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Desecration of Kalima by Pakistani Authorities

Faisalabad, Pakistan; Augu 10, 2009: Around 300 strong contingent of Police
stormed a Mosque and 28 houses belonging to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in
village Lathianwala and removed Holy inscriptions, comprising Names of Allah and
Kalima etc., for allegedly hurting feelings of Muslims.


Police sacrilege Ahmadiyya Mosque and houses in

Faisalabad, Pakistan; Aug 10, 2009: Couple of days ago a case under anti-
Ahmadiyya clauses (PPC 298) was registered by some activists of Sunni
Tehreek against 32 Ahmadis accusing them of inscribing Holy scriptures at their
houses and place of worship which allegedly hurt the feelings of complainants in village
Lathianwala located some 25KM away from Faisalabad at Sheikhupura Road. Police at
the behest of some bigots also added Blasphemy clause PPC 295-C (Use of derogatory
remarks, etc; in respect of the Holy Prophet) to the FIR (First Information Report)
which carries death penalty. At this outrageous act of Police a three member
delegation of Ahmadis approached high ranking police officials to get the Blasphemy
charges dropped and settle the matter peacefully without unjustifiably hurting innocent
Ahmadis implicated in the case.

In the morning of August 10, 2009 around 300 strong contingent of Police, gathered
from whole district, stormed the Mosque and 28 houses belonging to Ahmadiyya
Muslim Community and removed Holy inscriptions, comprising Names of Allah and
Kalima (Muslim creed) etc. According to reliable sources the terror and frightful
operation continued for 8 hours. Police sacrilege was led by Deputy Superintendent of
Police Rai Muhammad Hussain and Station House Officer Mian Muuneer Ahmed of
Police Station Khururianwala while the matter was still pending decision with high
ranking police official Senior Superintendent of Police Kamran Yousuf. At the time of
operation Ahmadiyya delegation was waiting for a meeting with Deputy Inspector
General of Police.

Police used chisels, cement, paint etc to do this dreadful act of shameful sacrilege and
removed every Arabic word they could find on Ahmadiyya Mosque and houses. It is
worth noting that media was kept at distance thereby not allowing to cover this act.
After what happened at Gojra and Mureedke last week; Police is still busy to appease the
religious extremists and bigots. Religious minorities feel insecure and helpless in this
hostile environment.
Here is the video link:

32 innocent Ahmadis still face the charges of anti-Ahmadiyya laws and Blasphemy,
arrests and prosecution which may lead to from three years imprisonment to death.