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The Better Alternative To Living In A Bubble

Marketing Plan
Prepared by
Baker Online Marketing 111b Student
May 2002
Executive Summary
Scrub Squad is a start-up venture that will specialize in residential
cleaning services. What will set us apart and put us above the
competition is the fact that we will be the frst cleaning service aimed
at removing all household allergens. It is reported that over 50
million people in the nited States! alone! su"er from itch# e#es!
runn# noses! rashes! sneezing! and other complications associated
with allergies. $ow add to this the additional %& million people who
su"er from asthma. 'hildren miss more da#s of school for allerg#
related illnesses than an# other illness. (he allerg# condition in the
.S. is a growing epidemic! as it is estimated that upwards of )0* of
the world+s population su"ers from allergies and asthma.
nfortunatel#! it is noted that the worst allergens ma# be present in
the su"erers+ own homes. ,ccording to the -nvironmental .rotection
,genc#! indoor air is even more polluted than outside air. (he most
common allergens! dust! mold! pollen! and pet dander! live and
prosper in carpet! couches! curtains! decorations! boo/s! and
magazines. (his is worsened b# the fact that the average ,merican
spends more than 00* of his or her time indoors. (his leads to
e1cessive amounts of allergen inhalation and e1posure. (he average
home gathers more than 20 pounds of dust each #ear. (his dust is
made of over 5!000 ingredients! including hair! dirt! pet dander! mold!
mildew! and dust-mite droppings. (his dust does not remain
stationar#. It circulates in an airborne fashion! waiting to be
consumed b# the residents of the house. (he average ,merican
breathes in nearl# one cup of this dust ever# wee/3 It ma# seem that
the logical solution would be to clean the house frequentl#. 4et!
nothing can aggravate an allerg# su"erer+s conditions more than
housecleaning. $ot onl# is e1posure to airborne allergens during the
cleaning process li/el# to cause allerg# 5air ups! but the ver# cleaning
chemicals themselves are /nown to further aggravate the s#mptoms
for allerg# su"erers.
Initial mar/et research has indicated a need for this t#pe of house
cleaning service! as it is not #et provided in an# location. (he mar/et
strateg# will be to reach allerg# su"erers within defned target
Situation Analysis
6eing that the Scrub Squad is a new venture! specializing in a service
that is unheard of to this point! much of our success will be dependant
upon the strength of our mar/eting e"orts. ,s there is a mar/eting
need for house cleaning services! and it is estimated that a ma7orit# of
these people! or a member of their famil# su"er from allergies! man#
of these people would undoubtedl# prefer a house cleaning service
that not onl# does not hinder their illness! but rather prevents it.
8i/ewise! there is a mar/et need for simpl# having the cleanest house
possible. -ven homeowners who do not su"er from allergies will reap
the benefts of having a home so clean it is practicall# sterile.
Market Summary
9ur primar# mar/et is targeted towards the growing mar/et of allerg#
and asthma su"erers. .harmaceutical companies have coined a term!
which is becoming widel# used in this industr#. (he :breathing
mar/et; as the# refer to it is dominated b# :quic/ f1es; that aim at
attac/ing mere s#mptoms! such as water# e#es and sneezing! not the
actual problem of the allergens themselves. In this :breathing
mar/et;! prescriptions account for half <=%5 billion> of the =)0 billion
mar/et. 'onsumers are not o"ered man# other viable solutions! and
therefore must rel# on prescription medications and over the counter
drugs to curb the e"ects of allergies and asthma.
Over 38% of Americans
Are Suffering From Allergies & Asthma
Sufering (38.3%)
on!Sufering ("#.$%)
Market %emogra&'ics
,s &5* of :breathe eas#; products! such as air cleaners! are
purchased b# women! as are the ma7orit# of cleaning services
requested b# nearl# the same percentage! it is believed that this
is a viable fgure for the purchasers of Scrub Squad cleaning
, ma7orit# of these women purchasers! according to mar/eting
research! will be educated and a?uent.
(he :breathing mar/et; is growing at a rate of over %)* a #ear.
$on-allerg# and non-asthma su"erers also choose to purchase
products! which are deemed to contribute to a healthier
lifest#le. It is estimated that non-allerg# and non-asthma
su"erers purchase 20* of all air purifers.
@ore than half of all ,merican households have one allerg#
,llergic diseases are the si1th largest cause of chronic illnesses
in the nited States.
