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The appearance of this warning is not prompted by a fear of competition, but

by the certainty that, in the absence of the necessary knowledge, the creation
and use of Wands of Horus may have the most unpredictable consequences.
When it produces the Wands of Horus, the International Information Centre for
!" #esearch $IIC!"#% guarantees the purchaser that this is the instrument
described in the book The Wands of Horus. The #eturn of the &ecrets of 'ncient
(gypt and that the finest nuances have been taken into consideration in its
construction. "ur efforts to reproduce precisely this ama)ing tool and to draw up
detailed instructions for the use of the Wands of Horus have been inspired by a
profound understanding of the moral and ethical aspects behind which lie the
fundamental principle *+o no harm*. ,ore than that, in helping people to know
themselves and the world about them we are contributing as best we can to the
development of a positive mentality in our civili)ation.
In the process of working, however, we discovered that the commercial
possibilities opened up by growing interest in the Wands of Horus had attracted
people who were not guided by the same moral and ethical considerations.
Imitations appeared claiming to be Wands of Horus. The manufacturers of
imitations are not discouraged by the fact that their products will not have the
properties described in the book and under certain circumstances may even
cause harm to the human organism. We have therefore found it necessary to
inform those interested in the Wands of Horus about this fact and to warn them
1. We can accept no responsibility for products manufactured by other
individuals or companies.
2. The lack of proclaimed properties and possible negative results from the use
of wands produced by other companies should not be regarded as discrediting
the sub.ect itself. The wands used by the 'ncient (gyptian priests and pharaohs
are an ama)ing instrument and we are sure that in a year or two such cylinders
will appear in many homes, providing priceless aid in the struggle against
disease and strengthening the immune system.
The ancient instrument that we have recreated is an embodiment of
knowledge acquired in the process of studying monuments of antiquity,
manuscripts and the specific scientific $mathematical% apparatus that makes it
possible to understand the effect of the Wands of Horus. This allows us to state
with complete certainty that failure to observe the necessary parameters for the
creation of the Wands of Horus and the lack of the necessary knowledge may
lead to the most unpredictable results. In the light of this, we decided to provide
information about the companies producing imitations.
The company KOVTUN
(Internet sites:
http://www.e%&pt$!#he!l$#%rods."om/ )
In /anuary 0111 2"3T4 began producing and selling wands, using rights it
did not own and the Wands of Horus trademark. ,ore recently 2"3T4, in
breach of copyright legislation, has published a series of brochures entitled *The
Wands of Horus*.

2"3T45s brochure is in fact a compilation from 3alery varov5s books The
Cylinders of the 6haraohs and The Wands of Horus. The te7t of the printed
brochure was not agreed with the author, although the book The W!#ds of
'orus. The Retur# of the Se"rets of A#"$e#t E%&pt( pu)l$shed $# Russ$!# )&
*$l&! $# 1+++ contains the unambiguous statements *all rights reserved* and *no
part of the present book may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the
written permission of the copyright holder.*
The last page of the illegally published brochure indicates that all rights to the
trademarks The Wands of Horus and its #ussian equivalent belong to a certain
&.3. 8orr. It is a telling fact that &.3. 8orr, owner of the said trademarks, does
not even e7ist9 'll the immoral activities described are the work of &ergei and
&vetlana 8orbunov.

