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The United States Military establishment informed me of the following facts:

All customs and laws regarding sex are manmade and for the most part are less that
100 years old. they have nothing to do with the natural order of things. (a baby
will get an erection inside the womb and sex organs are fully developed by the age
of three and the body is ready for birthing as early as eleven)

Incest was what allowed man to evolve and develope intelligence in less that
150,000 years because incest was how intamacy and bonding developed in the earlier
years because of immobility. Sex and Love are intertwinned aspects and cause
nothing but intamacy and bonding and is the reason for human breastfeeding.

The percieved notion that "mongliodism" is caused by incest is perhaps the biggest
fraud that has been perpratrated on the masses by the royalty and continues thru
massive public brainwashing untill this very day. history has been written and
changed by the ruling class to support this lie. notice how "mongoloid" is used
because this is an anti-asian anti-mix subliminal tag. all the renasaunce people
written into history were products of incest. the rich and powerful easily changed
the books and did it thuroughly to fool the masses.

China is perhaps the biggest example of past incest and drug use. this is why the
Chinese developed such a creative 5000 character complex language. Opium and close
genectics amplified through half sibilings and cousins.

A movement is underway to protect the sexual rites of children and teenagers

regarding one another and BB is using Nexopia as the catalyst. Nexopia is the
single largest teen age expression website and it is obviouse that the developing
human is pedofiliac and polygamic in nature.

Footbinding, neck extensions and lip extensions were all from sexual begginings
and accounts for modern day lipsticks and nylon stockings being so popular and

Adults who get in the way or try to impede these rites that the kids have will
find themselves victims of BB's "negative persuasion" ie: sickness. However quite
the opposite will be rewardes as an incentive to "see the lite", effectivly paving
the way for your eternal life via DNA technology ie: talent enhancment, age
reversal, ect

The Bible is a fairytale, written to support the dampening of the free human
sexual instincts to faciliate an involutary birth control on the public without
their knowledge. By introducing sex as a sin and monogomy through marriage the
free worlds population has been dampened and jelousy allowed a podium in our
society. the bible also provides an orderly framework for the population cull
which will take place in approximately 20 years.

All the prophesys of the bible will come true, only that it is man who will be
causing these events to take place via technology.