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Spring Fling
Ideas Book
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Get the look with:
Erysimum Rysi Gold (P), Erysimum Rysi Moon (P),
Heuchera Key Lime Pie (P), Tiarella Morning Star (P),
Scirpus cernuus, Acorus gramineus Ogon, Euphorbia
Efanthia (P),
Having a year round garden flled with plants and fowers is every
gardeners ultimate goal.
Tats why we have put together this ideas book, so that gardeners
everywhere can create the spring look they want with ease with a range
of varieties.
We have picked out the very best in early fowering plants, interesting
foliage, inspiration and planting ideas to create a spring garden that is
full of colours, textures, heights and habits.
Its divided into sections: Spring Flowers; Spring Foliage; Herbs; and Late
Spring Flowering Varieties, so that you can extend the gardening season
as far as possible.
Heuchera Licorice Euphorbia Efanthia
Te Spring Fling Ideas Book

Get the look with:
Iberis Master Piece (P), Primula Belarina Buttercup
Yellow (P), Primula Belarina Nectarine (P), Lobularia
Snow Princess (P), Lobularia Primavera Princess (P),
Erysimum Orange Zwerg (P), Sagina Green.
Spring Fling Flowers
Early fowering varieties are on everyones checklist for their spring
garden. Te following pages are full of Spring Fling fower ideas and
We have included a huge variety, from classic spring colours such
as radiant yellows, pretty purples and bright whites, to some more
adventurous varieties like our red hot Erysimum Winter series (p14-
15)and the passionate Primula Belarina Valentine(p26-27), which are
perfect for more dramatic planting schemes.
Spring Fling Flowers
Myosois My Oh My Tiarella Morning Star

Lime Variegated
Royal Red
Spring Fling Flowers
Aubrieta Blue Beauty
Aubrieta Blue Whale
Aubrieta Dr. Mules
Aubrieta Double
Aubrieta Gloria
Aubrieta Lime
Aubrieta Royal Blue Aubrieta Royal Red Aubrieta Swan Red
Low growing, spreading lime
yellow and green variegated foliage
with intense purple-blue fowers.
A compact evergreen, mound-
forming plant with iridescent blue
Compact mounds of luscious green
foliage with vivid red-magenta
Variegated foliage, just like Doctor
Mules Variegata but with purple-
red fowers.
Large, intense blue fowers engulf
the mounds of tight green foliage
in spring.
A wonderful perennial with
contrasting violet-purple fowers
against creeping cream and green
variegated foliage.
Beautiful rufed, double pink
fowers with just a hint of a yellow
eye create an extravagant display.
A rich green, mound forming
variety with dark magenta-red
Beautiful double blue fowers on
clean, green foliage and with a
lovely dome forming habit.
A wonderful selection of alpine
Aubrieta. Tey are all low
growing and creeping varieties
which can form trails if allowed.
Normally growing to about
15cm x 30cm and fowering
from April to May.
Aubrieta are ideal for
rockeries, gravel gardens, walls and containers.
Planting ideas: Plant with other pinks and purples
for sof hues and contrast with bright lime foliage, like
Carex oshimensis Everillo (p73) for example.
Double Pink
Spring Fling Flowers
Bergenia Autumn
Te best Bergenia for autumn
fower colour. With large green
foliage and bright pink racemes.
Bergenia Eroica
An improvement on previous
forms with more purple-burgundy
elephant ear leaves than the
Bressingham Ruby. Superb pink
fowers in spring
Bergenia Harzkristall
Delicate white fowers, with just
a slight tint of rose on the petals
emerge from well contained glossy
green foliage in spring.
A selection of very attractive Bergenia with excellent
foliage and pretty racemes of fowers.
Autumn Magic fowers from August-December and
is perfect for winter fower colour. Te other two
varieties fower from March-May and make good
early Spring Fling fowering varieties.
Planting ideas: Plant Eroica (pictured) with
Aubrieta, Saxifraga, and variegated Tyme for a
deliciously scented fower bed with stalky racemes
coupled with low growing alpines.
Spring Fling Flowers
A group of low growing Campanula, ofen sold as alpines in spring.
Wonderful for the front of raised beds, rockeries, walls, steps and mixed
containers to enjoy all year round. Some are also suitable for mixed
summer baskets.
Campanula are also popular for
planting in walls, especially in
cottage gardens.
Planting Ideas: Best planted en
masse for a wall or carpet of deep
purple throughout spring.
Campanula garganica
Dicksons Gold
Golden foliage with light blue
Campanula Elizabeth
Dainty double light blue fowers for
the summer.
Campanula muralis
A cascading habit with fowers of
deep mauve for spring and most of
Campanula muralis
Vigorous dark green foliage with
purple mauve fowers.
Campanula port. Mrs
Mid-blue fowers about 2cm in
Campanula pulla
Lovely violet-blue bells, which
hang tightly to the foliage.
Samantha (VR)
A wide fowered violet-blue,
fragrant bellfower which will creep
if allowed.
Campanula Summer
Compact spreading plant with
double white, pearly fowers in
Campanula x
Unusual double lavender-blue
fowers raised by Hay Lodge,
Edinburgh in 1885.
Campanula Yvonne
Low spreading, producing masses
of lilac-blue upturned bell-like
Early Birds
Tis is a superb new early season
Dianthus which fowers a full 4-6
weeks earlier.
A free fowering and perfumed
variety carrying fully double
crimson blooms over grey-green
Spring Fling Flowers
Primavera Princess
Primula Belarina
Erysimum Rysi Gold
Erysimum Winter series
Get the look with:
Tiarella Morning Star (P), Erysimum Winter Rouge
(P),Erysimum Winter Sorbet (P)
Spring Fling Flowers
Erysimum Winter
A rich, rosy-red colour that really
shines in the early spring sun.
Erysimum Winter
Tis variety is similar to E. Bowles
Mauve, but this has the advantage
of larger purple-mauve fowers and
is earlier.
Erysimum Winter
Flowers emerge as a coppery
orange, turning to purple as they
Erysimum Winter
Purple, yellow, pink and copper
tones. Tis variety however, is
earlier to fower, more compact
with larger fowers.
Winter is a series full of
hot pinks, burning oranges,
intense purples and warming
reds, guaranteed to heat up
any garden in spring. Flowers
emerge early in March and last
right through to mid summer.
Planting ideas: Combine
with other Erysimum in the
Winter series for a red hot pot,
or plant with the Rysi series
for a superb mix of bright or
sof yellows that will ofset the
warmth of the winter series
Tey also work well with other
spring fowering varieties
such as Primulas (Belarina
for example), Viola & Arabis
as well as fancy foliage like
Winter Joy
Primula Belarina
Amethyst Ice
Erysimum Rysi series
Get the look with:
Erysimum Rysi Star (P), Erysimum Winter Joy, Sagina
Spring Fling Flowers
Erysimum Rysi
An upright, compact wallfower
with bronzy-orange clusters of
fowers in spring.
Erysimum Rysi Gold
Golden yellow fowers in spring on
a neat, upright, compact habit.
Erysimum Rysi Moon
Pearly cream fowers on upright,
but compact fowering stems.
Erysimum Rysi Star
Bright, lemon yellow fowers look
superb on the compact green
Te Rysi collection is a
mixture of sof and bright
yellows that provide the
ultimate zesty yellow
colour palette thats perfect
for spring. Tey are early
to fower in March and
continue fowering all the
way through mid summer.
Planting Ideas: Plant
together for a bright
yellow spring display, or
try with lime coloured
Heuchera(p50-55) and
green grasses such as
Scirpus cernuus(p71).
Erysimum Rysi Gold
Heuchera Key Lime Pie
Scirpus cernuus
Plant World Lemon
Orange Zwerg
Aprico Twist
Primula Belarina Nectarine
Spring Fling Flowers
Erysimum Plant
World Lemon (VR)
An upright wall-fower with
fowers that change from a Sweet
Sorbet pink to light yellow.
Erysimum Sunburst
An eye-catching beauty with
intense orange sorbet fowers
borne on cream-green variegated
Erysimum Sweet
A wall fower with long spikes of
brilliant lilac to purple fowers
which will continue from spring to
Erysimum Golden
Bright green foliage with golden-
yellow fowers in spring.
Erysimum Apricot
Tis will brighten up any spot
in the garden with its incredibly
intense apricot-orange fowers on
petite green foliage.
Erysimum Bowles
A perennial wallfower with
numerous clusters of rich purple
coloured fowers on long racemes
from spring to summer.
Erysimum Constant
An upright wallfower with clusters
of slightly scented dusty red
fowers, fading through oranges
and pinks.
Erysimum linifolium
Wonderful variegated cream and
green foliage with light mauve
fowers on fairly long spikes.
Erysimum Orange
A more heavy fowering variety of
this bold, bright orange fowered
Tis range of Erysimum Wall Flowers are all unique with varying
habits, fower colours and garden uses. Flowering from April to July,
with some starting earlier.
Planting ideas: Wallfowers are very popular for spring planting as they
come in a wonderful range of long lasting fower colour,
and can be planted with spring and summer fowering
varieties as well as textured foliage such as grasses,
Heuchera and Euphorbia.
Tey are perfect for many garden situations - in the
container to show of the fowers or mixed in bed and
border to create a colour hot-spot.

