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1. What is the smallest element of a matter?

a. atom
b. molecule
c. crystal
d. wafer
2. To determine whether a material can support the flow of electricity or not, we need to
examine its
a. atomic structure
b. physical state
c. molecular structure
d. chemical composition
3. Approximate diameter of an atom
a. 10^10 !!m
b. 10^10 !m
c. 10^10 mm
d. 10^-10 m
". #nown as the simplest type of atom
a. Hydrogen
b. $xy%en
c. &elium
d. 'itro%en
(. Approximate diameter of a &ydro%en atom
1.1 x 10^10 !!m
1.1 x 10^10 !m
1.1 x 10^10 mm
1.1 x 10^-10 m
). What is the char%e of an electron?
a. 1.6022 x 10^-19 C
b. *.10*) x 10^1* +
c. 1.)022 x 10^31 +
d. *.10*) x 10^31 +
,. -rotons are a.out //// hea0ier than electrons
a. 1,800 times
b. 1ess than thrice
c. 1ess
d. Twice
2. Approximately, how many electrons that could e3ual to the mass of a sin%le proton or
a. 1,2)3 electrons
b. 1,)23 electrons
c. 1,)32 electrons
d. 1,836 electrons
*. 4f an element has an atomic of 12, there are how many protons and electrons?
a. ) protons and 12 electrons
b. 12 protons and ) electrons
c. 12 rotons and 12 electrons
d. 12 protons and 2" electrons
10. 4t is composed of a series of ener%y le0els containin% the 0alence electrons
a. conduction .and
b. for.idden .and
c. side.and
d. !alence band
11. 5lectrons at the conduction .and are called
a. "ree electrons
b. 0alence electrons
c. deep state electrons
d. shallow state electrons
12. A %ood conductor has how many 0alence electrons?
a. 1
b. 2
c. "
d. 2
13. 6etermine which statement is true?
a. The current carriers in conductors are protons.
b. #$e current carriers in conductors are !alence electrons.
c. 7alence and inner electrons are the carriers in conductors.
d. 7alence electrons are not the ones that .ecome free electrons.
1". A material that contains an a.undance of free carrier is called
a. 4nsulator
b. 8emiinsulator
c. Conductor
d. 8emiconductor
1(. 9rom the com.ined ener%y%ap dia%ram, which material has the widest %ap .etween
0alence .and and the conduction .and?
a. +onductor
b. 8emiconductor
c. 8uper conductor
d. %nsulator
1). A solid, which has no defined crystal structure
a. +rystalline
b. 'oncrystalline
c. Amorphous
d. &on-crystalline or 'mor$ous
1,. 4deally, all atoms ha0e the same of positi0ely char%ed protons and ne%ati0ely
char%ed electrons, and is therefore as
a. (lectrically neutral
b. -hysically sta.le
c. :a%netically ali%ned
d. Technically ri%id
12. A positi0e ion has
a. excess of electrons
b. excess of neutrons
c. lac) o" electrons
d. lac; of protons
1*. $ne +oulom. of char%e has how many electrons?
a. 6.2* x 10^18 electrons
b. ).2" x 10^1* electrons
c. )2." x 10^12 electrons
d. )2." x 10^1* electrons
20. $ne ampere is e3ual to how many electrons per second?
a. 1 x 10^12 electrons<sec.
b. 1 x 10^1* electrons<sec.
c. 6.2+ x 10^18 electrons,sec.
d. ).2( x 10^1* electrons<sec.
21. The %reater the diameter of a wire, the /// is the resistance.
a. %reater
b. lesser
c. harder
d. .i%%er
22. The science of physical phenomena at 0ery low temperature, approachin% a.solute
=ero is called ///.
a. crytanalysis
b. cy.ernetics
c. temperature in0ersion
d. cryogenics
23. What is the law where.y the force of attraction and repulsion .etween poles is
in0ersely proportional to the s3uare of the distance .etween them?
a. 'ewton>s first law
b. 'ewton>s second law
c. 'orton>s law
d. Coulomb-s second la.
2". What is true in 0isuali=in% electric field lines of force from a char%e .ody?
a. 9ield lines are continuous cur0e and they ne0er intersect.
b. The spacin% .etween these lines increases as they %et far from the char%ed .ody.
c. The of field lines is directly proportional to the ma%nitude of the electric
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e.
2(. 5lectric lines of force lea0e and enter the char%e surface at what an%le?
a. 1( ?
b. 30 ?
c. "( ?
d. 90 /
2). 5lectric flux is a<an //////// 3uantity.
a. scalar
b. 0ector
c. a.solute
d. relati0e
2,. The a.solute permitti0ity of air or free space.
a. 1,360 x 10^-9 1,m
b. 3)@ x 10^* 9<m
c. 1<3)@ x10^1* 9<m
d. 3)@ x 10^1* 9<m
22. 4n 1,2", who demonstrated that the force .etween char%es is in0ersely related to the
s3uare of the distance .etween them?
a. :axwell
b. Aauss
c. Tesla
d. Coulomb
2*. Which of the materials .elow that can .e easily ma%neti=ed?
a. so"t magnetic materials
b. hard ma%netic materials
c. low conducti0e materials
d. hi%h conducti0e materials
30. :aterials with permea.ility sli%htly less than that of free space.
a. diamagnetic
b. parama%netic
c. ferroma%netic
d. antima%netic
31. The unit of ma%netic flux density in 84
a. Aauss
c. :axwell
d. #esla
32. 4f the distance .etween the two ma%netic poles is hal0e, the force .etween them
a. decreases two times
b. decreases four times
c. increases two times
d. increases "our times
33. Bnit of permea.ility
a. Henry,meter 2H,m3
b. 9arad<meter C9<mD
c. &enrymeter C&mD
d. 9aradmeter C9mD
3". The unit of permitti0ity
a. &enry<meter C&<mD
b. 1arad,meter 21,m3
c. &enrymeter C&mD
d. 9aradmeter C9mD
3(. $ne is e3ui0alent to
a. 10^8 4ax.ells
b. 10^) :axwells
c. 10^" :axwells
d. 10^2 :axwells
3). -ermeance is analo%ous to
a. Conductance
b. Eesistance
c. 4mpedance
d. 5lastance
3,. The $ersted C$eD is the same as
a. 1 5b,cm
b. 1 A.<m
c. 10 A.<cm
d. 10 A.<m
32. The unit of reluctance
a. Ail.ert
b. Tesla
c. 't,6b
d. Aauss
3*. 4f two coils are close enou%h to%ether for their ma%netic fields to interact, a chan%e in
current in one will induce a correspondin% 0olta%e in the other. This condition is
;nown as
a. selfinductance
b. mutual inductance
c. crossfire inductance
d. lin;ed inductance
"0. When a conductor is mo0ed throu%h a ma%netic field a 0olta%e is always induced.
The amount of 0olta%e is always proportional to
a. The diameter of the conductor used
b. The len%th of the conductor
c. The distance of the conductor from the field
d. #$e rate at .$ic$ t$e conductor is mo!ed
"1. What is meant .y .ac; 5:9?
a. A 0olta%e that is applied in the re0erse direction
b. An 5:9 that is due to the fly wheel effect
c. An 5:9 that is %enerated from the .ac; of an electroma%net
d. ' !oltage t$at ooses t$e alied (41
"2. 4n electroma%netism, what law determines the amount of induced 0olta%e?
a. Ampere>s law
b. 7en8- la.
c. +oulom.>s law
d. 9araday>s law
"3. The effect that the a.ility of a mechanically stressed ferroma%netic wire to
reco%ni=e rapid switchin% of ma%neti=ation when su.Fected to a 6+ ma%netic field
a. 6iegand e""ect
b. Wertheim effect
c. Wiedemann effect
d. Wall effect
"". ///////// is called the ma%netic field
a. The force that dri0es current throu%h a resistor
b. +urrent flow throu%h space around a permanent ma%net
c. The force .etween the plates of char%ed capacitor
d. ' "orce set u .$en current "lo. t$roug$ a conductor
"(. Eesistors with hi%h 0alue usually ha0e lower watta%e ratin%s .ecause of /////////.
a. 0aryin% current
b. current
c. .i%%er si=e
d. hi%h current
"). /////// is used to store electrical ener%y in an electrostatic field?
a. A transformer
b. A .attery
c. ' caacitor
d. An inductor
",. What factors determine the capacitance of a capacitor?
a. Area of the plates, amount of char%e in the plates and the dielectric constant of the
material .etween the plates
b. Area of the plates, 0olta%e on the plates and distance .etween the plates
c. 'rea o" t$e lates, distance bet.een t$e lates and t$e dielectric constant o" t$e
material bet.een t$e lates
d. Area of the plates, 0olta%e of the plates and the dielectric constant of the material
.etween the plates
"2. A coil of wire wound, with or without a ma%netic core desi%ned to ha0e a hi%her self
inductance than a strai%ht wire
a. %nductor
b. 8olenoid
c. Toroid
d. 4nducti0e relay
"*. &ow many nodes are needed to completely analy=e a circuit accordin% to #irchoff>s
current law?
a. Two
b. 'll nodes in t$e circuit
c. $ne less than the total of nodes in the circuit
d. $ne
(0. 4n a mesh, the al%e.raic sum of all the 0olta%es and 0olta%e drops is e3ual to =ero
a. 8uperposition theorem
b. 'orton>s law
c. #irchoff>s first law
d. 9irc$o""-s second la.
