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Assignment of Automation

Title: Todays Automation in Garment industry

Submitted To:
Sir Usman
Submitted By:
M Zain-ul-abedin
Roll #: 10-TE-12 (Morning)

University College of Textile Engineering BZU Multan.

Manual Cutting in Apparel Industries:
STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE: Motor power drives the reciprocating blade
and operator power drives the knife through the lay. CUTTING MACHINE PARTS
INVOLVED IN CUTTING 1. Knife/Blade 2. Sharpener 3. Motor 4. Fabric presser 5.
Base plate 6. Moving handle 7. Transport handle
Comparatively cheap & and can be cut many plies at a time Higher lay of height cannot
be cut very easily. Round corners cannot be cut more precisely than even round knife.
Production speed is very good. Garments components can be directly separated from
fabric lay.
High speed of the machine causes high risk of damage. Faulty knife could damage
fabric layer. Motor weight creates knife deflection which may be creates faulty pieces.
Risk is high for physical damage of operator. Knife required replacing.

Now a days Automatic Cutting machines are used in garment

Automatic Cutting in Apparel Industries:
The GERBER S-91 high-ply cutter provides users with benefits of speed, flexibility, and
accuracy - in addition to saving fabric and labor. Up to 76 mm (3 inches) of compressed
fabric can be consistently and accurately cut, utilizing Gerber's high-efficiency vacuum
hold-down system. Cutting precision is assured with features such as automatic knife
sharpening and Knife Intelligence, which automatically accommodates for blade
deflection and variable knife-speed control. The S-91 is the most reliable cutter for high-
volume, high quality cutting, ideal for heavy duty materials such as denim.
Our proprietary CAD program for upwind sails was developed in house. It accurately
calculates the exact dimensions for every panel in the sail, nests them on the sailcloth,
and sets up the tool path for the Gerber cutter blade to follow. The Gerber cutting
surface is made from closely packed bristles. The cutting blade drops into the bristle
surface, allowing us to cut from 1 layer of oz Nylon, to 10 layers of 8 oz Dacron, as
well as any laminate sailcloth. The cloth is held in place by a vacuum pressure of 3
pounds per square foot throughout the table surface, higher in the cutting area. This
holds the cloth firmly on the table without distortion as the blade passes through.
Precise blade placement and NO fabric distortion while cutting are the unique features
of our Gerber cutter, and both are absolutely necessary to cut panels to an unmatched
accuracy of 8/1000 of an inch!