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List of Select Abbreviations

AD Authorised Dealer CALCS Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality,

Liquidity, Compliance and System
ADR American Depository Receipt
CAMELS Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality,
AFS Available For Sale Management, Earnings, Liquidity,
Systems and Control
AICCCA Association of Independent
Consumer Credit Counselling CBLO Collateralised Borrowing and Lending
Agencies Obligation

AIFI All-India Financial Institution CBS Core Banking Solutions

ALD Aggregate Liabilities to the Depositor CCC Credit Counselling Canada

ALM Asset-Liability Management CCCS Consumer Credit Counselling Service

AMC Asset Management Company CCDM Credit Counselling and Debt Management

CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.

AML Anti-Money Laundering
CCP Central Counter Party
ARC Asset Reconstruction Company
CCS Co-operative Credit Society
ARCIL Asset Reconstruction Company
(India) Ltd. CD Certificate of Deposit
ATM Automated Teller Machine CDBMS Central Data Base Management System

BCBS Basel Committee on Banking CDF Co-operative Development Fund

CDR Corporate Debt Restructuring
BCP Business Continuity Plans
CDRM Corporate Debt Restructuring Mechanism
BCSBI Banking Codes and Standards
Boards of India CEO Chief Executive Officer

BFS Board for Financial Supervision CFMS Centralised Funds Management System

BIFR Board for Industrial and Financial CFS Consolidated Financial Statements
Reconstruction CFT Combating Financing of Terrorism
BoP Balance of Payments CGTSI Credit Guarantee Trust for Small
BOS Banking Ombudsman Scheme
CIBIL Credit Information Bureau of India Limited
BPLR Benchmark Prime Lending Rate
CLCC Central Labour Co-ordination Committee
BPSS Board for Payment and Settlement
Systems CLF Collateralised Lending Facility
BR Act, 1949 Banking Regulation Act, 1949 CMP Conflict Management Policy
BR Act, 1949 Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (as CP Commercial Paper
(aACS) Applicable to Co-operative Societies)
CPOS Central Point of Supervision
BSE Stock Exchange, Mumbai
CPPAPS Committee on Procedures and
BSR Basic Statistical Return Performance Audit on Public Services

CPSS Committee on Payment and EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
Settlement System
EME Emerging Market Economy
CRAR Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
ESOP Employee Stock Option Plans
CRCS Central Registrar of Co -operative
Societies ETF Empowered Task Force

CRR Cash Reserve Ratio EWS Early Warning System

CSA Co-operative Societies Act EXIM Bank Export Import Bank of India

CSD Customer Service Department FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

CSGL Constituent Subsidiary General FBT Fringe Benefit Tax

FCAC Fuller Capital Account Convertibility
CSO Central Statistical Organisation
FCNR Foreign Currency Non-Resident
CSOs Civil Society Organisations
FCNR (B) Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Banks)
CTR Cash Transaction Report
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
CTS Cheque Truncation System
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
CVC Central Vigilance Commission
FEDAI Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of
DAP Development Action Plan India

DCCB District Central Co-operative Bank FFI Foreign Financial Institution

DLIC District Level Implementation Committee FFMC Full Fledged Money Changer

DCRR Department for Co-operative Revival FI Financial Institution

and Reforms
FIIs Financial Institutional Investments
DFI Development Finance Institution FIMMDA Fixed Income Money Market and
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Derivatives Association of India
Guarantee Corporation FINO Financial Information Network and
DLIC District Level Implementation and
Monitoring Committee FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
DMA Direct Marketing Agent FIU-IND Financial Intelligence Unit - India
DPSS Department of Payment and FMC Forward Market Commission
Settlement Systems
FMD Financial Market Department
DRI Differential Rate of Interest
FRA Forward Rate Agreement
DRT Debt Recovery Tribunal
FRB Floating Rate Bond
DSA Direct Sales Agent
FRBM Act Fiscal Responsibility and Budget
DTL Demand and Time Liability Management Act
DvP Delivery versus Payments FRMS Fraud Reporting and Monitoring System
EBR Export Bills Rediscounted FSAP Financial Sector Assessment Programme
ECB External Commercial Borrowing FSR Financial Stability Report

ECGC Export Credit Guarantee Corporation FST Financial Sector Technology

ECS Electronic Clearing Service GCC General Credit Card

GCS Gold Card Scheme IRDA Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority
GDCF Gross Domestic Capital Formation
IRS Interest Rate Swap
GDP Gross Domestic Products
IS Information System
GDR Global Depository Receipt
IT Information Technology
GFD Gross Fiscal Deficit
ITGGSM Internal Technical Group on
GIC General Insurance Corporation of India Government Securities Market

GLC General Lines of Credit JPC Joint Parliamentary Committee

GSA Graded Supervisory Action KCC Kisan Credit Card

HFC Housing Finance Companies KVIB Khadi and Village Industries Commission
HFT Held for Trading
KYC Know your Customer
HRD Human Resource Development
LAB Local Area Bank
HTM Held To Maturity
LAF Liquidity Adjustment Facility
IADI International Association of Deposit LIBOR London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India
IBS International Banking Statistics
LME London Metal Exchange
ICAI Institute of Chartered Accountants of
India LOLR Lender of Last Resort

ICCOMS Integrated Currency Chest Operations LTCCI Long-term Rural Co -operative Credit
& Management System Institutions