(1. Theorem used to simplify complex circuits wherein, the simplified circuit contains an
e3ui0alent open circuit resistance and open circuit 0olta%e
a. 'orton>s
b. #$e!enin-s
c. :axwell>s
d. #irchoff>s
(2. 4n a networ;, what do we call a reference point chosen such that more .ranches in a
circuit met.
a. node
b. Function
c. %round
d. mesh
(3. The return point in a circuit, where all 0olta%e measurements are referred
a. node
b. Function
c. ground
d. loop
(". At what an%le does an alternatin% 0olta%e of cosinewa0e form reaches its ne%ati0e
a. "(?
b. *0?
c. 13(?
d. 180/
((. When comparin% rms 0olta%es and a0era%e 0olta%es, which of the followin%
statement is true, assumin% sine wa0es?
a. 5ither the rms 0olta%e or the a0era%e 0olta%e mi%ht .e lar%er
b. #$e rms !oltage is al.ays greater t$an t$e a!erage !oltage
c. There will always .e a 0ery lar%e difference .etween the rms 0olta%e and the a0era%e
d. The a0era%e 0olta%e is always %reater than the rms
(). What do you mean .y rootmeans3uared CrmsD 0olta%e?
a. 4t is the a0era%e 0alue
b. 4t is the effecti0e 0alue
c. 4t is the 0alue that causes the same heatin% effect as a dc0olta%e
d. : or C
(,. 4n a purely inducti0e circuit the current
a. 1eads the 0olta%e .y "(?
b. 1eads the 0olta%e .y *0?
c. 7ags t$e !oltage by 90/
d. 1a%s the 0olta%e .y "(?
(2. A resisti0e and a capaciti0e load of e3ual ma%nitude is connected in series, determine
the phase difference .etween the 0olta%e and the current.
a. Current leads t$e !oltage by *+/
b. +urrent la%s the 0olta%e .y "(?
c. +urrent leads the 0olta%e .y *0?
d. +urrent la%s the 0olta%e .y *0?
(*. What will happen when the power factor of a circuit is increased?
a. Eeacti0e power increases
b. 'cti!e increases
c. Goth acti0e and reacti0e powers increases
d. Goth acti0e and reacti0e powers decrease
)0. What is the si%nificance of connectin% loads in parallel?
a. 4t ma;es power consumption less
b. 4t pro0ides %reater efficiency
c. 4t increases the safety factor
d. %t allo.s indeendent oerations o" loads
)1. The name of pure semiconductor material that has e3ual of electrons and
a. ntype
b. pure type
c. intrinsic
d. ptype
)2. Which of the followin% is an example of a compound semiconductor?
a. Aallium Arsenide CAaAsD
b. Aallium -hosphide CAa-D
c. Aluminum Arsenide CAlAsD
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
)3. Aermanium has an atomic of 32 and atomic wei%ht of approximately ,2 amu.
&ow many electrons, protons and neutrons are there?
a. 32,32,*0
b. 32,32,10"
c. "0,32,32
d. "0,32,10"
)". The atomic wei%ht of a silicon atom is approximately 22 amu. &ow may electrons,
protons and neutrons does the atom consist?
a. 1","2,1"
b. 1",1","2
c. "2,1",1"
d. 1*,1*,1*
)(. A semiconductor that is free from impurities
a. intrinsic semiconductor
b. extrinsic semiconductor
c. compensated semiconductor
d. elemental semiconductor
)). 5xample of acceptor impurities
a. penta0alent impurities
b. tri!alent imurities
c. tetra0alent impurities
d. hexa0alent impurities
),. +ommonly used as donor impurities
a. Antimony C8.D
b. Arsenic CAsD
c. -hosphorus C-D
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
)2. What do you call a semiconductor that is doped with .oth donor and acceptor
a. dou.le doped semiconductor
b. comensated semiconductor
c. compound semiconductor
d. diffused semiconductor
)*. 8emiconductor whose electron and hole concentrations are e3ual
a. extrinsic semiconductor
b. intrinsic semiconductor
c. compensated semiconductor
d. doped semiconductor
,0. Typically, how much ener%y is re3uired for a 0alence electron to mo0e to the
conduction .and for a doped semiconductor?
a. 0 e7
b. 0.0+ e;
1 e7
c. (.0 e7
,1. The electrical resistance of a semiconductor material will /////// as the temperature
a. increase
b. increase exponentially
c. decrease
d. not chan%e
,2. At room temperature, in a perfect silicon crystal, the e3uili.rium concentration of
thermally %enerated electrons in the conduction .and is a.out
a. 1.( x 10^( per cu.ic cm
b. 1.+ x 10^10 er cubic cm
c. 1.( x 10^1( per cu.ic cm
d. 1.( x 10^20 per cu.ic cm
,3. What is the .asis in operation of semiconductor photoconductors?
a. 5&- %eneration
b. 5&- de%eneration
c. 5&- optical de%eneration
d. (H< otical generation
,". Typical ran%e of power dissipation for a semiconductor to .e considered as Hlow
powerI or Hsmall si%nalI
a. less t$an 1 .att
b. (J - J10 watts
c. 10J - J20 watts
d. 20 watts a.o0e
,(. What is formed when ntype and ptype semiconductors are .rou%ht to%ether?
a. n =unction
b. semiconductor Function
c. ener%y .and %ap
d. semiconductor diode
,). -' Function acts as a one way 0al0e for electrons .ecause //////////////
a. the circuit in which the diode is used, only attempts to pump electrons in one diode
b. electrons tend to follow the direction of the hole
c. there is a little mechanical switch inside a diode
d. .$en electrons are um "rom to n, "ree electrons and $oles are "orce aart
lea!ing no .ay "or electrons to cross t$e =unction
,,. An external 0olta%e applied to a Function reduces its .arrier and aid current to flow
throu%h the Function
a. re0erse .ias
b. external .ias
c. Function .ias
d. "or.ard bias
,2. Bnidirectional conduction in twoelectrodes in any de0ice other than a diode, such
that rectification .etween the %rid and cathode of a triode, or asymmetrical
conduction .etween the collector and .ase of a transistor is called
a. rectification
b. diode action
c. dippin%
d. clampin%
,*. 6epletion re%ion is an area in a semiconductor de0ice where there are no char%e
carriers exist. This will .e always near the Function of ntype and ptype materials.
