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More than 100 Keyboard Shortcuts must read & Share

Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)

1. CTR!C (Co"y)
#. CTR!$ (Cut)
... %. CTR!& ('aste)
(. CTR!) (*ndo)
+. ,--T- (,e.ete)
/. S012T!,--T- (,e.ete the se.ected item "ermanent.y without ".acin3 the item in the
Recyc.e 4in)
5. CTR whi.e dra33in3 an item (Co"y the se.ected item)
6. CTR!S012T whi.e dra33in3 an item (Create a shortcut to the se.ected item)
7. 2# 8ey (Rename the se.ected item)
10. CTR!R190T :RR;W (Mo<e the insertion "oint to the be3innin3 of the ne=t word)
11. CTR!-2T :RR;W (Mo<e the insertion "oint to the be3innin3 of the "re<ious word)
1#. CTR!,;W> :RR;W (Mo<e the insertion "oint to the be3innin3 of the ne=t "ara3ra"h)
1%. CTR!*' :RR;W (Mo<e the insertion "oint to the be3innin3 of the "re<ious "ara3ra"h)
1(. CTR!S012T with any of the arrow 8eys (0i3h.i3ht a b.oc8 of te=t)
S012T with any of the arrow 8eys (Se.ect more than one item in a window or on the des8to"? or
se.ect te=t in a document)
1+. CTR!: (Se.ect a..)
1/. 2% 8ey (Search for a fi.e or a fo.der)
15. :T!->T-R (&iew the "ro"erties for the se.ected item)
16. :T!2( (C.ose the acti<e item? or @uit the acti<e "ro3ram)
17. :T!->T-R (,is".ay the "ro"erties of the se.ected obAect)
#0. :T!S':C-4:R (;"en the shortcut menu for the acti<e window)
#1. CTR!2( (C.ose the acti<e document in "ro3rams that enab.e you to ha<e mu.ti".e
documents o"ensimu.taneous.y)
##. :T!T:4 (Switch between the o"en items)
#%. :T!-SC (Cyc.e throu3h items in the order that they had been o"ened)
#(. 2/ 8ey (Cyc.e throu3h the screen e.ements in a window or on the des8to")
#+. 2( 8ey (,is".ay the :ddress bar .ist in My Com"uter or Windows -=".orer)
#/. S012T!210 (,is".ay the shortcut menu for the se.ected item)
#5. :T!S':C-4:R (,is".ay the System menu for the acti<e window)
#6. CTR!-SC (,is".ay the Start menu)
#7. :T!*nder.ined .etter in a menu name (,is".ay the corres"ondin3 menu) *nder.ined .etter
in a command name on an o"en menu ('erform the corres"ondin3 command)
%0. 210 8ey (:cti<ate the menu bar in the acti<e "ro3ram)
%1. R190T :RR;W (;"en the ne=t menu to the ri3ht? or o"en a submenu)
%#. -2T :RR;W (;"en the ne=t menu to the .eft? or c.ose a submenu)
%%. 2+ 8ey (*"date the acti<e window)
%(. 4:CKS':C- (&iew the fo.der one.e<e. u" in My Com"uter or Windows -=".orer)
%+. -SC (Cance. the current tas8)
%/. S012T when you insert a C,BR;Minto the C,BR;M dri<e ('re<ent the C,BR;M from
automatica..y ".ayin3)
,ia.o3 4o= B Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTR!T:4 (Mo<e forward throu3h the tabs)
#. CTR!S012T!T:4 (Mo<e bac8ward throu3h the tabs)
%. T:4 (Mo<e forward throu3h the o"tions)
(. S012T!T:4 (Mo<e bac8ward throu3h the o"tions)
+. :T!*nder.ined .etter ('erform the corres"ondin3 command or se.ect the corres"ondin3
/. ->T-R ('erform the command for the acti<e o"tion or button)
5. S':C-4:R (Se.ect or c.ear the chec8 bo= if the acti<e o"tion is a chec8 bo=)
6. :rrow 8eys (Se.ect a button if the acti<e o"tion is a 3rou" of o"tion buttons)
7. 21 8ey (,is".ay 0e.")