Aour out of ever# ten children have allergies.
-ach #ear children miss B million school da#s because the# have
allergies or allerg# related illnesses.
,lmost )C million ,mericans su"er from ha# fever.
@ore than D million doctor+s visits are attributed to ha# fever
each #ear.
In the nited States! the total cost attributed to ha# fever is
=).2 billion.
,llergies lead to substantial absenteeism and reduced
productivit# in the wor/place. ,mericans lose ) E million wor/
da#s because of allergies. (his computes to a cost of =C)0
million dollars lost to allergies or allerg# related illnesses.
-ach #ear! )%million ,mericans are diagnosed with sinusitis.
-ach of these )% million su"erers misses an average of 2 da#s of
wor/ each #ear. (his computes to %B2 million missed wor/ed
da#s per #ears from sinusitis alone.
@ore than %D million visits to primar# care ph#sicians are
attributed to allergies.
,llerg# su"erers are pa#ing a combined #earl# treatment of
about =B billion per #ear in the form of tests! medications!
allerg# shots! and doctor+s visits.
,s this is a new venture! we have decided to focus our e"orts in the
(oledo! 9hio area. 6# beginning in a small area! we can earn the
capital we will need to e1pand nationall#. If Scrub Squad proves to be
successful in the (oledo! 9hio area! it could be set up in a franchise
environment <much li/e the (wo @en and a (ruc/ franchise> and
slowl# develop new locations across the countr#.
With this in mind! we have researched the (oledo! 9hio mar/et area
to include 8ucas and Aulton counties in 9hio. ,s the population of
8ucas count# is 255!052 and the population of Aulton count# is 2B!0D5
the combined count# population is 20&!%)D. (his information leads us
to the following conclusionF
$earl# B00!000 residents in the (oledo! 9hio area! currentl#
su"er from allergies and asthma.
Allergy an( Ast'ma Suferers
n !he !oledo Area
Suferers (38.)%)
on!suferers ("#."%)
Market *ro+t'
(he :breathing mar/et; is growing at a rate of %)* per #ear and this
number ma# be on the rise. , stud# appearing in the publication
:,llerg#! ,sthma! and Immunolog#; compiled b# Garvard niversit#
researchers! found that pollen production! <thus allergies>! ma# rise
signifcantl# over the ne1t fft# #ears. (he cause of this li/el# increase
will be the rising carbon dio1ide levels associated with global
warming. .reliminar# testing has shown that increased carbon
dio1ide levels can be responsible for C%* more ragweed pollen. (his
li/el# equates to not onl# more allergens in the ne1t fft# #ears! but
also! more allerg# su"erers.
S,O- Analysis
(his SW9( ,nal#sis describes the strengths and wea/nesses within
Scrub Squad! as well as the opportunities and threats facing us.
nique ideaH which to the best of our /nowledge is not currentl#
o"ered b# an# cleaning service. @ost cleaning services clean
via traditional techniques using chemical-laden cleaning agents!
all of which aggravate conditions for allerg# and asthma
su"erers. 8i/ewise! these conventional cleaning services cannot
o"er the total clean which is onl# available through Scrub
,ccording to! a cleaning business such as
Scrub Squad! can be started with a smaller investment than
almost an# other :serious; business.
(he cleaning feld is growing. ,ccording to the mar/et research
frm! @ar/etdata -nterprises! the cleaning industr# is growing
at better than twice the rate of the econom# as a whole.
(he Iepartment of 8abor sa#s that the cleaning industr# will be
the fastest growing labor feld well into the new centur#.
'leaning businesses have a high success rate for frst-time
entrepreneurs who built their business from the ground up.
Startup costs will be minimal.
(he o"ice can initiall# be run from a home o"ice! with one
person attending the phone.
@inimal training will teach emplo#ees how to clean using the
Scrub Squad s#stem.
Gigh potential for quic/ profts.
Services will be a"ordable to all customers. , household ma#
choose a once a #ear clean for :spring cleaning; purposes! an
allergen-removal before bringing a bab# home from the hospital!
seasonal cleaning! or even pre-scheduled wee/l# cleanings.
'hallenge of convincing people that the# need an allergen-free
,ccess to funds to launch an e1tensive advertising campaign in
an e"ort to educate people about the advantages of a allergen-
free home.
