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1. Applications are invited from Married/ unmarried male and unmarried (d) The merit list of the recommended candidates will be displayed at the certificate and part-II order for War / Battle Casualty Widows only.
female, issueless widow, issueless divorcee and widows of Defence Personnel’s reception of ADG RTG and Indian Army Website i.e. Note: (a) Application in respect of candidate who fails to submit any of the
(with/without children) for grant of Short Service Commission to the Indian Army. 5. MEDICAL EXAMINATION: A candidate recommended by the Service Selection above mentioned certificate will be rejected summarily. (b) The application as
Minimum educational qualifications, vacancies, age and subject code are as given Board will undergo a medical examination by a Board of Service Medica Officers. forwarded inresponse to the above advertisement is valid for 34th SSC (Tech)
below :- Women candidates will undergo Medical Examination by a Medical Board comprising Men and 5th SSC (Tech) Women and Widows of defence personnel only and
ma/e/female, doctors/specialists/Gynaeocologist. There will be a Lady Medical will not be considered for any other course whatsoever.
Qualification Vacancy Age Born Subject Officer as member of Board. The proceedings of the Medical Board are confidential 18. CHANGE OF INTERVIEW DATES: Request for change of SSB interview date
and will not be divulged to anyone. However, candidates declared unfit by the will not be accepted. However, under most unavoidable circumstances, such as
Men Women Limit Between Code
Special Medical Board (SMB) will be intimated by the president of the Medical change may be considered based on the circumstances of the case. This will
(Total-49) (Total-40)
Board. The procedure for request for Appeal Medical Board (AMB) will also be be an exception rather the rule. Request for such change duly supported by a
intimated to the candidates. Unfit candidates should report for AMB within a Certificate from Government Gazetted officer should be forwarded to Selection
BE/B Tech 07 02 20-27 yrs 02 Apr 1983 to 01
maximum period of 42 days. Candidates are advised in their own interest to Centre from where the call-up letter for SSB interview has been received
Civil 01 Apr 1990
appear for AMB well in time and should not wait for the last date given by the and not to Additional Directorate General Recruiting.
BE/B Tech 07 07 -do- -do- 02 SMB. Candidates are advised to note that Recruiting Directorate has no role to
play in Appeal Medical Boards and procedure advised by the medical authorities 19. For queries contact Recruiting Directorate telephone Nos.: (011) 26173215,
is strictly to be adhered to. Candidates declared unfit by AMB will be intimated 26175473 between 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs, E-mail:
BE/B Tech 06 01 -do- -do- 03 by the President, AMB about procedure to challenging the finding of AMB Candidates and website:
Electrical will also be intimated that Review Medical Board (RMB) will be granted at the 20. REASONS FOR REJECTION OF APPLICATION: (a) Photo not attached and
discretion of DGAFMS based on the merits of the case and that RMB is not a not self attested. (b) Incomplete application in any respect and/or without copies
BE/B Tech 05 11 -do- -do- 04
matter of right. Candidates will be considered medically fit only on receipt of the of requisite certificate(s). Documents whatsoever submitted at later will
approved Medical documents from Directorate General Medical Services. not be entertained. (c) Variation in names and spellings as recorded in
BE/B Tech 06 05 -do- -do- 05 Pregnancy, if detected at any stage, after selection at SSB or during training will application and Matric or equivalent certificate not supported by affidavit. (d)
Computer debar the candidates including issue-less widow divorcee from grant of Attested copies of certificates are not found enclosed/attested by a Government
Science commission. Gazetted officer. (e) Attested copy of Matric or equivalent certificates is not
Note : Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo a preliminary found enclosed with application (for verification of age). No other certificates
BE/B Tech 06 05 -do- -do- 06 is valid for authentication of age. (f) Application not received on or before due
medical check up for wax in ears, DNS, defective colour vision, over weight/
under weight, piles, gynaecomasties, tonsilitis and visicocle before reporting for date. (g) Submission of more than one application. (h) Double/Triple Choice.
Technology (i) Entry/qualification code not mentioned/wrong code. (j) Unsigned application/
the SSB interview.