IDBI Industrial Development Bank of LTCCS Long-Term Co-operative Credit Structure

M3 Broad Money
IDFC Infrastructure Development Finance
Company MAP Monitorable Action Plan

MEDP Micro Enterprise Development Programme

IDRBT Institute for Development and
Research in Banking Technology MFDEF Micro Finance Development and Equity
IFC International Finance Corporation
MFI Micro-Finance Institution
IFR Investment Fluctuation Reserve
MIBOR Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate
IFSC Indian Financial System Code
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
IIP Index of Industrial Production
MIS Management Information System
IMD India Millennium Deposit
MLRO Money Laundering Reporting Office
IMGC Indian Mortgage Guarantee Company
MMBCS Magnetic Media Based Clearing System
INFINET Indian Financial Network
MNBC Miscellaneous Non-Banking Companies
IPA Issuing and Payment Agent
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
IPDI Innovative Perpetual Debt Instrument
MSS Market Stabilisation Scheme
IPO Initial Public Offering
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural
IRB Internal Rating Based Development

NAFCUB National Federation of Urban Co - OECD Organisation for Economic Corporation
operative Banks & Credit Societies and Development
OLRR On-line Reject Repair
NAFSCOB National Federation of State Co -
operative Banks Ltd. OLTAS On-line Tax Accounting System

NAV Net Asset Value ORFS On-line Returns Filing System

NBC Net Bank Credit OSMOS Off-Site Monitoring and Surveillance

NBFC Non-Banking Financial Company
OSS Off-site Surveillance System
NBFI Non-Banking Financial Institutions
OTC Over the Counter
NBV Net Book Value
PACS Primary Agricultural Credit Society
NDS Negotiated Dealing System
PAIS Personal Accident Insurance Scheme
NDS-OM NDS Order Matching
PCARDB Primary Co-operative Agriculture and
NDTL Net Demand and Time Liability Rural Development Bank

NEDFI North Eastern Development Finance PD Primary Dealer

PDS Public Distribution System
NEFT National Electronic Fund Transfer
PIO Principal Inspection Officer
NFCC National Foundation for Credit
Counselling PKI Public Key Infrastructure

NFGBC Non-food Gross Bank Credit PLR Prime Lending Rate

NGO Non-Government Organisation PMLA Prevention of Money Laundering Act

NHB National Housing Bank PMRY Prime Minister Rojgar Yojna

NHC National Housing Credit PPP Public Private Partnership

NIA New India Assurance Company Limited PSB Public Sector Bank

NIC National Industrial Credit PSE Public Sector Enterprise

NIMC National Implementation Monitoring QIS Quantitative Impact Study

RBI Act, 1934 Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
NOC No Objection Certificate
RBIA Risk Based Internal Audit
NOF Net Owned Fund
RBS Risk Based Supervision
NPA Non-Performing Asset
RCS Registrar of Co-operative Societies
NPFA Non-Performing Financial Assets
RIDF Rural Infrastructural Development
NPL Non-Performing Loan Fund

NRE Non-Resident External RNBC Residuary Non-Banking Company

NRI Non-Resident Indian ROC Registrar of Companies

NRO Non-Resident Ordinary RRB Regional Rural Bank

NSE National Stock Exchange RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement System

OBS Off-balance Sheet SAA Service Area Approach

OBU Off-Shore Banking Units SACP Special Agricultural Credit Plan

SAO Seasonal Agricultural Operations SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SARFAESI Securitisation and Reconstruction of SLRS Scheme for Liberlisation and

Financial Assets and Enforcement of Rehabilitation of Scavengers
Security Interest
SME Small and Medium Enterprise
SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
SCARDB State Co-operative Agriculture and
Rural Development Bank SSC Special Sub-Committees

SCB Scheduled Commercial Bank SSI Small Scale Industry

SC Scheduled Caste ST Scheduled Tribe

SDS Special Deposit Scheme StCB State Co-operative Bank

SEB State Electricity Board STCCS Short-Term Co-operative Credit Structure

SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India STP Straight Through Processing
SEFCs Small Enterprises Financial Centres STR Suspicious Transaction Report
SEFT Special Electronic Funds Transfer STRIPS Separate Trading of Registered
Interest and Principal of Securities
SEZ Special Economic Zones
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Financial
SFAC Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium
SFC State Financial Corporation
TAFCUB Task Force for Co -operative Urban
SFMS Structured Financial Messaging Banks
TFCI Tourism Finance Corporation of India
SGL Subsidiary General Ledger
UCB Urban Co-operative Bank
SGSY Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna
UIA United India Assurance Company Ltd.
SHG Self-Help Group
UTI Unit Trust of India
SHPI Self-Help Promoting Institutions
UTLBC Union Territory Level Bankers' Committee
SIDBI Small Industries Development Bank of
India VaR Value at Risk

SIDC State Industrial Development VCF Venture Capital Fund

VKC Village Knowledge Centre
SIPS Systemically Important Payment
System VPN Virtual Private Networks

SJSRY Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojna VRS Voluntary Retirement Scheme

SLA Service Level Agreement VSATs Very Small Aperture Terminal

SLAF Second Liquidity Adjustment Facility WADR Weighted Average Discount Rate

SLBCs State Level Bankers' Committees WGRFIS Working Group on Future Role of
Financial Institutions
SLEPCS State level Export Promotion
Committees WPI Wholesale Price Index