Silver Dollar
Spring Fling Flowers
Helleborus Double
Queen Mixed
Helleborus ori. hyb.
Blue Metallic Lady
Helleborus orientalis
hybrid Blue Lady
Helleborus orientalis
hybrid Pink Lady
Helleborus orientalis
hybrid Red Lady
Helleborus Silver
Dollar (VR)
Helleborus ori. hyb.
White Lady Spotted
Helleborus ori. hyb.
White Lady Spotted
Helleborus orientalis
hybrid Yellow Lady
Compact mound of serrated silver
leaves held together with pink
stems. Greenish-white fowers with
a pink fush on the reverse.
Round, mostly upright white with
fne red spotted fowers. 80% true
to colour.
Round, mostly upright white with
fne red spotted fowers. 80% true
to colour.
Round, mostly upright yellow
fowers. 80% true to colour.
Round, mostly upright metallic
blue-purple fowers. 80% true to
Round, mostly upright blue to dark
purple fowers. 80% true to colour.
Round, mostly upright pink and
rose-pink fowers. 80% true to
Round, mostly upright red fowers.
80% true to colour.
A kaleidoscope of colour in the
spring. Wonderful mix of double
blooms on tough green foliage.
Tis selection contains some of the best Hellebore varieties available.
Ofen planted in traditional woodland areas and under trees, they create
a sophisticated spread of delicate fowers and foliage.
Planting ideas: Teyre very early fowering, so
excellent for use in spring containers, but equally happy
in the bed or shady border.
Plant a combination of diferent fower colours to create
an efortless scattering and give an authentic woodland

Master Piece
Master Piece
Primula Belarina Cream
Sagina Green
Spring Fling Flowers
Iberis sempervirens
Iberis Snowball (P)
Iberis Absolutely
Amethyst (P) EUPVR TBAF
Iberis Golden Candy
Iberis Master Piece
Iberis Pink Ice (VR)
Clumps of white fowers in early
spring on compact foliage with
small green leaves.
Tis variety has fantastic, ample
sized balls of white fower, largest
in the frst year. More prolifc in
the spring period than traditional
A jewel in the crown of any Iberis
collection. Wonderful pink pufs of
fowers on neat mounds of green
Superb golden foliage with white
fower blooms similar to those of
Tis exceptionally long fowering
variety produces mounds of
evergreen, narrow, Plymouth
Argyle green leaves and masses of
large, pure white fowers with small
pink centres.
A multitude of fat clusters of large,
pink fowers with small dark-pink
centres held over fne, evergreen
Iberis provide excellent spring
colours to containers and beds.
Tey mix well with Primulas and
other spring fowering varieties and
as an added bonus theyre popular
with bees and butterfies too.
New introductions this year include
Master Piece, which has extra large
fower heads and Pink Ice, a cool
shade of pink for a sophisticated
planting scheme.
Absolutely Amethyst
Pink Ice

Myosotis My Oh My
A beautiful mist of sky-blue forget-
me-not fowers shower this plant
in early spring on a very compact
habit. A true, blue beauty!
Myosotis (Forget-me-not)
Primula Belarina
Butercup Yellow
Spring Fling Flowers
Erysimum Rysi

Primula Belarina
Get the look with:
Primula Belarina Valentine (P), Iberis Master Piece
(P), Tiarella Morning Star (P), Heuchera Gotham (P).
Spring Fling Flowers
Primula Belarina
Primula Belarina Buttercup
Primula Belarina
Buttermilk (P) KERBELMILK
Primula Belarina
Cobalt Blue (P) KERBELCOB
Primula Belarina
Primula Belarina
Nectarine (P) KERBELNEC
Primula Belarina
Primula Belarina
Valentine (P) KERBELRED
A mass of large double cream
fowers - probably the most
foriferous variety.
Glorious yellow fowers which
blush to intense pinky-orange at
the petal margins.
Fairly compact double fowers of
pink and swirls of cream.
A fantastic, deep, intense red.
Double fowers which as the name
suggest are amethyst mauve, edged
with white.
Sumptuous buttery yellow fowers
with the hallmark Rosette collar.
Creamy, milky, semi-double
fowers on bright green foliage.
Striking large deep blue, double
We are very excited about this
series of Primula. Tey are a classy
alternative to the Primrose and
Polyanthus, with ample sized, rufed
double fowers from February with
fushes through to summer.
Planting ideas: Plant at the front of
a container or bowl and give them a
backdrop of taller fowers and foliage
which will set them of beautifully.
Tey grow very well together too so
pick a variety of diferent colours for
an elegant pot or bowl.
Primula Kennedy
Avondale (P) EUPVR TBAF
Primula Kennedy
Primula Kennedy
Innisfree (P) K72
Delicate pink fowers, crossed
with white and set of by a striking
yellow centre held over green
Beautiful sof peach coloured
blooms that contrast perfectly with
the dark foliage.
Fabulous, dark, velvety red fowers
displayed over very dark green to
purple foliage.
Primula Kennedy
Te result of over 35 years of careful selection, this
Irish series, bred from old Irish varieties, all have the
same 3 things in common. Te foliage is an unusually
purple bronze colour, the plants are foriferous with
the blooms either contrasting or complimenting the
foliage. Teyre also tough, being hardy down to -15C.
Spring Fling Flowers
Primula auricula
Black Jack (VR)
Primula auricula Late
Romantic (VR)
Primula auricula
Shaun (VR)
Deep burgundy fowers with a
yellow rimmed white central eye.
Late Romantic has short stalks of
pale peach, rose-like blooms with
a delicate scent, fowering in late
May and repeating in late summer.
Short stalks of double golden
yellow, scented blooms, set of
against wonderful silver dusted
Primula auricula
A range of easy to grow double auriculas bred specifcally for their
suitability for the garden. Tey have been bred with strong fower stalks
which have the ability to hold alof a full head of fowers, without the
stalks bending. Great for tubs, sinks, beds and borders.

Primula veris
A perennial herb which is
sometimes used in the kitchen for
salads and other culinary delights.
No spring garden would be complete without
Primulas, and here we have picked out
quite a selection to choose from. For a more
traditional planting scheme choose sof
yellows and pinks, or for something a bit
diferent try the more unusual varieties like
Francisca & Elizabeth Killelay.
Primula beesiana
Primula bulleyana Primula chungensis Primula Dawn Ansell
Primula denticulata
Blue Selection
Primula elatior
Primula elatior-hybrid
Gold Lace
Primula Elizabeth
Primula Francisca
Primula japonica
Primula japonica
Apple Blossom
Primula japonica
Millers Crimson
Unusual tousled blooms which are
luminous green, fading to a yellow
Beautiful fowers with pure white
petals and honey-yellow centres
which look stunning against matt
green foliage.
Sof pink fowers on tall candelabra
fower stems.
Another elegant tall candelabra
primrose with bright red fowers in
Distinctively shaped, lilac blue
drumstick blossoms.
Tis is a wild form of the well
known Oxslip with sulphur-yellow
Gorgeous fowers with bronzy-red
marginations and yellow centres
on short candelabra stems. Slightly
variable colour.
Rich, deep maroon double fowers
with edges traced in golden yellow,
held over pale green foliage with a
slightly scalloped edge.
Fragrant whorls of lilac-magenta
fowers produced on tall stems
A tall candelabra primrose with
upright green foliage and small
orange fowers.
Abundant terracotta coloured
tubular fowers held in whorls
above mid green scalloped rosettes
of foliage.
An exceptional rose like, pure
white double fowers with a green
ruf which holds the fower nicely.
Primula Miss Indigo
Primula vialii Red
Hot Poker
Primula vulgaris
Primula pulverulenta
Double deep violet-purple fowers,
each petal delicately edged in silver.
A graceful variety with elongated
green leaves produce high impact
fowers of purple with red tips.
Te common primrose seen so
ofen in our Cornish hedgerows,
but we are sourcing seed from
commercially cultivated crops.
Strong stems hold whorls of deep
pink fowers with an even deeper
maroon eye, opening in succession
up the fower stems.
Spring Fling Flowers
Saxifraga Cloth of
Saxifraga cuneifolia
Saxifraga Fleece
Saxifraga Golden
Saxifraga Pearly
Saxifraga Rubra
Saxifraga Silver
Saxifraga Triumph Saxifraga White
An improvement on previous red
Saxifrage. Strong, mounding alpine
foliage is covered by fowers in
Wonderfully variegated foliage
with exquisite light-pink fowers.
Rose pink fowers on large dark
green rosettes.
Chosen as a more pure white
alternative to S. White Pixie with
fowers over a neat cushion of lush
green foliage.
Green and gold succulent foliage
which creeps and covers.
A mass of small white fowers in
early spring against emerald-green
Creamy-white fowers emerge on
mounds of silver-green foliage
fringed with gold.
A vigorous Saxifrage with creamy
white fowers in astonishing
Eye-catching golden mounds, one
of the tightest with little white-
pearly fowers which bloom in
Saxifraga are small and low growing, all with tight mounds of foliage
which produce a variety of fower colours between May and June.
Planting ideas: Ideal for a small alpine bowl with other coloured
Saxifragas, Ajugas and Sempervivums or placed in the fringes of the
border or rockery.

