80 percent
of the world's population and some 75 percent of its
trade growth in the foreseeable future, following US
Department of Commerce data. This volume provides
insights for success in rapidly growing education
markets that can be used by educators, administrators,
policy makers and planners.

June 2013 UK June 2013 US
296pp 10 b/w tables, 9 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137292957
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The Challenge of Working for Americans
Perspectives of an International Workforce
Bond Benton, State University of New York at Fredonia,
America's unique position comes with a plethora
of well-known challenges to the conduct of its
foreign policy. What is less well known is how much
it relies on non-Americans working for the State
Department. Benton delivers a timely, meticulously
researched, well-written and compact analysis
of this population. Even those familiar with the
intricate mechanics of US foreign policy will be
intrigued by the practical lessons that meet the
needs of practitioners, students, and researchers. -
Johannes Pollak, Webster University & Institute for
Advanced Studies, Vienna
The global focus of corporations, government
institutions, and NGOs have led to a defining question of the era: How do
foreigners feel about working for Americans? Through surveys with over
700 Foreign Service nationals working within the US State Department,
Benton examines perceptions of non-Americans working in overtly American
Contents: 1. The End of Isolation * 2. A Not So Small World * 3. Driving in Parkways/ Parking
in Driveways * 4. Strangers in a Strange Land * 5. Working in America Abroad * 6. Exceptional
Voices and Exceptionalism * 7. Lessons Lived and Lessons Learned * 8. Engaging Without
Enraging * 9. E Unum Pluribus
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
204pp 9 gures, 3 b/w tables
Hardback 62.50 / $90.00 / CN$104.00 9781137365842
Canadian Rights
Expatriates in China
Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges
Ilaria Boncori, University of Essex, UK
Focuses on the individual experiences of Western
expatriates in China by merging academic knowledge
and real-life testimonials given by interviewees. The
author also draws on her own experience of living and
working in China, to explore a range of challenges and
opportunities met by Western expatriates.
Contents: PART I: OVERVIEW * 1. Introduction to International
Business in China * PART II: BEFORE CHINA * 2. A Good
Beginning is Halfway to Success * 3. Pre-departure Knowledge
* 4. Recruitment and Preparation * PART III: IN CHINA * 5.
When in China do as the Chinese do * 6. Expatriates in the
Middle Kingdom * 7. Expatriate Adjustment * 8. No place like
Home * PART IV: AFTER CHINA * 9. Returning Expatriates * 10.
Repatriation Adjustment * PART V: CONCLUSIONS * 11.
Contributions, Considerations and Reections
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
264pp 6 b/w tables, 3 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137293466
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Intercultural Readiness
Four Competencies For Working Across Cultures
Ursula Brinkmann, Oscar van Weerdenburg, both at
Intercultural Business Improvement, Netherlands
Drawing on research from 30,000 individuals and their
practical experience as intercultural management
consultants, the authors provide insights into the
broader landscape of intercultural management
through their exploration of four competencies:
Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication,
Building Commitment and Managing Uncertainty.
Contents: Introduction - What Makes Us Interculturally
Effective? * 1. Global Lives - Personal Accomplishments * 2.
Measuring Excellence * 3. Debunking Some Popular Myths * 4.
Comparing Excellence across Organizations * 5. Intercultural
Readiness for Teams * 6. Intercultural Readiness - What Should
Happen Next? * 7. Investigating Intercultural Readiness
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
240pp 14 b/w tables, 5 gures
Hardback 24.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137346971
Canadian Rights ebooks available
China and the EU in Context
Insights for Business and Investors
Kerry Brown, University of Sydney, Australia
Brings together the research of world-class
commentators on China from across Europe to explore
the policy aspects of the China / EU relationship. Aimed
at practitioners, this book shows how to relate to China
practically and understand its complexities for business
purposes, including investment, social unrest, and
China's five-year program.
Contents: Introduction: The EU and China in context - Trade,
culture, human rights and politics; Prof Kerry Brown * 1. Chinese
Investment in the European Union; Prof Jeremy Clegg and Dr
Hinrich Voss * 2. Chinese Investment in the Greater Europe
Zone; Dr Thierry Apoteker * 3. China, the EU and Chinas 12th
Five Year Programme; Prof Robert Ash, Prof Robin Porter, Prof
Tim Summers * 4. Chinas Rulers: The Fifth Generation Takes
Power; Dr Michael Dillon * 5. Social Unrest in China; Dr Lynette Ong and Dr Christian Goebel *
6. China, the US and the EU: The Hopes for Multilateralism; Dr Bates Gill and Andrew Small *
7 Migration from China into the EU: The Challenge within Europe; Kevin Latham and Bin Wu *
Conclusions; Prof Kerry Brown
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
368pp 20 b/w tables, 18 gures
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137352385
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Laws and Regulations in Global Financial
Roy Girasa, Pace University, USA
Laws and Regulations in Global Financial Markets
presents students, researchers, and practitioners with
an in-depth global analysis of the legal and regulative
aspects of corporate financial markets.
Contents: 1. Investment Adviser Regulation * 2. Regulation of
Broker-Dealers * 3. Mergers and Acquisitions * 4. Bankruptcy
of Business Enterprises * 5. Banking Regulation and Credit
Rating Organizations * 6. Real Estate Financing Regulations
* 7. Selected Topics in Insurance Regulation * 8. Consumer
Protection and Personal Finance

November 2013 UK November 2013 US
352pp 3 b/w line drawings
Hardback 72.50 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137346520
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Customers at Work
New Perspectives on Interactive Service Work
Edited by Wolfgang Dunkel, Institute for Social
Science Research, ISF Mnchen, Germany, Frank
Kleemann, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Explores the ongoing transformation of service
relationships, focusing on the incorporation of the
customer's active contribution to virtually all aspects
and stages of the production process. This volume
illuminates social relations and interaction between
customers and service providers as well as between the
users of web-based services.
Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION * 1. Customers in Service
Relationships: About This Book; Wolfgang Dunkel and Frank
Kleemann * 2. Social Research on Services and Service Work in
Germany From the Service Gap to Service Professionalism;
Heike Jacobsen * 3. The Structure of Institutional Support For
German Service Research; Bernd Bienzeisler and Wolfgang Dunkel * PART II: CUSTOMERS AND
SERVICE WORKERS AT WORK * 4. Interactive Work: a Theoretical and Empirical Approach to
the Study of Service Interactions; Wolfgang Dunkel and Margit Weihrich * 5. Management by
Customers and Customer Control: (Im-)Balances of Power in Interactive Service Work; Tom
Birken, Wolfgang Menz and Nick Kratzer * 6. Interaction in Service Relationships: the Customers
Point of View; Anna Hoffmann and Margit Wehrich * PART III: WORKING ON CUSTOMERS *
7. The Functional and the Personal Customer; Stephan Voswinkel * 8. Subjectifying Action as
a Specic Mode of Working with Customers; Fritz Bhle * PART IV: WORKING CUSTOMERS
SELF SERVICE AND WEB 2.0 * 8. The Working Customer a Fundamental Change in Service
Work; Kerstin Rieder and G. Gnter Vo * 9. Customers Working for Customers: Collaborative
Web 2.0 Services; Heidemarie Hanekop, Volker Wittke * 10. Prosumption of Social Context
in Web 2.0: Theoretical Implications for the Prosumer Concept; Tabea Beyreuther, Christian
Eismann, Sabine Hornung and Frank Kleemann
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
272pp 2 b/w tables, 2 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137293244
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Managing the Olympics
Edited by Stephen Frawley, Daryl Adair, both at
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
The Olympic Games are the world's most complex and
challenging sport mega-event to organize. Managing
the Olympics is the first ever attempt to bring together
the world's leading Olympic management researchers
in one book and draws on the latest research into the
management challenges faced by the organizers and
key stakeholders of the Games.
Contents: 1. The Olympic Games: Managerial and Strategic
Dimensions; Stephen Frawley and Daryl Adair * 2. Olympic
Games Stakeholder Governance and Management; Milena
parent * 3. Information, Knowledge and the Organization of
the Olympic Games; Sue Halbwirth and Kristine Toohey *
4. Managing Legacy; Richard Cashman and John Horne * 5.
Managing Sport Participation Legacy at the Olympic Games; Stephen Frawley, Kristine Toohey
and A. J. Veal * 6. Managing Sport at the Olympic Games; Stephen Frawley, Kristine Toohey,
Tracy Taylor and Dwight Zakus * 7. Managing Olympic Venues; Simon Darcy and Tracy Taylor
* 8. Managing Transport during the Olympic Games; Eva Kassens-Noor * 9. Broadcasting the
Olympics; Harry-Arne Solberg and Chris Gratton * 10. Investigating Olympic Sponsorship:
A Contemporary Review of Selected Activation and Achievement; Rick Burton * 11. Olympic
Ceremonial, Protocol and Symbolism; Daryl Adair * 12. Managing the Games: Prospects for the
Future; Daryl Adair and Stephen Frawley
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
232pp 17 b/w tables, 10 gures
Hardback 60.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9780230389571
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Cross-Cultural Communication
Theory and Practice
Brian J. Hurn, writer and lecturer, UK, Barry Tomalin,
writer, public speaker and trainer, UK
A comprehensive survey of the key areas of research in
cross-cultural communication, based on the authors'
experience in organizing and delivering courses for
undergraduate and postgraduate students and in
business training in the UK and overseas.
Contents: Introduction * 1. What is Cross-Cultural
Communication? * 2. Key Thinkers in Cross-Cultural
Communication * 3. Key Thinkers in Cross-Cultural
Communication * 4. The International Use of English * 5.
Developing Cross-Cultural Communication Skills * 6. Selection
and Preparation for Foreign Assignments * 7. Leadership
Across Cultures * 8. International Team Building and Team
Working * 9. Effect of Culture on International Negotiations
* 10. Multiculturalism and Diversity * 11. Globalization and its Effect on Culture * 12. Cultural
Diplomacy and Nation Branding * 13. Transfer of Skills, Technology and Knowledge * 14.
Cultural Proling and Classication * 15. Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication
May 2013 UK May 2013 US
328pp 9 b/w tables, 34 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9780230391130
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Exploring Cross-Cultural Competence
in East Asia
Weiwei Ji, Jinan University, China
How could hybrid organizations and leaders improve
effectiveness in order to increase the chances of
success for their business organizations in East Asia?
The author presents a theoretical framework and
investigates the preferences and networkability in
the corporate, market and living environment of
expatriated managers in China and Japan.
Contents: 1. Introduction to thesis * 2. Boundary spanner choice
and international assignment * 3. Exploring boundary spanners
cross-cultural competence: preference, network and adjustment
* 4. Boundary spanner and network of Chinese rms in Japan
* 5. Impact of Headquarters support on boundary spanners
competence creation * 6. Working towards hybrid solutions: an
joint-venture perspective * 7. Creating boundary spanners cross
cultural competence through co-leadership * 8. Discussion
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137363091
Canadian Rights
World Humanism
Cross-cultural Perspectives on Ethical Practices in Organizations
Edited by Shiban Khan, EBS Business School, Germany,
Wolfgang Amann, Goethe Business School, University
of Frankfurt, Germany
The purpose of World Humanism: Cross-cultural
Perspectives on Ethical Practices in Organizations
is to discover what is distinctive about humanistic
management practices around the world. It examines
the nature and occurrence of humanistic management
practices within businesses and other organizations
across the world.
Contents: 1. Towards a better understanding of world
humanism * 2. Economic Humanism and Western
Management: Theory and Practice * 3. Humanistic Management
and North American Business Ethics * 4. Alterity, Otherness
and Humanistic Management in Latin America Bancoldex and
Views as two Colombian case studies * 5. Scandinavian Cooperative Advantage: The Case
of IKEA * 6. Humanistic management and sustainable transformation with regional scope
on Germany, Austria and Switzerland * 7. Corporate Social Responsibility management in
Poland * 8. The Italian way to Humanistic Management 2.0 * 9. Towards A Humanistic and
Responsible Managerial Decision Making Model: The Corporate Ubuntu Approach * 10.
Business Ethics Practices in Israel: Jewish Ethical Traditions and Management Behavior * 11. The
Islamic Paradigm of Morality: Toward a Humanism Approach * 12. Antecedents to humanistic
management approach in India: The role of family businesses * 13. Indian Ethos as Humanistic
Management Principles: a case study of a Family Business Organisation * 14. The Ethical
Background of Business in China An Outline * 15. Business ethics and corporate system in
Japan16. Emerging insights on world humanism
Humanism in Business Series
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
248pp 11 b/w tables, 14 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230300552
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Multinationals and Global Consumers
Tension, Potential and Competition
Edited by T. S. Chan, Geng Cui, both at Lingnan University, China
International business (IB) research on Asian firms is on the rise, challenging
conventional theories and providing opportunities for IB researchers to address
several paradoxical issues such as ownership advantage and risk-returns. The book
focuses on IB research in Asia and addresses some of these problems in several
keys areas of IB research.
AIB Southeast Asia
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 70.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137307286
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Internationalization, Innovation and
Sustainability of MNCs in Latin America
Edited by Leonardo Liberman, Universidad de los Andes, Chile, William
Newburry, Florida International University, USA
Presents research findings and theoretical developments in the International
Business field, with special emphasis on the issues of internationalization,
innovation and sustainability in Latin America.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Maintaining a Global Competitive Advantage: Sustainable
Tourism in a World Heritage Site in Peru; James Patrick Johnson and Ronald Rivas * 2.
Foreign Direct Investment in the Water Sector in Latin America; Frederico Araujo Turolla *
3. Absorptive Capacity in Franchising System: Empirical and Comparative Dimensions from
Brazil; Rogerio Stival Morgado and Afonso Fleury * 4. Brazilian Franchising Networks: Degree
of Internationalization and Current Status; Livia Lopes Barakat, Sherban Leonardo Cretoiu
and Mayara Ximenes Dalbem * 5. Private Equity Investments in Emerging Markets, National
Governance and Geographic Distance: The Case of Latin America, 1996-2009; Santiago Mingo,
Francisco Morales and Marc Junkunc * 6. The Internationalization of Brazilian Fast-Food Chains:
A Marketing Failure?; Gilberto Figueira da Silva, Angela da Rocha and Henrique Pacheco * 7.
Challenges in Strategy and Management of Multinational R&D Centers in Emerging Markets:
Perspective from a German Headquarters in the Chemical Sector; Osmar Mitsuo Saito, Roberto
Carlos Bernardes and Marcos Amatucci * 8. Internationalization of Asian MNCs in Brazil: Factors
and Motivations; Mario Henrique Ogasavara and Gilmar Masiero
AIB Latin America
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
232pp 19 gures, 31 b/w tables
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137024121
Canadian Rights ebooks available
International Business and Institutions after
the Financial Crisis
Edited by Yama Temouri, Chris Jones, both at Aston Business School, UK
The challenge in the post crisis world is how business, government and academia
come together to foster conditions for sustainable economic development.
Understanding this requires an examination of the fundamental principles of
IB, including location decisions, returns to multinationality and links between
government and business, and CSR.
