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The use of a Processed Humic acid product as a feed supplement in Dairy Production in the


Bennie P.H. Tomassen and Robert H. Faust
The BioAG Corporation, 1802 N.Carson t. uite 212!22"", Carson Cit#, Ne$ada 8"%01, &A
'!mai() bennie.tomassen*+anadoo.n(
Keywords: Dairy, cattle, feed supplement, humic acids, humates
Humic acids (HA) have antibiotic effects, increase nutrient resorption and stimulate the immune system in
animals. Addition of humic acids as a feed supplement in rations is expected to increase overall efficiency. here
have been positive reports for the use of humic products in cattle, poultry and swine.
Materials and Methods
!n a or"anic dairy farm in Holland # "roups of $% dairy cows were selected for this study. &roups were mixed for
a"e, lactation sta"e, "estation, production level and assi"ned to control, ' "m HA(day, ) "m HA day and # "m
HA(day "roups. he trial "roups were fed ,ithi-in. processed humic acid product derived from humic li"nite
from the *.+.A. containin" ,#- combined humic acids with '%- low molecular wei"ht fulvic acid. .il/0, fat0
and protein production levels were recorded every $# days for a period of two months. After the first month,
"roups were shifted to another HA level.

Results and Discussion
he mil/ production data showed improvement for mil/, -fat and 123. (fat and protein corrected mil/) for all
feed levels compared to the control "roup (fi". $). here is only a sli"ht decrease for -protein for all HA feed
levels. A dosa"e of ' "m HA(days is most effective for increased mil/ production, whereas ) "m HA(day is more
effective for increasin" fat and 123.. # "m HA(day is sub optimal as the hi"her dose responds with lower
production compared to ' and ) "m HA(day "roups.
he results show that processed humic acids have favorable effects on mil/ production traits for dairy cattle.
However, for statistical conclusions more extensive studies are necessary and will continue in 3attle and other
livestoc/ classes. he product 4ithicin5 offers or"anic livestoc/ producers a 6certified or"anic7 feed additive with
the potential to prevent disease and increase feed conversion at low cost with the potential health benefit of bein"
able to reduce or increase butterfat levels with varyin" levels of ,ithi-in. in the feed.
Table 1. 8elative improvement (-) of HA feed levels compared to the control "roup.

9ffect of 4ithicin5 +odium Humate as a feed supplement on mil/ 2roduction traits of dairy cattle.

he 9uropean A"ency for the 9valuation of .edical 2roducts. 3ommittee for :eterinary .edicinal
2roducts,6Humic Acids and heir sodium salts7. 9.9A(.84(;;#(<<01inal, 1eb.$<<<