10. 2( 8ey (,is".ay the items in the acti<e .ist)
11. 4:CKS':C- (;"en a fo.der one .e<e. u" if a fo.der is se.ected in the Sa<e :s or ;"en
dia.o3 bo=)
Microsoft >atura. Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Windows o3o (,is".ay or hide the Start menu)
#. Windows o3o!4R-:K (,is".ay the System 'ro"erties dia.o3 bo=)
%. Windows o3o!, (,is".ay the des8to")
(. Windows o3o!M (MinimiCe a.. of the windows)
+. Windows o3o!S012T!M (Restorethe minimiCed windows)
/. Windows o3o!- (;"en My Com"uter)
5. Windows o3o!2 (Search for a fi.e or a fo.der)
6. CTR!Windows o3o!2 (Search for com"uters)
7. Windows o3o!21 (,is".ay Windows 0e.")
10. Windows o3o! (oc8 the 8eyboard)
11. Windows o3o!R (;"en the Run dia.o3 bo=)
1#. Windows o3o!* (;"en *ti.ity Mana3er)
1%. :ccessibi.ity Keyboard Shortcuts
1(. Ri3ht S012T for ei3ht seconds (Switch 2i.terKeys either on or off)
1+. eft :T!.eft S012T!'R1>T SCR--> (Switch 0i3h Contrast either on or off)
1/. eft :T!.eft S012T!>*M ;CK (Switch the MouseKeys either on or off)
15. S012T fi<e times (Switch the Stic8yKeys either on or off)
16. >*M ;CK for fi<e seconds (Switch the To33.eKeys either on or off)
17. Windows o3o !* (;"en *ti.ity Mana3er)
#0. Windows -=".orer Keyboard Shortcuts
#1. ->, (,is".ay the bottom of the acti<e window)
##. 0;M- (,is".ay the to" of the acti<e window)
#%. >*M ;CK!:steris8 si3n (D) (,is".ay a.. of the subfo.ders that are under the se.ected
#(. >*M ;CK!'.us si3n (!) (,is".ay the contents of the se.ected fo.der)
MMC Conso.e 8eyboard shortcuts
1. S012T!210 (,is".ay the :ction shortcut menu for the se.ected item)
#. 21 8ey (;"en the 0e." to"ic? if any? for the se.ected item)
%. 2+ 8ey (*"date the content of a.. conso.e windows)
(. CTR!210 (Ma=imiCe the acti<e conso.e window)
+. CTR!2+ (Restore the acti<e conso.e window)
/. :T!->T-R (,is".ay the 'ro"erties dia.o3 bo=? if any? for these.ected item)
5. 2# 8ey (Rename the se.ected item)
6. CTR!2( (C.ose the acti<e conso.e window. When a conso.e has on.y one conso.e window?
this shortcut c.oses the conso.e)
Remote ,es8to" Connection >a<i3ation
1. CTR!:T!->, (;"en the Microsoft Windows >T Security dia.o3 bo=)
#. :T!':9- *' (Switch between "ro3rams from .eft to ri3ht)
%. :T!':9- ,;W> (Switch between "ro3rams from ri3ht to .eft)
(. :T!1>S-RT (Cyc.e throu3h the "ro3rams in most recent.y used order)
+. :T!0;M- (,is".ay the Start menu)
/. CTR!:T!4R-:K (Switch the c.ient com"uter between a window and a fu.. screen)
5. :T!,--T- (,is".ay the Windows menu)
6. CTR!:T!Minus si3n (B) ('.ace a sna"shot of the acti<e window in the c.ient on the
Termina. ser<er c.i"board and "ro<ide the same functiona.ity as "ressin3 'R1>T SCR--> on a
.oca. com"uter.)
7. CTR!:T!'.us si3n (!) ('.ace asna"shot of the entire c.ient window area on the Termina.
ser<er c.i"boardand "ro<ide the same functiona.ity as"ressin3 :T!'R1>T SCR--> on a .oca.
Microsoft 1nternet -=".orer Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTR!4 (;"en the ;r3aniCe 2a<orites dia.o3 bo=)
#. CTR!- (;"en the Search bar)
%. CTR!2 (Start the 2ind uti.ity)
(. CTR!0 (;"en the 0istory bar)
+. CTR!1 (;"en the 2a<orites bar)
/. CTR! (;"en the ;"en dia.o3 bo=)
5. CTR!> (Start another instance of the browser with the same Web address)
6. CTR!; (;"en the ;"en dia.o3 bo=?the same as CTR!)
7. CTR!' (;"en the 'rint dia.o3 bo=)
10. CTR!R (*"date the current Web "a3e)
11. CTR!W (C.ose the current window)