Academy of International Business (UKI) Series
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
312pp 29 gures, 63 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137367198
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Effective People Management in Africa
Edited by Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi, University of
Saskatchewan, Canada, Ken N. Kamoche, Nottingham
University, UK, Amon Chizema, Loughborough
University, UK, Kamel Mellahi, Warwick Business
School, UK
'This book contains a much needed compilation
of chapters that illuminate both the challenges of
and approaches to effectively managing people and
organizations in Africa. It is a must read for scholars
as well as business people who wish to be successful
in Africa.' - Stella M Nkomo, University Pretoria and
Africa Academy of Management
Highlights new realities, challenges and opportunities
facing organizations and businesses in managing people
in contemporary Africa and attempts to propose
alternative sustainable strategies and models that address critical issues ranging
from managing knowledge and technology appropriation in organizations to
social issues of poverty and ecology.
Contents: Introduction: New Directions in the Management of Human Resources in Africa
in Domestic Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of The Nigerian Banking Sector * 2. Factors
hindering the adoption of HIV/AIDS workplace policies: evidence from private sector companies
in Malawi * 3. Privatization and Employment Relations in Africa: The Case of Mozambique
Appropriation and HRM: The MNC Experience in Tanzania * 5. Human resource management
in Southern African multinational rms: considering an Afro-Asian nexus * 6. Managing
Sustainable Development through Cross-Cultural Management: Implications for Multinational
Enterprises in Developing Countries * 7. When Two African Cultures Collide: A Study of
Interactions between Managers in a Strategic Alliance between Two African Organizations * 8.
Human Resource Strategies for Managing Back-ofce Employees in Subsidiary Operations: The
Case of Two Investment Multinational Banks in Tanzania
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
256pp 2 gures, 19 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230354913
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Impact of Political Action on Labour
Movement Strength
Trade Union Revitalisation in Africa
Michael A. Oyelere, Regent's University London, UK
In light of the decline of trade union membership and
the role TU are expected to play in industrial relations,
this book explores the consequences of government
action and the economic policies on TU membership,
investigating the forms of political action undertaken
by TU and reviewing the conditions under which these
actions succeed or fail.
Contents: PART I: AN OVERVIEW * 1. An Introduction * 2.
Industrial Relations Development: Perspectives from Advanced
Economies * 3. Contemporary Theories and Union Actions
ORGANISATIONS * 4. Political Developments and the Labour
Movement * 5. Case Study Organisations * PART III: POLITICS
AND TRADE UNIONS * 6. Political changes and Trade Unions
* 7. Economic Factors affecting Trade Unions * 8. Unions Socio-Political and Economic Actions
movement in Nigeria * 10. Future of Industrial Relations in Emerging Economies
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
232pp 12 gures, 9 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $105.00 / CN$132.00 9781137341211
Canadian Rights
Culture and Gender in Leadership
Perspectives from the Middle East and Asia
Edited by James Rajasekar, Sultan Qaboos University,
Oman, Loo-See Beh, University of Malaya, Malaysia
The authors of this volume analyse and contribute to
existing ideas and knowledge on culture and gender
and their influence on leadership in the Middle East
and Asia.

October 2013 UK October 2013 US
352pp 18 b/w tables, 14 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137311566
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Towards Organizational Knowledge
The Pioneering Work of Ikujiro Nonaka
Edited by Georg von Krogh, University of St Gallen,
Switzerland, Hirotaka Takeuchi, Kimio Kase, IESE
Madrid, Spain, Csar Gonzlez Cantn, Universitat
Pompeu Fabra, Spain
"This is a unique and outstanding book on the
pioneering contributions of Professor Ikujiro Nonaka
to the field of Knowledge Management. Knowledge
is at the heart of innovation and is the driver of
corporate growth and social progress. For this
reason, both management scholars and practitioners
should read this book to better understand and
reflect on how knowledge is created, developed and
applied more effectively in the corporate world." -
Jordi Canals, IESE Business School, Spain
In recognition of Professor Ikujiro Nonaka's
contribution to the field of Knowledge Management this book, forming part of
The Nonaka Series on Knowledge and Innovation from Palgrave Macmillan, deals
with a variety of aspects of the Knowledge Management (KM) theory and the
knowledge-based view of the firm.
The Nonaka Series on Knowledge and Innovation
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
384pp 7 b/w tables, 31 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137024954
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance
An Infrastructure
Toni Muzi Falconi, Methodos spa, Italy
By arguing and detailing the elements of a soft and
hard infrastructure approach to the process of global
stakeholder relationships governance, this book
integrates advanced, flexible and feasible tools to
develop an organization's listening culture; integrated
reporting as an ongoing process of continued multi-
stakeholder reporting.
Contents: 1. Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance -
An Infrastructure by Toni Muzi Falconi * 2. Replacing Images,
Reputations, and Other Figments of the Mind with Substantive
Relationships in a Behavioral, Strategic Management Approach
to Public Relations by James E. Grunig * 3. From the Field:
Six Steps Towards Stakeholder Relationships Listening by
Emilio Galli Zugaro * 4. Challenges and Tools for Mapping and
Managing an Organizations Relationships Networks by Joao Duarte
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
164pp 14 gures, 2 b/w tables, 3 b/w line drawings
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137396808
Canadian Rights ebooks available
International Business Realisms
Globalizing Locally Responsive and Internationally Connected
Business Disciplines
Edited by Anshu Arora, Savanah State University, USA
International Business (IB) is a complex and
interdisciplinary field. It encompasses regular
currency and political risks alongside fundamental
uncertainties and variations in international
development, collaboration, social values, and shared
objectives. As globalization expands our markets
across national boundaries, institutional innovation
and experimentation is essential for countries to brand
their products globally and develop internationally
acclaimed products. The contributors of International
Business Realisms analyze instances of interdisciplinary
marketing and branding for the global market
place and distill practical implications for effective
international and domestic marketing.
International Marketing and Management Review
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
176pp 21 gures, 11 b/w tables
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137379078
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Why the Web will Implode, Search will be Obsolete, and Everything
Else you Need to Know about Technology is in Your Brain
Jeff Stibel, The Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation,
Neuroscientist and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel shows how
the brain can act as a guide to understanding the future
of the internet. Using example such as startups using
crowdsourcing to create something much "smarter"
than the sum of their parts, Stibel offers a fresh and
engaging look at the future of business and technology.

August 2013 UK July 2013 US
256pp includes 6 b&w illustrations
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278784
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Reputation Economics
Why Who You Know is Worth More Than What You Have
Joshua Klein, technology expert, USA
A new currency based on reputation has been created as the internet has become
more social. Companies are not only tracking what an individual is tweeting and
what sites they use, but they're using this knowledge to dynamically price their
goods based on a consumer's reach and reputation online. Welcome to the age of
Reputation Economics.
December 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278623
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Innovation and IT in an International Context
R&D strategy and operations
Edited by Frantz Rowe, Nantes University, France, Dov Teeni, Tel Aviv University,
Innovation and IT are intertwined. In order to understand how, this book takes
an interdisciplinary view of innovation in an international and digital world.
It addresses strategic and operational aspects of R and D and new product
development, emphasizing knowledge management, configurational design,
distance and diversity.
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
240pp 43 b/w tables, 16 gures, 6 line drawings
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137336125
Canadian Rights
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The Proactive Leader
How To Overcome Procrastination And Be A
Bold Decision-Maker
David De Cremer, China Europe International Business
School, China
"Why do our leaders often fail to take up
responsibility and make decisions in a timely
fashion? David De Cremer uses behavioral analyses
to explain this important leadership failure and
what to do about it."John A. Quelch, China Europe
International Business School
"An excellent guide for leaders who want to get their
followers, as well themselves, to follow through."
Piers Steel, author of the best-selling book the
Procrastination Equation and Haskyne School of
Too many decisions are taken too slowly or not at all
because of the dithering behavior of our leaders, often leading to failure of the
project, or worse, the organization. See how procrastination has led to major
contemporary leadership failures and learn how to recognize and resolve the
problem in yourself and others.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Psychology of the Leader * 3. The Psychology of the Situation
* 4. Culture, Global Leadership and Procrastination * 5. The Consequences of Delaying Decisions
* 6. Leadership Perceptions and Procrastination * 7. An Interactive Model * 8. What to do? * 9.
The Leadership on Hold - Survey * References * Biography
June 2013 UK July 2013 US
Hardback 19.99 / $32.00 / CN$37.00 9781137290267
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Value and Virtue in Public Administration
A Comparative Perspective
Edited by Michiel S. De Vries, Radboud University
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Pan Suk Kim, Yonsei
University, South Korea
'Values and Virtues in Public Administration is a timely
volume that brings together contributions from
world-class scholars who remind us that values are
the core of public administration. Professors Pan Suk
Kim, Michiel De Vries and their collaborators offer
the foundations for a post-New Public Management
era in which fundamental public service values will
be reasserted by both public officials and citizens.' -
James L. Perry, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
A multidisciplinary analysis of the role of values and
virtue in public administration, this book calls for a
rediscovery of virtue. It explores ways of enabling the
public sector to balance the values that are presently dominant with classic values
such as accountability, representation, equality, neutrality, transparency and
public interest.
Governance and Public Management
January 2014 UK January 2014 US
352pp 8 b/w tables, 20 gures
Paperback 24.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137387981
Canadian Rights
Global Mindset and Leadership Effectiveness
Wim Den Dekker, Lloyd's Register, Netherlands
Global Mindset and Leadership Effectiveness addresses
managerial attitudes regarding globalization and
international business, often referred to as a global
mindset. A global mindset is not enabling managers
to be most effective in all situations. Alongside the
structure and culture of their working environment,
this leads to consequences for both managers and their
Contents: List of Tables * List of Figures * Preface * Foreword * 1.
Introduction * 2. Globalization and Leadership Effectiveness * 3.
Global Mindset: Theoretical Backgrounds * 4. Identifying Global
Mindset at the Individual Level * 5. Instrument Development *
6. Global Mindset and Leadership Effectiveness * 7. Discussion
* References
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
232pp 18 b/w tables, 16 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137351951
Canadian Rights
Management and the Gospel
Luke's Radical Message for the First and Twenty-First Centuries
Bruno Dyck, University of Manitoba, Canada
This unique and reader-friendly book promises to
become the classic 'go to' book for anyone truly
interested in studying what the Bible says about
managing organizations.
Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION * Overview of this Book
* A Short Introduction to the Gospel of Luke * 1. Managers,
Goods and Service Producing Organizations, and First-
OF TWO KEY PARABLES * 2. A Three-dimensional First-century
Lens for Understanding of Management * 3. Interpreting
Lukes Parable of the Shrewd Manager via a First Century
Lens * 4. Interpreting Lukes Parable of the Ten Pounds via
THE FIRST-CENTURY MANAGEMENT LENS * 5. Passages about Managing Relationships within
Organizations * 6. Passages about Managing Money * 7. Passages about Managing Relationship
GOD, SALVATION, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT * 8. The Kingdom of God is Enacted and Manifest
in Organizational Settings * 9. Salvation is Facilitated when Organizations Save People from
Oppression and * 10. Save People for Working in Liberating Structures and Systems * 11. Holy
Spirit is Key to Salvic Kingdom of God Management * PART V: INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE: A
PRINCIPLES FOUND IN THE GOSPEL OF LUKE * 12. A Four-phase Process Model Embedded
in Lukes Journey Narrative * 13. Lukes Three Forward Cycles through the Four-phase Process
Model * 14. Lukes Three Reverse Cycles through the Four-phase Process Model * PART VI:
Relationships within Organizations: Organization Structure, Motivation and Leadership * 16.
Managing Money: Economics, Finance and Accounting * 17. Managing Relationships between
Organizations: Strategy * Concluding Thoughts * References * Appendix A: Background
Regarding the Chiasm in Lukes Journey Narrative * Appendix B: Usage of kurios [Lord] in Luke to
describe God and Jesus
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
Paperback 22.00 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137377333
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Leadership Development for Interprofessional
Education and Collaborative Practice
Edited by Dawn Forman, Curtin University, UK, Marion Jones, National Centre
for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice, New Zealand, Jill
Thistlethwaite, general practitioner and academic, Australia
Leadership Development of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
is an edited compilation of chapters written by international medical and health
professional experts. The book provides historical and current perspectives on
leadership in healthcare.
Contents: 1. Introduction; Dawn Forman * PART I: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES: LEADERS
AND CHAMPIONS * 2. Leading the Way; Hugh Barr * 3. Interprofessional Education in Canada:
Initiatives 2003-11; John Gilbert * PART II: LINKING THEORY TO PRACTICE: IMPROVING
CLIENT CARE * 4. Leadership Development for Interprofessional Teams to Drive Improvement
and Patient Safety; Bryony Lamb and Nick Clutton * 5. Strength-based Leadership for
Developing and Sustaining Interprofessional Collaborative Practice; Bryony Lamb, Nick Clutton,
Andy Carson-Stevens, Sukhmeet Panesar and Sarah Salvilla * 6. A University-community
Engagement and Leadership Model; Margo Brewer and Sue Jones * PART III: WORLDWIDE
PERSPECTIVES * 7. Interprofessional Leadership Developments in the United States; Alan Dow
and Scott Reeves * 8. Building Capacities Workforce in Bogot, Colombia; Francisco Lamus,
Rosa Durn, Luz Soto, Esperanza Avellaneda and Sonia Restrepo * 9. Faculty Development
in Health Professions Education the Health Sciences University Model - Interprofessional
Education Leadership in Action; Payal Bansal and Arun Jamkar * 10. Developing Community
Engaged Interprofessional Education in the Philippines; Elizabeth Paterno and Louricha Opina-
Tan * 11. Reections from New Zealand: Facilitating Cultural Change; Marion Jones, Antoinette
McCallin and Susan Shaw * 12. Community Development of Interprofessional Practice
in Kenya; Simeon Mining * 13. The Evolution of Faculty-wide Interprofessional Education
Workshops; Margo Brewer, Beatrice Tucker, Leah Irving and Diane Franklin * 14. Leadership in
Interprofessional Collaboration for Lifelong Learning; Mollie Burley and Janice Chesters * 15.
Closing Reections; Jill Thistlethwaite
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
288pp 14 b/w tables, 26 line drawings, 32 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137363015
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Resilient Manager
Navigating the Challenges of Working Life
Adrian Furnham, University College London, UK
'The Resilient Manager is another excellent book in
the series. In these turbulent times, to survive and
flourish managers need to be resilient. Professor
Furnham has done a masterful job in helping
managers confront this challenge a must read
for all managers.' -Cary L. Cooper, CBE, Pro Vice
Chancellor for External Relations and Lancaster
University Management School
'Resilience, almost more than any other attribute,
is needed to survive in a world where you are
continually bombarded with competing and often
biased views on everything, and where change
is always top of the agenda. Resilience is a key
attribute for a manager to survive in this kind of
environment. This book explains the problems of modern management,
identifies resilience as a key issue and provides helpful suggestions.' - Chris J.
Jackson, Australian School of Business
Resilient people are happier, healthier, and more productive. Psychologist
and business writer Adrian Furnham takes a sideways and entertaining look at
the challenges of being a leader, demonstrating how resilience can be honed,
developed, and used as a personal life raft to keep afloat in the face of adversity.