What causes this Function to .e depleted .y char%e carriers?
a. 6ue to the recom.ination of holes and electrons at the Function
b. 6ue to the cancellation of positi0ely char%e protons and ne%ati0ely char%e electrons
c. 6ue to the annihilation of char%e carriers
d. >ue to t$e combination o" ositi!ely c$arge $oles and negati!ely c$arge
20. A Function diode is said to .e forward.iased if
a. Anode is supplied more positi0e than the cathode
b. Anode is supplied more ne%ati0e than the cathode
c. ' !oltage greater t$an t$res$old is alied, .it$ cat$ode less ositi!e t$an anode
d. A 0olta%e %reater than threshold is applied, with cathode less ne%ati0e than anode
21. The minimum 0olta%e re3uired .efore a diode can totally conduct in a forward
a. tri%%erin% 0olta%e
b. .rea;down 0olta%e
c. saturation 0olta%e
d. t$res$old !oltage
22. As the operatin% temperature of as re0erse.iased diode is increase, its lea;a%e or
re0erse saturation current will
a. increase
b. increase exonentially
c. decrease
d. decrease exponentially
23. The .rea;down 0olta%e of Function diode will /////
a. increase as operatin% temperature rises
b. increase exponentially as operatin% temperature rises
c. decrease as oerating temerature rises
d. not chan%e as operatin% temperature rises
2". 4n a semiconductor diode, the total capacitance, that is the capacitance .etween
terminals and electrodes, and the internal 0olta%e 0aria.le capacitance of the Function
is called
a. diffusion capacitance
b. transition capacitance
c. depletionre%ion capacitance
d. diode caacitance
2(. What capacitance is si%nificant when the diode is forward .iased?
a. di""usion caacitance or storage caacitance
b. transition capacitance
c. depletionre%ion capacitance
d. stray capacitance
2). A diode that is especially desi%ned to operate as a 0olta%e0aria.le capacitor. 4t
utili=es the Function capacitance of a semiconductor diode.
a. 0aractor
b. 0aricap
c. 0aristor
d. ' and : are correct
2,. A semiconductor de0ice especially fa.ricated to utili=e the a0alanche or =ener
.rea;down re%ion. This is normally operated in the re0ersere%ion and its application
mostly for 0olta%e reference or re%ulation.
a. 0aractor diode
b. 8ener diode
c. shoc;ley diode
d. schott;y .arrier diode
22. Eefers to a special type of diode which is capa.le of .oth amplification and
a. Function diode
b. tunnel diode
c. point contact diode
d. =ener diode
2*. A rectifyin% metalsemiconductor Function
a. schott;y .arrier diode
b. surface .arrier diode
c. hotcarrier or hotelectron diode
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e are correct
*0. Another name of a threelayer diode. This is also considered as an ac diode
a. shoc;ley diode
b. thyrector
c. thyristor
d. diac
*1. When the pn Function of a semiconductor diode is inserted with intrinsic material, the
diode .ecomes a
a. .ac;ward diode
b. read diode
c. shoc;ley diode
d. <i& diode
*2. A diode that is especially processed so that its hi%hcurrent flow ta;es place when the
Function is re0ersed.iased. 4t is a 0ariation of a tunnel diode.
a. esa;i diode
b. read diode
c. =ener diode
d. bac).ard diode
*3. 4s the com.ination of the inductance of the leads and electrodes, capacitance of the
Function and the resistance of the Function of a semiconductor diode
a. diode imedance
b. diode ac resistance
c. diode reactance
d. diode ac parameter
*". The appearance of E9 current oscillations in a dc.iased sla. of ntype %allium
arsenide in a 3.3;7 electric field
a. 5unn e""ect
b. &all effect
c. Kener effect
d. A0alanche
*(. Luiescent or Lpoint is dependent on
a. the supply 0olta%e
b. the load resistance
c. the type of diode
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
*). A networ; with a diode and a capacitor that is used to shift the dcle0el of the input
a. clipper
b. clamer
c. shifter
d. le0el in0erter
*,. A chopper, employin% an alternately .iased diode as the switchin% element
a. diode c$oer
b. acti0e chopper
c. Function chopper
d. All are correct
*2. The flow of electron in a '-' transistor when used in electronic circuit is from
a. collector to .ase
b. .ase to collector
c. emitter to collector
d. .ase to emitter
**. A three terminal, three layer semiconductor de0ice that has the a.ility to multiply
char%e carriers. This de0ice was first introduced at Gell 1a.oratories, .y Grattain and
Gardeen in 1*", and which opens a completely new direction of interest and
de0elopment in the field of electronic.
a. triode
b. triac
c. 8+E
d. transistor
100. 4n a semiconductor de0ice, a pn Function formed .y alloyin% a suita.le material
such as indium with the semiconductor
a. alloy =unction
b. diffused Function
c. depletion Function
d. stora%e Function
101. At forward.iased Function of -'- transistor, maFority carriers flow hea0ily
a. "rom - to t$e n-tye material
b. from n to ptype material
c. from p to ptype material
d. A and G a.o0e
102. -hrases Hnot pointin% inI and Hpointin% inI simply means
a. nn and n
b. pnp and npn
c. npn only
d. pnp only
103. The formal name of MNc
a. +ommoncollector re0ersecurrent amplification factor
b. +ommoncollector forwardcurrent amplification factor
c. Common-emitter "or.ard-current amli"ication "actor
d. +ommonemitter re0ersecurrent amplification factor
10". At .aseemitter Function, usin% an ohmmeter, if the positi0e COD lead is connected
to the .ase and the ne%ati0e CD lead to the emitter, a low resistance readin% would
a. nn transistor
b. pnp transistor
c. %ermanium transistor
d. silicon transistor
10(. 9or an HonI transistor, the 0olta%e 7G5 should .e in the nei%h.orhood of
a. 0.3 7
b. 0.(( 7
c. 0.? ;
d. 1., 7
10). Amon% the three characteristics of a transistor amplifier, which re%ion is normally
employed for linear CundistortedD amplifiers?
a. acti!e region
b. cutoff re%ion
c. saturation re%ion
d. capital re%ion
10,. 4f the .aseemitter Function is re0ersed .iased and the .asecollector Function is
forward .iased, the transistor will .e at what re%ion of operation?
a. acti0e re%ion
b. cuto"" region
c. saturation re%ion
d. .rea;down re%ion
102. What re%ion the transistor should .e operatin% to ha0e minimum distortion at the
output si%nal?
a. acti!e region
b. cutoff re%ion
c. saturation re%ion
d. 'one of the a.o0e
10*. The current %ain of a transistor decreases as the operatin% fre3uency increases. As
the operatin% fre3uency is increased continuously, a point occurs where the current
%ain .ecomes unity. This point, is .est descri.ed .y what transistor parameter?
a. unity %ain fre3uency
b. 0 dG fre3uency
c. cutoff fre3uency
d. unity gain band.idt$ roduct or unity current gain band.idt$ roduct
110. When the .ase is common to .oth the input and output sides of the confi%uration
and is usually the terminal closest to, or at %round potential, it is called what?
a. commonemitter terminolo%y
b. commoncollector terminolo%y
c. common-base terminology
d. All of these
111. Which of the transistor confi%uration has the hi%hest input resistance?
a. common .ase
b. common emitter
c. common collector
d. common transistor
112. $ne of the followin% amplifier characteristic refers to that of a common.ase C+
GD as compared to commonemitter C+5D and commoncollector C++D amplifiers
a. has lar%er current %ain
b. $as inut resistance
c. has hi%her input resistance
d. has lar%er 0olta%e %ain
113. :ost fre3uently used transistor confi%uration for pnp and npn
a. common.ase
b. commoncollector
c. common-emitter
d. A and + a.o0e
11". +ommoncollector has the lowest power %ain and a 0olta%e %ain of approximately
one. 4n contrast to this, what confi%uration has the hi%hest power %ain?
a. common.ase
b. commoncollector
c. common-emitter
d. emitterfollower
11(. +onsidered as the .asic 95T or the simplest form of 95T
a. @1(#
b. :$895T
c. 4A95T
d. 7:$895T
11). Punction field effect transistor or P95T has three terminals which corresponds to
the 5G+ of the GPT
a. 68A
b. 6A8
c. A-5->
d. 86A
11,. A GPT is a currentcontrolled currentsource de0ice while P95T is a ///////
a. currentcontrolled 0olta%esource
b. 0olta%econtrolled 0olta%esource
c. !oltage-controlled current-source
d. 0olta%econtrolled transconductancesource
112. 9or a normal operation of an nchannel P95T, dQhow do you .ias the %atesource
a. positi0ene%ati0e respecti0ely
b. negati!e-ositi!e resecti!ely
c. forward.iased
d. Any of the a.o0e
11*. The current that flows into channel of a P95T when the %atesource 0olta%e is =ero
a. drain-source saturation current
b. drainsource cutoff current
c. drainsource lea;a%e current
d. drainsource pinchoff current
120. 4n 95T, the conduction path of the output is controlled .y the electric field as its
name implies. &ow does an electric field in 95T esta.lished?
a. :y t$e c$arges resent at t$e gate due to t$e re!erse-biased =unction
b. Gy the application of re0erse.iased .etween the %ate and drain
c. Gy the char%es produced due to the applied potential .etween drain and source 768
d. Gy the char%es present at each terminal due to the applied potential
121. Gase from 8hoc;ley>s e3uation of a P95T, what is the drain current when the
applied 0olta%e 7A8 is exactly e3ual to the pinchoff 0olta%e 7p?
a. 4688
b. maximum
c. minimum
d. 8ero
122. 4n :$895T, it is the foundation upon which the de0ice will .e constructed and is
formed from a silicon .ase
a. substrate
b. sla.
c. source
d. .ase
123. What type of :$895T whose channel is ori%inally thic; .ut narrows as the proper
%ate .ias is applied?
a. enhancement
b. deletion
c. trans0erse
d. All of the a.o0e
12". To switch off the depletion type :$895T, the channel should .e depleted.
