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Email: | Mobile: +91-9963838642
Address: Room No: 1-23,!aitan"a#$%i, &il'!$knaga% ,("de%abad
Seeking an assignment as Software Engineer/ Firmware Engineer in
 )e%'atile R*& +%o,e''ional -it! ove% # $%&ears of e'!erien(e in ./ +%o0ect'
 1''ociated -it! Ro)ert *os(+ Engineering , *-siness So-tions.
/oim)atore. Tamina0- as
Senior Software Engineer -! to A-g1%r0 123%
 M$ Te(+ 4 VLSI Design S&stem an0 *$ Te(+ 4 Ee(troni(s , /omm-ni(ation
Engineering ,%om 2N/3, ("de%abad
 #%o4cient in !andling ove%all +%o0ect o+e%ation' +%om +lanning to %elea'e56$ild and
 89+e%t in coding and te'ting ,o% ./ +%o0ect'
 1d%oit in t!e a%ea' o, conce+t$ali:ation and develo+ment o, mic%ocont%olle%-ba'ed
+%od$ct' -!ic! incl$de' ;o,t-a%e .nteg%ation in 1$tomobile domain
 #%oactive and con4dent individ$al -it! e9cellent tec!nical and manage%ial 'kill'
 O!erating s&stems6
o <indo-'
o 8R=>;56o'c! #%o+%iet" R/>;7
o ?in$9
o >+en;3;8
 Toos6
o .N1 , 1;8/5onve%t' &e'ign to ode7, ;am&ia , an 1nal":e%
o @ilin9 .;8 &e'ign ;$ite
o 1tmel ;t$dio .&8 ,o% 1)R mic%ocont%olle%'
o =8.? $)i'ion3 .&8 9A1 om+ile% )3.1, B.
o Cla'! +%og%amming tool': #a%allel #%og%amme%, 3&8,#R>C, 2/1B, .;#
o D>=>B1<1 R>
 7roto(os6
o 31R/, .2,;#.
o 21939
o =no-ledge on -i%ele'' mod$le' lie B;E,B#;,F.B688
Ro)ert *os(+ Engineering , *-siness So-tions. /oim)atore. Tamina0- 2$ne
2G12 H 1$g$'t 2G13
;enio% ;o,t-a%e 8nginee%
 <o%king ,o% +%emi$m c$'tome%' in a$tomobile ma%ket like Navi'ta% and &aimle%
 (andling -o%k o, engine management '"'tem ,o% die'el and ga'oline line'
 Eanaging -o%k o, .R.; ?16 1R 5>+en loo+ and lo'e loo+7
 ;o,t-a%e con4g$%ation +ackage': lea%a'e, lea%I$e't, ;&>E, RI1 56o'c! tool'7
 .nvolved in ;&?J -o%king e9+e%ience in EE. A ;tanda%d'
Project Executed:
 .nvolved in:
o 6$g49 o, engine management '"'tem 'o,t-a%e ,o% ./8-Navi'ta%
o Eig%ation o, lea%a'e to ;&>E
o 3nit te'ting, integ%ation te'ting, 6C/, %e'o$%ce mea'$%ement te't
o ;o,t-a%e integ%ation ,o% diKe%ent va%iant' in &aimle% #%o0ect
o I$alit" management %elated activitie'
 (andling 'o,t-a%e %elea'e activitie' to t!e c$'tome%
Emware Te(+noogies :In0ia; 7vt$ Lt0$. 5&0era)a0 Ea"
2GG9 - 2$ne 2G12
Ci%m-a%e 8nginee%
 &e'igned and develo+ed man" '$cce'',$l mic%ocont%olle% - ba'ed +%od$ct'
 (ig! L$alit" 'o,t-a%e and 4%m-a%e de'ign in and 1''embl" ?ang$age 51A17
 89+e%ience -it!:
o #%oce''o% a%c!itect$%e' H 1)R, #., 1RE, 8GA1
o &evice' like ?cd, 31R/, 1G bit-1&, R/
o >R1&: ;c!ematic a+t$%e
o 8m$lato%' M ;im$lato%': 3E#; 8GA1 'im$lato%
 .nvolved in ;&? and #&?