Get the look with:
Viola Etain, Erysimum Winter Joy and a mix of
Spring Fling Flowers
Viola mix
36 36
Viola Etain
Viola Buttercup
Viola Columbine Viola Dawn Viola Elaine Quin
An unbeatable variety with
beautiful cream-yellow fowers
spreading to lavender on their
margins and an unforgettable
A profusion of sweet honey
scented, bright-yellow fowers.
Rich mauve with light-cream,
sketchy streaks.
Creamy yellow fowers with a slight
Similar to Columbine but more of
a marbled purple/cream fower.
A brilliant upgrade from standard Pansy varieties.
Most of these ofer good scent and perennial
fowering attributes. Tey look absolutely stunning in
border fringes, rockeries, gravel gardens, bowls and
Planting Ideas: Plant with a mixture of Erysimum,
Euphorbia and Primula as pictured, or plant en masse
in fower beds for a haze of colour.
Winter Joy
Viola Janet Viola labradorica Viola Martin
Viola Molly
Viola Mrs. Lancaster Viola Papilio Viola Rebecca
Near-black fowers with purple
veining and golden eye.
White fowers with noticeable cen-
tral veins and yellow eye. Possibly
the strongest scent of all the range.
Wonderful marbled texture fower
with purple mixing with white and
a yellow eye.
Creamy white fowers splashed
and frilled with mauve. One of
the strongest scented Viola in the
Dark blue, almost purple fowers
with cream centre and yellow eye
and a very good scent to go with it.
Dark purple foliage and violet
fowers. Tis will seed and spread
to its hearts content!
Wonderfully vibrant violet fowers
with cream eye.
Viola Roscastle Black
Viola sororia
Viola Tiger Eyes Viola Tony Venison
Velvety purple-black with a white
A Viola with distinctive fowers -
white with blue speckles.
A uniquely marked, yellow faced
fower which compliments the
Gold and green variegated foliage with
light blue fowers. Te variegation
recedes in the warmer summer
months becoming more creamy.
Viola Zoe
A bright-yellow centre surrounded
by lilac-blue on the lower margins
and upper petals.
Viola Green Goddess Viola hederacea Viola Irish Molly Viola Jackanapes
Bright yellow lower sections with
upper chocolate-brown.
A good, strong Pansy-type Viola
with a yellow marked face in the
centre and watery green tinge
bleeding from the edge towards
the centre.
A trailing, large leaved, spreading
Viola with peculiar purse-like
purple and white fowers.
Tis really is unique, almost me-
tallic in colour - Yellow sufused,
bronzed gold and dark maroon.
Spring Flowers
Bubble Gum
Armeria maritima
Duseldorf Pride
Arenaria balearica
Arenaria Te Pearl
Arabis alpina
caucasica Angvine
Arabis alpina
caucasica Variegata
Arabis ferdinandi-
coburgii Variegata
Arabis ferdinandi-
coburgii Old Gold
Very compact and spreading dark
green foliage with little white
Bright green prostrate foliage with
star-like, pink fowers in spring.
A small mound forming alpine
covered with masses of delightful,
pure white open fowers on a green
cushion of foliage.
Absolutely stunning hardy alpine
with golden frilled green foliage
and gorgeous pink fowers in
spring and the start of summer.
Sprays of scented white fowers,
which may fush to pink, over large
cream & green variegated foliage.
Attractive, prostrate cream-green
variegated foliage with sprays of
small white fowers.
Sprays of small white fowers over
a lively tapestry of golden, green
variegated foliage. Collected from
Macedonia at the beginning of the
20th century.
Here we have picked out a selection of some more of the best and most
beautiful to inspire your plans for spring planting.
Armeria caespitosa
Tight mound-forming habit with
profusion of light pink fowers.
Armeria juniperifolia
Armeria juniperifolia
Bevans Variety
Neat tufs of green foliage with
white fowers in spring to summer.
Small thrif with mid grey-green
foliage and double pink fowers.
Armeria maritima
Dusseldorf Pride
Compact foliage with dark pink
bubble-like fowers.
Armeria maritma
Morning Star White
Fresh, deep green, grass-like foliage
and a multitude of long-lasting,
white, pom-pom like fowers that
appear in spring.
Spring Fling Flowers
Geum Eos (VR)
Hypericum x moserianum
Justicia rizzinii Lathyrus vernus
Bright orange blooms over a clump
of golden yellow foliage make a
wonderful contrast for a stunning
spring display
Tri-coloured foliage plant with a
prostrate habit to be enjoyed all
year round and yellow fowers in
Tis native of Brazil is a small
perennial evergreen shrub with
masses of nodding yellow tipped
red fowers. (Suitable for indoors
for winter fower colour)
Carmine-pink fowers form in
clumps on dense fower spikes.
Corydalis Berry
Exciting (P)
Corydalis Blue
Corydalis fexuosa
China Blue
Diosma ericoides
Sunset Gold
Marvellous purple-bronze,
compact foliage which ofers early,
scented blue fowers in spring into
Tis hardy perennial displays clus-
ters of light sky-blue trumpets over
fne, lace-like foliage of rich green.
A dense evergreen shrub with nee-
dle like yellowish-green foliage and
masses of small white/pink fowers
in the spring.
A vigorous Corydalis with
succulent stems and gold ferny
leaves on a wide spreading plant.
Te purple fowers are wonderfully
fragrant and long lasting
Armeria maritima
Neat form of the more usual Sea
Trif varieties with rich bronze
foliage and pink pom-pom fowers.
Armeria Nify
Trify (VR)
Striking, grassy mounds, leaves
of green, edged with cream with
bright rose-pink fowers.
Lithodora difusa
Pretty little white stars on the
mounds of deep green foliage.
Wonderful single orange fowers
on upright bronze foliage.
Lychnis x arkwrightii Or-
ange ZwergVariegatum
Lithodora Blue Star
Glorious green leaves and small
white fowers with brushstrokes
of blue.
Lithodora Heavenly
Brought over to the UK in 1825,
this alpine has beautiful, bright
sky-blue fowers for most of the
Yellow fowers of about 2cm in
diameter on tough, dark green,
fnely cut, slow growing foliage.
Morisia Monantha
Lavender-blue fowers that will
cascade over a containers sides.
Parahebe Porlock
Stunning golden variegated foliage
which trails like liquid gold from
the basket or container with
fantastic mauve periwinkle fowers
for spring an summer.
Vinca minor Bowles
Vinca major Wojos
Shiny, dark-green trailing foliage
producing fantastic single purple
fowers in Spring.
A brightly variegated Vinca with
creamy yellow centres edged and
fecked with dark green. Lavender
blue fowers in spring and summer.
Vinca minor
Polemonium caerul eum
Brise d Anjou (P) BLANJOU
An erect, clump-forming perennial
with typical Jacobs Ladder bright
green, variegated leaves with
golden-creamy-white edges. Cup-
shaped, violet-sky blue fowers
appear drooping from the stems.
African Eyes (VR)
Moondance (P)
Pretty in Pink (P)
Tis is the best pink coloured
variety to date. A multitude of rich
deep pink fowers on silvery green
Small and compact, mat forming
perennial succulent which readily
produces abundant attractive vivid
pink to magenta-carmine fowers
in early spring.
Silver foliage with fowers with
cream petals and dark-brown eyes,
which emerge in early spring.
Numerous sof-pink daisy like
blooms fading to white over the
season emerge over compact, ever-
green, grey-green foliage.
Polemonium brandegeei
Bressingham Purple (R) POLBRESS
Polemonium Stairway
to Heaven (P)
Tis is a compact Jacobs ladder
variety that features purple tinted,
green leaves and burgundy stems
with clusters of slightly fragrant
cobalt-blue fowers. Leaves appear
ladder-like in structure.
A sensational, variegated, medium
sized mound of mid-green ferny leaves
strongly edged in creamy white and
fushed with pink during cooler spring
months. Lightly fragrant violet-blue
bells rise taller in mid to late spring.
Potentilla tonguei
Potentilla verna Nana
Large, apricot-yellow fowers with a
crimson eye in spring over a mat of
slightly trailing green foliage which
turns more red in autumn.
Brilliant yellow fowers on dwarf
mounds of green foliage.
Pulmonaria Trevi
Fountains (VR)
Pulmonaria Victorian
Brooch (P)
Pulmonaria Bubble
Gum (P)
Raspberry Splash (P)
A great spotted foliage variety with
long, compact foliage and spring
cobalt-blue fowers.
An absolute beauty with attractive
long, but compact silver-spotted
foliage with long-lasting magen-
ta-coral fowers.
Distinctive purple fower buds give
rise to radiant clusters of pale-pink
bell-shaped fowers. Its attractive
glossy narrow leaves remain light
green in colour with showy silver
spotting throughout the season.
An upright variety with small,
pointed spotted leaves and raspber-
ry fower spikes.
Get the look with:
Heuchera, Ajuga, Helichrysum, Sedum &
Flowers only last so long, and thats why it is so important to choose
interesting foliage that will keep gardens looking spectacular all year
Plants have never looked as luscious and green as when theyre planted
next to a deep purple or burning orange leafand a once dull green
garden transforms into a myriad of colours and textures.
From fufy grasses and furry Sage to shiny dark Ajuga and rustling
Heuchera, the following pages pick out the best that year round foliage
has to ofer.
Spring Fling Foliage
'Efanthia' (P)
Ajuga 'Black
Scallop' (P)
Heuchera 'Crme
Brle' (P)
Black Scallop
Fancy Foliage
Ajuga Black Scallop
A very robust form of Ajuga with
lovely dark, scalloped foliage, with
blue fower spikes in spring.
Ajuga Chocolate
Chip (VR/CB)
A great low growing Ajuga
with small mat forming leaves.
Is darkest when kept cool and
relatively dry.
Ajuga pyramidalis
Metallica Crispa
A wonderful Ajuga with dark,
slightly metallic, crinkled and hairy
leaves with a small blue fower in
Ajuga reptans Braun
Very shiny dark bronze leaves
which creep over the ground with
deep-blue fower spikes in spring.
Ajuga reptans
Burgundy Glow
Attractive variegated red and
cream foliage, which trails slightly
with blue fowers.
Ajuga reptans Catlins
Very large dark bronze-green
metallic foliage with the bonus of
bright blue fower spikes.
Ajuga reptans
Shiny bronze foliage with fecks
of green, red and gold. Deep blue
fowers are a real bonus.
Ajuga reptans
A low growing, creeping alpine
with creamy yellow and green
variegated foliage.
Get the look with: Ajuga Black Scallop (P), Sage
ofcinalis Icterina (Gold), Carex and Heuchera
Ajuga add a wonderful dark leafy
texture to planting combinations.
Some, such as Black Scallop and
Catlins Giant have really dark
shiny leaves, whereas others have
foliage that varies in pinks, bronzes,
yellows and reds, such as Rainbow
and Burgundy Glow. Tey are also
easy to care for and grow attractive
purple fowers from early on in
Planting ideas: Excellent for use in
container combinations as pictured,
but also ideal for border fringes.