6epletion of the channel is done .y applyin% enou%h 0olta%e across the %atesource
terminal. What do you call this 0olta%e?
a. inc$-o"" !oltage
b. tri%%er 0olta%e
c. holdin% 0olta%e
d. threshold 0olta%e
12(. The su.strate used in a pchannel 4A95T enhancement type
a. n-tye material
b. nOtype material
c. ptype material
d. pOtype material
12). The .ase material of a :$895T which extends as an additional terminal
a. source C8D
b. channel C+D
c. drain C6D
d. substrate 2AA3
12,. Which 95T operates as close as GPT in terms of switchin%?
a. P95T
b. :$895T depletion type
c. 4BA1(# en$ancement tye
d. 4A95T
122. A monolithic semiconductoramplifyin% de0ice in which a hi%himpedance AAT5
electrode controls the flow of current carriers throu%h a thin .ar of semiconductor
called the +&A''51 $hmic connections made to the ends of the channel constitute
8$BE+5 and 6EA4' electrodes
a. GPT
b. BPT
c. 1(#
d. B-T
12*. What do you call an amplifier which has an output current flowin% durin% the
whole input current cycle?
a. +lass AG amplifier
b. +lass G amplifier
c. Class ' amli"ier
d. +lass + amplifier
130. 4f a transistor amplifier pro0ides a 3)0? output si%nal, it is classified as
a. Class '
b. +lass G
c. +lass +
d. +lass 6
131. An amplifier that deli0ers an output si%nal of 120? only
a. +lass A
b. Class :
c. +lass AG
d. +lass 6
132. A full 3)0? sinewa0e si%nal is applied as an input to an un;nown class of
amplifier, if the output deli0ers only a pulse of less than 120?, of what class does this
amplifier .elon%s?
a. +lass AG
b. +lass G
c. Class C
d. +lass 6
133. A class A amplifier has an efficiency of only 2(R, .ut this can .e increased if the
output is coupled with a transformer. Bp to how much is its efficiency will reach due
to couplin%?
a. 3).(R
b. +0C
c. )2.(R
d. ,2.(R
13". Transistori=ed class + power amplifiers will usually ha0e an efficiency of
a. 2(R
b. 33C
c. (0R
d. ,2.(R
13(. 9or pulseamplification, class 6 amplifier is mostly used. &ow efficient is a class
6 amplifier?
a. A.out 2(R efficient
b. 1ess efficient than class G
c. :ore efficient than class A .ut less efficient than class G
d. %ts e""iciency reac$es o!er 90C
13). Where does the Lpoint of a class + amplifier positioned?
a. at saturation re%ion
b. at acti0e re%ion
c. at cutoff re%ion
d. belo. cuto"" region
13,. Which amplifiers can .e used for linear amplification?
a. +lass A
b. +lass G
c. +lass +
d. Class ' or :
132. What do you call an amplifier that is .iased to class + .ut modulates o0er the same
portion of the cur0e as if it were .iased to class G?
a. +lass 8
b. +lass 6
c. +lass AG
d. Class :C
13*. Two class G amplifiers connected such that one amplifies the positi0e cycle and
the other amplifies the remainin% ne%ati0e cycle. Goth output si%nals are then coupled
.y a transformer to the load.
a. trans"ormer-couled us$-ull amli"ier
b. complementarysymmetry amplifier
c. 3uasicomplementary pushpull amplifier
d. transformercoupled class a amplifier
1"0. A pushpull amplifier that uses either npn or pnp as its final sta%e. The circuit
confi%uration loo;s li;e the complementarysymmetry
a. transformercoupled pushpull amplifier
b. complementarysymmetry amplifier
c. Duasi-comlementary us$-ull amli"ier
d.; pair amplifier
1"1. A nonlinear distortion in which the output consists of undesired harmonic
fre3uencies of the input si%nal
a. amplitude distortion
b. fre3uency distortion
c. crosso0er distortion
d. $armonic distortion
1"2. The o0erall %ain of an amplifier in cascade is
a. the sum
b. the a0era%e of each
c. t$e roduct
d. 100R the sum
1"3. A directcoupled twosta%e transistor confi%uration wherein the outputn of the first
transistor is directly coupled and amplified .y the second transistor. This
confi%uration %i0es a 0ery hi%h current %ain
a. cascade confi%uration
b. cascode confi%uration
c. darlington con"iguration
d.; pair
1"". 9amous transistor amplifier confi%uration desi%ned to eliminate the so called
:iller effect
a. cascode amli"ier
b. darlin%ton amplifier
c. differential amplifier
d. complementarysymmetry
1"(. An amplifier .asically constructed from two transistors and whose output is
proportional to the difference .etween the 0olta%es applied to its two inputs
a. di""erential amli"ier
b. cascode amplifier
c. complementary amplifier
d. 3uasicomplementary amplifier
1"). An amplifier ha0in% hi%hdirect current sta.ility and hi%h immunity to oscillation,
this is actually used to perform analo%computer functions such as summin% and
a. oerational amli"ier 2o-am3
b. parametric amplifier CparampD
c. instrumentation amplifier
d. 6+amplifier
1",. $ne of the most 0ersatile and widely used electronic de0ice in linear applications
a. 8+E
b. 95T
c. BPT
d. B-am
1"2. 4t is 0ery hi%h%ain differential amplifier with 0ery hi%h input impedance and 0ery
low output impedance
a. paramp
b. o-am
c. differential amplifier
d. complementary amplifier
1"*. What are the possi.le applications of operational amplifiers CopampsD?
a. ac and dcamplifiers
b. oscillators and si%nal conditionin%
c. 0olta%ele0el detectors and comparators
d. all o" t$e abo!e
1(0. An operational amplifier must ha0e at least how many usa.le terminals?
2 terminals
a. + terminals
b. 2 terminals
c. 1" terminals
1(1. The circuit at the input sta%e of operational amplifiers
a. di""erential amli"ier
b. cascaded amplifier
c. current mirror
d. complementary amplifier
1(2. An amplifier whose output is proportional to the difference .etween the 0olta%es
applied to its two inputs
a. di""erential amli"ier
b. differencin%
c. delta amplifier
d. cascodeamp
1(3. A %ood opamp has a
a. !ery $ig$ inut resistance
b. 0ery low input resistance
c. 0ery hi%h output resistance
d. 0ery low +:EE
1(". &ow does the input of an opamp ma;e hi%h?
a. Gy usin% super .eta transistor at the input differential sta%e
b. Gy usin% 95Ts at the input differential sta%e
c. Gy connectin% a 0ery hi%h resistance in series with the input differential sta%e
d. ' and : abo!e
1((. What type of amplifier commonly used at the output sta%e of opamps?
a. 6ifferential amplifier
b. +ascade amplifier
c. Comlementary amli"ier
d. 6arlin%ton sta%e amplifier
1(). Why do most opamps use a commoncollector at the output sta%e?
a. To ha0e a hi%her output power
b. To ha0e a .etter fre3uency response
c. To ha0e a low harmonic distortion
d. #o $a!e a !ery lo. outut resistance
1(,. -rimarily, opamps are operated with .ipolar power supply, howe0er, we can also
use sin%le polarity supply .y
a. generating a re"erence !oltage abo!e ground
b. Hfloatin%I the ne%ati0e supply terminal C0D of the opamp
c. simply connectin% the ne%ati0e supply terminal C0D of the opamp to %round
d. isolatin% the ne%ati0e supply terminal C0D .y a capacitor
1(2. $pamps ha0e two input terminals namely, the in0ertin% CD and nonin0ertin% COD
inputs. What is the si%nificance of its name?