BE/B Tech 06 09 -do- -do- 07
without declaration/incomplete declaration. (k) Any ambiguity, erasures/unattested
6. ENTITLEMENT FOR TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE: Candidates appearing for cuttings/false information/concealment of information detected in the above
Elect& Comn/Tele SSB interview for the first time shall be entitled for second class to and fro
Comm certificate will result in cancellation of the candidature at any stage of selection.
railway fare or bus fare including reservation-cum-sleeper charges within the (I) Envelopes if found without Entry/ Qualification Code, Aggregate percentage
BE/B Tech 02 Nil -do- -do- 08 Indian limits.
of marks will not be opened and application will be considered null and void.
Industrial Engg & 7. TRAINING: Approximately 49 weeks training at OTA, Chennai. On successful
Management completion of training candidates will be granted commission in the rank of Lt.
The final allocation of Arms/ Services will be made prior to passing out of Lady/
BE/B Tech 02 Nil -do- -do- 09 Gentlemen Cadets from OTA. THIRTY FOURTH SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION
Architecuture (TECHNICAL) MEN AND
BE/B Tech 01 Nil -do- -do- 11 unsuitable within six months of the grant of commission is his/her commission FIFTH SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION
Public Health may be terminated at any time before the contractual period of service of ten (TECHNICAL) WOMEN COURSE (APRIL 201O)
years. Candidates withdrawn from OTA/Naval Academy/ Air Force (INCLUDING WIDOWS OF DEFENCE PERSONEL FOR TECH
BE/B Tech 01 Nil -do- -do- 11
Academy on disciplinary grounds are not eligible to apply. AND NON-TECH ENTRY)
9. LIABILITY OF SERVICE: Men and Women officers granted commission will be LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATION : 21 AUGUST 2009
ENTRY FOR WIDOWS OF DEFENCE PERSONNEL WITH FOUR (04) liable for service in any part of the world on selected appointments as decided
YEARS RELAXATION by Army Headquarters from time to time. For Office use only ..............................
10. PROMOTION: SSC officers will be eligible for promotion as per rule in vogue. Name of Entry ....................................... Affix latest
Graduate in any − 01 19-29 − 12 Self Attested
discipline 11. TENURE OF ENGAGEMENT: Short Service Commision to Officers (Male and Roll No .................................................... Photograph
Female) in the regular Army will be granted for 14 years i.e. for an initial period
Accepted/Rejected .................................
BE/B Tech in − 02 20-31 − As above of 10 years extendable by a furhter period of 04 years. Male Officers who are
streams as willing to continue to serve in the Army after the expiry of period of ten years
1. Full Name in Capital .....................................................................................
notified above in Short Service Commission may, if eligible and suitable in all respects, be
(As per Matriculation or equivalent Certificate)
considered for the grant of permanent commission in the 10th years of their Short
Note: Final distribition of vacancies for different category of qualifications will be Service Commission in accordance with the relevant rules. 2. Father’s Name in Capital .............................................................................
decided by Army Hqs based on requirement. (As per Matriculation or equivalent Certificate)
‘‘Those SSC officers who are not selected for grant of PC but are are otherwise
(a) Candidates studying in the final year/semester, of Technical Degree examination, considered fit and suitable, will be given options to continue as SSCOs for a total 3. Father’s occupation ......................................................................................
(BE/B.Tech) can also apply but they will be required to submit proof of passing to period of 14 years (including the initial tenure of 5 years) on expiry of which
Recruiting Directorate (Women Entry). West Block-III, R.K. Puram New Delhi-110066 4. Date of birth in Christian era ......................................................................
they will be released from the Army. SSC (Tech) Women Officers are not eligible
latest by 16 Feb. 2010 positively. (A certificate from the Principal/head of the institution for permanent commission. However, they can opt for extension of up to 14 (As per Matriculation or equivalent Certificate)
must be attached with application form stating that the final results will be declared years of service. 5. Full Postal Address ......................................................................................
before the aforementioned date.) Candidates studying in the final year/semester
must note that acceptability or otherwise of applicant depends on submitting certificate 12. PAY ALLOWANCES AND OTHER BENEFITS: The officer will be commissioned (Telephone Number, with STD code, and Mobile No. if held ) ...............
from the principal. In case they fail to submit the proof of having passed the said in the rank of Lt. in the pay Band of Rs. 15,600-39,100/- with Grade Pay of Rs. E-mail address ..........................................................................................
degree latest by 16 Feb 2010 candidature will be cancelled notwithstanding 5,400/- and Military Service Pay of Rs. 6,000/- with Dearness and other admissible
allowances at rates as approved by Govt. from time to time. Other benefits like 6. Educational qualification giving details of Matriculation/equivalent
performance in SSB.