Contents: Preface * Introduction * 1. Building a Team * 2. Getting the Best out of People * 3.
The Daily Grind * 4. Its all in the Delivery Management Behavior * 5. Learning on the Job * 6.
Life Beyond
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137361066
Canadian Rights
Inventive Negotiation
Getting Beyond Yes
John L. Graham, University of California, Irvine, USA,
Lynda Lawrence, Ideaworks Consulting and University
of California, Irvine, USA, William Hernandez Requejo,
Requejo Consulting, Inc., USA
Negotiation is a core skill used in a variety of personal
and commercial settings and can be the key to success.
Inventive Negotiation demonstrates how to transform
transaction-oriented competitive or integrative
bargainers into inventive negotiators that focus on
long-term commercial relationships.
Contents: Introduction Bought a Car Recently? * 1. Older
than History, More Advanced than the Future * 2. It Begins with
a Glimmer of Opportunity * 3. Dont Sell Them the Show. Sell
Them the Vision * 4. Then You Build Personal Relationships * 5.
Systems that Make It Happen * 6. The Right People * 7. Diversity
Works * 8. Place/Space/Pace * 9. Emotion/Power/Ethics * 10. Changing Roles * 11. Creativity
Stimulants * 12. Improvisation * 13. Playing Together * 14. Review and Improve
June 2014 UK May 2014 US
256pp 12 gures
Hardback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137370150
Canadian Rights
The Intent of Business
Organizing for a More Sustainable Future
Gregory Gull, Capella University, Minneapolis USA
Insights from varied disciplines such as: physics,
mythology, psychology, philosophy, statistics, and
systems theory to re-think the very intent of business
and its corresponding organizing and management
Contents: 1. A Historical Perspective * 2. Practicing The
Philosophy * 3. The Effects Are Personal * 4. On Being Human *
5. Prelude to Change * 6. The Essential Changes * 7. An Energic
Perspective * 8. Organizing Managing for Viability

September 2013 UK September 2013 US
216pp 22 gures
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137352071
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Confronting Mistakes
Lessons from the Aviation Industry when Dealing with Error
Jan Hagen, ESMT European School of Management and
Technology, Berlin, Germany
'Confronting Mistakes is a remarkable book. Its
gripping case studies of airline disasters will
keep readers on the edge of their chairs, and its
penetrating analysis is deep and sophisticated.
Hagen's writing is highly accessible and engaging and
will enlighten everyone from error experts to curious
readers in other industries. The book is destined to
be a classic in the error field.' - Amy C. Edmondson,
Harvard Business School
In most organizations, errors - although common and
unavoidable - are rarely mentioned bottom-up. Using
this example of the high risk aviation industry this book
assess how active error management can work and
lead to success. Using academic research and ten actual aviation accidents cases,
this book will provide compelling and informative reading.
Contents: Introduction: Why Errors Matter * PART I * Case 1: New England Air (NE) 248 * Too
Scared to Ask * Case 2: Japan Airlines (JAL) 8054 * Hope Replaces Action * Case 3: Birgenair
301 * Authority and Mental Framing * Case 4: KLM 4805 * The Pressure of the Captains Mood
* Case 5: United Airlines 173 * Silent Power * Case 6: Avianca 052 * Encouragement is not
Empowerment * PART II * Crew Resource Management * Transforming the Captains Position
but Preserving the Hierarchical Structure * Surprising Side Effects Led to a Breakthrough * PART
III * Case 7: United Airlines 811 * Copilot Takes Charge * Case 8: United Airlines 232 * Flexible
Team Enhancement * Case 9: Successful Error Detection and Correction * Copilot Overrules
Captain * Case 10: Czar 52 * Limits of CRM
August 2013 UK September 2013 US
200pp 25 b/w photos, 22 diagrams, 2 graphs, 1 b/w table
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137276179
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Lost Leaders
How Corporate America Loses Women Leaders
Rebekah Heppner, Nonprofit Consultant, USA
The Lost Leaders presents the personal stories of
women who achieved success in corporate leadership,
but have chosen to abandon their careers, providing
a fascinating glimpse of the culture that exists in the
contemporary corporation.
Contents: PART I: ACCIDENTAL CAREERS * Introduction to Part
One * 1. Colleen Roberts * 2. Judy Samuels * 3. Joyce Williams * 4.
Nancy Michaels * 5. Other Lost Leaders * PART II: CORPORATE
AMERICA * Introduction to Part Two * 6. The Old Boys Network
* 7. The Acceptable Band * 8. The Ideal Worker * 9. Against The
Law * 10. The Toxic Workplace * PART III: HOPES FOR THE
FUTURE * Introduction to Part Three * 11. Still Working * 12. Self
Employment * 13. Workplace Flexibility * 14. Diversity Initiatives *
15. A Woman President of the United States * Conclusion
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
176pp 1 b/w table, 1 b/w illustration
Hardback 50.00 / $80.00 / CN$92.00 9781137356123
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Beauty Queen
Inside the Reign of Avon's Andrea Jung
Deborrah Himsel, Thunderbird School of Global
Management and The Helsinki School of Economics at
Aalto University, USA
Through interviews with other CEOs, Avon executives
past and present, and leadership experts, Himsel
explores the unique challenges Jung faced as a female
Fortune 500 CEO; the thin line between pride and
hubris; and the danger of the so-called halo effect in
our high-stakes times.
May 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 17.99 / $26.00 / CN$30.00 9781137278821
Canadian Rights
How Asian Women Lead
Lessons for Global Corporations
Jane Horan, The Horan Group, USA
How Asian Women Lead provides a vastly different
picture than Western-focused leadership literature,
highlighting obstacles Asian women face reaching the
top, and looking beneath the corporate surface to show
cultural and family perspectives.
Contents: Table of Contents * Prologue Setting the Stage for
this Research * 1. Setting the Context, Methodology and Purpose
* 2. Postmodernism/Post Structuralism Described * 3. Narrative
Inquiry Described * 4. Feminist Ethnography Described * 5.
Moments of Realization Dened * 6. Meaning and Sense Making
* 7. How This Dissertation Unfolds * 8. Akiko Itos Story Life
is a game * 9. Difcult Times, Early Inuences * 10. A Wayward
Traveller * 11. Fiesta Begins, Philosophy Unfolds * 12. Bucolic,
Enlightening Adventure * 13. A Moment of Realization * 14. My
Moment of Realization * 15. Concluding Thoughts * 16. Faria Alis Story Live Well, Love Well *
17. A Tumultuous Beginning * 18. Identity Questions * 19. Early Inuences and Turning Points *
20. Searching for Purpose * 21. Moments of Realization * 22. Education, Leadership and Change
* 23. A Moral Turning Point * 24. Concluding Thoughts * 25. Judy Lees Story Out of Asia and
into Africa * 26. Banished to the Republic * 27. Driven and Gifted * 28. Culture Shock in the
Motherland * 29. Moments of Realization * 30. Finding Her Religion * 31. A Spiritual Turning
Point * 32. Concluding Thoughts * 33. Sara Chins Story The Accidental Leader * 34. Uneasy
Beginnings * 35. Balancing Family, Life and Work * 36. Participative and Collaborative * 37.
Women Dont Ask * 38. Identity * 39. Moments of Realization * 40. My Moment of Realization
* 41. Building a Connected Web of Inclusion * 42. Concluding Thoughts * 43. Narrative
Fiction Explored * 44. Short Story Dead Labels * 45. Reections on Fictional Dialogue * 46.
Examining Ethics * 47. Examining women and workplace politics * 48. Concluding thoughts *
49. Unconscious Bias Uncovered * 50. Cultural Beliefs or Bias in Narrative Inquiry * 51. Personal
Struggles with Bias * 52. Organizational Fixedness * 53. Biased Leadership Selection * 54.
Gender Bias and Word Choices * 55. Building Inclusive Organizations * 56. Time to Change
* 57. Concluding Thoughts * 58. Leadership Review * 59. Transformational Leadership * 60.
Transformational and Transactional Leadership * 61. Connecting Stories and Research * 62.
Reection, Mindfulness and Spirituality * 63. Authenticity and Moral Leadership * 64. Building
an Inclusive, Integrated Web * 65. Centered, Inclusive and Asian * 66. The Way Forward * 67.
Leadership for Good * 68. Concluding Thoughts * 69. Cross Cultural Narrative Review * 70.
Participant Selection * 71. In the Beginning * 72. Uncertainty Abounds * 73. Reexive Clarity *
74. Questions about Questions * 75. Struggling Methodologically * 76. Unpacking Multicultural
Narrative Inquiry * 77. Disordered Messiness * 78. Methods of Inquiry: Reexivity and Writing *
79. Struggling with Voice * 80. Concluding Thoughts * 81. Conclusion: What does it all Mean?
* 82. The So What Story * 83. Evaluating This Narrative * 84. Cross Cultural Narrative * 85.
Concluding Thoughts * References
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 21.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137378712
Canadian Rights
Survival to Growth
Sam Hout, Medicines Division at TEVA Pharmaceuticals,
'This book focuses on how leaders can achieve
surviving and winning organizations by influencing
the evolution of organizational culture and
the capability and commitment of employees.
It provides and illustrates powerful and yet
conceptually simple messages, e.g. the need for
simplicity of communication, the need to ensure
that problem-solving teams have diverse and
challenging constituents, and the importance of
having a bias to action. The work's strength is that
in adopting the tenet of the importance of human
nature it effectively bridges the gap between texts
heavily reliant on deep theories of organizational
psychology and commentators relying primarily on their experiences of
management. Hout views leaders as providing shaping influence to the
generally natural-selection based evolution of an organization's culture
and mode of work.' - Dr. Andre Krol, GM Development and External Affairs,
Xstrata Iron Ore
Survival to Growth explores human nature and illustrates how occupational goals
and objectives can be achieved by applying a basic organizational approach while
upgrading the skill level of each company employee.
Contents: 1. Survival * 2. Leadership * 3. How? * 4. What and Where? * 5. Facts and Faith?
* 6. Discipline and Goal Setting * 7. Growth * 8. Innovation vs. Invention * 9. Freestyle and
Movement * 10. Momentum and Continuity * 11. Conclusions and Future Recommendations
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
212pp 8 b/w line drawings, 12 b/w tables
Hardback 31.50 / $50.00 / CN$57.50 9781137359766
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Trust Factor
Negotiating in SMARTnership
Keld Jensen, MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation A/S,
'Trust is critical to effective negotiating. The Trust
Factor is full of useful negotiation advice combining
Jensen's impressive negotiation experiences with
insights from behavioral economics and trust
research. The book is clearly written and the advice is
straightforward.'Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D., Harvard
International Negotiation Program and Beyond
Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate
'Keld Jensen's book is full of great insights on how
to build negotiation competency and develop long
term relationships underpinned by trust. This book
is very relevant for company executives who have
business dealings in Asia where the TRUST Factor
and the ability to connect ('Guanxi') must be established as key success
factors between western companies and their Asian business partners.'
Peter Woon, Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd
Offers deal-makers techniques to access mutually beneficial solutions that
cannot make their way to the bargaining table without a cooperative strategy
that enables the parties to together with mutual benefit and success.
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
Hardback 23.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137332257
Canadian Rights ebooks available
How to Make Boards Work
An International Overview
Edited by Andrew Kakabadse, Cranfield School of
Management, Cranfield University, UK, Lutgart Van
den Berghe, Belgium
How to Make Boards Work offers a unique view of
the thinking and doing of governance. The outside-in
perspective offers a holistic framework highlighting
how global cultural, social and political diversity
impact boards of directors. The inside-out perspective
emphasizes how governance and boards can effectively
realize sustainable value creation.
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
408pp 23 b/w tables, 68 gures
Hardback 75.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137275691
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Executive Checklist
A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change
James M. Kerr, Kerr Systems International, LLC, USA
"James Kerr's The Executive Checklist will not only
help you achieve your goals, but make getting there
far easier and less stressful. In operating rooms and
airline cockpits checklists save lives, and this book
may very well save your professional life. Put it at
the top of your book buying checklist."August
Turak, and Business Secrets of the Trappist
A guide for new executives that explores how to
create an overarching, enterprise-wide transformative
program. The book provides a best-practice checklist
for 8 core areas: Strategy Setting, Technology
Alignment, Business Renovation, Project Management,
Communications Renewal, Employee Engagement,
Staff Transformation, and Organizational Design.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Establish Leadership The Foundation for Change * 2. Build Trust
A Vital Component of Enduring Achievement * 3. Strategy Setting Translating Vision into
Action * 4. Engage Staff The Way to Gain Support and Accelerate Success * 5. Manage Work
through Projects A Means to Strategic Alignment * 6. Renovate the Business A Way to
Become of Choice * 7. Seamlessly Integrate TechnologyThe Core to All We Do * 8. Transform
Staff The People Part of Enterprise-wide Change * 9. Renew Communications Practices
Transparency Improves Performance * 10. Re-imagine the Organization The Expressway to
the Future * Postscript: A Bold Vision for Tomorrows Organizations * A Last Word * About the
February 2014 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137337436
Canadian Rights
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Mindful Leadership Coaching
Using Mindfulness to Develop Leaders and Transform Teams
Manfred Kets de Vries, INSEAD Global Leadership
Centre, France
Mindful Leadership Coaching takes an in-depth look
at the coaching processes. The insights provided here
will help coaches and executives to use frameworks
for transforming attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
It advises on how the best leadership coaches help
their executive clients create significant personal and
professional change.
Contents: 1. The Hedgehogs Kiss * 2. The Art of Forgiveness *
3. Are you a Victim of the Victim Syndrome? * 4. Are you in the
Rescuing Business? * 5. Are you dealing with an SOB Leader? * 6.
The Coaching Conundrum * 7. Teaching Executives how to Play
8. Creating Tipping Points
INSEAD Business Press
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137382320
Canadian Rights ebooks available
A Critique of an Ideology
Thomas Klikauer, University of Western Sydney,
Most people know what management is but often
people have vague ideas about Manageralism. This
book introduces Manageralism and its ideology as
a colonising project that has infiltrated nearly every
eventuality of human society.
Contents: 1. Introduction: Managerialism and Society * 2.
Managerialism as Ideology * 3. Annihilating Social Change * 4.
Spreading Managerialism * 5. The Culture of Managerialism *
6. Managerialism and Authoritarianism * 7. Managerialism and
Positive Thinking * 8. Shaping Science Shaping Democracy *
9. Management Studies * 10. The Age of Managerialism * 11.
Challenges to Managerial Thinking * 12. Beyond Managerialism *
13. Roadblocks to Post-Managerialism * 14. Conclusion: A
Post-Managerial World is Possible
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
368pp 1 table, 2 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137334268
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Governance in Family Enterprises
Maximising Economic and Emotional Success
Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, economist, Germany,
Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez, The Family Business
Consulting Group, Switzerland, Ernesto Poza,
Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA
'Governance in Family Enterprises is the most
comprehensive and practical resource on best
practices. The authors appreciate that governance
is more art than science, and they bring particularly
special insights into governing family offices, family
foundations and serial enterprising families. The
book is greatly enriched with wonderfully global
examples and role models.' - John L. Ward, Kellogg
School of Management, USA
Presents a comprehensive overview of governance in
family enterprises including practical management
knowledge in easy-to-use frameworks and interviews with renowned family
enterprise owners and managers. Readers will benefit from the book's systematic
approach and the opportunity to learn from the experience of other family
GOVERNANCE * 1. Family Business Governance * 2. Governance Challenges * 3. Governance
Evolution * 4. Professional Ownership * PART II. STRUCTURES FOR BUSINESS: BUSINESS
GOVERNANCE * 5. Board of Directors * 6. Chief Executive Ofcer * 7. Control Instruments
Family Manager * 9. Family Philanthropic Foundation * 10. Family Ofce * PART IV.
