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NHRD Network Bangalore Chapters Conference on Applying Cricket to Boardroom

receives overwhelming response from over 25 delegates

Eminent panelists including Javagal Srinath, T.V. Mohandas Pai, Dev Prasad, S Giridhar and
V J Raghunath stressed on team spirit for etter organi!ational outcomes
Bangalore! A"g"st #! 2#$: The Bangalore Chapter of National H"man Reso"rce Development
Network (NHRD Network), an association of HR professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement
in the contr!, toda!, organi"ed a HR Conference on %Cricket! &eadership and 'eople (anagement in
the cit!# The Highlight of the Conference was a panel discssion on $%ppl!ing Cricket to Boardroom
decisions& with powerfl leaders having e'pertise in cricket and management, sharing their e'periences
over the !ears (esides providing an enriching discssion as well# The participants were provided with
vala(le insights (! the panelists who presented lessons from cricket that cold (e gainfll! applied for
(oardroom decisions, throgh their knowledge gathered over different market conditions, emplo!ee
(ehavior and economic time)periods#
The event was attended (! over *+, professionals and management stdents from across the state#
-avagal .rinath, T#/# 0ohandas 1ai, . 2iridhar, 3#-# Raghnath and Dev 1rasad, who were part of the
panel discssion, rged the participants to widen their hori"ons to new perspectives and practices that
have (een deplo!ed in the game of cricket and appl! it (ring a(ot effective otcomes#
1la!ed (! millions, cricket is still the most poplar sport in 4ndia with man! corporate leaders having grown
p pla!ing the game and can readil! relate to it at an! stage of their life# 5essons learnt while pla!ing
cricket like concentration, focs, alertness, (eing daring and d!namic in making (old decisions at the right
time are easil! applica(le to the Corporate world as well#
67'citing tactics and (old decisions e'hi(ited (! captains and pla!ers of cricket teams, when sed in
(sinesses, can (oost emplo!ee morale and competitiveness and have a profond impact on corporate
performance#8 said )avagal *rinath! +ormer ,ndian Cricketer and ,CC match Referee-
.peaking on the occasion (ohandas 'ai! Chairperson! Board of (anipal .lo/al 0d"cation *ervices!
stated, 6.imilar to the cricket team captain ptting in the re9ired efforts and the right approach to motivate
and increase team performance, managers can contri(te to organi"ational effectiveness (! sing the
relevant tactics in emplo!ee selection, designing of the :o( profile, motivation, decision making processes
and ptting the right reward s!stems in place8
The content rich and highl! relevant discssion presented in a thoght provoking format trl! empowered
the participants with strategies and tactics that will help them make right decisions in their work
environment# Cricket teaches one to learn real life lessons on motivation, leadership and people
management skills and is a game from which one can learn how to (ild high performance teams (!
implementing right strategies# The rge to win nder volatile, ncertain, comple' and am(igos sitations
makes the team to stand ot as performers##
6;e are thankfl to all the speakers for effectivel! (ringing ot the nderl!ing philosoph! on which or
Network stands# 7ver! hman (eing has the potential to perform well and the captain or the manager has
a significant role in (ringing ot the (est in individals and teams#8 said *"dheesh 1enkatesh! Honorary
'resident! NHRD-
A/o"t NHRD
NHRD Network is committed to promoting the HRD movement across the contr! and is registered nder
Registration of .ociet! %ct, <=>,, and Bom(a! 1(lic Trst %ct, <?+, and is dedicated to development of
hman resorces throgh edcation, training, research, and e'perience sharing#
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