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Social media

Course aims

The knowledge and skills to use Facebook, Twitter,

other social media as practical tools for journalism,
as well as brand-building and community
engagement general skills and literacy for all

social/online media and platforms, including those
that dont e!ist yet

Start building an online brand/specialisation

"hat do you want to get out of it#
"hat do you want to know#

$ow do you use social media now#







*ine, Snapchat, )nstagram, +interest, ,olt

-eddit# (i.e/ournal# Soundcloud#

Stumble1pon# 2igg# *o!# "hisper# Tinder...

$ow journalists use social media

Sourcing stories, inter.iewees

-eporting on stories

+ublicising stories/

Sir Tim ,erners-(ee,
in.entor of the
internet 9in :;<;=3 >)t
used to be that you
would get stories by
chatting to people in
bars ? but now its
also going to be
about poring

Changing industry

Anormous decrease in ad.ertising re.enue

Changing industry

Anormous decrease in ad.ertising re.enue

Changing industry

Anormous decrease in ad.ertising re.enue

Changing industry

,rands are becoming publishers and .ice .ersa

$uffington +ost, and more recently ,uBBfeed

surpassed Cew 'ork Times in traffic

2aily Dail the worlds best-read news site

>)t is essential to begin the work of Euestioning our

print-centric traditions .. and imagining the
newsroom of the future@ F The Cew 'ork Times
)nno.ation report 9a.ailable in full on Dashable=

Dore users

Dore pri.ate

$arder to search and

reach people

Cot as immediate
9/fewer updates=

%reat for breaking

news 9e.g. GeEnB=

-eal-time and
ad.anced search

$ashtags help

Fewer users 9appro!.

HI CJ population= F
but lots of

"hat do you need to know#

To verify and confirm

Treat like any other source
>"ould you rather be first, or right#@
Tracking back to the source3 location, time
Connect outside of social media
>$ow do you know that#@
Screenshot 9Snipping tool on "indowsK
Command-Shift-8 on Dac=

"hat do you need to know#

Ethics: What can you say? What can you use?

Say how you know what you know, what you dont
2ifference between public and pri.ate accounts
Seek permission to Euote/use pi! 9offer attribution=
,e transparent and independentK acknowledge
,e upfront about whats on and off record, and
what you intend to use

"hat do you need to know#

Personal / professional
+resume your tweets, status updates, etc will go
further than you intend. Check F, settings
>0ssume that your professional life and your
personal life merge online regardless of your care
in separating them. 2ont write or post anything
that would embarrass the (0T or compromise your
ability to do your job@
>0ssume that e.erything you write or recei.e on a
social media site is public and knowable to
e.eryone with access to a computer.@
- (0 Times social media policy

"hat do you need to know#

Takes time to build an engaged, interesting
network F but worth it
Share your storiesK connect with readers
-ead and respond to replies

1se Twitter and Facebook as tools for journalism
for the duration of the course

)dentify a newsworthy story/e.ent and it

using at least two forms of social media

)ntegrate reporting on social media in Cews"ire

story, blog post or Storify page

Submit three options for publicising the story on

Twitter, and another three on Facebook
All due by December


Set up Twitter account, if you dont ha.e one

Follow people and sort into lists F of your

classmates, journalists, local news or go.ernment
organisations, round-specific

(ook at,,, Storify

$a.e a play with some search operators 9%oogle

>using ad.anced search Twitter@=