Governance Code for Family Enterprises * 12. Family Constitution * 13. Conclusion
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
288pp 29 gures, 13 illustrations
Hardback 29.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137293893
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Leadership in Balance
A Deeper Dimension
John F. Kucia, Xavier University, USA, Linda S. Gravett, Gravett and Associates;
Just the Basics, Inc.
"Kucia and Gravett provide an important evolution in leadership literature.
Drawing on interviews with CEOs of major corporations and non-profit
organizations, the authors develop a 'Balance Framework' that replaces
hierarchical management with a leadership style that blends and orchestrates
competing organizational dimensions, such as competition vs. collaboration,
in accordance with the organization's mission, structure, and culture. The
resulting balance leverages the benefits of each dimension to increase
organizational effectiveness." - Joe Pichler, retired CEO and chairman, The
Kroger Company
Leadership in Balance provides readers with a deeper understanding of the art,
practice, and discipline of purpose-driven collaboration, and teaches them how
new leadership habits of the mind will positively impact an organization's learning,
growth, and change.
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
208pp 18 Figures
Hardback 62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137394330
Canadian Rights
Boards Under Crisis
Board action under pressure
Alberto Lavin Fernandez, independent management
consultant, Spain, Carmelo Mazza, LUISS University,
An innovative, research-based review of how boards
make decisions during crises designed to offer
insight and accessible theories for invested senior
management facing crises situations. This book gathers
recent and historical research on boardroom decision
making from the field and business literature to review
crises, TMT and decision making.
Contents: 1. Boards In Their Environment * 2. Crisis, What
Crisis? Boardroom Crisis in Corporate Settings * 4. What You
Can Do Tomorrow Will Depend Largely on Your Thinking
Today: Increased Short Termism and Strategic Myopia During
Crisis * 5. I want to personally check that: Centralization at the
Boardroom During Crisis * 6.The Portrait of Board Life from Within. Parochialism and Conict
at the Top * 7. Strategic Management and OB * 8. Remedies for Defective Decision Making
Models Under Crisis
IE Business Publishing
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
192pp 7 b/w tables, 6 gures
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137379214
Canadian Rights ebooks available
All Above Board
Creating The Ideal Corporate Board
Ulf Lindgren, formerly Safe Technologies Limited, UK
'Corporate Governance has come to the forefront as
a key to corporate success or failure. In this book Ulf
Lindgren summarizes the issues around the board
such as the composition, its role and responsibilities
as well the relationships between the chairman, CEO
and the rest of the board. But most importantly he
gives very good real examples of what works and
what doesn't. This is a must read for anyone engaged
in corporate boards or corporate governance.' - Dr.
Lars Thunell, Standard Chartered Bank ltd., formerly
International Finance Corporation, part of the World
Bank Group
'This book is equally valuable for Owners, Board
Members and CEOs. All Above Board offers concrete insights and compelling
examples of models that enable these three parties to not only achieve
effective synchronization and communication of their core mission and
strategy, but to excel in the execution of this beyond the mere sum of their
collective competence. It is highly readable and full of practical takeaways.' -
Nick Kaye, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
Based on unique access interviews with leading chairmen and senior executives,
All Above Board examines the key functions of the ideal twenty-first century
board, how and why badly led boards fail, and what changes can be made to
improve board behavior and efficiency for best practice.
Contents: Introduction * The Board of the Future * Enhancing the Chairmans Value *
Chairman and CEO - Tandem at the Top * The One Team Board Challenge * The Board
and Innovation * Boosting Peak Performance * Setting Strategic Agendas * Summary and
Conclusions * Research Methodology
July 2013 UK August 2013 US
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137264251
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Future Work (Expanded and Updated)
Changing organisational culture for the new world of work
2nd edition
Alison Maitland, writer, speaker and conference
moderator,UK, Peter Thomson, Wisework Ltd, UK
Praise for the first edition:
"A compelling business case." - Michel Landel,
"A must-read for managers and leaders." - Sylvia
Ann Hewlett, Winning the War for Talent in Emerging
The way we work is overdue for change. This newly
updated guide to the challenges you will face in
the twenty-first century world of work sets out a
compelling case for change in organizational cultures
and working practices to boost output, cut costs, give
employees more freedom over how they work and
contribute to a greener economy.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Flexibility As A Uniting Force Between People And Generations At
Work * 2. The Evolution Of Technology And Its Uses At Work * 3. From Workplace To Meeting
Place: Emerging Organizational Models * 4. What Todays Managers Say About The New World
Of Work And The Challenges They Face * 5. Making Change: How Organizational Culture Can
Be Adapted To Enable Remote Working And Other * 6. Empowering Work Arrangements * 7.
Think Flexibly: A Step-By-Step Guide To Introducing And Managing New Ways Of Working
* 8. Managing Remote Teams And Virtual Teams Across Borders * 9. Making It Work For
Organizations * 10. Making it Happen for Individual Managers * 11. The Way Ahead: Projections
For The Future (From Workplace To Workspace)
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
272pp 4 b/w tables, 1 gure
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137367150
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Power of Global Teams
Driving Growth and Innovation in a Fast Changing World
Elisabeth Marx, Stonehaven, UK
This highly practical book explains how executive
teams in global companies can work together to
successfully drive change, enable fast growth or
restructure the business. It demonstrates a clear
correlation between team development and business
results and even deals with special issues for teams in
the not-for-profit sector and emerging markets.
Contents: 1. The Mix at the Top: The Power of Psychological
Diversity * 2. Global Team Effectiveness: Linking Psychology,
Culture, and Strategy * 3. Global Teams: How to Run a Global
Business and Serve Global Clients * 4. Driving Growth and
Innovation * 5. Talent over Structure * 6. Boards as Teams?
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
214pp 11 b/w tables, 5 gures
Hardback 24.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137008114
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Creating Enlightened Organizations
Four Gateways to Spirit at Work
Judi Neal, Edgewalkers International, UK
There arent many models people can use for
investigating spirituality in the workplace, and fewer
still that respect the entire range of sacred journeys.
Judi Neal has created a guidepost for anyone serious
about learning how spirituality can be incorporated
into organizational life. - Daryl Conner, Conner
Creating Enlightened Organizations provides a
comprehensive, customizable program for integrating
spirituality and work at the individual, team,
organizational and societal levels.
TRANSFORMATION * 1. What Do You Mean by That? * 2.
Why Spirit at Work Now? * 3. Coming Down from the Mountain and Into Mammon * 4.
Creating Sacred Space at Work * 5. Bridging the Invisible and the Visible Worlds at Work *
7. Spiritual Leadership Models * 8. Facilitating Spirited Teams * GATEWAY III: CREATING
ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION * 9. Caring for the Whole System * 10. Assessing
Redening the Role of Business * 12. Creating our Desired Future * Appendix A - International
Spirit at Work Awards * Appendix B EEOC - Questions and Answers: Religious Discrimination
in the Workplace
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
232pp 1 table, 6 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137335142
Paperback 22.00 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137335159
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F. A. Hayek and the Modern Economy
Economic Organization and Activity
Edited by Sandra J. Peart, University of Richmond, USA, David M. Levy, George
Mason University, USA
What is the role of human agency in Friedrich Hayek's thought? This volume
situates Hayek's writing as it relates to economic organization and activity,
particularly to assess what role Hayek assigns to leaders in determining economic
Contents: PART I: FOUNDATIONS * 1. Hayek and the Eighteenth Century Science of Human
Nature; Peter McNamara * 2. Systems of Rules and the Order of Actions: An Essay on Complex
Normative Systems; Jerry Gaus * 3. Hayek and the Individualists; Sandra Peart and David Levy
Hayeks The Economic Calculus and the Virginia Lectures; Bruce Caldwell * 5. F.A. Hayek and
the Early Foundations of Spontaneous Order; Emily Skarbek * 6. Hayek and the Nomothetes;
Chris Martin * PART III: HAYEKS LASTING INFLUENCE * 7. Hayeks Search for a Monetary
Constitution - (Confessions of a Crisis Ridden Economist); Ekkehard Khler * 8. Hayek and the
Condition of Freedom; Kenneth Minogue * 9. Hayek and the Ordo-Liberal Tradition; Stefan
Kolev * 10. Canadas Radical Reforms of the 1990s Hayekian Perspectives; Jason Clemens
Jepson Studies in Leadership
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
268pp 1 table, 14 gures
Hardback 69.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137359582
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Managing Conflict in the Family Business
Understanding Challenges at the Intersection of Family
and Business
Kent Rhodes, Pepperdine University, USA, David
Lansky, Family Business Consulting Group, Inc., USA
Family Business Conflict Archetypes, Frames, Roles,
and Tactics are discussed in this book with a view
toward educating readers to the common conflict
cycles that family businesses encounter. More
specifically the book will address 12 conflicts that are
common in family owned businesses, how to spot
them and how to resolve them.
Contents: Introduction: A Primer to Managing Conict in
Family Business * Chapter 1: Managing Conict: The Balance
of Family and Business * The Three Domains of Family
Business * Eliminating Conicts or Managing Conicts: Whats
Realistic? * Chapter 2: Common Dilemmas That Can Lead to
Conict * Compensation and Ownership * Avoiding Conict
* Triangulation * Bullying and Scapegoating * Sibling Rivalry * Opportunity and Privilege
* Chapter 3: Guidelines for Dealing with Dilemmas that Lead to Conict * Check Your
Assumptions * Practice Active Listening * Ensure Clear and Fair Processes * Utilize Structure *
Are You Business First or Family First? * Small Shifts that Make A Difference * o Stay Calm * o
Regulate Your Own Tension * o Strive to Be Inclusive * o Understand and Accept Differences
and Diversity * o Manage Meetings Effectively * Chapter 4: Create a Legacy for Future
Generations: Keeping Dilemmas, Tensions, and Conict in Check * Alignment Around Shared
Mission, Vision, and Values * Minimizing Destructive Entitlement * Be Aware of How History
Repeats Itself * Dont Hand Down Bad Habits * Reconcile Past Injustices and Cutoffs * Final
Thoughts: Some Dilemmas Simply Remain Dilemmas * Further References
A Family Business Publication
May 2013 UK April 2013 US
120pp 1 gure
Paperback 14.99 / $23.00 / CN$26.50 9781137274601
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CRM Systems in Industrial Companies
Intra- and Inter-Organizational Effects
Andrea Perna, Uppsala University, Sweden, and Polytechnic University of Marche,
Italy, Enrico Baraldi, Uppsala University, Sweden
CRM Systems in Industrial Companies contributes new knowledge on Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) in the field of industrial marketing. Based on
an in-depth case study, this book highlights the complexity and challenges in the
development, implementation and use of CRM, revealing how truly challenging it
is to extract value from CRM systems.
Contents: 1 Introduction: Research Purpose, Methodology and Contribution * 2 Customer
Relationships in Industrial Networks * 3 Connecting IT Systems, Users and Organizations * 4
CRM, its Roots in Management Studies and Recent Research Trends * 5 Conceptualizing CRM
as an Interacting Resource * 6 Introducing CRM in an Industrial Company: the Case of Loccioni
Group * 7 Adopting and Using CRM at Loccioni Group * 8 Managing Six Important Customer
Relationships: Loccionis KAMs and CRM * 9 Case Analysis: the Embedding and Effects of CRM
at Loccioni * 10 Conclusions: Results, Managerial Implications and a Research Agenda
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
240pp 18 b/w tables, 12 gures, 2 b/w line drawings
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137335654
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Beyond Diversity and Intercultural
Christopher Robinson-Easley, Governors State
University, USA
Beyond Diversity and Intercultural Management
develops a change model designed to challenge
prevailing paradigms in the literature and
conversations about equal employment opportunity,
diversity, and intercultural management.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: MY JOURNEY AND
PARADIGMS * 1. Understanding diversity from the Mindset of
a Structural Approach to Change * 2. The Beginning: Moving
Diversity Strategies Beyond Structural Interventions * 3. My
Early Work: Appreciative Inquiry as a Diversity Intervention
Strategy * 4. The Importance of the Individual When Working to
Evoke a Diverse Organizational Environment * 5. Contemporary Yet Unconventional Research
and Perspectives on Issues of Diversity and Intercultural Management * 6. Contemporary
Diversity Perspectives: More Lessons from the Field * 7. The Movement Towards New Diversity
Questions and Paradigms: Synthesizing my Learning * PART II: NON-TRADITIONAL VENUES
FOR EVOKING THE DIVERSITY CONVERSATION * 8. Moving the Conversation Beyond
the Ethics Literature: Connecting Diversity and Social Responsibility * 9. Transformational
Leadership and the Transcendence of Humanity: Leaders are the Drivers of Change * 10.
Synthesizing the Learning: A New Diversity/Intercultural Competence Model for Change * 11.
Concluding Comments
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
208pp 2 illus
Hardback 38.00 / $60.00 / CN$69.00 9781137405135
Canadian Rights
Architecting Enterprise
Managing Innovation, Technology, and Global Competitiveness
P. Rajagopal, EGADE Business School of Monterrey Institute of Technology
and Higher Education (ITESM), Mexico City Campus, and Royal Society for
Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, London, UK
The discussion in this book provides an introduction to the concept of
entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial business management. The author covers
many elements of the entrepreneurial management discipline including choosing
a business, organizing, financing, marketing, developing an offering that the
market will value, and growing a business.
Contents: PART I: LAYING FOUNDATION OF ENTERPRISE * 1. Globalization and
Emerging Firms * 2. Entrepreneurial Mind-set * 3. Organizations and Innovations * PART II:
Management * 5. Process Innovation and Value Chain Management * 6. Technology Diffusion
and Adoption * 7. Innovations, Technology, and Economies of Scale * 8. Disruptive Innovations
and Technologies * PART III: REVEALING VALUES * 9. The Human Factors * 10. Consumer
Marketplace * 11. Global Effects of Innovation and Technology
April 2014 UK April 2014 US
288pp 3 b/w tables, 16 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137366771
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Nice Companies Finish First
Why Cutthroat Management Is Overand Collaboration Is In
Peter Shankman, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), USA
"This book's subtitle- "Why cutthroat management
is over- and collaboration is in"- says it all... This
means you can no longer treat your boss one way
and the people who report to you another...It
seems as though politeness is back on an upward
trajectory." - Third Sector magazine
"Shankman's book points out both the 'how to'
and the 'why' of becoming a nice guy and a nice
company. It is a compelling argument and one that
every CEO should consider. Read it and apply the
lessons to ensure your company too can exploit the
positive traits of nice companies and the long-term
rewards that can create." -Brain Cram
In Nice Companies Finish First, Shankman, a pioneer in modern PR, marketing,
advertising, social media, and customer service, profiles the famously nice
executives, entrepreneurs, and companies that are setting the standard for
success in this new collaborative world.