Sergei and Svetlana Gorbunov.
The sole owner of the p!te#ts for the Wands of Horus, the trademark The W!#ds of
'orus, and the Russian equivalent is Valery ikhailovi!h "varov, dire!tor of ##$"%&R
and author of the books The $ylinders of the 'haraohs and The Wands of Horus.
(ware that they were in dire!t !ontravention of !o)yright legislation, Sergei and Svetlana
Gorbunov took ste)s to )artially modify the )hrasing of te*ts )ublished on the pre-$ous
-ers$o# of the .O/T0N "omp!#& we) s$te that had been taken from "varov+s book.
This was done immediately after we )la!ed a warning about imitations on our own web site.
The ste)s we undertook also obliged ,&VT"- to make !hanges in the name of its )rodu!ts
and their .Wands of Horus. have now be!ome ./gy)tians+ Rods., although the names of the
!ategories defining the different ty)es of wands 0,ont, 1uart2, $rystal, S)ring 0Sour!e 3 the
differen!e is due to a )oor translation from the Russian44 are still un!hanged.
#n this !onte*t we want to give one more very im)ortant warning. .O/T0N1s s$te $#"ludes
!# $#-$t!t$o# to pur"h!se 2RodsSpr$#%2.
We !onsider it our duty to inform the )ubli! that the imitation )roffered by ,&VT"- bears
no relation to the an!ient instrument.
/nvisaging the )ossibility that ,&VT"- would start to )rodu!e imitations, in the 5666 and
7888 editions of The Wands of Horus. The Return of the Se!rets of (n!ient /gy)t we
deliberately omitted a )re!ise des!ri)tion of the Wands of HorusSour!e from our
e*)lanations. (nd now, due to the a))earan!e of imitations bearing the name Rods3S)ring,
we 3 the develo)ers of this instrument 3 warn that9
1. The (n!ient /gy)tian .Sour!e. does not !onsist of !ylindri!al rods:::
2. The description of the #ods:&pring given on the 2"3T4 web site, citing as
components truncated pyramids, cones and hemispheres is a piece of complete
3. $on!ern for the health of those who may unsus)e!tingly suffer from the irres)onsible
.!reativity. of the ,&VT"- !om)any )rom)ts us to warn that, given a !ertain !ombination
of fa!tors, the instrument offered by ,&VT"- may !ause irre)arable damage to your
(s has already been stated, the biostimulator of the human organism we !all the Wands of
Horus is an instrument embodying a number of )rin!i)les and te!hnologi!al a))roa!hes
gras)ed in the !ourse of many years+ work resear!hing the lega!y of an!ient !ulture. #n order
to re!ogni2e the logi! behind the knowledge of the (n!ient /gy)tian )riests, it is not enough
to be sim)ly a historian or an ar!haeologist.
;ou have to have studied astronomy, geometry, mathemati!s and, )referably, )ossess the
ne!essary medi!al knowledge and also )sy!hi! skills. #n other words, the Wands of Horus are
an embodiment of very subtle nuan!es and failure to observe them will not )rodu!e the
desired or e*)e!ted result. (nd the e*tremely im)ortant moral )rin!i)le .<o no harm. !an be
adhered to only when there is very )rofound knowledge.
The ,&VT"- !om)any is not a resear!h team and does not )ossess the ne!essary
knowledge. Therefore, by )rodu!ing rods of ina))ro)riate quality, ,&VT"- is dis!rediting
the sub=e!t itself.
The .Wands of Horus. illegally )rodu!ed by ,&VT"- are a!!om)anied by a !ertifi!ate like
When !onsidering a!quiring .Wands of Horus. with su!h a !ertifi!ate you should a))re!iate
that the )rodu!t on offer is of illegal origin.
The a))earan!e of our warning and the referen!e to the false !ertifi!ate have obliged
,&VT"- to attem)t to !on!eal the fa!t of its mis!ondu!t. ( se!ond .!orre!ted. version of
the !ertifi!ate a))eared with a sti!ker !on!ealing the trademark near the to).

"sing this sti!ker ,&VT"- is attem)ting to .!over its tra!ks.. >ut while !overing the name
Horus at the to) of the !ertifi!ate, they 3 evidently due to their !hara!teristi! !arelessness 3
forgot to !over u) the name of the great /gy)tian god at the bottom.
Sergei Gorbunov obtained some information about the !onstru!tion of the Wands of Horus
be!ause for two years #Ts"%# !ommissioned the manufa!ture of the Wands from a
!om)any of whi!h he was head. The Cylinders o the
!haraohs and Wands o "or#s )rodu!ed at that time were
a!!om)anied by the following !ertifi!ate.
It is written here:
This set o $ylinders of 'haraoh 0H&R"S4 has been )rodu!ed by
,&VT"- !om)any using te!hnology )rovided by V. "varov

/arly in 7888 the de!ision was taken to sto) ordering from ,&VT"- as several te!hni!al
!he!ks !arried out by ##$"%&R+s s)e!ialists revealed .O/T0N1s repe!ted f!$lure to
"ompl& w$th ! #um)er of te"h#$"!l p!r!meters whe# produ"$#% the W!#ds of
$onsequently, ##$"%&R wants to e*)ress its !on!ern about the situation that has arisen and
warn that it does not bear res)onsibility for the )rodu!ts manufa!tured by ,&VT"- today.
#n order to )rote!t the )ubli! from imitations, we de!ided to alter the !ertifi!ate that
a!!om)anies the biostimulator Wands of Horus that we )rodu!e. Add$t$o#!l $#form!t$o#
!)out !ll the "h!#%es "!# )e fou#d o# our we) s$te.