'urrent lac/ of an allerg# specialist to include in the Scrub
Squad e1ecutive team.
Jrowing mar/et with most of our target mar/et searching for
an# means to help control allerg# problems.
Strategic alliances can be formed with allergists as a combined
allerg# prevention plan. (he allergists can suggest patients
have their homes cleaned b# Scrub Squad and Scrub Squad will
in turn provide its clients with a list of recommended allergists.
Simplicit# of formation o"ers potential for developing Scrub
Squad franchises.
'ompetition with greater fnancing ma# enter the mar/etplace
and duplicate our services.
'urrent cleaning services <such as @err# @aids> could decide to
o"er allergen-free cleaning services in addition to the normal
cleaning services the# alread# o"er.
(o the best of our /nowledge! through e1tensive research! there is no
compan# currentl# o"ering allergen removal cleaning services. It is
important at this time to di"erentiate between traditional
housecleaning service techniques and Scrub Squad allergen-proofng
techniques! in an e"ort to e1plain wh# there is no competition.
Aor e1ampleK
(G- '9@.-(I(I9$ dusts a home using rags and scented spra#s.
(his is not onl# ine"ective! but is harmful to allerg# and asthma
su"erers. (he dust is merel# recirculated and harmful chemicals are
introduced into #our living environment.
S'L6 SM,I removes dust b# using a specialized vacuum s#stem!
which removes %00* of contacted dust! mites! pet dander! pollen! and
other allergens. 9ur s#stem then carries the allergens awa# from the
living environment to a canister! which we /eep outside of #our home.
Aor smaller dusting 7obs! such as cleaning porcelain and other fne
collectibles! Scrub Squad relies on special patented electrostaticall#
charged cloths which are positivel# charged so that the# attract and
hold all dust! not leaving an# of it to become airborne.
(G- '9@.-(I(I9$ cleans #our carpet with traditional steam
cleaners. (hese often over-dampen areas and leave #our carpet over-
wet. (his dampness promotes the growth of mold! which is /nown to
a"ect the ma7orit# of allerg# su"erers.
S'L6 SM,I utilizes a specialized vapor steam cleaner which
disinfects! sanitizes! and /ills germs! bacteria! and viruses! all while
never over-dampening #our carpet. nli/e the competition+s steam
cleaners! our vapor steam cleaner does not use an# cleaning
chemicals that further irritate conditions for allerg# and asthma
(G- '9@.-(I(I9$ totall# ignores one of the worst havens for dust
in #our home. While a reputable compan# ma# dust over the bottom
vent of #our refrigerator! no compan# will li/el# clean :underneath;
#our refrigerator.
S'L6 SM,I understands that #our refrigerator is essentiall# a
giant magnet! which attracts dust and other allergens before trapping
them beneath and behind the unit. ,s the motor c#cles on and o"! the
dirt then becomes airborne! causing great trouble for allerg# and
asthma su"erers. (he Scrub Squad crew is equipped with special
cleaning attachments to thoroughl# clean beneath and behind
refrigerators! as well as other large appliances. (rapped dirt! dust!
and other allergens are safel# and e"ectivel# removed.
(G- '9@.-(I(I9$ Muic/l# dusts over #our computer screen and
/e#board! removing dust particles and sending them into the air.
S'L6 SM,I realizes that computer /e#boards are mere hiding
spots for dust and dirt. Ne#boards can actuall# a"ect allerg#
su"erers! as ever# time push the /e#s the# can be launching tin#
poofs of allergen-infected air into their own faces. Scrub Squad crew
members are equipped and trained to use special attachments to
clean the /e#boards of homeowners who wish for this to be done.
(hese are 7ust some e1amples to show that Scrub Squad does not
have an# competition! not onl# locall#! but nationall# as well!
performing the same /ind of cleaning service.
(he nearest competitors for Scrub Squad in the (oledo area would beF
'ountr# 'harm 'leaning Service O $o information given other
than phone number in the #ellow pages.
Iowne#+s Iais# Gome Services O $o information given other
than phone number in the #ellow pages.
@anor Gome Services O $o information given other than phone
number in the #ellow pages.