April 2013 UK April 2013 US
Hardback 16.99 / $26.00 / CN$30.00 9780230341890
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Professionals Making Judgments
The Professional Skill of Valuing and Assessing
Alexander Styhre, Chalmers University of Technology,
Professionals Making Judgments examines the role of
judgment in professional work. The book makes the
argument that too many studies of professionalism
put emphasis on rational decision making. The more
theoretical parts of the book are complemented
by empirical studies of three distinct domains of
professional practice.
Contents: List of Tables and Figures * Preface * Introduction:
On judgment * PART I: THEORY * 1. Three Perspectives
on Professional Judgment * 2. Organizing for Professional
Judgment: Bureaucracies and Heterarchies * PART II: EMPIRICAL
CASES * 3. Perceptual-epistemological Judgment: Embryologists
Examining Life * 4. Aesthetic-emotional Judgment: Ministers,
Faith-based Work, and the Church of Sweden * 5. Economic Judgment: The Regional Culture
Agency and the Governance of Culture Budgets * PART III: ANALYSIS * 6. Professionals
Making Judgment: Some Issues and Contributions * Appendix: Methodology of the Studies *
Bibliography * Index
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
248pp 6 b/w tables
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137369567
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things
Breaking the 8 Hidden Barriers that Plague Even the Best
Neil Smith, Promontory Growth and Innovation, USA,
Patricia OConnell, formerly BloombergBusinessweek.
com, USA
"Neil Smith has helped create incalculable
shareholder value and customer loyalty for
companies across America and around the world
with one 'radical' idea: Our own employees know
where the barriers to success are, and they know
how to break them down so the CEO and the
management teams can drive the vision and strategy
we set for our companies." - Brian T. Moynihan, Bank
of America Corporation
How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things reveals
the hidden barriers to success that exist in even the
best-managed companies. Highlighting the principles
managers need to apply in breaking down these barriers, Neil Smith offers a fast,
proven solution to achieve remarkable results.
Contents: Preface * Introduction: The Revelation * PART I: THE 8 BARRIERS - A PROMISE (an
acronym) * Avoiding Controversy * Poor Use of Time * Resistance to Change * Organizational
Silos * Management Blockers * Ignorance of Size * Supercial Assumptions or Wrong
Information * Existing Processes * PART II: BREAKING BARRIERS * 12 Principles for Change * A
Process that Works * PART III: THE RESULTS * Results: Thousands of Ideas, Prots, Simplicity,
Culture Change * PART IV: CONCLUSION * Liberating the Way People Work, Think, and
October 2013 UK September 2013 US
Paperback 9.99 / $16.00 / CN$18.50 9781137278401
Canadian Rights ebooks available
On Becoming a Leadership Coach
A Holistic Approach to Coaching Excellence
2nd edition
Edited by Christine Wahl, Georgetown University
Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, USA, Clarice
Scriber, Clarity Consulting, Inc., USA, Beth Bloomfield,
Bloomfield Associates, LLC., USA
"On Becoming a Leadership Coach is a truly
remarkable and accessible resource. It vividly
captures a wide array of insights, skills, perspectives
and techniques for those interested in leadership
coaching. A deeply talented team of contributors
has produced a unique compendium with enduring
value." - Bill Lindberg, The Ash Grove Group
On Becoming a Leadership Coach focuses on coaching
leaders in the context of the organizational systems
within which they lead, drawing on the curriculum
of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching
Certificate Program, one of the premier coach training programs in the world and
the only one with this particular focus.
October 2013 UK September 2013 US
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137322883
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Social Development of Leadership
and Knowledge
A Reflexive Inquiry into Research and Practice
Robert Warwick, Douglas Board, both at City
University London, UK
'In inquiring into knowledge and leadership, and the
connections between the two, these authors pull
off an amazing feat; they not only demystify the
fundamentals of reflexive research but do so in a
vivid, informative and engaging way. Any researcher,
especially any practitioner seeking to make better
sense of their lived experience, will benefit from
reading this book and should make it their first port
of call.' - Linda Holbeche, Holbeche Partnership and
Centre for Progressive Leadership at City of London
University, UK
In an increasingly complex and interconnected world,
the authors make a case rich in theory and narrative
for a new reflexive approach to real life situations. This approach (immersed
reflexivity) draws on Pierre Bourdieu's logic of practice and the complexity
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
240pp 1 b/w table
Hardback 60.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137005502
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Moving to the Cloud Corporation
How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud
Leslie P. Willcocks, Will Venters, Edgar A. Whitley, all
at London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
'The authors make a key contribution to moving
the Cloud from a frustrating era of marketing hype
to a more mature era of developing best practice.
Insightful stories of the enterprise are combined
with thorough and well-articulated research. A
seriously important and timely business book.' -Dr
Richard Sykes, Cloud Industry Forum
Drawing on an international survey of over 1,000
business and executives, this book provides a
management perspective on cloud technology. It
outlines the need to know information for strategic
decisions on cloud technology including its capabilities,
how it can be implemented securely and the way
forward for the next ten years.
Contents: Preface: Five Ways Cloud Changes IT * Introduction: Managing New Waves of Power
* 1. Cloud - A Critical Review Of Progress * 2. The Business Promise of Cloud * 3. The Challenge
of Moving to Cloud * 4. Clouds Near and Long Term Impacts * 5. Cloud and The Diffusion of
Innovation * 6. Managing The Cloud: Developing The Retained Organization * 7. The Cloud
Corporation Changing the Form of Organization * 8. Looking into Clouds The Potential
Future for Cloud
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
248pp 21 gures, 3 b/w tables
Hardback 29.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137347466
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Character of the Manager
From Office Executive to Wise Steward
Gregory R. Beabout, Saint Louis University, USA
Explores Alasdair MacIntyre's criticisms of the manager
and retrieves an interdisciplinary approach to character
transforming arguments. The manager as wise steward
is proposed as a model for virtuous management.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Dreams of Future Managers
* 2. Moral Philosophy and the Manager * 3. MacIntyre, Our
Gady * 4. The Manager as Ofce Executive: Emotivism
Embodied in a Character * 5. Strengths and Weaknesses
of Treating the Manager as a Stock Character * 6. Plot and
Perspective: Character Traits and their Cultivation * 7. The
Setting: Institutional Social Structures, Success, and Excellence
* 8. MacIntyre Against the Manager * 9. The Virtuous Manager,
the Art of Character, and Business Humanities * 10. Character
Transformation in the Friendship of Readers and Writers *
11. Transforming the Character of the Moral Philosopher * 12. Transforming Character: The
Manager and the Aesthete * 13. Transforming the Character of the Rhetorician * 14. The
Manager as Wise Steward: Activities, Practice, and Virtue * 15. Management is a Domain-
Relative Practice * 16. The Dispositions of the Wise Steward and the Parts of Practical Wisdom
* Conclusion
Humanism in Business Series
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
Hardback 70.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137304056
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Stories of Innovation for the Millennial
The Lynceus Long View
Piero Formica, University of Tartu, Estonia
Stories of Innovation for the Millennial Generation is
written for Millennials willing to assimilate and grow
dynamic, innovation-driven capabilities which lead to
the creation of high-impact startups.

August 2013 UK August 2013 US
168pp 1 b/w table, 13 b/w illustrations
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137350084
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Courage in the Twenty-First Century
The Art of Successful Job Transition
Joan Marques, Woodbury University, USA
Courage in the Twenty-First Century outlines the art
of moving forward both in professional and personal
life. Marques offers a strategy for self-renewal in order
to divulge the virtues and viewpoints to successfully
move from one career to another.
Contents: Contents * Chapter One: CHOICE You Create
Your Own Reality. Why Color It Gray? * Chapter Two: OPEN-
MINDEDNESS - Most Limitations Are In Your Head. Replace
Them. * Chapter Three: USEFULNESS Everything has a purpose.
Nothing is wasted. * Chapter Four: REALITY-CHECK - About
That Notorious Greener Grass * Chapter Five: ATTITUDE
The One Thing No One Can Decide For You * Chapter Six:
GENIUS That Hidden Spark That Awaits Revival * Chapter
Seven: EDUCATION Teachers And Lessons Are Everywhere

October 2013 UK October 2013 US
102pp 15
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137383129
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Standing Room Only
Marketing Insights for Engaging Performing Arts Audiences
Joanne Scheff Bernstein, Northwestern University,
Standing Room Only combines practical advice
for creating a strategic marketing program and
maintaining a successful performing arts organization.
This revised edition lays out a framework to navigate
the digital age, from online ticketing options, to
marketing options in social, and mobile media.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Performing Arts: History And
Issues; An Ongoing Crisis? A Growing Crisis? * 2. The Evolution
and Principles of Marketing * 3. Understanding the Performing
Arts Market: How Consumers Think * 4. Exploring Characteristics
of Current and Potential Performing Arts Attenders * 5. Planning
Strategy and Applying the Strategic Marketing Process * 6.
Identifying Market Segments, Selecting Target Markets, and
Positioning the Offer * 7. Conducting and Using Market Research * 8. Using Strategic Marketing
to Dene and Analyze the Product Offering * 9. Managing Location, Capacity, and Ticketing
Systems * 10. Delivering Value and Maximizing Revenue Through Pricing Strategies * 11.
Identifying and Capitalizing on Brand Identity * 12. Formulating Communications Strategies *
13. Delivering the Message: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and
Crisis Management * 14. Harnessing and Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing Methods
* 15. Building Audience Frequency and Loyalty * 16. Focusing on the Customer Experience and
Delivering Great Customer Service * 17. Audiences for Now; Audiences for the Future
May 2014 UK April 2014 US
Hardback 36.99 / $55.00 / CN$63.00 9781137282934
Canadian Rights
How Demographic and Economic Changes Will Reinvent the
Way Marketers Reach Consumers
Matt Carmichael, Journal Communications Inc., USA
BUYographics follows 11 American families and
explores how their life decisions impact consumer
behavior. This is not just a data book, because each of
these numbers - in datasets big and small - is a person.
As you read their stories, trends come to life and
provide a greater understanding of how to reach your
Contents: Introduction * Chapter 1: THE CHANGING
LIVE * Chapter 3: HOME ECONOMICS * Chapter 4: THE
* Chapter 7: THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF AGING * Chapter 8:
CONNECTED CONSUMER * Chapter 10: THE CAR CULTURE CRASH * Epilogue * Appendix 1:
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
240pp 11 b&w grures
Hardback 18.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278630
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How to Measure Digital Marketing
Metrics for Assessing Impact and Designing Success
Laurent Flores, CRM Metrix, France
'This book is THE definitive guide to help all
marketers value their digital efforts and accelerate
their digital transformation.'-Frdric Colas, P&G
Worldwide Digital Marketing Department of Fullsix
Group and of Fast-Up Partners
How to Measure Digital Marketing explains how to
determine the success of a digital marketing campaign
by demonstrating what digital marketing metrics are
as well as how to measure and use them. Including
real life case studies and experts viewpoints that help
marketers navigate the digital world.
EFFECTIVE DIGITAL MARKETING * 1. Denitions and Users of
Effectiveness Metrics in Digital Marketing * 2. The Market of Digital Marketing and the Main
Objectives of Digital Marketing * PART II: FROM DESIGN TO IMPLEMENTATION * 3. The
Different Types of Metrics and KPIs Available: Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics * 4.
Measuring Paid Media * 5. Measuring Owned Media * 6. Measuring Earned Media * PART
360 Communication to Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) * 8. Digital Dashboard: a
Necessary Tool to Monitor Progress and Drive Predictive Marketing * Conclusion
December 2013 UK January 2014 US
Hardback 24.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137340689
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share
Will Follow
The Art and Science of Building Brands
Libby Gill, executive coach, brand strategist, and
author, USA
An insightful look at how great companies build
authentic brands that attract loyal, long-term
customers using a proven seven-step methodology.
Contents: Introduction * 1. CLARIFY: Discovering Your
Emotional Assignment * 2. COMMIT: The Non-Negotiable
Promise of Excellence * 3. COLLABORATE: Creating Your Brand
One Conversation at a Time * 4. CONNECT: Creating the
Authentic Emotional Link * 5. COMPETE: What Makes You So
Special? * 6. COMMUNICATE: Talking Your Walk to Inuence
and Inspire * 7. CONTRIBUTE: If Not You, Who? * SUMMATION:
THE EIGHTH C * Key Chapter Takeaways * Notes * Index
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
Hardback 16.99 / $26.00 / CN$30.00 9781137278517
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Marketing in Context
Setting the Scene
Chris Hackley, Royal Holloway University of London, UK
"Once again Professor Hackley has written the book
I wished I had. Lucid, cogent, entertaining and above
all critical, this book should be required reading
for anyone interested in a more sophisticated
understanding of the role and influence of marketing
in contemporary society." - Avi Shankar, University
of Bath
"This is an excellent book that calls for marketing
to be more contextually sensitive, creative and
theatrical in its efforts to shape the texture of the
consumer cultural context. It offers a wealth of
insights for students, theorists, practitioners and
public policy makers alike." - Mark Tadajewski,
Durham University
The best marketing doesn't just focus on the individual psychology of the
consumer, it operates at a cultural level. It frames choices so that the consumer
isn't aware their buying decisions are being influenced. Hackley shows how
marketing must set the scene and identify the broader cultural context to
successfully influence consumers.
Contents: 1. Setting the Marketing Scene * 2. Marketing as Communication * 3. Marketing
ideology and mass media * 4. Ideologies of space * 5. Marketing Ideology and Social Policy * 6.
Consumer Agency and Brand Culture * 7. Managing Marketing in Context
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
Hardback 29.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137297105
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Connecting with Customers
Making the most of the networked world
Jed Hallam, Mindshare, UK
Dispelling the myth that brands are at the centre of a
consumer's universe, this ground-breaking book combines
business strategy with technological insights and cultural
understanding to explore how businesses can connect
with consumers while still achieving business goals.
Featuring interviews and practical case studies.
Contents: 1. Foreword and Introduction to the Purpose of
this Book * 2. How Behaviour Must Change in Marketing * 3.
Connecting Brand Advertising to Direct Advertising to Product
Development to Loyalty Programs Understanding the
Organismistic Nature of the Organisation * 4. Brand Growth
Versus Cultural Metabolism * 5. Growing the Culture, to Grow
the Category * 6. Understanding Cultures Using Networks * 7. In
Practice * 8. Conclusion
Palgrave Pocket Consultants
July 2014 UK August 2014 US
Paperback 14.99 / $24.00 / CN$30.00 9781137397195
Canadian Rights
Qualities of Food
Edited by Mark Harvey, University of Essex, UK,
Andrew McMeekin, University of Manchester, UK, Alan
Warde, University of Manchester, UK
In Qualities of Food the complexity and the significance
of the foods we eat are analysed from a variety of
perspectives, by sociologists, economists, geographers
and anthropologists.
Contents: Introduction; Mark Harvey, Andrew McMeekin and
Alan Warde * 1. Discovering Quality or Performing Taste? A
Sociology of the Amateur; Genevive Teil and Antoine Hennion
* 2. Standards of Taste and Varieties of Goodness: The (un)
Predictability of Modern Consumption; Jukka Gronow * 3.
