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Prayer is a means of communicating with GOD. We communicate daily with our parents,
teachers and friends. What do we achieve through this communication? Happiness, love, peace,
understanding, knowledge which are essential to a meaningful life. Likewise when we
communicate with GOD we get all this and much more in abundance.

Prayer is important because it represents the intimacy between GOD and us. It is one way to
express our belief, faith, trust and love for the SUPREME POWER


GOD is always ready to help His devotee and the way to reach him is through prayer. If a time is
set aside for prayer everyday it will get ingrained like any other habit and in course of time
devotion will take deep root.

With devotion and knowledge worldly pleasures will take a back seat as there will be total change
of perspective. A person with profound devotion is similar to a base metal transforming into gold
by contact with a philosopher's stone. After becoming gold it remains gold. It will not revert to its
original state even if it remains buried in the earth for long years. Likewise, a devotee becomes a
totally metamorphosed person whose focus shifted from his worldly attachments to attachment to
the supreme soul. According to saints there is no sorrow in GOD's creation and everything that
happens in the world is His sport or Lila. Only a person who is gifted with devotion can get this


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa used to say that one should develop total faith in the existence of
GOD, as that is the foundation of spiritual life. If one does not believe in GOD, the loss is not
GOD's but the person's as he is losing the opportunity of a human birth, which is meant for
attaining liberation and happiness. Prayer builds faith and character. Without faith or character
survival becomes a pain. Prayer is a hold which guides us towards good and differentiates evil.
Faith in GOD is the only way to be cheerful and in course of time cheerfulness becomes a habit
reflecting inner peace and tranquility.

Prayer gives hope. Praying often enables us to have more patients, which is required in life these
days. It gives us an opportunity to share all aspects of our lives with GOD. It is an act of worship
and obedience. Daily prayer is a way to acknowledge destiny which is designed by GOD alone.