@err# @aids O 6# self-defnition! @err# @aids :is the largest
home cleaning compan# in the world! with more than 000
franchises in the nited States and 'anada. @err# @aids also
has o"ices in Ienmar/! Gong Nong! Papan! and the nited
Ningdom. @err# @aids cleans more than )00!000 homes!
apartments! and condominiums each month in $orth ,merican
and emplo#s more than D!000 home cleaning professionals.;
@oll# @aid O Since %0&0! @oll# @aid has been a leader in the
home service industr#. @oll# @aid cleaners have cleaned more
than %0 million homes. It is noted that @oll# @aid has received
numerous awards for their franchise e1cellence! and has earned
a wonderful reputation in the cleaning industr#.
/ro(uct Ofering
9ur point of di"erentiation will be the means b# which we clean and
the overall methods used to provide an allergen-free environment for
our customers.
(he onl# cleaning service in the (oledo area to remove allergens
from the home.
, compan# that wor/s alongside allergists to ma/e sure the
cleaning of #our home compliments #our other allerg# and
asthma prevention measures.
, house so clean! it could be considered hospital sterile.
0eys to Success
.leased customers will become repeat customers. (hese
customers will in turn bring in referrals.
Jenerate enough sales through the (oledo division to be able to
e1plore and proceed with franchise development plans.
It is believed that the following trends will add to the success of Scrub
State of the national econom# O It is believed that more people
choose to have their homes cleaned b# professionals when the#
have more mone# to spend! as the result of a better econom#.
Gigher allergen counts in nature O It is believed that as allergen
counts increase! so will the consumers+ needs to fnd a solution
to providing a safe! allergen-free haven in which the# can
Marketing Strategy
9ur mar/eting strateg# is to become the ultimate resource for people
see/ing to have the cleanest home possible. 9ur strateg# will center
around the superior cleaning we give a home! coupled with the health
benefts associated with the process.
9ur mar/eting strateg# will emphasize creating awareness. We will
focus on our target mar/et and inform them of :wh#; the# should
chose our services over the competition.
We will promote the fact the benefts will not onl# be en7o#ed b#
allerg# and asthma su"erers! but b# an#one who prefers a trul# clean
home. We will educate non-su"erers to realize that even though the#
do not su"er the s#mptoms! the# surel# do not want to ingest two
(ablespoons of dust per da#.
If our mar/eting strateg# is successful! the public will begin to realize
that the :other; house cleaning services are not as clean as the#
appear. (he onl# clear choice to remove allergens! germs! bacteria!
and viruses! will be Scrub Squad.
-'e Mission
Scrub Squad is housecleaning service focused on created an allergen-
free haven for #ou and #our famil#. ,n#one who e1periences the total
clean associated with the frst allergen-removal cleaning compan# will
understand wh# we are the onl# choice for ultimate cleanliness.
While our main goal is to create a safe environment for su"erers of
allergies and asthma! we realize that an allergen! dust! dirt! germ!
bacteria! and virus-free home is the right of ever# health conscious
Scrub Squad is the onl# cleaning service to o"er allergen-removal in
the cleaning process. 'ustomers will be amazed at how much better
the# feel when living in a home free from allergens. @others need not
worr# about letting babies crawl on carpets cleaned b# Scrub Squad!
as the# are not cleaned with an# chemicals. nli/e other cleaning
companies who clean carpets with fume-laden chemical-based
cleansers! Scrub Squad realizes man# infants are harmed each #ear
b# simpl# breathing these fumes at close pro1imit#. Scrub Squad does
not use an# chemicals in the cleaning process! which o"ers a safer
environment for #our entire famil#. 'ustomers will realize that there
is no peace of mind li/e /nowing that their home is not onl#
contributing to numerous health problems! but rather protecting the
entire famil# from them.
(he primar# ob7ect of Scrub Squad is to position ourselves as the
healthier cleaning solution. Within the frst few #ears! we should
account for a ma7orit# of the cleaning mar/et share in the (oledo area.
We will begin b# creating customer awareness. ,ware customers will
then tr# our services and li/el# be ver# impressed. (his will lead to
customer lo#alt# and customer referrals.
Scrub Squad+s main mar/eting strategiesF
1. Increase customer awareness.
2. .romote the Scrub Squad image.
3. Ievelop a strong customer base.
4. -stablish customer lo#alt#.
5. ,im for customer referrals.
In an e"ort to increase awareness and promote the Scrub
Squad image! we will advertise in the (oledo 6lade as well
as the more alternative magazine! (he (oledo 'it# .aper.