Cordyline australis
Red Star
Cordyline australis
Torbay Dazzler
Cordyline Renegade
Cordyline Sunrise
An evergreen exotic structural
shrub with striking bronze-red
An evergreen, palm-like tree with
green, cream striped, sword-like
A clump forming Cordyline that
has arching, dark purple to nearly
black foliage with a glossy lacquered
fnish. Dramatic foliage with small
fragrant, light lavender fowers.
A distinctive Cordyline with strong
and stable variegation. Te long,
arching leaves have a deep red/pink
central stripe and thick, bright pink
Cordyline australis
Cordyline australis
Pink Passion (P)
Cordyline australis
Red Heart
Cordyline australis
Red Sensation
A vibrantly colourful variation
with dark grey-green sword shaped
leaves with a pink midrib.
A strikingly coloured Cordyline with long,
slender leaves which are a combination of
greyish purple in the centre and pink at
the edges, giving it rich magenta tones.
Tis Sundance improvement has
green sword-like strap leaves that
have a solid stripe of pink down the
midrib and along the leaf s base.
A wonderful dark burgundy varie-
ty. Nice strong, upright habit.
Cordyline australis
Relatively narrow mid-green spiky
A great selection of Cordyline, best
used as an architectural plant in a
container or planted out in a raised
bed or border.
Ofen with interesting striped
leaves of contrasting colours.
Tey have become popular in
recent years thanks to their exotic
palm-like appearance, especially in
coastal gardens.
Fancy Foliage
Euphorbia x martinii
Euphorbia Kalipso
Rounded mounds of medium
green leaves ofen tinged with
purple. Chartreuse bracts emerge
in spring with red eyes.
A wonderful rounded, bushy and
compact form with golden yellow
fowers on buf green foliage.
An excellent evergreen perennial
with multi-stemmed cool, ice blue
needle-like leaves which are sof
to touch.
Euphorbia Grey
Hedgehog (VR)
An excellent new variegated form
of Euphorbia characias ofering
Smokey blue grey leaves with white
Euphorbia Glacier
Blue (P)
Small, green leaves with purple
tinges on the edges and red
undersides. Yellow balls of fower
through summer and into autumn.
Euphorbia Efanthia
Glaucus blue-green evergreen
foliage with a wonderful spray
of fowers in spring. Flowers are
lush green with dainty red-eyed
Euphorbia Despina
Euphorbia characias
Tis forms large, bold clumps of
blue-grey foliage with sulphur-
yellow fower spikes in March-
Very compact forming a neat
mound. Bronze green foliage with
short fower stems. Flowers apple
green in colour with yellow centres
and red capsules.
Euphorbia Baby
Charm (VR)
Compact and evergreen with many
foliage colours throughout the year.
Grey-green edged with yellow,
shades of pink, red and orange, and
lime green fowers.
Euphorbia Ascot
Rainbow (P)
Dark bronze-green leaves with new
shoots of deep purple and fowers
of lime-green which last through
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Amy Purpurea
Variable in habit, some more compact than others. Particularly useful
in the pot, or container for the spring, mixed with other perennials,
which can then be transplanted into the bed or border afer use in the
container to continue to add interesting foliage to the garden.
Fancy Foliage
Get the look with: Euphorbia Efanthia (P),
Lysimachia Goldilocks and Ceratostigma
plumbaginoides (Display fowers in autumn)
Icicles Sage ofcinalis
Te silvery foliage and yellow fow-
ers make this intensely aromatic
plant a real head turner.
A relation to the curry plant with
silvery-white feathered foliage.
Similar in form to curry plant, but
more elongated foliage and slightly
more silvery appearance.
Helichrysum Icicles
Helichrysum ambiguum
Korma (P/CB)
Helichrysum White
Still one of the best basket
Helichrysum varieties with its
small silver lobed leaves.
Helichrysum petiolare
Gorgeous golden foliage which
trails with vigour.
Helichrysum petiolare
An excellent, vigorous trailing
Helichrysum, silver in colour and
large, lobed leaves.
Helichrysum petiolare
A cream/silver variegated form of
the very popular basket plant.
are brilliant
for baskets,
bowls and tubs,
particularly at
the edges to
allow them to
demonstrate their
full trailing ability.
Tese varieties
will act as a foil
for any container
Fancy Foliage
Te scented Helichrysum varieties add a delicious aroma to tubs and
containers. Korma and Icicles are similar to curry plant, but with a
milder scent.
White Wonder
is intensely
aromatic and as
an added bonus it
fowers from June
to August.
petiolare Silver

