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My Yoga Experiences

I have continued my Yoga regimen thereafter with discipline. I tweeted about my

ongoing experience a few months ago. Read about it here. Today, I wish to write about
my progress in greater detail, with some new experiences.
Initially, I thought my Yoga experiences were personal and need not be shared on a
public platform. However, I realise what is happening to me is something profound.
Telling about it is important. If this blog motivates even one reader to explore what Yoga
has to offer, it would be worth writing this.
First of all, something about what I do as part of my Yoga regimen. I do a 21 minute
Kriya called Shambhavi Mahamudra. However, before this Kriya, there are 30 minutes
of preparatory asanas. Let us look at these in some detail.
The session starts with Patangasana. It is followed by Shishupalasan and Nadivibhajan
(3 rounds 30 asanas). This set of asanas takes about 15 minutes. It is then followed by
Surya Namaskar (3 rounds 72 asanas) which takes about 10 minutes.
This is followed by 5 minutes of Shavasana to cool the body down. And then starts
Shambhavi Mahamudra, which involves breathing exercises like Sukhasana, Om
Chants, Flutter and Bandhas, all undertaken in a precise way and order.
This entire session takes appx 50 minutes. I have certain experiences during this session
which I would like to share.
First, during Patangasan, I occasionally feel the back of my neck, ears and a part of my
face getting heated up. Thats probably because nerves at the bottom of the spine get
worked up. These nerves are connected to the brain via the neck. I did not have this
experience for the first 4 months. Its only been for the last 2 months or so, as my body
got more sensitive.
Two, during and after Suryanamaskar, I notice that there is heightened pumping of
blood, especially at my Anahata, just near the diaphragm. I clearly feel enhanced blood
circulation across my body, duly engineered from the centre of the body the Anahata.
Three, after Bandhas, as I start breathing normally, I feel as if I were floating. It not only
relaxes the mind but leaves me uplifted. I have no concrete explanation for this. It could
either be out of brain relaxation after a prolonged and regulated breathing or some
secretions in the brain which are worth researching. I have been having this experience
for the last month or so in varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on how well the
entire session has progressed.
I do not know what more experiences Yoga has in store for me. I am sure they will get
even more profound as I master all the above asanas with practise, and my body
becomes more and more sensitive with time.
Please note that this regimen involves dietary discipline as well. Eating only 3 times a
day morning breakfast, lunch and dinner; nothing in between. Also, there are
prescribed time-gaps between eating and the yoga session. I am sure this discipline has
played a key role in my having these experiences.
I know these are experiences I never imagined were possible. I realise Yoga is not merely
an exercise. Its a spiritual process we MUST traverse.
Depiction of Asanas mentioned in the post


Nadi Vibhajan

Surya Namaskar



Note : Pictorial representations of asanas above are not exact. They are the nearest
representation to actual asanas that I could trace on the web.
Caution : All asanas mentioned here should be done under expert guidance only.