We will develop a referral program! which aids customers
who establish referral business.
We will send postcards with initial discounts to potential
clients who are found on the patient lists of communit#
allergists who have formed a strategic alliance with Scrub
Marketing Mix
In regards to pricing! advertising and promotion! and customer
service! Scrub Squad will adhere to the following approachesF
.ricing O (he pricing for Scrub Squad will be %5 O B0 * higher than
competitors who do not o"er allergen cleaning.
,dvertising and .romotion O We will target all papers and newsletters
published in the (oledo area. We will also launch our own postcard
advertising campaigns. We will use promotional products to establish
our name and image. (he following are some of the promotional
products we will use to promote our compan#F
We will provide our strategic alliance allergist o"ices with
promotional pens! which will be free to the customers. (hese
pens will be shaped li/e a s#ringe and will sa#! :$eed to rid #our
house of allergensQ Jive us a shot;. (he pens will then list the
Scrub Squad name and telephone number.
<S,@.8- 9A (G- S4LI$J- .-$>
We will provide our clients with medicine measuring spoons
with the Scrub Squad telephone number on the side. (he
imprinting will read! :B (bs. 9f IustK or 'all s3; (his will
reinforce that ,mericans consume more than two (ablespoons
of dust each da#. ,s the parents use the medicine spoons to
give medications to their children! the# will be reminded of the
health benefts of having their house cleaned b# Scrub Squad.
<S,@.8- .L9@9(I9$,8 @-II'I$- S.99$>
Customer Service O 9ur personalized customer service and overall
concern for the health of our customers will li/el# win their lo#alt#. It
is doubtful than an# of our customers will be able to conve# that the#
are as concerned with the health and well-being of the clients as
Scrub Squad is.
/ro(uct Marketing
9ur service provides customers with better health in combination
with a cleaner house. (he# will not be able to fnd this combination
through an# other house cleaning service.
9ur pricing strateg# will be based on prestige pricing! to re5ect the
superiorit# of our services. If customers want the cleanest! healthiest
house possible! the# will pa# our prices which will be slightl# higher
than those of @err# @aids and @oll# @aid. 'ustomers will
understand that our higher prices help to o"set the greater e1pense
of the specialized cleaning tools we use! such as commercial vapor
steam cleaners! which cost considerabl# more than the average steam
cleaners most other cleaning services use.
Scrub Squad will aim to become /nown for our e1ceptional service.
Arom the minute our customized ambulance pulls into the customer+s
drive! the# will notice the di"erence. 9ur crew is outftted in medical
scrubs. (his is not 7ust a part of our image! but has practical
purposes! as well. Iuring the cleaning process! at which time house
occupants are advised to leave the premises! the Scrub Squad crew
dons their surgical mas/s. While we li/e to thin/ that this is because
the# consider attac/ing the customer+s house as if the# were read# to
operate! it is actuall# because the mas/s /eep the dust out of the
faces of our emplo#ees! of whom we are equall# concerned. ,lso!
Scrub Squad team members wear medical foot# covers whenever
inside the customer+s home. ,n# time a member leaves the house and
then re-enters! a new set of booties is put on. (his greatl# reduces the
trac/ing in of an# outside allergens. 9ur emplo#ees are bonded and
insured! and are taught to handle all articles within a home with the
utmost care. 9ur service does not end when the house is rid of all
allergens. We want to educate our customers so that the# can control
the allergen problems between visits from Scrub Squad. -ach team
leader will have a :prescription pad;! that loo/s li/e the prescription
pads doctors write on. (he prescriptions will be printed with the
Scrub Squad logo and phone number. ,t the end of a cleaning
session! our team leader will leave the homeowners with a
prescription for a cleaner house. 9ne such prescription might read!
:(o clean ceramic tile! where mold and mildew accumulate! use a
combination of R cup ba/ing soda! E cup white vinegar! one gallon
warm water! and one cup of ammonia. 6efore #ou /now it! #our mold
will be gone! and #our 5oors will smell fresh and chemical-free3; ,t
the bottom of the prescription will be information concerning :#our
ne1t appointment;. @uch li/e the section that usuall# reads! :(he
doctor would li/e to see #ou again in SSSS wee/s;! this section will
detail when the Scrub Squad team recommends #our house be
professionall# cleaned again. (his will var# for each household!
pursuant to the t#pes and frequenc# of the services the# require.