Key Lime Pie
Spring Fling Flowers
Crme Brle

Key Lime Pie
Get the look with:
Plant a mix of Heuchera, Tiarella and Euphorbia
Heuchera Blackberry
Jam (VR) PWHEU0109
Heuchera Can-Can
Heuchera Cherry
Cola (P)
Heuchera Chocolate
Rufes (P)
Heuchera Crme
Heuchera Delta
Dawn (P)
Heuchera Electra (P)
Heuchera Amethyst
Mist (VR)
Heuchera Autumn
Leaves (P)
Heuchera Berry
Smoothie (P)
Heuchera Black
A superior marmalade-orange
Heuchera, far stronger than early
forms. Beautiful striking foliage in
spring will please year afer year.
In spring & autumn, large rounded
leaves smoulder brick red, with
a golden yellow edging and pale
veining. Troughout summer leaves
are shades of gold & lime green.
Blood-red veins electrify the golden
leaves. Red venation is feint while
the leaf changes from yellow in
spring, to chartreuse in summer &
autumn. Short, dense cones of white
A wonderful richly coloured
Heuchera with bold tones of
maroon and blackberry with ebony
Te frst of the rufe foliage
varieties to take on a metallic silver
leaf which always stands out in any
As the name suggests, the leaves
are mixed tones of rusty browns
and reds.
Rufed leaves, chocolate in colour
on top, burgundy underneath and
a profusion of purple fowers.
A new shade in Heucheras,
diferent from the burgundies
of the past. Silver markings over
burgundy on wonderful large
Large leaves start vivid red and
gradually darken to ruby red
through the season making it
stunning in the Autumn.
A real smoothie colour all year
round - rose pink, through rasp-
berry to blackberry shades. Big,
bold habit. A blend of heat loving
H. villosa and cold tolerance of H.
One of the darkest Heuchera
available with rufed leaves and tall
creamy-white fower spikes.
Heuchera Electric
Te large leaves are plain lime-tinted
yellow during the summer with the
bonus of densely packed stems of white
fowers, In the cool of Autumn the red
veining on the leaves starts to show.
A choice selection of Heuchera, popular for their year-round foliage
appeal and strong colours that vary depending on the time of year. Ideal
in containers, either on their own, or mixed with other Heucheras,
Tiarellas or with other foliage and colourful fowering plants. When
fnished use in the container they can be planted into the bed or border
for years of enjoyment.
Fancy Foliage
Heuchera Lime Mar-
Heuchera Mahogany
Heuchera Marma-
lade (P)
Heuchera Midnight
Bayou (P) BAYOU
Heuchera Midnight
Heuchera Obsidian
Heuchera Palace
Heuchera Paris (P)
Heuchera Green
Spice (VR)
Heuchera Hollywood
Heuchera Key Lime
Pie (P) - TNHEU042
Heuchera Licorice
Dark foliage fecked irregularly
with rose-pink tints. Te fecks
brighten as the season progresses
until they become almost cream
in colour.
A strong, rich, dark chocolate
coloured Heuchera with shiny, well
rounded leaves. It has to be one
of, if not the, darkest Heuchera
available to date.
Red-bronze, maple leaf-shaped
foliage with cream coloured blos-
soms in spring.
A nice compact variety with green
leaves veiled in white. Tis variety
produces lots of rosy-red coral bells
on sturdy fower stems.
A vigorous sport from the well know
H. Marmalade, with deeply-lobed and
rufed leaves which are a glowing lime
to chartreuse green all season long.
Glossy mahogany red foliage with
rufes. Wonderful dense shiny colour
year round. Foliage changes from
spring purple tones to summer red
tones. Flowers few, on short stems.
A great garden performing amber
coloured Heuchera. Spring foliage
is more purple and summer be-
comes more red.
Shimmering blackcurrant ma-
ple-like foliage changes with the
season from a more silvered purple
to red purple.
Dark grey edged silver-green leaves
with strongly contrasting dark
purple veins.
What a marvellous blend of dark,
metallic veiled foliage and intense
deep rose bells in summer.
Wonderful lime-green foliage
which contrasts beautifully against
dark leaved Heuchera.
Slightly rufed, glossy, dark
burgundy foliage which create
impressive clumps in spring and
Heuchera Gotham
Tis striking dark leaved variety
displays powerful dark foliage with
attractive yellow fower stalks.
Heuchera Fire Chief
Heuchera Georgia
Peach (P)
Heuchera Ginger Ale
Glowing wine red foliage turns
a little tanned in the winter.
Bicoloured pink and white fowers
on dark red stems continue through
spring, summer, & autumn
Rich peachy-rose leaves with an veil
of white on the upper side. Colour
changes through the seasons with hues
of orange, rose and purple. Insignifcant,
but attractive cream fowers.
A ginger coloured variety which
exhibits hues of lime and cream. A
silvery metallic veil covers the leaf
surface. Ginger fowers with a hint
of pink emerge in spring & summer.
Heuchera Peach
Flamb (P)
Heuchera Plum
Pudding (P)
Heuchera Plum
Royale (P)
Heuchera Purple
Petticoats (VR)
Stunning bright peach coloured
foliage, turning more plum
during the winter. Peachy-cream
insignifcant fowers in spring.
Tis variety has dark, plum coloured,
slightly shiny metallic foliage &
excels in spring when colours are
more vivid than its sister variety -
Amethyst Mist
Shiny purple leaves all summer,
turning in winter, to more silver foliage
with just a purple tint. Pink-white
fowers on dark peduncles, excellent
vigour, mounding, and compact habit.
An excellent purple leaf which be-
comes more frilly during the win-
ter months and also has stems with
cream fowers from late spring.
Heuchera Southern
Comfort (P)
Heuchera Sparkling
Heuchera Sugar
Plum (P)
Large cinnamon-peach leaves which
change to burnt-copper and amber,
a lush habit, & produces creamy
white fowers in late summer.
Glowing burgundy-rose leaves in
spring, misty orange in summer , rich
wine-red in winter. Creamy white
insignifcant fowers.
A lush mound of maple like, attractive
crinkled lobed leaves remain plum
purple in colour with distinctive
deep purple veins and tinges of silver
throughout the year.
Heuchera Sugar
Frosting (P) PWHEU0104
Glowing burgundy-rose leaves in
spring, misty orange in summer , rich
wine-red in winter. Creamy white
insignifcant fowers.
Fancy Foliage
Crme Brle