60 days Annual leave, 20, days Casual Leave, Canteen facilities, ration as per examination, all degree, exams passed and Postgraduate degree/diploma
(b) Ante Date Seniority: Two years ante date seniority will be applicable for Man obtained.
and Women Officers having Engineering degree (BE/B.Tech) from a recognised scale, 50% concession on travel by Air at own expenses etc. will also be
institution/university. admissible. Army Group Insurance Fund provides an insurance cover of as Name of Month and Subject Aggregate Name of Duration
follows: (a) Cadets undergoing training at OTA and subsequently on commissioning
(c) These vacancies are tentative and may be changed depending on availability of Exam. year of Studied Percentage Board/ of the
are covered under the Main Army Group Insurance Scheme as applicable to
training slots. passed Passing (Not Year University/ Course
Regular Army Officers. The Insurance cover available is Rs. 15 lac Rs.1500/- per
IMPORTANT NOTE: A candidate is permitted to apply only for one entry/ month will have to be paid in advance on a monthly basis by the Cadets.(b) Those Wise) Institute
discipline for above course. Change of entry / qualification choice who are medically boarded out of OTA on account of disability, the cover
will not be entertained. Candidates are advised to send only one 7. Entry/Qualification Code:
provided is 50 per cent of the insured amount for 100 per cent disability, i.e. Rs. (Refer column 5 of Para 1 of Press Notification)
application. Forwarding of double applications will result in outright 7.5 lacs for 100 per cent disability proportionately reduced to Rs. 1.5 lac for 20
rejection of applications and the candidature of such candidates will be per cent and an ex-gratia grant of Rs. 20,000/- for less than 20 per cent disability. 8. Details of previous SSB/AFSB appearances, if any:
cancelled. Disability due to alcoholism and drug addition will not qualify for disability benefits. (if yes, give details, if no, write NA)
2. Widows of Defence personnel, including those with children, who have died 13. RESERVE LIABILITY: SSC Officers on release before or expiry of contractual (i) No of chances availed.
in harness will be eligible to apply for Short Service Commission (Tech) and (Non length of service will carry reserve liability to serve the Army for five years plus
Tech). A total of 5% vacancies will be earmarked for widows both for SSC (ii) Place(s) with SSB/AFSB No. Batch/Chest No and date of interview
two years on voluntary basis or upto the age of 37 years for women and 40
(Tech) women and SSC (Non-Tech) women. A maximum of 2.5% each of 9. Present employment if any .........................................................................
years for men whichever is earlier.
vacancies will be earmarked for SSC (Tech) and SSC (Non-Tech) women. For Give full name and address of employer (in case of civil employer of the
SSC (Non-Tech) Women Course Srl No. 05, total vacancy is 10 as per UPSC 14. The final allotment of Arms/Service/Corps, at the time of passing out will be
State or Central Govt.) This application should be sent through Head of
notification No. 02/2009-CDS-I published in the Employment News dated the sole discretion of keeping in view the existing policy. No representation is
the Department.
27 Sep. 08. Hence, total vacancy for War / Battle Casualty Widows in Non-Tech tenable on this account Integrated HQ, Min of Defence (Army).