(-T#'#'H& Wands and RO*SFREE W!#ds
The (nti)i)ho ?si!@ Wands and Rods3%ree Wands are the .illegitimate offs)ring. of an
allian!e between ,&VT"- and the Sha)ing 0St 'etersburg4 !om)any.
We !an only ho)e that Sha)ing had its own reasons for !ontravening moral and ethi!al norms
and be!oming involved in the illegal manufa!ture of .wands.. /verything that has been said
about ,&VT"- also a))lies to Sha)ing as the latter sells ,&VT"-+s )rodu!ts without
having any legal or moral right to do so.

Companies and indi'id#als en%a%ed in proanation
The (Cylinders o the !haraoh( www."&l$
%rom the moment the book The Wands of Horus. The Return of the Se!rets of (n!ient /gy)t
was )ublished on the #nternet we have re!eived a host of letters, some of whi!h we would
like to share with you.

What can you say about the cylinders presented on the
site Who should we believe?
Sergey Budniak
"The funny thing is that the company of Vladimir or Konstantin' say
that they are the real makers. Which basically leaves us who really want
to benefit from this od gift to mankind! in frustration because we don't
know what's true and what is not.
" take it as a blessing from od that " got in contact with you and that
od knows what rods are the real ones."
#$%&' ()*(+

We !ould )resent do2ens of messages !ontaining !om)laints and e*)ressions of regret, but
we shall restri!t ourselves to one and try to give a more !om)rehensive res)onse to it.
%essage ,,-. "rina Ku.netsova. /lease check this out0
1ere's the interesting reply " received to my 2uestion.

::::: "riginal ,essage :::::
!rom- 2onstantin ;"&l$#ders3"&l$<
To- 2u)netsova Irina ;%re!t4)oss3m!$l.sp)#$<
&ent- = 4ovember 0111. >1-?@
&ub.ect- #e- The Wands of Horus and the Cylinders of the 6haraoh
3 1ello! "rina!
3 Thank you for your 2uestion.
3 4nfortunately! since the 5ylinders of the /haraoh came out many
"%"T$T"(+' have appeared! one of which is the Wands of 1orus. Their
creator! Valery 4varov! is a former business partner of Vladimir
/avlovich Kovtun. 1e illegally made use of his research results. $s
regards the true filling of the 5ylinders of the /haraoh! Valery 4varov
never was able to find it out 6Vladimir Kovtun keeps it a very strict
secret7. Therefore he had no option but to develop his own "Wands of
1orus"! with a filling that has nothing in common with the true filling of
the 5ylinders of the /haraoh. $part from the "Wands of 1orus" there are
other "%"T$T"(+' that are mainly distributed in %oscow 6we are now
trying to fight against this7. "f you have further 2uestions! we will be
pleased to answer them.
3 8ours sincerely! Konstantin
3 6web9master of the 5ylinders of the /haraoh site7
We would like straightaway to thank ,onstantin, noting that not one )erson !ommenting on
the results of Valery "varov+s resear!hes has )aid him su!h a signifi!ant and lofty
!om)liment. #n saying that "varov had to develo) his own filling for the Wands of Horus,
,onstantin automati!ally )la!ed him on a )ar with the outstanding s!holars and )riests of
antiquity. <evelo)ing su!h a tool as the Wands of Horus demands e*tremely )rofound
knowledge in the field of natural s!ien!e and of the )rin!i)les on whi!h the universe
o)erates. These insights were the greatest )earl of an!ient s!ientifi! thinking and the essen!e
of the (n!ient /gy)tian !anon that still remains to a large e*tent a mystery to humanity
The aim of the resear!hes !arried out by the #nternational #nformation $entre for "%&
Resear!h has always been to dis!over and )ass on to )eo)le that whi!h might be of
invaluable assistan!e to humanity in the further develo)ment of a )ositive mentality in our
!ivili2ation. >y !ontrast the work of some authors, out of )urely )ersonal !onsiderations, is
dire!ted towards leading humanity into more in the long series of delusions. Audge for
,onstantin writes9

