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After Class: Teachers Talk Smack

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"#!$ %& "'()*+'",
,An- their parents .elling at .o/0
'hen this boo1 is 2or .o/3
'eaching is a -i4c/lt 5ob.
"o6 a2ter class6 teachers tal1 smac1.
'he. tal1 smac1 abo/t their st/-ents6 their
st/-ents7 parents6 an- the trials an- trib/lations
o2 teaching in general.
'he. tal1 smac1 beca/se the. are o2ten
/nappreciate- an- /n-erpai-.
'he. tal1 smac1 beca/se people blame all their
problems on teachers an- the. have no other wa.
to cope.
'he. tal1 smac1 beca/se hal2 o2 all new teachers
8/it within 9ve .ears beca/se the 5ob is 5/st so har- an- stress2/l.
Ever!one "a#es tea$%ing %ar&er t%an it nee&s to 'e(
"t/-ents whine an- complain abo/t learning. 'he. ma1e e:c/ses abo/t
wh. the. -i-n7t -o their homewor1. 'he. -isrespect an- -e2. teachers
with imp/nit.6 1nowing the. are not going to get in tro/ble. 'he. sa.6
-o6 an- wear things that prevent them 2rom learning an- prevent them
2rom having health. relationships an- s/ccess2/l lives in the 2/t/re.
;arents ma1e teaching har-er beca/se the. thin1 their chil-ren are
angels absol/tel. no <aws o2 an. 1in-. ;arents believe their chil-ren6 no
matter what evi-ence or e.ewitnesses 2ail contra-icts the lies their chil-ren tell. "how a parent a vi-eo o2 their chil-
violating some r/le an- the parent will 2aith2/ll. -e2en- the chil- regar-less o2 tr/th or logic.
'he p/blic ma1es teaching har-er than it nee-s to be b. ofering s/ggestions on how to teach6 even tho/gh the.
1now no more abo/t teaching than a -r/n1 homeless g/. passe- o/t in a g/tter. 'he. vili2. teachers even tho/gh
teachers o2ten care more abo/t their 1i-s an- -o more to help them prepare 2or li2e than the parents themselves -o.
After Class: Teachers Talk Smack a--resses all these complaints an- more. =o/ will see .o/rsel2 in the color2/l
comics -epicting h/moro/s sit/ations 2rom the classroom. =o/ will smile when .o/ rea- the -escriptions o2 2/nn.
8/alities share- b. st/-ents. =o/ will no- when .o/ rea- +i11i7s empathetic perspective6 2eeling li1e no one has ever
/n-erstoo- .o/ or what .o/ -o so well. =o/ will wal1 awa. 2rom .o/r e:perience rea-ing this boo1 wiser an-
challenge- b. the tr/ths share- within.
A'o)t t%e A)t%or
*! lo$al %ig% s$%ool Englis% tea$%er an& La#e Elsinore resi&ent Ni##i Tinsle!(
>hen +i11i 'insle. began teaching last cent/r.6 she -i- not have a cell phone an- neither -i- an.
o2 her st/-ents. "he now has over 92teen .ears o2 teaching e:perience6 incl/-ing teaching
elementar. thro/gh high school.
>hen she gra-/ate- 2rom college with her ?*nglish an- !omparative @iterar. "t/-iesA B*!@"C
-egree6 no one Bincl/-ing +i11iC 1new what that was. "he is now to 9g/re o/t what her
Daster7s in ?*-/cation with a !ross-!/lt/ral *mphasisA means. )espite that she wo/l-
become an *nglish teacher6 that7s what happene-. >hat else can .o/ -o with an *nglish -egree0
*ver. .ear she loves teaching even more beca/se she is one .ear closer to retiring in EF43.