15. HOW TO APPLY 10. Nationality ......................................................................................................
stream is 01. In case of non-availability of SSC (Tech) women officers to cater
for 2.5% vacancies, the remaining vacancies can be filled by SSC (Non-Tech) (a) The envelop containing application should be superscribed in Red Ink the 11. Religion ..........................................................................................................
women officers and vice versa. They will be eligible only if they have not following details: 12. Sex Write 1, if Male
remarried. The unfilled vacancies will revert to the category other than that of 34th SSC (TECH) MEN AND 5th SSC (TECH) WOMEN AND WIDOWS OF
widows. Upper age limit will be relaxable upto four years in respect of such DEFENCE PERSONNEL ENTRY/ QUALIFICATION CODE ....... . Write 2, if Female
candidates. A copy of death certificate and part-II order is to be enclosed. The Failure to mention any of the above entails outright rejection of 13. Marital Status
envelop containing the application should be Superscribed in Red ink indicating application (d) Application should be posted by Registered post to reach Write 1, if unmarried
clearly the name of the officer with rank. For example, Widow of late...... , Additional Directorate General of Recruiting), West Block-III, R.K Puram,
Candidates may apply directly to AG’s Branch, ADG Recruiting, Army HQ, provided Write 2, if issueless widow / divorcee
New Delhi-110066 on or before 21 Aug., 2009. Candidates are advised to send
they possess the laid down educational qualification and selection criteria. their applications well in advance so that the same reaches before the last date Write 3, if widow of Defence Personnel
3. CONDITIONS OF ELIGIBILITY for receipt of applications. Recruiting Directorate is not responsible for postal Write 4, if married male
(a) Nationality: A candidate must either be (i) a citizen of India or (ii) a subject delays. Applications should not be sent by Private Courier Agencies. Candidates
14. List of documents attached.
of Nepal or (iii) a subject of Bhutan or (iv) Tibetan origin but of Indian domicile, are informed that in case of dispute, if any, the same will be subject to Delhi
whose parents entered India as refugees prior to 1st January 1962 with intention Jurisdiction. (e) Applications received after due date will neither be opened nor (a)
of Permanently settling in India. (v) a person of Indian origin who migrated from be entertained in any case. (f) The applicants are requested to prepared application (b)
Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and East African countries like Kenya, Uganda, form for themselve as per format given below (g) Applications submitted on
United Republic of Tanzania, Zambi, Malawai, Zaire, Ethopia and Vietnam with the newspaper cutting or its photocopy will not be entertained. (h) Common application
intention of Permanently settling in India. form can also be downloaded from Army Website i.e., DECLARATION
(b) Physical Standards: 16. Note: (a) Candidates are allowed to send only one application for the above. 15. All the nine items should be included in the application format.
(b) Candidates will neither be allowed to marry during the period of training nor (i) I have read and understood the terms and conditions given in the
(i) Height & Weight: The minimum acceptable height and weight for men is 157.5
will He/She be allowed to live with parents/Guardians. Candidates must not marry press notification and undertake to abide by them.
cms with correlated weight and for women candidate is 152 cm and 42 kg. In
until they complete the full training at the Officers Training Academy. A Candidate,
case of candidates belonging to the North East and hilly areas like Gorkhas, (ii) I hereby declare that all statements made in the application are true
Who marries subsequent to the date of his/her application though successful at
Nepalese, Assamese and Garhwalis, the height will be relaxed by 5 cms and to the best of my knowledge and belief.
weight commensurate with reduce height. In case of candidates from Lakshadweep, the Service Selection Board Interview or medical examination, will not be inducted
the minimum acceptable height can be reduced by 2cms. for training. A candidate if he/she marries, while under training, shall be discharged (iii) I undertake not to have any objections in the event of my final
and will be liable to refund all expenditure incurred on his/her by the government. selection on the allotment of any Arms/Services in the interest of
(ii) Visual Standards: The minimum acceptable visual acuity are: Distant vision It is also applicable to issuless widow/issuless divorcee/widows of defence service made to me prior to passing out from OTA.
(corrected) better eye 6/6, worse 6/18, Myopia of not more than minus 5.5 Personnel. (c) Any Change in your postal address’ after submission of
including Astigmation. Candidates who have undergone or have evidence for (iv) I have never been debarred from appearing in any examination nor
application should be communicated immediately to address as given in I have been arrested or convicted by a criminal court or involved
having undergone Radial Karatotomy to improve the visual acuity will be para 15 (c). (d) Candidates not in receipt of call up letters from any of the in any other case registered by police.
permanently rejected. Candidates who have undergone Lasik Surgery for selection centre for SSB interview should presume that either their applications
Correction of reflective error are NOT acceptable. have been received after due date or have been found ineligible or deficiencies (v) I am employed with ...............................................................................