4nfortunately! since the 5ylinders of the /haraoh came out many
"%"T$T"(+' have appeared! one of which is the Wands of 1orus. Their
creator! Valery 4varov! is a former business partner of Vladimir
/avlovich Kovtun.
%or the sake of =usti!e, it should be noted that there is no truth to the last senten!e. Valery
"varov has never been a business )artner of Vladimir ,ovtun. ,ovtun+s business )artners
were Sergei and Svetlana Gorbunov 0the /gy)tians+ Rods and Rods3%ree4 and (ndrei Shem
and (le*ander Romanenko 0Wands of 'ower4. Valery "varov never worked together with
them. &n that )oint ,onstantin was lying, for a start. The se!ond lie is that it is totally
in!orre!t to des!ribe as an imitation something that is )rote!ted by )atents issued by the
Russian %ederation and is manufa!tured in stri!t a!!ordan!e with the )atent s)e!ifi!ation:
#f the Wands of Horus were an imitation and not )rote!ted by )atent, Vladimir ,ovtun and
Sergei Gorbunov would long sin!e have taken legal a!tion in the a))ro)riate !ourts. #n that
!ase, quite qui!kly and in kee)ing with the law, a =udgement would be )assed de!laring our
a!tivities illegal. >ut this is the very reverse of the truth. #t is Gorbunov+s ./gy)tians+ Rods.
and .Rods3%ree. that are being )rodu!ed illegally.
The do!ument that r ,ovtun )resented to )eo)le had no legal for!e for a long time.
Therefore r ,ovtun !ould have no legitimate !om)laints against us. There were merely
)ersonal ambitions. ,ovtun knew full well that if we took him to !ourt, he would be ordered
to wind u) his a!tivities: %or )re!isely that reason he took no offi!ial a!tion, but restri!ted
himself to sending libellous letters to )eo)le who had no way of testing the quality of his
arguments. /ffe!tively the e*isten!e on the market of the ./gy)tians+ Rods., .Rods3%ree.
and the .$ylinders of the 'haraoh. is the result of our unwillingness to engage tiresome law
#n the summer of last year 078884 we had a )rivate !onversation with r ,ovtun in whi!h, as
a matter of ethi!s, we informed him of the legal !onsiderations that made his )osition
ho)elessly weak. We a!ted in this way out of an understanding that r ,ovtun+s in many
ways immoral a!tivities may ultimately !ause harm to !om)letely inno!ent )eo)le.
#n!identally, a good while ago we already a))roa!hed Vladimir ,ovtun with the suggestion
that, taking into !onsideration the e*)erien!e we had built u), he should !hange !ertain
)arameters of the !ylinders he manufa!tures in order to avoid harming )eo)le+s health. The
res)onse, after a )rolonged )eriod of silen!e, was atta!ks dire!ted against us.
/ffe!tively, out of )urely altruisti! !onsiderations we )erformed r ,ovtun an invaluable
#mmediately afterwards, using the information obtained from us and our generous attitude
towards him in the situation, r ,ovtun urgently submitted a new a))li!ation for the )atent
that has re!ently a))eared on his #nternet site. To )ut it sim)ly, by e*)loiting our human
gesture, r ,ovtun was able to legitimi2e his )rodu!t. (ll his subsequent a!tions show that
he does not a))re!iate the idea of normal human relations and !ontinues to indulge in
#n the letter already quoted ,onstantin goes on to state that9