a. 4f a sinewa0e is applied to the in0ertin% CD input, the output will .e in0erted or
shifted .y 120?, while if applied to the nonin0ertin% COD there will .e no phase shift
at the output
b. 4f pulses are applied to the in0ertin% CD input, the positi0e pulse .ecomes ne%ati0e at
the output and 0ice 0ersa, while if applied to the nonin0ertin% COD there will .e no
re0ersal of the pulse at the output
c. 4n dcamplifier applications, increasin% input at the in0ertin% CD terminal causes the
output to decrease and 0ice 0ersa, while at the nonin0ertin% COD input, the output
ma%nitude %oes with the input.
d. 'll o" t$ese are correct
1(*. What do you call of the %ain of an opamp if operated in common mode input?
a. differential %ain
b. common gain
c. dou.leended %ain
d. reFection %ain
1)0. When one input of the opamp is connected to %round and the other is to the si%nal
source, its operation is called
a. sin%leended output
b. dou.leended output
c. single-ended inut
d. dou.leended input
1)1. The ratio of the differential %ain and common %ain of an opamp
a. 6ifferentialcommon mode ratio
b. +ommonmode ratio
c. 6ifferentialmode reFection ratio
d. Common-mode re=ection ratio
1)2. The current needed at the input of an opamp to operate it normally
a. inut bias current
b. input offset current
c. input threshold current
d. input holdin% current
1)3. 4deal opamp re3uires no input current, .ut real opamp needs a 0ery small input
current called input .ias current. At .oth inputs, the .ias currents ha0e a sli%ht
difference. What do you call this difference?
a. 6ifferential input current
b. 6ifferential .ias
c. 4nput offset difference
d. %nut o""set current
1)". The reason why a sli%ht difference .etween the input .ias current occurs in op
amps is due to the unsymmetrical circuit component parameters. This unsymmetrical
condition also produces a difference in input 0olta%e called what?
a. 6rift 0olta%e
b. 6ifferential 0olta%e
c. %nut o""set !oltage
d. 4nput threshold 0olta%e
1)(. 4deally, the output 0olta%e of an opamp is =ero when there is no input si%nal,
howe0er, in practical circuits, a small output 0olta%e appears, this 0olta%e is ;nown as
a. :inimum output 0olta%e
b. -inchoff 0olta%e
c. Butut o""set !oltage
d. 8aturation 0olta%e
1)). What is the .iascurrent compensatin% resistor in opamp circuits?
a. A resistor used to reduce the undesired output offset 0olta%e due to the input offset
b. A resistor connected .etween the nonin0ertin% terminal and %round
c. A resistor used to .alance .oth input .ias currents and therefore eliminates the input
offset current
d. 'll o" t$ese
1),. What is the effect of the input offset 0olta%e to the output 0olta%e if the opamp has
no; element?
a. +auses the output to .e always at cutoff
b. +auses the output to saturate towards positi0e
c. +auses the output to saturate towards ne%ati0e
d. Causes t$e outut to saturate eit$er to.ards ositi!e or negati!e
1)2. What is the most effecti0e way of minimi=in% the output offset 0olta%e of an op
a. Gy reducin% the 0alue of the; resistor
b. Gy increasin% the 0alue of the input resistor
c. Gy a capacitorcompensation techni3ue
d. :y roerly using and ad=usting t$e o""set-null terminals
1)*. The fre3uency at which the openloop %ain of an opamp is 0.,0, times its 0alue at
0ery low fre3uency
a. Threshold fre3uency
b. :rea) "reDuency
c. :inimum fre3uency
d. $peratin% fre3uency
1,0. The reduction of opamps %ain due to increasin% operatin% fre3uency
a. +utoff
b. Eoll-o""
c. 6iminishin% factor
d. Eeduction step
1,1. A reduction of opamp>s 0olta%e %ain .y a factor of two each time the fre3uency
3 dG<octa0e
2 dG<decade
a. 6 d:,octa!e
b. ) dG<decade
1,2. The low and hi%h cutoff fre3uencies of an amplifier is also called
a. +orner fre3uencies
b. 0.,0, fre3uencies
c. 3dG fre3uencies
d. 'll o" t$ese are correct
1,3. Eise time is defined as the time re3uired for the output 0olta%e to rise from //// to
///// of its final 0alue
a. 0R 100R
b. 1R **R
c. (R *(R
d. 10C - 90C
1,". When an opamp is used as a comparator, the output 0olta%e would .e O78AT if
a. ;F G ;-
b. 7 S 7O
c. 7 T 7O
d. 7 and 7O are .oth =ero
1,(. The; element of a differentiator constructed from opamp is
a. a resistor
b. an inductor
c. a capacitor
d. an E+ networ;
1,). The 0olta%e %ain of an opamp 0olta%e follower
a. Hnity
b. Ef<Ei
1 O Ef<Ei
c. 6epends on the type of an opamp
1,,. 4n most acamplifiers usin% opamps, the; resistor is shunted with a 0ery
small capacitance, what is its purpose?
a. To pre0ent oscillation
b. To impro0e sta.ility
c. #o minimi8e $ig$ "reDuency noise
d. To compensate for hi%h fre3uency loss
1,2. Approximate the noise%ain of an in0ertin% adder usin% opamps if its has fi0e
a. Bnity C1D
b. Two C2D
c. 9our C"D
d. Aix263
1,*. What is true a.out the external fre3uencycompensation capacitor?
a. The hi%her its 0alue, the wider is its .andwidth
b. #$e its !alue, t$e .ider is its band.idt$
c. The hi%her its 0alue, the faster its slew rate
d. A and + a.o0e
120. Typical 0alue of the external fre3uencycompensatin% capacitor of opamps
3 U 30 n9
a. 30 U 300 n9
b. 0.3 U 3.0 !9
c. 3.0 I 30 J1
121. $pamps desi%ned to operate at hi%h slew rate, a.out 2000 7<!sec and at hi%h
fre3uencies, more than (0 :&=
a. Aeneral purpose opamps
b. &i%h power opamps
c. &i%hsta.ility opamps
d. Hig$-"reDuency, $ig$-sle. rate o-ams
122. The ma%nitude of the opamps input offset 0olta%e .efore it can .e classified as a
lowinput offset 0olta%e opamp
a. 0.2 m;
b. 2.0 m7
c. 2.( m7
d. (.0 m7
123. The most popular opamp pac;a%es are the metal can, 2pin 64- and the 8:T.
Which of these corresponds to T$**?
a. 4etal can
b. 2pin 64-
c. 8:T
d. All of the a.o0e
12". 6ualinline or 641 pac;a%e is desi%nated as
a. T$**
b. T$*1
c. #B-116
d. T$220
12(. 9or hi%h density 4+s in0ol0in% many opamps, what pac;a%in% is suita.le?
a. :etal can
b. 1"pin 641
c. A4#
d. 9latpac;