Quality in Economics, A Cognitive Perspective; Gilles Allaire
* 4. Social Denitions of Halal Quality: The Case of Maghrebi Muslims in France; Florence
Bergeaud-Blackler * 5. Food Agencies as an Institutional Response to Policy Failure by the
UK and the European Union; David Barling * 6. Theorising Food Quality: Some Key Issues in
Understanding its Competitive Production and Regulation; Terry Marsden * 7. A New Aesthetic
of Food? Relational Reexivity in the Alternative Food Movement; Jonathan Murdoch and
Mara Miele * 8. The Political Morality of Food: Discourses, Contestation and Alternative
Consumption; Roberta Sassatelli * Conclusion; Mark Harvey, Andrew McMeekin and Alan
New Dynamics of Innovation and Competition
August 2013 US
Paperback $26.95 9780719068553
Published by Manchester University Press
Masters of Disaster
The Ten Commandments of Damage Control
Christopher Lehane, lawyer and author, USA, Mark
Fabiani, lawyer and author, USA, Bill Guttentag,
Stanford University, USA
Covering the ten commandments of damage control,
Masters of Disaster outlines the strategies that can
make real time news alerts, Twitter trend lines and viral
videos work for you rather against you. Full of lively
personal anecdotes and hard-knuckled advice, this is a
must-read for anyone who wants to emerge with their
reputation intact.
April 2014 UK March 2014 US
Paperback 11.99 / $17.00 / CN$19.00 9781137278968
Canadian Rights
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Mobile Influence
The New Power of the Consumer
Chuck Martin, The Mobile Future Institute, USA
Mobile Influence identifies the six moments in the
timeline of a sale which marketers must target
effectively in order to reach the mobile buyer. From
location-based marketing to mobile payment
systems, the model gives marketers access to the
tools necessary to build a new sales framework that
addresses the future of the market.

June 2013 UK June 2013 US
Hardback 17.99 / $28.00 / CN$32.00 9781137278500
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Managing Social Media and Consumerism
The Grapevine Effect in Competitive Markets
Rajagopal, EGADE Business School of Monterrey
Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM),
Categorically reviews the theories of communication,
best practices in social media and previous research,
and analyzes the corporate involvement towards
strategic and tactical stewardship in serving customer-
centric business requirements.

September 2013 UK September 2013 US
280pp 9 gures, 2 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137281913
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Rethinking Reputation
How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising in the
New Media World
Fraser P. Seitel, public relations consultant, author,
lecturer, columnist, and media commentator, USA, John
Doorley, New York University, USA
Good public relations is a strategic imperative more
important to competitive success than even advertising
or marketing. Two expert authors examine case studies
from major brands to glean the PR dos and don'ts
for the new media world and offer a wake-up call for
anyone tasked with representing their business to the

September 2013 UK September 2013 US
Paperback 11.99 / $17.00 / CN$19.00 9781137278708
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Globalization, Culture, and Branding
How to Leverage Cultural Equity for Building Iconic Brands in the
Era of Globalization
Carlos J. Torelli, University of Minnesota, USA
Drawing from novel theoretical insights in social
psychology, cultural psychology, and marketing,
Globalization, Culture and Branding provides guidelines
for imbuing brands with culturally symbolic meanings
that can create deep psychological bonds with multi-
cultural consumers.
of Brand Equity * 2. Cultural Equity * PART II: GAINING
ICONIC BRANDS * 3. Consumers from Different Cultures * 4.
Consumers Reactions to the Cultural Meanings in Brands * 5.
Brands and the Fulllment of Cultural Identity Needs * PART III:
6. Putting it all Together: Why and How to Build an Iconic Brand * 7. Leveraging and Protecting
Cultural Equity
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
208pp 33 b/w line drawings, 3 b/w tables
Hardback 62.50 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137333315
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Unconscious Branding
How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing
Douglas Van Praet, Deutsch LA, USA
"A provocative approach that should give pause to
consumers as well as marketers." - Kirkus Reviews
"Doug has been an instrumental strategic guide for
transforming and redefining the Volkswagen brand.
The behavioral insights and the rationale for why
people act as they do - uncovered in his book - have
had a profound effect on how we communicate
and behave, helping the brand achieve the highest
market share in thirty years. I would recommend
this book to anyone who wants to truly understand
how to craft communications that will truly
resonate." - Justin Osborne, Volkswagen of America
If consumers make decisions unconsciously, why do we
persist in asking them directly through traditional marketing research why they
do what they do? Unconscious Branding takes the most brilliant and revolutionary
concepts from cognitive science and applies them to how we market, advertise,
and consume in the modern digital age.
Contents: 1. Introduction: The Elephant in the Room and the Building of a Bridge * PART I:
THE SCIENCE BELOW OUR DEEPER BEHAVIOR * 2. The Myth of Marketing * 3. Humans not
Consumers * 4. The Biology of Behavior * PART II: THE SEVEN STEPS TO BEHAVIOR CHANGE
* 5. Step One: Interrupt the Pattern * 6. Step Two: Create Comfort * 7. Step Three: Lead the
Imagination * 8. Step Four: Shift the Feeling * 9. Step Five: Satisfy the Critical Mind * 10. Step
Six: Change the Associations * 11. Step Seven: Take Action * Sources * Acknowledgements *
April 2014 UK March 2014 US
Paperback 10.99 / $17.00 / CN$19.00 9781137278920
Canadian Rights
Breaking Through, 2nd Edition
Implementing Disruptive Customer Centricity
Sandra Vandermerwe, Imperial College Management
School, UK
The thoroughly revised new edition of Breaking
Through explains the importance of customer
centricity to any customer-driven business and outlines
how to implement it step-by-step.
Contents: Introduction * PART I: FIRST PHASE: THE
AWAKENING * Breakthrough 1: Create Strategic Discomfort
and Excitement * Breakthrough 2: Reframe New Beliefs *
Articulate the Market Space * Breakthrough 4: Identify the
Value Opportunities * PART III: THIRD PHASE: THE STORY *
Breakthrough 5: Build a Compelling Case * Breakthrough 6:
* Breakthrough 7: Model the Concept * Breakthrough 8: Get
People Working Together * PART V: FIFTH PHASE: THE REWARD * Breakthrough 9: Reach
Critical Mass * Breakthrough 10: Gather and Sustain Momentum
March 2014 UK April 2014 US
292pp 21 diagrams, 9 b/w tables, 6 gures
Hardback 29.99 / $47.00 / CN$51.75 9781137395498
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Humanistic Marketing
Edited by Richard J. Varey, Waikato Management
School, New Zealand, Michael Pirson, Fordham
University, New York, USA
Humanistic Marketing is a response to the currently
growing mega-trend call for rethinking marketing. The
book organizes current thinking around the problems
of marketing theory and practice as well as solutions
and ways forward, providing a diverse exploration of
the position of marketing in the face of challenges for
societal transformation.
Contents: Whats wrong with Marketing in theory and in
practice? * 1. Where Marketing Causes Trouble * 2. Re-afrming
the prevailing order? * 3. What is Critical Marketing Studies?:
Reading Macro, Social and Critical Marketing Studies * 4.
Rehumanizing Marketing (and Consumer Behavior) * 5. Wants
vs. Needs: On the Philosophical Bases of Humanistic Marketing * 6. Marketing for Mortality?
The Scottish Case and the Humankind Index * 7. Criminal Marketing: An Inhuman Side of
Business * 8. Can Society Nurture Humanistic Marketing? * 9. How is Humanistic Marketing
Possible?Marketing as a force for good * 10. Fusing Back the Human, Radically * 11. Translating
Anthropological Consumption Theories into Humanistic Marketing Practices * 12. Well-Being
Marketing as Humanistic Marketing * 13. Constructive Engagement, Macromarketing &
Humanistic Marketing * 14. Wisdom as Excellence in Commitment to Humanistic Marketing
Practice * 15. Power to the People: An Essay on Branding and Global Democracy * 16.
Responsible Advertising for Sustainable Development: The Case of French Responsible Agencies
* 17. Sustainable Marketing through The Natural Step * 18. Social Networks and Marketing
Happiness?: The Potential Role of Marketing in an Electronic World * 19. Social Business:
Everybodys Business * Closing Commentary
Humanism in Business Series
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
304pp 5 b/w tables, 6 gures, 1 line drawing
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137353283
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Toward a Metatheory of Economic Bubbles
Socio-Political and Cultural Perspectives
Nikhilesh Dholakia, University of Rhode Island, USA, Romeo Turcan, Aalborg
University, Denmark
Historically, bubbles have been understood primarily in financial-economic terms.
In this exciting new work, Dholakia and Turcan argue that bubbles are also a socio-
political and cultural phenomena, with intense and accelerating interactions of
engineered hype and feverish expectations.
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137368706
Canadian Rights
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Unmasking Project Management
The Business Perspective of Information Systems Success
Cassandra Moraveck, Brandman University, USA
"Moraveck conveys a broad conceptual
understanding and an overview of the fundamentals
of project management and how these basic
concepts and mechanisms may be applied in the real
world. This book will be a significant value-add to
information systems project managers who need
to encourage innovations within the team, timely
executions, and high quality project completions." -
B. Raj Sinha, National University, USA
Unmasking Project Management helps professionals
in information technology (IT) and business identify
successful approaches to management of information
systems (MIS) that will work for their organizations and
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. The Organization and Forces of Information Systems Change
* 3. From Visions to Information Systems Projects * 4. Avoiding Some Common Problems *
5. Projects and Stakeholder Management * 6. Middle Space * 7. The Career Path and Working
Within the Organization * 8. The Project Manager * 9. Critical Success Factors and Project
Success * 10. Measuring Project Success * 11. The Essentials of Good Management Practices
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
272pp 6 b/w tables, 22 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $65.00 / CN$75.00 9781137360953
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Getting to We
Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships
Jeanette Nyden, Nyden & Co, USA, Kate Vitasek,
Supply Chain Visions, USA, David Frydlinger, Lindahl
Law Firm, Sweden
Getting to We is a must read for anyone needing to
create strategic or long term relationships. Readers
will find a clear, well-researched step-by-step
approach and invaluable tools for developing fair and
sustainable relationships. George T. Nierenberg,
The Negotiation Institute
'Getting to We provides a practical framework for
how organizations can create highly collaborative,
win-win relationships with their trading partners.
Many companies talk about wanting more
collaborative relationships but aren't sure what to
do. Finally, a step-by-step guide that shows you how
to do it.' Katherine Kawamoto, International Association for Commercial
and Contract Management
Drawing on best practices and real examples from companies who are achieving
record results, Getting to We flips conventional negotiation on its head, shifting
the perspective from a tug of war between parties to a collaborative partnership
where both sides effectively pull against a business problem.
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
248pp 13 gures
Hardback 21.99 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137297181
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Psychology and Modern Warfare
Idea Management in Conflict and Competition
Michael Taillard, Bellevue University, USA, Holly
Giscoppa, cognitive-behavioral psychology expert, USA
Throughout history, both military and commercial
entities around the world have utilized these methods,
and even since the formalization of psychological
operations during WW2 our methods have improved
greatly, but we are still only touching the 'tip of the
iceberg' of what is truly possible.
Introduction * 2. Messages * 3. Perception * 4. Brainwashing * 5.
Trust and Identication * 6. Interpersonal Conict * 7. Challenges
and Limitations * 8. Suggestions for Future Research * PART IV:
EMOTIONAL MODIFICATION * 1. Introduction * 2. Emotional
Manipulation * 3. Motivational Theory * 4. Morale * 5. Marketing
and Branding * 6. Theatrical Presence * 7. Psychotropics * 8. Challenges and Limitations * 9.
Suggestions for Future Research * PART V: BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION * 1. Introduction *
2. Disorders * 3. Conditioning * 4. Cross-Cultural Exploitation * 5. Behavioral Intelligence * 6.
Organizational Manipulation * 7. Direct Decision Inuence * 8. Challenges and Limitations * 9.
Suggestions for Future Research * PART VI: CONCLUSION
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
264pp 3 b/w tables, 5 diagrams, 1 chart, 6 b/w illustrations
Hardback 69.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137349613
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The Knowledge of Culture and the Culture of
Implications for Theory, Policy and Practice
Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington University,
USA, Ali Pirzadeh, independent consultant, USA
The Knowledge of Culture and the Culture of Knowledge
explores the construct of information and information
culture and its relationship to the prevailing culture. The
author provides an analysis of the relationship of media
to the core constructs in the book by explaining why
they have been put together to form one single idea.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Todays Prevailing Culture * 3.
Information Culture * 4. Culture of Mass Society * 5. Prevailing
Culture and Narratives for Constructing Reality: Case Study of
Economic Crisis * 6. Conclusions
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
232pp 5 gures, 7 b/w line drawings
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781403942432
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Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Contemporary Debates
Edited by Maria Joo Rosa, University of Aveiro, Portugal, Alberto Amaral,
University of Porto, Portugal
This book weighs up the consequences of introducing Quality Enhancement and
Risk Management as new dimensions in Higher Education quality control on a
global scale. The authors include Chief Executive Officers of Quality Agencies,
policy analysts and leading scholars in Quality Evaluation and Comparative
Higher Education policy analysis.
Contents: 1. Introduction; Maria Joo Rosa and Alberto Amaral * 2. Where are Quality Frontiers
Moving to?; Alberto Amaral * 3. Quality Enhancement: a New Step in a Risky Business? A Few
Adumbrations on its Prospect for Higher Education in Europe; Guy Neave * 4. Transparency
about Multi-Dimensional Activities and Performance. What can U-Map and U-Multirank
Contribute?; Don F. Westerheijden * 5. Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes
(AHELO): an OECD Feasibility Study; Diana Dias and Alberto Amaral * 6. Risk, Trust and
Accountability; Colin Raban * 7. Risk Management: Implementation; Anthony McClaran * 8.
Quality Enhancement: an Overview of Lessons from the Scottish Experience; Murray Saunders
* 9. European Trends in Quality Assurance: New Agendas Beyond the Search for Convergence?;
Bjrn Stensaker * 10. Recent Trends in US Accreditation; Judith S. Eaton * 11. Quality Assurance
in Latin America; Maria Jos Lemaitre * 12. The Academic Constituency; Maria Joo Rosa *
13. Students Views on the Recent Developments in Quality Assurance of Higher Education
in Europe; Lylilya Ivanova * 14. Recent Trends in Quality Assurance? Observations from the
Agencies Perspective; Achim Hopbach * 15. The Swiftly Moving Frontiers of Quality Assurance;
Alberto Amaral and Maria Joo Rosa
Issues in Higher Education
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
240pp 9 b/w tables, 5 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $105.00 / CN$115.00 9781137374622
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Stitched Up
The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion
Tansy E. Hoskins, based in London, UK
'A book that hangs like a garment on a coat-hanger.
A garment with many pockets. In the pockets
numberless notes and remarks about clothes and
history. Take it off the hanger and put it on. By which
I mean - read it and walk through history." - John
Stitched Up delves into the exclusive and alluring world
of fashion, to expose class division, gender stereotyping
and wasteful consumption. Tansy Hoskins illuminates
the political and sociological dimensions of an industry
which promotes and supports the dominant values of
our age: image, glamour, money and sex.
