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del Valle
Sede Buga
Professor Gmez
Business Administration I Third Session
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1. Complete the following chart with the pronouns
I Mine


2. Circle the pronoun in each sentence. On the line in front of each
sentence, write S if the pronoun is a subject pronoun, or O if the
pronoun is an object pronoun.
1. Mary gave me the letter. _________
2. You can sit down by the fire. _________
3. They are going to watch a movie at the new theater. _________
4. Peter and Cindy can go with us tomorrow. _________
5. We have been friends for many years. _________
6. It is inside the pocket of the black backpack. _________
7. The librarian gave me the library book. _________
8. Jennys mother brought her a sandwich for lunch. _________

del Valle
Sede Buga
Professor Gmez
Business Administration I Third Session
9. She played with the new puppy all day. _________
10. You went to the party on Saturday night. _________
11. Sylvia will give you the book next week. _________
12. Park the bicycles in the rack and leave the keys for us. _________
13. He called the store, but everyone was on a lunch break. _________
14. Scotts dad gave us a ride to the baseball game. _________
15. I usually study for a few hours the night before a test. _________
16. Jerry and Mark went to the school play with them on Monday. _________
17. Send me a copy of the report in the mail. _________
18. He never said goodbye before going on the month-long trip. _________
19. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant before returning home. _________
20. Aunt Marie baked him a delicious chocolate cake. _________

Adapted from K12 reader 2011

Pick the Pronoun
3. Think about whether the missing pronoun in each sentence is being
used as a subject or an object. Write the correct pronoun form on the
line to complete the sentence.
1. Samuel is in my class. ______________(He/Him) is my friend.
2. My mother and I bought some things at the store. The store will deliver
them to _________________(we/us).
3. I baked a cake for Grandma Shirley. I couldnt wait until Sunday to give it to
______________ (she/her).
4. Uncle Joe is coming to visit in December. ___________(He/Him) will stay in
our guest room.

del Valle
Sede Buga
Professor Gmez
Business Administration I Third Session
5. Our family is taking a trip to the Grand Canyon. Our neighbor is going to
watch our house for _______________(we/us).
6. Andrew and his sister will arrive on the next plane. I am going to pick
__________________ (they/them) up.
7. Next summer, Eric is taking the train to Oregon. _______________(He/Him)
already bought the train tickets.
8. Studying for school is important to Vanessa. _______________(She/Her) wants
to get good grades this year.
9. The television and the stereo were not working correctly. My dad asked the
man to repair ___________________ (they/them).
10. Were planning to go to the movies on Saturday night. Would you like to
come with ____________________(we/us?)
11. Alice and Jennifer like to bake cookies. ________________ (They/Them) are
going to bake some this afternoon.
12. You and I have been friends for a very long time. ______________(We/Us) will
probably be friends forever!
Little Red Riding Hood

4. Exercise. Complete the story with the correct pronoun.
1. Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. Together
with ______ mum,_______ lived in a big forest.
2. One fine day, Little Red Riding Hoods mother said, _______ grandma is ill.
Please go and take this cake and a bottle of wine to_____. Grandmas house is
not too far from _________ house, but always keep to the path and dont stop!
3. So, Little Red Riding Hood made______ way to Grandmas house.
4. In the forest _______ met the big bad wolf.

del Valle
Sede Buga
Professor Gmez
Business Administration I Third Session
5. Little Red Riding Hood greeted_________ and the wolf asked:
6. Where are _________going, Little Red Riding Hood?
7. To________ grandmas house. answered Little Red Riding Hood.
8. Can you tell_______ where________ grandma lives?
9. _________ lives in a little cottage at the edge of the forest.
10. Why dont _________ pick some nice flowers for________? asked the wolf.
11. Thats a good idea. said Little Red Riding Hood and began looking for
flowers. Meanwhile, the wolf was on _________way to grandmas house.
12. The house was quite small but nice and_________ roof was made out of straw.

5. Match the part of the speech to the correct definition
1. Pronouns ______
A. Words that name people, places, things, or
2. Adverbs _______ B. Words that modify nouns or pronouns.
3. Verbs ________
C. Words that connect words, phrases or
4. Adjectives _______
D. Words that connect words, phrases, or
5. Conjunctions ______ E. Words that show emotion
6. Prepositions _______
F. Words that modify verbs, adjectives, and
7. Nouns _________ G. Words that show an action or a state of being
8. Interjections _________ H. Words that take place of nouns

6. Read the underlined word in bold. Write a N if its a noun and an A if its
and adjective.
1. _______ Papa wore his red coat because it was chilly outside.

del Valle
Sede Buga
Professor Gmez
Business Administration I Third Session
2. _______ Lucys favorite color is red.
3. _______ Grandpa says he likes peace and quiet.
4. _______ The library is usually a very quiet place.
5. _______ Begin writing your story on a clean piece of paper.
6. _______ We brought three packages of paper plates to the picnic.
7. _______ Snow cones are a cold, frosty treat on hot days.
8. _______ Darla missed the party because she had a bad cold.
9. _______ My uncle plays in a country music band.
10. _______ My family likes to take long drives into the country.
11. _______ Have you ever written your name in wet concrete?
12. _______ The house was built with concrete blocks.

7. Read the sentence and choose the correct part of the speech for the
Word in bold.

1. Today, I am a happy person.
a. Adjective b. noun c. adverb
2. Oh! Thats the most beautiful dress!
a. Noun b. Preposition c. Interjection
3. I will love you forever.
a. Adverb b. Pronoun c. Adjective
4. Are we going to the movies, or to the restaurant?
a. Interjection b. Conjunction c. Preposition
5. Paul walks very slowly.
a. Adverb b. Verb c. Adjective