1e :4varov; illegally made use of his :Kovtun's; research results. $s
regards the true filling of the 5ylinders of the /haraoh! Valery 4varov
never was able to find it out 6Vladimir Kovtun keeps it a very strict
We inform all interested )arties that the !ertifi!ate that r ,ovtun atta!hed to the .$ylinders
of the 'haraoh. )rodu!ed by his team bears the number of a 0null and void4 offi!ial utility3
model !ertifi!ate. (nyone !an make a note of that number, visit the )atent library 0whi!h is
lo!ated in !entral St 'etersburg4, and by quoting the number o)t!$# !ll the $#form!t$o#
!)out wh!t the 25&l$#ders of the 6h!r!oh2 !ontain. #n )ra!ti!al terms, the librarians
will )rint out for you and give for your )ersonal use what is termed the .)atent
s)e!ifi!ation.. &n request you !an also obtain a !om)rehensive des!ri)tion. So, as you see,
there is no .very stri!t se!ret. about it. Here again ,onstantin was sim)ly lying, deliberately
misleading the woman who wrote to him.
(s Vladimir ,ovtun+s business )artner, Sergei Gorbunov was 3 right u) until 5666 3 the
finan!ier of their )ro=e!t. #t was Gorbunov who was effe!tively the manufa!turer of the
.$ylinders of the 'haraoh.. I# h$s #ew )ro"hure 7E%&pt$!#s1 Rods8, in the se!tion
headed .What makes the $ylinders of the 'haraoh different from the Rods3,ont. 0)age B54,
Sergei Gorbunov writes9

