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New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e

Samkin | Deegan
ISBN: 9780070997950
Publication date: October 2010
Subject area: Financial Accounting | Accounting | Business
The author and McGraw-Hill are genuinely proud of our ongoing commitment to New Zealand
accounting education over ve editions were the only publisher to produce a text that
specically caters to the NZ accounting standards. And proud to be building a community of academics who provide
feedback and contribute to this evolving work.
Grant Samkin and Craig Deegan have delivered again bringing in this text early to ensure the commitment to content
currency is maintained. 100% of the market use this text wed love your feedback on how to keep this the trusted text
of choice.
Key features
The only text to publish in the area of NZ Financial Accounting
Emphasis on currency is maintained
Commitment the author has brought this text in a year early to ensure NZ customers are kept up to date with recent
considerable standards changes
Additional learning resources
Instructors manual, written by book author = consistency and reliability
PowerPoint lecture slides
EZTest Online
Table of contents
Part 1 The New Zealand Accounting Environment
Ch 1 An overview of the New Zealand external reporting
Ch 2 The conceptual framework of accounting and its
relevance to nancial reporting
Part 2 Theories of Accounting
Ch 3 An overview of theories of accounting
Part 3 Accounting for Assets
Ch 4 An overview of accounting for assets
Ch 5 Depreciation of property, plant and equipment
Ch 6 Revaluations and impairment testing of non-current
Ch 7 Accounting for inventories
Ch 8 Accounting for intangibles
Ch 9 Accounting for heritage assets and biological assets
Part 4 Accounting for Liabilities, Provisions, Contingent
Liabilities and Contingent Assets
Ch 10 An overview of accounting for liabilities, provisions,
contingent liabilities and contingent assets
Ch 11 Accounting for leases
Ch 12 Accounting for employee entitlements
Ch 13 Capital and reserves
Ch 14 Accounting for share-based payments
Ch 15 Accounting for nancial instruments
Ch 16 Income and revenue recognition issues
Ch 17 Statement of comprehensive income and statement of
changes in equity
Ch 18 Accounting for income tax
Part 5 Accounting for Cash Flows
Ch 19 The statement of cash ows
Part 6 Other Disclosure Issues
Ch 20 Events occurring after the reporting period
Ch 21 Segment reporting
Ch 22 Related party disclosures
Ch 23 Earnings per share
Part 7 Accounting for Equity Interests on Other Entities
Ch 24 Accounting for group structures
Ch 25 Accounting for intragroup transactions
Ch 26 Accounting for non-controlling interests
Ch 27 Accounting for indirect ownership interests
Ch 28 Accounting for changes in the degree of ownership of a
Ch 29 Accounting for equity investments
Ch 30 Accounting for interests in joint ventures
Part 8 Foreign currency
Ch 31Accounting for foreign currency transactions
Ch 32 Translating the nancial statements of foreign operations
Part 9 Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
Ch 33 Accounting for corporate social responsibility
New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e
Samkin | Deegan
ISBN: 9780070997950
Publication date: October 2010
Subject area: Financial Accounting | Accounting | Business
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