12). 5xampleCsD of surfacemounted technolo%y C8:TD de0ices
a. -1++s
b. 8$4+s
c. 1+++s
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
12,. +ircuits that produces alternatin% or pulsatin% current or 0olta%e
a. 6amper
b. Aenerator
c. Bscillator
d. :ixer
122. What do you call the oscillator circuit that uses a tapped coil in the tuned circuit?
a. -ierce
b. +olpitts
c. Hartley
d. Bltraudion
12*. Type of oscillator whose fre3uency is dependent on the char%e and dischar%e of the
E+ networ;s
a. &artley oscillator
b. +olpitts oscillator
c. Eelaxation oscillator
d. #lystron oscillator
1*0. A microwa0e oscillator
a. &artley oscillator
b. +olpitts oscillator
c. Eelaxation oscillator
d. 9lystron oscillator
1*1. A selfexcited oscillator in which the tan; is di0ided into input and;
potions .y a capaciti0e 0olta%e di0ider
a. Hartley oscillator
b. +olpitts oscillator
c. Eelaxation oscillator
d. #lystron oscillator
1*2. A circuit usually containin% two transistors or in an E+coupled amplifier,
the two acti0e de0ices switch each other alternately on and off
a. 4ulti!ibrator
b. 8i%nal %enerator
c. $scillator
d. Thyristor
1*3. A multi0i.rator that %enerates one output pulse for each input tri%%er pulse
a. monostable
b. asta.le
c. .ista.le
d. trista.le
1*". :onosta.le multi0i.rator is also ;nown as
a. one shot
b. sin%le shot
c. direct shot
d. one s$ot or single s$ot
1*(. A multi0i.rator ha0in% two sta.le states
a. monosta.le
b. bistable
c. asta.le
d. unsta.le
1*). 4t is also ;nown as 5ccles<Pordan circuit
a. monosta.le multi0i.rator
b. bistable multi!ibrator
c. asta.le multi0i.rator
d. unsta.le multi0i.rator
1*,. 9lipflop is actually a /////// multi0i.rator
a. monosta.le
b. bistable
c. asta.le
d. unsta.le
1*2. +onsidered as a freerunnin% multi0i.rator
a. monosta.le
b. .ista.le
c. astable
d. unsta.le
1**. A secondary cell whose acti0e positi0e plate consists of nic;el hydroxide and
acti0e ne%ati0e plate material is powdered iron oxide mixed with cadmium. 4ts typical
output when fully char%ed is 7oT1.2 7
a. 1eclanche cell
b. 6ry cell
c. (dison cell
d. 1eadacid cell
200. 4f a cell can .e char%ed after it is depleted, it is considered as
a. A secondary cell
b. A stora%e cell
c. An accumulator
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
201. The maximum current a cell can deli0er throu%h a 0.01 ohm load durin% testin%
a. 1las$ current
b. 8ur%e current
c. 4deal current
d. 9ullload current
202. A Function .etween two conductors that exhi.its electrical characteristics under
condition of chan%in% temperature
a. -n Function
b. -hotoFunction
c. #$ermoelectric =unction
d. &ydroelectric Function
203. 5lectricity that is %enerated due to heat, as in thermocouple
a. Thermodynamics
b. ThermoFunction
c. 5lectric heater
d. #$ermoelectricity
20". 5lectrical machines refer to machines that con0ert
a. mechanical to electrical ener%y
b. electrical to mechanical ener%y
c. electrical ener%y to one form of electrical ener%y of another form
d. all o" t$e abo!e
20(. 5lectrical machine that con0erts ac 0olta%e to dc 0olta%e or 0ice 0ersa
a. %enerator
b. motor
c. rotary con!erter
d. fre3uency con0erter
20). 4n electrical machines, what do you call the set of conductors wound on laminated
cores of %ood ma%netic permea.ility?
a. Armature core
b. 'rmature .inding
c. Eotary windin%
d. Eotary core
20,. Aenerally, in dc %enerators
a. #$e armature .inding is rotated .it$ resect to a stationary magnetic "ield
roduced by electromagnets or ermanent magnets
b. The electroma%nets or permanent ma%nets Cma%netic fieldsD are rotated with respect
to the stationary armature windin%
c. +urrent is sent into the armature windin%V or the armature windin% is usually placed
in a stationary laminated iron core and the rotatin% element may or may not .e a set
of ma%net poles, it depends on the type of motor
d. The armature windin% is supplied with currentV or the armature is placed inside a set
of radially supported ma%netic poles
202. Aenerally, in ac %enerators
a. The armature windin% is rotated .y a stationary ma%netic field produced .y
electroma%nets or permanent ma%nets
b. +urrent is sent into the armature windin%V or the armature windin% is usually placed
in a stationary laminated iron core and the rotatin% element may or may not .e a set
of ma%net poles, it depends on the type of motor
c. #$e electromagnets or ermanent magnets 2magnetic "ields3 are rotated .it$
resect to t$e stationary armature .inding
d. The armature windin% is supplied with currentV or the armature is placed inside a set
of radially supported ma%netic poles
20*. 4n a compound %enerator, which field windin% usually, has a lower resistance?
a. Aeries "ield .inding
b. 8hunt field windin%
c. Armature windin%
d. 5xcitation windin%
210. 8ynchronous type of acmotor
a. Hses a dc-generator to suly dc-excitation to t$e rotating "ield
b. Bses pulsatin% dc
c. Bses alternator
d. &as an ac or dc dependin% on the type of machine
211. 4n dc motors, when does se0ere arcin% happen?
a. >uring starting
b. 6urin% rated speed
c. 6urin% speed fluctuation
d. 6urin% shutdown
212. 4n dc motors, the emf de0eloped which opposes to the supplied 0olta%e
a. Eesidual emf
b. 4nduced emf
c. +oerci0e emf
d. Counter em" or bac) em"
213. Which dc motors whose speed is %reatly affected .y a chan%e in load? 4t will e0en
runaway if the load is remo0ed
a. Aeries
b. 8hunt
c. +umulati0ely compounded
d. 6ifferentially compounded
21". The tor3ue of a dc motor is
a. 6irectly proportional to the field stren%th
b. 4n0ersely proportional to the field stren%th
c. 6irectly proportional to the armature current
d. ' and C are correct
21(. $ne ad0anta%e of a cumulati0ely compounded motor is that it does not run widely
at li%ht loads, this feature is due to
a. A$unt .inding
b. Gra;e windin%
c. 8eries windin%
d. +lutch windin%
21). Which thyristor is commonly used as motor speed control?
a. Triac
b. 6iac
c. ACE
d. 8B8
21,. 9or transformers, =ero efficiency happens when it has
a. &o load
b. 1<2 of full load
c. 2<3 of full load
d. 9ull load
212. What are the two parameters in transformers that are the same in .oth primary and
a. -ower and 0olta%e
b. -ower and current
c. -ower and impedance
d. ;oltage er turn and amere-turns
21*. 4n transformers, the amount of copper used in the primary is
a. 1ess than that of the secondary
b. Areater than that of secondary
c. 5xactly twice that of secondary
d. 'lmost eDual as t$at o" secondary
220. Aenerally, in what application you consider the use of onetype transformers?
a. 1ow 0olta%e and low current
b. 1ow 0olta%e and hi%h current
c. Hig$ !oltage and lo. current
d. &i%h 0olta%e and hi%h current
221. ///////// currents are wasteful currents which flows in cores of transformers and
produces heat
a. Eesidual
b. (ddy
c. 8nea;
d. :a%neti=in%
222. 4n transformers, the 0olta%e per turn at the primary is ////// the secondary
a. less than that of
b. %reater than that of
c. a factor of
d. t$e same as
223. The ratio of the amount of the ma%netic flux lin;in% a secondary coil compared to
the flux %enerated .y the primary coil
a. +ouplin% factor
b. :utual couplin%
c. Coe""icient o" couling
d. &ysteresis factor
22". :ost electronic de0ices<circuits re3uire dc0olta%e to operate. A .attery is a %ood
power source, howe0er, its operatin% time is limited. The use of the .attery also
pro0es to .e expensi0e. A more practical alternati0e is to use the household main
supply and since this is an ac0olta%e, it must .e con0erted to a dc0olta%e. The
circuit that con0erts this ac0olta%e to a dc0olta%e is called
a. Eecti"ier
b. +lamper
c. 9ilter
d. Ee%ulator
22(. Which power supply filter %i0es the smallest ripple 0olta%e?
a. +apacitor filter
b. E+filter
c. 1+filter
d. 4ulti-section 7C-"ilter
22). A 0olta%e re%ulator connected in parallel with the load
a. 8eries re%ulator
b. -arallel re%ulator
c. A$unt regulator
d. 8witchin% re%ulator
22,. Threeterminal fixed positi0e 0olta%e re%ulators commonly used in industry
a. ?8KK series
b. ,*WW series
c. ,23 4+ re%ulator
d. 31, re%ulator
222. The threeterminal 0olta%e re%ulator such as the ,2WW series has a typical current
ratin% of 1.( amperes. 4f a hi%h current is re3uired, say 30 amperes, how will you
ma;e modifications from this re%ulator in order to pro0ide the re3uired current?
a. Gy cascadin% them
b. Gy the use of a circuit
c. Gy connectin% them in parallel
d. :y t$e use o" external ass transistor
22*. A circuit is used
a. To monitor the output current of a power supply and automatically shuts down the
system when an o0erload occur
b. To monitor the temperature of a power supply and switches the coolin% fan when a
threshold temperature is reached
c. As 0olta%e reference in re%ulated power supplies
d. 's an o!er-!oltage rotection in sulies
230. 4n switchin% re%ulators, what are the semiconductor de0ices that can .e used as
controlla.le power switches?