Contents: Introduction * 1. The Road To Linkenholt * 2. The
Fashion Media * 3. Consuming Fashion * 4. Fashion and Labour * 5. A Bitter Harvest * 6.
Fashion and Size * 7. Is Fashion Racist? * 8. Resisting Fashion * 9. Reforming Fashion * 10.
Revolutionising Fashion
January 2014 US
216pp 11 line drawings
Hardback $80.00 9780745332901
Paperback $26.00 9780745334561
Published by Pluto Press
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Generation and Gender in Academia
Edited by Barbara Bagilhole, Loughborough University,
UK, Kate White, University of Ballarat, Australia
The first cross-cultural analysis of the differences in
career trajectories and experiences between a senior
group of women academics and a younger group who
are at early and mid-career stages. Major themes in the
autobiographical stories of these women were national
context; organisational context; family, class and
location; and agency.
Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION * 1. The Context; Barbara
Bagilhole and Kate White * PART II: REFLECTIONS OF WOMEN
IN ACADEMIA * 2. A Standard Academic Career?; Pat OConnor
* 3. Shaping an Academic Belonging: The Interloper Syndrome
by Gender and Class; Barbara Bagilhole * 4. A Mature Age
Student; Jenny Neale * 5. A Non-typical Academic Career; Maria
de Lourdes Machado-Taylor * 6. An Outsider in Academia; Kate White * PART III: THE NEXT
GENERATION * 7. Careers of Early and Mid-career Academics; Teresa Carvalho, zlem zkanl,
Heidi Prozesky and Helen Peterson * PART IV: EXPLORING GENERATIONAL CHANGE * 8.
Continuity and Change in Academic Careers; Kate White and Barbara Bagilhole
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137269164
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Leading Value Creation
Organizational Science, Bioinspiration, and the Cue See Model
Matt Barney, Infosys, India
Leading Value Creation fills the void between specialist-
devised solutions and practicing leaders as the first
book to take organizational science and place it into
one coherent and useful model.
Contents: Introduction * The Big 3 of Adult Development * 1.
Mother Nature, Supermodel * 2. Business Models of Value Creation
* 3. Interdisciplinary Value Creation Synthesized * 4. Overview
of the Cue See Model * 5. Leadership and the Cue See Model * 6.
Applying the Cue See Model * 7. Macro-Parasites and Limitations of
the Cue See Model * 8. Value Creation in Perspective * Postlude *
Appendix 1: Bioinspired Parasite Details * Appendix 2: Introduction
to Rasch Measurement * Appendix 3: First Test of the Cue See
Model * Appendix 4: Five Studies Applying the Cue See Model to
Standard Setting * Appendix 5: Hypotheses Summarized
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
304pp 50 gures, 28 b/w tables, 27 illustrations
Hardback 31.50 / $50.00 / CN$57.50 9781137373717
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Dynamic Capabilities
How Organisational Structures Affect Knowledge Processes
Philip Cordes-Berszinn, Jacob University, Germany
Dynamic Capabilities analyses organizational structures
between chaos and order in a holistic and concrete
understanding and how this affects the evolvement of
dynamic capabilities.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Dynamic Capabilities Drivers
for Organisational Success * 3. Organisational Structures
Congurations between Chaos and Order * 4. Effects of
Organisational Structures on Dynamic Capabilities A Meta
Analysis * 5. Conclusions

November 2013 UK November 2013 US
344pp 27 b/w tables, 44 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137351272
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Materiality and Space
Organizations, Artefacts and Practices
Edited by Francois-Xavier de Vaujany, University
Paris-Dauphine, France, Nathalie Mitev, London School
of Economics, UK
Materiality and Space explores the importance and role
of space, its relation to material objects, and how they
play out in work organizations.
Contents: Introduction: Space in Organizations and
Sociomateriality; Francois-Xavier de Vaujany and Nathalie Mitev
AND DISCUSSIONS * 1. Living in the Material World; Andrew
Pickering * 2. Towards A Theory Of Affordance Ecologies; Aron
Lindberg and Kalle Lyytinen * 3. Management Systems as
Organizational Architextures; Philippe Lorino * 4. Bachelards
Elements and the Study of Materiality in Organizations;
EVERYDAY WORK AND CO-WORK PRACTICES * 5. The Role of Physical Space in Collaborative
Workplaces Hosting Entrepreneurs: The Case of the Beehive in Paris; Julie Fabbri and Florence
Charue-Duboc * 6. Writing Spaces: Performativity in Media Work; Lotta Hkkinen and Nina
Kivinen * 7. When Urban Space Becomes Organizational Space: A Space-Based Coordination
to Deal with Volatile and Recurring Problems of Urban Incivility; Nathalie Raulet-Croset * 8.
Constraints and Opportunities: The Use of Space by Employees to Complete their E-Learning
Program; Bhumika Gupta and Emmanuel Baudoin * PART III: SPACE, MATERIALITY AND
MANAGERIAL CONTROL * 9. Beyond Panoptic Enclosures?: On the Spatiotemporal Dimension
of Organizational Control as Induced by Mobile Information Systems; Aurlie Leclercq-
Vandelannoitte * 10. To the Victors to the Spoils!: Distributed Agencies, Inhumanities and the
Case of Comrade Duch of the Khmer Rouge; Stewart Clegg, Miguel Pina e Cunha and Armenio
Rego * 11. Controlling Managers Becoming: The Practice of Identity Regulation; Stphan
and Materialities; John Urry * 13. Re-Dening Agency: Indeterminacy and the Role of Extra-
Organizational Dynamics in Organizational Routines and Technologies; Aljona Zorina and David
Avison * 14. Professional Identity [and] Technological Artifacts and Work Practices: The Case
of the Train Driver Community of the NRC; Pierre Laniray * Conclusion: Back to Longue Duree,
Materialism and Management Practices; Nathalie Mitev and Francois-Xavier de Vaujany *
Epilogue: Performativity and the Becoming of Sociomaterial Assemblages; Lucas D. Introna
Technology, Work and Globalization
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
392pp 19 b/w tables, 15 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137304087
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Decision-Making in an Organizational Context
Beyond Economic Criteria
Josep Maria Rosanas, IESE (Barcelona), Spain
Illustrates how decision-making in organizations has to
go beyond economic criteria and the individual level,
due to the impossibility of making decisions that do
not affect other human beings. The author reviews
the conventional analyses of decision-making that do
not take into account how decisions affect others and
suggests an alternate model.
Contents: Introduction: Purpose and Structure of the Book
ARE FAR AWAY * 1. The Lotteries of Life: Decisions about
an Uncertain Variable * 2. Complex Decisions: Quantitative
Variables and Qualitative Variables * 3. Decisions, Results and
Consequences. Learning * PART II : PERSONAL DECISIONS
WHERE OTHER PEOPLE ARE NEAR * 4. Interactions Affecting
Two People * 5. Markets, Organizations and Personal Relationships * 6. Shareholders,
Stakeholders and Organizational Goals * 7. Decisions within Organizations * 8. Motives and
Unity of the Organization * 9. Effectiveness, Attractiveness and Unity * 10. Corporate Social
Responsibility and Conscious Capitalism
May 2013 UK May 2013 US
200pp 2 gures, 1 b/w table
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9780230297920
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Marginal Organizations
Analyzing Organizations at the Edge of Society's Mainstream
Dennis W. Tafoya, CompCite, Inc., USA
In Marginal Organizations, Tafoya focuses on
organizations often described as part of an informal
economy, informal sector, underground economy, or
unofficial economy.
Contents: 1. Introduction to the Concept of the Marginal
Organization * 2. Proling the Marginal Organization: A
Framework for Operational Analysis * 3. The Emergence of
Marginal Organizations in a Mainstream Society: Translating
Inuence into Strategy in an Effort to Drive the Marginal
Organizations Success * 4. The Emergence of Marginals in
the Active Context of Mainstream Society * 5. Analyzing the
Marginals Persona: Existence as a Marginal Organization and
the Marginals Impact on the Mainstream * 6. For Marginal
Organizations Within a World of Mixed Certainty, Surviving May
be Just Enough * 7. Mapping the Decline and Loss of Organizational Inuence in the Marginal
Economy: A Case Study * 8. Conclusions: Strategies for the Management of a Societys Marginal
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
272pp 12 illus
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137379467
Canadian Rights
Preventing Corruption
Investigation, Enforcement and Governance
Graham Brooks, University of Wolverhampton, UK,
David Walsh, University of Derby, UK, Chris Lewis,
University of Portsmouth, UK, Hakkyong Kim, Korean
National Police University
"Preventing Corruption is a wide ranging and
ambitious book which offers a concise and articulate
insight into the world of corruption. The book draws
upon a range of local and global sources to provide
a scholarly and accessible account which will prove
to be an excellent resource for students, researchers
and practitioners." - Philip Hodgson, Nottingham
Trent University, UK
Preventing Corruption reveals the extent, types,
investigation, enforcement and governance of
international corruption. Providing a unique
international coverage, it reveals the limits of current anti-corruption strategies
and explores the involvement of western democratic states in corruption.
Contents: Introduction * Outline of book * 1. Dening corruption * 2. Measuring corruption
* 3. Explaining corruption * 4. International compliance: The limitations to legislation * 5.
Encouraging Exposure * 6. Threats, persuasion and sanctions as an aid to tackling corruption
* 7. State capture, corruption and the use of force * 8. Private organisations as an extension
of government power * 9. Is all corruption bad? Understanding individual and organisational
vested self-interest * Final reections * Final thoughts: The Prevention of Corruption
Crime Prevention and Security Management
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
232pp 1 b/w table
Hardback 65.00 / $95.00 / CN$121.00 9781137023858
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Financial Crime and Knowledge Workers
An Empirical Study of Defense Lawyers and White-Collar
Petter Gottschalk, Norwegian School of Management
Financial Crime and Knowledge Workers examines the
role of lawyers in court cases involving white-collar
crimes, revealing fresh insights into the relationship
between a lawyer's stature and a case's potential
Contents: Introduction * 1. White-Collar Criminals and Crime
* 2. White-Collar Crime Defense Lawyers * 3. White-Collar
Crime Defense Strategies * 4. Lawyers as Knowledge Workers
* 5. Theoretical Perspectives on Defense Lawyers * 6. Empirical
Study of White-Collar Lawyers * 7. Law Firms as Knowledge
Organizations * 8. Knowledge Management in Law Firms * 9.
Prosecution in Court * Conclusion
February 2014 UK February 2014 US
200pp 16 gures, 18 b/w tables
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137389114
Canadian Rights

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The Ethics of Risk
Ethical Analysis in an Uncertain World
Sven Ove Hansson, Royal Institute of Technology,
When is it morally acceptable to expose others
to risk? Most moral philosophers have had very
little to say in answer to that question, but here is
a moral philosopher who puts it at the centre of his
Contents: Preface * Introduction * PART I: WHY RISK IS A
PROBLEM FOR ETHICS * 1. The Uncertainties We Face * 2.
Difculties for Moral Theories * 3. Back to Basics * PART II:
Future * 5. Thinking in Uncertain Terms * PART III: SOLVING
CONFLICTS OF RISK * 6. Fair Exchanges of Risk * 7. Moral
Excuses Under Scrutiny * References * Index
September 2013 UK September 2013 US
184pp 3 gures
Hardback 55.00 / $85.00 / CN$98.00 9781137333643
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Close Calls
Managing Risk and Resilience in Airline Flight Safety
Carl Macrae, London School of Economics, UK
"Close Calls is an extremely important book because
it grounds the elusive concepts of reliability,
resilience, risk, and sensemaking in the detailed
specic practices of airline ight safety investigators.
This may sound like an exotic population to study,
but it is the brilliance of this volume to go deep into
the interpretive work of people who make a living
doing what you and I try to do everyday - make
sense of ambiguous and unexpected events. Macrae
has made the invisible visible and in doing so, has
created a beautifully written book that is required
reading for any gathering of people who want to
learn more about the specics of risk, safety, inquiry,
and performance improvement. " - Karl E. Weick,
University of Michigan, USA and Managing the Unexpected
This book offers one of the best discussions of the nature of organisational
safety I have ever read. I condently predict that it will have a major impact
upon the way safety professionals and academics think and do research.
- James Reason, University of Manchester, UK and Managing the Risks of
Organisational Accidents and The Human Contribution
Drawing on extensive and detailed fieldwork within airlinesan industry that
pioneered near-miss analysis this book develops a clear set of practical
implications and theoretical propositions regarding how all organizations can
learn from 'near-miss' events and better manage risk and resilience.
Contents: 1. Searching for Risk and Resilience * 2. Airlines, Incidents and Investigators * 3.
Understanding and Interpreting Safety * 4. Analysing and Assessing Risk * 5. Overseeing and
Monitoring Safety * 6. Identifying and Constructing Risks * 7. Improving and Evaluating Safety *
8. Organising Resilience
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
248pp 1 gure, 1 diagram
Hardback 65.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9780230220843
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Managing Towards Supply Chain Maturity
Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring
Edited by Maciej Szymczak, Pozna University of
Economics (PUE), Pozna, Poland
This text takes a view of the crucial issues involved in
supply chain management. The discussion introduces
the concept of risk, information and social capital
management that will ensure supply chain excellence
and maturity according to the Poirier's model.
Contents: List of Tables * List of Figures * Table of Contents *
Introduction; Maciej Szymczak * 1. Supply Chain Management;
Maciej Szymczak, Mariusz Szuster, Grayna Wieteska and
Anna Baraniecka * 2. Directions of Supply Chain Development;
Anna Baraniecka * 3. Supply Chain Risk; Grayna Wieteska * 4.
Outsourcing and Offshoring as Factors Increasing Risk in Supply
Chains; Mariusz Szuster * 5. Supply Chain Risk Management;
Grayna Wieteska * 6. Information Management in the Supply
Chain; Maciej Szymczak * 7. Social Capital Management in the Supply Chain; Anna Baraniecka *
Summary * List of Tables * List of Figures
October 2013 UK October 2013 US
Hardback 70.00 / $105.00 / CN$121.00 9781137359650
Canadian Rights
Policing Transnational Organized Crime
and Corruption
Exploring the Role of Communication Interception Technology
Mitchell Congram, Peter Bell, Mark Lauchs, all at
Queensland University, Australia
Examining the role of communication interception
technology (CIT) in the investigation of transnational
organised crime, the authors demonstrate that a
proactive intelligence-led policing framework and a
re-evaluation of the constraints of CIT are required to
combat the international issue of corruption.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Transnational Organized Crime *
3. Corruption * 4. Policing Methodologies * 5. Anti-Corruption
Models * 6. Communication Interception Technology * 7.