Fro !""# the $%&'() copany produced cylindrical wands
under the tradeark *ylinders o+ the ,haraoh. %riginally they
were !-. long and /0 in diaeter. 'he +illing was in the
+or o+ powder.
This revelation is )arti!ularly noteworthy. Here Gorbunov admits that until 5666 they were
)rodu!ing !ylinders whose dimensions were not in a ratio of the Golden Se!tion: That means
that all the .$ylinders of the 'haraoh. sold to the )ubli! before 5666 did not have and !ould
not have the de!lared )ro)erties 3 as it is )re!isely adheren!e to the .Golden Ratios. that
enables the !ylinders to attune themselves to the human organism: #n (n!ient /gy)t
absolutely everything was subordinated to this )rin!i)le.
(fter Sergei Gorbunov sto))ed working with Vladimir ,ovtun, the latter !ontinued
)rodu!ing !ylinders that were not in a ration of the Golden Se!tion right u) to late 7888.
/ffe!tively )eo)le who )ur!hased .$ylinders of the 'haraoh. were sim)ly de!eived,
although there was no mali!ious intent on the )art of essrs. Gorbunov and ,ovtun9 they
sim)ly did not know of the ne!essity of adhering to those )ro)ortions in the manufa!ture of
the !ylinders. They first learnt about this in 566C, from Valery "varov. Therefore, la!king
any !on!e)tion of the Golden Se!tion themselves, ,&VT"- 0/gy)tians+ Rods and Rods3
%ree4 and Vladimir ,ovtun 0$ylinders of the 'haraoh4 sim)ly !o)ied without thinking the
linear dimensions of the Wands of Horus. Subsequently the si2e of the $ylinders of the
'haraoh !hanged from 5D8 * 7C mm to 5D5.B * 7C mm. ./gy)tians+ Rods. and .Rods3%ree.
are )rodu!ed in two versions9 again 5D5.B * 7C mm and also5BE * 7F mm.
-ow a little mathemati!s. #n order to find where the Golden Ratio is hidden, we need to take
the sets of two figures above and divide the larger by the smaller. #n algebrai! terms, if we
!all the length of the rod a and the diameter b, then the ratio of a to b 0a9b4 shows the
)ro)ortion used in the )arti!ular instan!e. "sing this method we have the ratios 5D5.B97C and
5BE97F or, dividing, D.B8F95. >ut if we take a loo9 !t the t!)le of #um)ers $# the
:olde# Se"t$o#sequen!e, we dis!over something very signifi!ant 3 the ratio D.B8F is =ust
not there: Whi!h )rom)ts the question, where are the Golden 'ro)ortions hereG
&n any !onvenient o!!asion Vladimir ,ovtun tries to )ersuade the )ubli! that he and no
other is the )erson who develo)ed the .$ylinders of the 'haraoh., having devoted to the
sear!h 7D years:G That, des)ite the fa!t that the first tra!eable modern mention of the
instrument is in a book by $omte Stefan $olonna Walewski. >ut if we disregard that fa!t and
a!!e)t ,ovtun+s version, !ould he not, with his )hysi!ist+s edu!ation, e*)lain the logi! of that
)arti!ular ratioG Sim)ly !hoosing two numbers from a table, one of whi!h will be the length
and the other the diameter is not enough. The im)ortant thing is )re!isely the ratio of the two
quantities. (ny attem)t to !on!eal or remain silent about what lies behind the ratio D.B8F95
will indi!ate a la!k of knowledge on the matter.
Aum)ing ahead, we !an state that the ratio D.B8F95 lies at the basis of an e*tremely im)ortant
dis!overy of world signifi!an!e that Vladimir ,ovtun, were he truly the develo)er of the
$ylinders of the 'haraoh, would not have sought to !on!eal. (n a!!ount of this dis!overy is
to be )ublished in a book that the #nternational #nformation $entre for "%& Resear!h
0##$"%&R4 is )re)aring for )ubli!ation in the !urrent year.
#t would be )ointless to address the same question to Sergei Gorbunov.
()art from this we should also )oint out that in his .book. The $ylinders of the 'haraoh,
Vladimir ,ovtun refers to some an!ient manus!ri)t entitled Se!rets of Hife and <eath that
was su))osedly a!quired by ,ovtun+s friend Ruslan <obrovolsky in the $au!asus. The
!ontents of that manus!ri)t formed the basis for the !onstru!tion of the .$ylinders of the
'haraoh. he has re)rodu!ed. Here the )lot thi!kens.
The whole fa!t of the matter is that there never was any an!ient manus!ri)t. /ven Vladimir
,ovtun+s former business )artners (ndrei Shem and (le*ander Romanenko re)roa!h him on
that s!ore in their book The Wands of 'ower. Sergei Gorbunov makes the same admission on
his site.
(ll that Ruslan <obrovolsky gave Vladimir ,ovtun was a )hoto!o)y of Walewski+s hand3
written book whi!h was )ublished in fa!simile in -ew ;ork I#d$!# '$lls( 5olor!do in
56DD. This !an easily be !he!ked sim)ly by asking r ,ovtun to )resent to the waiting world
this im)ortant histori!al eviden!e. %inds like that are of value to the whole of humanity:
#n res)onse you will hear a dreadful tale about .men in bla!k. or a devastating fire that
robbed us for ever of the manus!ri)t, or something else of the kind. >ut if the book met with
some awful fate, the )hoto!o)y survived 3 if the worst !omes to the worst, he !an )resent
that. #n!identally, that very )hoto!o)y of the manus!ri)t that ,ovtun re!eived from
<obrovolsky features in the 566D film Trial by ystery. <on+t get your ho)es too high,
though. Still, that is not im)ortant 3 the manus!ri)t 0and its )hoto!o)y4 !ontains a det!$led