in the application. No Correspondence in this regard will be entertained. and I have informed my employer in writing that I am applying for
(iii) To be passed fit, a candidate must be in good physical and mental health free
(e) No compensation will be paid in respect to any injury sustained during commission in the Indian Army/am applying for commission through
from any disability likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duty. Head of my department.
selection tests. (f) All original certificate along with two unattested copies will
4. METHOD OF SELECTION: (vi) I undertake not to make any claim or compensation if at any stage
be carried by the candidate for SSB interview. Originals will be returned after
(a) Shortlisting of Applications and SSB Interviews: Initial checking of verification at the Service Selection Board itself. of my selection, my ineligibility for candidature is detected and my
applications will be done at Additional Directorate General Recruiting, Army Hqs. candidature is cancelled as a result thereof.
17. The following enclosures be attached (photocopies only) with the application
Only eligible candidates will be called for and assessed under aegis of Selection (vii) This is the only application submitted by me for 34th SSC (Tech)
in the order given below. These documents should be neatly tagged. Original
Centres, namely Allahabad (UP), Bhopal (MP) and Bangalore (Karnataka) by men and 5th SSC (Tech) Women / Widows of defence personnel
certificates should not be attached with the application form. Army Headquarters
Psychologist, Group Testing Officer and Interviewing Officer. Candidates will not and information in the declaration misrepresentation of fact and/or
will not take responsibility for loss of original certificates, if attached with concealment of information in the declaration will result in the
be interviewed locally. Allotment of Selection Centre is at the discretion of Army
application. Photo should be pasted and not stapled. Attestation made on the cancellation of my candidature and may also debar me either
Headquarters and no requests of changes are entertained in this regard.
backside of the photo will not be entertained. Integrated Hqtr. Army permanently or for a specified period from applying for future
(b) Two Stage Selection Procedure: Two stage selection procedure based Headquarters Min of Defence (Army). course.
on Psychological Aptitude Test is held at Selection Centres. All the candidates will
face stage one test on first day of reporting at Selection Centres. The candidates ESSENTIAL CERTIFICATES (viii) I undertake not to marry till I complete the full training at the Officer
who qualify in stage one will be admitted to the second stage/remaining tests. (a) Matriculation Certificate issued by the Board concerned (CBSE/State Boards/ Training Academy, in case inducted. I also understand that in case
Those who fail to pass stage one will be returned on the same date. ICSCE) in which date of birth is reflected (Admit Card/ Marksheet/ Transfer/ of my final selection, my appointment will be provisional subject to
Leaving Certificate etc. are not acceptable) (b) Either the Original Degree satisfactory police and educational verification.
(c) MERIT LIST: IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT MERE QUALIFYING AT THE SSB certificate for BE/B Tech or independent marksheet of all years/semesters/parts
INTERVIEW DOES NOT CONFIRM FINAL SELECTION. A MERIT LIST IS PREPARED (ix) In the eventuality of my being selected by the Services Selection
of Engineering Degree for those candidates who have already passed. (c) For Boards, I will have no objection to be medically examined by a
FOR EVERY QUALIFICATION i.e., CODE SEPARATELY PURELY ON THE BASIS OF those who are in final year/semester/part application form stating that the candidate
MARKS OBTAINED BY THE CANDIDATES AT SSB’S AND AS SUCH HIGHER Medical Board of male/female doctors/Specialists/Gynaecologist,
EDUCATIONAL, PREVIOUS PERFORMANCES, NCC BACKGROUND ETC HAVE NO is in final year and final results will be declared before 16 Feb, 2010. (d) An provided a Lady Medical Officer is member of the medical board.
ROLE TO PLAY. THOSE HIGH IN THE MERIT LIST AND WHO COME WITHIN THE affidavit stating that you are issueless (in case of widows/divorcees widows Place ...............................
STIPULATED VACANCIES, AND ARE MEDICALLY FIT ARE ISSUED JOINING of Defence Personnel). (e) Legal documents of the divorcee and an affidavit that Date ................................ (Signature of Candidate)
INSTRUCTION FOR PRECOMMISSIONING TRAINING. the matter is not under consideration in next higher court. (f) A copy of death
davp 10601/11/0038/0910