Projects Executed:
Title: E.N. #$l'e >9imete% 2$l 2G11-1+% 2G12
Role: Ci%m-a%e &evelo+e% Team Size: 4 Controller:
Platform: 1tmel ;t$dio A Programming Skills Used: 8mbedded
Eini #$l'e >9imete% i' +%e-con4g$%ed %eal-time +atient monito%ing '"'tem -it!
+!"'iological +a%amete%': tem+e%at$%e, +$l'e %ate. /!e a++lication %$n' on embedded
-it! t!e !a%d-a%e ba'e a' 1/mega2A6G. Ea0o% ,eat$%e' incl$de: ala%m %ecall, t!e%mal
%eco%de% inte%,ace, m$ltiling$al '$++o%t and $'e% 'electable d"namic di'+la" ,o%mat
con4g$%ation and lo- co't
 oo%dinating -it! team in (?&, &?&, 'c!ematic', 6>E, mod$le te'ting, integ%ation *
'"'tem te'ting 'tage'
 .nvolved in 4%m-a%e develo+ment
Title: Generic Boot Loader Project for Emware Products 2$ne 2G1G-
Ea" 2G11
Role: Developer Team Size: 6
Platform: IA E! IDE" A# $tudio% Programming Skills Used: Embedded &
/!e +%o0ect /<.M.. 6oot loade% i' de'igned and develo+ed on 1/tin"88 1)R
mic%ocont%olle%, -!ic! doe' not !ave dedicated boot 'ection t!%o$g! .. com+atible /<.
+%otocol. /!e !o't device i' ba'ed on 1/mega2A6G comm$nicating via t!e 31R/ -it! a
# %$nning t!e 1)R >+en ;o$%ce #%og%amme% 51)R>;#7. /!e 4%m-a%e o, t!e ta%get
device i' %e'+on'ible to %eceive t!e command ,%om t!e ma'te% device and act
acco%dingl" on t!e a++lication 'ection o, t!e ta%get device t!%o$g! ;el,-#%og%amming
Title: ?ed &i'+la" ;"'tem -Eodel92 1$g 2GG9- 2$ne
Role: &evelo+e% Team Size: 4 Controller: 1/mega168
Platform: 1)R 't$dioA Programming Skills Used6 8mbedded
/!e ?ed &i'+la" ;"'tem Eodel92 +%o0ect !a' m$lti-line ?8& di'+la" '"'tem -it! va%io$'
,ont 't"le di'+la" ,acilit". /!e lengt! o, t!e di'+la" i' con4g$%able. /!e +%o0ect al'o
'$++o%t' m$ltiling$al di'+la" c!a%acte%'. /!e data to be di'+la"ed i' $+dated t!%o$g!
'e%ial comm$nication. 1l'o ,eat$%e' 'c%olling -it! m$lti+le time 'etting' b" t!e $'e%.
 ReL$i%ement anal"'i' and elicitation to c$'tome%
 .nvolved in making 6>E, Eod$le te'ting, integ%ation te'ting, '"'tem te'ting and +%e
com+liance te'ting 'tage'
 E. /ec! - )?;. &e'ign ;"'tem ,%om 2N/3, ("de%abad in 2G12 5N4O7
 6. /ec! - 8lect%onic' * omm$nication 8nginee%ing ,%om 2N/3, ("de%abad in 2GG9
 12
,%om Na%a"ana 2$nio% ollege ("de%abad in 2GGA 589O7
 1G
,%om 2o!n'on B%amma% (ig! ;c!ool ("de%abad in 2GG3 5N8O7
 &ate o, 6i%t!: 2$ne 13, 198N
 ?ang$age' =no-n: 8ngli'!, (indi and /el$g$
 (obbie': #la"ing c%icket and 'ocial 'e%vice