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Management Research

There is great diversity at workplace. Managers have to face new challenges every day.
In this context, the role of management research has become very important. It is
concerned with imparting knowledge that is relevant for managerial career (basic
research) and develops capabilities to use this knowledge in problem analysis, diagnosis,
anticipating events and in decision-making. (Dayal 2002)
Thus, basic and applied research enables future managers and administrators to
contribute global learning solutions to their institutions as quickly as possible.
Research and Teaching Relationship
Utilizing research knowledge into teaching is viewed as knowledge-transfer process.
According to Sagor (2003), teachers who conduct action research bring certain skills
to their classrooms. They act as observers, investigators, learners and they are more
complete teachers because they bring together the concepts of knowing and doing.
Thus basic and applied research
Pedagogical Research
Pedagogical research deals with the learning activities of the school. It includes areas
like preparation of new materials for use in courses, creation of teaching aids and
research on various teaching styles. Watkins, C. & Mortimore, P. (1999) expressed
pedagogic research as applied research because it enables the teacher to understand
and interrogate their practice, rather than add to the global stock of knowledge.
Authentic Learning
Making education real goes beyond teaching content just because it is in the
curriculum. Instruction and content should relate to the students world in a real (not
just theoretical, relevant) way in order to improve their cognitive power.
For example, history and social studies should be less about what happened? and
more about what can we learn or use from other civilizations, times, places, cultures,
events, wars and people to improve our own lives or the world?
Technology Integration
Technology is a useful organizational device for teachers, which is applied in actual
classrooms with the purpose of transition from theory to application. In a recent study,
researchers found that students of graduate level prefer to use digital textbooks because
they are inexpensive, easy to print and accessible all the time.
Teacher educators are encouraged to start the process of integrating digital
textbooks into classroom experiences for their intended subject areas. This practice is
breaking the I teach as I was taught cycle during teaching-learning process. Thus,
instruction would progress beyond the paper-bound paradigm.
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