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To achieve a challenging position in Software testing and Quality Management in a
company, where acquired skills will be utilized towards continued growth and advancement.

!verall 3.6+ years of e"perience in the field of #T with focus on Q$ and Software Testing
(ETL/Informat!a/Database/D" #ousn$/%I/&'L/Manua().
#a*n$ +.,+ years of e-.eren!e n Database an/ ETL Testn$.
D% Testn$ 0 ETL Testn$ 1es.onsb(tes
%aving strong working knowledge of Database testn$ and ability to write &' Test (ases.
)"posure to Data 2are #ouse Pro3e!ts, $bility to understand )* &iagram
and query for e"ecution of test cases.
+ood ,nowledge of 1D%M& concepts.
%aving solid knowledge in writing &'L 4ueres.
%ave ,nowledge of PL/&'L programs5 .ro!e/ures5 6un!tons5 Tr$$ers5 Pa!7a$es.
)"posure to Informat!a 8.6.9
+ood ,nowledge of Data 6ormat Testn$5 Data ty.e Testn$5 Data s:e Testn$ and
Data M$raton Testn$.
,nowledge in testing the D% ob3e!ts like *e2s5 n/e-es 0 se4uen!es.
Solid working knowledge of ETL .ro!ess5 ETL Testn$5 Data;mart 0 ED".
-ell aware of &atawarehouse models like &tar &!hema and &no2 6(a7e &!hema.
+ood knowledge in &imensions like &<D95&<D+5 &<D3 and 6a!ts tab(es
+ood in Norma(:aton and De;norma(:aton !on!e.ts.
%aving +ood .nderstanding of DML, DDL, T<L
#n depth knowledge in writing me/um and !om.(e- 4ueres using 3ons.
+ood ,nowledge of &ub;4ueres5 $rou.n$ fun!tons.
+ood knowledge of =NI> !omman/s 0 =NI> s!$.
#a*n$ 9 year of e-.eren!e n Manua( Testn$:;
9 year of e"perience in the field of #T with focus on Q$ and Software Testing,
"eb base/ a..(!aton and &ystem base/ a..(!aton.
-ell versed )"perience in Manua(/6un!tona( Testn$.
)"tensive ,nowledge in &oft2are De*e(o.ment Lfe <y!(e (&DL<) and
&oft2are Test Lfe <y!(e (&TL<)
#nvolved in preparing Test <ases and Test Data
#nvolved 1e*e2n$ and E-e!utn$ Test (ases
Strong in Test <ase Des$n Te!hn4ues
#nvolved in 6un!tona( Testn$, Inte$raton Testn$ and &ystem Testn$
#nvolved in &mo7e Testn$, 1e$resson Testn$
#nvolved in preparation of 1e4urement Tra!eab(ty Matr-
#nvolved in Tra!eab(ty an/ 1e.ortn$ bu$ using 'ug 'ank bug Tracking Tool
)"cellent ,nowledge of Defe!t Lfe <y!(e
&'L &7((s
?oo/ n 1D%M& <on!e.ts

PL/&'L &7((s
&P5 A

=NI> &7((s
Professona( E-.eren!e
-orking as a &oft2are Test En$neer (ETL Tester) AAAAAAAAAA
E/u!atona( 'ua(f!aton:
%E in <om.uter &!en!e an/ En$neern$ in /////// from AAAAAAA

B.eratn$ &ystem MS-indows
ETL Too( #nformatica 0.1.2,
Lan$ua$e SQ3
1D%M& !racle 22g
Defe!t Tra!7n$ Too( 'ug bank
Bther Too(s Ms!ffice,
Te!hno(o$y Ar!hte!ture (lient4server 5 -eb Server
Br$an:aton Pro3e!ts:
6ro7ect 8ame 9
)nvironment 9 Bra!(e 9C$5 Informat!a 8.6.95 DA@A5 "n/o2s
*ole 9 ETL Tester
Team Size 9 8
&uration 9
client 9
&omain :
AA ..
-ritten test cases for )T3 testing by understanding transformation rules.
-ritten Simple to comple" queries to e"ecute the test cases using subqueries, 7oins,
grouping etc.
6repared the test results for the &' Testing.
Testing the record counts between the source 5 the targets
Testing the record difference between the source 5 target tables
Test &ata preparation for testing the transformation 5 mappings
(reating test cases by studying the Mapping &ocument for )T3 from source 5 targets
:alidated the aggregated data in the facts table
Tested the reports by using SQ3 queries
&ocumentation 5 6reparation of Test *eports, &efect lists, Test *esults.
:erified fi"es and closed bugs during regression test cycle.
6erformed different types of testing like 6ositive, 8egative, *egression, #ntegration and
System Testing.
:alidated source and target record counts 5 prepared the data load reports
Tested the S(& tables
#nvolved in Test case e"ecution.
6reparing *eview *eports based on review of Test (ases, Scenarios and Test &ata.
#nvolved #ntegration Testing, *egression Testing and System Testing.
6repared Test Summary *eport and &efect report.
Persona( /eta(s