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... through Bertha Dudde

Acts 7, 55-56 ....
Why do you not kee to !y s"#$e e%$anat"on that I Am not
visible to you humans in My fundamental nature, &h"ch
&ou$d consu#e you "' ( &ere to "$$u#"nate you &"th the
a)undance o' !y strength o' $o*e+
Why are you not sat"s'"ed &"th the e%$anat"on that ( created a
'or# 'or !yse$' "n ,esus "n order to )e *"s")$e to you+
-ou &"$$, ho&e*er, '"ght "n *a"n aga"nst those &ho &ant to )e$"e*e
that ,esus and ( are searate )e"ngs, &ho re$y on "n'or#at"on
they don.t understand due to the"r unen$"ghtened s"r"t.
/o-one can see God .... &"thout ceas"ng to e%"st ....
(n Jesus ( A# *"s")$e to a erson.
Where eo$e a$$eged$y ha*e seen !e and ,esus, the error is
obvious too, s"nce th"s can ne*er e*er )e oss")$e. 0*en the
d"sc"$es cou$d not co#rehend th"s en"g#a aart 'ro# a 'e&,
and thus reports appeared which did not correspond to
truth .... &h"ch shou$d a$&ays )e 1uest"oned &hene*er eo$e
seak o' a Deity separately from Jesus.
2tehen certa"n$y sa& hea*en oened and he also saw Jesus
in radiating brightness, he saw Him as God, )ut the eo$e
&"th h"# assoc"ated h"s *"s"on &"th ure$y hu#an concets. 3he
sentence 4the 2on o' #an s"tt"ng on the r"ght hand o' God. &as
added )y eo$e .... s"nce "t "s not oss")$e )ecause ,esus and
God are the sa#e ....
( A# an "##ense$y )r"ght '"re Wh"ch cannot )eco#e *"s")$e to
you, &h"ch you cannot see "n your "#er'ect"on and &h"ch e*en
"n the state o' er'ect"on &ou$d a''ect you to such an e%tent that
you &ou$d &ant to ass a&ay.
3hus, anyone who states that he saw Me and Jesus at My
right hand! "s st"$$ )ound to the 2cr"tures, &h"ch he h"#se$' "s
una)$e to understand, &h"ch seaks to h"# "n "#ages, )ut the
&ords o' the 2cr"tures do not re'$ect what 2tehen e%c$a"#ed
dur"ng h"s s"r"tua$ *"s"on.
And the same applies to the basic doctrines of the church
which state that Jesus is sitting on the right hand of God!.
3hese de*e$oed due to a #"sgu"ded ercet"on ....
"he reason for the apostasy from God was that the beings
were unable to see Him, 5e d"d not re*ea$ 5"#se$' as
0nt"ty .... and there'ore 5e created a 'or# 'or 5"#se$' "nto &h"ch
5e rad"ated 5"#se$' .... 3hus ( )eca#e as one &"th th"s 'or#
,esus ....
"his also applies to the teachings of the Mormons &ho are
e1ua$$y una)$e to understand the hu#an #an"'estat"on o' God "n
,esus and there'ore endorse the doctr"ne o' three Gods. And
this is what I want to say to them#
-ou )e$"e*e that you cannot $et go o' th"s doctr"ne )ut you shou$d
kno& that "t "s no $onger taught to you as "t once e#erged 'ro#
!e ....
$ecause you, too, received My %ord in all truthfulness,
but what have you done to it&
Anyth"ng that or"g"nates 'ro# !e "s urest truth, )ut "t "s no
$onger kno&n to you. 'ou have turned it into a misguided
teaching &h"ch de*"ates 'ro# the truth "n #any &ays, and no&
you atte#t to ass these #"sgu"ded teach"ngs on to those
&ho# ( "nstruct !yse$' ....
-et t"#e and aga"n ( &"$$ choose a su"ta)$e *esse$ 'or !yse$' "nto
&h"ch ( can our !y s"r"t, and th"s can carry )r"ght $"ght "nto the
darkness o' s"r"t .... "t can en$"ghten you a)out those ro)$e#s
&h"ch ar"se 'ro# contro*ers"a$ "ssues ....
And you &"$$ )ene'"t 'ro# th"s, )ecause on$y truth takes you to
the goa$. ( constant$y seek to trans#"t "t to earth so that no-one
&ho des"res the truth can say that 5e &as not aroached )y
!e. -ou on$y need to desire it sincerely, other&"se "t cannot )e
g"*en to you, s"nce th"s "s My condition &h"ch ( cannot re*oke.
3hen the truth &"$$ sure$y )e g"*en to you and you &"$$ a$so reach
your goa$ &"th certa"nty .... you &"$$ )eco#e )$essed 'or
etern"ty ....
3he $atter-day 2a"nts ....
5o& o'ten ha*e ( re*ea$ed !yse$' to eo$e )e'ore no& and to$d
the# !y &"$$, "' on$y eo$e had ket to !y Word a$$ resu$t"ng
#"sgu"ded teach"ngs &ou$d ha*e )een "nstant$y recogn"sed as
)e"ng "n oos"t"on to !y &"$$ ....
But each schoo$ o' thought has "ts 'o$$o&ers and thus &ho$e
co##un"t"es de*e$oed &ho suorted the truth o' the"r teach"ng
.... who regard themselves as latter(day )aints! and de'end
the"r )e$"e' such that hard$y anyone can stand u 'or the#se$*es
aga"nst the#.