'Redstone Falls'
Heucherella Redstone
Falls (P)
Heucherella Solar
Eclipse (P)
Stoplight (P)
Heucherella Sunrise
Falls (P)
Heucherella Sweet
Tea (P)
Heucherella Tapestry
Yellowstone Falls (P)
Heucherella Alabama
Sunrise (P)
Heucherella Berry
Fizz (P)
Heucherella Brass
Lantern (P)
Heucherella Kimono
Leaves with huge cinnamon stars
are surrounded by the loveliest
intense orange tea coloured
borders. Te big, palmate cut
leaves darken in the summer and
lighten up again in the autumn.
Stunning multi-coloured and veiled
foliage with free fowering stems of
warm pink fowers. Te dark-cen-
tred leaves are coloured blue green
in spring and summer & green with
dark centres from autumn.
Tis has beautiful lobed Pear
Green coloured leaves with deep
crimson markings and stems that
can trail up to 90cm. Its great for
brightening dark corners.
A fabulous, trailing Heucherella
sporting broad coppery leaves,
with a deep red centre. Te leaves
change to reds and browns in the
autumn and winter.
Leaves with a red-brown centre
edged with lime green really are
reminiscent of a ring of light.
Golden yellow, maple leaf shape
foliage with excellent markings -
emerging as bright red when young,
darkening to burgundy-chocolate
brown as the leaves mature.
A vigorous, trailing Heucherella
with large, yellow, maple-shaped
leaves and red veins.
Te deeply cut foliage in spring to
mid summer is gold with red veins.
In late summer, the leaves turn
green with red veins. In autumn,
the older foliage turns amber-pink.
Small white fowers.
Te maple-shaped leaves are deep
purple with a glossy bronze sheen
and erratically sprinkled with
beads of light pink.
Fabulous brassy-gold and red
maple shaped leaves in spring,
turning olive and brown in winter
with white frothy fowers in late
Te foliage could certainly be
mistaken for Tiarella being so
narrow and painted in spring,
becoming more palmate in
summer. But the best aspect of this
variety is its metallic-rose fowers.
A Heucherella is a cross between a Heuchera and a Tiarella - the clues
are in the leaf shape or fower. Use them in a container, either on their
own, or mixed with other Heucheras, Tiarellas and foliage plants to show
of their magnifcent trailing foliage.
When fnished they can be planted into the bed or border outside.
Fancy Foliage
Lamium galeobdolon
Hermanns Pride
Crme Brle
Lamium galeobdolon
Hermanns Pride
Lamium Gold
Lamium maculatum Golden
Anniversary (P) DELLAM
Lamium maculatum
White Nancy
A hardy foliage variety with
pewter like frosted variegation on
a green leaf, with yellow fowers at
times through summer.
Found in a Cornish hedgerow, one
of the original Lamium varieties -
slightly trailing with golden foliage,
a white fash and pink fowers.
Striking tri-coloured foliage and
purple fowers with a compact,
semi-trailing habit.
Predominantly silver blotched
foliage with green frills, which
trails and provides white fowers
in spring.
Excellent varieties, primarily for their foliage colour. Tey also fower
from May to September. Tey will perform in almost any situation - in a
bowl, tub, basket, bank or paved area.
Te plant acts as a marvellous foil to other summer and winter patio
plants - brilliant value for year round interest and colour.
Fancy Foliage
Rainbow Queen
Fancy Foliage
A magnifcent selection of
Phormium - statuesque,
architectural and ultimately
impressive in nature.
All with strappy, leathery foliage,
that is ofen stripey, and forms
clumps of varying heights and
Every garden must have
Chocomint (P)
Phormium Cream
Phormium Crimson
Te leaves are a deep chocolate
brown, with mint-green margins. A
beautiful contrast for this stunning
fax lily.
Tis broad Phormium grows to
100cm tall with bold, wide arching
leaves that have a cream-yellow
mid-stripe and green margins
edged with red.
Rich crimson-red with darker red
Phormium Alison
Blackman (P)
Phormium Apricot
Phormium Back In
Black (P)
Phormium Bronze
Tis yellow variegated spreading
Phormium has green and cream
foliage with a narrow red edge
along the outside of the leaf.
Tis Phormium is about 120cm
tall with upright, spreading leaves,
arching at the tips Te leaves
emerge yellow with green margins
and turn apricot as they mature.
Slim and striking, black leaves that
turn red in the autumn.
A compact Phormium growing
to around 60cm. Te wide dark
reddish-brown foliage curves
gracefully at the tips.
Back In Black
Phormium Jester Phormium Joker (P)
Phormium Pink
Growing to around 100cm this
Phormium has a pink centre to the
leaf with lime green margins. It has
a strongly arching habit and is wide
Nettle green leaves with red stripes
and bewitching pinkie red margins.
Tis is more a more intense,
contrasting colour than previous
similar forms.
Tis upright and spreading cultivar
grows 110cm -130cm tall with
greyish brown leaves that have a
broad, fuorescent pink margins at
the leaf bases which narrows and
gradually disappears at the leaf tip.
Phormium Evening
Phormium Flamingo
Phormium Golden
Phormium Golden
Te young leaves are held erect,
while the older leaves tend to
spread, It grows 80cm - 100cm tall
with bright pinkish-red leaves that
have a greyish-brown margins and
occasional stripes.
A colourfully striped, arching
Phormium with striations of pink,
coral, apricot and green on rather
compact leaves up to 100cm.
Golden-yellow stripes surround
a green central band. Margins are
Tis plant is up to 100cm tall and has
leaves that are stif, erect & broad.
Te centre of each leaf is creamy-
yellow, shading to gold, occasionally
with a pinkish fush. Te outer edges
are striped with dark green.
Phormium Duet
A semi-dwarf Phormium with
narrow leaves stify carried upright
which grows to about 80cm tall.
Te leaves are green in the centre
with the creamy white variegation
concentrated towards the margins.
Phormium tenax
Phormium Tricolor
Phormium Yellow
Broad leaves with a hint of green,
largely fushed with purple.
A broad form growing to 100cm
tall. Te drooping dark green
leaves have creamy white edges,
becoming fushed pink with a bur-
gundy edge in cooler weather.
A medium sized plant growing to
about 150cm tall with arching 6cm
wide green leaves with a central
yellow band that fades to green in
the autumn.
Phormium tenax
Broad upright mid-green leaves.
Phormium Rainbow
Phormium Rainbow
Tis plant forms a large 120-150cm
tall clump with erect leaves slightly
bent at the tips producing wide
olive-green leaves with rose-red
edges that fade to cream.
Tis is a low spreading plant with
leaves 80cm long. Te leaf is mostly
pinkish-red but the margins and
occasional stripes are grey-
Tis is a vigorous cultivar reaching
150-200cm in height. Te broad,
upright sword-like leaves are bronzy
green, edged with narrow dark rose
margins that fade to cream; its new
leaves are particularly colourful.
Phormium Rainbow
Growing to about 100cm it has an
upright habit with drooping tips. Te
central leaf area is dark salmon-pink
on new leaves, fading to yellow-pink
on older leaves, with a narrow green-
bronze band inside the margin.
Back In Black

Morning Star
Tiarella Appalachian
Trail (P)
Tiarella Cascade
Creeper (P)
Tiarella Iron
Butterfy (P)
Tiarella Morning
Star (P) TNTIA042
Tiarella Mystic Mist
Tiarella Pink
Skyrocket (P)
Tiarella Spring
Symphony (P)
Deeply cut, palmate, green leaves
with strong bronze venations and
feathery pink tinged fowers in
spring and summer.
A mound of green, maple-shaped
leaves, mottled with white fecks. Te
central veins of the leaf are depicted
by a deep wine red colour. A foam of
fragrant white fowers appear in mid
to late spring.
Dissected Maple-like leaves, engraved
with dark chocolate central blotches,
produce a lush shiny green mound.
Skyrocketing on tall sturdy stems,
spires are studded with round rosy buds
and frothy pink and white star-shaped
Chosen for its splendid pink
fowers and cut foliage with a
streak down the centre.
A trailing habit where numerous
branches carry heart shaped green
leaves with a dark centre. Elegant
stems trail with white, foamy
fowers in the spring.
Medium sized, deeply lobed,
heart shaped leaves marked with a
scorched earth brown shade in the
centre. In spring fowers are starry
white or pink.
We are confdent enough to say
that this is the best Tiarella in the
world to date with large, fragrant
fowers over contrasting, well-cut,
bronzed foliage.
Tiarellas are trailing foliage
plants with pretty pufs of fowers
rocketing skywards from the
start of April all the way into mid
Teyre traditionally a border
plant, but we would recommend
them for the container to be
allowed to trail over baskets and
pot edges.
Planting Ideas: Put with other
Tiarellas, Heucheras or even
summer foliage and fowering
plants. Tey look
best planted
at the edge of
containers so that
their pink fowers
can skyrocket
upwards as their
foliage trails
down the sides.
Fancy Foliage
Tiarella Mystic Mist
Sage Ajuga
Black Scallop
Carex testacea
Sage ofcinalis
'Crme Brle'
Ajuga 'Black

Astelia banksii
Astelia chathamica
Silver Spear
Tis will produce very uniform
clumps of narrow silver, swards of
A clump-forming perennial with
long, silvery-green spear shaped
leaves and occasional yellow fow-
ers from female plants followed by
orange berries.
Fancy Foliage
One of the mainstays of the basket
continues to delight with its golden
More from our selection of fancy
foliage that will inject life back
into any border, basket or bed,
providing year round luscious
greenery with interesting colours,
textures and habits.
Euonymus fortunei
Emerald n Gold
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus japonicus
microphyllus Gold Dust
Lonicera nitida
Baggesons Gold
Lonicera nitida
Lemon Beauty
Stachys Silver Carpet
Stachys ofcinalis
Wisley White (VR)
Astelia nervosa
Astelia Red Devil
A stunning golden-green foliage
sub-shrub which will grow
progressively larger over the years.
Lemon Beauty is a dense, ever-
green shrub with tiny, ovate, green
leaves with a golden edge. In spring
it bears tiny cream fowers and
in autumn pale-violet berries are
sparsely produced.
When you see this you can not help
but stroke the silver, hairy leaves
which continue to please all year.
Incredible amount of white fower
clusters are produced on this fairly
low growing shrubby perennial.
Leaves can be reasonably long
at approx 2-4cm, with slightly
toothed margins.
Striking emerald-green and golden
variegated foliage.
A dense shrub of green and silver
Dark green and white fecked foli-
age on a sub-shrub with a compact
growth habit.
Bright golden upright, but compact
waxy foliage which makes a lovely
sub shrub.
Westland is an evergreen perennial
which forms silvery bronze, arch-
ing sword-like leaves turning more
bronze to almost red in colder
An easy to grow glowing red and
rusty silver leafed variety which
becomes darker red in cooler
conditions. Grows as a clump of up
to 2 feet in height which makes it
an excellent pot plant.
Fast covering green foliage with
petite white fowers in summer.
Te youngest leaves contain
gorgeous amethyst through to
sof pink tones. Tis supposed
houseplant will survive light frosts
and is good either in the garden or
as a container plant.
Sagina Green
Tradescantia Maidens
chinensis Fire Dance
Sagina subulata var.
glabrata Aurea
A hardy patio plant with green-
bronze foliage and blue fowers in
An evergreen, woody shrub with
sumptuous wine-red foliage. Bright
pink fowers arrive in spring to
compliment the foliage.
Long stif trails of small, deep
green leaves.
Low growing golden foliage
with petite white fowers during