a. GPTs and :6s
b. :$895Ts and 4AGT
c. AT$s and thyristors
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
231. Acti0e de0ices used in switchin% re%ulators may experience lar%e o0ercurrents
durin% conduction CturnonstateD and lar%e o0er0olta%es durin% turnoff. These
excessi0e currents and 0olta%es may cause distraction or dama%e of the acti0e
de0ices. &ow do we protect them?
a. Gy the use of a circuit
b. Gy pro0idin% a .uc;.oost circuit
c. .y shuntin% a thyrector
d. by installing a snubber circuit
232. $ne of the maFor concerns in power electronics is to cleanup or shapeup the
utility0olta%e Cthe walloutlet 220 7<)0 &=D from distur.ances such as o0er0olt,
under0olt, 0olta%e spi;es and harmonic distortions. What circuit is used for this?
a. < conditioners
b. B-8
c. -ower in0erters
d. 1ine scannin%
233. A power supply that continuously pro0ides protection a%ainst under0olta%e,
o0er0olta%e and e0en power outa%es
a. 8tand.y power supply
b. Hninterrutible suly
c. -ower conditioners
d. Ee%ulated power supply
23". The art or process of determinin% the existence or ;nowin% the ma%nitude of
somethin%, directly or indirectly in terms of a reco%ni=ed standard
a. 4easurement
b. Testin%
c. Eecordin%
d. 50aluatin%
23(. -recision is also ;nown as
a. +orrectness
b. Accuracy
c. 8harpness
d. Eeroducibility
23). 5rrors due frictions of the meter mo0ement, incorrect sprin% tension, improper
cali.ration or faulty instruments
a. $.ser0ational errors
b. 5n0ironmental errors
c. %nstrument errors
d. Aross errors
23,. 5rrors in analo% meter readin% due to your physical position with respect to the
meter scale
a. <arallax error
b. An%ular error
c. 1inear error
d. 6e0iation
232. What do you call the difference .etween any within the set of num.ers and
the arithmetic mean of that set of num.ers?
a. -arallax error
b. An%ular error
c. 1inear error
d. >e!iation
23*. A permanentma%net mo0in%coil instrument
a. 4nduction instrument
b. >- 'rson!al meter mo!ement
c. :o0in%iron instrument
d. :o0in%ma%net instrument
2"0. What is that de0ice, which depends on the action of a mo0a.le permanent ma%net
in ali%nin% itself in the resultant field, produced either .y a fixed permanent ma%net
and an adFacent coil or coils carryin% current or .y two or more currentcarryin% coils
whose axes are displaced .y a fixed an%le?
a. 6> Arson0al meter mo0ement
b. 4nduction instrument
c. 4o!ing-magnet instrument
d. :o0in%iron instrument
2"1. :easurement of hi%h dc0olta%es is usually done .y usin%
a. electrostatic
b. dynamometer
c. thermocouple
d. -::+
2"2. The instrument measures temperatures .y electric means, especially temperatures
.eyond the ran%e of mercury thermometers
a. <yrometer
b. 5lectrostatic instrument
c. :o0in%ma%net instrument
d. -ermanentma%net mo0in%coil instrument
2"3. Eesistance measurin% instrument particularly used in determinin% the insulation
a. :e%aohmmeter
b. :e%%er
c. Aal0anometer
d. ' and : are correct
2"". An indicatin% instrument whose mo0a.le coils rotate .etween two stationary coils,
usually used as wattmeter
1 4nductiontype meter
b. Eadial0ane instrument
c. (lectrodynamometer
d. +oncentric0ane instrument
2"(. Which dynamometer instrument has a uniform scale?
a. 7oltmeter
b. Ammeter
c. B$mmeter
d. Wattmeter
2"). 5rror in ammeter readin% is due to
a. %nsertion
b. 1oadin%
c. Gattery a%in%
d. +on0ersion
2",. The =eroadFust control in an analo% type ohmmeter used to
a. Comensate "or t$e di""ering internal battery !oltage
b. :a;e sure the pointer is mo0in% correctly
c. Ali%n the infinity resistance position
d. Ali%n the =ero0olta%e position
2"2. What do you call of an instrument that depends for its operation on the reaction
.etween ma%netic flux set up .y currents in fixed windin%s and other currents set up
.y electroma%netic induction in mo0a.le conductin% parts?
a. %nduction instrument
b. 5lectrostatic instrument
c. :o0in%ma%net instrument
d. 6> Arson0al meter mo0ement
2"*. What is the measurin% instrument that uses the force of repulsion .etween fixed
and mo0a.le ma%neti=ed iron 0anes, or the force .etween a coil and pi0oted 0ane
shaped piece of soft iron to mo0e the indicatin% pointer?
a. -yrometer
b. ;ane-tye instrument
c. 5lectrostatic instrument
d. :o0in%ma%net instrument
2(0. 4t>s an electrostatic 0oltmeter in which an of fi%ure 2shaped metal plates
rotates .etween the plates of a stationary when a 0olta%e is applied .etween
the assem.lies. The len%th of the arc of rotation is proportional to the electrostatic
attraction and thus, to the applied 0olta%e
a. 7armeter
b. 7ariometer
c. -otentiometer
d. 9el!in !oltmeter
2(1. This is a method of usin% a Wheatstone .rid%e to determine the distance from the
test point to a fault in telephone or tele%raph line or ca.le
a. :esh
b. ;arley loo
c. Gatten system
d. +ordonnier system
2(2. Eefers to an ac .rid%e for measurin% the inductance and L of an inductor in terms
of resistance, fre3uency and a standard capacitance
a. Hay bridge
b. :axwell .rid%e
c. 8lidewire .rid%e
d. Wheatstone .rid%e
2(3. A type of fourarm capacitance .rid%e in which the un;nown capacitance is
compared with a standard capacitance. This .rid%e is fre3uently employed in testin%
electrolytic capacitors to which a dc polari=in% 0olta%e is applied durin% the
measurement. What is this .rid%e?
a. &ay .rid%e
b. :axwell .rid%e
c. Ac$ering bridge
d. Wheatstone .rid%e
2(". When the capacitors of a Wein .rid%e are replaced .y inductors, the .rid%e
a. Wein.rid%e filters
b. 7ariometer
c. 8cherin% .rid%e
d. 6ein inductance bridge
2((. What are the two most popular E9 oscillators?
a. 6ein bridge and Colitts
b. Wein .rid%e and phaseshift
c. +olpitts and &artley
d. &artley and phaseshift
2(). 4n E9 or microwa0e system, what instrument is used to measure the incidental and
reflected si%nals?
a. $scilloscope
b. Ee"lectometer
c. 4ncidentwa0e meter
d. 8pectrum analy=er
2(,. A tuna.le E9 instrument, which .y means of a sharp dip of an indicatin% meter,
indicates resonance with an external circuit under test
a. Eeflectometer
b. 4nclinometer
c. >i meter
d. Ariddip meter
2(2. When the meter is insufficiently damped, it is considered as
a. Hnderdamed
b. $0erdamped
1 +ritically damped
c. 'e%ati0ely damped
2(*. A meter when ///// damped will .ecome insensiti0e to small si%nals
a. Bnder
b. B!er
c. +ritically
d. 'e%ati0ely
2)0. $ne type of circuit control de0ice which may .e manual, automatic or multi
a. 9use
b. :rea)er
c. 8witch
d. Eelay
2)1. +ommon methodCsD of controllin% electrical power with reactance
a. 8witchin% a tapped inductor
b. Bsin% a satura.le reactor
c. Gy a matchin% transformer
d. ' and : abo!e
2)2. An electronic switch that has the hi%hest sin%lede0ice current capacity and can
withstands o0erloads .etter
a. Thyratrons
b. %gnitrons
c. 8+E
d. Triac
2)3. A semiconductor, electronic switch that has the hi%hest sin%lede0ice current ratin%
a. Thyristor
b. Triac
c. ACE
d. Luadrac
2)". Bsin% electronic de0ices as switches, what isCareD the %eneral methods of
controllin% electrical power?
