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About Welly Optical (Suzhou) Co.

, Ltd
Welly Optical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is established and invested by group of researches
and experts who have more than 25 years of experience in optical lens industry. The
founder consists of those who are technically specialized in Polycarbonate (PC) Optical
Lens production, expert in lens production management, mould injection
specialization and marketing researcher in industry.

 This company was established in 2006 and located in National Suzhou Industrial
Park which is the largest Industrial Park in China. The company has invested more
than six millions US Dollar to produce and manufacture the supreme quality of PC
Lens for worldwide market.

 Welly Optical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has imported the most sophisticated equipment,
equipped with the latest technology and new process system to produce supreme
quality of PC Lens, to provide the most comfort optical lens to mankind, ultimately to
diminish the deterioration of human vision.

 In additional, Welly Optical has own Research and Development Team to create and
produce various type of new PC Optical Lens with various function, inclusive of Wide
Vision Proximately Distance Progressive (Comfort D), Anti-Stress, Anti-Fog, UV
Protection, Super Hard Tintable and Super Hydrophobic Lenses.

 Welly Optical is able to produce the exclusive PC Optical Lens and exclusive
customer service to its customer to achieve the worldwide quality standard.

 Welly Optical products are compliance with FDA (USA), CE and ISO9001 quality
 We sincerely hope that we shall soon have your significant advice and guidance and
may collaborate in business with your Esteem Company and renowned in the PC
Optical Lens Industry globally.

Business Scope:
1. PC Optical Lens: Super hard coated lens, HC-Tintable lens, HMC lens and Super
Hydrophobic coated lens, Anti-fog lens.
2. PC Polarized series: Plano Polarized sunlens, Semi-finished polarized lens, Back side
Aspheric polarized lens, Free-form polarized lens, Polarized sunglass.
3. PC Free-form lens----Large viewing fields with less distortion.

Our products:
1.semi-finished polycarbonate lenses (HMC, HC, AR, Super Hydrophobic, Anti-fog )
2.semi-finished polarized polycarbonate lenses
3.back side aspheric RX polarized polycarbonate lenses form progressive polycarbonate lenses form progressive polarized polycarbonate lenses
6.round and truncated plano polarized sunlenses
7.polarized sunglasses
8. plastic, metal, titanium and wood frames
9. MP3 or Bluetooth sunglasses


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