Directions in Intelligence and Investigations * 8. Integrating
Communication Interception Technology within Investigations
* 9. Conclusion
Crime Prevention and Security Management
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
128pp 8 gures
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$75.00 9781137333780
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Understanding and Preventing Corruption
Adam Graycar, Australian National University, Tim
Prenzler, Griffith University, Australia
Graycar and Prenzler present a readily accessible guide
to the issues of public and private sector corruption,
outlining the nature and dimensions of corruption
problems in a variety of settings across the world,
and providing a set of practical strategies to prevent
corruption that also facilitate economic growth and
Contents: Part I: CORRUPTION IS COMPLEX * 1. Describing
Corruption * 2. Understanding Corruption * 3. Measuring
The Architecture of Corruption Control * 5. Applying Crime
Prevention and Regulatory Theory to Corruption * Part III:
Corruption in Criminal Justice * 7. Preventing Corruption in Public Sector Procurement * 8.
Preventing Corruption in Public Health * 9. Designing out Corruption in Urban Planning
Crime Prevention and Security Management
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
144pp 3 gures, 9 b/w tables
Hardback 37.50 / $57.00 / CN$65.50 9781137335081
Canadian Rights ebooks available
A Womans Framework for a Successful Career
and Life
James Hamerstone, Gettysburg College, USA, Lindsay
Musser Hough, Deloitte Consultancy, USA
A Woman's Framework for a Successful Career and Life
is a comprehensive resource for women trying to figure
out how to navigate a career and balance that with the
rest of their life.
Contents: 1. Introduction * 2. Build your...Board * 3. Build
your...Brand * 4. Build your...Communication Skills * 5. Build
your...Negotiation Skills * 6. Consider...Ambition * 7. Consider...
Leadership * 8. Consider...Work-Life Fit * 9. Consider...Career
Path Navigation * 10. Consider...Working Globally * 11. Bringing
it All Together
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
224pp 16 b/w tables, 25 b/w illustrations
Hardback 70.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137293183
Paperback 20.00 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137293190
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Influence Agenda
A Systematic Approach to Aligning Stakeholders in Times of
Mike Clayton, author and management trainer, UK
The Influence Agenda sets out a systematic way
to understand who you need to influence, how to
evaluate the priority you give to each person, what
tactics will work the best, and how to plan and
execute your campaign. It provides powerful tools and
processes which use the psychology of influence and
grounds them in experience of managing projects and
Contents: 1. The Process is Trivial: The Implementation is Not
* 2. Who are your Stakeholders? * 3. More than Just Power:
Analysing your Stakeholders * 4. What are you Doing? Crafting
your Message * 5. Gentle Persuasion: Soft Power * 6. Hidden
Persuasion: Behavioural Economics * 7. A Dozen Reasons why
youre Wrong: Handling Resistance * 8. Your Inuence Agenda:
Campaign Planning * 9. Making it Work: Campaign Management * 10. Closing Words
April 2014 UK May 2014 US
296pp 60 gures, 8 b/w tables, 15 tables
Hardback 19.99 / $30.00 / CN$34.50 9781137355843
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Rethinking the Market Economy
Jean-Jacques Lambin, Universita degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy and Universite
Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Rethinking the Market Economy explores the changing socio-economic and
technological landscape of the twenty-first century and what it means. It adopts
an industrial economic approach, whilst proposing a road map leading to the
adoption of a 'societal market economy' model as an appealing and politically
acceptable third-way between capitalism and socialism.
Contents: 1. The Market Economy System in Question * 2. A Stabilized and Regulated Financial
Market * 3. A Sustainable Economy * 4. A Green Economy * 5. An Innovative Economy * 6. A
Global and Local Economy * 7. A Knowledge-based Economy * 8. A Digital and Networking
Economy * 9. A Distributed and Collaborative Economy * 10. A Social Economy * 11. A
Humanistic Market Economy * 12. Happiness and Well-being * 13. A State-led Economy * 14.
Toward a Societal Market Economy
March 2014 UK March 2014 US
304pp 22 b/w tables, 4 gures
Hardback 70.00 / $115.00 / CN$132.00 9781137392893
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Making the Compelling Business Case
Decision-Making Techniques for Successful Business Growth
Wolfgang Messner, Cap Gemini, India
'A useful, pragmatic, how-to-do-it book. The value
proposition of a corporate investment has always
been about reducing costs or increasing revenue.
Messner shows companies how to ensure that
projects are really doing that. It is this process
of leveraging project expenditure which makes
organisations successful.'-Heinz-Paul Bonn,
BITKOM, Germany
'Leaders thrive on results. This excellent book should
be of great interest to all executives who need to have
continued success with their investment decisions.
The approach described not only aligns organizations
to take the right decisions, but to sustain delivered
benefits over time.'-Dr Baru Rao, Capgemini, USA
Providing the necessary background information and hands-on tools to build
compelling business cases, this book will increase the reader's capability to
champion new business development ideas, take them to senior management,
and facilitate the decision process by understanding the key theories and practices
of finance and corporate investments.
Contents: Preface * 1. Deciding on Corporate Investments * 2. Key Financial Concepts * 3.
Fundamentals I: Costs * 4. Fundamentals II: Benets * 5. Making Investment Decisions with
NPV * 6. Factoring Risk and Uncertainty * 7. Factoring Strategic Flexibility * 8. Business Case
Presentation * 9. Business Case as Controlling Framework * 10. Inuencing Decisions in Sales
November 2013 UK December 2013 US
Hardback 24.99 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9781137340566
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Social Media and Strategic Communications
Edited by Hana S. Noor Al-Deen, University of North
Carolina Wilmington, USA, John Allen Hendricks,
Stephen F. Austin State University, USA
Social Media and Strategic Communications provides
truly comprehensive and original scholarly research
that exhibits the strategic implementation of social
media in both advertising and public relations.
May 2013 UK June 2013 US
264pp 28 gures
Hardback 55.00 / $85.00 / CN$98.00 9781137287045
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Negotiating Life
Secrets for Everyday Diplomacy and Deal Making
Jeswald W. Salacuse, Fletcher School of Law and
Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA
''Life is negotiation and we can all learn to do it
better.' Salacuse is a leading scholar and teacher
in the field of negotiation. This book is the latest in
his series of invaluable, highly readable volumes on
the subject, one which offers unique insight into the
application of negotiating skills to our relationships
with family members, working colleagues and
friends." - Stephen Bosworth, former US ambassador
to South Korea, the Philippines, and Tunisia; and
Tufts University, USA
"This book is a genuine breakthrough in explaining
the high, fine art of negotiations, the heart of
business, government, life, et al. Salacuse offers
practical and easily usable rules in clear-cut language on how to make strategy
and carry out your daily and life deeds." - Leslie H. Gelb, former New York Times
correspondent and president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations
Arguing that life is really a series of negotiations, deal making, and diplomacy,
Salacuse gives readers the tools to make the most of any situation.
Contents: 1. Negotiated Lives * 2. Strategies for Conict * 3. To Negotiate or Not? * 4. The
Power Problem * 5. Negotiation Goals: Transactions and Relationships * 6. Real Leaders
Negotiate * 7. Negotiating with Governments * 8. Negotiating for Other People * 9.
International and Cross Cultural Negotiations * 10. The Power of Preparation * 11. Your Place
or Mine? Deciding Where to Negotiate * 12. Opening Moves * 13. Getting By With a Little Help
from Your Friends * 14. Finding the Right Voice: Effective Communication at the Table * 15. The
Endgame: Closing the Deal * 16. Implementing Deals * 17. On Second Thought: Redoing the
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137034762
Paperback 22.00 / $35.00 / CN$40.00 9781137391018
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Sustainable Innovation Strategy
Creating Value in a World of Finite Resources
Christophe Sempels, Jonas Hoffmann, both at SKEMA
Business School, France
Examining the links between sustainable development,
innovation strategy and the business model, this
thought-provoking and timely book uses insightful
case studies from mature and developing markets to
demonstrate how sustainability needs to be at the core
of every organization's strategy and innovation.
Contents: Introduction * 1. Tackling Sustainable Development
at the Corporate Strategic Level to Create Value * 2. The Business
Model, a Powerful Tool to Drive a Strategic Shift * 3. Eco-efciency
and Eco-design, a First Step Towards Sustainable Performance
* 4. Circular Economy: Transforming a waste into a Productive
Resource * 5. From Products to Use-oriented Services * 6. From
Product to Result Based Integrated Solutions * Conclusion
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
272pp 13 gures, 1 b/w table
Hardback 29.99 / $45.00 / CN$52.00 9781137352606
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Risk-Based Performance Management
Integrating Strategy and Risk Management
Andrew Smart, Manigent, UK, James Creelman, UK
'This is the best handbook I have read on Risk Based
Performance Management It equips the manager
with the knowledge, tools and road maps to
successfully develop and implement RBPM in their
organization'Kieran Rigby, GAB Robins Group, UK
'Grounded in compelling research and rich practical
experience, readers and their organizations will gain
greatly from their insights.'Brian Brodie, former
CEO, Homeloan Management Limited, UK
Pulling together into a single framework the two
separate disciplines of strategy management and risk
management, this book provides a practical guide
for organizations to shape and execute sustainable
strategies with full understanding of how much risk they are willing to accept in
pursuit of strategic goals.
Contents: Table of Figures * Living in Turbulent Times: the Need for Risk-based Performance
Management * Risk-Based Performance Management, an Explanation of this New Strategic
Paradigm * Risk-Based Performance Management, a Roadmap for Delivering this New Strategic
Paradigm * Clarify Strategy * Operationalize Change * Embed the Change (formerly known as
Monitor and Analyse Results) * Model Future Uncertain * Ensuring a Risk-based Performance
Culture * The Crucial Role of Technology * Conclusion and Call to Action
October 2013 UK November 2013 US
324pp 83 gures, 6 b/w tables
Hardback 26.00 / $40.00 / CN$46.00 9780230301320
Canadian Rights ebooks available
The Passion and Discipline of Strategy
Krzysztof Obloj, University of Warsaw and Kozminski
University, Poland
Utilises the experiences of the best companies and
leaders in emerging and mature markets to highlight
the necessary linkage of passion and discipline in
an effective strategy process. Passion motivates
and maintains a manager's focus, whilst discipline is
necessary to make passion productive and effective.
Contents: 1. What is Strategy Anyway? * 2. Passion and Strategic
Choices * 3. Discipline of Strategy Execution: Sense Making and
Territory * 4. Discipline of Strategy Execution: Goals and Business
Model * 5. The Effect of Passion and Discipline - Competitive
Advantage * 6. What Makes a Good Strategy? * 7. Company
Adrift - Inertia, Organizational Games and Unsure Leaders
August 2013 UK August 2013 US
200pp 8 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137334930
Canadian Rights ebooks available
Entrepreneurship and Innovation During
Surviving Beyond the Great Recession
Ian Chaston, Centrum Catolica, Peru and Moustraining
Ltd, UK
Uses research and real world case materials to examine
how market performance can be sustained, even
during a period of austerity, by the implementation
of innovation-based growth opportunities and the
exploitation of technology.
Contents: 1. The New Austerity * 2. Customer Values * 3.
Revisiting Management Philosophies * 4. Assessing Futures
* 5. Tomorrows Markets * 6. Tomorrows Competences * 7.
Leadership, Vision and Strategy * 8. Innovation Strategies * 9.
Technology Strategies * 10. Strategy Implementation * 11. The
Service Sector * 12. The B2B Sector * 13. Small Firms * 14. The
Public Sector * 15. Leaner Futures
July 2013 UK July 2013 US
280pp 15 gures
Hardback 65.00 / $100.00 / CN$115.00 9781137324429
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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Business Strategies for a Messy World
Tools for Systemic Problem-Solving
Vincent Barabba, Market Insight Corporation, USA, Ian
I. Mitroff, University of Southern California, USA
Using current business examples and academic
research, Tools for Systematic Problem-Solving
educates managers and executives on how to
systematically examine key assumptions to ensure
survival and success for their organizations.
Contents: 1. Chaparral Steel - A Model Systems Design * 2.
Critical Arguments - TAS, The Toulmin Argumentation Schema
* 3. Assumptions - Strategic Assumption Surfacing and Testing
(SAST) * 4. A Critical Application - The U.S. Census Bureau * 5.
Complex Messy Systems * 6. Synthesis - Putting It All Together *
Appendix: The 2005 Census Privacy SAST
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
96pp 3 gures, 3 b/w tables
Hardback 45.00 / $67.50 / CN$78.00 9781137396303
Canadian Rights ebooks available
International Volunteer Tourism
Critical Reflections on Good Works in Central America
Edited by Katherine Borland, Ohio State University,
USA, Abigail E. Adams, Central Connecticut State
University, USA
Designed to promote reflection and 'better practices'
among the prospective volunteers and organizers
of travel-for-service experiences, International
Volunteer Tourism provides narratives on short-term
international volunteering in Central America written
by North American organizers, student participants and
Central American partners.
Contents: Acknowledgement * 1. Introduction; Abigail E.
Adams and Katherine Borland * 2. A Brief Social History of
Humanitarian Engagement; Katherine Borland * 3. Priest in the
Revolution; Fernando Cardenal, translated by Abigail E. Adams *
El Salvador * 4. Reciprocity and the Fabric of Solidarity: Central
Americans, Refugees, and Delegations in the 1980s; William Westerman * 5. Untellable Stories
and the Limits of Solidarity in a Sister Community Relationship; Ellen Moodie * 6. Who is a
Global Citizen: Manifestations of Theory in Practice; Katherine Daly * Nicaragua * 7. What We
Are About to Do Is Highly Problematic: The Unpaved Road From Service Trips to Educational
Delegations; Irene King * 8. From Skeptic to Convert, from (short-term) Service to (long-term)
Witness: Towards Pedagogies of Witnessing on International Service Trips; Eric Martin Usner
* 9. The Learning of International Service Learning: Student Reections Several Years Out;
Alycia Buenger, Meghan Hensley, Nicole Klimas, and Liza Marks * Honduras * 10. In Search of
Sustainable Community Development through Practice: A Sustainable Potable Water Project
in Colinas de Suiza, Honduras; David R. Muoz * 11. International Students and Volunteers
Amidst Rising Violence: the Challenges from Honduras; Katherine Borland interviews Jeff Boyer
* Limiting Structures * 12. The Pilgrimage Transformed: How to Break the Bracket of U.S.
Volunteer Tourism in Central America; Abigail E. Adams * 13. International Service Learning:
Fostering International Cooperation/Avoiding International Dominance; Steven G. Jones * 15.
Conclusion; Katherine Borland and Abigail Adams * Bibliography
December 2013 UK December 2013 US
236pp 1 b/w table
Hardback 69.00 / $110.00 / CN$127.00 9781137369338
Canadian Rights ebooks available

Ecotourism and Cultural Production
An Anthropology of Indigenous Spaces in Ecuador
Veronica Davidov, Monmouth University, USA
"An outstanding contribution to the study of
ecotourism that goes beyond utopian promises
and dystopic realities to reveal what is at stake
locally and transnationally." - Barbara Kirshenblatt-
Gimblett, Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and
Ecotourism is a unique facet of globalization, promising
the possibility of reconciling the juggernaut of
development with ecological/cultural conservation.
Davidov offers a comparative analysis of the issue
using a case study of indigenous Kichwa people of
Ecuador and their interactions with globalization and
transnational systems.
November 2013 UK November 2013 US
288pp 6 b/w illustrations
Hardback 60.00 / $95.00 / CN$109.00 9781137355379
Canadian Rights ebooks available
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