Carex testacea
Carex oshimensis
Everest (P)
Carex oshimensis
Everillo (P)
A dense mound forming Carex
with a distinctive white mid stripe
which makes the foliage stand out
in the winter months.
Mound forming, linear lime green
leaves turning golden yellow with
Carex comans Red
A New Zealand sedge forming
dense tufs of narrow thread-like
bronze leaves.
Acorus gramineus
Acorus gramineus
Carex buchananii
Golden yellow, cream and green
leaves make a really strong show all
the year round.
White and green variegated leaves.
Extremely narrow, erect, bright
reddish-brown foliage with tall
fower spikes.
Carex oshimensis
Carex testacea Carex Frosted Curls Carex fagellifera
A stunning variegated light green and
golden cream rush.
A thin, upright grass, olive green in
Tin, curling silver-green leaves
with a compact habit.
An upright, brown grass with
tinges of green.
Below you will fnd a range of Carex grasses, all variable in habit,
but ideal for use in a variety of situations - raised bed, borders and
containers for spring, summer and autumn. Fantastic textures and
colours that work well when placed at the back of the container to
provide height, alternatively use the fufer varieties to spill over the
Fancy Foliage
Dianella caerulea
Cassa Blue (P) DBB03
Dianella tasmanica
Tas Red (P)
A strappy, rich blue foliage plant, simi-
lar to a dwarf Phormium, but tougher.
Tis variety grows in clumps and has
an abundance of baby blue fowers
which grow to about 55cm in height.
This Flax Lilly has shiny green, strappy
leaves which have varying hues of yellow
and red - mostly during the colder months.
Short deep red flower stems and blue
berries emerge up to 60cm in spring.
Libertia peregrinans
Gold Leaf
Dramatic, coloured foliage, richest in
autumn & winter. Spiky, stif leaves
create a fan-type efect, with prominent
orange midrib.
Deschampsia fexuosa
Tatra Gold
Festuca glauca Elijah
Festuca Golden
Festuca glauca
Imperata cylindrica
Red Baron
Libertia ixioides
Goldfnger (P)
A stunning, bolt upright grass
with lime green leaves that turn
progressively through burgundy
red to claret-blood red in late
summer and into autumn. Unique
and breathtakingly beautiful.
Elegant weeping foliage with a
prominent central golden stripe.
Profusions of pure white star-like
fowers are produced in clusters just
above the foliage in spring. Berries
follow in Autumn.
A stunning bright chartreuse,
golden-green grass with delicate
fowers in summer.
A fne mystical blue grass which
looks excellent early in the season
and will fower later.
Yellow-green, low growing grass
which fts its description as it looks
like a tuf of hair.
An alternative blue grass with
delicate cylindrical swards and a
spreading habit.
Uncinia rubra
Uncinia rubra
Uncinia uncinata
Everfame is colourful and vividly
variegated; each leaf is bronze with
vibrant bright red margins which
gleam in the sun. It is evergreen so
this dazzling colour persists right
through the winter.
A wonderful mahogany-red sedge
grass, which makes nice clumps of
Stipa tenuissima
Bright emerald-green leaves which
turn to brown through the year
with delicate fowering heads in
Scirpus cernuus Stipa arundinacea
Stipa gigantea
Close tufed evergreen plant with
flament like, or fbre-optic leaves.
Tese are then replaced by sheaths
over time.
Tis grass forms dense clumps of fne
spikes of brown, turning golden-orange
in autumn.
Clumps of dark green leaves,
dominated by tall stems which
carry panicles of bronze, feathery
planiscapus Nigrescens
Strikingly black strapping foliage which
curls back on itself. Unique in form and
Miscanthus sinensis
Attractive, zebra-like horizontal yel-
low and green banding add interest
to the leaves of this tall, sturdy grass.
Miscanthus Gold Bar
Miscanthus sinensis
Morning Light
Tis is relatively short at just about
100cm tall at maximum. It is quick
to make clumps and the foliage has
a heavy yellow banding.
Erect clumps of slender leaves with
white borders and arching tips,
giving an overall shimmering efect.
Reddish-bronze fowers emerge in
Libertia ixioides
Taupo Blaze (P)
Changing from green, through
yellow-orange, to intense burnt
red. White star fowers emerge,
just clear of the foliage in spring.
Orange-red berries in autumn.
Grasses form part of a gardens backbone, providing reliable year round
colour as well as seasonal interest, with foliage that changes throughout
the seasons, some with fowers in summer and berries in the autumn
too. Tese ofer a diferent range of colours which will appeal to
gardeners, designers and landscapers alike.
Fancy Foliage
Liriope Pure Blonde
Tis Liriope shoots blonde, almost
white new growth for 2 to 3 months
of the year in the spring.
Sedum ka. va. Fl. Wei-
henstephaner Gold
Clumps of bright green open
rosettes with large heads of golden
fowers, which are attractive to
butterfies - originating from N.E.
Sedum cauticola Coca
Silver-grey foliage with masses of
sof pink fowers in late summer.
Sedum kamtschati-
cum Variegatum
Tis compact growing sedum has
relatively large olive-green leaves
that have cream coloured varie-
gation on the margins. A hint of
pink can be seen in full sun. Yellow
fowers emerge in summer.
Sedum Blue Carpet
A drought tolerant stonecrop
with blue foliage that creeps and
mounds low to the ground. Attrac-
tive in many settings.
Echeveria imbricata
Tight rosettes of fat grey-green
leaves that when mature, form
ofsets freely to produce large
solid clumps. A branched arching
inforescence & clusters of red and
yellow fowers in the spring.
Sedum acre Aureum
A dazzling form of this British
species - low growing green foliage
with golden-white tips in spring
and yellow fowers in summer.
Sedum Bertram
Tis super succulent has dark
lobed foliage and starry red fowers
in late summer.
Aloe aristata
An evergreen perennial, forming
rosettes of feshy lance-shaped
leaves spotted with white and
tipped with a sof white spine.
Tubular, orange-red fowers in
Get the look with varieties such as:
Sedum spectabile Hot Stuf (VR),
Acorus gramineus Ogon, Ajuga Black
Scallop (P), Heuchera Crme Brle
(P), Euphorbia Efanthia (P), Carex
tectorum Rubin
Deep burgundy-red rosettes.
Bright green concentric rosettes
with deep red tips.
Jovibarba allionii
Small, bright golden green rosettes.
Sempervivum Stand-
ard Green
Bright green succulent rosettes.
Sedum spurium
Dragons Blood
Vibrant blood-red fower heads
are displayed above a carpet of
attractive deep burgundy foliage in
Sedum spurium
Almost herbaceous, cream and red
variegated foliage with charming
pink fowers.
Sempervivum arach
Dark maroon rosettes with cob-
web-like covering.
Sempervivum arach-
We have this year selected a better
form of cob-web Sempervimum.
Succulent green rosettes with slight
blushes of pink and covered heavily
in webbing.
Sedum spathulifolium
Cape Blanco
Low-growing, carpet forming
silver-white, succulent foliage with
small yellow fowers in summer,
originating from Oregon, USA.
Sedum spathulifolium
Plum-tinted, silver, succulent
foliage, similar to S. Cape Blanco,
also with yellow fowers emerging
in summer.
Sedum spectabile Hot
Stuf (VR)
Tis is the Sedum weve been
waiting for. Hot Stuf is a full 1/3
shorter then Sedum spectabile
Brilliant, with brighter pink fower
heads and a habit that is much
more compact.
Sedum refexum Yel-
low Cushion (VR)
Striking golden green mounding,
succulent foliage magnifed by daz-
zling yellow fowers in summer.
Sedum refexum Blue
Cushion (VR)
A fast growing, dense mat of
conifer blue foliage topped with
brilliant yellow fowers in summer.
Sedum refexum
Green Cushion (VR)
Spruce like mounds of mid green
foliage augmented by attractive
yellow fowers in the summer.
Sedum pachyclados
Very small-green rosettes, resem-
bling small Echeveria with low
fowers at the end of summer.
Sedum Makinoi
A gold-leaved Sedum, spread-
ing slowly to form a beautiful
yellow-green mat. Yellow fowers in
summer will attract butterfies.
Fancy Foliage
Herbs are highly valued in the
garden for their culinary uses, and
the idea of the kitchen garden
is becoming ever more popular.
Whats more, herbs can make
exquisite ornamental varieties.
Tey have texture, scent, ofen
pleasing, dainty fowers, and ofer
a striking mix of foliage colours to
add the fnishing touch to any pot,
basket or tub.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Gold Dust (VR)
Lamium galeobdolon
Hermanns Pride
Heuchera Crme
Brle (P)
Efanthia (P)
Sage ofcinalis
Get the look with:
Sage ofcinalis Icterina (Gold). Plant with various
Heuchera, Euphorbia and Carex.
Te ofcinalis, or rutilans Sage
(Salvia) are herb varieties, ofen
used when cooking poultry,
meat, cheeses, pickles, stufng
and salads, but many of them are
superb ornamental varieties in
their own right.
Sage rutilans
A semi-hardy herb with light green
foliage with scarlet-red fowers in
late summer.
Sage ofcinalis
Multicoloured green, pink and
cream foliage which is upright, but
with some trail.
Sage ofcinalis
A purple form of the well known
broad-leaved Sage.
Sage ofcinalis
Another semi-hardy Sage with
bright-green foliage and a strongly
recognisable citrus aroma.
Sage ofcinalis
Icterina (Gold)
A perennial with gold and green
variegations on a rough, but keenly
scented upright foliage.
Sage ofcinalis
Common Broad Leaf
Arguably the best variety for use
in cooking - broad, green upright
Fancy Foliage
Tyme Camphor
Compact bushy green, camphor
scented foliage with large heads of
pink fowers.
Tyme Coccineus
A very prostrate Tyme with
large, rounded leaves and crimson
Tyme Common
As the name suggests, commonly
in the garden and used for cooking.
Dark green upright, bushy foliage
with pink fowers.
Here are a variety of alpine and herb Tyme varieties, with diferent
forms, colours, scents and textures. Ideal for herb gardens, pots, paths,
rockeries and raised beds or borders.
Planting Ideas: Tymes of diferent foliage and fowering colour should
be mixed to produce a variable mat through the year. Plant between
paving stones for a decorative garden path.
Tyme x citriodorus
Golden Queen
Wonderful lemon scented thyme
with golden variegated leaves. A
good culinary Tyme adding citrus
Tyme x citriodorus
Dark green upright foliage with
light pink fowers.
Tyme x citriodorus
Silver Queen
Light silver and cream variegated
lemon scented leaves.
Tyme x citriodorus
Andersons Gold
Gold leaves, especially when grown
cold with a bushy, spreading habit.
Tyme vulgaris Silver
Silver and light green foliage with
pink fowers on an upright, bushy
Tyme Woolly
Low-growing, creeping mat with
grey-green, hairy foliage and pale
mauve fowers.
Tyme Tabor
Petite rounded leaves providing a
familiar fragrance and also to be
used in poultry, fsh and some fruit
Tyme serphyllum
Bright green trailing and creeping
growth covered with masses of
white fowers.
Tyme serphyllum
Good gold and cream variegated
leaves with pink fowers in June all
on a prostrate habit.
Tyme prostratus
Original prostrate Tyme with
simple green foliage - very elegant.
Tyme serphyllum
A vigorous creeping Tyme,
forming a dense mat of dark green
leaves, with abundant dark-pink
fowers all summer.
Tyme Orange
A very attractive grey-green Tyme
with an upright, bushy form and
balsamic-orange scent. Ofen used
in pot-pourri.
Tyme Doone Valley
Creeping evergreen with bright
green and gold variegated leaves
with pink fowers, which are
particularly attractive to bees and
Tyme Hartington
Another prostrate Tyme with
variegated cream and light green
foliage and white-pink fowers.
Tyme nitidus Peter
Bushy upright form with deep pink
fowers over grey-green foliage.
Tyme doerferi
Bressingham Pink
A very attractive creeping thyme
with dark green leaves and pink

