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What is Colon Hydrotherapy? Is Colon Hydrotherapy Embarrassing?

process will be helped with appropriate use of

Colon Hydrotherapy, also know as colon No. Our therapy rooms are private and your nutritional supplements and herbal formulas,
irrigation, colonics, or high enema is a gentle Therapist will treat you in a professional and though we do not use laxatives here at our
infusion of filtered, warmed water, into the colon, dignified manner at all times. She is there to Center.
by way of a disposable rectal tube or speculum. answer your questions, explain the process and
There are at least 3 or 4 popular modalities of facilitate a relaxing, cleansing experience. Will Colon Hydrotherapy Clean Out All The
Colon Hydrotherapy. At Clear Path Wellness There is typically no odor or mess and you will Bacteria, Even the Good?
Center we utilize the Dotolo equipment which is be wearing a full length gown during the No. If your bowel is toxic you have little or no
a closed system. Your therapist will be in the session. good intestinal flora to begin with. As in
Sandy Springs Professional Building room with you to assess your progress, answer gardening, if you do not prepare the soil and
275 Carpenter Drive, Suite 202 questions and create an atmosphere of Is Colon Hydrotherapy Painful? fertilize the ground, plants will not live and
Sandy Spring, GA 30328 relaxation and assist your body with releasing Very rarely is a colon hydrotherapy session weeds will take over. In the bowel we have to
404.497.9268 waste that may be built up along the colon walls. painful. During the procedure, there may be make the conditions favorable for bifidobacteria
Filling the colon uses approximately 1 ½ liters of some cramping as the muscles of the colon are and acidophilus cultures to populate in the water and then additional water is used to “flush” contracting and expelling considerable liquid colon. To do this one must cleanse the colon of
the colon during the release phase. This waste into the rectum. The contraction may feel yeast and harmful bacteria and then reintroduce
process is repeated during the 35-40 minute like cramping or gas with pressure on the the beneficial strains of probiotics that are so
Educational Brochure treatment. Physical goals of each session are to rectum. Most of the process is mild and gentle vital for our immune system, digestion, and
hydrate the system, remove gas and waste, and with a wonderfully light and empty feeling elimination. Once you have healthy, thriving
Colon Hydrotherapy stimulate peristalsis, just to name a few. Water
in – fecal matter and toxins out!
afterwards. colonies of flora in your intestine occasional
cleansing with filtered water will not remove any
Will One Colon Hydrotherapy Session Empty more bacteria than might be eliminated with
What is the Colon? the Colon? normal bowel movements.
The colon is the last five feet of the digestive If you eat the typical Standard American Diet
Colon Hydrotherapists
tract and the pathway for waste material to be (SAD) of processed and overcooked foods, Is the Procedure Safe and Sanitary?
SUE PEPKA, I-ACT CERTIFIED finally eliminated. It is also one of your Water flour, dairy, sugar, etc. you should generally For your protection we only use disposable
KOREY GOTOO Recycling Systems. As waste material count on NOT being fully cleaned out in one tubes and hoses and our equipment is
MIMI WILLIAMS accumulates in the colon and as water is drawn session. Many people walk around with 7 or disinfected between each client. The table you
from the colon, through the walls of the intestine more pounds of impacted feces in their colons. will be laying on and the toilet are also cleaned
and back into the blood stream, an environment This is hardened, rubbery material and and sanitized after each use.
is created that allows for toxins to be pulled back substantial work must be done to remove it.
• The primary cause of disease is the
into the body where they can cause harm or Having gone through this process ourselves, as
Appointments available accumulation of unnecessary wastes, which are not
damage. This build-up of toxic waste causes well as reading what the experts say about properly eliminated, resulting in poison retention and
Monday – Saturday: the colon to slow down and become constipated. Colon Care, we typically recommend a series of subsequent disease.
