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The whole paper emphasizes on the need and impact of business analyst on the current market
and how their decisions creat a huge growth for their company infact they are the key strategist
for their company.
Today the business is all about collecting data from all the sources available and
analysing,formulating and stratezing the available data from company point of view and thereby
taking appropriate decision what actually the customer wants,how much he or she is going to
pay,future forecast,inventories management and predicting problem related with demand and
supply.The author supported his statement with a lot of live facts where the companies through
the optimal use of their analytical force showed a significant growth in terms of company
revenue like the capital one exceeded its growth by 20% every year since it became a public
company. Another instance where Marricott International Hotel used its predicting modelling to
identify the most frequent and profitable customer and developed systems and revenue
opportunity model to optimize offering for frequent customers and the result were drastic the
revenue raised from 83% to 91%. Companies use the methodologyof extensive nd sophisticated
experiment to measure the overall impact of intervention stratergies. Some companies employ
the progess of regression to get their resultand earn profit. An amazing step in this direction was
taken by Proter and Gamble, this company selected a group of 100 analyst from each department
and created a group called the uberanalytics and these analyst worked together and used ther
knowledge of their specific domain in analysing data and coming to a joint solution for problems
faced by the company.The result of analysis are valuabale for each and every part in the supply
chain starting from producer to end customer.The supplier for example use the analysis for
planning product promotion and layouts within the store ,he analyses the data of demand and
supplyto track ordering pattern of each and every customer. Nowa days due demand of analyst in
the company , the company forces each of its employee to take desions on hard facts and to set
example the seniors show a hunger and confidence on their decisions made on the facts and data
analysis. But this race of analyst has set a gap between the innovative thinkers ie the persons who
take desions on the base of their instinct and instantenously and past experience not on mere data is Jeff Beroz who trusted his instinct and inspite of all odds published 120000 copies
of his latest book and it came out to be a huge success
It can be concluded that it depend from company to company and upon the requirement of
business which model the company applies whether it can be Quantative fact based analysis, or
regression or progressive analysis or predictive modelling or simple number crunching for
creating its growth margin from other companies. If the tools of analysis are used properly then it
can creat a huge growth for company. But still there are many incidents where we have to be
very quick and at that time there is no time for analysis ,we have to take decisions based on our
instincts.So both this factors are important for making optimal decision