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Ch. 12.

Effects of Tanu Bhava

1-2. Physical comforts. Should Lagna Lord be yuti ith a malefic! or
be in "th! #th! or 12th! $hysical felicity ill diminish. %f he is in angle!
or trine there ill be at all times comforts of the body. %f Lagna Lord is
in debilitation! combustion! or enemy&s 'ashi! there ill be diseases.
(ith a benefic in an angle or trine all diseases ill disa$$ear.
Lagna&s angles )i.e. *th! +th! or the 1,th-! or its trine ).th! /th-!
containing a benefic! is a $oerful remedy for all! related to health.
0. There ill not be bodily health! if Lagna or Chandra be drishtied
by! or yuti ith a malefic! being devoid of a benefics 1rishti.
*. Bodily Beauty. 2 benefic in Lagna ill give a $leasing a$$earance!
hile a malefic ill ma3e one bereft of good a$$earance. 4elicity of
the body ill be en5oyed! if Lagna is drishtied by! or yuti ith a
.-+. 6ther Benefits. %f Lagna Lord! Budha! 7uru! or Su3ra be in an
angle! or in a trine! the native ill be long lived! ealthy! intelligent
and li3ed by the 3ing. 4ame! ealth! abundant $leasures and
comforts of the body ill be ac8uired! if Lagna Lord is in a 9ovable
'ashi and be drishtied by a benefic 7raha. 6ne ill be endoed ith
royal mar3s )of fortune-!
if Budha! 7uru! or Su3ra be in Lagna along ith the Chandra! or be
in angle from Lagna. %f Budha! 7uru! or Su3ra be in *th! +th! or 1,th
from Lagna! or be in the com$any of Chandra in Lagna! the native ill
en5oy royal fortunes.
". Coiled Birth. %f there be a birth in one of 9esh! :rishabh and Simh
Lagnas! containing either Sani! or 9angal! the birth of the child is ith
a coil around a limb. The corres$onding limb ill be in accordance
ith the 'ashi! or ;avans! rising. /. Birth of Tins. The native! ho
has Surya in a 8uadru$ed 'ashi! hile others are in 1ual 'ashis ith
strength! is born! as one of the tins. 1,. To Be ;urtured by Three
9others. %f Surya and Candr 5oin in one and the same Bhava and fall
in one ;avans! the native ill be nurtured by three different mothers
for the first three months from its birth and ill later on be brought u$
by its father and brother. )<Bhratri& a$art from meaning a brother calls
for inter$retation! as a near relative in general- 11. %m$ortant. The
learned in =yotish should base the effects on Candr also! as are
a$$licable to Lagn. ;o e>$lained are clues to 3no of ulcers!
identity mar3s etc. on one&s $erson. 12-1*. 1ecanates and Bodily
Limbs. ?ead! eyes! ears! nose! tem$le! chin and face is the order of
limbs! denoted )by the various Bhavas-! hen the first decanate of a
'ashi ascends. %n the case of the second decanate ascending the
order is nec3! shoulder! arm! side! heart! stomach and navel. The
order for the third decanate ascending is $elvis! anus@$enis! testicles!
thigh! 3nee! calf and foot. The $ortion already risen indicates left side
of the body )hile the one yet to rise! i.e. the invisible half! denotes
the right side of the body-. 1.. Limbs 2ffected. The limb! related to a
malefic by occu$ation! ill have ulcers! or scars! hile the one!
related to a benefic! ill have a mar3 )li3e moles etc-. So say the
=yotishis. )2lso see Slo3a #! Ch. * of Saravali! hich states! that a
malefic! or a benefic! if be in on 'ashi! or ;avans! the effects ill be
right from birth. %n other cases it ill be in the course of one&s life! that
these effects ill come to $ass-