!""ou#t of wh!t W!lews9$ )el$e-ed the "&l$#ders were m!de of !#d th!t p!rt $s
;uoted $# /!ler& 0-!ro-1s )oo9 The W!#ds of 'orus.
#t should be )arti!ularly stressed that in Walewski+s book the referen!e is to fillings in the
form of !ores of .fire3hardened !arbon and fire3hardened iron.. eanwhile r ,ovtun+s
.$ylinders of the 'haraoh. are filled with )owdered !oal and ordinary ground syntheti!
ferrite, although the )atent s)e!ifi!ation s)eaks of magneti! ore. The natural question is
WH;G This is an obvious deviation from his sour!e: #t is sim)ly not !lever to suggest the
fillings for the .$ylinders of the 'haraoh. have been re)rodu!ed in a!!ordan!e with an
an!ient manus!ri)t when syntheti! ferrite was invented relatively re!ently. The (n!ients did
not use or know it.
oreover, if you ask essrs ,ovtun and Gorbunov 0the ,&VT"- !om)any4 why in
)rin!i)le !oal and ferrite 0magneti! ore4 are used as fillings for the !ylinders, bearing in mind
that in (n!ient /gy)t nothing was left to !han!e 0everything had )rofound meaning derived
from )rin!i)les that lie at the very foundation of the universe4, you will not re!eive any sort
of intelligible res)onse. They sim)ly do not know, be!ause in reality they are not the
develo)ers of the tools that the (n!ient /gy)tian )riests and )haraohs held in their hands.
;et this is a key question: #t follows that essrs ,ovtun and Gorbunov are )rodu!ing
.medi!ine. without knowing its !om)osition or the dosage: $onsequently, what )eo)le get
from them is not a remedy, but .a shot in the dark.: -ow ask yourself9 do you need that kind
of remedy and is the business the Gorbunovs and their former guru Vladimir ,ovtun are
engaged in ethi!alG
-ow a few words about Valery "varov+s alleged illegal use of the results of r ,ovtun+s
#n 566F, Sergei Gorbunov, who was then still working with Vladimir ,ovtun, asked Valery
"varov to write a bro!hure to a!!om)any the !ylinders they were )rodu!ing. The request was
)rom)ted by the fa!t that all the .$ylinders of the 'haraoh. that ,ovtun and Gorbunov were
then )rodu!ing !ame with a sm!ll )ro"hure !lso e#t$tled 25&l$#ders of the
6h!r!oh2written, remarkably enough, not by ,ovtun himself, but by Svetlana Gorbunova:
The bro!hure was obviously weak and un!onvin!ing and, having a!quainted himself with a
few !ha)ters of "varov+s book whi!h was then still in the )re)aration stage, Gorbunov asked
"varov to )rodu!e a bro!hure that they need not be ashamed of. Valery "varov agreed.
When the bro!hure was ready Sergei Gorbunov read it and !om)lained that there was no
mention of Vladimir ,ovtun in it 0whi!h was only natural as "varov was writing about the
results of his own resear!hes with whi!h r ,ovtun had no !onne!tion4. "varov was
unha))y about the way the question had been raised and then Gorbunov asked him to at least
make some )assing mention of ,ovtun and in!lude in the bro!hure some or other of the
results !ited in the )revious bro!hure written by Svetlana Gorbunova. #n that event it would
be )ossible to refer to ,ovtun and to legitimi2e the bro!hure as the result of the a!tivities of
the (nalyti!al $entre of the ,&VT"- !om)any, although in reality the work was )erformed
by the #nternational #nformation $entre for "%& Resear!h 0##$"%&R4. That is how the
material that forms the basis for ,onstantin+s a!!usation against Valery "varov a))eared in
the bro!hure.
#t should be em)hasi2ed that the quotations introdu!ed at that )oint into the te*t of the book
The Wands of Horus are of no )arti!ular im)ortan!e for the e*)osition of the sub=e!t. (nd it
was due only to Sergei Gorbunov+s !oa*ing that they a))eared there at all.
#n the book The Wands of Horus )ublished in 7888, the fa!ts are )ut straight and "varov
states that the results of !ertain medi!al resear!hes quoted in the book were obtained from
Sergei Gorbunov, who finan!ed the studies, and not from Vladimir ,ovtun.
#n !losing this se!tion we would like to remind r ,ovtun that on the evening of 75 ay
7888, in the $arrols restaurant that is )art of Gostiny <vor de)artment store in St 'etersburg,
in the )resen!e of his own son and of Tatiana "varova, he )ersonally asked Valery "varov to
remove Gorbunov+s name from the book The Wands of Horus and to insert his own. >ut, let
us remember (ristotle+s words9 .'lato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth..
(t the end of his .warning. to #rina ,u2netsova, ,onstantin writes9

1part +ro the 2Wands o+ 3orus2 there are other 454'1'4%)S
that are ainly distributed in 5oscow 6we are now trying to +ight
against this7.
This is the most !onfusing )art of the letter. How !an you fight against something )rote!ted
by state )atentsG To begin a fight with the W!#ds of 'orus, the knowledge and
mathemati!s that lie behind them, is tantamount to o))osing yourself and beginning to fight
against the (n!ient /gy)tians+ view of the universe and the )rin!i)les embodied therein:
The truth is that everything being done by ,onstantin, Vladimir ,ovtun and Sergei
Gorbunov is highly immoral and unethi!al. #t is not sur)rising that these )eo)le began by
working together. >irds of a feather flo!k together.

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