8:00am – 6:00pm This slows down other body systems as well and anywhere from 3 to 10 sessions depending on • Your body is designed to support optimal
leads to less than optimal wellness. age, bowel function and other factors. The function. Listen to its signals.
Sunday: • Given the proper environment, your body has
By Appointment I though it would be scary. I thought it would be painful.
I have been in colonic and wellness centers in Southern the power to heal itself and return to its normal healthy
I thought it would be embarrassing. It was none of those
404.497.9268 California and in New Mexico…, but I never have been
things. Sue’s professionalism and friendliness made it a state.
in a center like Clear Path. The atmosphere is very - Elson Haas, MD, The Detox Diet
pleasant experience, with the added bonus of my feeling
warm, cordial, and welcoming. The staff is friendly,
lighter and more energetic afterwards. I cannot
helpful, and professional aiding people who wish to know
recommend them more highly. Make your appointment.
more about healthful living and eating. The rates are There is but one cause of disease – toxemia or poison,
You won’t regret it.
Ask about our great savings packages extremely reasonable and the treatments are comfortable most of which is created in the body by faulty living
- Sherri T.
and special offers! and healing to the entire body. If you are earnest about habits and faulty elimination.
your health, Clear Path is the place to be.
- Rev. Dr. Rocco A. Errico The very best of diets can be no better than the very worst,
- Major General Sir Arbuthnot Lane, MD
if the sewage system of the colon is clogged with a
collection of waste and corruption.
- Norman Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D.
What Other Benefits Can I Expect From Why Has My Medical Doctor Not Told Me History of Colon Hydrotherapy Philosophy of Clear Path Wellness Center
Colon Hydrotherapy? About Colon Hydrotherapy? The Egyptians first administered the use of At Clear Path Wellness Center, our dedication
Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable Most MD’s specialize in a particular field and are Colon Hydrotherapy in its most basic forms. and commitment to your health is the
procedure used to assist the body with a wide knowledgeable about what they’ve been trained The Ebers Papyrus of the 14th century B.C. and fundamental philosophy of our practice. We
variety of colon-related conditions. By re-toning in. Most med schools don’t teach the benefits of the Edwin Smith Papyrus (c. 1700 B.C.) both consider ourselves partners in helping you
the bowel wall and improving colon functions, colon cleansing just as very little time is spent in mention enemas and give directions for the use participate in managing your own well being.
the entire body is able to function more teaching about proper nutrition. However, as of the enema. We will help you cleanse your body, integrate
efficiently. Common effects are sinus drainage, more physicians are opening up to the idea of The 17th Century became known as the "age of proper nutrition and herbal remedies, adjust
loosening of mucous in the lungs, improved natural methods of healing, Colon Hydrotherapy the enema", or the "age of clysters". It was an patterns of stagnation, and coach you towards
range of motion, skin tightening, feeling younger, is enjoying a surge of popularity and acceptable practice in Parisian society to enjoy producing Life-Transforming change. We
clearing up of acne and skin conditions, respectability among a variety of practitioners. as many as three or four enemas a day, the believe in creating a unique and personal setting
improved posture, abdomen softening and belief being that an internal washing or where you can feel comfortable and enthusiastic
shrinking, a relief from headaches, less fatigue, What Should I Do Before a Colon "lavement" was essential to well being. about your improvement. We are committed to
and improved bowel function. Colon Hydrotherapy Session? By the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, Empowering and Teaching you how to take
hydrotherapy works to soothe and tone the It may be more comfortable to refrain from with the advent of rubber, the enema or clyster responsibility for your well being from the
colon, helping it to eliminate more efficiently. eating at least 1 ½ to 2 hours before your slowly gave way to colon hydrotherapy moment you walk in for Life Long Benefit. Our
Improving function as a whole reduces the scheduled appointment. equipment, which improved the cleansing of the holistic practice helps you to balance and
burden on other organs and the lymphatic colon. dramatically improve your lifestyle so you can
system. The main benefit received from After a Colon Hydrotherapy Session, How J.H. Kellogg, MD, famous for his invention of find peace and freedom in your health.