a. -hase control
b. Kero0olta%e switchin%
c. 8tatic switchin%
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
2)(. $ne of the electronic semiconductor de0ices ;nown as diac, function as
a. 9our terminal multidirectional switch
b. #.o terminal bi-directional s.itc$
c. Two terminal unidirectional switch
d. Three terminal .idirectional switch
2)). Aeneral term of electronic de0ices used to control or tri%%er lar%epower switchin%
a. Thyristor
b. Thyrector
c. :rea)-o!er de!ices
d. Tri%%erin% de0ices
2),. The most popular thyristor used in electrical power controllers
a. ACE
b. Triac
c. 8+8
d. -BT
2)2. What is true a.out 8+Es after they are .ein% switched H$'I?
a. #$e anode to cat$ode continues to conduct e!en i" t$e gate triggering !oltage is
b. The %ate must .e pro0ided with the re3uired holdin% current to continue its
c. A small holdin% 0olta%e at the %ate is re3uired for a continuous conduction
d. G and + a.o0e
2)*. What isCareD the conditionCsD in tri%%erin% 8+E?
a. The %ate 0olta%e must .e e3ual to or %reater than the tri%%erin% 0olta%e
b. The %ate current must .e e3ual to or %reater than the tri%%erin% current
c. The anode must .e positi0e with respect to the cathode
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
2,0. What isCareD the %ate limitationCsD of 8+Es and triacs?
a. :aximum %ate power dissipation
b. :aximum %ate pea;in0erse 0olta%e
c. :aximum %ate tri%%er current and 0olta%e
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
2,1. Bse of heat sin;s, forced air and water coolin% are examples of external coolin% in
8+Es and other de0ices. Which of these is the only recommended to .e used for the
lar%est power dissipatin% de0ice?
a. :etal heat sin;s
b. 9orced air
c. 6ater cooling
d. A and G a.o0e
2,2. 4n connectin% two 8+Es in series durin% H$99I state, the 0olta%e source must .e
properly shared .etween them, .ut due to de0ices> differences there mi%ht .e une3ual
0olta%es across each 8+E. &ow do we e3uali=e these 0olta%es?
a. Gy installin% a circuit
b. Gy addin% a %attocathode resistor
c. Gy shuntin% a capacitor across the anode and cathode of each 8+E
d. :y using a bloc)ing-eDuali8ing resistor
2,3. What is true re%ardin% .loc;in%e3uali=in% resistors in 8+Es connected in series?
a. Gloc;in%e3uali=in% resistors are shunted across each 8+E
b. The 0alue of these resistors is a.out 10R of the 0alue of the .loc;in% resistance of the
8+E it is shunted with
c. These resistors increase the lea;a%e current towards the load
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
2,". A circuit used for 0olta%e e3uali=ation durin% $'$99 switchin% action of 8+Es
in series
a. Anubber circuit
b. +row .ar
c. +lipper
d. +lamper
2,(. When a hi%h current is needed, 8+Es are connected in parallel. The pro.lem with
paralleled 8+Es is when they are not perfectly matched, one will conduct first .efore
the other and carries the full load current that is for sure %reater than its maximum
ratin%. To a0oid this situation, .oth 8+Es should .e turned $' at the same time. &ow
can we do this?
a. Gy usin% hi%h tri%%erin% %ate 0olta%e
b. Gy usin% a %atetri%%er transformer
c. Gy usin% reactors
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e are ossible
2,). &ow many times per second does an 8+E is turned $' and $99 when it is
operated in a full wa0e phase control at a line fre3uency of )0 &=?
a. 30 times
b. )0 times C&7D
c. *0 times
d. 120 times 2163
2,,. A triac can .e tri%%ered $' .y the application of a
a. -ositi0e 0olta%e at the %ate with respect to :T1
b. 'e%ati0e 0olta%e at the %ate with respect to :T1
c. -ositi0e or ne%ati0e %ate 0olta%e with respect to :T2
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e are correct
2,2. Which are the three terminals of a TE4A+?
a. 5ate, anode1 and anode2
b. Aate, source and sin;
c. Gase, emitter and collector
d. 5mitter, .ase 1 and .ase 2
2,*. A silicon .ilateral switch may .e considered as a small power triac and has three
terminals namely
a. Anode 1, anode 2 and %ate
b. :ain terminal 1, main terminal 2 and %ate
c. Anode, cathode and %ate
d. :ot$ ' and : are accetable
220. 8ilicon unilateral switches C8B8sD %enerally ha0e a .rea;o0er 0olta%e of 2 7,
howe0er, this 0alue can .e altered .y normally connectin% a =ener diode. &ow is the
diode installed?
a. Across the %ate and cathode terminals, with the diode>s anode at the %ate
b. Anode to anode, cathode to cathode
c. 6iode>s cathode to 8B8>s anode and diode>s anode to 8B8>s cathode
d. >iode-s cat$ode to AHA-s gate and diode-s anode to AHA-s cat$ode
221. Thyristor whose characteristic cur0e closely resem.les that of 8+E>s and 8B8>s
except that its forward .rea;o0er 0olta%e CO7G$D is not altera.le, for the de0ice has
no %ate terminal
a. 6iac
b. Thyrector
c. BPT
d. A$oc)ley diode
222. Why does thyristors with hi%h .rea;.ac; 0olta%e desira.le?
a. 4t dissipates less power
b. 4t %enerates less heat
c. 4t is more efficient
d. 'll o" t$e abo!e
223. After the s3uee=e inter0al, what comes next in an automatic weldin% system?
a. 83uee=e inter0al
b. 6eld inter!al
c. &old inter0al
d. 8tand.y inter0al
22". 6urin% weldin% or weld inter0al, when a weldin% current is flowin% the system is
said to .e at
a. Weld inter0al
b. +ool su.inter0al
c. Heat subinter!al
d. &old inter0al
22(. 4ndustrial circuit or system that is not selfcorrectin%
a. Ben-loo
b. +losedloop
c. 8ystem with feed .ac;
d. 'onser0o
22). 4n control system, closedloop means
a. 4t has;
b. 4t is selfcorrectin%
c. 4t is selfre%ulatin%
d. 'll are correct
22,. 4n closedloop control system, what do you call the difference in the measured
0alue and the set 0alue or desired 0alue?
a. (rror
b. 6ifferential 0olta%e
c. -otential difference
d. Threshold
222. 4n a closedloop control system, when the error si%nal is =ero, the system is at
a. &ull
b. 8aturation
c. +utoff
d. &alt
22*. The small error si%nal or system de0iation where the system cannot correct
a. Threshold
b. &oldin%
c. B""set
d. Gias
2*0. /////// is a mode of control wherein the controller has a continuous ran%e of
possi.le position, not Fust two as in control
a. $n$ff
b. <roortional
c. -roportional plus inte%ral
d. -roportional plus deri0ati0e
2*1. What isCareD .ein% considered in -roportional plus 4nte%ral plus 6eri0ati0e C-46D
mode of control?
a. 5rror si%nal ma%nitude
b. 5rror si%nal period of occurrence
c. 5rror si%nal rate of chan%e
d. 'll are considered
2*2. A pro%ramma.le, multifunction manipulator desi%ned to mo0e materials, parts,
tools or specific de0ices
a. %ndustrial robot
b. Android
c. Actuator
d. 5nd effector
2*3. The technolo%y for automations
a. A0ionics
b. +ryo%enics
c. +ryotronics
d. Eobotics
2*". The of axis a ro.ot is free to mo0e is called
a. 9reedom axis
b. >egrees o" "reedom
c. :o0ement de%rees
d. :echanical axis
2*(. Actuators used in industrial ro.ots
a. 5lectric motors
b. 9luid motors
c. 9luid cylinders
d. 'll o" t$ese are correct
2*). Which of the actuators that has the %reatest force capa.ility?
a. 5lectric
b. Hydraulic "luid
c. -neumatic
d. :a%netic
2*,. Actuator that re3uires the hi%hest initial cost
a. 5lectric
b. Hydraulic "luid
c. -neumatic
d. :a%netic
2*2. Eo.ot actuator that has the hi%hest operatin% cost
a. 5lectric
b. Hydraulic "luid
c. -neumatic
d. :a%netic
2**. The most messy ro.ot actuator
a. 5lectric
b. Hydraulic "luid
c. -neumatic
d. :a%netic
300. A ro.ot software or pro%ram that produces only two position motion for a %i0en
ro.ot axis
a. <ositi!e-sto
b. -ointtopoint
c. +ontinuous path
d. &ard interrupt