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Selecting and managing marketing channels - marketing

What does the wholesaler do?

What are the major logistics functions?
What is Supply chain Management? Give an example.
How are the channel members managed and motivated, once they are selected?
On what criteria can channel members be evaluated for their proper selection?
What are the factors to be considered before deciding upon setting up a channel?........
Designing pricing strategies and programs - marketing
What is Oligopoly? Give some examples of oligopolistic markets.
What is monopoly? Explain with an example
How do sellers respond to price changes of their competitors?
How do buyers respond to price changes?
Give an example of any firm that has implemented pricing strategy during the launch of a new product in the
Promotions and promotion mix - marketing
What is direct marketing? Give some examples.
How or on what basis is the profile of the target customer prepared?
What is the difference between a marketing mix and a promotional mix?
Hmm. but what about the budget? We want our promotional campaigns to be cost effective enough. I dont think
we can afford celebrity endorsements as of now!..............
Managing retailing, wholesaling and market logistics - marketing
What is logistics management?
Does logistics management and supply chain management mean the same thing?
What are the different modes used to perform the logistics function?
What are the essential characteristics of retailing?
What are the functions of retailing?..............
Managing advertising, sales promotion and public relations
What according to you is sales promotion?
What is public relations?
What role does PR play in marketing communications?
What are the different methods of PR?
What is pubilicity?............
Managing direct and online marketing - marketing
What is direct marketing?
What is online marketing? Give examples.
What are the different types of online marketing?
What are the advantages of online advertising over traditional advertising?
What are the problems faced in online marketing?................
Controlling marketing activities - annual plan, profit ability
What does monitoring and controlling marketing activities entail?
How can we evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives undertaken by the marketing manager?
What is profitability control?
What is annual plan control? Why is it needed in an organisation?
How can an organisation achieve efficiency of its sales force?
Marketing organisation- setting up and organising the market
How is the organisational structure of the marketing department in an organisation devised?
What role does the marketing department play in an organisation?
As a consultant, what advice would you give a company while setting up its marketing department?
Recommend some ways to ensure the health and smooth functioning of the marketing department for an
What steps can be taken to organise a marketing team?............
Managing the sales force - Marketing
What is sales management?
What are the key aspects of sales management?
For a new salesperson, what are his training needs?
For a regular saleperson who is not new to the company, what are his training needs?
What is sales quota? Explain.
How can the sales executives be compensated?.........
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What is marketing? Explain its core concepts.
Marketing can be referred to as a form of communication with your customers, with the help of marketing tools.......
Explain -Customer delivered value, Total customer value, Total customer cost.
Customer delivered value - The term marketing does not revolve around fulfilling the needs of a consumer alone but
also includes the value.............
Explain - Basic marketing, Reactive marketing, Accountable marketing, Proactive marketing, Partnership
Basic marketing is the set of activities used to get your potential customer's attention. After this one has to
What do you mean by marketing mix?
The term marketing mix is referred to the amalgamation and use of the four Ps of marketing in a manner so as to
attain the highest level.............
What are the components of Macro environment?
Macro environment is basically referred to the area of external business operations of a particular
What is buying behavior?
The decision making process which involves the period before, during and after buying or purchasing a product is
referred to as the buying behavior of a customer......
What are the major factors influencing buying behavior?
Personal factors can be related to the persons age, sex , race, religion, occupation, educational qualifications, level of
authority etc.....
What are the stages of buying decision process?
Stages of buying decision process: Problem Recognition, Information search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase
decision, Purchase, Post-Purchase Evaluation......
Explain - Business market, Consumer market
Business market in simple words is business to business market where in the products or services of a particular
organization are sold to or purchased by other organization or business......
Who are the major participants in business buying process?
The major participants in business buying process are.....
Explain - Pure monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic competition, Pure Competition
Monopoly is a market situation in which there is only one seller of a product with barriers to entry of others.....
What are the qualities of useful market segments?
A market segment must have the following qualities...........
What can be the bases for a.) Product differentiation/ Services Differentiation b.) Personnel Differentiation c.)
Image differentiation
Modify the objective properties of the products or services..............
What is PLC? Explain the stages of PLC?
Product life cycle refers to the presence of the product in the marketplace with respect to the ups and down in its
business costs and sales activities........
What are the common patterns observed in PLC?
The most important patterns observed in product life-cycles are.........
What is a product? Explain width, length and depth of a product mix.
Product refers to the bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that a seller offers to a buyer in return of a particular
predefined amount of payment in a particular mode.......