releasing the old toxic waste is that we remove a Might I Expect to Feel? corn flakes and various techniques of good
major source of disease in the body. The bowel Most people remark on how clean and light they hygiene, re-popularized colon hydrotherapy for Not Just Colon Hydrotherapy
then works more efficiently in eliminating waste, feel. There is a noticeable increase of energy the modern era, which is reported in the 1917 At Clear Path Wellness Center, we provide care
and nutrient absorption is improved. and feeling of well being are the common Journal of American Medical Association. That to those who are interested in actively pursuing
responses. It is also possible to feel a bit tired descriptive article was the impetus for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle with a proper
Will Laxatives or Enemas Accomplish The after a session. This usually occurs following advancement of a highly beneficial therapeutic natural diet, food based supplements, and
Same Results as Colon Hydrotherapy? the initial sessions, but diminishes as more method, which has since flourished and found health enhancing sessions like Ion Cleanse foot
No. Using an enema, you are missing about 4 toxins are cleansed from the body. recognition among enlightened health bath, Far Infrared Sauna and Reflexology. If you
feet of the colon. During a colonic the water professionals in Europe, Asia, Australia, New are suffering from discomfort, stress, fatigue,
goes all the way through 5 feet of the colon to Do I Need to Take the Day Off From Work, Zealand, and North America. disease, toxicity, poor diet, or addiction, we can
the ileocecal valve (this is where the small and How Long Does it Take? help rejuvenate, detoxify, clear blockages, and
large intestine meet). Laxatives cause the We schedule in one hour increments. Your first Fiber: Adds bulk, absorbs toxins, sweeps the colon of relieve ailments in a non-invasive manner
accumulated waste. We typically don’t get enough fiber
bowels to move because they are an irritant, visit with us will be scheduled for 1 ½ hours. without the undesirable side effects common in
in our diets. It’s good to incorporate a high quality fiber
producing cramping and often loose, watery The process itself takes about 35-40 minutes supplement. conventional medicine.
stools that will eliminate waste that is “in the and afterwards you should be fine to continue Our present system recognizes disease only when it has
tunnel”, but that won’t remove waste that is with your usual routine. Magnesium: Necessary for every major biochemical reached crisis proportions. This is tantamount to saying
plastered to the walls of the intestine. Laxatives I have been suffering from GI disturbances including process, including digestion. Holds just enough water in that a fire is only a fire when it has burst through the roof,
can also become habit forming and we chronic candida overgrowth for years. My candida-clogged the colon to assist with processing waste removal. when in actuality, it was a fire when the cigarette butt
discourage all but very, very occasional use of system resulted in inflammatory problems including joint began to smolder in the rug.
them. pain, weight gain, and blockages of my lymphatic drainage
Yes, it is just as important for men to have colon
causing painful fluid filled breast cysts. No other
Do the Math hydrotherapy as it is for women. A clean colon and
You eat 3 meals / day (x 7 days / week)
treatments have been successful at eradicating the candida
adequate fiber are essential for a man’s prostate Clear Path Wellness Center
problem until I began receiving weekly colonics. Washing Sandy Springs Professional Building
You eliminate 1 x / day health, not to mention the effects on reducing risk
out the yeast has been the key to finally establishing healthy
You have eaten 21 meals in a week, but only eliminated 7
intestinal flora, better energy, weight loss, and healthy
of colon cancer. Some of the benefits reported are 275 Carpenter Drive, Suite 202
x. Where is the rest of that food??? Spoiling, more energy, greater stamina, and clearer Atlanta, GA 30328
lymph movement without cystic fluid backups. I am
Rotting, Putrefying thinking!!
in your body!!
benefitting enormously and I am so happy to have found 404.497.9268
Clear Path Wellness Center. –
Roberta C.