Rosemary ofcinalis
Tis variety has good trailing,
creeping growth and good blue
fower colour.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Rosy pink fowers adorn this sturdy
upright herbal beauty.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Almost pure white fowers emerge
on the upright fower stems.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Upright deep green foliage and
blue fowers. Tis genus can be
used in almost any savoury dish
including fsh, meat eggs and
Rosemary ofcinalis
One of the hardiest Rosemary
varieties, with erect, light green,
lemon-scented growth and light
blue fowers.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Gold Dust (VR)
Tis has wider, fatter leaves than
other rosemary plants. Each leaf
has a deep green streak edged
with sunny gold that doesnt fade
regardless of the season. Deep-blue
coloured fowers in summer.
Rosemary ofcinalis
Mrs Jessop
Upright shrub with pale blue
fowers along its stems.
A classic herb variety. Great ornamentally as well as for culinary uses. Tis
genus can be
used in almost
any savoury dish
including fsh,
meat, eggs and
drinks. Flowers will
generally appear
briefy from April
to June too.
ofcinalis Arp
Fancy Foliage
Scirpus cernuus

Late Spring Flower Power
Tere is a time in the garden
when the spring varieties start
to fade, but it may still be a little
too cold to plant out late summer
bedding just yet. Tere is that
awkward in between stage where
many people are not sure what to
plant for colour and interest.
Tese pages include varieties that
are perfect for this inbetween
time and will add fantastic colour
to the garden from the very
beginning of the summer season
in late April/Early May.
Late Spring Flower Power
Lobularia Primavera Princess
Plus Pomelo
Lobularia Lobularia
Snow Princess
Tese Lobularia are like no
others that have come
before them. Tey
outperform seed
raised varieties by
Being sterile,
they are extremely
vigorous, and because they
put no energy into setting seed
they have an incredibly long bloom
Tey create a great hanging basket or window box and are a perfect fller
in combinations. In addition they have a delicious honey scent, and
we have even found them to be hardy in our trials in very well drained
situations in the garden.
Primavera Princess has variegated foliage that is proving to be very on
trend at the moment, and Princess in Purple produces airy clouds of
fowers to create a purple haze in a pot or basket. Snow Princess is a
multi award-winning variety for its garden performance.
Lobularia Primavera
Princess (P)
Lobularia Princess in
Lobularia Snow Princess (P) INLBUSNOPR
Honey scented clouds of white
blossom cover the variegated
Clouds of dark purple fowers that
exude an unmistakable honey
A multi award-winning variety due to its incredible, long lasting mounds
of honey scented white fowers which form a complete cover over the fne
green foliage for most of the summer. Much stronger than other seed-raised
varieties. A must-have for your pots and baskets!
Late Spring Flower Power
Primavera Princess
Sunsatia Nemesia
Nemesia Sunsatia
Mango (P) (Imp)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Peach (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Blackberry (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Carambola (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Cassis (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Kumquat (P)
An improved variety - more
compact and with more fowers.
Clusters of creamy yellow fowers
with purple and orange eyes.
Te most compact, densely
branching upright variety with
tight clumps of fowers which bring
a cocktail of colour to any garden.
Flowers have hints of peach, cream,
pink orange and purple.
A fairly tall upright variety with
intense purple-pink rounded petals
and an orange eye zone.
Zesty orange-yellow fowers on
semi-upright habit.
Short, upright, stocky habit to
match Sunsatia Peach with dark
pink fowers, blue markings and a
golden yellow eye.
Vibrant, tangy orange fowers
which have hints of yellow and red
on green semi-trailing foliage.
Te Sunsatia series are a unique range of Nemesia as they are the frst
series with such a range of vibrant colours to be produced from cuttings
rather than seed.
Tis means that they will not produce
seeds as readily as some of the more
traditional seed grown varieties. Tis
leads to plants with far greater vigour
and fower power so you can enjoy
the wonderful colours right through
the summer.
Te upright varieties have the best
scent - ideal for tubs. Te semi
trailing types are excellent for baskets
as well as pots, tubs and raised beds.
Late Spring Flower Power
Sunsatia Plus
Cherry on
Spring Fling Flowers
Nemesia Sunsatia
Plus Anona (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia Plus
Cherry on Ice (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia Plus
Ciruela (Imp) (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Plus Granada (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia Plus
Papaya (P) (new)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Plus Pera (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Plus Pomelo (P)
Nemesia Sunsatia
Plus Raspberry (P)
Each fower is the colour of the
glowing embers of a fre fading
from deep red to golden yellow.
A variety with delightful creamy
yellow fowers and lemon yellow
Vibrant, golden, honey-yellow
fowers make a splash of colour for
any garden.
Scintillating red fowers with
orange centres that smother the
A frilly white fower with dark
veins towards the central yellow
Stunning two-toned fower with
scarlet red upper and white lower
Flowers with shades of plum to
magenta and golden yellow eyes on
slightly trailing foliage.
Crimson red fowers, very striking
in colour and form.
Te Sunsatia Plus series is a continuation of an amazing breeding
programme to produce more prolonged fowering and demonstrate a
more robust habit. Some excellent colours make a great range. Excellent
for summer containers, either solo, or for fringe planting.

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