But no& ( A# c$ear$y #an"'est"ng !yse$' )y denounc"ng a$$
teach"ngs &h"ch contrad"ct !y Word g"*en to you 'ro# a)o*e,
and there are 1u"te a 'e& o' these ....
(t "s o' such great s"gn"'"cance to )e soken to d"rect$y 'ro#
a)o*e and to hear !y Word that, "n *"e& o' "t, any #"sgu"ded
teach"ng tru$y has to d"saear "nto th"n a"r, that "t has no 'urther
r"ght to cont"nue as truth.
Because ( !yse$' A# the source o' truth, the eterna$ truth, Wh"ch
cannot e*er $ead you "nto error, Wh"ch &"$$ not "#ose a
#"sgu"ded doctr"ne on you, Wh"ch eterna$$y "s and re#a"ns ure
and s"ncere .... 8onse1uent$y there can on$y e*er )e one truth,
and th"s #ay not contrad"ct "tse$' ....
As $ong as you hu#ans st"$$ a)"de )y 'or#a$"t"es, as $ong as you
re$y on these to ach"e*e sycho$og"ca$ #atur"ty, you are $ack"ng
the 'oundat"on o' truth ....
And as $ong as you do not kno& the reason 'or your e#)od"#ent
on th"s earth you &"$$ not take the r"ght ath &h"ch $eads you to
the goa$ you are #eant to reach ....
-ou hu#ans shou$d ser"ous$y cons"der to &hat e%tent each schoo$
o' thought suorted )y you corresonds to !y Word sent to you
'ro# a)o*e .... And try to '"nd a erson a#ong you &ho has the
grace and #atur"ty 'ro# a)o*e to ser*e !e as a *esse$ ....
(n that case you &"$$ hard$y '"nd a teach"ng &h"ch contrad"cts the
other, 'or they are a$$ taught )y the s"r"t, they are taught )y
!yse$', and th"s "n a$$ truth "ndeed.
And !y Word &"$$ enetrate e*ery&here .... e*en those st"$$ $"*"ng
"n error &"$$ )e soken to )ut they ha*e to *o$untar"$y accet !y
g"'ts o' grace, they cannot )e 'orced to do so.
5ence t"#e and aga"n there ha*e to )e eo$e &ho, ha*"ng )een
taught )y !y #essengers, sha$$ no& $a)our "n the *"neyard )y
ass"ng "t on aga"n ....
5o&e*er, noth"ng haens &"thout a strugg$e, no one &"$$ )e
&"$$"ng to a)andon the error, you &"$$ ha*e to seak as !y
$a)ourers and re1uest !y grace 'or th"s. $ut be aware,
bringing pure truth to people who are already too
enslaved by error is not an easy underta*ing. Because e*ery
schoo$ o' thought "ns"sts on "ts s"r"tua$ kno&$edge and can only
be convinced if the human being has much love.
3hen the s"r"t "s a&akened and en$"ghtens h"# 'ro# &"th"n. 3hen
he accets &hate*er you te$$ h"# and "s grate'u$ to you 'or the
$"ght )y &h"ch he can no& recogn"se and understand a$$
corre$at"ons ....
A$$ schoo$s o' thought .... no #atter &hat they ca$$
the#se$*es .... need on$y e*er )e asked the 1uest"on &hether
4!y s"r"t "s &ork"ng. "n the"r grou o' eo$e, &h"ch then
e%resses "tse$' "n a &ay that a erson rece"*es "#ortant
kno&$edge &"thout h"s o&n act"on .... kno&$edge, &h"ch
en$"ghtens h"# a)out h"s or"g"n and h"s '"na$ goa$ ....
3hat "s &here the ure truth 'ro# !e &"$$ )e, )ecause ( can on$y
e*er say the sa#e, s"nce eterna$ truth ne*er changes and thus
cont"nues to e%"st eterna$$y.
(' on$y eo$e &ou$d take the r"ght ath, the ath to !e and ask
!e 'or c$ar"'"cat"on .... 3ru$y, they &ou$d a$$ )e '"$$ed )y the s"r"t
and no erson cou$d )eco#e ens$a*ed )y #"sgu"ded teach"ngs.
But th"s "s a #atter o' 'ree &"$$, and eo$e do not ut"$"9e the"r &"$$
)ut rather $"sten to &hat e1ua$$y unen$"ghtened eo$e te$$ the#.
And 'or that reason the error gro&s "##ense$y, 'or that reason "t
&"$$ not )e recogn"sed, and 'or that reason count$ess eo$e
suort #"sgu"ded teach"ngs &h"ch, ho&e*er, they cou$d
recogn"se as error "' they &ou$d a$y the"r &"$$ to do so.
And that "s the great s"r"tua$ hardsh" on account o' &h"ch (
need #any &orkers "n !y *"neyard .... But on$y a 'e& &"$$ $et
the#se$*es )e taught )y the#, on$y a 'e& accet as truth &hat
they are o''ered 'ro# a)o*e .... But ( &"$$ )$ess e*eryone &ho
suorts !e "n !y &ork, &ho "n'or#s eo$e, thus he$"ng to
reduce the great s"r"tua$ hardsh" ....
:u)$"shed )y 'r"ends o' ne& re*e$at"ons o' God ; (n'or#at"on,
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