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10 Perry Daily Journal Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emily Lang
Price Lang Consulting
Norman The Association of County
Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO) hosted their
annual Summer & Safety Conference at the Embassy
Suites in Norman last week.
The conference featured AT&Ts It Can Wait
(ICW) simulator allowing more than 1,000 attendees
from across the state, including county commission-
ers, staff and their families the opportunity to safely
experience the dangers of texting while driving,
including those from Noble County.
As texting becomes a more prevalent part of our
lives, it is important that we lead the way and take
steps to educate our local communities about the
dangers of texting and driving, said Noble County
Commissioner Mark Sanders.
It is up to us as leaders in our community, as
individuals and as a society, to combat this deadly
The simulator is part of the It Can Wait move-
ment focused on changing behaviors and educating
the public about the dangers of texting and driving.
More than 5 million pledges and counting have
been made never to text and drive as a result of
AT&Ts It Can Wait campaign.
Our goal is to make texting and driving as unac-
ceptable as drinking and driving. While many trag-
edies are out of our control, the ones caused by tex-
ting while driving are completely preventable, said
Steve Hahn, President of AT&T Oklahoma.
We are using our It Can Wait simulator to help
raise awareness and educate the public about the very
real dangers of texting while driving in an effort to
change behavior and make our Oklahoma roadways
Since 2009, AT&Ts Texting & DrivingIt Can
Wait program has delivered a simple yet vital mes-
sage to all wireless users: When it comes to texting
and driving, no text is worth a life or injury. It Can
Wait. To date, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Inc., Verizon
and more than 1,500 other organizations have joined
the It Can Wait movement.
The combined efforts of these companies and
organizations have supported a national advertising
campaign, a nationwide texting-while-driving sim-
ulator tour, retail presence in tens of thousands of
stores and outreach to millions of consumers with
a special focus between Memorial Day and Labor
Dayknown as the 100 Deadliest Days on the roads
for teen drivers.
The 2014 campaign drive will culminate on Sept.
19, when efforts will turn toward encouraging
everyone to get out in their community and advo-
cate involvement on behalf of the It Can Wait move-
To take the pledge and see a list of supporters,
visit For additional informa-
tion and resources, visit
About ACCO
The Association of County Commissioners of
Oklahoma (ACCO) is 231 county commissioners in
all 77 Oklahoma counties working together for the
health, safety and welfare needs of all county citi-
zens. ACCO serves as a statewide clearinghouse for
leadership training, educational programming and a
comprehensive array of services designed to meet
the needs of its member counties.
About AT&T
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier communica-
tions holding company and one of the most honored
companies in the world.
Additional information is available at http://www.
It Can Wait simulator shows dangers of texting
and driving at the ACCO Summer & Safety Conference
During a regular traffic stop at 9:22
p.m. Sunday, Perry police department
officers arrested two people on drug
According to the jail log, arrested
were Eric Floyd T. ODonnell and
Jolina Kaye Hutchinson. ODonnell
was charged with driving under pos-
session of a controlled dangerous sub-
stance (methamphetamine), possession
of a controlled dangerous substance
(marijuana) and unlawful possession of
paraphernalia. ODonnell has multiple
prior arrests, according to Lt. Josh
Hutchinson was charged with pos-
session of CDS (meth), possession of
CDS (marijuana), and unlawful pos-
session of paraphernalia. Both live in
Stillwater, however have been working
on a house in Perry.
According to Lt. Josh Carson, bond
was set at $3,000 for each one. We
stopped them on a traffic violations
and they both appeared to be under
the influence, said Lt. Carson. We
asked them if we could search the car
and was given permission and found
the meth and marijuana.
Two arrested on drug charges
following routine trafc stop

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